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"Wednesday Morning , Aug. 25.
Pateraon Bella coal.
See Polack'a advertisement.
Try Saxe's Coffee Cream Soda.
Butterlck'fl patterns at Crnickshank.
Porter is running the Omaha ferry.
It still continues to rain at inter
Mra. A. J. Traynor and family went
west yesterday.
M. C. Keith , of North Platte , went
Two cars of stock came in from
the west yesterday.
SeWenberg & Co.'s Key West 01
gars at Saxe's.
Mr. Theron Nye , of Fremont , was
in the city yesterday.
The state fair will close one
month from to-morrow.
Mr. Robinson , of the U. P. baggage
department , left yesterday for Utah.
E. D. Farnsworth , a prominent St.
liouixan , was among the through pas-
eengera out at noon yesterday.
Lot * , Farms , Houses and Lands.
Look over Bemls' new column of bar
gains on
Twenty-three German settlers
went out to Fremont yesterday , and
two to Grand Island.
For Lands , Lota , Honees and
Farms , look over Semis' new column
on l t page. Bargains.
A very heavy train went west at
noon yesterday.inclnding five baggage
cars , four day coaches and four sleep
ers , all heavily loaded.
C. D. Woodworth and daughter
were west bound passengers on the
overland train yesterday.
Devling Fall styles are now ready
for inspection at the Boston Clothing
House , 1212 Farnham St. a20eodlm
Lewis' Dry Hop Yeast , alvays
tresh , IB the best Sold by J. B.
French & Co. & 24t' ' )
J. H. McShane still keeps the best
i very rigs , on Capitol avenue between
15lh and 16th streets. aug20-lw
All persons owing the late firm
of Stephens & Wilcox will call at the
old stand and settle at once.
2413 J. R. HENDKIX , assignee.
"Illinois for big fish , but Nebras
ka for whales. " A catfish was pulled
out of the Missouri river this nr rning
weighing 186 pounds.
Drs. Dinsmoore and Gifford ,
Homoeopathic Physicians and Sur
geons , Williams Block , cor. 16th and
Dodge streets. eod-tf
A six-year-old alligator , three
feet in length , was Monday received
from the sooth by Col. M. G. Watte ,
of the Transfer hotel.
The decision of the pastor of the
Firat Baptist church as to whether he
will remain In his present charge or
not , will be announced by him this
The funeral services of the late
Miss Charlotte Walker , of Brownell
hall , took place Monday afternoon
tit the residence of Bishop Clarkson.
The remains were taken east on the
afternoon train.
The "Omaha Bootblack Brother
hood" is being organized. Its general
purposes are those of other similar
benevolent associations , except that
they are to have a "Home. " Seven
of Omaha's ten bootblacks have no
parents and no home.
Four mammoth panea of French
plate iglass , G by 12 feet in size , ar
rived yesterday for Max [ Meyer's
new building. It was a job of no
small proportions to transport them
from the depot to the corner of Faa-
nam and Eleventh.
A lively runaway took place
Monday afternoon on lower Farnam
street , the team bringing up against
& telegraph pole with such force that
it waa at first thought both horses
were killed by the shock. The injury
proved not serious , however.
The spectacle of a car of the
Green line , drawn by one horse , at
tracted attention Monday afternoon.
It was learnnd that the other horse had
one of its hoofs torn off at the Tenth
treet crossing of the U. P. , and had
to be killed.
A woman living near Sulphur
Springs was consulting with District
Attorney Ferguson yesterday with
view to having her husband and a
woman he is alleged to have been co
habiting with , arrested. She charges
adultery and as its result a case of
William Wright , accompanied by
his family , with whom he had been
residing for several yours at Anaheim ,
California , and who wer < 3 taking him
to his old home at Lowell , Mass. , to
die , expired just before the cart-
bound train reached Grand Island ,
Sunday morning. A casket was ob
tained at Gran I Island , and the re
mains proceeded without delay.
The house of Hans Breckeufeld
in North Omaha , was burglarized
Saturday night during the absence of
the family and goods to the value of
about $75 ta.en , a portion of which
was found yesterday. A soldier by
the name of Anthony was arrested by
Marshal Weiterdahl and Officer Me-
Clure yesterday , and will be Investi
gated by Judge Hawcs this evening.
J. L lfichol & Co. are selling choice
butter at 20 cents a pound.
THE BEST is Havens' Snow Flake
Flour. Sold by J. B. French & Co.
Why dose . -ourselves with nanseat-
inc modicJnes , when a purely fruit
cathartic will cure yon at once Ham *
burg Kisrs. Trv them
Headquarters tor Joe Schlitr's
Milwaukee beer at MEKCUAJTIS' Ex-
CHAKCK. N. E. Cor. 16th and Dodge.
THE BEST is Havens' Snow Flukft
Flour. Sold by J. B. French & Co.
