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    VOL. X. OMAHA , JNEBKASKA , MONDAY. AUGUST 2 , 1880. IsT0. 36.
Established 1871 , MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
A Chain of Evidence Estab
lishing the Identity of the
Dodge County Pris
Old Man Be-ider Identified by
a Man Fami iar Bis
Packing HOUJ--O aud
"Young John With His Wife
Children and a Strange
Woman ,
PaeEBd Through Omaha Last
Thursday Morning.
A Description of the Whole
Outfit , NOA in Iowa.
Some years rgo a certain wayeido
house in a lonely re : > ion on Agreeso
creek , sixteen milt a northeast of In
dependence , Kineas , Jind on tbo pub
lic road leading fiom that to Oeagc ,
Miss"uri , ivas tbe scene of a series of
murders , scarcely c uiled in tbe an-
nalj of crime. The bouse wan about
12il6 feet ; there were no rooms on'y
as div dcd ly canvass curtains ; there
ww B garjet up stairs ; there was a
email utrden : iud a p ach orchard of
nb iut threj acrja near the house sy
100 yards away. There \vvro no'cat-
tlf , bus o : > e c w and two horses.
Tuere was no ttal > : e or outbuilding
< m the preiuisss. tbp horses bumg
picketed out or tied in thev > gm
rend about t'OO y ds from tbe huuso.
Such was the borne and sur
roundings if the infamous Bender
familyjConsisting of old Juhn Bender ,
his wife Kita , mid their eon John
and his TCjfe. It was generally n
dcnto din the neighborhood that the
Benders'was hoadijuatt _ ra for hi no
thieves mid h rd chsrdc'ors , and at
length BUFp-eions of even wortc character
actor were an.nserf.
In 1873 , Dr. York , of Kansas , a
brother of SUto Senator York , rays-
terion ly disappeared while on a busi
ness trip through the country , end nn (
inves ijatnui of tiio mystery by the
lattir rciultcd it- the unuarthing of a
private bur ; ing ground on the Bender
T7hore d' dead b d.cs including
pl-ici , a ' ECU ( ,
cluding that of the mituinu Dr. York ,
were uifiutrrred. The Benders hud
fled a few days previously havai. ; been
alarmed by the firou of one of their
Visitors to h > ve the hnuao searched ,
and eluding all smirch were supposed
to have disappeared forever. A few
days nines it uii announced that an
njjed couple had been arrested by
Sheriff Greg. ; , of Dudje ; county , on
the supposition that they were the in
iquitous old John Bender and bis
wifo. They were taken to ja 1 and j
locked vp in separate cells and search
begun fur the rest of the family , mid
to be pissing through the state by a
d fft-rent rend , and tor proof to estab
lish the Identity of t ie prisoners.
Although the news of the ar
v rest of the Bendera was re
ceived with considerable increduli
ty , as iium ° roui persons had been ur-
rested and diseased at intervals for
several years , yet e chain of evidence
was constructed link by link which
nose ECtms ij It-ave no doubt
that the inhuman butchers have at
last come to the end of their rope , and
that the wlulo outQt will bo in the
h -naa uf ju t'CO verys > ou. In ad
dition to tie ! cucums'auces stated below -
low , a Mr. Hocr au. fur the psnt 3-1
y nw a res'd nt of Fremont , b t fur
two yeira prior 10 July Idn 1873 , a
peighb r uf tbo Bendtr f in ly , and
engaged in hca'dmtf cait c KB * than a
in 1 f > "i their h uslua mdo'nitifd
tha old mm as Jonn B : ntt r und gos
the woman to the fust , faho
denies that she is Kate B
h'-wev r n-
der and say * tha Utter died in 1870.
Thtro are other circumstances point-
in ; ; to the probabdi y that this is no
ewe of mistaken indenty and tint in
addition to furthering the ends of
justice , somebody will fall heir to
about § 25,000 the amount of out
standing rewards , $11,000 of which is
on old man Bender alone.
Sir. Dan Congdon who wai the
prime mover and leading actor in the
arrest of the allcgod John Bender and 1
his wife culled at this office Sunday
morning , and furnished us the follow
ing particulars of the capture which
wo will give in. bis own language :
About dark on the nichtofJuly
20th an old man and an old woman
citne to my house at llichland , Colfax
county , and asked for lodgings and
something to cat. 'It you haven't
any supper for us , ' said hey , 'give ui
v plsce to 1 o down. " I showed them
out to the hay-mow. When I opened ,
the barn door the old woman kind of i
pulled back , as if afraid. I asked hdr
what sha was afraid of. She said
thtra might be eome trap or hole
there. I left them and my neichbnr ,
Wra. Herndon , who lives about 100
yards from the barn , came around
shortly and took them home with him.
He gave tbom supper and broakfaet
next morning.
After supper at Herndpn's , the ola
man said , 'By the way , is there any
talk of this Bend < * r murder now ? '
Hprndon said 'No , not much.1 The
old man ra'd'lined to know them
Benders ; stopped at their house many
a time. They killed one mm and
wife and buried their two children
alive. ' In saying they , the old man ,
by a slip of the tongue , stidtrv. Then
he went on to describe the canvas
wall , from behind which the fital
blow was BtrucU , and how nice Kate
used to do the woik. Then he talked
about the California ! ! who came there
in the evening and asked what nmellcd
so. Kato said it was roaat meat. If
ho had stayed there that night ho
would have been done for. But he
gave them a warning by threatening
to have the house searched. If ho
hadn't threatened they would all have
teen captured in the honso. '
The old map said that he
rent south with the Benders
that night to the railroad , where ho
and the Benders parted. Next day
when I heard this story I started af
ter them and to make a sure thing
I went for Sheriff Gregg , of Fremont ,
knowing he had the sand iu him. We
lef Fremont at 10 o'clock the night of
the2l6t. Thinking I'd find them at
Sogera' Siding we got off there ,
56arejed. ell around thai eid& trsck
trjriout euopefs. Took ths nwt train
for Schuyler and got there at 3:45 in
the morning of the 22d. Hir-da
livery rg of Jim Hughes and got
track of tne party at old man Dixou'a
grove. Wo patsed them by there
and went on to North B nd. Drove
back to Mr. Y < rk's. We were going
to make thearreat there , but Itt them
walk on aga n. Took tnera un and
gave them a r de it'lo ' Ni.rt Bend. On
the way the old mail CTai curmg iha
Mrmona juid prct mod hi hai od the Niubrara c Untry. We put
: our teims iu the
b-rn th < fo. TLey
sat al t le whiic in trout of D Unn te
Purceh'a stire and then we vr lKed
down the track and thy walked down
the road to the eli ranch , forty rods
from town.Vemarhtd out on the
road and commanded old
man Bender to tsrow up his
hinds. Sheriff Grfgg put irons on
him and the old woman. He said he
waa not old Bender r.nd denied hav
ing said anything about She Bendera
at Kichland or ever kn > wn them , and
said he never was in Kansas in his
life. When we sskcd his name he
turned around to his wife and askoi
'whats that ? ' She sdd 'McGregor' and
giid she , * uvy name is Nsncy Me-
"We brought them down to Fremont
that day , and the next day at Schny-
ler. I heard there were throe more
in company with them , supposed to
bo young John Bender , Kate Bender
and a young woman about 22 , whose
name is unknown. I didn't g < vo tba :
any credit until I went and investi
gated the matter by secreting myself ,
f i air davs after the at rest , in the jail
where I heard the ft llowing conver
sation between the old uitui and old
woman :
Old Man Oh Kate !
