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    VOL. X. OMAHA , NEBRASKA , THURSDAY. JULY 22 , 1880. . . 1ST0. 27.
Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price Five C ei s
Europe Exc.tedly Waits to
See if Turkey Means
to > Fignt ,
"Russian Official Journal Pre
dicts Peace for Europe.
Kcvival of Fenianism Any
thing to .Md Ireland.
Terrible KT&ges fcy TeltMi *
la Maalla.
MADRID , July 21 10 p. m.-3n !
Itland Luzon there has been several
earthquakes. A volcano has been in
eruption , hut water spouting from the
Mirth , and the inhabitants were forced
to flee. Eleven persons were killed
* nd injured. Earthquakes in other
placet demolished buildings.
jWcUl Dispatch to The M a
LOSDOV , Jnly 22. The Savage
club of London will entertain at a
banquet , on the 30th inat. , all Ameri
can actors now visiting in England.
Mr. Lowell , the American minuter ,
ku accepted tin invitation to be
Bpedil Dlsp&tch to The Bee.
LONDON , July 22 1 a. m. The
Agence Eusse , a semi-official organ of
fthti adminietration at St. Petersburg ,
aiaya it anticipates an early solution ot
the Greek and Montenegrin ques
tions. No single power , Bays this
journal , ia likely to take the initiative
in bringing about an armed conflict
between Turkey and Greece. . Eu
rope's ttrencth consists in conct-ntra-
tiun upon all questions which affect
ihe common interests of the conti-
ment. A war at this time would be
inadvisable in itselF , but probably
would lead to such complications as
would threaten the stability of many
of the existing governments on the
A Constantinople dispatch states
that the national council of Albania
-consisting of 260 delegates from dif-
it-rent cities and sections of the coun-
ttry assembled at Prisrend to discuss
questions raised by the pteaent aspect
of affairs between Albania and Greece
and Montenegro. Priarend , where
the council wwemblec , IB the capitol
af a tanjak nu the Riukat , four miles
f r m its confluence with ihe Drin and
eight miles east of Sortari. It is , the
Tesidenco of the Turkish government ,
3iis a kianufactury of fire arms and
maintains active trade with adjacent
towni. It is not expected that the
Limucil'wiU by . .anymrni be of ona ,
mind on the impending issue. Turkish - !
ish rule in Albania has not be n BO
popular ma to unite this brave but
miioellaneouB people into a defensive
body in this crisis. The Taekitris in
the south , who are of great etrength
and speak the modem Greek Ian-
xu&ge , wil probably instruct their
delegates to favor the views of Athens
and the concerted letter of the pow-
en. While on the other hand it ia
considered likely that the Turkish
Latin and possibly a part of the Ital
ian elements will favor the projects
and attitude of the Porte. In any
ewe the council will ba largely repre
eentatire and the report of Its dellb-
eratlonR is awaited with much solic
itude at the Turkish capital.
The Fenians of Manchester and
Halford the latter being a parliamen
tary and municipal borough in Lan
cashire in the suburbs of Manchester ,
entertained last night the American
Tenian delegates at Manchester.
During the speech making Mr. Daller ,
the leading delegate , denounced the
landlords in viuk-nt terms and ex
pressed the h > po that Irishmen in
Great Britain would rally to the sup
port of the Fenians and take advant
age of tbe present state ot things tj
pre a their measures by fair means if
possible and by foul if necessary.
Several of the delegates mildly fa
vored the idea of waiting to see what
would come of Parnell's home rule
convention , which is summoned to be
held at Nuw Gwtle-on-Tyne on the
9th of August.
The queen has ordered the erection
of ft monument to the late prince im
perial in St George's chapel , Windsor.
A disastrous earthquake has taken
. place t Manila. Openings were
made in several places , and ejected
boiling water and clouds of burning
yshea. The cathedral and the bar
racks have fallen. The utmost con-
alternation prevails , and the loss of
life is laid to have been great. Ac
curate details of the disaster have not
yet been received. Manila , the
ecene of this calamity , is the capital
'city of the island of Luzon and all the
Philliplan islands. The city is in the
form of a segment of a circle between
the river and sea , and its suburbs ex
tend over numerous inlets formed by
the river and its branches , and are
reached by boa's.
