Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 05, 1880, Morning Edition, Image 2

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to bra r irrmcu all matttiB cocreclcd tiitli
. croir , ctun'iy pol'lcs , tnicn uy znb.cct
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tp5UlC9tl n.batfororrcwvut'sJettlcn tnc
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* i a e 1 y r , H cr Ir'tcds , btid nhttlier ts HQ
lew cr tcmnvmlont'ors ' to tl.6 fd'-tf , tir
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pom-iileiaractfrjXiO vowill net inJcrtat.
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r. tnr ttan ia ft ff-ient j larg tc
All * 4Stccnl < stKjre licudta ! tdi'rc rd to
E. noSFWA-ER. Edltrr
' 'Tht. iQislatvrc thcdl pats Jam to cc rcct and prevent vr tut tfwrtinr.a'ion (
cwr ezio-Jicn in aTZ chnrya of txprtll. tele
.n railroad ccnpxnica in 'hit sittte
tudi. ? a by adequate ycnalivci
t9 tit extent , y ncc&rsarr , for that purpctt ,
tf Jorfe urc cf thdr property end /ran.
rifce. " [ Ssr 7 , Art. 12 , ebwilta. Caa-
of Ohio.
of New YorV.
ESSTIAT. GASH. ELD'S pfcrfai yat-
iirdiy fioci his betas to Buffln , rn
roily to Ket ? TtrV , tras oao contJnu-
oas ovation.
J5 recur ed as better ,
but the tcBUs.1 banquet z van by the
lorl Mayor to ill ? rumistry has been
indeEnitely postponed until after his
hh recovcrr.
fcB'n elected to iho Prc < Jer.O ? of
Bbtkbair onllrge. Mr. Vithare 5a an
o'Joatrcd-fhiricr , tnditisundsratooa
that this is not ilia fir t tixe ho has
gons tlsck-burvinir.
THE exodus from Canada to the
United States duricg the last ye r has
been remarkable. At the ona point oi
foil 8'unii 1h U. S. coniul reports
thiti7t057 ; K-ncclta croseed over tc
< ho United Statrs shoru during the
5o r. of vhu disgruntled
ia tLis city vrbo ere indignaut thai
lirocsupaticn is gone , tay that Ihi
v publioan county committee ehoulJ !
not htvo bacn changed till
this Ml. They ovidentlj
forjel ihat famous report midf
bj Chailcy Bar.k , chnirrnan , nboul
ttolun campaign fund. If tin
commtttou hsd been ptrpeta.
ate 1 , the roputlicin party in Doujlas
county would hax-e diabBnded.
Orleons Picayune learni
i7i'h surpriss that a § 300,000 coi ten
mill is to ba croalod in WIB oasin.nud
tronderswhy it wasn't plsoed en tht
binls cf the BlissiiMppi , in a colt < r
growing country. "I'he ojplaiiRt mi 11
nssy. Capital Ecohsinvestment when
the laws are beet unforced , and tvhtr <
* he liven and properly of the Iziborer ;
employed Tfill be eafc. Capital aat
labor alike steer clear of Alabama
i and
THE Afuhaa situation is , to say tht
) e > ast , very alarming. The newemeei
by his actions ia escitius grave sus
picionR of his loyalty to the Bn < isl >
vrho ecaicd him on the throne Ht Ca
bul. General Primrose is impriMonec
within tharRlls of C ndahar. Thi
hill tribes ro cocttanly : receiving re
inforcemvnti , and are pushing on ti
join the victorious Ayoob. Pull par
ticu'&rs of the recent disastrous battli
provo that the British defect tvas o *
ing almost ab much to superior goner
? le-Ip on the part of Ayoob ts to au
uerior nutnbtrs.
Lci.DI'0 piptra in various stntei
are mikiug calculations o ! the effect
of the CIIKUS returns on the new sp
rxrionraent of representatives. Th
prfssnt number of m mbsra of th
hoUJO it 203 , elected on ft basis o
181,425 to ths con resaicnal dietrict
Any great increase in the house o
representatives won d maie th t bed
( oo lirga and untrieldly. The genert
IB th t the new nppoition
bo cadi on abieis cf ICO ,
OODwhic , esctptmg m the wesi
rn etatei , will not materially iacreai
the represent -tion.
Sin. Fo.Rsrnii's Irmh Oompanralio
Honso of Lords , by the deceive vet
of 281 against 52. There hae bee
little protpect of its passega ace il
introduction into tha House of Con
mocs. It was radical in some of it
ffeitmes , and weak ia others. lit prc
visions allowing a non p'yinj ; tcunr
to claim damages for evictiou esc ,
M those whets rent had been paid
was a positive premium on rent shirl
ing , while the counties to which som
cf its operations werere&tricte <
b ere by no means the most in need
cuch assistsnce. The
. bill wea op
posed on the one hand by the land
lord element and on the other bV
number of the most influential of th
Irish reformers. Both sides claimed
perhaps traly , ihat as a measure e
relief it would prove a failure , an
both tide ? , while admitting the neces
tsity of some rcfcrm , fdiled io find i
the compensation bill . any adequat
solution of- the problem. Although th
bill has failed to pats the upper hous :
iti introduction by the ministry an
its postage by the cornmors has give
the Irish people an atsurance cf th
earnest eLdeavors of Mr. GUditor
and his party , to meet the presstn
derrunds of an oppressed oonntry , an
thj pesster-y : af the former ia for *
: UR it to a v.-e , d3spito the entreatit
or macy ciis friends a = d the thren
or La enosies , is a' prot F ofthat n :
daunted integrity which"chwactei
iz&s the mia and viich. ref3 ca
abrtaslaE isths "
- pariuit cf * iit"
belter" o b& icitit
The republicans of Dongla&county
and ! ' . intelligent republicans m tha
sta'e understand that the p'itneob
j'Ct of tha men wno own acd control
the Omsbu 7cjmWi ni is to subserve
thu intercfti tf the Union PaciGc mo
nopoly. That corporation controls
the editors cf shit sheet a * absolutely
as it dee the fiuntrintcndenta of its
rosd. Jay Gould and his Nebraska
managers cars nothing for the
repnbLonn party or the demo
cratic pirty , but they have an
< nter 3t in controlling men that rep-
r ent us in th legislatures , whtfher
a'ate tt ) cttionali Ever since Jay
or 'uld came into control cf the Union
Paci6c he has cndoavorad to run the
machinery of parties in the state ,
chroush subordinates who made poli
tics a tpecisl busineEs. Now it * a
happens thct the republiosn party is
UrgeJy ; n majority in Nebrefi'kehence
the monopoly managers have
operated mainly through that
pirty. In Douglas county , where
110 parties are very nearly eveoly bal
accsd , the monopoly managers have
fr yurs manioulsted the prirawies
sud convontiona of both parties. Our
primary Iss'ior.i ' have been a stupend
ous and di'pracefol fires. WhoJe
b-igadea of bulldoaad railway em
y * ! l ve been promi'ouously
thrown into ilia various wards and
r-ited rerardless rf thfir political
fsl-h. Oarg ? rf repeaters , organized
under thedn lof monop"l/henchm ° n ,
huairatrs and deadbeatsimported from
Io ? , and gravel trains loaded
with TOT r ident tec'ion handi have
particptted m our party primary ecc-
t CTitRiid mafle our mmiuntions. This
E'ate of affi'rs very naturally de
moralised all partee. gcoica of tha
be't -pallican- ) - , disgusted with the
pr.ruiry frauds , have bolted the
party ticket at every general elec
tion and hundreds rf democrats ,
eQ'ia'ily disgusted with the nmnuula-
ticn of their conventions and prim
aries by the eama agency , have re
fused to ra'ify tha wosk of tha U. P.