Tin o < i raps on thefl" or with feet.
Old Alan He's caui ht asjain this
time. ( Meaning John Isuppise ) .
Kate Bow doy < uknow he's lonk ?
How do you know but he baa followed
them. '
OH Man That's EO ! Did ihat
felloiv com" back that was hero tins
morning ? ( Mranini ; the j ilor )
K ts No. I didn't too him since
dinner , and the less wo have to do
with letter writiut ; and lawyers , the
OH Man Do you think he's not
Ivatn No , he wont south from the
railroad the las : I fictn of him. lie did
not go wcit.
Old Man What are they talking
abouf , Ch'.rry Vale , Montgomery
county , Kansas' '
Ka'o It was not there. I don't
. know tthoroMon'gouiery county is in
Kansas. Do you. '
' Od : Man I do. How dc you feel ?
. I ff el as if I lud gotto d-e.
Kate You feel as if you were g - -
log to thetlaiightcr houso.
Old Man Damn the luck ! 1M he
Kate You had hotter blame me for
b itjff caught.
0-d Man No I don't. Kato , what
did lie say ( meaning the shorilT. )
Kate Why ho said wo t\ero not
OJd Man 1 wish that letter came
from Springfield , III.
Kate It would do you no good as
j you are delected and and ho says they
will hang you. I will go back to Jack
sonville , 111 , when 3Tou are hung , Jf
1 had stayed iu Wisconsin and been [
buried with my child they would have
you but not me.
Old Alan Hell ! Hang me and not
yea ? Well , that letter will got rae
Kate That letter is no good , you
, nro detected.
Old Man Not unless you have told
thorn something.
Kale No , I did not tell them any
Old Man Do you think they will
let us po to-morrow when they got
that letter ?
Kite No , the reward is too b'tj.
Ola Man What did the sheriff tay
Ktte Ho said you were solid.
Old Man In what way.
Kute 1 hat vnu are Bender.
Old Man Bender bo d d ! lam
Ales. McGregor now. The bt-et way
is to h ive the trial hero , for it would
bo a bad job if they took us to Kan
sas.Kato I should say tt would.
! At this juncture I entered the cell
to interview Kate and told herl would
start for Kansas the next day and
that I was afraid of being mobbed in
Kansas City.
Kate Do you think there is any
danger going through Kansas Citj ?
I eaid there was.
KateI'd like to wait for a letter
from Illinois.
Old Man ( to Kate ) You are the
one nt fault for telling so much at
llichland the other niuht.
Kate No , you gave yourself away.
You done all the Inking yourself.
Old Alan You told something.
Kte-yl told them nothing ; I nor-
er told lie in my life.
Old Man I know you are going
back on me , but never mind. You
told him you wanted lo co to Illinois. 1e
Yon might as well go to Kamas aa one
is as bad us the other.
Kafe No , I told him I wanted to
get a ktter from Illinois btforc ctait-
Old Man I feel as if I was going to
Here a conversation took place about
the alleged ghost of Dr. St. Louis ,
who was to have been hung at Wahoo ,
but who killed himself in the Fre
mont jail , which his spirit Is eaid to
On Thursday after getting a meanro
detention of young John Bender ,
Kate and the other woman. I started
for Omaha. I went to the ferry and
the ferryman told me ho had seen
such an outfit cross at 11 o'clock
Thursday , answering all the descrip
tions except having four or five
children. To make sure about the
children , I went back to Fremont
that night and tried to find Sheriff
Gregg but could not find him. I en
tered the jail and told Bender , I had
Kate and John arrested at Omaha
and , by the way , I said , to the old
man , how many children has this
Kate bad. ' The old man said four.
Said I to the old man , Kate says that
you done all the slecgiug in the inur
ders from behind the cinvaes trail
Old Man She's a liar she's the one
that done it. |
jgl started back to Omaha Friday
and cro sed to tbe Blafts on the trans
fer but found no traces except tht
thej- were seen on Broadway. I
to Neola and found a man there who
said he met such an outfit Thursday
evening as he W < JB goinc to the circus
at the Bluff * . I went froiS Neola to
Avoca and after informing all the of
ficials there about it. I gave up the
nasrch. That ends my iftesa days
within a radius of 25 mi ! t from & uu-
j cil Eluffa. Tfte deaciip'i n3 n ar
as can ho found ouf , ia cs 10 lowAn :
' I old three spr ng wagan , not sure
whether covered or not. An o d
priy : horse and an uld hay , thobsy
impposed tobe < n the oft side. T o
dirty chd women , one of them Kate ,
about : 44 , not red hi a fed but win
sandy hair. The other em't be d
sctiofd S'-e is < fired um * ize , hge
about 1 i2. ! Y uiu Jo ui Ko"dr n
I u i ipofe.l to ha > ' 0 anvutuhe at.d
linht fide whisk s W.nii 1. st seui
had a cow-b y'a hut in. In ti e wug-
on : were a lot f dirty cli.ldiuu , oniii-
. b.ri ot known. They are travel H.J
underthauirao of J < hn McGregor ,
Maggis McGrepor and Miry McG.esj-
or. They eay they are going to vinous -
ous plici-s , the l.iit they i-ad they
were bound for Coutral Iowa.
Amen the i IAC-S thej'nrij going to
are Jacksonville , I'lf. ' , i'le'port , l-l ,
Sprinnfield , JU , M-Gr < g r'sL-nd n r ,
Praiiie du Ohionu , Wi * , Spiiugti Id ,
111. , and eomi'times they say York
s'a > r > . Tiiey cUnu thny hail from I In
Niobrara cnuntry or Uta * > and last of
all they are Kamas iiiilercrs
from Nos/b-.v.-stori : Ktuisas.
The Stewart Executives Per
fecting Place for Vatt Edu
cational Interests.
Special dlspitch to Tbe Uco.
NLW YOIIK , August 1 10 p. in.
Sonie of the iiiiitiy n > il i ! s oi dt > iura !
left by the IHIO A. T. S owart r.ic to
dvVtd to a vety wortliy
/nt purpi sd auii in a u-uiini-r
that will perpgina ! ! ! tno memory of
tHe duad mou aiii p in e fur all time.
