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    VOL. OMAHA , NEBRASKA , SATURDAY. JULY 24 , 1880. NO. 29.
Established 1871. MORNING EDITION , Price FivQ Cents
Cherished Scheme of Eng
land Eegarding Afghan
istan Realized.
* _ *
A New Ameer Assumes Power
with Proffered Good Will
and Praje s.
Sarah Bernhardt Prepares to
Bring Her Own Skeleton
and Ano/cher to this
Famin'a Threatening in Russia
and People and Cattle
Dying Like Fliea.
Turkey Replies Satisfactorily
to the Powers and there
will War.
Bftxdal Dispatch to The bets
MADBID , July 23 10 p. m. An
other earthquake in Manilla on the
Slst did immense damage. No lives
were lost.
< 3p elal Diapaich to TUB BIB.
STOCKHOLM , July 23 10 p. m. The
"Swedish government haa determined
io .reorganize its whole array and to
quip them with the best modern
breach loaders. With this view it in
Titet American manufacturers to uond
orer specimens with prices attached.
A very heavy contract will undoubted
ly ke given out.
ftpcdal Dimtch to The B .
LONDON , July 24 1 a. m. The
-Post says the In h compensation bill
I * rapidly losing ground.
A St. Petersburg correspondent
aya UM state of the peasantiy over a
Itfrge "part of Russia was miserable
< eno gh last winter , but if the present
< oraps fail , then their couditiun will
Uro , beyond description , wretched.
'Reports being eent in from tae prov
inces , at the instance of the minister
of the interior , are yet incomplete ,
bat they point to a poor crop , even if
: all the conditions are henceforth fa-
rorable , which the wide distribution
of connives grave reason to doubt ,
part from all considerations of weath
er. At Khvaltnsk , a town opposite
the naturally rich province of Sumora
ZeianlvA , has been called to provide
ga'inet the expected famine.
For some time the plague amongst
e , and diphtheria among the
'as rrt td almost unchecked ?
. the latter disease children arc
"dying off like fl'ea in vilUgc s not
* twety miles from the capital.
A dispatch from Oabul t tales that
the anticipated m eting or dutban of
native chiefs , who have favored the
claims of Abdul Rilimin Khan to the
ameerahip of Afghanistan with gentle
man of Cabal representing British
authorities and Abdul Rihman's dele
gates ? took place Thursday at Cabul.
At the consultation the British govern-
m nt 'through its repretentation
formally recognized Abdul Rahman as
ameer. - , To-day his name will be re
cited ia' prayers at the mosque -in
OabuV'the church in this way tender-
log" ' recognition at once. Another
meeting was arranged to take place in
f w days when it is expected the
final diplomatic and politic * ! arrange *
tents-will be made between the new
ameer mid representation of the
"British government Many leaders
of the national pirtywho have hither
to followed the fortunes of YakoobKhan
including Mooshki Alaro , Mohamed
Jan and the chief of Guilzais , who
recently joined Abdul Rahman at
Challskar , & town about 36 miles
north of Oabul , were present on
yrBterday'a Interview and gave in
their hearty eupp-irt to the new
ameer , ft was understood thit the
British will withdraw from the coun
try in about three weeks. The Bri
tish officals are much pleased over the
consummation of their cherished
chcme to olape Abdul Rahman in
power and claim to believe that it will
atrccgh'ten their position against Rus
litn incursions , through the influencf
of the united people , and a stablf
government , more than military occu
pation could , while c.uthoritv remained
in the hands jealous and contendlnj
It is understood that at the recent
dnrban in Afghanistan the Britist
agreed to withdraw within the frontiei
fixed by the Gaudumuck treaty anc
attempt no inter ! erence with the af
fain in Afghaiiista-i save through regu
4ar diplomatic channels and to abandoc
all points now held by them. Burin ;
the durban Sir Donald Stewart in i
peech of some lencth earnestly be
ought the chiefs to sink their private
grievances and assist the ameer in re
storiug peace and order. He repre
wnted that Afghans must be umtoc
in support of the government the )
had chosen , or they would certain ! ;
fall before Russian intrigues and per
haps invasion. England was in
teretted in preserving the integrity oi
the government atOabul , but wanted
to avoid , if possible , the necessity fo :
expending further bloud and treason
in defending approaches t > her Indisi
poftteattonr. The Hirdans listened t
Sir Donald's remarks m silence am
( are no indication of their own viei
of the subject
Major Colts , of the Quebeo infantry
iron tie tint prise in the colonial con' '
test at Wimbledon yesterday.
The American rifle team br aks uj
to-night and s"bmn of its member
start' for home Tuesday next. Tester
day Brown , of the American team
won the ladies rifle cup.
To'-oUy the , , American and Britii ]
t CMS * compete m an internatioos
match at the Hounslow governmen
range. The American team will COD
siat'of ' Me srs , Laud , Scott , Farrow
Jaeksoa , Brown , Gerrisb , Hyde ant
Dnd-y. Thd Britu'h are Meun
Humphrey. grafts , Gods-1. Bakei
Scott , won the P and Farrow ,
Browu and Oerrish the 2
prize. la the Martin-Smith contest
Frrow won three prizes and the
Graphic 3 -
A Constantinople diipstsh B&JB-Tur
key's council of ministers' have pre
pared their reply to the collective
HQle of thn powers respecting cession
tf ) Turkey's territory to Greece , and
propose h .t tbe powers agrea that
aarlssa , Janina and Zoco sba'l ' not be
affected by the Berlin arrangement ,
but remain in possession of Turkey.
They request that negotiations" ' at
once opened as to these places S r-
i > sa is a town in European turkey ,
the sallnh having an estimated popu
lation of 20,000. Three-fourths of
the whole are Turku , and the council
objects to its session on that ground ,
and the same argument applies to Ja
nina and Zoco. The British council
alto propose the apjjointment of a
Montenegrin commission of inquiry
rtaprctinc the cession of the Suai dis
trict toMon'enejjro. The Montene
gro envoy was very indignant at this
proposition of the p rte , and threat
ened to leave Constantinople unlew
the offensive proposition was ttricken
from the reply to the collective rote.
