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Established 1871 , MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
"Jeems" Bedpath Inflames
Irishmen at a Land
British Liberals Say the House
of Lords Must Q-o ,
They Hanker for a Senate I
e United
Military Authorities Say the
Best Thing for England is
to Quit Afghanistan.
German Officers Feast Over
a French Victory.
Gladstone , Despite Physicians1
Protests , to Eeturn
to London.
Exodus of French Religious
Special DlBDitcn to The Bee.
LONDON- , August 19 , 1 a. m.
Win. Elliott states that he Trill make
a match to row oitherGsorge Hosmer ,
American Blackman , Boyd , Ron or
Laycock over the Tyno coarse , in
February , for 100 or 200 a side.
in a village near Turunsorverin , in
Houtnanin , causing an average of 158
deaths daily.
The competitor who assaulted a
witness of Sergeant Marshman's , the
improper marker at the Butts during
the recent meeting of the national
rifld association at Wimbledon , and
who profited by eueh marking , was
sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment
f at hard labor. He was a pensioned
/sergeant of marines.
Premier Gladstone will , it is sUted ,
return to Lniidon on Saturday next.
His health still causes his physicians
much anxiety , and they- urge him to
take a trip by EOI to the Madeiras.
Another cable combination haa been
effected and an immediate advance in
the tariff will probably follow. M.
Panyor Quarter's cable company have
arranged a working agreement with
the Anglo-American and the Direct
companies whereby M. Panyer Quar-
ticr'a company is to receive sixteen
per cent , of the total tariff receipts of
the three lines.
The Viceroy of India has tele
graphed the war office that the last
brigade of the evacuating British for
ces has arrived nt GundamucK without
a single shot being fired at the rear
guard. Persons here , who are well
\ informed a& to the topography of Af
ghanistan and its military situation
there , eay that England's only alter
native now is to abandon it altogether
just as BOOH as this can bo done with
The probability of a coalition be
tween Abdur Rahman Khan and
Ayoob Khan to expel the English ,
grows stronger with every fresh batch
of news.
A dispatch from Gundamnck , under
date of July 18 , reports the situation
at Cabul as generally tatisfactory , A
alight disturbance had occurred In the
city , instigated by come of the lower
classes of the population , who were
unfriendly toward the English , but it
was quickly suppressed. No gather
ing of native tnboi is reported in the
direction of Ghazine. It is not con
sidered probable that General Rob
ert * will encounter any linatilca or
have any fighting to do north of Khe-
A dispatch from Quctlnh rays that
Ayoob Khan mcuucea Citiduhar on
three aides , and it is uX | 'ttted that
his frees will storm the ci y immedi
A Dublin dispatch to Ihu Times nays
that in consequence of tliu itntement
of Mr. Forstor , chief secretary for
Ireland , that a thoimtitl marines
would be eagerly directed tiuther for
some time to come , and some sort of
aonfirmatlon will be lent to tn0 rumors
that the government expecte.l an in
surrection among the poisaniry , the
marines , in that case , will act as a
substitute for the peace preservation
law and save the government the hu
miliation of appealing t. ) parliament
for special powers. There have , however -
over , been no indications of any In
tended disturbances , and to most of
the people hero the notion of a rising
aeems highly absurd.
A conference of liberal electors and
delegates representing liberal associa
tions , was hold last night at West
minster palace hotel , at which resolu.
tions were passed denouncing the hab
itual obstruction of necessary reforms
by the lords and squirearchy in parlia
ment ; demanding the abolition of
hereditary legislators and the substi
tution of a so u a to on the American
plan for the present house of lords.
It was decided to organize meetings
for an expression of public opinion
during the coming recess. The meet
ing was crowded and enthusiastic.
Among those present were Sir John
Bennett , Admiral Nanz and other
IV representative radicals.
The English government continues
to oppose Austria's presidency of the
Danube commission. Bismarck , how
ever , energetically supports Austria.
It is stated that the relations of
Austria and Servia are strained and-a
rapture is not improbable.
A Constantinople dispatch says the
sultan has ratified the offer to cede
Dulcigno without the Bajooy district.
A dispatch from Belfast says Ihe"
rioting was resumed yesterday and
continued till night Th.e
charged on both parties repeatedly
and many persons were injured.
A land meeting was held yesterday
at Lanena , and the principal orator
was Sir. Redpath , the correspondent
of the New York Tribune. His
speech is stated to have been inflam
matory and greatly excited the audi
Bpedal Dispatch to The Bee.
GLAhoow , August 10 , la. m. The
pig iron market was violently excited
yesterday. Thn market rose to 50s
lOjd with a keen demand. The iron
masters are dumping down more fur
naces and an additional number of
Workmen are thus thrown out of em
ployment , , but the striking miners
are determines and express themselves .
as confident of bcidg-ahle-toJioldQutJ
until a concession is made to them.
They have a large amount in theit own
treasury and they are supported by
the trade -unirin. No coat fw thip-
ping purposes can be obtained ,
Special Dispatch to Tbo Bee.
PARIS , August 19 1 a. m. The
Countess DeTilly , who has been on
trial for "throwing vitrol over her hus
band's mistress , has been acquitted ,
President Grevy , who is now en
route to the Jura mountains , was en
thusiastically greeted at Dijon , where
an enormous crowd was present to
welcome him.
Eight thousand pilgrims left this
city yesterday for tne shrine of Our
Lady of Lourdea.
Sped * ! Dispatch to The Bee.
BERLIN , August 19 1 a. m. A
famine appears certain in Silesia
unless the government assists the in
habitants. The rains have . ruined
the crops In both east and west
The battle of Grayelotte was cele
brated in all military circles yester
day. The emperor reviewe'd the firnt
foot guards at Potsdam , and in hia
address to the troops he said that the
gratitude ho felt for the valor , hero
ism and resignation displayed by the
German army would never vanish
from "his heart.