THE BEST is Havens' Snow Flake
Flour. Sold by J. B. French & Co.
Narrow Escape From Death
of a Midnight Marauder.
Only a Hoe-Handle Between
wim and Eternity.
Monday was one of considerable
excitement for a couple of parties do
ing business on Tenth street , aa it was
chosen by a couple of the gang of
burglars which is engaged in working
the city , for a raid on that portion of
the city. The raid was made but did
not result very satisfactorily to the
raiders , neither cf whom got a cents
worth of goods , and one of them be
ing sent off with a flea In his ear , in
the bargain. He had a hair breadth
escape , or more correctly speaking a
hoe-handle escape , as will be seen
further on.
Mr. Wm. F. Stoetzel , is a hardware
merchant doing business on the cor
ner of 10th and Jackson , while C. C *
Thrane , shoemaker , has his shop next
door and immediately on the corner.
Mr. Stoetzel sleeps in the store and
Monday he retired very eatly , about
11 o'clock. Half an hour later he
heard suspicious steps iu front of the
store which he at first took to be a po
liceman walking slowing over hi * beat.
The steps , however , came so near the
door and were 10 frequently repeated
that Mr. Stoetzel got up and slipping
into the salesroom got his revolver
out of the show case to be ready in
case of emergency. A little after
midnight he heard the latch click and
looking through the middle door saw
man lying on the lintel ; having
pushed back the broad transom.
The intruder was not over twenty
feet from Stoetzel , who had about as
Bne a chance to wing his man as he
could want. He pulled the trigger ,
but the barrel was empty , and a second
end attempt was likewise futile. By
this time the robber fell to the side
walk outside , where he lay for a mo
ment , and then sparng up to
run. He was rather tall ,
and taking aim at his ear , Mr. Stoet
zel pulled trigger again , and this time
the bullet vent straight towards its
mark , but unfortunately struck s hoe
handle in the show window , and
glancing off , fell upon the floor , where
it was subsequently picked up.
Mr. Stoetzel is confident he would
have killed his pan had all
the chambers of the revolver
ver been loaded , or had
the hoe handle been out of the way.
During these occurrences a partner
of the first thief went to C. C.
Thrane's shoe shop , next door , and
had a window pane nearly cut out
when the defeat of hi * pal caused
him to take flight.
The ne'ghbora claim to have heard
the pistol shots and previous to that
to have heard the men planning the
At noon a pair of § 5 shoes was
stolen from Mr. Thrane's shop while
he was at dinner. Mr. Stoetzel
thinks the robbers were after a case
of fine pocket cutlery he had in stock.
He will be glad to see his caller again
under more auspicious circumstances
and will give him a warm reception.
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Army Orders.
The latest order * issued from the
headquarters of the department of the
Platte , Fort Omaha , Nebraska , dated
August 21st , are aa follows :
Captain Emil Adam , 5th cavalry , is
detailed as a member of the general
court-martial convened at Fort Oma
ha , Neb. , by special orders No64 ,
current aeries , from these headquar
ters.Major J. W. Mason , 3d cavalry ,
commanding Fort Washakie , W. T. ,
is appointed a special inspector , to in
spect at his post a quantity of sub
sistence stores , for which Second
Lieutenant George W , Baxter , 8d
cavalry , A. U. S. , is responsible , and
which are reported now to require
the action of an inspector.
Captain John B. Babcock , 5th cav
alry , commanding Camp Sheaidan ,
Neb. , is appointed a special inspector ,
to inspect at bii post , a quantity of
subsistence stores for which First
Lieutenant 0. M. Watts , 5th cavalry ,
A. C. S. , is responsible , and which
are reported to now require the action
of an inspector.
Major Wm. T. Gentry , 9tb infant
ry , is relieved from duty as member
of the general court-martial convened
at Fort Omaha , Neb. , by special or
ders No. 64 , and paragraph 4 , spec
ial orders No. 76 , current aeries from
these headquarters.
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Ripe Tomatoes , Pint WUd Plums ,
Pineapples , Pure Cider Vinegar.
Fleming & Co , Grocers.
For choice meats call at Bath &
White's market , opposite the post-
cffice. a24eod4t
THE.BEST is Havens' Snow Flake
Flour. Sold by J. B. French & Co.
Bath & White , at the market opposite -
posite the postoffice , keep the finest
beef in the city. a24eod4t
Stylish Suits made at low price.
THE BEST is Havens' Snow Flake
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Our reporter this morning called
at the residencejof Mr. Joe Croighton ,
corner of 17th and Chicago streets , to
see a marvellous boiling well , the fame
of which had reached his ears. He
found that at the depth of 51 feet a
vein of good pure water had been
struck , which flowed so strong that -t
appeared to be in a boiling condition ,
throwing up eand so as to interfere
with sinking the brick to wall it up.