It is not believed th's present atti
tude of the porte will be satisfactory ,
and the probability of war is consid
ered not strong.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
ST. PETERSBURG , July 24 1 a. m.
-The Russian government , in pur
suance of the rigid system of protec
tion which has always characterized
the pol'Cy of the empire , has placed
additional duties upon the importa
tion of foreign meats and live cattle.
They are so heavy that they will pre
vent American merchants from fulfil
ling their contract into which they
had entered upon the faith of pre
existing custom regulation ? .
Special Dispatch to the tine.
CONSTANTINOPLE , July 24 1 a. m.
The Montenegrin envoy has been re
called from here.
Special Dlauatch to The Bee.
PARIS , July 24 1 a. m. Tbe
Jesuits will close their schools and
teurganize them so as to baffle the
police who will attempt to carry out
orders and diiperse them on the 30th
of August. They will retain their
schools under an evasive title and a
new management.
Sarah Bernhardton Mondav will re
turn from Brussels. She will take a
weeks repose at her villa at St.
Eadersae , near Harve. ( before making
active preparations for the trip to
America. The company f r the
American tour is almost completed.
It consists of twenty persons and is
selected with a view of casting K pieces
of t > er repetory'as powerful as pos
sible. Costumes for HernaniAdrienne ,
LaCouveure and Phedrea , are all be-
I ing made here. Rehearsals commence
lla two weks They will extend over
four weeks and willbepietty severe ,
as it is proposed to avoid rehearsals in
America. Many of Sarah's art
treasures are being packed for ship
ment to the United States , as a Bern-
hardt ga'lery will be opened for in
spection in large cities during her
Among the articles shipped to New
York will bo the famous skeleton of
her bed room , 't bar a peculiar his
tory. It is the -skeleton of a young
station officer who committed suicide
on account of disappointment in love.
Ttils anatomical suuveuir was pre
sented by the dead m m'a friend , Dr.
? ozzo to Sarah , who has a religious
regard for it
Strikers' Big Picnic.
PpecUl Ditpnteh to The Bee.
NEW YORK , July 24 1 a. m.
There were no evidences uf a strike
down at Rockaway beach yesterday.
Striking workmen are holding pos
session of the big unfinished hotel ,
and are seemingly determined to hold
out firmly. The men have made
themselves comfortable and are hav
ing a eort of involuntary picnic so far.
Men who wanted work , and have ac
cepted th 20 per cent , payment , ar <
afraid ( o do BO , and yet there is n (
threat made by those who ara not dis
posed to accept the percentage 01
: > impromise or promise of full pay
ment if they return to work. Some
men have left and returned home.
The Steamer Vandallat
SpocUl dlepalch to The Boo
WASHINGTON , July 24 1 a. m.
Captain Meade , commanding th'
United States steamship Vandaliahai
forwarded to the navy department i
lengthy report of the visit of his hi ;
to St. John , N. B Be says the uhij
was visited by large crowd , who wen
highly pleased with the attention
shown them on b.mrd , and a apecia
letter of thanks , a copy of which Oapt
Meade encloses , was written by thi
mayor of St. John. The Vandalii
will leave Boston August 3 , undo
orders tn proceed to the southeast
coast of Cuba. Capt. Meade reports
the health of his officers and crev
good , and adds that the motive powei
of the ship , especially when node :
steam is greater than at any tim <
hitherto recorded.
Saratoga Races.
Bp * ! al Dltpatch to The B -
SARATOGA , N. Y- , July 23 10 p
m. To-aiy's programme consisted o
fcur events , the nrat of which was i
dash of five furlongs for Macden'
two-year old for a purse of $300. I
was won by Tona , with Bonnis Lizzi
second and Maggie third ; time
1:04 J.
The second race was for all ages
distance , one mile and a half. It wai
won by Col Sprazue , with Clarcndoi
second and Turchra third ; time , 2:42Jj
The third race was for a purse o
$350 for all ge , distance one mile
wai won by the Kincr , with Quito anc
Sioux third ; time , 1:46. :
The fourth race was a handicap
steeple chase , for a p : r e of $100 , al
g , distance one mils and a hall
won by Waller , with Captain Frank
lin second and Frank Sharp third
time ,
Iowa's Metropolis.
BpeeUl Diirxtcb to The B .
DzsMoDfKS , July 24 , 1 a. m. Tfc
census enumerators have not yet cot
eluded their work in this city , but sn
ficientia known to place DeaMota
th * first city in tbq state. la 1870'
as fifth in rank * , .
An Excusion Yacht Run Down
and Sunk Near Detroit.
Twelve Boyp , Two Women and
the Engineer , Lost ,
A Terrible Disaster.
Hrcdal | L ) ! | utch to Tlie Bee.
DETROIT , Ju'y 23 , 4 p. m. Atl
o'clock this moruii'g rows was received
of a terrible ciuaater on the Detroit
ivcr , about a mile above Grassy Isle ,
whereby fifteen 1 ves were lost by a
ollision between the propeller I ar-
and and the steam yacht Mamie. The
Mamie had on board Father Blyen-
turg , of the Trinity Catholio church ,
of this city , and his altar baye,1 sixteen
n number. Father Blyenburg and
our boys were saved ; twelve boys and
wo women and the engineer wera lost.
[ 'ho ' Mamie was cut in two amidships.
Special dtepa'ch to Tu BKI.
DETROIT , July 23 4 p. m. Yes
terday morning Father Blyenbergh ,
pastor of the Roman Catholic church
of the Holy Trinity , of this city ,
started out to give his altar boys their
regular excursion. They went on
joard the steam yacht Mamie and
were taken to Monroe , Mich. On
their return , while coming up Detroit
river , at about ton o'clock Ust night ,
at a point just below Grassy Island
ight house , the yacht was met by the
steamer Garland , of Detroit , having
on board the Moulder Union and a
arge party of friends , and a collision
ok place , the Garland
and sinking her almost inatanUneous-
y. There were 24 persons on board
the Mamie , of these but eight were
saved the others going down in the
deep swift water with no hope of find
ng the bodies yet for day ; .
The captain of the Garland , Geo.