A grand banquet was given yester
day fn celebration of the birthday of
the emperorrtjf 'Austria. Emperor
William drank to the health of his
friend and ally.
Count Holzfeldt will , it is stated ,
shortly be appointed foreign secretary ,
his marriaga with the American lady ,
Miss Moulton , having been legally
Special dispatches to Tlie Eee.
NEW YORK , August 19 The arri
val of immigrants at Castle Garden
have been light during the present
jnontll on ucoAUiiv 01 tx > ing hnrvcei
timein the old country. The number
this month will probably not exceed
NEW ORLEANS , August 19. Con
gressman Upaom , of the Sixth Texas
district , is renominated.
NEW YORK , Autrust 19. Moller &
Schumann's varnish factory on Broad
way , in Brooklyn , was damaged S10-
000 by fire yesterday. It was fully
NEW OASTLK , Ont. , August 19,1 a.
m. The woolen mills here were de'
stroyed by fire yesterday. Loss , § 50- ,
000 ; inturanco , 820,000.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , August 19 A
considerable , wind storm blow In this
city yesterday afternoon , unroofing
some homes and doing considerable
damage in small amounts. A part of
the roof of Tinzer Bros , large tobacco
manufactory was blown.
Alleged Bull-Fight BO Devoid
of Sanguinary Success as
to Delight Mr. Bergh ,
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
New York , August 19 , 1 a. m.
The Spanish bull-tight announced to
take place yesterday in the Central
Park arena , terminated like its prede-
rosaor of a few weeks ago , in a ridicu
lous failure. Before the spectacle
began an officer seized the arena on a
trespats warrant , and turned every
living creature , except the Texas
toera , out of the building and locked
the doors. Finally , th-3 projector of
the scheme p > id the month's rent due ,
whereupon the place was attached by
a deputy sheriff , but ho kindly con
sented to let the unsanguiuary con
flict proceed , provided Bergh did not
interfere. Bergh was there , and ap
peared delighted with the playfulness
and amiability of the horned animals.
About 150 spectators were present ,
including dead-heads from the sher
iff's and marshal's office : . The tor-
rerios , clad in gorgeous attire , stalked
into the arena. The band struck up
a lively air , and Alexa Bovina was let
loose. He charged on a torreriowho
quickly scaled the fence ; the brutO
followed , and Senor Pastho , manager ,
happening to be in the way , started
for him , but the Senor scrambled to a
place of safety. Seven steers were
brought in succession upon the field ,
and occasionally , to relieve the mo
notony , a rosette would "be placed by
a torrerio upon the creature's fore
head. None of the animals showed
au excessive quality of viciousness ,
but the torrenos' remarkable ability
in climbing the fence to avoid being
tossed , was the principal feature of
the affair , for as a bull-fight it was an
Mnrder From a Woman's Dishonor
Special Dispatch to The Beei
LOUISVILLE , Ky , , August 19 1 a.
m. Henry Lane shot F. M. Ramsey
at the Astor House in this city last
night. Lane's mother is the proprie
tress of the house and the trouble grow
out of Ramsey's intimacy with her.
The wounds will prove fata' .
Hanlau's Rival.
Eoeeitl Dispatch to THI Eu.
ST. JOHNS , N. B. , August 19 1 a.
m. Wallace Ross , the sculler , left
yesterday for Portland , Me. , where he
intend * remaining a few days and will
then proceed to New York , and a fort-
nightJater leave for England. He
expecU to be present at the Hanlan-
Triokett race , and may attempt t ° gt
orj * raeo witp the winner.
Big Negro Exodus from Alabama
on Account of Democratic
Majority ,
Secretary Sherman to Begin
Stumping With a
Great Speech.
DemocratioMob Sojourns With
Other Clams at Rocky
Point , E. I.
_ S.tate Conventions in New
Jersey , Connecticutand
New York. , .
- - * * .
Chairman Jewell Says He
"Won't Resign.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
TBENTON , N. J. , August 19 , la.
m. The republi an stale convention
wai called to order at noon yesterday ,
by Amos Clarke , and prayer was.of'
fered by Bishop Scarborough. TBx-
Judge W. Lv Hoffman , of Hudson
county , was chosen temporary chair
man. He made a half-hour speech , in
which he wont to Iho days of slavery ,
recounted the incidents of the war
record of the republican party , to
which he said was due the successful
prosecution of the war , the abolition
of slavery , and the great prosperity
which had ttuccoeded the wnt icport.
The names of Line -In , Grant and
Garfield excited loud applause.
At.tho close of Judge B off man's
speech the committees were named ,
and the committees took a recess. F.
Ai Potts will be nominated for gov
ernor by acclamation , and the follow-
lowing the presidential elect
ors : Electors at largo , Barker Gum-
moro , of Mercer county , and . A.
Walton , of Bergen ; district lectors :
First district , W. E. Potter , c/ Cum
berland ; Second district , E. B.
Grubb , of Burlington ; Third district ,
Simon Van Winkle ; Fourth district ,
DaWitt C. Blair ; Fifth district , Geo.
Richards , of Morris county ; Sixth
district , C. M. Hoburth. of Esses ;
Seventh district , Geo. C. Toffey , of
After recesj ex-Sscretary George
M. Robesou was chosen permanent
chairman , with a vice president from
eich county. Nouiinatiams for gov
ernor were then called , and every
county named F A. Potts , of Hun-
tordou county , and there being no
opposition he was nominated by ac
A series of resolutions were re * ,
ported , which endorse the Chicago
platform , declare fora hi < ; h protective
tariff , and biennial sessions of the
legislature. Speeches were made by
ex-Senator Frelinghuypou , Gen , Kil-
patrick and others , aud the conven
tion adjourned.