hosiers. The corrupt man'paVion of
of jrimaries and conventions of both
psrties , madpit Hobson'schcizofor re-
puthbie Democrats nnd Republicans ,
and generally resulted in osr misrep
resentation in ihe Srate nnd national
For the first time in many years ,
th * Union Pacific monopoly have leal
cent rol of party machinery Doug'ai
couaty. Tha Republican co inty oonv
mittrc , to abata the primary acotici !
frauds , his established regulation !
thiil mil cnsura AH honcat , untr&uv
cicllcd expression of party sentiment.
And this is why the monopoly org.v :
has set up such n tumble howl. Like
tha Eecejiionisfa , at the outbreak oi
Iho war , who pronounced Lincoli
a tyrant and usurper be *
fore ho had ever taken his
asst , and precipitated the war withoui
an overt act , the monopoly henchmen
have pronounced the entire system ol
ropull can registrations and measurer
to provfint double voting and ballot-
box stuffing , a nefarious scheme ic
defraud the party. Without waiting
to know -who the registrars will bo.
the ? pronounce them a sat of yillaicf
tnu gcouncirels ho will falsify tin
record , and \\l\o would violate thei :
instructions for tha purpose of dis
franchising honest republicans. It
the face of the fact that tha registratioi
list i > lobe publiihed and posted so tha
everybody msy copy it , the Republican
charges that men will be voted whosi
names do not appear on the register
: iJ tliat the judges of election wil
rafusa to let men veto who are regis
tereJ. Rojznea usUhlly judge every
body by their own standard , am
there is no doubt that ; f the cadetshi ]
trader and rip-rap chief , who is mak
ing ell these frcud howlc , were reg's
trar or jucge ! , ho would perpolrat
: uch frauds. For imtincc , a littli
ov r a year ao , about eevei
o'clock in the evening , ths editor o
THE Bis standing in front of his of
fics saw tha high-toned and diguiSei
senate r running up Farnham stree
from the river , followed by ft pang o
ebout thirty rip-r ppera. They turn
sd the corner of Tenth and Farnham
end upon personal inquiry aom o
thess men informed the editor tha
Ucy Lad baen brrught up to th
Th rd raid po ] i f.t th j engine hens
to help Barney Shannon carry tfci
democratic primaries. Atid there i
no doubt thty voted.
This ii a sample ofwhat the Btpul
CMI calls free ana open primaries i :
Onuhs. We don't wonder , howovci
thatary tffrtlo putaetop to thi
fyatem mteta with such violent r <
eutance. Republicans who war
htnust elections and a fair expressio
.e. ufnartv sentiment.wlll not , howevci
be icfiuenced'by these howling hencl
men vho pretend to BPS a terribl
n'gger in tha wood-pile. Tb
rrcutration will bs coi
s dncrcd by honorable mei
> No Eepnblican who presents hirnsf !
it for rc tatration will bp diifranchieec
ij The lis s will be published. Xo ado
tiona will be made to them after rej
is'r-t'on hai c'o'prl. Erery registore
Republican will b allowed to vote i
the primaries , but repeaters andDerr
ocrats will have to keep nway. Th
returns certified to by the judges (
election , accompanied by the balloii
poll lists and registry list , will I
placed in the hands of the convei
fen , and no frauds can be perpi
trated without detection. The threat t
the Stpvibl\cant \ that it's followers wi
not abide by these regulations , show
what they have to fc r from an honei
THT ordmaaca passed by the cit
council at ita last meeting , which pn
videsfora special election to detei
mine whether 560,100 of our old 1
psr cent , bonds now outstandin
shall be refunded at a lower rate of ir
tercel , is a nova towards a more bus
ness administration '
of the cty'
There is no reason wh
Omaha should be
paying 10 per cem
oa her municipal indebtedness whi ]
other western cities are selling 5 an
6 per cent , bonds at a premicn
Money , in iheoastera Etitts , is ceel
ing investment at low ntes cf. intsi
esr , acd tlnf-boads of a city whic bj
shown Szsh 2. iteidy rscii growi
as ocr CT2 wrelddsnstlsafba
taken ti sdvantagsoiis Mter. At tb
present rata of interest tha city annu
ally pays 6,610 interest on the
amount now proposed to ba funded.
If the new bonds could bo placed on
the markjt at 7 par cant , the
interest would amount to 6-1,627 , an
annual saving to the city of 81,953.
If a ; x per cant funding bond could
be placed the cifferense would still be
more marked , amounting to $ ? ,644.
