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VOL. X. OMAHA , NEBRASKA , PBJDAY , JULY 80 , 1880. ] ST0. 34.
Established 1871. MORNING EDITION , Price Five Cents
i Turkey ives in a Littteto
the Powers.
A Regiment of British Sol
diers Mutiny in Cyprus.
Earthquakes Badly Shak < J Up
Smyrna , Topple Build
ings and Agitate
the Lake.
Greek Pirates Pursue a Brit
ish Merchantman.
Fifteen Hundred Italian Con
vict ? . Make a Break For
Special Di-.ju.tcn to tne BKE.
LONDON , July 30 , 10 p. m.
A Pans d spatch says "GeneralFaure ,
minister ot war , Varroy minister of
public works , nnd Constans , minister
of the interior , will accompany preai
dent Grcvy toj Cherbourg. Premier
DeFreycinctwill remain in Paris
being detuned by nagotialions on the
eastern question.
Sews has been received from Ha-
jusa tnpt the Turkish commissioners
had arrived at Sctntarl. The president
hen reported , but unsuccessfully , tried
to oblain the consent of the Abanian
league to the cession to Montenegro
* m of a partition of Albania.
Advices just received , report an
rarthqueke at Smyrna this morning.
The ehock was quite severe and de
stroyed a number of houses. Among
the buildidgs injured was the one in
which IE located tha telegraph office.
A d'spatch from Melbourne says the
"Victorian ministry has resigned. Mr.
Berry , the passage of whose motion
of a want cf conttd ence brought about
the Cnsiis , att.e.npting to form i
new ministerjx
' ' ' ' '
t-pecUl pi-p.ttch to Tie Bee.
3N , July 30 1 a. m. In the
lords lest evoningEarl Gran-
V'/I9 , eccretary of scale for foreign af-
fa'rs ' , auuounctd that the Queen had
sent a laessi-gH to the Sultan hoping
itbat he would make eome eacritice ,
.eccndu to the wishes of Europa and
execute the a'ipalutiotis of the troatj
of Berlin.
In thb h use of commons Sir Chas.
/ Dilku , uiidtr a crotary for foreigu
affaire , announced that the Sultan in
his reply to the collective note of the
powers argued agauiat the note and
aiked tuat power bo given to re
open the mg" nations in regard to
the Qreek frontier.
A dispatch from Smyrna says thai
She city was on Thursday visited
with an earthquake which throw
'several houses tu the ground and split
Tthe walls of the tele taoh office. The
fl chocks were repeated several times at
short imerval * , ponple running frorr
their houses and buiniess places in
great alarm. The waters of the guli
were ttrongly agitated and the waten
advanced in several laces to a lave'
with the Greek and French qiiarten
which extend for more than twc
miles aloug the shore. On account oi
the lowneas of the houses , which sel <
tlom exceed one story , the damage
was not Boricus taking the city aa i
whole. Smyrna has of on been visitoc
by earthquakes , many of which hav <
bten very destructive. Ycsiordaj'i
shocks continued only a few minutes
passing apparently from weet to eas
in an undulating motion.
aoomvoop RACER.
The race for the Singleton stakci
iook place at the Goodwood meetinf
to-day and was won by Peter wi > l
jPhcenix second and Pile third. Tin
race for the Goodwcod cup for al
ages , two miles and a half , was woi
by Dresden China , boating Chippen
dale. There were only two starters
? pedal Dispatch to The Bee.
HOME , July 30 1 a. m. Fifteor
hundred convicts jit Civita Veccbia
mutiueerecl but were suppressed b ]
troops after much bloodshed.
Special dispatch to The leo.
LONDON , Julj30 1 a. m. A Con
stantinople dispatch says it is reportec
. that the Britifch native regiment a
Fl ' Cyprus haa mutinied.
A Bucharest dispatch srys Eou
mania has contracted for the epeedi
delivery of L'0,000,000 of loaded car
A dispatch from Vienna says thi
prospects of a settlement of the Mon
tenegrin question are increasing.
Special Dispatch to The Bee
? CoNsrASTisoi'E , J uly 30. 1 a. m.-
Abeddin Pasha , minister of foreigi
affairs , has informed the ambassador
that the porte is wiling to cede Dul
cingee to Montengrio. The ambxssa
dor will hold a conference on Friday.
Bpedal Dispatch to Tun U .
LONJJOX , July 30. 1 a. m. J
Constuntinop o dispatch says som
r7 Greek pirate- Bhodos , attacked i
' British merchantman , and a Turkis ]
gun boat haa gone in pursuit o :
Lord Beaconsfield and other tor
peers held a conference yesterday 01
the Irish compensation bill.
Bpsdal dlopatch to The Bee.
MODES , Wis , July 30. 1 a. m.7
The wheat harvest commenced n
. * t mauy puts of the state , wi'h favor
3 * able wta her. Crops in eome local !
tiai are very badly injured by thi
dnatz bag and rust , but on the whol
ythe yield will be a fair average. Fai
"v Xmers are in good spirits.
J Bpodal Dlipatch to The Bee.
/ BERLIN , July 30 1 a. m The na
vl maneuvers at Kiel were very BUC
* cessful , and the crown prince was ec
SrdI disr ! ch to TB BBI.
Temps , newspaper , cays it rejoices
that the report of a joint English and
French command of the naval demon
stration is probably incorrect , and
thinks that France should not take a
leadinj ? part in the matter , but that
Mr. GUditone should be r the entito
What Hancock Will Say In
His Letter of Acceptance ,
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
SEW YORK , July 30 1 a. m.
[ tivas rumored yesterday that Gen.
Eancock's letter of acceptance would
issued last evening , but late in the
afternoon it was definitely learned
that the report was unfounded. It is
aelieved that the issuance of the let
ter only awaits the arrival of the co
pies of English's letter of accei tsnce ,
so that both letters may be issued
timultaneously. Gen. Hancock's let-
'er has been ready and in priut for
several days. It was printed in the
printing office on Governor's Lland ,
where officinl orders and kindred mat
ters are printed. The general's letter
is understood to be a short one.
The Evening Express saya that in
substance the following are the chief
points of fhe letter : That the presi
dent's duties are chiefly executive and
that , therefore , aa a soldier acts in
obedience to superior authority , the
president must obey the constitution
as the supreme law of the land and
obey and enforce the laws of congress ,
whose duty it is to repeal laws when
it is found that they have become ob
noxious. Second. That the political
results of the war must be accepted
and upheld in good faith. The con
stitutional amendments and laws , en
acted in pursuance thereof , must be
fully respected. Third. The broadest
democratic ground will bo taken on
the Chinesa question , that Columbia
is the asylum and home for the op
pressed of all lands , but she will not
tolerate the enslavement of lauor in
any form , whether by foreign or local
contract Fourth. That the duty of
'the president to make recommenda
tions to congress is to Ire pursued in
no narrow but in a thoroughly nation
al sense , and as local interests may
conflict , the duty of reconstructing
matters , over which sections may dis
pute , belongs to congress , the lawmaking -
making power. The letter , in what
during war times was termed Union
sentiments , will be expressed in strong
terms and ringing patriotism.