The water is already twenty feet deep
in this well. Only this and nothing
THE BEST is Havens' Snow Flake
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The Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine -
chine runs faster than any other ma
chine. Try it , 569 Fifteenth street.
The Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Ma-
cbine will do finer mnd better work
than any other machine. Try it , 569
Fifteenth street.
City Council.
The regular meeting of the city
lonncil , held last evening , was attend *
id by the following members : Black-
more , Daily , Dodge , e Hornberger ,
Jones , Labagh , Roddie , Stephenaon ,
Thieman and Mr. President.
The minutes of the preceding meet-
ng were read and approved.
From the mayor , transmitting an
nual report of the city treasurer for
the year ending June 30 , 1880. Re
ferred to the committee on finance.
From the mayor , transmitting con
tract between the city and the Omaha
Fertilizing works for the removal of
dead animals. Approved.
From the mpyortransmitting sewer
contract and bond , the hitter signed
byL. B. Stanley & Co. , Lawrence
Duggan , Moses and Everett G. Bal-
lou , and being in the sum of 810,000.
Mr. Boyd took the floor to say a
few words against the approval of the
cortract , which , he sad , if done by
general taxation , would almost result
in confiscating our property. The
only way to do this work was by bonds ,
so that future generations might help
to bear the burden. He was satisfied
that there was not one honest bid for
this work , all but the one accepted
being mere buncombe. The question
is now in the hands of the court , and
we should at least await the decision
thereon. He entered his protest on
the approval of the contract.
Mr. Dodge argued in favor of the
approval of the contract at some
Mr. Roddis asked to be put on
record as opposing this contract He
did not think the council was doing
this job iu a business-like manner.
Messrs. Bojd , Jones and Roddia
called for the ay is and nays.
Mr. Dailey thought this matter had
not been Buflicienlly considered , auc
wanted some information on the sub
Mr. Stephenson said he despaired
of getting any help from the legislature ,
and he thought we ought to go ahead
and do for ourselves. If the sewer
would save the life of one man or
child it was bettor than to have the
money in our pockets. He was
strongly in favor of the contract.
The roll being called , resulted as
follows : Ayes 7 , nays 3. Messrs.
Boyd , Jonea and Roddia voted in the
From the mayor , transmitting the
appraiser * ' report on damages to Rich
ard McDonald on account of change
iu the grade of Douglas street. Re
ferred to the committee on streets and
From the mayor , transmitting the
petition of J. L. Webster and others
for the extension of Pleasant street.
Referred to committee on streets ant
From the mayor concerning the
bond election. Referred to finance
From the mayor , transmitting con
tract from the Nebraska Gaslight com
pany , accompanied by bond , for three
years from August 11 , 1880. The
contract was awarded and bond ap
From the mayor , transmitting b'.nc .
of Joseph Vanous as special police
man. Approved.
From residents and occupants o
block "B , " city of Oman * , complain
ing of one Bernstein for allowing Kate
McNamara to run a house of prostitu
tion in the vicinity , and asking fur the
abatement of the nuisance. Referruc
to committee on police with power to
From property holders on Nine
teenth street , asking that cettaiu poT
tiona of the same ba graded ouly to
equal width with Douglas street. R j
ferred to finance committee.
From Nets Swanson and others
calling attention to the condition o
sidewalk on South Tenth street. Re
ferred to committee on sidewalks ant
From H. Kountze , calling atten
tion to the bad condition of gutters
on Tenth street. Referred to the
committee on eidev. alks and bridge :
with power to act.
From the same , calling attention t <
damages from rect nt rains , on Tent !
street near Pierce. Referred to th
cominitteee on streets and grides.
From John B. Callahan , asking
that certain taxes on the city treasu
rer's books against him be stricken off
Referred to committee on finance wit !
power to act.
From Omaha Post Printing com
pany in reference to back taxes. Re
ferred to committee on printing.
The contract with Patrick Welsh
fer grading Davenport street , wa
awarded and bond approved.
From A. E. Touzalin , asking tha
Tenth street between Farnam am
Douglas be .raded. "Referred to com
mittfo on streets and grades.
Fromlgnace Scherb , asking permis
sion to excavate under the sidewall
on Sixteenth street for building. Re
ferred to committee en sidewalks anc
bridges with power to act.
From property owners of the
Second ward , asking for the grading o
a portion of Pierce street Reform
to finance committee.
From John Reed , oflering § 330 fo
lot 1 , block 363. Referred to com
mittee 011 public property and im
The engineer's report on sidewalk
not constructed was referred to thi
committee on sidewalks and bridges.
The report of the police judge on
fines collected for the month of July
amounting to $262.25 , was referred tc
tha committee on police.
By Mr. Horuberger :
Resolved , That owing to the uncer
tainty aa to the distance a fir
may be located from the engine houa ,
and for various good reasons the ques
tion of regulating Hie tpeed of driving
horses shall hereafter be left entirely to
toe discretion of the chief engineer.