G irden City Long la and , which owes
iis origin to the t-nterpri-e and liber
ality ot tha d-y g' oJa inicluut , is to
bo nude t y Mis. Siewnrt and Jir go
Hiti ! > n , as cxecutora t f A. T. Stewart
, Qihe g et'C3t cccl siastual and
educati > ml c-ntre cf tti s cui.tinent ,
if not iu the worlJ. No such provision
was made in A. T. Se art's will , al
though the dccotst-d often api.ko of
the undertak ng. The executors of
Siowart's w.ll decided to erect
male and female coihgea in
the im.ncdiatu vicinity of
Stewart's Epsopal cathedral ,
nearly fiuitlud in t ) c Garden C ty.
| 'J h-j ta imated coat f il.e mt.t tiua
and their ei doniyntould r nch tie
sum of $4,000,000 Onu cf ihe nule
and femuld suhuola is alrt-ai y uuciir
] way and the ruma ndbf xvill be co-n-
mcnced and cjn plet das nejtfirj n-
juires. The cu lego < r coileg s n ! !
I'O the la'ge I in Airuca V lulu Lo
ingii'ii-tet nan mca .rACitr tverj
ftcalty will be afforded f r ecdesiaat-
cal and STular cdncilion at mcro'v
nominal c s , ih um per Miuuni f ; r
day EC * o ar * who 1 ve in u j ic. nt cit
ies of Br..t.klyn and lt'W ,
chiding trsvenn3 osjionEt- , n- ! . ex
ceeding § 100 , and probably a good
deal It-s. Stidcmeb"a > xh ! > g at ttsc
etiiuti'in nmy expect of cotitae , tu
pay more. ,
s to The
Si Louis , J.u3-a t 1 , 10 r > . m
Whit is to to kin vvu as thu St. Louis
trott'ug club has been uruns d with
Cha-loi L. Hun. a < pr o diit : u d5
0 Clark Etc o nry. Tiie ric-a o ! t is
assou-itinn will ba Ironed in
tracli of tie jocacy ciuo.
DAYIOS , 0. , .4 ! ! U5t 1. Tlie dem-
of ihi < F 'tirth cont-icsssoual
yes'ciday itouiinatuil Jno. A.
McMahun fc r cong'i-ss ,
irg his rerouted declari'ions that ho
would not bo a candidate.
NEW YOKE , July 1 W.Jf Bach ,
aged fif y , firmer ly H wdthy-iy
UO' ' ds morcliiiit , die ! su dtri'ly rrmn
her' dietasyeto day i f .ernooa in
the Rursian luth house.
BAI.TIMORE , Auci-et 1. Mrs. Scl-
nn , tt.o upt rating r , wns in-i -
ned in 'hoSf. Lmirt E
yesterdtyto Dn\id W 1 ca , a ra 1-
recd ffi si ot India ap ! s.
OrroWA , Ont. , August L II is
statuu tfittt the chatter ot th- Toronto
& Otiewa railway was n > tbonht by
Mr. Goodeian f T the Gr.uid Triink
railway , but for Mr. Ynndeibil * , who
will ottcmptto secure the purchxseof
the Noith Shore road and pnih tie ! i
Ton nto & Ottawa road to completion. !
Failing to purchase the North Shore |
reid the Nandi-rbilt eyndicato lull
attempt to get hold of certain lend
railway construc'ions , bnildirg a high
level bridge across the St. LiwreucB
rivar in ac ordanco with Iha fiecisi' n
of the goveinmtiit's last sefsion.
CIKCINXATI , August 1. Hon.
Stanly Matthews spoke for nearly
three houts at u ) ar n meotinsj held in
Clifton hall last evening. His speech
was in answer to Judge Hoodly , de-
liveriid at the aamo plico Friday
DEritoir , Mich. , August 1 Oliver
Bonn , nn a ed and well known Inrso
jockey , tried to burn Litnsrlf to tUath
by jumping into a preit refuce bcrn-
ing furnace st MuEkcgon Fiiony
night ; ho was restrained a d after
wards jumped into Like MichigRii and
completed the job.
WASHIKGTO- , August 1 The de
partment of E'.atd ia jmt in
receipt of a communication
from the Augustus Morris .
honorary coniro'.sioner , and adits
executive offi ei ' J the U. S. com
mission ta tbe Sidney international
exhibition , forwarding a compcto ! list
of awnHs to a sitt exhibitors. There
were 223 exhibitors from thtj country .
and 223 awards made to them.
QUEBEC. August 1 Shortly after
nine o'clock Saturday morning her
highness princess Louisia left for Eng
land in the stcamsh p Polywick.
Weston's ti\s \ Walk.
SpwiJ Dbpatcb to The Bee.
PROVIDENCE , August 2 , 'J a. m.
At 1 a. m the 5th iu the aeries of the
Haverly EnsJohardt pedestrian tou n-
amcnt opoiied in this city. Tha pi in-
cipal feature ia Edward P. "
attempt to beat : sy six days ice' r.l
yet made. While We5ton i spiui ing
around the track on his long journey
thort races wiU be engaged in , by
profetsionalg and atna eursT
A Life for a Trunk.
DuLtTH , Mirn. , August 2 , 1 a. m.
The Foly hn ling occupied for bus
iness houses aid residences was {
burned early Saturday miming. Lofa. |
about SojOOO. Seven'een persons i
sleeping in the upp r stories were cut
off from escape by the stairs and htd ;
to jump from the windows , several l
being injured. A Ijrgnchnian nisied I
" * * - - -d Cfrillfrd .tried to save his ;
wd was burned tv d3tb ,
A Fata ! Fever Rapidly Thin
ning the Garrison at
Candahar ,
Sp"c'a' Dispatch lo fho Bee.
LosnoX , Ang st. 2 1 a. m.
Prcn ier GLuM-jno was ur.ab'e to at-
und | t cc binet council Satn-d y ow
i g < > having contracted a teveie old
* h ch yesterday had devel"pod intec
c c ii es'ioti of the base of the left
i luiu jn I bo ia c mfinsd to his bei.
j At iu d iiaht the doctors in at'oid- '
! i aiice bpon 3Ir. GlatltiUno were much
I ota-ipLointcd nt iho increase of the
j fever. ' Dr , Antirew Clarke will v < > -
, m-iu all night at Mr. GladsU no's bed-
Special dispatch to The Bes.
LoKOoy , August 2 , 1 a. m. The
Marquis ofllpju , viceroy of Iiulii ,
I. k plied h-om Sim ! . : yiatorday thSi
Gen. JJurrnvTS wi'.h the remnai.ts of
h.s fi-rco Kivo arrived at Caudnhar.
Ayoob Khan r.mained on the La'tle
lit1 d .11 , d did not atti nipt a pursuit as
I i < trrops had ht en bidly handled.
The Uiiiish still occupy the city , only
a t art of the forces having retired to
thu citaibl.