A dispatch from * Capetown lays
there is no longer any doubt as to the
purpose of the Basutos. Their rebel
lious attitude is pronounced , and a
detachment of rifles has been sent
by the colonial government , with in-
itructions to march to Basualt and a
rapidly a * possible. Intelligence from
Mason informs the government that
the nativea are already threatening
the Britith .residency at that pltce ,
and f a of assault are entertained.
In the contest yesterday at Wim
bledon , in the third series of extra
prizes , Brown , of the American * , who
on Tuesday made 49 out of a possible
60 for the Arthur prizes , was the only
rifleman who made the highest possi
ble score. The contest for the Kala-
pore cup at 600 yards was shot yester
day. The Americans , Messrs. Far
row and Hyde , each made the highest
powible scores. The Canadian * , who
practiced uninterruptedly all day Tues
day for th's contest , and made a
strong point of winning , broke down
on the 600 yards range , and altrgather
spoiled their record and their chances.
An increasing interest M fait in tbe
coming international match , and all
the teams are coaching for it with
gnat industry The beta still decid
edly favor.tb * Americans.
A lite dispwcfc says that the English
[ teim won the Kslajorecup by a score
E 63D. The Canadians were Bome-
l what comforted for their dpfeat in the
1 cap contest by winning the 8 prize
by the reputable score of 566.
A dispatch from Constantinople
says two ve.'sels faavcamved at Varna
with arms and ammunition from
A dispatch from Calcutta says Ab
dul Rahman will be recognized as
ameer of Afghanistan on Thursday.
False Beports .of. Indian
Balds Contradicted bys
Gen ,
The Case of the Clipped Cadet
Still Under Consideration.
The Indian Scare False.
Bpecill Distich to Tbe Bee.
WASHINGTON , July 21 4 p. m.
The following dispatch was received
at the war office this morning :
To Adjutant-Uenenl , Wuhtngton :
Gen Terry reports that the rumora
of the defeat of Capt. Haley's cum *
mand by Indian * , in the neighbor
hood of the B'ack ' Hills , are ground
less. That officer has scouted the
whole northern country for one hun
dred miles.
The Whittaker Case.
SpecUl Diipatch to Tni EKE.
WASHINGTON , July 21 , 4 p. m.
Secretary Ramsey eaya that no action
will be taken iu the Whitiaker case
for ten days or two weeks. Toe ques
tion of granting Whittaker a martial
trial is under consideration , but as
there is no necessity of hurrying the
matter , and as several important ques
tion * must be considered in connec
tion with Wbiltiker's application fora
court martial , thu whole subject will
be gone over carefully before final ac
tion is taken.
Mississippi River Survey.
Bpocial dinpitch to Tbe Bee.
WASHINGTON , July 21 10 p. m.
When the work of surveying the Mis
sissippi is begun , which will probably
not be until October , seven different
parties will be put simultanuously into
the field , and work will be pushed
forward with a1 ! dispatch possible.
The work will be under the direction
of thu coast survey , but will be con
formed , as far as practicable , to the
views of the Mississippi river commis
sion , as they have been designated to
take special charge of the improve
ment of the navigation of the river.
TUe Squatter Chief.
WASHINGTON , Jnly 21 4 p. m.
Attorney General Devenshas gone to
New England , but left instructions as
to what should be done with Payne ,
the squatter in Indian territory , and
his ging. He said that under the law
only those who had been guilty of
trespassing on the territory twice
could be punished. In that case they
were liable to prosecution and a fine
of S100.
Payneof the twenty-two captured.ig
the only one whom the military
authorities have any knowledge of be
ing trestpasiers for a aecond time , and
he will be prosecuted. The law in re
gard to the fiwt offense is that on be
ing caught the first time the trespassers
shall bo turned off an Indian reserva
tion and warned.