The resolution "as adopted.
By Mr. Stephenson , inviting the
public to deposit stable manure in the
washed out places at the intersection
of Farnam and Eighth street
By the same , reducing street force
by one team and two men. Adopted.
By Mr. Thieman , to build a bridge
or culvert at Harney oud Twenty-
second streets not to cost over S100
By same , to have old creek bed
south of Leavenworth , between 18th
and 14th , filled up or drained by next
meeting. Adopted.
By Mr. Dodge : To have the south
bridge in Hanscom Park repaired at
cost not to exceed $40. Adopted.
By Mr. Dailey : Requesting Thomas
Gibson to execute a new deed for a
cei tain strip of land in Capitol addition -
tion , the original being lost. Adopted.
By Mr. Dodge , Declaring the mud
hole on lot 2 , block 28 , and on ground
owned by the 0. & N. N. railway , a
nuisance , and ordering same abated.
By Mr. Jones :
Resolved , That hereafter all adver
tising shsll be confined to the official
paper of the city THE OMAHA BEE
unless otherwise ordered by the coun
cil. Adopted.
By Mr. Jones :
Resolved , That the city clerk order
one copy of the official paper of the
city dt-liveied to the order of the
printing committee. Adopted.
By Mr. Thieman : Instructing the
city treasurer to relieve the Omaha
Post company from certain personal
taxes and proceed to collect same
from former owners. Referred to
committee on printing.
By Mr. Dailey : Allowing claim of
Tim Kelly for $9.90 for material and
abor on streets in May and June ,
The city clerk was iuatructed by
esoluHon to have 5,000 generrtl fund
warrants lithographed and published
at a cost not to exceid 890.
By Mr. Jones :
Resolved , That the o mmitteo on
streets and grades be instructed to re
aairthe folljwing streets : Farnham
street , 22dto 24th ; Douglas street ,
16th to 20th ; Doige street , 17ih to
20th. Referred to committee on
streets and grades.
By Mr. Jones : Instructing the com
mittee on streets and grades to put
down certain crosswalks. Referred
; o the committee on sidewalks and
Several sidewalk resolutions were
By Mr. Hornberger : Instructing
the city clerk to advertise for bids for
the erection of No. 2 engine house , in
accordance wi > h plans and specifica
tions on file. Referred to committee
on printing.
On finance , adversely to resolution
depriving absent city officials of pay
during absence. Adopted.
The bill of R. H. Walker , for work
in office of pclice judge waa referred
to committee on police.
On public property and improve
ments , recommending that grade be
established iu Nelson's addition.
On fire , in favor of awarding con
tract "or supplies of oate , oora aud
bran for fire department to Welahan
Bios. Adopted.
From Second ward delegation re
porting necessity for 26 new cross
walks in their ward. Referred to
committee on sidewalks and bridges
On sidewalks and bridges , tecom
mending the acceptance of the bida o !
Drosel & Mack for construction oi
stone crosswalks aud contract awarded
thorn for a number of crosswalks nol
exceeding 100 , said sidewalks to be ol
rubble atone 3 ft. wide and at 60 cents
per lineal foot. Adopted.
An ordinance prohibiting the erec
tinn or maintenance of barbed wire
fences within the city of Omaha , was
introduced by Mr. Dodge and re
ferred to the committee on judiciary.
An ordinance to establish the grade
of Harney street from E line of lot 6
in Capitol addition , wtstward to Fairview -
view street , was introduced by Mr.
Dodge and referred to the committee
on streets and grades.
A special ordinance appropriating
money out of the special fund to pay
for the construction of sidewalks , wai
Mr. Boyd moved that when the
council adjourn it adjourn for two
weeks. Carried.
Another special appropriation or
dinance for sidewalks constructed ,
was introduced by Mr. Thieman unc
Mr. Dailey offered a resolution re
questing the city engineer to reporl
upon the curbing and guttering oi
Farnham street. Adopted.
Also one directing the committee on
sidewalks and bridges to la > 100 cross
walks , more or less , in the city , to be
divided equally between the six wards
and to be located by the delegations
of tie respective wards.
Conncil adjourned for two weeks
Parnell's Partnerr , Michae
Davitt , on His Way to
Grand Reception at the Acad
emy of Music , Saturday
As announced in THE BEE severa
weeks ago , Michael Davitt , the fonn
der of tha National Land League , th
noted agitator , fenian and martyr wi ]
visit Omaha on his trip of or&anizatio
and inspection westward. He is ex
pected to arrive in the city Friday
morning , but may delay his comiu
until Saturday. At all events he wi'
be here in time for the grand publi
reception arranged for him by admir
ing friends of Omaha. This receptio
was at first announced t
take place in Clark's hall
but the ealo of tickets was s
large that it became evident that th
largest audience room in the city mus
bo secured. Ha will address thos
who assemble to greet him on the grea
question now agitating the people o
the Emerald Isle. We have alroadj
given Mr. Davitt's record and victor
ies in the great movement of which h
is the founder aud head.