A disf atch from Bombay says the
Intlii'i newspapers are mxioua that
Sir G.irnet Wuolrf-l .y ba appointed
ti c chief cuiimmd : of India na Gin.
Hiii ci infprea : no confidence and it
1.1 Ix 1 cvcd n strong man ia indnpen-
Whose Iondno23 for Notoriety
Hnd Him in a Murderers'
'tcial Dispatch to T o Dec.
WASHINGTON' , Augmt 1 1 a. m.
fi'rtthc-y Lee ( .olur o ) who has been
held on suspicion of murder , was re-
iy upon official informa-
that the real murderer had bren
caught and had cufo : ) = sjd. The facts
cm , i octed with hia areat are of un-
ii'Ut.l in'e CJt. pomtinu out the dun-
crf i f to < > great a d sre : for notoriety.
1 1 , appear that Henry Willmma was
mt ' raored rcc9iit'y at Bwliisg Crcok ,
V'a , oy Rri nnknoon uian. who 01-
c pe I. Several cinys later Williams'
tiic : s.ot ( ut t r this ti'y to notify the
pol cc , raitl when the steamer , on
K h ch nhe t" ( > k pi's g i stepped at a
pi c calel'a LTiiiiing , Lse
got ab 'Wid. O'i 'h ' > i r-i s.i e LJO en-
ier < id in i > convir-a ion and riorescnt
d to ih-5 wo'iian tlixthe was a fugi
ivo fr < m jiistica , having nearly killed
a man in a light. This aroused the
wmr.aii's KUf-jucioni and she turned
L'o "Vi r to Iha police upon her ani-
val here. There boinj no teletjraphic
co-i.miinication wi'h Bo'.vlini ; Creek ,
a lo'trTTSS cent 'ii'i'iunci c Lee's ar-
rtt nd I-o wn held itnt 1 an answer
nas received. During ihe day an an-
flcir-nivtd. : tnd during his detection
no drc'art'd his - but
mno-unuo , con-
fc'sud to bcincf a mgitivo fcr assault-
irg 4111011. Tno ustj.iijlt , however , he
h 1 1 , w a i'0 * ceo i uo uffiir , nnd oc-
c'i're.1 in King Gcorga county , Yi .
lie taid he mit-jn fi-d s ) e crime to the
wma ! ) , s tnp'y to n.ake it appear that
ho vvaftio'iiothin of importance. The
r tly to 'Jielo ' tPr yestordny straight-
P' o > trw 'p'sontand explii od fur-
tlrri ? .t Lea's fo ra wciu croiindlef s ,
in ti i rw s no drsirc in K. ng George
enmity fir J'is arrest. Ha was set ut
'inert ' v arid 1 lit Lift night , declaring
Lo was c ii d of
Treasjr ' F eta and Figures. ]
Special di > iutch to The lee.
W.\SHIKGIOX , August 1 10 p. m.
The e impri 1 er of currency rrpurls
the nditiiuinl X.iti > nal Bank circula-1
n'nu i-sued dtiriri the month of July ,
to be 052 000 ; the amount su'rander-
ed or destroyed was 81,000,116 ;
showing a n t dccrcnsa during the
mouth of July , 83-11,166 The in-
cross > of k-ia ! tender notes on de
posit for the purpcso of retaining cir-
cu'ntion ' duniiR July was $14,875.
The incrcaso during the yenr ending
Auuustlsr , 1870 , was gC.491,875 ; the
amount of legal tender notes now
on deposit ia 810,797,233 ,
the net inoorao of na'.iinal
bank no'cs durine the year endincr
August 1st , wasSl-i 320 035 ; the total
Amount of iHtinal bank notrs out-
s'adi.s August 1st , was § 942,816-
772 ; not including national gold bank
not s amounting tn 81,336,915.
The amount if call bonds still re-
mai linff on drp > ait as security for
circulation ii 81126,900 of 10-40's
.ird SSO.OWof 5-20'a of U per cent ,
bonds The public debt statement to
bo publ'shoi AL nday will show a ro-
ductiDii i f t e d. bt for the month of
Ju'y < > f ? 3 000,000. Aesi-tant Secre-
firy French , of tha tre su > y di-part-
tno'it ' , who lies been l id up for sever-
ill days with rheumatism , started for
Ills honip in Massichnsotts , Monday ,
to ba absent till tho,20th of Auaust.
On the reurn : of Mr. French Secretary
tary Sherman will take the atump.
Tanner the Faster.
Special Disnitch to The Beo.
NEW YOUK , August 2 2 a. m.
At noon yesterday Tanner entered on
th-3 th it iy-Gfth dny of his fact snd
frjm his present condition , he is
very lilcely to complete aucceEsfully
ha : vont'erful tnslr. He dfchned
tii's ; visitors and remained in bed
i- ity all day. At 3a. m. be was
t i 'sed violent fit of vomiting ,
: : h , for tinio alarmed his watchers.
L ; .ng down at 5 o'clock , he slept un
til 11 o'clock when ho awoke and re-
qui-sted that a wee tow-1 to be placed
on h's brad , and at 12 o'clock the
mcraing pipers were nad to him , and
hiirink .1 small quantity of water ,
whLri h'-wever he failed to retain up
on hi . Btomach. Th.s faster then laid
his c it and slept until 2:30. :
T vei.ty minutes litr the doctor getup
up and t-ied to t'rass himself , but
[ /Hire ) and laid don tgiin. Shortly
afrft 4 o'cloik'Tie comtnainei of be
ing c 'Id , and hr d another blenket put
on niin , and durirg tto evening he
c > n p'aioci of his head and wet
clo hea w ro applied to bisj head.
A9 o'ch ck he was apparently sound
ae-p. ! T o fos'fr vomited at 8:30 :
and a iin 3t 10.15 , tf.e lust time ho
rctohtd violently and delivered his
sti.mach cf a viscid fluid in which a I
3nbot.iac6 mucous membrane was visi-
ble. I"ho odorw&s extremely
na. jcsnf'ng. He then erov weaker
and ast jj that a imj taid plater be
applied/ / This w.s tept"oa 11 l.t
f <
when his ( tomach wa * in c quiescent
wI at3. He thereupon drank tfcree
uncrs of corbon c ao < d w.uer. At
11:35 : : he g't UP. nd Jyingdowu was
sl-eping srundly a jmidnight.
Tw-uty minutes liter he , .telchod
Cl mid nl-ly , nnd at 12:40 : ho anoko
Cl"I ' < requested the windows to be
opened wider. Ar 2 o'cl ick ho was
still awake and verv irritable.
Two Brothars Run tlieir Lo-
comotivea Tng
are Killed.
Special Dispatch to Tha Bee.
KEW YORK , August 2 , lja. ra. A
collision , attended with fa alresult ? ,
occurred < Saturday evening" . , on the
Long Island railroad. The scene of
ihe disaster was Morris Grove , just
* beyond East Now York. The Long
Beach trjiu left tlu beach von 'time
and t witched four coaches f' Jamaica
. . .