New Yortt Green oacKers.
Bpechl Dispatch fo TIIK BEE.
SYRACUSE , August 19 , 1 a. m.
The greenback state convention reassembled -
assembled yesterday morning. A
motion that the various districts pro
ceed to elect state cominitteeruen
tabled , after discussion , in order that
the report of the committee on a plan
of organization could be mado. The
report wa road , and after considera
ble discussion a motion was made that
it , be laid on the tablo. Carried by a
vote of 48 to 45. When the announce
ment of the vote was made , a wild dis
pute arose , and there was a demand
for a roll call. The motion to table
the report resulted in a lie vote of 44
to 44 , and was decided by the chair
man's vote in the negative. An ap
peal was made from the decision of
the chair , but the chair was sustained.
Various substitutes were offered , and
and after some excitement the con
vention proceeded to nominate a can
didate for judge of the supreme court.
An informal billet was ordered , dur
ing which a lively discussion ensued ,
and John Kehoe was called to the
chair. The vote was announced , as
follows : Total vote cast , 71 ; William
Thornton , of Sullivan , 47 ; Thomas
Armstrong , of Jefferson , 17 ; scatter
ing , 7. Four regular ballots were
taken , when Thoi. C. Armstrong , of
Jefferson , was declared chosen. A
platform was offered aud after a long
debate was laid aside , and a substi
tute , offered by Furbusb , of Brook-
lyn'was ad opted "that the Chicago
platform be affirmed , and this body
pledges itself to support the nominees
of that convention. " Convention ad
Democratic Clam-Bake-
Special Disp tch to The Bee.
PROVIDENCE , R L , August 19 , 1 a.
m. About 10,000 people attended
the democratic ratification meeting at
Rocky Point yesterday. It was pre
sided over by Hon. Wm. Beach Law
rence. Speeches on the usual politi
cal topics were made by Ex-Congress
man Tarbor , of Massachusetts ;
Speaker Randall , of Pennsylvania ;
Gov. Robt. McLean , of Maryland ;
Senator Jones , of Louisiana , and
others. Letters of regret were read
from Gen. Hancock , Senator Elton ,
of Connecticut ; John Kelly , Senator
Bayard , John Lee Carroll , of Mary
land ; Joseph E. Johnstonof Virginia ;
Senator Pendleton , of Ohio ; W. S.
Groasbeck , Gov. AlcClellan , Gov.
Hondricks and others.
Sherman' Great Speech.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , August 1ft , 1 a. m.
Secretary Sherman loaves hero on
Monday next for Cincinnati , at which
place ho will deliver his great cam
paign speech. This speech has been
carefully prepared , and is said to be a
strong presentation of the republican
Nutmeg Graters.
Special dispatch to Th Bee.
NEW HAVEN , Conn. , August 19 *
1 a. m. The democratic state con
vention held here yesterday was well
attended and everything passed off In
a very harmonious manner. The
slate had been arranged beforehand ,
and all the candidates wrra put in
nomination byacclamation. . For
governor , J. E. English , of New Ha-
vec ; lieutenant governor , Chas. M.
Pond , Hartford ; secretary of slate ,
Steven S. Blake , Bridgeport ; comp
troller , Chai. R. Fagan , Middletown-
state treasurer , Merrick A. Marcy ,
Union ; presidential electors-at-large ,
Chas. R. Jngersoll , of New Haven ,
and George L. Waldo , of Hartford ;
glitrict electors , Treat district , R. W ,
H. Tarvi , Hartford ; second , Henry
G. Hubbard , Middleton ; third , C. F.
Cleveland , Hampton ; fifth. Darius V.
Couch , Norwalk. The newly elected
Bt&te central committee organized by
the choice of John Byxbee for chair
man and voted tomeet again in Hart
ford on August 25th. „
Another Lie Nailed.
Special Dispatch to Die Bee.
NEW "YORK , August 19 , 1 a. m.
For some days past a rumor has bean
current that Chairman Jewell , of the
republican national committee , in
tended to resign from thai ; important
position Yesterday Mr. Jewell de
nied having any ouch intenli > n , and
said that the story emanated with the
The democratic state committo ?
have not yet dpcidod whether or net
to call a convention for the nomina
tion of a candidate for the court of ap-
Virginia Eead.uators- )
Special dispatch to the Bee.
WASHINGTON , August 10 1 a. m.
A private letter- received here yester
day from a prominent'Virginian read-
juster , states that the cause of the re-
adjustera is in a most flourishing con
dition , and that there is no doubt but
what they will carry the state by a
handsome majority. The defections
from the readjustora' ranks , it is
claimed , is more than balanced by the
accessions from the ranks of the
A Negro Colony.
SpcIal dkpalchjto The Hoc.
CUICAOO , August i8 10 p. m. Wnv
H. Ash , a prominent republican of
Montgomery , Ala. , and Hon. J. T.
Raner , fornierly member oE congress
from Alabama , are hero eu route to
southern Kansas to prospect for a lo
cation for a negro colony from Mont
gomery and Madison counties , Ah *
This is the first exodus movement
ft'om that state , and is caused by the
late heavy democratic vote.
A Crazy Myattry.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , August Ifl , 1 a. m.