On Sunday afternoon Air. Davit
was given a public reception at St
Louis , which was attended by eve
(5000 enthusiastic people. Any move
m nt for the relief of Ireland alway
finds a ready response from her exiled
children in this country. Men uw
preach of the usulessnesa of project ,
designed for her emancipation , and
instance the successive failures tha
have marked agitation , may even
warn as to the deceits and betrayal
practiced by renegades ; yet when thi
cause of their suffering land ia again
invoked and some new scheme havin ;
in view the assertion of he ;
independence cf foreign civi
rule is mooted , the exiles , actuated by
that hope which springs eternal in
their breasts that a day of deliverance
must come , eagerly manifest their ap
preciation mid their
willingness to co
operate as far as lies iu their power.
When , in addition to a review of the
present condition of Ireland and re
flections as to her prosperity , it ii
known that Michsol Davitt is to bt
present the associate of Charles
Stewart Parnell and that he will de
liver an address giving his reasons for
believing in the near approach of a
prosperous era for Erin , it will be
readily believed that no small crowd
will gather to meet Michael Davitt.
Remember this fact , "Ye Politi-
ticians , " that when you go to Wash-
ngton , D. C. , to see the President
about your appointment to that gov
ernment position , that you aave 7
hours by taking the Wabash , St. Lou-
s & Pacific R. R. Say you leave here
Monday at 3:40 : p. m. , you will arrive
n Washington , D. C. , Wednesday at
1:25 p. m. Ticket office , No. 1,502 ,
corner of 15th and Farnham.
THE BEST is Havens' Snow Flake
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THE BEST is Havens' Snow Flake
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Gents' Fine Dress Shirts , In every
quality , at
Another Protest.
The Republican prints what pur-
> orts to be B protest from a majority
f the members of the republican
ounty central committee. The pro-
eat is signed by thirteen persons.
Five of those : Thcs. Oummings ,
Peter Hiler , H. C. Timme , J. W. Mc
Donald and D. A. Griffin , are
members of the coaimittee.
The other signers are proxy men , mis-
epres0ntng the wards and precincts
rom which they hail One of the
names , signed to this protest , that of
H. G. Berber , is signed by C. E.
( Test , who was never allowed to repre
sent Elkhorn precinct in the commit-
eo. Barber's name appears on thepro-
, et as if it was original , whereas it is
written by Yost. Aa a matter of
: acta majority of the ri htful mem
bers of the committee were present
during the entire session and the bus-
ness was transacted in a legitimate
manner , to which no reasonable per
son could object.
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Hamburg Figs 25c a box.
Newly fuinished , overythinu the
best , Astor House , New York.
Farmers having hay to contiact , for
delivery at Willow Springs distillery ,
will do well to call on Her & Co. , 1313
Farnham street , Omaha , without de
lay , aa they will soon stop contract
ing. jy2C-dwlm
Murphy it Loveltlna. Agency ; old
est established agency in this state.
_ _ _ _ _
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' < " . A caao of coneflpatlou by
using 1 aruburg Figs.
Until the Wabaih , St. Louia and
Pacific R. R. started its fast train
August 1 , 1880 , it took 2G hours to
St. Louis , 36 to Indianapolis , Louis
ville and Cincinnati aud 66 to New
York and Boston. "Presto , change ! '
Now we luve it 14 to St. Louis , 24
to Indianapolis , Cincinnati and Louis
ville , and but 50 to New York and
other eastern citieu.
Ticket office , No. 1502 , comer o
15th aud Furnham. auglO dim
THE BEST ia Havens' Snow Flake
Flour. Sold hy J. B French & Co ,
WANTED Competent dry goodi
clerks. S. P. MORSE Co. ,
23-2t 1319 Farnham street.
The only tram giving its passefr
gera the benefit of the Hotton Reclin
ing Chair Car Free , ia the Wabash , St
Louia & Pacific Railroad. Ticket of
fice , No. 1,502 , corner loth and Farn
ham. augl9-dlm
THE BEST is Havens' Snow Flab
Flour. Sold by J. B. French & Co ,
A. D , Clarke loft yeaterday fo
W. A. Paxton haa returned from
western trip.
Mrs. Cyrus Rose and son Charli
left for Chicago Monday to visit
friends. .
Thos. Nolan , of the U. P. local
freight office , returned Monday from
the conclave.
Sir Knight Edwin Davis returned
from the Triennial Conclave , at Chicago
cage , yesterday.
N. N. Vinqueat haa returned from
Sioux City , where he has arranged
for shipments of ice down the river.
Charles Withnell his gene to Fort
Niobrdra to take charge -f work on
the government buildings at that
Mr. Alex. Polack started for the
ea t yesterday to purchase his fall and
Tinier stock of clothing. Ho is ac
companied by his little son.