The mo73 is one in the right direction
nnd ctm hardly fal r f success.
Beth parties have taken the chair
man of their national committee from
It is understood that Gen. J. R.
Hawley , of Connecticut , will not
agiJn be a cindidate for the lower
huuao of congress.
Conklin has eons fishing for trnut.
He had the Uettoral vote of New
York already honked , and tbat is
what bothers tha democrats.
If both the democratic electoral
tickets remain in the field there is 10-
rious danger thatYirginU will be lo < t
to the dotaoctat'c pra idential ticket.
The demncrts of Ohio have rut a
very genteel ticket in the field , one will In k ? weH md blossom in
the dust of the campaieu ftiid maio a
pretty cnrp.-e in Novembr.
Gen. Joseph R Hnwlev has notified
h's friends of his intention to It are
London nsrt Sa'urday ' for his homo in
rrd r to be litre to engf-ga in the
tarl < eB. work of the campaign
Dr. Willnm H. JVHon addmsed a
po'H'C'l ' ' meeting at Cartewvillo , Ga. ,
on the 22-i inst , p.nd a-snounced pub
hcly 'or ths firit tlma that he will * a a
candidate for rc-cWtion t : > Congrc's ,
and will run as en Independent Demo
Col. W. M. Lin ? hss withdrawn
from the contest for the Democratic
t for Governor of Texas ,
g GOT Huberts and Lieut. Gov.
Savrea to fit-lit it out between th mi.
And a very lively fight they hsvo baen
making it
Seewary Sherman hss been re-
qut-fjted to open the campaign at Oo-
lumb-Js at such early diy ea is con-
vcniint to him. It i expected that
the rrpiib''c ' n eampnicn ni that state
will brurdr fu'l headway during the
first weak in Auguat.
SriiaUr Brucej of Mi'sivippi , Js to
take an active p.rt in the M < mie cam-
Daign , and w.ll have for Aupusla In a
few davs. Hn will also muko several
fpeeches in Ohio and Indiana. Afror
tha isnater's term of office expires he
will m ke his home in Ohio , whore hie
wife has rtlativts living.
According to ths ISoston Htrald
Gen. Butler's friends say that ho will
no : run for tha Governorship of Mat s-
nchusetU thi < year , but will make
matters lively in the SeventhDialrict ,
where he will bo the Independent-
Greenback Labor-Reform-Democratic
candidate for Oongreaa.
Tha venerable Senator Hannibal
Hamlin , who prone ses to retire as
senator from ilaina next spring when
his term expires , Ins been m public
life as legislator , governor , congress
man , vice president and senator since
1830 , without interruption a longer
period than that covered by the ser
vice of any of his present associates.
With encn" record , in which no flaw
appears , Ir. Hamlin has earned the
repose he scelta.
Sena'ora Wade Hampton and Z. B.
Vcnce apoko ct a democratic ratifica
tion meeting in StaunU.n . , Vs. , on
Monday , and .va arc- told by the cor
respondent cf The Richmond Dis-
uatch that "constant roars of npphuse
were kepi up , except when the pa-
the'jc appeals of the senators from the
Carohnas io Virginians not to force
thu hated republican rule again upon
the south brrKj. ' ' , a solemn hn b nnor
iho vast Rwrmtly , ana some tears tt
tha eyes of 5
The Brohen Slate ,
Lirct In DurH * t
Tliat the Leidtke matter is a politi
ct ] movemtnt of Eoine kind is quiti
evidtnt , end , sprnn ? just at tht
present moment , it breaks the state
slate which the republican p < pero all
over the state had tacitly agreed io
"the renominatinn of their preseni
state otBcors , with the exception , per
haps , of Divis and Thornpion. " 01
course , if Leidtlso ia guilty now hi
was guilty six months ego , nine
months or n year asjo. Why was nol
the matter \'cntilatud then ? Win
have nt t the patriots , who are alwny ;
willing to servo their country , callec
the intention of the governor to thii
matter before. Whether Lciflt'io ' wini
h's case , or loses it , his r-mminatior
bescmes an impossibility ; tha slate ii
broken , and the pioec cannot be pin
together without some troubb , anc
that trouble will conk Senntor Pad
dock's gocse. McBride , Van Wvckt
and Eaton , with Weioa in the back
ground , h vo more to do with thii
han Guv. .Saooa really imagines , anc
the above mmrd coterie of gentle
men is not favur b'v ' impressed witt
the idea of Senator Paddock'c ro-elec
non to the U. S. icnate.
The Repub'ioin convention in Lin
coin on tins Drt of September prom
hes to bo a very interesting aff .ir
E quite unexppotedly , too , to the De
m cracy. Wo fe t confidnt a 1 thi
time thnt the county conventions fo
the nomnutiun of members tf thi
legislature w , uld creito r.n immen'i
imount of b5d blood among the Ra
pub'icana. but we hud no icci that i
would extend to the state t.eket. W
rejoice upon the additional iroub'o
which our friends have manage i
tobrins , ; to the fiont. The Demo
crats of Kcbrsska have to fight han
all the tirno for thii which they d
net even cet , and it is nothii g bu
I'lyht thot Iho rwpah mans should fisjh
hard amont ; themselves for tbat whic
thryaro always ruro to have Take
ill in a'l , nnd whether Mr. Leidtkci
quilty or nor , , he is , in our opinior
the victim of a conspiracy within th
republican ranks , the main purpose c
which was the downfall of Senate
Paddock. It is well played centl <
men ; it remains to ba seen how i
will pan out.
it Controlling Forces.
Buffalo Coramer , ; il.
Two forcss , one moral nndtheothe
economical , will help to make Garfiol
the nest President of tha Unite
The first is the awakened spirit c
the north which revolts against pul
ting ths government in the hands c
the south , a eecticn in which ire
speech ana an honest ballot are no
yei tolerated.
The second force springs from th
pocket nerves of the people , and com
pals business rnentoscfcupcnth * prin
ciple , et well enough alons.1
The case is BO clear and the argu
ment in a continuance of the reoubl ;
can administration to easily drive
home to the understanding of th
laborer and the capitalist alike the
we believe the Eeond force alon
would determine the result of th
next election. With bnth forces worl
ing constantly , invMbly , irresistib
in favor of the republican ticket , ou
faith grows itronger dsy by day ths
Garfjeld and Arthur will carry ever
northern state.