Mrs. Sarah Thompson and her two
daughters , who were taken suddenly
in and here Tuesday
crazy Albany , came i
day night , proceeded at once to the
St. Denis hotel and were there as
signed to a room on the third floor ,
but when an attendant went to the
ladies' parlor to conduct them there
the three began to screech and moan
with terror , aud a terrible tumult en
sued. Ultimately they were induced
to go upstairs , and when once in the
room resumed their strange actions. A
watch was kept on them during the
night , and yesterday morning early
one of the daughters was removed to
Bellevue hospital. At 1 o'clock in
the afternoon another ambulance was
summoned to convey the other daugh
ter to the same place , ns she had be
come so violent to manage. The
mother was quiet and cared for by a
married daughter , who arrived during
the night They claim that they
wertrfohowod during their trip in the
Adirondacks by a man who attempted
to poison thuni , nnd exhibit the most
abject terror when reference is made
to him.
Sluing Down on Pool Soiling.
SpccUl Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YOKE , August 19,1 a. m. .
In the case of the pool sellers recently
arraigned for violating the laws
agiit t gambling , Justice Smith yes
terday decided to hold the prisoners
for trhl on the charge of felony to
await the action of the grand jury.
Brighton Beacn Running.
Special dispatch to Tnn BIL
NEW YORK , August 19 1 a. m.
The weather yesterday was cool and
pleasant , and the races at Brighton
Beach were well attended. There
wire four events on the programme ,
the first of which was the special mile
race , won by Charley Ro s , with
Brigiton eecond ; time , 1:17 - . The
second race , one milo and a quarter ,
for three-year-"ldH , was won by Ingo-
imr , with British Lyon second ; time ,
2:13. : Third race , mile and a furl on 2 ,
all ages , was won by Virginian , Glen-
mcre second ; time , 1:55. : Fourth
race , stoaplo chase for green horses ,
over a short course , was won by Moderator -
orator , L. L second , Case Keeper
third , time , 3:04. :
Saratoga Ra
Special Dispatch to Turn EK *
SARATOGA , August 18 , 10 p. m.
Tha first race , purse of 250 , for all
ages , was won by Goldbug , with Flor
ence B second , Emma Caspar third :
time 1:46. : The second race , purse of
$150 , a handicap , for all ages , milo
and 600 yards , was won by Gabriel ,
with Gov. Hampton second and Junt-
ata third.
Caught by a Crowbar.
I ? | tUi to The B < x >
DENVERCO ! . , August 19 1 a. m.
At Pueblo , Tuesday , Henry Orr , a
railroad employe engaged in driving
piles , fell against the point of a crow
bar which passed entirely through bis
body , killing htm instantly.
A Standing Joke.
Special dispatch to TOE HIE.
NKXV YORK , August 18 , 10 p. m.
Dr. Roger Tracy , ono ft the sanitary
inspectors , hag submitted to the
board of health a voluminious report
of his efforts to ascertain , in obedi
ence to the direction of Ihe boardthe
influence of-long continued standing
on the health of girls and young wo
men employed in stores. He did not
find his work satisfactory. The girls
and ealesnomen and their parents
whom he talked with treated his in
quiries with scorn or ridicule. The
' "employers , when spoken to personally ,
attributed the palo faces and weary
manners to dissipation and bad food.
No one paid any attention to the in
spector's circular.
Springfield Kaces.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
SPRINGFIELD , Mas . , August 19,1
a. m. There was a large attendance
at the Hampden Park races yesterday.
The.first race was the 2:36 : class , purse
$2,000. Wilbur F. won the third ,
fourth and fifth heats and the race ;
beat time , 2:26. :
The feature of the day was the 2:19 :
class race ; Hannis won theljthird ,
fcurth and fifth heats and the race ;
best time , 2:19. :
The next event on the programme
was for p cers tttat had never beaten
2:22 , purse , S500. There were only
two starters , Ben Hamilton and Char
' ger , and was wou by Ben Hamilton
'm three straight heats. Best time ,
" " " " "
2:27. :
Murphy & Lovettlns. Agency"old ;
est ectablithedagenov in thai state ,
plS4 > - - 1 . /J-ii-
Old Sol Sends Down His
Warmest Commenda
tions to the Odrir
clave ,
Wilting the Plumed AWarriors
and Visitors Indis
criminately. -
The Terrific Heat and Immense -
mense Crowds Spojl the
Festivities , , ; j
The Prize Drill a Very Perspir
ing Affair.
Becreation and Relaxation.
gpeclil dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , August 18 4 p. m.
This is one of the hottest days of
summer ia Chicago. It is very un
fortunate , owing to the crowded con
dition of the city. Jockey Club park ,
whore the Templars' prize drill is be
ing held , is five miles from the bus
iness centre. All the forenoon the
crowds of people flocking to the park
have been simply marvelous.
The Western Division Railway com
pany brought cut all the summer and
winter cars from all their various
lines and placed them on the Madison
str/eot line , which reaches the pifk di
rect. From an1 early hoar there
has been nn almost continuous
string of cara reaching the whole five
miles , and every ono crowded to its
utmost. The string of returning cars
at first were empty , but towards noon
they began to fill with tired , perspir
ing people , returning to the
city. Besides the people who
went in the street-cars , an
equal number wont out by other ve
hicles , forming nn unbroken proces
sion on Washington boulevard. Many
went also by the Northwestern and
0. , B. & Q. railways , which run with
in half a mile of the park. The heat
at the park was very intense , and lit
tle enjoyment could bo had
in ffitncsaing the drill. The
same crunea that spoiled the parade
yesterday and the grand ball last
n'ght are operating to mar the pleas
ure of participating in or witnessing
the grand prize drill to-day , namely :
The unusual heat and unwieldly
crowds. It is estimated that 50,000
people were in the park at noon.