CHICAGO , July 21 , 4 p. m. The
Times Boston special pays : A reliable
informant says the democratic-green
back alliance in Maine will certainly
collapse before the election. Already
quarreling hai begun.
Gtn. Chambers of Texas , greenback
candidate for vice president , will with
draw , owing to ill health.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , July 21 4 p. m. Hon.
Carl Schurz and family are in the city
to day en route to Wisconsin for a few
days' rest and recreation. It is hoped
that Gen. Schurz will consent to peak
at the great ratification meeting in
this city next Saturday evening by the
Special dispatch to Till Bra.
DENVER , July 21 4 p. m. Sec
retary Thompson made a strong repub
lican speech hero last night , showing
no Hancock in a very bad light as a
statesman.Missouri Bourbons.
Special Dtepatch to The Bee.
JEFFKKSON CITY , Mo. , July 21.
4 p. m. The Democratic state con
vention met and temporarily organ
ized by electing ex-Governor Chas.
P. Johnion chairman. Committees
were appointed. Recess.
Bloody Work
BpecUl Dtapatch to Tbe Bee.
CHICAGO , July 22 1 a. m. James
Bray and Mike Martin , two workmen
at the Union rolling mill , had an al
tercation Tuesday afternoon. Martin
( truck Bray , knocking him down nd
cutting his head with a large piece of
Iron ore , producing concussion of the
brain , which will probably result fa
Undoubtedly the best shirt in the
United States is manufactured at tbe
Umaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
of Material and workmanship , com
bined with their great improvements ,
that ia Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
backs and Reinforced sleeves , makes
their shirt the moat durable and best
fitting garment of the kind , ever
manufactured. Resd the following
low prices :
Frettnt. Former.
Oar Fine Whits Shirt - 3S 160
Our xtr FJnt " 176 SCO
Onr Impelled Cheviot tbirU 2 SO 2 75
Our " Penaug " 2-5 S76
Our " " Cheviot 17o 200
( Tfacte are nude on whit * bcdlen )
Preterit Fermtr.
Onr Imp rted Penang and Cheviot
viet viih col an attached , also
on Whit * Bcrles 1 BO 2 00
Alto a fine working ihirt for 128.
None but WamsutU Muslin and
best Linens used.
The abova prices include Laundry-
Ing , a discount allowed when otherwise
An additional 35 cents charged
when mad * to order.
Omah Shirt Factory , 1207 Ternham
gtpeet , near 12th 6tr et.
Another Added to trie 'Long List
of'Human Sacrifices in-the
; Vicinity of Hew Toft.
Thirty 'Men Buried Alive t > y
'th < vCavfng of the Hudson . '
" , River : Tunnel. -
* * "
v . .
' *
. '
" o
The -jron "PJates Break- and
' ' "
' Vfloo'd of Water
* ' Pours in.
Bight Merr Eeoape , tbe Remain-
* - ' "del-Perish. :
" * *
. T
* -
NEW YOKK , July 21 i p. m. *
At & o'clock this morning the caisson
leading to the entrance of the Hudson
river tunnel , at Sixteenth street , Jer
sey City , oaved In , burying thirty
men. Eight were soon rescued , twen
ty-two remaining under the earthwith
the water rapidly pouring in from the
river. Steam fire engines were set at
work to save thtm from drowning , and
a great , excited crowd soon gathered.
Their efforts at" rescue were entirely
unavailing , and the buried ones were
drowned or smothered. Three men
are also miesing besides those whose
bodies were recovered.
Thonightgang were engfged in the
shaft ; twenty of them were sixty-five
feet below the surface , and ten were
working on an arch forty feet below
the surface. All but two of the lat
ter equad escaped. Through negli
gence the air lock was improperly ad
justed. Peter Woodland , assistant
superintendent ; Frank Aleston , fore
man ; Thomas Burns , foreman , and
nineteen workmen were killed. One
hundred men are now digging , but
cannot get to the tunnel in less than
three days.