Dr. S. D. Mercer loft Tuesday for
Denver. He was joined at Grand Is
land by his wife who will remain in
Colorado several weeks , the doctor
returning in a few days.
J. S. Halbert , Eaq. , returned yes
terday from a tour of Wisconsin ,
Michigan and the great lakes. He
also tcok in the republican national
convention and triennial conclave.
J. R. Dunlop , of the city depart
ment , Chicago Times , is in the city
to day en route to the great west.
He ia registered at the Withnell
where he will remain until to-morrow
or next day.
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Designs for buildings of any description on
ezihlbttlon &t our office. We nave had over SO
rears experience in dealgnlag and superintend-
U public building and residence * . Plans and
cellmates furnished on short notice.
unnw q tivrnw nr.ooK
For One Year.
DCC a week in your o\rn town , lemuuulf
> DD outfit free. Address a. Hillett & Co *
'crtl ' nd , M
The Best in the West.
MOTICKAilvrtUiir.cntB To Lit for Szln ,
litNt. Found. RiilH , r. < nrdlnir Ac. , will he in-
Mrted In them C'liiimi.a une * f.-r TKN CENTS
perlln ; e ch rnhonrainitInsertion , flVKCENTS
per line. The 1ti > t ii.serllon never IOJM th&n
< K ( \ ( \ lro LOAN At S percent intci
nt'UUUU 3t , in sums of $20COandup-
varda for 1 to S years' time on first class Improv
ed city and farm property. Ap Jy at BE1I1S'
Real Estate am ) Loan Agency , 15th and Douglas
Pte ,278-eodtf
OH T TO LOAN Call t Law Office
M1 U. L. YHOJ1A8- . > .mS. < ! rcUhtoi ) Wcx k
ONKY TO I.OAH 1109 Farnh&m street.
Dr. EilwariLn Loan Apency. nov-K-tl
A srl ! for general work ; D. L.
WAJkTED , Atty. , Creijrhton Block. 313-25
A Einln ; rocm girl at the Doran
WANTED , opposite Bee office. StS-tf
' A In ! } ilfsires emplojirent In an
offlcn , nrs house-keeper ; beat of city re
ference. AddresaE. , Lock Box 334 355-25
ANTED Chamber maid aril cook \Viie9 ;
W B and i . 'olhra Appl > 2 03 Hurt i t.327tf
WANTED A competent cirl. Enqu re at
S E cor 19th and Capitol Ate. 307-tf
YXTANTED A small cirl , itfirH house south of
YY Jackaon on IS h slreut , east Hide of siren' .
GIRL wanted to do cencral housework.
A Er quire John A. McShane , cor. 17th and
Casa Stg. 3 57-tf
TASTFT , A Girl to do house work , 1109
V Farnham Street , nn SUlra 14"-tf
Any parents who wa'it their
WAK1FD to be instructd in orpin music ,
can no tend them to Kcv. C. Char quUt. 414
13th St. bet. Casa and Chic RO. who * ill give
good ratlefact'on and charjro unlj 50 celts for
o-e hour and a half , or 82 W a wetk. 3495
-T o sent einen to take afarnWi-
WANTED . with or Hi'hoat ' lotrd ,
southeast cor. rlltecntlt and Howard St. 248-2.1
An exccii-nce' Uilv soli itor.
WANTED botl214. Council Bluffs , Io a.
TTT ANTED Sitiu lon as friv te hackman or
VV taking care of horsc . Ad.irees l > . K.
Bee Office. 315-21
- Situation by a r spietaMaunif
WANTED- anj kind oi work , t ddrcs X Y. ,
Bee Offie. 340-27
Partner in a first-class butcher
WANTED with some capital. Address
Bee Office. 333-21
ANTED Pian ( > tuninj ; and repairing at
HOSPK'S , 1510 Doilce St SOO-lra
ANTED Foreman at hrick-jar.i. T. Jft R-
KAY. 165-tf
1OU RENT "inely furnished i poms at 1310
Davenport street , t et 13ih and 14th ht.3Mtf
TH R RENT IIoiwc , 0 rooms , cor 17th ard
Jj Cass. Enquire on premises. N.V. . NASON.
REhT Stcre room In hrlck block corner
10th ai d DGiuKis Sts. , with or HI ] ut eel *
lar. Apply to American House. ! 90-tf
TJ10R RKNT New JTellinsr , 8 rooin < . hard and
ID soft waier. lLCulre307 | Sou'h 12tu St , oir.
Farnham. 309-tf
FOU RENT A finely-furnished front room.