Townsend Doomed.
Special dlBpatch to TUB Bus.
CLEVELAND , O , July f 9,10 p. m.
The independent or rose republican-
of this coneressional district have nom
inated C. B. L'ckwood , a prominent
wholesale hardware mererant , for con-
grees , by acclamation. lie has ac-
repted and the bolters are having a
jubilee meeting. Lockwood his been
a life long republican , is wealthy , find
of high social aud buaine. s me i's.
Ho haseerved four % ri- in he lto
euislaturo. This \i3l oc-.upil the reg
ular nominee , Amos Townsoud , tc
withdraw , or be defeated , if the dem
ocrats make a good nomination.
West Virginia Democrats.
Bpedal Dispatch to 1'hu lice.
MARTINSDURG , W. Va. , July 30.
1 a. m. ' 1 ho democratic sta o con
vention Wednesday meht after nomi
nating J. B. Jackson , of Parkersburjr ,
for governor ; J. D. Miller of Cahili
c > uuty for auditor ; and Colonel
Thomas O'Brien of Wheeling foi
treasurer , adjourned to yesterdaj
morning at U o'clock. On reas
sembliug 0. C. Watts of Kenawha
was nominated for attorney General
Thomss C. Green for judge of th <
court of appeals , and B. L. Butchei
for state superintendent of publii
schools. E. G. Cro roft and W. L
Wilson , wore nominated as electors a :
Race Prejudice
Ppeclal DUpatch to The Uve.
NASHVILLE , Teim. , July 20,10 p
m. The Amsrican's McKenzie special
cial says : About G p. m. B. W.Moore
a prominent at orney , shot and mor
tally wounded Chile. Haynes , colored
Haynes had interrupted him in f
speech at a barbeque a few days ag <
and has since threatened Moore's life
Moore spoke to him about it , whei
Haynes became angry and grasped a
a stick which Moore had in his hand
when Moore drew a pistol and fired
Moore has surrendered himself.
New Religion and Propnet.
Special Iiupatcn to The Bee.
NASHVILLE , Term. , July 30 1 a
m. A ner ro'ision ' has boon inau
Raratod in Jackson and Macons conn
ties by n reformer named Sage , win
claims to bo inspired. He goes abou
preaching and has gained two or throi
hundred followers.
His Just Deserts ,
pedal Dispatch to The Bee.
SAN FRANCISCO , July 30. 1 a. m.-
Jotm W. Clementshaw , the witnes
who sworn so strongly that Charle
Da Young fired the first shot at I. M
Kalloch , was convicted of perjury ii
the superior court yesterday.
Dakota's Kipsned Harvest.
Special Dispatch to The Bee ,
FARGO , D. T. , July 30. 1 a , m.-
The work of harvesting wheat on th
great Dalrymple farm at this place i
about to begin. The wheat crop o
the territory and northern Minnesot
is immense. There is a large acroag
and the grain is tn the very bestfcon
Attempted Rape.
Special Dltpatch to The Ber
MANCHESTER , July 30. 1 a. m.
Two Frenchmen were before th
police court yesterday charged wit !
an attempt to ravish Mrs. Liom
Sssrlee , a respectable married lad ;
who resides on the road to Hookset
about two miles from the city. Th
lady was returning home from th
city just before noon Wednesday
when she was overtaken by Johi
Coin and John Mcrtel. Goin spran
upon the woman and attempted t
force her into the brushes by the sid
of the road. Tha lady ccreame
loudly and attracting the attention c
Charles H. Brad ord , who had jua
driven pa t the spot. Goin cut an
ran when the woman screamed
but his companion was captured b
Mr. Bradford and brought here. Th
l&dy was nctinjnrued but bijing ii
poor health suffered souiowbat froi
the encounter with . . . rates. Got
WM arrested in this oit > tout mic
night. Heig yoyuc..uw rventj
or pg , > } we Wane , is
married man. Both were bound over
for appearance in the supreme court.
Speihl DlepAttbe ! to THI Bin
CBICAOO July 30. The actual and
estimated census returns from Illinois
indicate the population cf thont&te &t
WASHINGTON , July 30. Govern
ment rtceipts yesterday aggregated
§ 1,200,000.
RIDGEVILIE , 0. , July 30. Quite a
severe hail Btorm nassed over this
place Wednesday night , doimj great
damage to the corn crop , 10 much so
that many fields will not yield more
than five bushels to the acre.
MEMPHIS , Tenn. , July 30. The
river quarantine screws are tightening.
The question of stopping boats until
each passenger aboard can be ex
amined and record taken so that he
can be traced in event of his getting
sick , is under discussion of the au
CINCINNATI , July 30. General A.
Warner was renominated for Con-
ress at MarietU , yesterdy by lha re-
ublicans of the 15th district.
MEMPHIS , TENN. , July 30. The
ontcbt bet ween the Louisville and
Nashville R. R , and the Chicigo and
St. Lpuis and New Orleans road was
lompromised yesterday and fixed rates
or passengers were mutually agreed
pen at the agents meeting to aver-
ge the matter.
ATLANTA , GA. , July 30. On G. H.
mith's plantation , in Oglethrope
: ounty two negro women quarreled
nd fought Wednesday about a breast-
in. To uegrofs took up the difli-
; ulty , when one drew a knife , and
.he other crushed his skull with a rock
illiug him almost instantly.
NEW YORK , July 30. Tha investi
gation of the steamer Ssawanaka dis
aster was beiun yesterday. The boiler
.nspectors claim that the boiler was in
oed condition and it was not the
: ause of the explosion.
NEW YORK , July 30. Gen. Calvin
DogRett , of Connecticutjdied suddenly
'n the Pennsylvania railroad depot at ,
Newark , New Jersey , last night. Ho
was returning homo after an extended
our through the west.
MONTREAL , July 30. Tne harbor
: ommssioners : have decided to retain
ho machine of sixteen lamps at pres-
int in use upon the wharves , making
he elf ctric liuht a permanent affair on
.ho docks. Double the number of
amps have baen ordered from New
NEW YORK. July 29. The execu
tive committee cf the Hancock Vet
erans , comp < sed of honorably dis
charged soldiers and sailors who took
p t in tbo war , have issued au ad
dress to their comrade ? , congratnlat-
ng them upon the nomination of Han
cock for president , and asking their
suffrage fi r the ticket.
Big Lumber B azo.
SpccisJ Dl-patch to I'm Baa.
BUFFALO , N Y. , Ju'y ' 30 1 n. in.