Whit It tie ta of this war
"rpconc liatioaV' Why is "th
fecuthy sot "recKiciJeii" Ish
nor i. 'Js o& forglrac * Istie r-uth
grively io play j = tha snisn ths ra
of John Zellsy at Oinc.s2it/&n
pardon the loyal country ? The dem.
ocntic tactics are the very madness of
sectionalism. Here is a section of the
country which has plunged the union
into a sanguinary contest , in wh'ch
the section was worsted , and after
fifteen years , during which all that
has been asked of it is no pena'ty , but
tha acceptance of equal liberty for nil
citiEona , it ia S2rion' > ly announced
that the section will bo "recon
ciled" upon condition that the control
of the government is placed in it a
bands. AB an argument for the sup-
uort of General Hancock , this ia eira-
plv silly. The only ground upon
which "reconciliation" that is , sso-
tional hermony , is possible ia the ec-
Quiescence of every /section in equal
eiril nnd political liberty. The par-
res of the war continue because that
cqnxlity is denied in she old slave-
h Iding section , and the last reason
that would persuade R loyal -Amerioin
to vota for General H ncnck is that
his election , by giving the government
to those who practically deny oonsti-
tutional equil rights , would ' 'recon
cile" or paeify them.
TheTe'eeraph War.
Toptki Commcnwultb.
Judee JlcCrary filed his opinion
yes'frdny in the case of the Western
Union Telegraph company ncam t the
St. Joseph and Denver railroad com
pany. This cage ia similar to the
Ksmas Pacific , recently decidotl ,
Jud a McCrary holds thit the wil-
rnad company had no riqht to seize
the wire , and that the qnestinn
whether the contract between the
telegraph and railroad i void ia for
tin courts and not for the railroad
company to decide. He holds that a
court of equity will proteo * the pro-
pe-'y rtgirrUess of the validity or in-
rn'idity ' of the contract. The opinion
concludes as fol'ows ' :
"What I wish to emphasize inth's
case , as well as in other similar cases
is , that the defendants have no ii ht
to tnko their remedy in their own
hands. If they have the right to
seize ths property by force on the
eround th t they hold the contrsot
void , accordinc to the same reasoning
th" t laintifl' would have the right to
adjudue the contract valid , and by
force retake the property. In other
words , force and violence would take
the place of hw , and mobs would be
substituted for theprocess of courts of
justice. The strongest litigant , the
one commanding the largest force of
inen. and the most money would suc
ceed. Such a doctrine , if recognized
by courts pa a proter mode of adjust
ing disputes concerning property
rights would lend at once to anarchy.
If the defendants , after yeara of ac-
} u'nsence in the contract in question ,
lifter receiving ita benefits and after a
property had been built up undnr it
to whioh othera made a claim , ba-
came suddenly convinced that it was
a void contract it was their duty to ap
ply to the courts for roliofpraying for
a cancellation of tlu contract , and a
full and fair settlement of all accounts
growing out of its execution in the
past. Until they saek'some such rem
edy , nnd until a fair settlement upon
full accounts can ba had , they will be
enjoined from attempting to eject the
plaintiff or to Eeiao tha property ,
The demurrer to the bill is overruled. '
" .Entail" in Office.
Cleveland L * acUr.
Mr. English , in his letter of accep
tanceof the Democratic nominatioi
for vice-president , reiterated the well
worn Democratic demand for t
"change" in Federal offices , and pul
forth the exceedingly origioul reaaor
for his demand that the "laws of en
tail have not been favored in our ej'3
torn of government. " The necessity
of a "change , " for the mere cake o
T-bange , exists only in the minds o
Democtii'ic office-seekers like Mr. En
glish , and the alarm with which ho am
others of his party profess to viuw thi
' entail" idw iw American nMities i
ot comparatively inoilorn growth , an <
born ot impatience in wa'ttng for th
"chance" that is always desired by th
"outa. History , however , shows th
Democratic alarm on the subject o
"entail" had no existence durinj
the largest continued Democratic ad
ministration of the government.
Gommencintfwith Andrew Jackson'
first term and concluding with th
close of Folk's administration , w
find the democrats to have been ii
continuous possession of the presiden
tial otfice for twenty year * , with th
exception of one month of Harrison
for Tyler , though elected as a whig
worked in harmony with the dome
cratsand o"ainst the principles of th
prty by which he woselected. Afte
Gen. Taylor's death Millard Pillmor
acted in harmony with the democrat
against the whig * to the close of hi
terra , which continued nearly thro
yearr , and then there were two mor
straight-out democratic adtuinietra
tionsthose of Pierce and Buchanai
bringing the record down to Lin
coin's inauguration , and it is not pre
tended that the democrats then volun
tarily retired. This shows a stretcl
of almos" continuous democratic ad
min'stration for thirty-one years , a
follows :
President. Yeara
Vim Burcn
Total . 3
Therefore , in the course of thirtj
one yeara the democratic control c
the executive office was only intoi
runlcd by one month of Harrson nn
a year aud four month of Tayior. Bi
then the democrats did not tronb !
at the idea of "entail" in offici
It miy be added hero the republ
c n administration of twenty yean
so- called , was broken by "thrc
yews of Andrew Johnson's adminti
trat'on , during which he oppose
himself to every republican mcesnr
and principle , and , had it not bse
for a two-thirds republican majorit
in both houses of congress , ho wonl
have proven an obstacle to all legisl :
tion for securing the fruits of the wai
it The dancer of " "
"entail" in the goven
ment hag not yet appeared to impai
tial observers , nor is it probable th ;
the voters of the United States wi
become alarmed at this bugbear , E
long as the country is peaceful an
. It is when
prosperous. the peace an
prosperity of the nation are threa
ened or attacked by the party in pov
er that the people demand a ' 'change ,
and then they insist on having it.
Apportionment for Congress.