Hvritches nnd DUt a short distance /rora
Morris Grove , a locomotive , with ono
car , a local train from Brooklyn , was
seen approachim.- in leas than two
minutes the two trains collided with a
.erritic force , tumbling passengers
from their sects. The force of the
collision was so great that the eastein
bound locomotive was turned com-1
pletely around. Both engineers'
jumped with thnir firemen , the engi
neers being caught under their loco
motives ; John Wolcott was dead hon
ivmoved , , and his brother , Henry
i \Volci tt , died ehrt'y ' affpr being ta
ken to tha depot at Morris Grove ,
where the ir jured pifsengeis were ta
ken iind cared for Conductor Allen
had his libs bn-ken ardh injured iu-
and four otliers ara seri
ously in jured and mniiy moro or less
huit. 'Ihe tram from Brooklyn left
i ten minutes la'o and should have wait-
fid at Wood Havui till tha beach train
passed , or e'sa took a siding.
Base B-.ll.
The f < .Hotting games of baseball
ware played July 31st :
Special DUpatcli to lux B i. a
BOST > .v , August 1 , 10 p. m. Bng
2 , CleveJsnds 7.
KB. Cincm-nati5 , Worces- '
to 's 0.
: MJE Chicagoa 4 Provi-
dence 1. ,
Trampj Soaa n-.bly Served.
Special Dl-utcli ) to Tito Bee.
KANSAS CITY , August 2 , 1 a. m.-
Two tramps entered the bouo cf
Mr. Wilson Stturday eftcrnoon and
demanded food. Being refused they
made vile proposals und threat- ned
rioieuca , and there be'iig no ono in
the hi use but M > s. Wilson , lunch was
sptodily prepared. While the vaga-
bonas wtre fc is ting the old lady qtii-
oty ; went i'p stair. ' , procured a gun
and coming down "got the drop" on
the foragers and quick'y ' regained j os-
sessicn of tuoir premises. Ai the
tramps \vere running toward the river
shtj fired nnd brought one of th m ,
Andy Johnson , do. vu. Ho ina'ned ,
however , In c'-mpn-y with his com
panion , to gee jVdr tne river , where ate
to the Wilsons followed
them , and leaping at the thr a. of the
wounded man ha lacerated him fearfully
A Slculy Bull Fight.
Special dispatch to Tux BBK.
NEW YOUK , August m. ' .
much adverdced bull figh iuR took
place in the ncflly-ereo ed arena in
Harlem yesterday in the presence of tm usand piopla. Bergh was
in att ndaticd with to * r I of his o3i
ccra for the purpose of interfering if
the amm i'a were _ croc'Iy treated , and
aeven'y five puiceiuei ) : were ( here t
enf < rca his i rdcrs. There waa no
rierd of interfertiice , however , and
the entertainment grew very tame.
Seven Tirrio * t rmented the ani
mi s by ilauntii g tlip r mnntlea in
front of ilum but if the bulls chased
thorn too oharply tiey o caned by
jumpi-g over the fence outside the
nre-m , which , evi ry inataiice , called
forth hin-.e.-f m thespectatoiB. There
is no EombJancD of u fight iu the ex
A Husband's Devotion. I
Dlsoatcb U > Tlic IScc. '
BALT'MOUK ' , August 1,10p.m.
J. M. E frenboi k , u grocer of this
city , wcntio Holy Cross cemetery ,
near this city , Piid shot himself in
the htad and breaet , and was found
lying dead ou the grave of hii wife ,
who died about two months a < { o. He
had frequently said , after his wife's
death , to whom ho was devoted , that
to bo happy ho would have to blow
out his brains.
Eeal Eatato Transfers.
i. F. Hcins , county treasurer , to
Abnor french : t. d. , 120 acres in s. w ,
s. e. Jsec. 16 , t. 15 , r. 13e. S11.57
also , 14 acres iu n. e. cor. s. w. B. c
Jsec. 17 and 33,1 acre in s , e. s. e. }
s.c 17 , t. 15 , r. II ) o. 564 54.
Abner Prench toFredeiick B. Lowe
q. C. d. , parts o. i sec. 17 and w. J
ere. 10 , and w. \ B. e. | eec 16 , in
eluding Lowe's tirtt addition and sec
nnd addition to city of Omaha
§ 524.01.
Emily and J. W. Satterthwait t
Frederick B. Lowe : q. c. d. , all o
block 8. Lowe's second addition tc
city of Omaha 81GO.
Annie M. and Jacob Snyder and !
M. McKnight to Fred. B. Lowe , q. c.
d. , lot 1 , block 8 , Lowe's second addi
tion , city cf Omaha $200.
El zP. . and John Evans to Fred
B. Lowe , q c. d. , lot 2 , block 3 , Park
Place , city of Omaha 8275.
Fred. B Lowe to the public , w. d.
w(21 ( feet lot 5 and e 45 fret lot 6
block 4. and w 31 feet lots 6 and 25 ,
and e 35 feet , lots 7 and 24 , bloci 3 ,
all in Pirk PJaco , Omaha for exten
sion of Pleasant street.
Frederick B. Lowe to Rt. Rev Jas.
O'Connor , w. d. block 8 , Lowe's 2d
addition and lots 1,2.3,4,6.26,27.
28. 20 nd 30 , and e 79 feet of Jots 6
and 25 , block 3 , Park Place , Omaha
Frederick B. Lowe to Creiguton
College , w. d. of lotJ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 7 and
8 , and e 109 feet of lotnandwgS feet
of lot 6 , all in block 4 , Park Place ,
Omaha $1,108.95.
Savannah N. Cole to Simuel E.
Rogers , w. d. , lot 5 , block44 , Credit
Foncier addition , Omaha S'200.
Homer Holcomb and wife to Annie
Dworat , WL d , lot 8 , block 198 , city
of Omaha 82,000.
Why doaeourselves with nauseat
ing medicines , when a purely frnit
cathartic wir . , : a you a
Fige. i.-y thwn.
Comments v the New Yoik
Press 01 the Hanocok-
Eoglish Letters ,
The Fasting [ Doctor xBattles
Bravely With His Rebell
ious Stomach.
Rumors of Bishop Feehan'sf
Elevation to the Seo-
of Chicago.
'CrittCil' ' Comments ,
pocial DisMtcli to Tlie Boe. ,
NEW YOHK , July 31 , 4 p. m. The
Tribune saya of the letters of accep-
ince : "Hancock's is dignifiedcourt-
ous and moderate , but it advocates
doctrines which democrats do pot
practice ' , * BlthoDgh they'profoss. It
criticises sharply the financial hart
and compircs his acceptance of the
results of thb war with Hancock's en
dorsement cf the platform of 1863 ,
which demanded the immediate re
storation ! of rebels and rebel states to
. .