They are rapidly returning to the city ,
and this afternoon will bo largely devoted -
voted to lake excursions , which is the
most enjoyable recreation for a
Thejprizo drill announced for 9.30
did not begin until after 12. At 1
p. m. only the Monroe commanderyof
Rochester , N. Y. , and the Reed com-
mandery of Dayton , Ohio , had drill
ed. The other competitors are
Ivanhoo , of St. Lonia , mounted ,
De Molay , of Grand Rapids , mounted ,
Damascus , of St. Paul , Rofes of In
dianapolis , Oriental , of Cleveland ,
Do Molay , of Louisville , and Bayard ,
of StillwatiT. Ono knight on the
ground was prostrated by the heat.
The drill will not be completed until
a late hour and may have to be post
Special Dispatch to the lice.
CHICAGO , August 10 , 1 a. m.
At the Knights Templar prize-drill
yesterday , Detroit commandery ,
which won the prize at Cleveland in
1877 , appeared and gave an exhibi
tion drill , but refused to enter the
competition. Their movements were
almost perfect.
The judges of the drill were Gen.
Whipple , cf Sheridan's staff ; Capt.
Davis , of the First regiment of mili
tia nnd Lieut. Dudley , of the Second
United States artillery.
The first competing commandory to
appear was Monroe of Rochester.
Its movements were excellent , and it
was enthusiastically cheered. Emi
nent Commander George F. Loder ,
immediately after the drill ,
and considerable effort was necessary
to revive him. Ex Deputy Superin
tendent of Police Diedaon , of Chicago ,
was also Bun-struck.
After the Monroe drill came the
Reed commandery of Dayton ; Roper
Indianapolii ; Damascus of St. Paul ;
DeMolai of Louisville ; DeMolai of
Grand Rapids , mounted.
at thu park for the 40,000 or 50,000
who went there , and the greater num
ber left before the drill was com
pleted , which was not until 5 p. m.
The drill committee held a meeting
last night , and received Ihe rnport of
the judges. At 11 o'clock they gave
to the press the following
First prizj , awarded to Roper com
mandery of Indiinapolig , who scored
313 put of a possible 350. The judges
considered 35 movements , perfection
In each being marked 10 ; second prize
to DeMolai of Louisville.which scored
267 ; third priza to Koed of Dayton ,
score 250 ; fourth prize to Damascus
of St. Paul , Bcoro 208 2-10. The St.
Louis commandery failing to appear ,
the DeMolai of Grand Riplds was the
only one competing on horseback. It
was complimented as drilling excel
lently , and awarded a special prize cf
guerdons and a golden bugle. The
following official note was inserted in
the report of the committee : Monroe
commandery of Rochester , strong in
numbers , presenting a generally fine
appearance , performing many move
ments with precision , but failed en
tirely to comply with the rules and
regulations established by the com
mittee to regulate the drill , hence the
judges found it impossible to make
any score for them.
The prizes will be awarded at 11 a.
m. to-day at the camp.
held two sessions yesterday , bnt did
nothing of public interest. To day
the triennial officers will be chosen.
Last night a grand pyrotechnic dia-
playwas to have bean given on the
lake front at the encampment , but up
to 11:30 : o'clock nothing could be seen
of it , a crowd almost equal to that of
" - - ' - - - - -
{ 3 ting for hours in
anxious expectancy. The encimp-
mont closes to-day.
One grand prizn , consisting of an
elegant sword and belt for an Eminent
Commanderto bo the property of the
commandery winning it ; extra priza to
accompany it. First prize , a gold
cross valued at $1,000. One grand
prize , consisting of a libation sot ,
twenty-five piecss , quadruple plate of
fine silver , with coat-of-arms of the
Apollo and St. Bernard , Chicago
commanderies , goblets gold lined-
Oneraudprizconsisting ( of a full
set of commandery jewels , fourteen
pieces , eolid silver , finely engraved ,
with the commander's ' jewel of gold ,
and with diamond setting. One
grand prize ; consisting of a banquet
set , embracing six dozen pieces of
granite gla-s and silverware , sufficient
to dreza a table for eoventy-two per .
sons. One grand prize consisting of
a set of robes for Rod Cross council.
One special priza for mounted com-
rnanderies , consisting of two elegant
silk guerdons , and a finely engraved
gold bugle. Special prize for grand
commanderios , consisting of a fine
gold grand commander's jewel with
diamond , ruby and emerald setting ,
to be the properly of the grand com
mandery winning it.
Special DUpatclics to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , August 18,10p.m.
The United States treasurer to day is
sued $242,000 3-G5 registered bonds in
exchange for board of audit certificates
of the District of Columbia , being the
first lasiio of 3 65 bonds , under the
new l < tw passed at the last session of
congress. The secretary of thu treasury
to-day authorized the assistant trea
surer at Now York to purchase § 2- ,
500,000 bonds on account of the sink
ing fund.
The receipts to-day from internal
revenue and customs aggregate § 1.-
Orders are about to be issued from
the war office miking the following
assignment of officers iu the adjutant-
general's department : Gen. Chauncy
McHenry , now on duty with General
Hancock , and General D. Ilugglea ,
now on duty with General Terry , to
duty in the adjutant-general's office ,
Washington ; Col. S. Benjamin , now
in the adjutant-general's office , trans
ferred to headquarters Department of
Arizona ; Major Martin , now in Ari
zona , to the Department of Dakota ;
Major Nickeraun , now on duty in
Washington , to headquarters District
of New Mexico ; General Frye will
remain at General Hancock's head
Secretary Evarta has addressed a
circular letter to the ministers repre
senting the United States at the capi
tals of the several maritime powers of
the world , inviting these powers to
send delegates to an international- .