A dwasterom fire occurcd here yes
terday afternoon , involving the de
struction of ssveral plming mills.
The fire was ducov red shortly after
; ioon in the J. F. Dewitt phninfj
mill , one of the largest in the county ,
situated on Gfnsnn street , on the
south side of Buffalo creek. Dewitt
had over ono million feet of dress * d
lumber and thi whole of it was
burned The Gro next attacked the
0. T. Wilson planing 1 mill ; D. A.
Wilder & Go's. , I-TRO yards ; Thomas
Robinson's lumber yard ; C. P.
H-izard and Bros. , lumbar yard , and
the floating elevator ' -Bridge Water"
owned by Frank Perew. The lire
swept the whole of the docks of the
Pensylvania company. Altogether
three buildings and over ten million
feet of lumber wora do troyed. Tha
loss sgregates S2 'n,000 , Inturanco
Cleveland Trot
Special Dispatch o the bEK.
CLEVELAND , July 30. 1 a. m. In
yesterday's races St. Julian won tV-o
the free for all race in 2.15 | , 2.18 | ,
2 17i , Darby second money , Hopeful
third , and Great Eastern fourth. In
tne 2 30 class , Parana won best time ,
2.24J , Culmins second , Edtfin third ,
Bay Billy was reinstated , president
Edwards stating that his driver was
the least guilty of all in yesterday's
job. Edwards is being threatened with
arrest bectuse he would not allow a
wheel of fortune on the grounds. The
saddle trotting was declared off.
National Banks.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON The comptroller ol
the currency reports that during the
six months ending March , 1880 , the
totil losses by all the banks during
that period amounted to S7,563,8SG. ?
The losses for the corresponding period
in 1879 were 510,238.324 , in 1878
$10,003,145. Of these lo ses duripR
the last six months , $1,208,521 was or ;
account of the deprecation of pre
miums upon United States bonds
held by the bank ? , chiefly bonde
which were about to mature. The
total number of banks reporting Icssef
during the last six months is 13GO.
Horrible Hall.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
STEVENSPORT , Wis. , July 30 1 a ,
m The details of Monday's hail
storm are coming in. Hail from ante
to ten and a half inches in circum
ference and from four to eight inchei
deep fell , killing turkeys , geeae anc
thousands of prairie chickens , lambs ,
sheep , etc. ; cleaning the shintjlei
entirely off and patting through the
boards on the roofs. Over 100 fanni
were cleared entirely of all grain
corn , h y , etc. , and leaves from th <
forest trets wore cut off , leaving then
as bare as they are in winter. Wholi
hop yards wera entirely stripped ,
leaving bare poles.
Henry Call , of Stockton , states thai
it knocked tne boards off a new fenct
that he had built and splintered large
pieces from the bottom cf many o :
the boards. Mr. Leary was out it
the field when the hail commenced
falling and started his team for th <
barn. Thi horses ran away and ir
pissing through a fence one of then
struck a rail which passed entirelj
through the body , killing him instant
ly , while Leary barely escaped intc
the barn with his life.
On many new roofs , where the ]
projected over , boards were broke :
off as squartly as could be done will
an ax. Mr. Oall had the curiosity t <
weigh three o ! the ha-htonea ant
found that they weighed just om
pound. The storm took a strip o
about four miles wide and eight t <
ten miles long , sweeping everythb ;
before it. Grain vas maihed into th <
: he storm passed over. The town of
aluckton has more good farmers th n
my town in the county , but this fear
ful blow has left them without cue
cents worth of crops. The loss will
not fall short of § 75,000. With flood
and lull , thii country has suffered
fearfully. The chief sufferers are
Henry Call , A. Leary , D. R.
Clements , Thos. Clements , Moses
Leary , 0. Tohle , Mrs. Daly , Louis
Gibbs and John Connelly ,
Big * Blow.
Special dlipatch to Till Bis.
WINCHESTER , ISD. , July 30. 1 ,
m. The most destructive hail storm
that has ever struck this section , vis
ited us Wednesday evenirg. It was
about half a mile in width , passing
directly over tin town from north
west to iouthe.i-t. Corn , trees , fruits
of all kinds , flowers etc. , were bidly
injured. Over ono hundred English
sparrows were found killed in the
court bouse square.
Manitoba Wave.
8peIal dispatch to The lie * .
PRVVIDENCE , R. L , July 30.1. a.
m. Prof. Vennor's cold has struck
in here. Yesterday morning frost was
reported in the low lands east of
Providence. Alloy long the air was
cool to a chilling degree and at night
overcoats and wraps were in use on
streets , while In the business tlortion
of the city nerr the river steam was
turned on in the radiators to counter
act the cold.
Struct by Lightning- .
Special Dispatch to Tun DCS.
HALIFAX , July 30 , 1 a. m. A dis
patch from Bridewater saya Idah Ba
ker , wife , daughter and a young man
whoso name was not given , all living
at Pleasan River Ridge , near that
place were h.y raakinn in a field yes
terday afternoon when a violent thun
der storm came up. All were struck
by lightning and Mrs. Biker was
killed at once , the. rest were uncon
scious for some time and their inju
ries are serious , but it is believed
they will net result Mally.
The Norwegian Tariff. *
Special Die-patch to the Ueo.
WASHINGTON , July 29 , 10 p. m.
The ctniaul of the United States at
Christiana , Norway , informs the de-
pirtmeut of state that a slight in-
ci ease has been made in the Norwe
gian tariff , which affects all kinds of
tobacco , snuff , children's carriages ,
cheese and o her unimportant article * .
The Norwegian government has con
tracted a new loan in England of
twenty-one million crowns. The con
sul of thtt United States at Bremen re
ports to the departmett of state that
UIH total number of emigrants en
route to this country during the p < nt
quarter reached the figures of 31U71 ,
biinu greater by 5,721 man the t til
number during the whole year of 1870 ,
and an increase of 23,081 over the first
quarter of thu fUr'0'-t ' year.
Baao Ball.
BOSTON Br.Bton 7 , Cleveland 0.
WORCESTER Worcaster 3 , Cincin
PROVIDENCE Chicagos 4 Provi
dence 8.
TROY , N. Y. Bufft > l 2 , Trojs 9.
Hancock's White-Washing Procees.
Bpedal Dispatch to Tni fin.
WASHINGTON , July 30 1 a. m.
The mystery surrounding the corres
pondence between Gen's. S'leraian
and Hancock , ospBcinlly with refer
ence to ono particular letter which hai
been o often referred to by tne press
since the nomination of Hancock , will
probably he cleared up at an early
day. It h understood' here that G.
Hancock will give the correspondence ,
or at leaet the particular letter re
ferred to , to the press. Sherman ,
who returned hero yettorday moruing ,
had a copy made of the loiter and for
warded it to Gen. Hancock by last
night's mail. This , it is understood ,
was done at the request of Gen. Han
cock. The letter is quito lengthy and
is in Hancock's handwriting and
! dated from St. Loaia. Gen. Sher
man says that-bo baa no objections to
the publication of the correspondence ,
but prefers to have Gen. Hancock give
it to the public.