By the constitution of tha Unite
States the ratio of representation i
congress in 1789 was fixed at 30,00 (
and the number of representatives Ci
Under the first of
census 1793 the n
tie was 33,000 , and the number (
fepreseniauv&s was 141. Under ill
third census in 1813 the ratio was 35
000 , and the number of represent ;
tives 181. Under the fourth const
in 1S23 the ratio was 40,000 , an
the number of repressntativi
213. Under the fifth 'census i
1833 the ratio was 47,700 , an
the number of represent ;
tires 250. Under the sixth census j
1543 the ritio was 70,630 , and tl
number ot representatives 223. Und (
the eighth census of 1833 tha rat :
was 127,581 , and the number of re ]
24S. Under tha aint
census in 1S7S the ratio was ,
ar.d tse number of representativi
2 5S As this i ; a rbjeri ilwijt , wiS
in tie dleoreiiin af xagrsss , ti
no ij b incraastd cr dirsis'shj
by i nex ippci
An.Alabama boy named Paris Grean-
died a few days ago from eating paris
It was Theodore Walton who won
820,000 at the Saratoga race ? , not
TheodoreTilton.assome papurs hadit.
There WBS a Mrs. T nnsr , but she
objected to the doctor's manner , and
that w what was tha matter with
Frarcis Murphy has gen to Lock
H'Ven to see what ha may do for tha
citiians of tha' place and whtt they
will do for him.
Hans MskMt's latast 20x30 foot
picture was sold for 816,000. By
the time Hn has p id for the canvas
and paint h won't nave much left.
Alexander H. Sfepl'ens sstonishrs
the ehamberma ds at Wnite Sulphur
Sorin s by c ll'ng fora comforter and
feather be ! oa the hottest niligte.
A Now York minaser wants to ss
cure Dr. Tanner as an attrac ion at
his theitre. Ho probably want * to
brinz him out in a shadow pantomime.
G. P T. to General Hancock.
Don't snore. Lose mftgno'Sim , Of-
fica sppkinp vnmpires. Bourbin hears-
eg. Keep bands in pockets. One
meal a day.
Sarah B rnhardt always carries with
her a skeleton of n youna nrmy r > fficrr
who corami'tod suicide for live. Sarah
can ba distinguished from the skeleton
by her clothes.
Henry Irving wants S2600 per
night for a. limited ueason in this
country. Mr. Irving'a nerve IB only
equaled by the liberality with which
he displays ih
Mra. Ann Lyncl' , a ay out in Oro-
gr , tooltho law into her own hands
the mb riJay. It WBB Lynch lawtoc.
The b isn fillow who fell a victim to
her w H justice will not go a-wooing
any rr 18.
Archibald Forbes will lecture in
America about "Iloynl Persons Whom
I EUvo Known. ' ' Wo don't cere to
hear nb ut rovsl pprsons known io
Archibnld Forbes. If ho would lec
ture about royal ruffians , or royal
midd'es , or roynl rakes whom he hm
known , it would ba more to the point.
The other doy when the report was
arrt'scl about in lUiodo Tslund that
Senator Buru&ide had decided to clip
IH'B whiskcw , he received over twenty
different petitions praying him not to
do EO. To these petitions frnm differ
ent parfc ot the ftato ho had but one
reply to makn. This wagf that Provi
dence permitting , ho should clip hia
whiskers whenever bed n pleased.
N. V. Horalil.
A pEuuliar feature of Gen. Han-
cock's correspondence just now ia the
multiplicity of applications for hii
autograph. They coma from all f s
tions o ! the country and era writtcr
by all sorts of people. Politicians d (
not teoiu to have much of this speclei
of curiosity. When they write it is t <
cive advioo in regard to his letter o
acceptance or to boldly press forwarc
their claim3 for some appointment
taking it as an assured fact that nftc
tlu > 4th of next March his area o
patronage will bo greatly extended
Many of ths autograph seekers ar
ladies , and not n few solicit the ad
clitionsl favor of his photograph.
"How does the general treat thes
classes of correspondents ? " The Her
aid reporter yesterday asked ons o
his officers.
"He ie not asking any advice , an
does not want any , us to hia letter c
acceptance , " replied the officer
"Those risking cm'co only waste p < pe
and ink in writing t < him , and the nr
plionts for fuitoirrap-is and picture
must nave somu onicr claims than th
mere gratificition tf the idle curiosit
to receive much attention. The general
oral , with all his Euperabundaut ui
banity and disposition to oblige , ha
got too much business to attend t
and too many really important lettei
to write to heed inch requeata. "
"la there any other special annoj
ance to whioh his nomination has sub
jected him ! " pursued the reporter.
' I don't think the qenerat wnul
cla sify them us aniioy nct * . Toi
know how parsons , most of them pel
feet strangers , c ill on him everyday
He treats them nil politely , os he ha
always been in the habit of troatim
everybody. Stacks of npwspipei
are sei < t to him uvery day with inorkc
pa agtH , most of them compliment
ary , of course , but it would take a !
his tima to read them , and as faa o
he is concerned , though well mearj
on the part of fie"senclars , a good dee
of it ia waste ammunition. "
0 n. Bank's Epteth at Cticaso.
Is was a terrible struggle. I ai
not 0'ng to say u uch about it nc
much , but I toil you it was a terribl
strugule. It luted the better p r o
to-ir or tivo ynnrs. It coat us 2,000 ,
000 of livfs , f > r broken hesrts fi
more graves even than the fihot an
shell of battle. The government c
the United States nnnounced only
week r ton daya ago that out of th
treat-mT the government paid 6,000
000.0a . the cost of the wat
Mr. btt-.erjB , the historiun of th
confedeiata states of America , e
thev TVBia called , doclarea that it oos
the people of that section of the cour
try alone 611,000,000,000 , makio
817,000,000,000 from these two item
alone. I have
no doubt thinking c
this oltau and
seriously for man
months I have no doubt I should b
within the limits
of probability an
reason if I told you thai that war on
this country SoO.L'OO,000,000. Twer
ty years have passed since the tim
that I oame here to which I have a
luded , when there seemed to me
prospect that I might bo somebody
1 could only remain less than 2
years by some three or four month :
and now , aa I stand here to-night ,
soethevery men that made the mos
causeless war thnt the history of tfc
world ever exhibited ; the very me
that cost us 2,000,000 lives , the vei
men that without wrong ? , without an
cause , involved ns in the sacriSco (
nearly § 50,000,000,000 ; these mei
without the support of the peopla i
of any State , without the concurrenc
of any portion of the public opinio
in the United States ; these very me
are in possession , absolute pospestioi
of the House of Representatives <
the United States , to do with its lav
just exactly what they pleasi
And the e very men that brought th
causeless trouble , of such magnituc
and of such terrible results , upon n
hare possession of tha senate of tl
United States , to do with that part i
the government whatever they pleas
and they only want one power more 1
make their victory complete , and 1
put the Union soldiers that d featt
them in the war under their heels !