Anitirr Asutiforonoa propa o lJ > y i
oint resolution of cOBgroea anil J ft
proved by the president the 14th of
May last. The secretary's letter con
cludes as follows : "It is thought by
the president that such delegates as
may be appointed by the powers to
attend the proposed conference should
be authorized to conclude , if deemed
expedient upon consultation , an inter
national convention iu relation to any
proper subject for international sani
tary regulations to be proposed for
the consideration of the governments
interested. In order that the pro
posed conference , if agreed to by the
several foreign powers interested in
the subject , may be held at as early a
period as practicable , the president
deems it expedient to suggest the 1st
of January , 1881 , as a suitable day
for the assembling of the conference
in this city ( Washington ) In the
event , however , that any government
should have occasion toprefor a differ
ent date for the meeting , this govern
ment will be ready to reconsider the
question with a view to the alteration
of the date. "
The treasury department has pre
pared a statement showing the receipts
and expenditures of this government
from 1855 to 1880.
The not revenue for 1830 fools up
? 333,52GG10.9S and the not ordinary
expenses 8267,642,957.78.
The following was furnished for the
press at the war department yesterday
afternoon :
August 18 , 1880. }
To Gen. Sherman , Washington :
The following is just received from
the commanding officerDepartment of
Arizona , August 10. It waa reported
that a small party crossed the Sonora
line from Tucson on the 9th inst ,
some twenty-two in number. They
left Tucson on the 5th , but the mili
tary were not Informed till the 7th.
Captain Whitcsido pursued them , and
on the 14th I addressed a , letter to the
United States marshal , suggesting
that the business of discovering and
arresting such email parties be com
mitted to the marshal's officers , and at
the same time to give assistance whenever -
over ossis'tauco might bo requited.
This morning , Marshal Dake and hia
deputy , Evans , of Tucson , came to see
me , and the following order to Col.
Barr is the result : "Marquese was
last heard from at M.iz.iltejn aud is
expected back in Arizona. Papers
and proofs are reported as almost
ready in the nur i-il's hands , in his
case , and they will bo ready to arrest
him when he come * . The United
States marshal having agreed lo take
upon himself the detecting and arrest
ing of small parties accused of violat
ing the neutrality law ? , he desires
some aid , which you will furnish in
small numbers from time to time ,
from the moat convenient posts. This
order is given under the original in
structions of the department comman
der to prevent any violation of the
neutrality laws and to arrest Marqueae
if fonnd to have violated the laws. In
the case of large parties , from whom
assistance might be expected ,
you will proceed against them with the
requisite force and take a United
States marshal along , with the proper
papers to hold and proiecute them
under the civil laws. Please cooperate
ate fully with the civil authorities.
Maj , r-General.
Base BslL
The following games of base ball
were played August 18th.
BROOKLYN , Augujt 19,1 a. m.
.Eochesters G , Nationals 3.
" ' "
- * >
The Town of
Eureka , Nevada ,
Desolated by Fire a Second
Time ,
A Gang of "Respectable"
Queer Pushers Bagged
at Peoria.
A Shrewd Cincinnati Heathen
Swindles two Fellow
A Terrible Conflagration ;
.Sprdal dispatch to The Bre.
SAN FRANCISCO , August 18,4 p. m.
The terrible scenes of last year have
again been enacted el Eureka , Ne
vada. A terrible conflagration has
visited the town and laid it in ashes.
The fire started at an early hour this
morning in a small frame building.
A violent wind which was blowing at
the time fanned the fhmes which
quickly spread to the neighboring
dwellings and stores. All efforts to
stay the course of the conflagration
were unavailing. The whirlwind of
fire swept up the streets and gulches ,
laying the whole city under the fiery
ban. The confusion and tumult was
very great. There was little time for
the inhabitants to remove their goods ,
and quantities of merchandise waa ta
ken info the street ! ) only to be des
troyed by the rapid advance of the
flames. Several lives ara believed to
have been lost. The loss of properly
will reach § 1,000,000. The fire went
over the aarao territory destroyed by
the conflagration of last year. Many
families are destitute.
Counterfeiters' Gan ? Broken Up.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
PEORIA , III. , August 18 4 p. m.
A few days ago a dispatch announced
the arrest of a man named Clarke , of
St. Louis , for counterfeiting. It
seems thit ho belonged to a well-or
ganized gang that have lived and flour
ished in and around this city
for years. Yesterday the authorities
collared two of the Ran nanwd Mir-
tin and Collender. The former is a
well-to-do farmer , and resides about
five miles from the city. Ho has
been looked upon as a hard-working ,
but the evidence
straight-forward man ,
dence against him ia conclusive. The
latter individual. Dr. Collentler , was
formerly a member of the city council
of this city , and waa at o-ie tlrao well-
off , but through crooked whisky lost
it all. Since his arrest he haa com-
iplaielv-brokendo3 rt Ho iita in his
cell nnd moans , ancTlhc robabilitv is
that ho will make a clean breast of it.
The government has also captured the
plates and die from which the $10
greenbacks were printed. This was
turned up in St. Louis , through the
working of the secret police. Other
and more prominent arrests arc to be
made to clay.
Victoria's Whereabouts.
Special Dispatch to Tns UEE.
SANTA FE , N. M. , August 18 , 4 p.
m. The latest information from Mexico
ice is that Victoria and his Indians
archill the Sierra Candelaro moun
tains about sixty miles from El Paso
southwest , in the state of Chihuahua.
The whereabouts of the Mexican
troops are not known. Three dys
ago two Mexicans were killed by the
Indiana near the village of Santa Ma
ria in the state oi Chihuahua.
unloading the Obelisk.
Special dispatch to TUB BEE.
NEW YORK , August 18 , 4 p. m.
Workmen commenced to unload the
obelisk to-day. It is estimated that
twenty days will bo consumed in dis
charging the etono , which will be slid
out at au anglo with its present posi
tion in the hold of the steamer.