Enquire at 1S10 Dodge et. 2S3tf
RENT 2 rocmi o\er Mer-
clant * Exchange , N. E. Ccr. 16th and
Dodge streets. 230-tf
_ FURSISJ'ED l . _ lylptf
FORREST Hou c wit' fix room * , well , cU-
tern a-d cell iOn Capitol Arc , Jut 1.1th
and 16th , touth side. J. S. McCORMIPK
over BEM1S new column of Kiririins on 1st
TOCK FARM FOR SALE 1000 acres , dweli-
.1 In ? and out-houses , In D.HI . - * County on
e Elkhorn river ; let stock range in
E stern Nebrneka. 1 me easj Alsi 140 head
of cattle , ItO ho ? " and pigs , 7 , and 'ot of
farming1 Implements. luqui-e law olfice et T
W. T. Richards Omaha Neb. 273 codCt
MILK Twenty to twenty-lour quirw or one
dollar by John T. Paul on.
' fp ' . - mticdt
CLAY FOR SALE Anjlnv ? having lots to
fill in north Omiba will do well y callini ;
on Luke McDc mictt , No. 7U 16th bu 1 aii
filling lots fcr ! c s than half cost ; call thii week
heforo all tl.o claj i cr > M. .TIQ-'JJ
It PALE Cottonwo"d lumber of all
RKDMOND'S , SUtccr.ti-Et. ! 516-t
"POK SALK A ( JnetMill Anniyat
_ L 472-tf L.IVILLIASIS v SON.
P.ariralns in Houses , Lota , Farms and
Lands , in his new column on 1st page.
FOR A FINK. uraiL > rni/r , front , Doors ,
counter , Mantle , Store fittintr , veneered
work io to 1310 Dodje street , A. P. RAFERT &
CO .
. , . ,
Pianos and Organs First Clas ;
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music and Musi
cal Instruments.
: MI o TT L ID msr Gs _
Oil Paintings , Engravim an Frames at great
ly r ilaced prices.
8x10 Frames , 1 inch , Walnut . 15i
10x12 " I ' " . 20
10x14 " 1 " " . 20
12x16 " li " " . 60
12x18 14 " " . C5
16x20 : li " " . 75
Rustic 8x10 frime . IS
Chromes framed , f mill , 25c ,
Chromes framed , largo , 1 56 ,
Engravings from EOc upwards ,
Photograph frames from 15c upwards ,
Window Cornices 75c a window and upwards !
Lambrequir.8 8 00 per windon and upwards ,
Cornice i'bles250perwindo and upwards ,
Velvet frames 25c nch to5 00
Violin Strings lie ,
Violi'is ' 1 75 , 2 60 , 3 and upwards ,
Guitars 5 00 , 0 CO. 7 00 acd upwards.
Banjos 1 00. 3 00 , 5 00 , and upwards ,
Accordeons from 1 00 up , cheapest in city
Send for tamplea and catalogue of mouldings
and sheet muaic. A. HOSPE , JR. .
1576 Dodge St. . Omaha , Neb.
Defensive Medication
Ii a precaution wh ch should ncter be neglect
ed when ilamier M present , and therefore a
course of the Hitters at this seteou is particular
ly desirable , e | > ecally ; for the fee Ie and sickly. ?
As a remedy for biliousiecs , dyspepsia , nervou
neas , and bowel complamu , there ia nothing
comparable to this wholesome re torative
For nala hv all DrninibUann Dealers generally
fflf fn ( Tinnperdayat home. Sample * woitfe "
0)3 LU U > ZUtt free. Addrest Stlnton A Co. ,
Portland , iUtoo.j
$2 TO $5 PER ACRE.
20,000 Acres
6 to 12 Miles from Omaha ,
$6 to $10 per Acre , on
Long Time and
Low Interest.
Large tracts suitable fcr
Oclonies in all the best
Counties in the State.
80,000 acres scattered
through Iowa.
A large number of Improved
Farms in Nebraska , many oi
them near Omaha , $12 to $40
per acre.
An Immense List of
Consisting of Elegant Resi
dences from $3,000 to $2Of-
OOO. Many vacant lots in
the additions to Omaha.
Hundreds of lots scattered
through the City. Houses and
Lots , Business Houses and
Lots , and alt kinds of Ci y
Real Estpte.
We also have
on Improved Farms in Doug
las County , on 5 years time , at
1O percent , interest to all who
can eho-w good titles.
and Sarpy
Boggs & Hill ,
1408 Farn. St. , Omaha , .deb.
FOR f.ENT Two newcntii > ? caS , rooms aacb.
everj convenience , ChicaLM bet. 23 & " 3
atreetj- _ B0003 & HILL.
"VTTANTED We want to contract with a reli- ma" ' ° cl r ftl"l T'Ub 20 acres of
5,000 yar.U of dirt
T > RCKHpUSK-Convenent [ ! tobualnees with
JLJ fu 1 lot , ,
7 rooms , 82,150.
"Poll RENT New residence , $35.
± _ BOOO3 & HILL.