' their rid places. Mr. English's letter
s denounced i\a undignifiedcheap and
The Times says : "Hancock's let
ter is liight , trivial , and contains
nothing worthy of serious criticism. "
The Herald comments on the fact
that Hancock's letter makes nn ref
erence to the electoral f.tiud of 1870 ,
and says its best point is in its clet > r
recognition of the fact that the war is
over. The Harald says of Mr. Eng
lish's letter that "he touches the fraud
Issue badly and cot freshly , and ban
altogether made a loud and clumsy
Tha Sun saya : Hincc'ck's ' letter is
rather a statesman-like document to
. emanate from a mere aoldicr. It is as
broad and comprshensivo SB the conti-
n nf , but Gun. Hancock makes 01 e
mistake , bespeaks cf all clftfH3 of cur
people. A true democrat ought to
know that we have ouly one clats in
the country. Wo suppose Mr. Tildm
would not write a letter for any one
but himself.
The World lays the contrast be-
two2ii the letters c f Hancock and Garfield -
field will strike the moat careless and
indilieient of men. Hancock's is the
letter of a man who speaks l.ia o n
mind nnd shows clear and positive
opinions about our system of govern
ment. The W < nl also ccmp'imcnt&
Hancock's rejogniticn that thu war
issues aia things of the patt , end asya
of Euglish'a letter that it Si R cleir
prounta'ion of democratic doctrines.
The Star applauds the let'.er of both
of the candidates ? s f-iirly expressing
democratic doctrines as being direct
and clear enunciations of the princi-
l Jss of the party.
fipec'al Dlspitch to Tha Boe.
Sr. Louis , July 31 4 p. m. The
Post , commenting on Gen. Hancock's
letter of acceptance , asya : "The pub
lic will read Hancock's letter ol ac
ceptance this morning with profound
satisfaction. It meets all the require
ments of the occasion , leaving noth
ing fcr the most exacting to demand.
Tno opposition press will find nothing
in his letter that can be successfully
assailed , founded en theeo democratic
truths on which tbo party has stood
from its birth imbued with that pat
riotism which General Hancock's life
and character has BO signally il'us-
trated , it appeals with irresistible
force to the mind and heart of the
people. It will quicken their love for
the union and their devotion to the
The Republican publishes iho let
ter without comment.
A Singular Accident.
Special Dispatch > o the I rf.
GKEEI-SBORO , 2T. C. . July 31,1 a.
m. A shocking accident occurred
near Sttveville thia morning. Mr.
Jack Oraddock , with a brother , broth
er-in-law and nephew , were walking
along in single fa'Io in a narrow patb ,
when a tree fell , instantly kOl 112
Craddock , mortally wounding Drury
Mai tin , his brother-in-law , and proba
bly his nephew , and painfully injuring
his brother , who is the only ono left
to tell the fate of hia companions.
Bishop of Chicago.
Special Dispatch to The Beo.
NASHVILLE , Tenn. , July 31 It ia
reported here that Bithop Feohan will ,
in a few dhys , receive the official doc
umenta from Rome transferring him
from the diocese of Tennessee to Chi-
cazo. Bishop Feahan has not yet re
ceived such notice.
ThomaB' Trip.
Special Dispatches to Tua BXE
CHICAGO , Augustl , lOp. m. Prof.
Cyrui Thomas , of Carbondale , III ,
a member of the United S'ates ento-
mologicdl cornmicsion , has returned
from a professional tour in Minnesota ,
Dakota and Manitoba. Heeports an |
immense acreage of wheat in thcsa
rsgions and in excellent condit on.
The beat wheat WES in the James river
country. He found little or no dam
age to the crop from chinch bu r or
grasshopper ? , which he attributes to
the moisture of tha season. He be
lieves that grasshoppers can be exter
minated by the settlement of the
country and forest culture , which will
bring moisture and fertility. Tha ;
grasshoppers thrire the best en dry
Chicago Produce.
CHICAGO , July 31.
Wheat No. 2 , 90c for cash ; 00c
for July ; rejected , nominal ; No. V
red , 92ic.
Oats Lower ; No. 2 , 23c for cash ;
23c for July ; 22 c for August and
September : rejectoi , 20c ,
Rye Lower at 72s.
Barley 63Q70c for No. 2
Porfc-SsmiDally ac 613 7 5l5 Sa
far Auflx tj § 15 fO for S
Lard 72.1 fr cosh ; 7 2.VJ7 27A
for August ; 7 31H f ir September.
Bulk M-aN She : hlrr < . $ -i 7" > ;
short rib , 87-10 ; ehtrt c' , 7 < % „
Whisky 61 O'J.
Live Stool : .
CHICK ; ' ) . Jtilv 31.
Hcgs BeceiDtB. 11.000 5-e8dctill ; ?
and Wi oil ! ni'Std ' ? a-ki'g. $4 2D@
i i > 0-cbcKo ; i-envv , - { Ct > @ 4 S , " ) .
Cntsle IJccL' pt ? , U { ,00 head ; ghip-
fh'pment ? , 4.2UO ; natives , ? 100@
4 75 f-'r but. liens'
- ' common to g-iod ;
52 0033 2fi ; stockers , del ? ; ias ? Tex-
an.i , lOc of ! ' , sal. s at S3 lt .
ShJ p - ' - ' , ' . ( ) ' ; f'n'l ' , thovgli
ll sold ; c mnof , fcU L'oi.3-10 ; gocd
to choice , ? 3 75ff 4 2. ) .
at. l.ouia
ST. Loci1 * . July 31.
Whotf No. 2 rP-1 , 92J.-500c for
cab91 ; } f.-r July : 89fF9i ( ? Tor Auqutt
Mid Sep emb r ; SSJi-'SlK-'for Oct -her ;
No 3 do , 80 < J85ie , No 4 do , Slf'82 ] ? .
Con y' @ 35ic for cas' ' ; Utjjc tor
Ju'y ; Gljjo for Aupi'ft and October.
Oa-a Lower at 2Ul.e22j for caih ;
23ft for J-ilu.
Whisky Steady aSI OS.
Pork IchUntr , § lo 2.VSU5 30.
Lird S'.ron-j at i-'il''J5(27 ( 30 ,
St Louis live Soclr.
ST. Lot-is , July 31.
Hoga Unc ! ariilvd ; Yorkers and
BaMim n s. S-l u9 < 54 75 ; butcher/
faacy , § 4 75S4 HO. Il cppia , yJOO. :
Cuttle b'uf iilv 1'ght , but tfctj de
mand fi rgrats IVs.n3 , rativea ftitd
butchers' .stulFkeei a v-'tll upand there
ncruafiw tales to-d. y at previou :
[ rices.
Slwep Wanted at $3 CO. ? ' ! 400.
Receipt , 4CO.