James Hayes , one of the last to es
cape , made the following statement :
There were 28 of us all told in the
tunnel at the time of the break in
the roof. I , with aix. others was at
work in the main shaft leading to the
twin tunnels which diverge from It and
about ten or twelve feet from the air
lock , which is about ten feet from the
shaft. All of UB had come
up to the top a short time
previous , .eating lunches and all
below to finish our watch expecting to
come up ngain at 8 o'clock when we
would be relieved by the other watch
aa none of us were employed on the
twin tunnels as < hcy already been
barred up their entire length 300 feet ,
All but myself were engaged in step
ping leaks overhead and on the aidu
prepaiatory to putting in a layer of
crown plates , so as to make this part
of the work conform to that already
completed. I was then attending to
the blow pipe connected with the air
lock and was suddenly startled by
hearing Superintendent Woodland aay
; stop those leaks , " pointiug to thereof
roof a short distance from
the door of tbe air lock. The words
had scarcely been uttered before I
beard a noise like that of escaping
steam and upon looking up saw thereof
roof of the tunnel crumbling in.
Knowing that all ground above and
surrounding the tunnel was made and
filled with water like a sponge , and
realizing the great danger in which wo
were placed , I , with others near ,
made rush for the door of the air lock
through which we had to pass to gain
shaft and safe'ty- Eight of us scrambled
into it and Woodland called to us to
close the door os as the air was escap
ing too rapidly. We tried to do so ,
but were prevented by Oelson and
Anderson , whrse bodies became
jammed in between it and the facing ,
preventing other men from getting in
side. The water by this time came
rushing into the air-lock reaching our
knees betoro we got to the door lead
ing to the shaft. How we ever man
aged to escape is a mystery. All I
know is that I was forced out and
then ran for the etahs leading from
the bottom to the top of the shaft.
We clambered up as fast as we could.
It was a race for life , but we beat the
water. Had not Anderson's
body interfered with the work
ing of the door othera of
the gang would have been saved.
I thought Woodland escaped , but the
poor fellow must have perished within -
in a few rods of the air lock.
Moses Pearson , engineer at the
mouth of the shaft , had been on duty
the greater part of the night and was
standing by the engine overlooking
the mouth of the shaft. He says a
cloud of dust suddenly arose on the
other side and Instantly afterwards
he saw the earth caving in.
Night watchman Badsell , who was
standing close at hand at the time ,
witnessed the same aighf. "I knew , "
he said , "that this meant something
terrible below , and throwing off my
coat descended the stairs to the bottom
tom and running to the air look
I motioned to men through the dead
eyes to attract their attention to the
danger. I then tried to cet inside but
the door was fastened. When I broke
in a glass eight men eventually suc
cessfully iu getting out , and they all
made for the stairs , KB the water was
rising rapidly and delay meant death.
It is a mistake when it is siid that
the water that followed us up came
from the river. It did
not , but on the contrary ,
from the wet soggy earth which is
loose refuse lying dumped there , and
is of the nature of compressed air
forced through the lock while men
were making the excavation , but the
moment the air escaped it left a va
cuum and the heavy weight of earth
ab'ove crushed in the supports and
everything gave way.
i President Haskins gave directions
for the pumping of all water from
ehc3 and a large force are now em
ployee ! .
Th > B afternoon additional and
powerful force pumps will ba put to
work. He ia of the opinion that it
will require fully three or four dtys
labor before the shaft can be cleared
of water sufficient to permit entry in
to the air locks , and tunnel workmen
employed in the tunnel say that lately
it has not been "uncommon to hear the
noise of escaping compressed air b- >
low. So often had they been attracted
by sound that'they had cause to have
fears on that account.