Elorn , was near the wheel house with
; he wheelsman at the time , and on
Ming interviewed by a News reporter
to-day , refused to talk. Wheelsman
I. W. Buffeays he eaw a light which
,01 k to be an anchor light and no red
or green lights. When about fifty
eet from the light lie
teard a whistle from the Mamie. Hu
answered it. and bickod the engines ,
and then culled to Gap * . Horn to he 1 .
.t . the wheel. He thinks the Mamie
must have tried to cross his bow
Boats were lowered immediately and
tfe preservers thrown overboard.
There waa a great lack of nerve and
system in the matter of rescuing so
: ar aa the officers of "Ih'a Garland are
concerned. It appears that the Ma
mie was struck on the quarter , and
went down almost instantly.
An officer of the Garland , or oni >
appearing to be in authority , cursed
these who were throw ing over life pre
servers and made them stop it , but a
negro employe of the boat seemed to
have more nerve than anyone else be
longing to the b sat and set to work
throwing over life preservers.
James Murtagh , an f.tUchee of The
Evening News , and a level headed ,
courageous young mm , snys-he was on
the Garland , sitting at the bow. when
the accident occurred. He says the
Garland was runniug straight down
the river on her course. The boats
would have parsed but the yacht sud
denly , when but a few feet from the
Garland , put her wheel over and shot
across the bow of the Garland , when
she was struck and went down. There
will be a rigid examination by the au
are as follows : Frank Nolan , Johr
Howe , David Barry , John Donovon ,
Will Cuddy , David Cuddy , the laal
being brothers , John Co&grove , Jatnot
Tooney , Joseph Monayhan , Toomat
McSayer , Andrew Dovan and Joht
Kelley. All the boys were from 10 tc
16 years of age.
The others lost were Lizzie Mnrphe
Mary Hohn , Mrs. M-try Martin anc
Thomas Kelly , sexton of the church
were Father Bleycnbsrgh , Mias Dus
sen , four boys ani the captain ant
engineer of the yacht , who conatitutec
the crew.
There was but a moment | to act , a
the awful tragedy was over in a mo
ment of time , although there wen
several instances of individual
heroism of those on board of the Gar
land , among them bein ? that of Johi
Quirk , a young moulder , who dev
from the boot and picked up tw <
drowning boys.
The accident is the first of the kinc
hare in many years , and thrills thi
city with horror.
Mamie's Losa.
Sptcial Dispatch Io the EBB.
DETROIT , July 24 1 a. m. Then
appears to be no great amount of ad
ditional facts about the "Mamie" dis
aster. Divers are looking for thi
wreck of the Mnmie and bringing he
to the surface. It will be attempted
if this cau be done , to prove that he
lights were set when she went down
as her engineer says. All testimon ;
thus far shows the night to nave beei
singularly jclear , and that the boat
could be seen long before they struck
It is claimed that they were sUndin ;
on courses which , if maintained
would possibly have allotted them t
pass. This may be true , but the ;
would have been too close for p > sitiv <
afety even then. Bat when the mai
at the wheel of the ill-fdted littl
steam yacht ran her across tha tracl
of the Garland all possibility of sifet
was thrown away.
Father Beyenbergh , the priest wh
had chaige of the boys on the yachl
has taken hi. ; acolytes on such excui
sionsyeirly. His sad experience ii
this caae bap completely broken bin
down , and it is feared the nerviou
shcck will result in permanently in
Curing him. His parish is the target
in _ the city or state , and tha grief i
wide-epread at the news.
It has been found thit ( here wa
another ptraon drowned In cotliBtnj ,
Grensel , * oa of a popular letter en
r r. The- lad was { oarteen yewa. pjt
Md was aeotherof thj acolytes.
Special Dispatch to TBS Bu
WASHINGTON , July 24. The fol-
owing national banks wvro establish
ed during the month of June : Bflle
bntaine , Ohio , capital $100,000 ; Ris-
ng Sun , Id- ! . , captal 850,000 ;
foungstown , Ohio , capital 8130.000 ,
iVatauntown , Pa. , capital 860,000 ;
klarengo , la * . , capital 950,000 ; Fram-
ngham , Mass , 8160,000 ; Loredo ,
lei ? , capital SIOO.OOO ; Middleburg ,
N. Y ; , capital 860,000.
TOLEDO , July 23 Amelia Harms ,
a domestic in the employ of a saloon
keeper named Quick , committed sui
cide yesterday , taking Paris green ,
she had been accliiod of several small
hefts , which p rob Ably worried her
nto taking bur own life.
TOLEDO , July 23. A little son of
Mr. F. Y. Chapman , while playing
around a street car yesterday after-
ifton , fell under the wheels , which
> atcd over him , killing him almost
TORONTO , July 23. George Ben-
nntt Wca hanged this morning for the
murder of the late George Brown in
lis office. Ho stolidly accepted his
CHICAGO , July 23. Yesterday K. <
3. Chamber * , editor of The Fargo
fimes , was fatally injured by a fall
'rom a wagon.
WASHINGTON. July 23. The gov
ernment receipts to-day aggregate
§ 1,406,000.
DETROIT , July 23. From census ro-
urns thus far received it looks aa if
Wchigan had a population of at leist
. .605,000 , an increase of 120,000 since
[ 870. The state will gain at least one
additional member of congress under
he new apportionment.
Ex-Sergoant-at-Arms French , of
.he United State * senate , was yester-
lay appointed secretary of the Ute
[ ndian commission , vice Stickney , do-
The steamship Newbern arrived at
San Francisco yesterday with part of
ho shipwrecked crew of the ship Ma-
thildo , bound for Callao , which went
ashore in a hurricane June 22 The
nate's boat rfaohed land after a peril
ous voyage , but th ) captain and wife
md seven of the crow , in another
> oat , have not been heard from.
Trade with New York dry goods
comni'saion houses is irregular and
) iily moderate in the aggregate.
There is a brisk movement , however ,
n notions , knit underwear and knit
woolens. The general jobbing trade
irusonts the usual seasonable quiet.
Russia demands of the sultan that
; he murderer of Col. Gommoncoff , of
the former's diplomatic corps , be exe
cuted at once.
The treasury department decides
: hat a foreign tug may go to tbe relief
of a * United States ship in distress im
American waters.