Now Yorfc Produce-
NEW YOUK , July ? 1-
Whea > No. 1 ! Mil cauk-je , § 1 "
110 , the ta'tir hard ; uiur d ' 1
iiOSJ C7 ; N . : s M- ' . § 1 C4V I 05 ;
No. 2 do § 1 ( )8.rZJ ) ] CD ] .
C m L'lisjni'eJj5' > -J8c ; N < . 2 ,
47g ' 47Jc : No 2 white , j > 4 ; Ni > 2 f. r
Ju y , 47firi48c : do f'.r Augus : , l $ < i ;
do lt > r Sejittfinbrr8jc. ! .
Oats Mixtd weattui.oGiiOSc ; white
wea'ern , 4la4L'c.
E gs 15-31CC.
1'ork New m s ? , S1450@1509.
Cut Iiedts Lorg cleur middle ? , .
§ 7 ll-'i ; short clear , ? -8 25.
Lar.i I'rituo sream , § 7 G5C7
Btr.Ur 1457c
I'rodtxco MarkeS.
MiMVArKKC. July 31.
Wh r t No 1 .r.ivrjuic"nomi ! * l ;
No. L a. ) . ! Mc f r July ; 9L1 Jo for Aa-
ens' ; Of'Jc fi > r Sop'einbcr ; Ito. IT < ic .
SIjc ; ! > ( . . 4 do , 71s ; rc-jtct < idr ncmi-
Corn Sajc.
OatWo.jk a' 23ic. j
Bailer No. Usprm .83' .
His Ovm lurdore > ' .
SW ; ! I Js : ? rich to Tlie Bvc.
, I.I. , Auguaf. ? , 1 a , ID-
W. L. ti'trn , v.Im entertain. < 1
.1 o against a njprcau named
AVnjjh : , cJ. a d h'in ! tatntlit ! w.ih T.
hr <
} " -
- : :
do r. wh ch came slut nn S
c taigin the revolver end
A Horeo , Coafc , Pocket-Book
and Vj ther Gorio the Way
of tiio World.
Frrjii Shetiti'Gny wo learn that Fr-
day ov&ffiii ; a ho-so bdunging to Air.
Cyrus Merion , who Hvs : < niUi of tlie
po-ir fafju , was sto'cn ' , with eaddlo
s.d brulla rji. It appears that Mr.
Morton' * hirjd man ruilo th-j In-r5O to .
tj\\-n in thu eveiiinr , r.ud whtlo ho I
was gone U > the circtn left ii siari'lirg
for snftty ted ia Mr. Gibson's yard , j
When the show was over , this man r-i-
turned for liw h < rss .ir.d found him
gone , and dil gent search failed lo dis
cover ha vrherpRbf u'e. The officers
cro notified , and &ro en tbe look' ut
fort f .c missing animal , which no
d ubt wss stolen.
Friday im ni'n ; a yr.iing l.i-Ty
went to a will-known jewtl yOur
of thia city ti make sxinu
and fh-ru b-inii qu"o a
c'owd ar und wutcJ'i-ie for
adveitst" ! by Uirnum , a'so ' was
warned tn lo. kout fur her rocket bm 1 :
f > rit would } > j stolen. A f w miiutjs
afterwftrd s'e di-C"Vdvi that i' was
miisinc , tin pic'-p-ck t luivirg ab-
fliracted it s- deftly : s nit to atir ct
herr.ttenfion. It ; s morothan bkt-Iy
that thu picLp'taket was a woman
flying her vf .iMnn in the cr ; > wd.
There but S10 tr ? la iu money in
the purro.
Lawyera are ncte > I for their ciro-
leasne's in leaving property croe'l
to the cupidity of any on v\i \ > s c-ils
f.r a living , but it is a subject r.f to-
mark UHt t'ney lire feld'm rov.bvd.
An exception to the rule U reported
in the case of Mr. Oanrjjf Shields , lo-
cit-l ; in Ptter Goos" block. Oa
Saturday while he waa bvrr at C'-uii-
cil Blufl'i a valu.-ib'n ' zi'hcr was stolen
from hiaroLin tnJ Friday ho loat a
§ 15 the . He 'nil
cca ; same way. proba-
lly Invo leai faiiri in thtr honesty of
men horeaftorand moro in the oftica-
cy of leek .tad key.
No ona can deny thai Itush's Eng'e
Slilh Fiuiir , i < t'-o Flour that gives
the biat satisfaction.
Jnliua Thiole invites hi.i friends to
TJntloubtidly the best bhirt in the
United Statei is manufactured at tiio
Omaha Shir t F.ictory. The iuiperiori'y
of Material and workmanship , com
bined with their urtat imprnvemeivi ,
thatia I'cinf > rred froftt , Il inforcen
backs and Reinforcrd aleevca , makes
their fliirt tin durable and best
fi'ting garm"nt cf the kind , ever
manufactured. Itead the followini ;
low-prices :
_ . _ .
Our Fine Whif bhirt St.r , I GO
turtnFine ITS 201
Our JmF-Jitc'l Chcv'ottliirts 2 . ' > : >
O'ir " Kianj " 25 275
Our " ' ChevfSt fitj -
( Ificfe aje raiJ OB wtfi'o btJi'i )
I'rettnt. fntinrr.
Ourlm | ile < l I'enangainI Clit-
vlo : n Mb 01 ! tn atucht J , also
on V.hi-e Ujit - . ISO SCO
iVs i a fine worfcioir ifrlit f u A 1 2S.
Ncno b tt Wanuutia Muslin and
best Linens used.
The above pnres include Lutndry-
ing , a diicouiit alljwed when otherwise
An additional 25 cents 13 chargei
when ma'Jo to order.
t Shirt Priory , 12D7 Farnham [
r , nesr < 2hatrost : ,
' :
For the Music of the
Thresher Echoes O'er
the Hills ,
And the Farmers' Condensed
Wallet is Again Grow
ing Fat.
Nebraska , Dakota , Iowa and
fYiFnnesoia Yield Enor
A Fo\v Isolated Districts Ruin1-
ed by Rust.
Special uiiipatch to Th ? Ute.
AVcYr Pnixit NEB , July 31. 4 p.
m. Hnrve4 * * is prcgressinij finely.
Tha prrtion of tmsll < ? rain i-
harvested , tbe averxg" ' is much greater
than List } er. Ti rrii hrnt the
Klkhorn valley , mneh threshing lias
been driw nnJ Ttith better result than
In 1ST9. T'i ' wh at ji-.ld rromises
to be more trail 15 for cett ; grta'er.
The ci ra crop n ver ; v\ta bct'er.
Stccial Dispatch to Toe l' .
Siorx Fvtts , D. T , July Jl , 4
p.m.Tlu what harvest bis com
mence 1 in earnest through tht ? Si ux
valley and u'hern ' Dakota ten. r illy
The crop is in trio c n It ion and
staailsvi If. The heads are l > > n.j and
wall tfile'I. sha berry ia jlompand
largo. S'-uthc-rn Ilako'a never har-
rested such a crop. Th > avcratre
VJ-'M per acre is set down at ivt 1
t'niK tivtiny bualie' ' ? , cr ful'y lull per
cen . better than its' yrar The *
OMRO is I.trg. r than tji st of any [ rc-
viiiiij crop.