Now Jersey Bourbons.
Special Dispatch to Tits IJa " "
TRENTON , July 30 1 a. m. The
democratic state committee met here
yesterday forenoon , only one member
being absent. After considerable dis
cussion and comparing of no cs , ii
was directed to call a state convention
forj the nomination of governor and
presidential electors at Trenton , Sep
tember 1st.
Louise Going Home.
Epedal Dispatch to The Baa.
QUEBEC , July 30 1 a. m. The
Princes sLouise laid the tablet-stone ol
the embankment which bears hei
name , yesterday in the presence of :
largo numbsr of persons and invitee
guests of the harbor commission. Thii
is probably her rcyal highness' las
public appearance in Canada Princi
Leopold will arrive from Beloa to
night and proceed to the steamer
She is reported to be in n serious con
New Yorlc Fires
Special dispatch to ThojBee.
NEW YORE , July 30 1 3. m.
fire causing a losj of § 20,000 to stocl
and § 5000 to building , occurred lasl
night in the five-story factory 440 anc
460 West street , occupied by th <
Domestic Sewing Machine compan ;
and a number of other firm ? . Firemai
Phillip Walton fell from a ladder t
the sidswalk and received , it is feared
fatal injuries.
A fire which broke ont this morn
i g at one o'clock in the store of thi
Ujston Beef Packing Company , 1'
H ridge Streets , cauasd a lees of 6 ,
COO dollars.
Sarat ga Races.
Special dispatch to The Beo.
SARATOGA , July 29 10 p. m.-
Four races were the programme tc
to-day. The first race , a purse c
S300 for all ages , was won by Girafi
with Dan Spailing eecond and Sueque
hanna third. Time , 1:16 | ; distance
three-quarters of a mile.
The second event was the seqnc
stakes , one and three quarter mile *
for three-year olds. It was won b
Terndiff with Elias Lawrence secon
and Dawn third. Time , 3:09 : | .
The third , a selling race , one mil
and a furlong , for a purse cf $40
for beaten horses , was"won by Go\
H mp4on with Redman second am
Terror third. Time , 1:59 | .
The fourth and last event of the da
was a steeple chase , distance two an' '
three miles.
quarter Potneroy wo
with Disturbance s coad and Frankli
I. third , Time. 3:10 ,
Gen. Sherman's ' Observa
tions of Indian Civiliza
tion in the West ,
The Sapid Settlement of trie
Count y Renders Periodical
Outbreaks Impossible ,
AMoberlyMo.Brute ( : ) Shot to
Death by an Enraged
Another Raviaher Hiddied.
"r %
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
MOBEBLY , Mo. , July 2ff 4p m.
0. W. Corlow , en trial hore-foj vap- ) ,
was shot to death while on hla way to
the court room , about half-past eight
o'clock this morning , by Mr. Orurap ,
the husband of the lady on whom Cor-
lew made the assault. Deputy Sheriff
C. W. Mayo wsa cssorting the prisoner
and had just arrived at the foot of the
stairs leading to the court room , when
Crump stepped up , pushed him aside ,
and fired at the prisoner , but in his
excitement he shot himself through
the loft hand , the prisoner
then broke nway and ran out in the
street , followed by Crump , who shot
him in the back , the ball going
through his shoulder and out at his
arm , setting his shirt on fire. Corlew
stumbled and fell , striking his face on
the ground. Ho then got up and ran
thro-ah a store , still followed by
Crump , who shot at him in the rear of
the store , but missed him.
Coilaw then ran up the street ,
to an entry way and ran in and up to
the top oi the stairs , when he ag&in
stuinblsd , aud Crump , coming up , put
four more balls into him , two of them
in his head , either of which would
have killed him. lie nocer spoke , aud
died in ten minutes. He was p aced
in the same coffin that Mrs. Hade
Brown was brought from Kansas City
in , and will bd buried this afternoon.
After the shooting Crump came
down the stairs and walked leisurely
away to whrre hia hnr.'o was hitched
and rode away. He was accompanied
by several friend ? , none of whom took
part , however. It is thought Crump
will surrender himself.
Corlew musi have expected death ,
aa he had written in a Testament
which was found on hia person a letter
10 his wife , in which he tells what ,
tu do in case anything happened ts
him. There was also a letter from
J. W. Hoge , who was Hade Brown's
fallow prisoner at Kansas City , giving
him advice in regard to getting a con
tinuance and change of venue.
The citizens , wnilotbey deprecate
the shooting before ho had his tnnl ,
think he deserved all he got.
Special dlfpatch to Tbo Bee.
MODEKLY , Mo. July 30. 1 a. m.
An arnud mob of about 100 men
rom ill ) adjoining counties came
nto town yesterday morning. Aa
sheriff Malluck waa taking J. C.
2orlew into the court house to.bctried
"or committing rape on the person of
tlr. Crump at a hotel in this city in
March , and opened fire on him. Cor-
ew ran on to the c 'UU ' house followed
jy three of the mob , aud was shot
again. He tlun cscnpod to the street
ind fell , but regained hii feet and re
ceived another shot. He then ran
hrouyh a dry Rood's store closely fol-
owed by his slayer , out into an alloj
and again into the street. He then
nade nis'way upstairs over the saloon
with his pursuers at his heels. Hen
IB found himself cornered by the
lusband of the outraged woman , the
nan who did most of the shooting ,
Ele fired five or more shots into tht
3ody of the poor wretch and and one
"n his forehead. Corelew died in ten
Sherman on the Indians.
Special Dispatch to the Bee.
WASHINGTON , July 29 4 p. m.
3on. Sherman and his aide , Col.
Bacon , returned to Washington tint
morning in esctllent health , having
bad a pleasant journey throught.
General Sherman eays that tlu
Indians in the northwest are
quietand peaceable and nodanger froir
an outbreak is apprehended. Sitting
Bull has been deserted by all of hit
formidable band , with the exceptior
of about eighty warrior * , and thest
are not disposed to make any trouble
as they ara scattered ainonj.
the different reservations anc
seemed very glad to b <
permitted to come home to theii
friends and relation ? . The Yanktoi
reservations of the northwest an
rapidly being surrounded by stronf
white settlements and very eoon ai
uprising of the Indians will be impos
siblo. The Indians themselves eeen
to realize this and sre'devoting them
selves to agricultural pursuits am
schooling their children.
Tanner In a Bad Fix.