Tbo Heuthen Chinee is Peculiar.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CINCINNATI , August 18 , 4 p. m.
Char. Leo , a Chinaman is in jail for
nn ingenious swindle on two fellow
Mongolians. Ho procured a rough
chunk of brass weighing twenty-six
pound , discolored the edges with gold
and represented it as a huge
lump of bullion which had
been stolen and could not bo disposed
of in this country without great ri'k.
The two purchased it for § 2000 , ex
pecting to clear three or four thous
and dollars by shipping it to China.
Before purchasing they had a piece
knocked cff for assay and Char Lee
was careful that they got a doctored
knob which stood the test.
Secret Agents of the British
Government Working
Vigorously ,
Capture it in Time.
The Belfast Orange Bigots Pre
cipitate a Riot.
SpecUl Dispatch to THE RIB.
CORK , August 18 4 p. m. A dia
bolical and daeply laid plot to blow
up the military barracks in this city
and to kill hundreds of people as well
as to destroy an immense amount of
valuable property , has been discovered
just in time to prevent its execution.
The great Southern & Western rail
way leading into the city ,
pastes directly under the Roy
al Barracks , in which there
is at present an unusually large
garrison of troops , the reinforcements
from England being among them. The
military commander late last night
received private information of a plot
to blow up the turncl and thus de
stroy the barracks with the garrison.
Placing himself in instant communi
cation with the rail road officials the run
ning of trains through.the tunnel was
suspended and a search was made.
This resulted in finding two barrels of
gunpowder in a recess of the tunnel
just beneath the barracks. The bar *
Wholesale and Betail
Goods sent to any part of the United States on
solicitation. Largest assortment of
And everything fonnd generally in a first-
class Jewelry Store.
* *
Jewelry manufactured on short notice. Orders from
the Country solicited. Whcniu Omaha rail and sec " > . A'o
trouble to show Goods.
The Jewelers , Opposite the PostoHice , lath & Dodge.
To protect the public agiliist imitators we apetiall } caution all purchaser * of
Benson's Capcine Porous Plaster
To Me that the work CAPCINE on Ihe htnl ID sp Uc < I correctly.
Do not allow * om othe- Plaster to bepalmeJ off under aflrrilUrxouiiJfni ; nam # , with the usnr *
Mice the ; itlt aa good Bear Hi mtn < l that the only obj-ct such dealers c a hue , is the fact th t
tlity can mike a few penults extra proflt by Helling the pu tutu.
rels communicated with each other
by means of a fuse , which was all pre
pared to be lighted. The fuse was
cut off and the barrels were
removed to the barracks. A
largo number of troops were then
immediately placed under arms and
the entire neighborhood was scoured ,
but nothing further was found. Tha
guards are now doubled and armed
parties of soldiers and constables are
patroled outside the birracks.Thero is
not the nlightest clue to the conspira
tors. The information received by
the commandant was from anonymous
Special Dispatch to Tnr. En.
LONDON , August 18 , 4 p. m.
The Fenians and Nationalists are loud
in declaring that it is a put up job on
them , caused by the secret agents of
the government , for the purpose of
exciting popular inclination and
of checking the tide of syirrpithy jn
V. IA for ir u ' .r - ' ' - ' M , ii
"ne'a'ecret aijontfo !
ment placed the barrels of gunpow
der in the tunnel and then wrote the
anonymous letter to the commandant.
Special DUpatch to Tha Bee.
LONDON , August 18 4 p. m. A
Dublin dispatch says there is contin
ued excitement at Durgannon and a
renewal of the rioting at Belfast.
A hearing in the case of parties ar
rested for participation in tha bloody
riots at Belfast on Sunday last
showed that the Orangemen were
at fault and were responsible
for the difficulty. Thirty Catholics
were wounded , of whom two have
since died. There is much excite
ment in the community , and both
sides are exceedingly bitter. Furi'-ar
collisions are apprehended. The
funeral of Dean Ivirwin took p'.tce
to-day.ind waa an immense , imposing
demonstration. Largo bodies of
Catholic * from Wesford were in at
Special Jlspa h to The B
LONDON , August 19 , 1 a. m.
The authorities are in a etate of per
fect and pitiful consternation in con
sequence of the alleged discovery of a
plot to blow up the railway tunnel
and barracks. The military and con
stabulary are much alarmed , although
government officials pretend to make
light of the discovery , but there is no
doubt but what they are in a state of
greit alarm and apprehension. Some
of the precautions which are taken
are ridiculously absurd. Even news
paper reporters in the discharge of
their duties are marched between a
file of soldiers nnd are watched as
closely as if they were Fenian prison
ers in digraco.
Right Hrm. William E. Forsler ,
chief secretary for Ireland , on re
ceiving news of the pint to blow np
Cork barrack ? , immediately started
for Ireland to confer with the author
ities in Cork and institute a thcrough
investigation of the atfair in order to
defend the constabulary estimates
from the attacks of the homo rulers
in parliament.
The conservative * under the leader
ship of Lord Churchill have decided
to induce the government to renew
the coercion acti in Ireland.
Adhpitch jiiit received from Cer-
fttu , Norway , announces the death of
OIo Bill ) , the famous violinist.
Special Dwpatch to Till Bit.
LONDON , August 18 4 p. m. A
Hamburg dispatch says that a steamer
leaving that port for the United Stites
to-day will take oat 6,000,000 gold
marks , or about 815,000,600 , being
the balance due on exchaugo in return
for grain and provisions recently im
ported from the United States.