Collector Morritt , of New York , ap-
: > eir8 to be on.good ; terms with the
jretidont , as he made a half-hour call
oil him yesterd-ty. Appearance ) go to
li < pute the truth of the rumor that he
s to be removed.
LONDON , July 24. The new Ameer
of Afghantston was publicly prayed
: or at Cabul , and the mosques were
VIENNA , July'24.tPoland and Gal-
lacia are preparing demonstrations for
the fifteenth anniversary of the Polish
CHICAGO , July 24. Charles Keeper ,
a young Canadian , was run over and
killed by a locomotive at the Michigan
Central depot last night.
Turkish'minister of waf recommend !
the construction of ton more Torts in
the Dardanelles.
PARIS , July 24. Rochefort mads
aviruli-nt and extravagant attack on
the prefect of police in Paris to excite
the socialists.
MONTREAL , July 241 Reported
that the Canadian government will
sell the Thousand Islands in the St.
Lawrence river next fall at public auc-
Extensive peat fires are raging IE
the neighborhood of Montreal.
HALIFAX , July 24 Preparation !
for big ningle ecull race , Donnelly v ,
Mackav on Bedford Bain , August 3 ,
tor $500 a side.
LOWELL , Mais. , Jnly 24.
Despite warnings of danger , C. Clap
pqr undertook to cross the railify
track with a loaded stone team. 3jfi
was thrown 50 feet in theair and killed
ed , the team was splintered and tht
locimotive damaged.
LONDON , July 24. The Gapi
Town assembly rejected motion ti
non-confidence in ministry by 8 ma
All is quiet now Basutoland , Soutl
Africa , but British troops are ready tc
march in if the threatened outbreal
PPOVIDENCE , July 24 Demo
crats radifiod enthusiastically.
Grant Not to Go Into Mining.
Special Dispatch U The Bee.
NEW YORK , July 24 1 a m.-
Geueral Giant's son , Jessie R. , sail
yesterday morning to a reporter tha :
he discredited tbe rumor published ii
the morning papers that his falh.
intended tp engage in the mining bust
ness and live in'this city. Mr. Gran
haa lettera at regular intervals free
the general , and the one last received
which Is of a recent date , contains n <
allusion to any such prospect. Thi
ex president is visiting the southwes
for the purpose of more carefully in
spooling the country in New Meiioe
and Colorado than opportunity hai
offered , thus completing the survey
and acquiring a knowledge of ever ]
late snd terri'ory in'the union. Oni
object of the tour was to'aee the grea
Manitou springs and test the medics
qualities of their waters. Bern ; nea
Leadville the general made a flyinj
visit to the mines out of cariosity am
not , said h s son , with a view to gath
ering information for business , aa J
am certain he would hive written me
I am quite sure he has no thought o
entering the mi Ding arena , and I d' '
notbilteve thit heh s formed the io
tentiou of making his home In Ne <
Turk City.
Bound to Have an Execution.
Special dispatch M The Bee.
" FAIRPLAT , Ool. , July 24 1 a. . -
"Cicero Sims , the boy who murdere
John Johnson in April last , was hai > {
ed at 1 o'clock yesterday in the prei
enca ot ajarge crgwd.of.paople. . _ Th
town was full of armed men ready t
lynch himjf a reprieve came , , . Man
women were > -pr aenr. Th'e-drop fi'
at 1:18 : p..m. , breaking his eck u
rtantly , and at 1:35 he was pronoupot
dead. Sims' brqthcri wire 4isrsaf
and looked in jail to.fre.Tn1 ! a mm
* rf til. * - * * f * t ? * * !
A Villainous Democratic
Tarn Pounced Upon
and Riddled.
tfustidfl Swayne Denies Hatiflg
Kendered an Opinion Con
demning Qarfield , *
Ben. Bristow Sourtds the Rfei
publican Reveille on White
A Horde of Democratic Spont-
ers Preparing for a R it ; *
on the Hoosiers.
John Sherman'a Silvery Locks
Bustling With Political
Enthusiasm. .
Various Political Notes.
Two Campaign Lied Nailed.
Special Dispatch to Tnn l !
NKW YORK , July JJJ * Pm *
iTie Tribune's ' Sharon rings special
says : Justice Swayne states that he
never gave an opinion condemning
Gar Gold , but on the contrary , has the
highest confidence in his integrity.
He never wrote a word of what has been
been attributed to him. Garfield is
hta personal friend. wrote the de
nial himself of The Herald's charges.
Gen. Bristow telegraphs from the
White Mountains the following denial
of the charge that he would support
Hancock :
"PKOFILE HOUHB , N. H. , July 22.
"The statement is unauthorized and
untrue. B. H. BRISTOW. "
Secretary Sherman on the Campaign.
Special Dif patch to Till Bis.
WASHINGTON , Jnly 23 4 p. m.
Attorney - General Nash , of Ohio , a
member of the republican state com >
mittee , has arrived here to-day tc
urge upon Secretary Shermau the im
portance of his taking an early part
in the campaign in favor of Gen. Gar-
field. Mr. Sherman assured Air.
Nash that he intended to place hie
services at the disposal of the republi
can committee and make H number ci
speeches during the campaign.
A False Rumor.
Spochl Dispatch to Tn * BIS.
WASHINGTON , Jnly 23 1 p , ni.
ecret ry Sherman says that ; as far at
in is concerned , iho removal of OcJ-
ector Merritt has not ever been con' '
, -mplated. He does not profets tc
i > eak for Mr. Hayea , but r-gnrds th (
epor ed chanci in the Now York ens
; m house as a ba eless rumor. Hi
resses satiBfaction with the presenl
management' of the C'ls'om house.
Lander Not to "Withdraw ,
pedal dupatcti to The Bee.
CHICAGO , July 23 4 p. m.
, t was rumored in Indianapolis , yea-
erday , that Franklin Landers thi
[ emocractic candidate for Governor
would be withdrawn , but"it was prcn
ably with'out foundation. Lnde"rs i ;
at nork on bia speech and cannot bf
> erauaded to withdraw. About one
mndreddemocratic 0-aiors , includinj
lendricks , McDnnald. Landers , Gra ;
and Julwn , will be let loose on th"
loosiers en the 14th of Aueust.
Getting Political Points.