' coverej
OTEL HROPERTY-We are authorize , ! to
ofTer the Atlintlc Hotel at the greitlv
duced , rice of ? 10,000 , all furnished arid in run-
nin ; order , time to suit. BOGOS 4 II ILL.
E10R SALE Bran new house. 5 room ? , with
„ vCV7 ? conv fence. with half lot. 33 13 °
siintorVd oX m < > l ° 'Ult' W1" 3C" Rt a bar
_ BOOQ3 & HILL ,
H10K SALK-Brick pwder houaelnd 7 acres
JL near Stock Yurds , f 2,500
_ _ 1300G3 & IULL.
pOR S VLB Corner half of lot 8 W. Cor 15
_ L and Jackson at a sacnfi e.
> Cor 16 and
W ANTED-School dirtrict
bonds at a tut
MONKYTOLOAN-Any one wiahlngteuse
ee"t money ln 9Umt ° suit from
, can procure it through u- .
FOR SALE-8 busmeea IsU , next west of
Sl onie Temple , 81,030 each.
IflOR SALE 2 lota wejt of Odd Felloe BIucT.
MORTOAOES-We still have some small
„ „ , , . ur'iW > 'or sale , ngmfc- from 100 to
poo. having small gums of money can
invest with safety , and without any expense
whiteier , and get 10 per cent , interest.
ABOME-100toS200 is all you -
down jf you buy a home for yourself
through us. Time to suit on balan e.
FOR RENT Improved farm near barrack * .
SALE House . . .
JOR and full u.t .c stcr
! be cl * >
* E\V
- are now
prepared to
build houses worth from 8100 to ? SOO on
our new addition , 28th and 29th and FaVnham
Douglas and Dodjfe. and sell on small monthly
payments. BOOOS&IIILL
Kontze & R , th's addition , nea , baSness
SU" M > t covered
\ ? uith younit
o hS , * " ? the.thol 8' . cheapeat and nearest
in the market. By all
means look at lots in Koumze & Ruth's addfo n
purchasing elwwhere
Will sell on
monthly j tments ; Price $100 to 8iSO
njHEAPLOlS-S and 5 , block 6 , Shlnn'sad-
\J dition. Want be t offer at once for one or
b"1"- BOGGS & HILL.
- LOTS-It3 17 and IS.Trn-nell'gad.
\f " ' "on.
HOUSE AND HALF LOT-Near Thirteenth
and Capitol avenue , 91.600.
BEST LOTS-In Shinn'a addition , * 900.
between Twc'fth and Thirte-nth. A well
mnr.jved and desirable place , co 183,200. W ill
ell for 82,100 , half caan , bahnce one and two
A SACRIFICE The lusineas lot 22x132 fee :
r\ . ext ess. of J inln er'n wire rooms 15 &
Farnham streets must be gold thit month tor
what it | II brin ? in cash.
AN EXCHANGE Ower of S20 acrea near
Blair will exchange for flrtt class buainMs
or property in Omaha and pay from
3COO .o S4.UX ) in CISH to hoot.
BARQAIvr Two oottiges with small lot *
Tenth street , south of depot two blocxil
J1.500 for both. BOOGS & HILL.
"I K CHOICE LOTS-On Park Wild Avenue.
Its only S to 1 blocks from depot. 1600 to tCOO.
Monthy payment * . BOOtis * HILL ,
immense Stock for
Fine < 'usioiii-3hukl
Men's Suits ,
M Boys' Suits
Children's Suits.
'niwii u Bf CjJ ;
For Men ,
Boys , and
. .
dS&/W'MifiS. \
. , Hint *
u < ! 11
t * SHU r
Farnham Street Near Fou : eenth
Propose for the next ninety (90) ( ) days to sell then
entire stock of
Diamonds , Watches ,
Jewelry , Clocks ,
SilverWare ,
Pianos & Organ
At Manufacturing Prices , Which is from 15 to 20 per
cent , below any Eastern Wholesale House ,
preparatory to moving into their
weN Store , Cor. Ilth & Farnham
We Mean Business , C'oine and he Convinced.
Wholesale and Retail in
OFFICE CITY MARKET-1415 Douglas St. Packing House .
Opposite Omaha Stock Yards , TJ. P. R. R.
Having Taken tb .A , , vs for Our Motto , " ) are
DfrJned to Offer
Our Entire oummer S c of
Regardless oi' Cost. wv
In Order to Make Boom for Our Fall and "Winter f oie.
We Will JYot Be Undersold.
House Fiirnisliin r Goods , Shell * Hardware ,
Naiis and Etc.
Farnham Street. 1st Door Eae Fu t National Bank.
TCfc T8IB" "J"FS ai ffcr *
Eaving just opened an entirely new line of
We would ask the Merchants of Nebraska to inspect our Stock ,
feeling confident we can meet the wants of all in good Goods and
Low Fricea
Cor. 14th and Dodue