far BE the eserciae , or so far cs the ii
fluenca , of the political power of ll
government may enable them to c
ie that. " [ Applause and shouts i
"Mr i"e TT H sand by arailog ors of Pri
Gnilastte's EJdnsy Pad : , fter I bad tried
other ramtdies.xrlts sll-kaaran minis
5 , tiho hid tte jrrivel fcr CTS jvus.
I tl as stl = rerti.ffq'- ficzti.it7
5iisr siliisss horhss loatiE it ti
Us : si W'es ( } f ! ! t cor.r5 = 3 , let ! ts ii
SiHs Pitrisrsh , Uis
many inch thlnv , alterable eoaforUri ara y *
all , how longnlll ye TCI try soul an < < brwt ma
In pt c with ord 'f H U not rccon'id that
Jo' , had jiflei Imt > ' cou'd not havf had a 7-
thlnfr mo ra'nful , an'l itiutairoqueHloiiinliht
bate beona'Ucd then assincx lor thrrothou anj
> rs : Can pileo - tu ei ? We Ullive thit Or.
il li03 hmsil id thur.iMein [ , fur m thlu is
murerertalil than t.iat " N " nakc > U" dee ab-
Oilutilv-nil pioaiptly cnra t' o nrorst rsuiei of
pllci. When h lf a million of offlcidl assert po < i-
tlvelv that it tnt lUrcd them , ar.d in an jei'i no
ona has 11 cd th 'doctor' * r > nderful rem y
vlthmit itiatant relief. an > l by f > ilotii , ' hl slsj.
pie Innnictionn aa to habit > nd dljt , all were
oenefltted and o cr 95 per cut , cnr d aud aru-
manw and th orics cf the e who haven't u vi
thera.Ro fcr nauht Analcesis Is POT prejcrto-
vl by pbyiletanu o ! all choolsaudhaipro ou'ic-
d 19 near In'alllM * 1 § p > vlhla. It is eidly
appl's' . prftietlj * ' Instantly relterci pun ,
aort uSmat ! 'y cur thi mo < t lnvet rat ci e
u 'i ; randly solr d th * pr"Nsm th t Pllea caa
bo cnrtd. eompln of "Anake't , are .it Jr 9
to a1lintf r if. on appllff.tlon to P. VenttA'Atir
tf Co , ola maaa'art ir is . .f A"Xk ! , Boi 3 ,
Ke * Tt'r.tH. Also * clJ by drutfrUte f r r ; h e.
If yu * etrou Ul uhh fer r and rjf , < Jumh
eu , biUlon ' r , J un lw , ibtpcptla , r ny
fils aido' ih l'ier ' , I mil or "tounch , anl w sh
to cet it well trvthentw r .e y Viof. Guil
matv-'d French LUa- d As' * jour iliUlit
for It rJtikiD' tbPr. aril if ha has not tot
It fend { 1 59 in * le'Kr It tha Trmch Pd Co ,
Tel df , O. , ar.n ie elre > r.6 by return malt.
"Swdsrox , Vt. , September 19.
"I sudeied greatly fo years from Pile- ,
and tried various rt-me'Hs' " for relief with
out succeea until I used Kidney Wort. Il
the Ufstn'e shows fcymptoms of return , a
lins been the , I hiv : ntver failed to
chech it by ti o use of this mcdicinel I
have a arm eleven yean old T\h' > had for
years uuifnrmly his bed nights , ; uid
all the prescriptions of different physicians
ware ineilectu il in chcckir ? it. 1 was as
sure I by a physician that "Kidn-w-'Wort '
wu Juot t , e ine licino to cure him , and
eure euoiigh a tri l completely eiic-
cefsfu ! . I regard the roediciac invaluable
for Pile * and Kidney di'cajec.
WITHOUT TUE rsn or DRUG * . AIIE K * -
run FREE Di = Tiunaiox.
TTrr.EAT uponlIEAI.TltH\GIi..V2.iiidrhjs- !
I ol Calturf . and Is aooir ' te jcj < .lo m of
lofrnniwlca for lu'El-Js aa.1 11,0 8 who ; ; - . r froin
an , ! 1 Du.S'tiZitry
upuu -l Uum n Upi > .mc > .
cf iur * , ore wu n * < . " . .
is tulunltra to all who me in c J tf o.i..Ji 3i cJ-
v\o The -ubject ofEUc'ne l ! lt § te-.tu j.1i m * ,
iiaJ thrtiUBdied tnJ MI qutuirnt of - M "T'l ' 7
- dul .cs-'J.iid
txcce io ulviinii buoisnliinio ) (
At-i o "to
PeMIl- f M
u. . , r ctw ' - > s
- . j'rb..v. ' io "nr cti IIK ! " , ' " " 'PO"1 ' ; p '
ilt July sun.- , . 'mi If , . .J HT < .i e i . "l fu M L.O ,
\igur. and flu.iiljl.a.rgr.
ten.l . } . . idr-w . i ml T. | ' .r a cry , c J
icf'irm-'iu'i w , itlnhi.usjn'li ! vr.ll t-t f o ( Jou.
A.lircrtthajuli'is'ier * ,
tloYears'beforetfiGjPiibUe ,
are not recommended cs a remedy " for
all the ills that flesh is heir to , " but In
affections of the Liver , and 5n all Biliona
Complaints , Dyspepsia , and Sick Head
ache , or diseases of that character , they
bland without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used pro.
pnratory to , or after taking quinine. As
ublmplc purgative tliovare unequaled.