8pocl l Dispatch tp Iho Bee.
NBW YORK , July 23 4 p. m.-
en. Hancock came over from Gov
ernor's Island to this city yesterda ;
afternoon , accompanied by his seri
EluiBell Hancock , to be ahsen ; for thi
nijjht , which was spent \\ith Mr. Til
len and at the Governor's , Grayatone
20 miles up the Hudson river.
Ohio Bourbons.
BpecUI Dispatch to The Bee.
OLKVELAND , 0 , July 23 4 p. m.-
About one thouiandpersons in attend
mco upon the democratic conventioi
look a pleasure trip of twentj
ive miles on the steamer No :
ton on lake Erie to-day by invitatio :
of the local democracy of Cleveland
John G. Thompson , having beei
elected chairman of the control com
mittee , has called a meeting of th
committee at Columbus for Monda
next , to prepare for the campaign.
Gratz's Ambition.
Special Dispatch to The Bcc.
ST. Louis , July 23 i p. ra. I
Gratz Brown announces himself as
democratic candidate ifor the Unite
Statea senate.
Missouri Democrats
Special dlapatch to The Dee.
JEFFERSON CITY , Mo. , Jnly 23-
p. m. The state democratic oojiv j ;
tion adjourned.this morning after a
all night session and the completion c
the ticket.
Missouri Democratic Slace.
Special Dispitch to the Bee.
JJFFERSON CITY , Mo. , July 24 1 F
m. The following is the full tickc
nominated by the democratic stat
convention : For governor , Thomas I
Crittenden ; for lieutenant governoi
Robert A. Campbell ; for suprem
judge , Robert D. Ray ; for secretar
of state , Mifthael K. McGrath ; for al
torney general , H. D. Mclmyre ; fo
sttte auditor , John Walker ; for stat
troaeuier , Robert McOul.ough ; fo
railroad commissioner , George C
Special Dispatch to The Bee
CHICAGO , July 24 1 a. m. Th
western branch of the republican ni
tional committee was in private sei
tion at the Pacific hotel yesterday a
ternpon. The following dispatch wi
received from Now-York , addressed l
Senator Logan , and signed by Chai
man Jewell , of the national commi
tee :
"These headquarters congratula
the western branch upon its openin ,
All indications are that the interest
increasing , harmony prevailing at
viet ry'reasonably certain. "
Messrs. Michaels and Hecsing. loc
rf publicTn newspaper men , ca'led ai
wera in consultation with the comnr
Ue npon-general mitters concern ! ]
the campaign.
- A rtpubUcaa mass meeting ' is i
square on Market street. Two stands erected , and the grounds will
1-4 lighted wiih six calcium lichts.
The speakers will be Gen. N. P.
Banks , of Massachusetts ; Chauccey I.
ftlley , of St. L uis ; Gen. John A.
Jogan , Gov. Shelby McCullom , John
M. Hamilton , candida'e fr lieuten
ant governor ; James McCartney , can-
lidite for attorney general , and Clark
E , Can.
Special Jitpalch ( o lie Bee.
WAHUINOTON , July 24 , 1 a. m
Senator Bruce had a long conversa
tion with the president on the condition -
tion of politics in Miesissippi. He
> ld the proiident tnnt if the repub-
ioansmade any effort to put a ticktt
formally in the field the dotnocrsli
would put in force the methofij of 76
and ' 78 , and re-enact the crimes of
these campaign ? . Bruce said he had
no remedy to offer , but some means
should ba adopted to secure to every
citizen the privilege of enjoying bis
) plitical rights without restriction or
dicta' ion , supported by threats of vio-
ence. The president ia reported to
lave eaid that he would endeavor to
execute the laws , and had confidence
k-it a better sentiment would prevail
n the south during the coming elec
tion. The senator thinks that with a
etter of encouragement from the ad
ministration to the national eommit-
ee three congressional districts miuht
be carried by the republicans. He
rill return to Mississippi in Septem-
> er and urge an active campaign.
A prominent Virginian , in conver
sation yesterday , eaid there was but
ittle doubt that a compromise would
) o madp between the two factions of
he democratic party in that state at
an early day , and which , he said ,
would result in the state being demo
Special Diapatch to The Be .
SARATOGA , N. Y. , July 24 , 1 a. m.
The Tammany state committee mot
morning , all members being
nesent but eight , and they were rep
resented by substitutes. Lowtera were
received from all but four or five of
electoral candidates resigning
; heir places. A motion to accept thi
resignations was opposed by Patrick
B. Cowan , of Saratoga , in a vigorous
and bitter speech. Cowan closed
with a motion fora committee of five
; o confer with the Faulkner , or regtv-
ar , committee. The meeting , with
out action , adjourned till 4 p. m. Be
fore adjournment , on motion of John
Kelley , a committee waa appointed to
prep.i e an address to the democracy
of tbe state. John Kelley was made
At 7 p. m. the session was resumed.
Cowan's resolution was amended and
adopted , and various other resolu
tions looking to harmonium cooperation
tion among the different branches of
the democracy were passed. The
committee of addrets reported and it
waa adopted , after which the commit
tee ndjourntd.
The address oo Tptulates the de
mocracy nt all the sUtea on the nom
inations of Hancock and Eciylisn.and
pay * them hi h personal compliments.
l ho causes of diff renca in the demo-
critic ranks in 1879 ure then reviewed
and the case of Tammany argued with
much force and at c. > nsidrrable 'en ' th.
It declares agniLst the machine ,
against party centralization , and con
demns theremuVdl of officials ithout
pnp-r cause. It savs the protest
irude at the polls has had the salutary
etfoct of pointing out the line beyond
which official authority can not ven
ture with impunity. The action of
' 79 will not need repeating. The
nomination of Hancock lifted them
above local distractions to national
ground and blotted out alienations.
After stating that all differences arc
buried , in strong terms the oddrest
makes an earnest and vigorous appeal
for harmonious action. It then sayc
all they contended for haa been
gained and the responsibility for a re
publican state government belongs tr
the other wing. It closes with a justi
fication of too course of the bolters ,
as being atjain-it party tyranny anc
distinction , and says they struck note
to wound but to save , and their sturdy
blows made victory impossifle.