Special Dispatch to Th tea
LONDON , August 18 4 p. m The
news of the death of Marshall Baziine
which waa received here two days ago ,
and afterwards contradicted , is again
reported and generally believed.
Some of the most intense of the
French radicals protest against the
burial of his remains upon the French
Cblcago Produce.
CHICAGO , August 18.
Wheat Active but unsettled ; No. SJ
spring aold at 8S@88c ; } for cash ; 87 0
for August ; 8UjO88Jo for Hep-
tember ; 87S@87 c for October , closing
atSSccashor August ; 87o for Sep
tember ; 87o for October ; 87jc seller
the year.
Corn Ruled active and j@3c
higher ; sales of No. 2 at S7J@38Jo
for August ; 37i@39o for September ;
38i@30 c for October ; closing at 38o
bid cash ; 38@38Jo for August ; 38gc
for September ; 38c for October.
Oats J@c higher ; No. 2 selling at
23 e24jc for August ; 235@24jc for
September ; closing at 24c for cash ,
August and September ; 25c for Octo
ber ; 24c seller thn year.
Rye Unchanged , at 69Jc for No.
2 in store , and GSic for September.
Barley Quint and unchanged ; No.
2 October sold nt 76c.
Whiaky SI 09.
Hug products active and higher.
Mees Pork Advanced 20@50o per
brl , and pold at § 16 7017 00 for Au
gust ; § 16 8o@17 10 for September ;
closing at $16 50@18 75 for caih ;
" ? U- (
1690 for Septemberl 60@l6 65
for October. '
Lard 25c per 100 ibs dearer ; 57 70
@ 7 95 fur September ; 87 7508 02 $
for October ; closing at § 7 90 for casher
or August ; 87 9007 97 * for Septem
ber ; 8792i < 38 00 for October.
New York Money and Stock.
Wxu. ST. , NHW YORK , AugtMt 18,1.30 p.m.
MONEY At 2 } per cent ; exchange- steady
CIS6 > 'SI WJ Ncvr V 1001
US5 > I02J Currr-ncy ff IIS
US4J' Ill
Moderately active and advanced J lo 2 ] rr
cent , reaclii Kto j to } percent.
WUT 10GJ St JOB pfd 81
NYC 1J3 Wahish 41
Krie Wabanh pM 11
Erie.profd 70 $ St. P. and Omaha. . 41
Lake Shoru 10S& St. P.andO. pfd. . . 83
K. I _ 113 U. V Bl
Northwestern tfJj CC&IC IB
Northwutem pfd.1201 lllcb. Central . 0.1
FatiHc Mall 3
Ohio 33J Hudson Can l . S'-i
Ohio pled 74 N J Central . 7r.
St. Paul 88J M & E
St.Vaul pfd. . . . . . HSfc Reading 2M
St. Joe 37 i I.SI 661
Chicago Live Stoclc.
Cincioo , August 18.
Hogs Active and prices 5@10c per
100 Ibi higher ; sales at $4 90@5 10
for light packing and shipping ; 84 60
@ 5 15 for heavy packing ; 84 700525
for good to extra smooth assorted
heavy shipping lots. Receipts , 4590
head.Cattle Receipt * liberal ; a few
droves were taken up to 11 o'clock at
84 154 25 for fair to good grades of
shipping stock ; stock buyers were
purchasing to a limited extent at
§ 'J 70 < 33 55 for stock steers and feed
ers ; local buyera did very little in the
way of purchaiing ; only one lot of
cows chanted hands , at $2 25. Re
ceipts , 46'JO ' head.
bt. loula Produce.
Sr. LODIS , August 18.
Flour Eisiorbut not lower.
\Vhea No. 2 red , 94j(394jc } ( caih ;
No. 4.94g01jcfor August ; 90j@90Jo
for September ; 90i90jc for October ;
89g@S9.ic for the year ; No. 3 do ,
8G@8Gc ; NO. 4 do , 83Jc.
Corn Diglmr ; 25Jc bid for caah ;
25 for Scptombor.
Rye Higher at 70Jc.
L ad Unchanged.
Butter Unchanged.
E.'gs Unch lilted.
Whisky SI 08.
Pork Strong and slow at 816 00
a'k'-d f r cishAugust and September.
Dry Slt Mnats Stronger ; car lots ,
§ 5 20 < 38 20C'8 30g8 ( Go.
B. c < m Better at 83 87 * < g9 00@9 15
Q9 20.
Lard Higher at 87 85.
Receipts Flour 6,000 bbls , wheat
10,000 bu.corn 56,000 bu.oats , 14,000
fau , rje 3,000 bu , barley 2,000 bu.
Shipments Flour 9,000 bbls ,
wheat 18,000 bu , corn 3,000 bu , o t
2,000 bu.
St. Louis Live Stoclc.
ST. Louis , August IS.
Hogs Steady ; Yorkers and Bal-
timores , 84 85 ® 4 95 ; mixed packing ,
§ 4 9035 15 ; butchers to fancy , $5 15
@ 5 30. Receipts , 5,600 head ; ship
ments , 3,000. .
MllwauKeo Produce Market.
MILWAUKEE , August 18.
"Wheat Firra ; opened declined jjc
and cloied firm ; hard , nominal ; No. 1
Milwaukee , 91c ; No. 2 do , 89c ? ; Au
gust , 89'c ; September , 87Jc ; October ,
87fc ; No. 3 do , 78c.
Corn In fair demand at 38Jc.
Oats Quiet at 34c.
Rye Dull at 68c.
Barley Steady ; No. 2 spring ,
75ic ,
"TOOK A FINE KUiucauK front , Voon.
_ C counter , Mantle , Store flttlnir , veneered
* ork CO to 1310 D < xl0 Street , A. F. KAFEKT
CO.BuUd 3.