NKWYOKK. July 26 4 p. m. Di
Tanner's condition to-day is wors
than at any time during bis fast. Hi
symptoms are such that the attendan
physitiana , after holding a consulta
tion , decided to have brand ;
and extract of beef adminn
tered in case of a relapse
A supply of warm water is also kep
on hand should both become sudden !
necessary. Dr. Tanner is trouble
with wind on the stomach , but claim
that it is not an alarming symptorr
and says if hiccoughs set in he will t
once break his fast , although the foi
ty days will not be completed.
A Blsr Chicago Swindle.
Special Dliuatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , July 30 la. m. Pierr
Papin , a man well known in Ne-
York and Philadelphia , where he vit
timized poor people , has opened a
office here and proposes to form cc
operative societies in various trade
and eventually to build a co-operativ
city as a suburb of Chicago , at th
head of Lake Michigan. He has pm
chased 6,000 acres there at the croi
eing of eeveral railroads. Each trad
will have its co-operative society , tt
meiribors paying 810 each. For e :
ample , he is now organizing the drej ;
makers and wnts to buiM a cloa
factory to cost § 300,000 wilfthe g ]
fees to be paid in by sawing girl
each one of whom is to have a hou
and lot and a share in the factory
Ho claicas to have organised the cig' '
makers j-f- bi
jfaoooperatiVe society ,
fe ? of thfrm hare paid in tfce ? 10 fe
He told them that when they had
r ised § 5.000 and deposited it in the
First National bank , tha" the institu
tion would aend them 55,000 more t-j
start a factory. President Nickerson ,
of the First National bank , saya that
ho never saw Papin nor trade such a
promise. Papia will bo the financial
Rgent of the co-operative societies and
when the city is built he must be
looked up to as the father of the ciiy.
Socialists here say that he is a fraud ,
bnt he will , no doubt , victimize many
poor people.
Tanner Taken Ill-
Special Dispatch to The Be * .
NEW York , July 30. 1 8. m. The
thirty first day of Tanner's fast com
menced at noon , at wnich hour he
drank three ouncoj of mineral water
and then reclined on the cot. Not
resting easily ho got up and sat upon
the chair , where he remained until
2:55 : , when he gain reclined upon the
cut. At 3:20 : bis pulse was 72 , respi
ration 15 , temperature , 98.85 , weight
127 pounds. After some time he drank
four ounces * f carbonic ccid water.
At 6:40 : he left the hall to take a bith ,
after which he returned and * vai soon
asleep. At 8:40 : the doctor drank
four ounces of carbonic acid water
and it was not many minutes bef ra
ho felt sick at the stomach. At 9:05 :
ho was sleeping soundly and at 10:50 :
he awoLu aud partook of some medi
cine and was soon a < * ain sleeping
New York Money ana Stoct.
NEW YOKK , Wa'l St. , July 23.1:30 : p.m.
MO.NEV--AI 2J IHT ceut ; t\cbaage sttudy
it 84 SSctfS 00.
UaeVcf81 1041. New 1'g 1C9J
Ud5' < 1033 Currency O's 125
UJSii't 10l |
Stocks active , and advanced J tp It ; reacting
J to 1. itU Or tizer suites leidmcr upward and
coil shares with a dcwiwaid movement.
\VUT 107J Lickawanna & W 851
NYC 13lJ HuJaim 8'
Erie 4 yj Central 76i
EnopfJ 71 JI&E 108 }
Lake Shorn ICO Hea.lmg ISj
Rocklslind 110J I.M S3J
Northwestern. . . . UbJ N.I1 Slj
Northwestern i > fJ. 1143 X. P. p'd 55 |
Pacific Mail . . . * ! * . S' . P. aTidOmahi 441
Obi 3' | St. I'.mdO. ( ifd. . . 7 J 73 } M. AT
St. Paul Sfcj Dcnv. h RioGrande 25
St.l'aulpfd H6j A&PTel 451
II &Sl.Jo H55 1C 107t
H. &St.Jof > M. . . . VJ N.c Glut f9J
W.StLil' 1U Quicktiiver. 18
W.StL&l'pfd. . . 7M Quick-lit erpfd. . . . 50
U. P 01 ? fi kr. . . . . . . . . . 33
OC&IC 173 I'ittebur/SFtW..12o :
Mich. Central
Cblcairo Produce.
CHICAGO , July 29.
Wheat Opened firm and higher
and closed at a decline of gc for Sep
tember ; @lc for Auuint : 1 Jc for July
and cash ; No , 2 spring , 88i@88J for
July ; 87i < 387gc for August ; SG < 3861
for September.
Corn Active and firm , but closed
early with the advance most at the
last : No. 2 , 35jc for cash or July ; 35\
@ 35fc ! forAugu3t35jc ; for August or
Oats Firmer ; No. 2 closed at 2-ie
for cash ; 24gc for July ; 22jo for Au
gust or September.
Rye Firm ; 75c for cash or July.
B rloy Nominal.
Whitkoy Steady at 81 09.
Pork J3o produces were firmer ;
mess pork advanced COa per barrel ,
and clnstd at § 14 00@15 00 for cash ;
§ 15 70@15 75 for July or August ;
S15 75 for September ; Slo 35 for Oc
Lard Advanced 15c f cwt ; closed
at727730fi-rcash , July or Au
gust ; 7 37i7 40 for September.
Chicago Live Stock.
CHICAGO , July 29.
ilogj Opened quiet , but became
active when sellm submitted to the
dec line of DC per 100 Ibs ; sales , § 4 60 ®
480fori ) ht packing nnd shipping ;
4.45s4 80 fnr heavypackmg and ship
ping ; § 4 Cu5 ( CO for good to choice
shipping lots. Receipts , 23,600 ; ship-
merit ? , nono.
Cattle Receipts were again exces
sive , over 0,000 , and a considerable
number being undies-ed , were yester
day placed upon tha matket ; a larger
quantity wore on sale than were re-
buired and buyers held oil" for lower
tjgures fur transrortati'qn ; prices
ranged at § 3 37 * for feeders" and $4 It
( a4 70 for fair to choice smooth ship
ping steers ; there was nothing dnne
by local buyers ; receipts were G,34C
h. ad.
Now Yoric Produce.
NEW YOKE , July 29.
Flour Firm ; moderate export and
r horae trade demand ; receipta , 16 ,
103 ; round hoop , Ohin , § i 10@5 75
choice do , 55 80@7 00 ; superfine
western , $3 80@4 90 ; common tc
gocd extra do. , 84 20@4 CO ; choice
do. $4 70S7 00 ; choice white wheai
do. , g4 50g5 ( 00.
Wheat-At igjc. better anc
moderately active ; No. 1 white Augusi
$1 08J ; September , gl 0io ; No. ' .
and August.Sl 09 ; Spt rabor § 1 09j
® 1 09Jc ; October , ? 1 09 ] .
Corn Considerably better anc
fairly mixed western , spot , 45@48c
do , future , 48g@49gc.
Oils A shade stronger. No. 2 fo
October 34c. western , 33J@42c.