The address closes by thankmg thoii
candidates for electors for withdraw
ing and commending the regulai
ticket , and asserting that everything
will be done to show their deuiocratu
brethren of this and other statei
their supreme devotion to the causi
of the democracy.
The sentiments of the address wen
endorsed in speeches made by prorai
nent members of 'he ' committee.
Determined Strikers.
Special Dlrpatch to The Bee.
LOWELL , Mass , July 24 1 a. m.-
Spinners nf the Morrimack mills , whi
are out on a strike held a regula
meeting yesterday afternoon. Repre
sentatives of other corporations wer
present and voted to strike and to in
duce those now running mills to com
out. Tbe strikers have received mone
from tbe International Labor Unio :
of New York ; They meet agai
Tueaday evening. _
A Brutal Assault.
Special dispatch to The Heo.
NEW YORK , July 23 4 p. m.-
A young man named John Lyons stop
ped at the cabin of Rachel Simmons
a colored widow about 53 years old
last Sunday afternoon , near Yorkers
and made outrageous propositions i
the woman. She indignantly resentei
theinsu tand ordered him out of th
house. Instead of leaving he assanltei
her , threw her on the floor and ai
tempted to maltreat her. _ Sheshoutei
mnrder , and help came in the perao
of a gentleman whom Lyon struc
twice and then escaped. Tbe ruffia
was arrested Monday and now is helen
on 81000 bail. _
Base Bill.
Special DIn tuh to The Bee.
The following games of base ba
were played July 23d :
BOSTON Bostons 4 , Buffalrs 2.
PEOVJDENCE Cincinnatis 0 , Prov
i denceS.
> WORCESTER Chicsgos 1 , Woi
SPKIHOPLELD Rochestera 0Natiot ,
ali 6.
TROY Treys 2 , Clevelanda 10.
The Nortaweet'a Grub.
BpecUI Dispatch to TOS Bu.
CHICAGO , July 24 1 a. rs.T-Tl
crop reports from Iowa , "Wisconsii
Minnesota and Dakota continue j > e :
eraUy favorable. In s me connti
wheat hai been damaged by too mui
rin , and occasionally damaged 1
ruit.orcbinchbug , but in the sggi
gate the yield will novorthelees B'I
fH that of..aoy pievious"year. II
' ' - " ' 'J '
toports ara
The Negro ExodusterE
Turning Their Toes
Toward Texas.
Fnrtila Attempts to Beaoh the
Dead Yldtifiis ifc the Hud
son Biver Tunnel.
The Brigade of Mexican * Pur *
suing ; Victoria And His
The New York Authorities
Refuse to Touch 'the
Obelisk or Trans
plant it ,
Magnificent Reception of Gen.
Grant at Leadville.
Special dispatch to Tha Bea.
CIHCAOO , Jnly 23 4 p. m. Th
Times says : Many of the negro refu
gees in Kansas who have not fonnc
that state a land of milk and honey ,
are moving Into Texas where workingmen -
men are scarce and wages remnnera
tive. One planter haa employed fivi
hundred blacks in Kansas and other
have gone there to secure help. Thi
Texas cotton crop is said to ba thi
largest ever raised there.
Greaeera to tbe Rescue.
Special dispatch to Tha Be * .
SAN ANTONIO , Tex. , July 33. Th
following was received at military
headquarters from Gen. Grierscn al
Fort Davis. Col. Valles , of the Mex
ican army , reports from Corigo , Mexico
ice , July 13 , that he would take the
field on the 14th with 4700 mei
agaxna Victoria and and his band ol
hoetiles Indians. A force of 120 cav
airy was then following the trail o ;
the Indians toward Eagle Spring. Hi
haa authority , obtained from Wash
ingtonto cross into the United States
WASHINGTON , July 23 4 p. m.
The war office has received the follow
ingdmpatch from Chicago :
General Ords telegraphs that Via
torio has probably crossed the Rloje
nero , and is making for Eagle spring
He is being pursued by a force oi
General Grieraon's force is movinj
from two points on Eigle springs t <
co-operate with the Mexicans , whi
will It id supposed ores * iix pnraait t
Victoria. General Pope will be dul
notified of these event * , signed.
P. H. Sheridan. Lt. Gen'l.
Special Dispatch to The EM.
NrwYoRK , July 23 i p. m. Al
efforts made have been without sue
cess so far to clear the shaft of th
Hudson river tunnel of water b
pumping. The result his been to dii
cover the leakage , which will probabl
necessitate the stoking of a oofferdat
before the bodies of the drowned"worl
men can be reached snd secured. *
The Tunnel Tomb.
Special Dispatch to tbe Bu.
NEW YORK , July 26 1 a. m ; At
o'clock yesterday morning the pum
at the shaft in tha Hudson river tuc
nelat Jersey City was again set a
work. Bnt little progreta was mad
at getting the water out pf the shaft
A large pump , capable of throwin
3000 gallons per minute , wll | be pt
up at once , but even if suocesafnl i
pumping out the shaft the air-loc
could not bo reached before to-nlghl
A consultation was held yesterday
and it was decided to adopt the pla
of sinking a coffer dam to get at te
bodies , and the engineer in charg
thinks that if divers can get to woi
at the bodies from under , they may t
got ont in a week ; if not , they cann <
bo recovered till the coffer dam
built , which will be in five weeki ,
the work progresses night and day.
He says the dangerous part of tl
work has not yet been arrived at , nx
many more lives will probably be sa >
rlficed before the work Is accqmplishe. .
When the tunnel reaches that perth
of the river where the water is sixi
feet deep , there will be lizty-tn
pounds of earth and eighty pounds
water to the foot. This will make
pressure of 4000 pounds to the.sqna
foot , requiring an atmospheric prei
ure of forty pounds to the aqua
Wind Pudding.
Hpecial Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , Jnly 23 < p. m.
Dr. Tanner began the twenty-six
day of his fast at nooa to-day. I
appears in fair spirits , although ser
physicians think ha is failing. He h
lost two pounds in the last twent
four hours , and twenty-six poun
since beginning his fast. His weif
now is about 130 $ pounds.
8pdal Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , Jnly 24 1 a. m.