The genuine arc never sugar-coated.
Eacirbox has a rcd-wo.v a al on the lid.
with the impression.McLANE'S LIVEK
PILL. Etch wrapper bears die wgnfc-
turcs of C. McLAM. and Buo ? .
.CO1- Insist upon having the genuine
Wij'llNG ' TJUOS.a'ittslnirgli. Pa. ,
the market being full of imitationi of
the name Mcl.nnti , s-polkd differently ,
but tame pronunciation.
A SpteOy and Lffectual Curs.
Has stood tbe teat of roftrr TfttA' trl&I.
IJlrttlhAS trfJA taeh battle ,
OLD UT ALL D R D 0 0 I 5 T S ,
Loral Ajronls ewry hero to Mil
lea , tcff'f , BihTK Po U t.
il i\onn | ( turic'F. tie , by ssrop'e , to NmlllJi ,
Piodt good Outfit tree. l\oplo'9 Tea Co. , Box
5'0 ' , St. otils. Mo
always Cures nail uover disap
points. The -world's great Pain"
Reliever for Mnu and Bonst.
Cheap , fnick nnd rnlinlilo.
Is not Narcotic. Cliiltlren
prow fat upon , Mothers like ,
nutl Physicians rccoinuiend
CASTORIA. Itregulatoatho
Bowels , cnroa Wind Oolio ,
allays Fcverlshwess , and destroys -
stroys Worms.
TARRH Cnrc , a Constitutional
Antidote for this terrible mala
dy , 7 > y Absorption. The most
Important Dl oov ry sinoo Vac
cination. Other ramodies may
relieve Catarrh , this euros at
any stogo before Consumption
iotn in.
CIVIL ' . ' at tha Rens-elaerPoIjtecIinl !
3f luttitate , Troj , N Y The olded E lneerlD ;
3fe : ichoil la Ameno * . If sit U'm begi- S jptea.
her 16th The Remitter fo 1SSO cuntalns a ibl
inn of tn * pradtutts for tha ast 4 yearaith then
in'i p iti n , alio , eoursa of ftuds rtqulrfments
expen-es , etc. Address DAVID M
'i l > lt ctor
a. , 71. P. Block. 16th St.
Ie PresbanlSalt JleaU o all kln is constant
Ies on hand , prices reasonable. Vegetables In iei <
on. tooJ delivered to nr part cf the dty.
ieof " " vn v-rth jfith Kt
e ;
; d
Jon * ; , Bit. P'A aid Kth Sti , . .
ion First quality distilled Wina ard Cider Vlnf la
n- of any itrenyth below eoitarn . -
nie pncej , .niail
ie ranted Jnst as ipod it wbcleiila .nd retaU
Io Send for price lln. ZEKST KKEE3
2a day t home ielly maaeCcal
. Adrfres ? Tra.s Co. Portland. M
Bu3n ! 3 < rinsactfJ sirce s tbat of in Iiur-
porstcd Bulk.
Accounts kept In CurMnjy or gold subjttt to chen without nolle * .
Certificate of ilrrctlt iMU'd paraH * In thrt ,
Hx 'dt e T mnnth , bearloj luterwt , or oo
dtniind without Interest.
AdT nces made to ustomsn on approTed
curViei at marlut rates of IntMCiU
Buy cnds'll zold. bills of fi < : h nj8 OoTcrn-
tu nt Sute , C un'y aivl City Uondi.
Praw S ght PrifH on fa land , Iceland. Scot ,
lux ! , act ] all parts of Europe.
SUC ropeanPi-sayeTIcketa.
Cor. ISUi ana. Farnbam Streets.
: d -3 a > otlonal Bank , August 20 , I
Capital and Profits Over$300,000
Sf cclilly * u4lj r'd ! by ths Secretary or TrsMurjr
to if oeiTa Subscription to th
s v KorMls. TVe l 'cut.
Aifrrt-3 Korvr.s ! , Vice PresUcnt.
1J. U" . Vilrf. a-hier.
A. J. forrLETO * . A'torncy.
JUHS A. CR iciitTox
1 * . U. DAUH. Aw'l Cishl .
This bunk ruc Keedepveit wlthuUt r jirj to
m < > unt >
h t ? lure crtiflcnto bairjii Inttr l.
l > raralwon iin F sacijco anJ prlnci ( > al
I'l8 ' ? < f tli L"nt ! a ft-itc' . , al j Lr-ndoo , Dublin ,
bur.h and tSs { .ruitipal e.titsot Ui txinllr
ucnt rf ilujj i.
ati to the In-
m yl t (
Geo. P. Bemis'
I5/A tf ; D < myliis Sis. , Omaha , JV < 6.
This seiner docs aTRicitT trek r ? 8 bc *
ncss. Do > uot FMoalatc , ml therefore any b r.
nsonltT bookaai9lcflirwltolta pitrona , In
il r l h < ilncnliMr il up W th e agent
Xo IjOSI'arn'utnifitrttl
CSlcc Xort J SUc of p. Grand Central Dolll.
Nebraska Land Agency.
1605 Farnham St. Omaha , Nebr ,
400.000 A ORES csrefnlly & ltct < J l nd Io Eaateit
Nrbru- ) > for sale.
ftrtat Bar t'.nsln lDiprcv J firm , ndUBiah !
LatsIandConi'rU. P. B. It- Ip-tebTU
llyron Heed & Co. ,
Keep a compete av6tract of title to all Res
Kutate In Onuh and IJoivlas County. m jlt
Cor. Randolph St. & 6th Are. ,
j 3gj rJ wqjfc < [ > iy * r ggv 3
$2.00 AND S2.50 PER DA\ \
Lrcitcd ID tha businees c nt-c , cnnvenl.n
to pUo s of snutraent. Elwan ly furnnbed
containing all mudern improvvmenU , pafuenva
l ra or. Ac. J. U. Cl'MMItS'OS , tropri Wr.