Dt-T tch lo Tim EBK.
, Juy 31 , p. m. All
iu c < mmoniial circlds cutters
jn.'t now in thoeprirj ; wheat harvest
that ispr. < ; rfSESi g iu the nrr.hwest.
Thi railroad c mpanits and cliamber
cf crmice-ccjfirnisare'iticonj.tiijtcom-
muiicit ; < M with their nui titude of
ajpiil throughout tha xvhsr.t { rowtiif !
area and tins inf , ( r > n rtceiv. il is
of an > stive and rel able character. It
ranoTT guiiertHy conceded th.-1 tve
srri" : ; wheat cr ' [ > inVisc > > i in wil
be lii ht and pc 'r , ns c nip. rd vntf >
Listyt'sr's oiul th < i nt t > otce d J'J.
080.000 or 15CCl'OCO l.u'hcls . .f
vhc'it wi'll ! birvts'od in t' ' n state
ivaini.t 2l.GOOOO ) fcosbe'd IdBt yeir.
Tfi < 3 burve t id e stucaud to bo at least
one-third dcno.
ILLINOIS. Dwpatch tc tbe Vie.
POLO , July 31 1 p. m. Harvest
projpe-ta in Oalo county are most en
g , wi h the exception of sprin
wheat. Tiiere is no ctretl but that
surpass in yield the crop of
] st year. Sprint ; wheat is
terwhc t w a vury good crop and ia
much bo vi r than Ta-steeasun. Twen
ty buslifli to the aero is considered a
very frtir yield , but this there are
thoao who injihtsy that it will resell
at.d ! K > btuheIs.
C At.t > rn : , July 'Jl t p. m.
Cri'ps have bcensucctsifiilly harvested.
The uveroco is lesj and yuld of both
\f inter and sprint ; Tvheat ia vanoutly
estimated at from ono-half
- to one-
third a niuuh in last yeir. Oits are
fines' evec prbiliicp d. Kye is nn
- ! crop. Il.iy yield ? hrco times
as much as 1 ut yer .uul the qtiilry is
hotter. Tha pmcpect fur corn is
fir.t rate.
tow i.
Special Dispatch to 'I fee I5 e.
WATEKIOO , July 31 , 4 p. inO'rain
is nearly all cut. All ccncedn th-it
the yiflil bo about twenty per
cent , larger sban lisc year , and it will
. 'bibly r.versge afr'Ut U.olvo bush
els psr Hero , t"fh the pntaib lity that
it may nn a Irtle mnre. The cr"p
will undonbtsdiy gradu higher than
list ytar.
Dfitrt'irn , July 31.-Wnoit and oat
nre cut ami in stuck rtady for the
thresher. Cr 'ps were ncvi r gathered
inbtiftcr cimliti n. I5orry of b"tli
wheat nnd ra'a is larce and plump ,
geticnllv * yradin number OIH- .
i'hojicid > b ab"tit the sutiiu as hint
yar. Adj'iiniry counties in Iowa ,
IHiroia and \ \ iecotisin report aamo fa-
vorabl. * tenor.
DES MOISH.S , Ju'y 31 I p. m.
The wlifat harvest is over. Som has
been fircihed nt in ditfrront locali
ties , iv (1 yii-ld ? 1 srgoly in th s en nty.
It i * claimed that the avo'aso yield
will turn out fifteen to twcn'y bushels
t the acre. The b < rry it superior to
inst year's yiel.l , s.iy twenty percent. ,
and avant rs about the same , if not
larger. O.ita t-rj away ahead of last
year. Corn prospects are excellent.
Special cispatcb to 71m Iko
MAXKOTO , Miss. , July 30 4 p.
m. From what get-tm rolihla an-
th rity who it will r.v-gefrom 18 ti 22
bush'im to tb acre but in ia com- *
places it will go down to 14 There
are some pliuei where it will run as
h'gh a-J 20 biishela prr arr , ful'y ' one
h-ilf wj.l i 'a'le X . 1 and the balance
N . 2. 'Jh-jyifrld with everything
ccns.dercd favorable at the present
time. It will bo fiO per cent higher
than lait ytar.
V.'IXO > A , Miss. , July 31 , 4 p. m
Th- wheat cr > p is about one-quarter
b-'veated. The yi-jld arid quantity
are both p < or in th > 3 vicinity , and will
be fcboatthe s-rno as last year eiaht
or ten bushels to the airc. Si >
bafley ia all hitvestel , and is proving
snd ; about twenty BVH to thirty
bcsheJs { > er acre , raoitly No. 1.
UEU Wise , July 31 4 p. m. The
vheat harvest in vicinity is now 111
full prr rcsi The wheat 13 in a
splendid cr.ndirioii and with favorable
weather r-r the ns\f. ta to twenty
days i n abundmfr crop may bo ex
pected. The avers-g- yield p r acre
\v-ll bu ai'out fifteen bushels and in
S" me place * m"r , ahead of the paat
year fr m tlrec to five bushel * p < Jf
acre. Tha v/ea her oontinuea to bo
favorable , azd
polefa t 5 u vi
jSafe , Certain , Sure and Speedy
'he onlyartlsleknownlhatWill
es-arcffaa/elhls disease
jp/VTrcr/7e/7 'fromthc system.
GencralA ents >
Sfmlo fr-m I'rafo < r ' " Tarur - ! fn otho
pret > ar.iti n niair Midi li bt , Ilaky hot breid * .
or Itnurimt' ' piftr - . Can be tuten by Jrp.lic .
withont feu of tbeilbraulMnz from heary Jn.
Sold only in cans , by alt Oroc W.
tl n. t f " / > ! . Co. . N w Torlr.
Are Atrain
"With an Immense Lot of
Which Were
And _ sowe will bo obliged to
c'ose ' them cut at prices way be
low value.
All kinds of Shoes ara includ
ed in this lot.
Ladics' and Children's Fine
Shoes , Slippers. Sandals.
M n's and Boys' Boots and
Shoes , high and Low. Cheap and
Fiac Goods1 ' hey have all been
m re or less WET.
We have tilso a. lot of
very fine
Table Spreads ,
Napkins ,
Stand Covers ,
Toilet Sets , Etc , ,
Which were just opened
Before the Fire , and which
are slightly Damaged by
These will be ready for
Wo have eome EXTRA BARGAINS -
Now is a chance to secure a
good Shawl , very low. These
Shawls ara NOT BADLY
SOILED , but still they -will not
bring PULL PRICE , DO we will
close them out AT A DIS
We will be on our feet in a few
days , when you can expect to
find Bargains in all depart-
menta as usual.
"leading Retailers , "
fee St , , Cbr. 15th ,