Tinner , the faster , seemed much di
turbed yesterday at the reports pa
lished In the papers that he was fa
ing in strength. He asserted that
felt as well aa at any time. He w
asked why he did not drink more n
ter , and replied that hs did not ne
it , but at the same time admitted tl
the quantity which he had been taki
rather distressed his stomach and ,
he really did not need , he would i
take so much hereafter.
Grant In LeaxWH * .
Special Dlfpiteb to Tha Bee.
LEADVILLE , July 24 1 a. m. G <
Grant air.ved here at 9:30 : Thursd
evening. Too tram from Man it
was detained two hour * by a washi
on the Rio Grande road near Fuel
a Granr was received by a company
b tnouuted police , two companies of e
7 airy , five companies orinftntry ,
) tire department of the city and 1
hundred veterans oi tbe lr war ; 1
bnda were in th * ( Yocairion.
Grant alighted from.tht . > car ft talaV
Benson's Capcine
Porous Plaster.
The only Improvement ever-made on the common PorousPla t r.
Over 2000 Druggists have signed a paper stating that
are superior to all other plasters.
Pharmaceutical Chemists.
- -apie-ecdaw
100 gans wu fired. The line of
march waj brilliantly Hlumiint'd and
decorated elaboiately with evergreens
and national color * . From the time
the column struck the city the streets
were one dense mass of humanity ,
fully thirty thousand people being
gathered alone the line of march. Ar
riving at the Clarendon hotel the
crowd was so dense that it was with
the utmost difficulty that a paiaage to
the hotel was cleared by the police.
General Grant was compelled to climb
orer thi > stand erected for speakers ,
and on his appearance on the stand
he was greeted with deafening cheers.
In response to calls for speech ,
Grant expressed hit regret that he
was unable to speak on account of
suffering from excvsnre hoaneness
When the general ( inteftd the hotel a
throng followed him , cheerhjg , shr-Ut-
ing and struggling , and for nearly an
honr the throng in the hall was as
dense M that in the streets. After
partaking of supper the general at
once retired. Yesterday he Visitrd the
Morning Star and the theater In the
evening , M ball and reception being
given afterward. This morning a for
mal banquet will take place. The
general and party will remain until
Monday. _ The city expends 920,000 ,
mostly raised by subscriptions , for the
entertainment of the party.
The Obfllisk.
NKW YoRik , Julv 23 4 p. m.
There is a curious coUl'ct over the ob
elisk. The park commissioners refuse
to take possession of it. Thy say
they don't know to whom it belongs ,
whether to thekhedive , or Vanderbilt ,
or the United States government , and
that they will not take possession of
it till authorized to do so. They stitp
that they do not propose to be arrested
for larceny , and that they have no
right to expend money to remove the
obelisk when such expense rs net
authorized by law. The obelisk still
remains on board the boat.
Cerwpondtnce of the Bee.
YORK , Neb. , July 22. To-day the
the n'rst dirt was thrown for the new
Conference Seminary at York , and
the occasion was both eloquent and
festive. Nearly all tbe stores in town
locked doors and the lively town of
York , burse , foot and dragoon , ware
transported to the campus. The band
first paraded the ttroetsas a signal foi
movement , and then the livery and
pedestrians took a lively eacspade tc
to the hill at the east edge of town ,
where the ceremony was to take place.
The choir selected for tie occasion
discoursed some excellent selection !
of music , and speeches were made by
Rev. 0. S. Harrison , the Congrega
tional pastor of the place , and Rev.
D. F. Rodabaugb , M. E. presiding
elder. The next in the programme
was to remove the first dirt of thi
excavationfor the-foundation walls.
The honor waa acccorded to tbe ladies
of the townbut np rose a gray-haired
pioneer of. eighty years' and offered
them five dollars if they would con
cede to him that privilege. Then com
menced the bidding which decided the
privilege-In favor of W. D. Meade ,
a newcomer , the price being fiftees
dollars. "Father" Beecher , the 6wt
bidder , moved the second shovelful
for five dollars. The ladles of Yorl
are undertaking to lay the foundation ,
and for a start in raising money hole
an ice cream festival on the ground
immediately after the ceremonies.
The liquor question still makes dif
ficnlty in York. A man who was ar
rested for selling liquor without li
cense - last winter , auanlted a max
who'jfave evidence against him. To
day he'waa brought np on the chargi
of assaulting | * witneis , and fined" 821
and costs. Immediately after th
trial was over , two of his pals huntei
ap tbewitness and "sailed into him' '
gain. Other cUizensJnterfered , am
toe two bnllys wera leverely deal
with. All three engaged i ;
this melee are badly mutilated abon
the neck , head and face. As ioon a
the affray was over the two men fie
aa fait as possible from the county
followed by the city marshal and tw
policemen , armed with warrants fo
their arrest. It is not yet know
whether they overhauled their victim
or not , Both sides are well arme
and something worse may yet happei
The Seeing birds , 1 am told , wei
hangers-on at the saloon.
Among other items of in'ercst n
learn that old and new York con
bined have a population of 1,500.
The bnsinesa men all announce
prosperous trade and the farmers si
harvesting an average harvest , with a
excellent prospect fur corn.
York connty farmers are betfe
housed and have finer groves tbj
most western people. Intelligem
and thrift are common characteristic
and thu people will flourish and tl
land "bloMOtn as the rose. " JAY.
Gblcseo Produce.
CHICAGO , July 23.
"Wheat Easier and Jo lowerNo. ;
spring closing at 93c cash or Jnl ;
89j(389c ( August ,
Corn Js lower ; No. 2 closed
cash ; 36jc July ; 35c A
IB gust.OaU Without materialchange ; N
IB 3 closing at 26c cash or July , 22) )
Dt 22Jc Aogust or September.
Rye Firm ; caah , 69jc ; Angus
Bsrley 75c for September.
\Thisky-81 09.
M M Pork Active , excited s
Ifcher doting at 14 00(314 ( 25 cai
75014 80 July ; 81 * 77J 14
; o. August ; sales for Angus ! at $14 32
o.of 15 ( X ) .
Lard- Closed at 36 371 ; cash
he Joly86 873890 August.
Te C3Uc3jr ° Uv * Stock.