Council lUufT-i. loivni
On Una ct Strc ' Rallvny , Omnlbni 'o nd free
all twins. ILVTCaI' II ir J3.00 per dajr
teoond ( loir S3 to psrdij ; tli.rd flier ,
Tb tfUTt9hc < t .T ciotc < .m irOlnnn hoes
1C ths city. OEO. T. FIICLFS , Prop.
Thi Mctropoltan p con'rally lor t d , i
Bnt ours In eve y rtTOjcha.loiri nt'ybc -
cut Ira y r0non ed Ire public wlu find It
enmfirtib c tnd curaellkc tiousu. maritf.
Sclniyler , Xcb.
Fiist diil IIouw , Good Mrali. Good Kedi
Airy Boonu , and kind and accomaodatln
trfatnent. Tw.good simp'e room ? 8iceii ;
attention paid to commercial travelers.
S. MILLER , Proa ,
a5-t (
Laramie , Wyoming ,
Th miner's resort , peed accommodition :
r ; ! EimpIe room , eharef i rea onabl . dpc < ±
attention 2lv a o travsllny tail.
1J- II O ITir.Ct\RD. Vr-iprlctnr.
Chesyenne , Wyoming.
Fir * * " 3 , Fln larjr * Simpta Hocnu. oc
block i. dd pot. Tralr.istep from 20 lalnut'
to 2 h" ' < for dlmer. Free Bui to and froi
D pf > t , Kates 8100. Si 50 and I3.CO , accordln
to room , s ugle meal 75 ( yntf.
A. U. BALCOM , Proprietor.
ANDREW EORDEV. Cnief Clarlc. nilQ.
Weekly Line of Steamship
L i' lcz K wTcik Er rr Thnrsdij at I p. c
England , France and Germans
For ? iZ33g FF r to
C , B , RiGHARD & GO ,
jsa-Il-Iv 61 . Na-ar 7ort
i > . S. BEE3IBR ,
r ! =
.Trait ? aity , GvsS , PV < . E
> .e = S. eci h.-- ' tit EO i tZ
We have all the Latest Styles of Sprirg Suiting , an Elegant
3took of Eeady-Mada ClotLins ia Latest Styles. Gent's FurniBn-
ng Goods Stock Oomplata
In fact the Stock is complate in all Departments.
Dnn't Fail to see our Custom Department In charge of
Sir. Thomas TnJloii.
1801 & 1JJ03 Favnham Street.
A Positive and Permanent Cure
Guaranteed ,
In all ca * of Or ve' , Diabft'es. Drop"Rout's Vlttaee of th
KiJne , Incoatiaen' e ami Kclvnt tin ofUriue , Inflamitlon n
the Kidneys , Cntanh of tl.e I ladder. Hi. li Colored Urine. Fain
In tro iUck. (1 * or Lior * . JJarvots Weikn , and in fjct all
tlisordtrs of the Bidder an I Urinary Orpins , whether contract
ed by r > rivato di wi or otheawlw Th. jrreat remedy has hwm
n ed with urc B for nearly ten y r < In "rine" , with th nwn * .
wondo ful curatiie effects. It euret by abi rplvm' no Bamwiu *
Inte-nal medicine boinz repaired.V have hundreds of tel
moala.1i cf curt * liy thli Cad trhrn all else hvl f u'ed-
LADJES. if you ar TOfferln * fr m female Wukncei. Lrucor-
rhoo , ir dl ecaf pecnlhr to i > ma'e or In fact any dlectw , asV
yo'ir drazst for Prof. Onllmetta's Kro.ich Kidney P l. afv *
tolit no ethtr. If behjs not sot 1L send Si < H > and J'JU w > H
m ! \a tie Pidliy return mill. Address U.S. Biuich ,
Toledo , Ohio.
Will " . . Dumb Azut , A C'aVt , ! f . Jftundli- *
jx > "Uvely CL.TS r cv r ndyut. u BIIioa v r.
wi ail d > e ss oi th Llvsrtonnoh , nd Blood lh pad cnrM bv bwrptlon. nd U p im n . .
Ask jC'Jrdruj st for tht p a n < l Ukauooiher It h J jnoiUt plt.j.ud Jl O ti tne CKKSCII
VAI ) CO. , ( U. S. BrinebljSoIsdo , Ohio. nd r 3clr H by rttnrn null. KCON * CO. ,
. Om h , Vt'f '
Oarpetings I Carpet ! ngs I
Old Reliable Carpet House ,
I3ST 1808. )
Carpets , Oil-Cloths ,
Matting , Window-Shades ,
Lace Curtains , Etc.
I Make a Specially of
And have a Full Line of
Mats , Rugs , Stair Rods , Carpet-
Lining Stair Pads , Crumb
Clothes , Cornices ,
Cornice Poles , Lambrequins , Cords and Tassels ;
In fact Everything kept in a First-Class Carpet House.
Orders from abroad solicited. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Call , or Address
John B. Detwiler ,
Old Sellable Carpet House , OMAHA ,
The Only Litnographing Establisnment in ITebraska
Drafts , Checks , Letter Bill and Nute Headings , Cards ,
Bonds , Certificates of Stock , Diplomas , Labels.
etc. , done in the best manner , and at
Lowest Possible Prices.
A. F. RAFERT & CO. ,
Contractors and Builders.
Fine Wood-York a Specla ty.
Agents for the Encaustic Tiling
ntn nnnoK RT .
.11. K. K1SDON ,
General Insurance Agent ,
don , Cagh Attela. . .11.167.127
E310HKSTEKXT.Capltal. . 1.000SO >
THE JIERCIUirrS , of Nff rk.N. J- , 1,000.00'
OIRABt * nREPbllad ! phl , Ctpltat 1,000.000
lt I . . 900.060
FIREMEN'S FTJM ) , Califsiola goft.000
unrns AireaicA ASSUB CETO 1,200.000
ITZH A iK FIP.E 153. CO. , Assets. 8r .OM
AMERICArOES7RArAiS t . . . 200.0CO
Soutteajt Cor. of HftMath & Dcnjlis St. .
iEtutt.Ett. . lOtt t dUaCs !
Id sr pbl5 Otd ts Pro ptl/
Machine Works ,
J , F. Hammond , Prop.fe Manager
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