Beef Dull and unchanged.
Pork Dull ; now mess , $14 50.4
Lard Higher and strong , stear
rendered at 86 70.
Butter Good demand ; and ver ;
firm. Ohio , 14@2" .
Chesso New , firm , 7@10ic , foi
poor to choice.
Eggs Weak at lo@16c , for fair t <
Ht. JL.OU18 Produce.
ST. Louis , July 29.
Flour -Unchanged.
Wheat Opened higher and th ?
declined ; No. 2 red , 9293S92
for caah ; 92J@92gc , July ; 88Z@S9jj <
88c , August ; ( J < JUUgy ( Sep embei
88 | < g88ic , October ; 8788S88io , fc
the year ; No. 3 di > , 85"87 c , accorc
ing to location ; No. 4 do , 82@83c.
Corn Lower ; 35@35jjc for cast
35(334fc ( , July ; 34c , August 34 } <
34gc September ; 3l s32c , for tl
year.Oats Lower ; 23j@32o for casl
for August.
Rye Lower at 63@62ic.
Butter Firm and uncttangod ; dah
E-/g Steady at 6@8ic.
B Whiaky Steady at § 1 08.
Pork Dull ; $1500 asked ; § 14 t
Dry Salt Heats Firm ; S4 75@7 I
07 60 for youag meat.
Bacon Lower ; 55 75@3 lo@8 2i
§ 8 37i < § 8 45.
Lard Lawer ; small lots $7 00.
St. Louls Live Stoclr.
ST. Lotna , July 29.
Hogs Slow and lower ; Yorke :
and Baitirncres , ? i 50Si 60 ; pacTdn ;
§ 4 60(24 ( 75 ; heavy el-iipping , $4 75
i SO.Rsceipts , 9500 }
Candahar Surrounded by
Ayoob's Yic-torious
With Only a Fragment of the
British Army to Hold
the Fort.
Every Available Man and Of
ficer Hurried to the Scene
* of the Disaster ,
The Afghans Completely
Equipped for a Long and
Desperate Campaign ,
The Worst Details cf tha Cal
amity Believed to be
Special D pttch tn Tha Bee.
LONDON , July 29 4 p. m. An of
ficial dispatch received this morning
at the war offices , states that Phayre ,
who was in command at the Quettal ,
converted yesterday by telegraph
with General Primroaa at Candahar ,
but that tha wiroi were cut soon
afterwards , and communication is now
impossible. The two places men
tioned are two hundred miles apart by
tie Bohn pass. Quettal lies to the
outhweat of Candahar , in a direction
pposite to the location of the battle
i which General Burrow's brigade
a ? destroyed. General Primrose ,
ho , having vacated tha cantonments ,
i within the wall3 of Cancahnr with a
mall command , is anxiously await-
ng the arrival of General Phayre
rom Quettal with the
argeat force that can be
made available foi. the emergency ,
ion. Primrose , until relieved , is in
mminent danger of attack from
Ayoob Khan , who is within a compar-
iively short distance from Candabar
quipped and flushed with his recent
iverwhelming victory.
I ; is feared at the war office that
ho British loss is fully as severe as at
irst announced , although the details
'f ' the cilamity come in slowly and dis-
onnectedly. On receipt cf the news of
liaaster at Candahar , Col. Brook with
what f"rce could bo spared , was dis
patched to asaist the stragglers of the
lefeated brij-ado to fi ht their way to
the forts. It is conceded that Ayoob
ihan has not less than thirty-five
uns of various descriptions , and that
bey were effectively handled by his
A later dispatch says that Gen.
Burrows is unhurt , but this statement
can not be accepted as positively true
until he is found or appaars at the cit-
del. Shore AH his arrived at Can
dahar , but the dispatch stating the
'act , omits to mention where he left
ii * force , why ho left it , or whether it
ias ratruatod bodily with the whole
command on learning of the disaster
o Gen. Burrows.
The latest dispatch vi Bombay
states that communication with Can-
dnhar was made at 11 o'clock yester
day morning , the information being
that the enemy have cut the wins in
all directions. It is baheved hero that
the worst aspects of this new reverse
o the British army in Afghan is not
< nown , but is concealed from the
public , and when the truth it known
it will demonstrate the impossibility
of holding the country with less than
double the force now stationed there
The correspondent of The Tela-
apli siys the disaster at Candahar IE
fikely to leave the political situation
in Afghanistan as grave as it was be
fore the recent adjustment at Ca-
bu' ' . Previous to the advance
of General Borrows to the reliei
of Shero Ali , Gen. Primrose
occupied the canonmenta at Candahar ,
the population of which was fciendlj
to the English. On the receipt of the
news of the overthrow of Gen. Bur
rows , Gen. Primrose withdrew to th <
citadal , leaving the friendly Afghani
to taku their chances.
Special dispatch tu Tha L'ee.
Loyooif , July 30. 1 a. m. A dii
patch from Bombay says that Caoda
hsr is fully provisioned and can hole
out until the end of October. Gen
Burrows' defeat occurred nuarKnshk
The foreign press are inclined to at
tribute the disaster to a violation o
the policy of the government.
for Afghanistan are actively prapat
ing. Gen. Phayre expects to star
with a fuliy provided column fror
Quetta for Candahar within a fort
ni ht. It is believed that Gen. Prim
rose hss been joined at Candahar b
two regiments who were en route.
Univeraal lamentation arises froi
the nation through the press th :
morning over the disaster at Kushl
N kur. On every hand there is a
expression of Intense anxiety for tb
details , which , however , are not fort !
comin ? , none of the journals bein
represented at the scene of the calan
The blow hai fallen like a thunde
bolt , notwithstmding the fact th ;
it was well known that Ayoob Kba
was advancing with his Heralics upc
The evening papers and the mon
ing extras give a few further partici
lars and the names of some of the on"
cera killed and wounded. Gener
Burrows survives and has reache
Candahar. His force of artillery an
cavalry are straggling into Candah ;
in twos and threes. Remnants of tl
defeated were pursued four mile
The chief interest is now centered i
the citadal of Candahar , in which tl
whole remaining force ha * found
retuge with the garrison. It must I
several days befo o relieving fore
can advance from Quetta throc <
Khojah pass. If , as stated , by tl
citadel is denominated , several neig
boring buildings , its defenders an ;
have a hard time. AU reports cone
ic the statemsnt tiat ; yoob's gy
Victoria's Hair-Lifters Earrass-
ed by the Mexicans in the
The Redskins Retreating
Across the Border.
Scecifil Ditpatchto TbaEM.