CJUXFAGO , July 23.
of H'ogjAJtrve ; nader-
receipts prices were & < $10ap rlOOft .
higher sales at $4 60@4 75 fur light
packing and shipping ; $4 50@fTOO for
heavy packing ; 34JOt35 00 for &co&
to extra aasoited hippina lot * ; *
ceipU , 13,110.
Cattle Active and steady at
terdays fijures sales ranaed 93
4 30 for butchers' steers ; 94 35O4 59
for fair to good shipping steeri ;
@ 4 t > 5 for choice amooih shipping loU ;
receipt * , 4000.
New YorK Moaav ana OtocJt.
MXW TORK. July W , I.19 : p. m.
MONET M rV t tt 2) prr ctnt. .Urllnj ex-
chingo dnll'tt * 4 S.if S 00.
D.b.tMggl . _ . t < U
O. 8. if , N w . _ ioeji
IJ. fl. ft new . - . 1
U. S. Currency 6'iJ . !
Moderately ttve ! : ilKlinc
oioO Tkg pb . Idol
Nw Tork Central. . . . . . . 13U
sn . _ . . . . „ . 41
Ui 8hor 107 {
BoekUIwd . „
Sorthwe t m . .
KorUnrMUrn eictimd
PiclflcM II
at. ? aJ pr ! ejt < l
HID. & St. Jo Rt
Han. ASt. Jo. pfj 71 |
WabMO , St. Loul5 nd FacUlc lit
preferred . . . . . . . . . O i
UnlonPadfle . VH
O. C. 41. C. . !
Mlchi3nu Situthcra . . . . . . . * * X :
La.-kmiuni A ; Wortfru . . . . . S * >
Hudson . „ . HI )
NewJerMyCc . . . . . . 7 < t
M. k E . 10 i
K 4.iidir . . IS *
I.M . 6i
A. P
ban /r nd co
pre erred
Central Pacific . "
U&X. . 12'
at. Louie Product * .
ST. Lori * . July 33
Flour Unchanged.
Wheat-Active , lower and ttnsotiled ;
No. 2 rod 9JctWc ca h ; 91@91jc
July ; 89J@892 < 38 ! > c August ; 885Q8HJ
@ 88jo Suptonibor ; 88iQ87c the year ;
No. 3 < lo , 87 $ < $8fijc ; No. 4 do , 800
Corn Eaflleractive ;
36J bid July ; 34 0 August ; and 3j
34s September.
Oa Dnll and lower a , 24o own ?
313o August.
Rye Firm ; fiOo asked.
Lead Dull ; 4c.
Batter Firm and higher ;
EigsQuiet at 6 < 37c.
Whisky Steady at 81 08.
Pork Higher ; $14 00 Aujjust ; job
bing cash , 814 25.
Dry Salt Maati Higher , $4 65 ©
7 05@7 20@7 407 50 , according ti >
ageBacon Higher at
Lard Better ; 6c.
St. LiOUle Live Stock
ST. Louis , July 23. . :
Hogs Yorkers and Baltimore * ,
84 504 CO ; packing , 84 58@4 6J }
butchers' to fancy , 84 60O4 75- Receipts -
ceipts , 4100 head ; shipment * 52CO
New Yorit Produce
NRW YORK , July 23.
Flour Quite firm with a moderate
export and home trade Inquiry ; re
ceipts , 19,875 barrels ; round hoop
Ohio , ? 5 10@5 76 ; choice do. , $3 80@
7 00 ; superfine western , | 3 8094 40 ;
common to good extra do. , $4 60 ® .
4 60 ; choice do. , 84 707 00 ; white
wheat do. , 84 50@5 00.
Wheat Spring dull ; winter heavy ;
* ® lc lower ; sales of 16JOOO hu No. 2
red , Jnly at 8110J ; s les of 8,000 b : >
August at 81 08108J ; < T" ot 112.-
000 bu September at 81 08 1 06 | .
Corn Dull ; new mixed western ,
pot , 45J48Jc ; do future ,
Oats About steady ; western ,
@ 42c-
Beef Unchanged , in light demand
and nominal ; plain mesa , 99 60 ; new
extra do. , $10 00.
Pork Higher and strong ; spot ,
new mesa , 814 25.
Lard firmer and moderately ac
tive ; steam rendered , 87 32 § .
Ullwaojcea froduce Ma et
MILVACXM , July 23.
Wheat Quiet ; opened and closed
firm ; bard , nominal ; Nc. 2 Mllwjw
kee , 81 03 ; No. 3 Milwaukee , 81a
Corn Quiet and lower at 38c.
OaU Quiet at 26c.
Rye Lower at76o.
Barley Firm ; No. 2spriny , 8 > 4c.
TOT M thcpnrpoK * ot a
Cottixnta , JamUet
Dytpoptta , Inttmt'
Hon , Dgfaitfty , foal
Stomoeri on
Filtt ,
Eruption * and
Liter Complaint
tyTetterTtm < #
Salt Shew ,
Vforau , GovtfTaurat-
gia , CM a DinturTOt , ani Purifying thy BlotA ,
are tha most congenial pnrgatlvs yet pertecteii.
thelreflecte abundantly show bov much they
ezctl all other PUJs. Tn 7 are itafg and olaaMnt
to take , bnt pu Biful V > mi * . The parps oat
tha foal humors from the blood ; tb nlaU
the taitih ( or diioid red orjutf Into Hon ;
and they Impart hualth od ton toth * hol
b lng. Tb y ner not only th ver7 day oom-
plainta ot v iybody , bat fprmldable aixj daDivr-
ouadlSMM . JfottsldlM pbyslcUBS. n o t em
inent elenpmm , snd oar bt dtU-jc * . n4-C F-
tlflcat of cores tarforaied , and ol h griat
beneflto derlvtd from the o Pltla , Tby w th
mtmt and befl phyilc ( or chlldrK. btcaoM ndid
aa weU M eff ctaal. E lnt snjsr oc ttt ther
ara may to t k : and b te ? purely j ubl ,
Th 7. r entirely haral -
id 1 > R. J. C. AYBB *
b ;
JO Practical sad Analytical Chemfcrta
Bold by all Drn 'sU and Dealer in
BlttVt ItU
u > tt
- . ' A - a