SANTA FE , July 29 , 4 p. m. Advices -
vices from Mexico are to tba effect
that on the 21at inst. , Col. Adolph
Devalte , in command cf thrca hun
dred and seventy cavalry and one hun
dred and fifty infantry of tha roysl
troops of the Republic of Mexico , at
tacked the hostile Apaches under Vic
toria in the Sierra Pierres mountains ,
about forty miles from old Fort Quit-
man. In the fight , which wai indeci
sive , the Msxican troops lost three
men-killed and ten horses. Four In
dians and six horses were killed on the
sldo of the hostile * . On the 23d inat. ,
Col. Devalte's forces again attacked
the Indiana in the Pine mountaica ,
about fifty miles south. After a Ions ?
fight the Indiam retreatod. The
losses not known. Three Mexi
can soldiers were killed. Col. De-
valta intends to follow them and at
tack them again. It is his opinion
that they will try to gat back into
Now Mtfxico as they would have to
get into the Guadaloupe mountains in
Texas , now guarded by Col. Grierson
with two companies of the Tenth
civalry whose headquarters ara at
Eagle Spring ? , about forty miles from
the paint whore the old Apache trail
from Mexico crosie * the Rio Grande.
It is not probible that Victoria and
his Apaches can pass the Rio Grande
unnoticed and without being pursued
a few hours after crossing * bick into
the territory of the United States.
Special Dlipatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , July 29 , 4 p. m. [
The following has been received at
the war office by mail from Chicago :
SAK ASTOSIO , July 24.
To Assistant Adjutant General , t'hieago :
Gen. Grierson'n telegram , this date ,
from Eagle Springs , informs as fol
lows : Late reports ara to the effect
that an ong'gement occurred about
three days ago between Mexican troops
and Victoria's band at OjoJel Pine ,
Mexico , In which she soldiers were
killed. Ojodel Pine is about forty
miles from here. I also hear that a
body of Mexican troops is at or near
Quiimanwithaviewofgettingin front
of the Indians , who are reported to
have a l no number of horses and
cattle. The river is high and difficult
to cross. I have Pueblo ssouts and a
detachment closely watching tha Rio
Grande from Qu.tman to Capole , and
will be able to give you more definite
information as soon as I can com
municate with'the officer in command
of the Mexican troops.
( Signed ) E. 0. C. Ord ,
Brig. Gen. Coradg.
Bryan , Texas , June 11,1679 ,
.T.C. IHohartl on , St. Ixrals D r Slri-
MT boy , 9 jear old. h l feTer * ry
other dor , or every third < lar for about
9 month * . I a ed aa mueh M IS Krclni
of Qnlnlno daring Hie day , but with no
effect ; tried Clnchonln ( alkaloid ) Solph.
ClnchonldU , Salaolne.etc. , tc.bntCh
boy got worsa all the tlino. I reluctantly
sent down to my drujc tore for your
FebrUuKe.andl Jait oiarth th
never had a symptom "of fever after com-
menolnft Febrifuge , to date. belBf now
over a month ago. I f rel that I ooint lo
say tb.Umueb.In behalf of yoormedlelna.
fi.m regular M. D. , but retired from
practice 3 year * are and devoting my
Uma to drnK bniineii.
Very repctfnlly ,
Btockton. Mo. , Anr. 5lh. 1879.
J. C. Rtchardnon , St. tonif-Dear Slr-
CUfford' * Febrifuge U th b ft tbln-r foi
Chllln and Fever that w hav > ;
handled. TTiere never ha been c i
that wai NOT cured by It th twM tak.j
according to direction * in thi * part o :
the country. Your * truly ,
& ailTUHKfiT. , DrocgliU ,
Chllllcothe , Mo. , Jnly 30/1S79.
J. O. Blchardson , St. I.onU-My Dea
flirt Hero ! something reliable ; If yo >
can make any use of It pl ai * do 10. vv
have sold hundred * of bottle ! Trtth Ilk
reiulti. lour friend * ,
iiojce J Oitrander.
Thli I * to certify that I had the Fev
and Ajrae this summer and tbn me c
one-third otn. bottle of Clifford's T br !
fage promptly cured It. It 1s the speed :
eit cure 1 h T known of.
of.OEO. . BAH.OB.
every took one-half bottle
1 not found this
I did. Totti § truly ,
Manas'1" " * *
Metallc Caeca. Coffins , Cisktt- , Shrouds , etj
Farnhara StreetBet. 10thacd ll'b.Omiha.Ki
Tule ripalc Orden Promptly Attended To.
Wa t ii Fritcbtr , pasi2zsItf.S ! T Wei :
d ! ca-U = t
Before Chari-fl Brandej , Just ! ( ' * - ' Fssuf ,
Ctitj , Djujrfc i Co. . Kab.
Oo tt tf tb &y ci July 1359 , u-J Ju-nc *
15th and Doughtf Streel.
Over 8,000 reildence lot * for ral b.y 1W *
cy at prlc-iraDjrircfrtm ti5 to IJ.SOO tacb , and
located in e-ery p rt of 'hecito , ind In tir
direction from the Pcetoffice , nurth.t , footb
or west , and varyingin distance from oa
block to one or two mue from same. Call and
examine our l ! li
eve > al cbolc * lot * In Griffin & Isaacs' ado )
tion. west of convent , between St. Uary'i sTtt >
ne and Barney street $ f 00 to $ JOO.
80 aero Ju t CMI of tai racks on Sacnder * St.
thli Is choice'and and will be old very chea--
for cash In 5,10 er JO acre Ion ; now Is jour tlm -
to it cure a bargain.
Choice lot at end of street car tracks on 8au -
dera ( treat for $ i 5.
Choice lot , Farnham and 2 th itrceU , 80x181
feet for J1.5CO will dlvlda It.
Cheap lot * In Credit Fonclsr addition , fouih oj
V. P. depOt-IOO to | SOO.
Forty loU on Park Avenue and Georgia itre f ,
on road to park , and near bead of St. Miry'tr
avenue , at fit m $125 to $300 * ch. S en vwii
time at eight per cent Interest td those who win
put up good substantial building * . f < .r further
particulars apply to.
0. P. BEH1S , AyenJ.
Fifteenth and Douglas Street * .
A nice lot on llarney and Twenty-first street ,
for $5 5.
Two choice lots on 10th. neir St. Mary's airo
ue , 60x165 feet each , for iSSO and 6900.
Two cbole * lot * near 23d and Clark street * , l >
E V. Smith's addition $500 and 50.
Fifty lot * In Stvnn's flrecond nd third a J-
dltlonsfor3UOto $ e
Lot near 15th and FIrref , $450.
2 lots on IlarnuT near Ilth St. , IfiOO each. 3
lot on Ilth nrar Howard ttre t , $7o < 7.
( .0 lots In Grand View addition , south of U. P
bridge and defot. from tlS to 9 00 each-
One acre. 117x370 feet , on 13tb strvet , tenth
of Poppleton's new residence , for 11,009 , or will
divide Into city sized lots at from 8350 ! < > t *
Large number of betntUul residence low , l < v
cated tn this new addition on Capitol UIII , t
tween Sthtreat on the east. Wth un the weta.
Dodg * street on the north and Farnbam tr * o
Onthetouth , formerly ouned by C. H Dowrif
and more recently known aa tha Perkins IS acres.
Only 112 lots have thus far been plattnl U UK
Farnbam and S on Vouglaj strtet. Time lota
are 50 to 68 feet lu wldtnand 150 in depth. 11,004
fur the choice. 3 j e > r-i time , at Sper cent In
terest to thote who will build good lUbatantM
hours therecn. Call aod examine plat ad gtt
full Information at
12th and Douglas Stre U.
Over 200 houiies and lots ate offered for iaj
by this offlcu Tbey are scattered all over th *
city. Any location you doJre. Prlcea varjlnf
fwm $ ) CO to $15,000 each.
2 RiM'd lots and Z cheap hooiu near J ci o
and llth streets at a great -icilflce. Ilere Is
yreat birzuln for gomo nne. The property court
be sold ln.mnli-.tely. Co vers ju > t a quarter ol
block. Call and elamlnejhls without any deUf.
15th and Donffba 3l .
A desirable lot near Cumnf ! and Saunder *
Streotg , 1(00.
The cheapest acre Iota In the city of Omahs.
are those offerd fur sale by this agency In Tai k
PUcaand Lowe's etcond addition , on Cumln-r ,
Burt and California streets ; you can make no
mistake in pkkloir up these bargains whll * jorr
have the chance. Thcsr lots are more thin eqnif
In size to 4 lull-sized city lota < r half block
and it will be but a very short tlmu before one-
flftb part of one uf these acre lots will sell foras
much as we offer afuil aero to-day. Tbey are
located a very fhoit distance west of Cr Iffbtnn
Ci-Hrgo. Price * ranjrin ; ; from 1160 to 1300 prr
acrelot. Call Immediately , and don't lose tour
banco , and get plat and full particulars of
GKO. P. BEMIS , Azont ,
15th and Poutdm Streets.
Nica lot on Shf rman Avenue north of > lcbok *
street. S1.400.
Halt lot on Caaa.tetween 13th and Itth street *
Z nlco lots In Hartman's addition , $100 tn | 8Ct
Lare ; number of acre lots In Olae'a addition It )
North Omaha , girt to $200 tacb.
Choice corner lot near 22nd and California
streets , Jl.BCO.
Several good lota In Kelson's addition , 1JO l
1350 each.
Choice lot In Tliornell'g addition , 3750. larje lots in Bartletfs addition. 1 >
rods and ! } acrneach. Prices | 70U to ti.fctr
Several choice lotg In Reed'i flnt addition ,
Acre lot on Sherman avenue , ( ICth street ) ,
south of Poppleton'a new retldenc , for ( l.lco.
Z lanjelnm near 18th and Clark streets , 60 r
830 feet Comer , 11.200 ; In-Ide , 81.0UO.
S Iar-a | lota on bherm n avenue , ( ICth.BtiMt ) ,
near Clark Street. 1000 rarh
22 nice and cheap lots , very near to the bns -
Inegnpart of the city , located a. very fowat'p
south or the Convent and St. Mary's even !
luatouth cf and adjoining the gronnd of Jamn
M Wuolworth and WJ. . Council these rw
cheap and very ilwlrabte , belnj so handy to bus-
ine.3 pan of city , to new government depot , oall
works , white lead works , U. P. depot , stock
yaids , packing homes , etc Call and yet plat
and lull particulars. Price 3275 to 9350 and evy
terms to those who build.
GEO. P. DEMIS , Al-ent ,
15th and Douniat 8t- .
3choice residence lots en 21th street , b t.fe ii
Donjlas and Doilue strcets$1.100 to tl.XO ncf >
and lonz time to trofe who will build.
2cholto comer Ion near 21th and Katnharn
streets , Kl1t feet , 31,150 and 11,200. and very
ev y termi > to purchanen who will Improve.
Also 4 lo' on 21th , between Kirnbam and
Dotuli ; a reel ; , $050 to | I,900 each and lonr
23T230 of the be-t btuinc-s lots In the city of
Omaha for sale , located on every buaine-tt street ,
$500 o ? fl,000each.
rJTAIso very talnable store properties In al-
moet every huaineta block 15.000 to 919,000
< 0cnotce residence lots in above addition , Ira.
maJUttly north of and adjoining * Poppletoo' *
beautiful residence and grounds , and located on
lath 19th and 20th streets , $300 to $380 each and
very easy Urms to thoM wbowill build. Cill and
examine ) > ht and xet full particulars.
OEO. P. BEMIS , Ajfent.
Beautiful bulldinic tlte on Sherman avcnm * .
( leth 9treet.between Poppleton and the Dudl-rr- '
Ijams pro-erty ; 163 feat east frontage on tbn
avenue , by 319 fret In depth. Will divide ltmik >
Iny 132 feet by 339. Call and net full particulars.
An sere * n lath street. 101 feet east frontage
by 378 feet deep. This is just eonth ef the KIlzs-
beth ( Poppleton place. This Is frilt-edze , call n < J
get price and terms of BEM IS , Aient.
13 good lots , just north of and adjoining K. V.
Smith's addition , and located between 20th and
Saunder- streets , at reasonable prlccj and long
time to buyer who Improvo. BEMIS. Agent.
t ; lots la Ilorbacb's first and second add tionS
on 16th , 13tb , 19th and 20th street * , betneon
Xicbolii , F u } , She-man and Clark meets , vary
bandy to U. P. Shops , smelling wnrks. etc. ,
ranifin ? in prlcre from from $200 to $1:100 eita ,
reqnlrinj ; only email payment down and Ion ;
time at T per cent interest to those who wll im
prove. GEO. P. BEMIS ,
1Mb and DouIa Street.
33 nice lot-i la Parker's addition , bet M
Baunder5 and Pierce. Kin ? and Campbell' Sts. ,
on Bloot-ostret ; 13 lots with south front * asi
19 with north frontage , only 6 blocks north ef
the turn-table ( ind. street-car track ) on * > aader *
street. Veryltw prices ; tl7S cash , or 3299 o-j
looztime < nd8 percent Interesi to tlws - h- >
will build.
i2T150 good farm- ) for sale In. Donglan. Sarpy.
WMhlngton. Burt , Dbd e , Blunders sad Euttn
tier of countl . . . . .
fTHOom acres best elect d unds ta ta
8'ate for sile by thla auency. CaU and gtt tcsru.
Circulars and full particular * .
UrBemlk'newrzupof Omaba , 60c and JL50.
. XyBerfii * * neMtaphltt ( < o map of tb *
State ) entitlsd "tho outl-x/lc / ol Jfebraska.-
free dls .rtbuIon.
Geo. P. Bemis1 ,
13 Dowlas St. ,
- -
-V- ,