All the lost were residents of Jer-
&eV City or Hoboken , and a majority
of them were married and had fami-
Ifea. The superintendent is unable as
yet to determine the cvise of the dis-
o&t r , but thinks it may have been
caused by the looieniug of one of the
plnte ? through which the compressed
air. escsprg. The tunnel had been
completed for a distance of 300 feet
and entirely built up , except just ont-
tide. The lining of the tunnel is put
up of th-se plates till the maionry is
put up , and are supported by heavy
beams. Itis supposed oneof the beams
became loosened and the plate moved
from its position , allowing
the air to escape. The lessening of
the power which held up the roof
caused the ground to cave in. This
theory is probable , as the compressed
air engines and air reservoirs were in
good condition. Within a short time
after the accident the place was sur
rounded by large throngs of excited
people , among whom were the wives
and children of the unfortunate men ,
whose cries were heart-rending. All
the men that could be obtained were
set to work at digging a new shaft , in
order to reach the victims , but as they
are 70 feet below the ground and with
out air there is not tbe slightest hope
of getting them out alive. By work
ing mt > hc and day , it will be at least
three day before they can be reached.
The official report says eight men
escaped and twenty were drowned in
the tunnel disaster to-day. The re
port sheds no ligr < t on the accident.
Peter Woodlandassistant superintendent -
ent , lost his life in trying to save oth
era by remaining behind.
Special dispatch to TBS Bli.
JERSEY CITY , July 21 10 p. m.
Thos. Van Nostrand one of the men
rescued on the waste lock , gave the
reporter a thrilling account of his
nasrow escape. He said there were
twenty-eight men at work on the
tunnel. They went on at 12 o'clock
last night for au eight-hour shift. I
was at work near the east end of the
Wadle lock aud in the west end of
the tunnel. It nas about half p l
four o'clock when I heard the bolts
snap and the braces give way. At the
same time I felt.
on my face. * I. started back with
seven of thajnen who were near me ,
and ran intQ th , waste lock. The
air proBouro-crpwdflil the doer ahut
at the east end. First it woa'WtfckoJ
by a joist , which wo pulled out , and
then the door slammed to. The lock
hax doors at both ends and glass dead
eyes. We could see the men inside
the tunnel ; water was feist rushing in.
Peter Woodland , the assistant super
intendent , stood at the door outside
the waste lock , which was stitionary.
It would not move with us without
knocking out the dead eyes. This
would bo fatal to the men outside , as
the water would rush in and drown
the men in an in < tunt. Woodland
knew this , but stood at the door. His
face was ghastly. While he realized
he said to me , ' 'Tom , quick , burst
the dead eyes ; do what you can for
us. " I know it was death to us if I
did not do o. I obeyed the order.
As the glass broke the air rushed in
and the waste lock shot out into the
mam shaft leaving the man to drown
as the space occupied by the shaft
filled with water. In an instant we
were wholly stripped of our clothes.
When we crowded out we heard
at our back. It filled in fast , but ob
structions kept it back long enough
for us to eicape from the m in shaft.
It was all we could do to save our-
selves. Woodland was standing in
the water up to his waist when I last
saw him. It was sure death and I
had to knock out the dead eyes a * I
told you. He knew as well as I that
it WHA all over with him. I shall
never forget the look on his face or
sound of hi * voice as he told us to
favo ourselves , though the very act
was to insure his death.
NEW York , July 22,1 a. m. The
organization of the Hudson River
Tunnel company was begun several
yeais ngo by Col Hoskin. Ho finally
succe''ded in enlisting capitalists in
the enterprise , and applications were
made for chatters to both the New
Jersey and New York legislatures.
Considerable opposition was met
with from the various railroad
companies , and it' was not till last
wintur that the charter was obtained
at Albany. The corporation is known
as the Hudson Rivef Tunnel Railroid
company , with a capital of § 6,600,000.
Work has been going on slowly at in
tervals before , but on the first of No
vember , 1879 , it was begun earnestly
oniheshalt at the foot nf Fifteenth
street , Jersey City , and has been
prosecuted steadily over since. Noth
ing has yet been done on the New
York eide. The entire length of rhe
tunnel and approaches will be nearly
two and a balf miles.
Col Hoakin , president of the com
pany , is an old Californian , who has
had a great deal of experience in tun
nel and bridge building on the Pacific
Tanner's Matrimonial Life. '
Specwl Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , July 22 1 a. m. At
1:35 : p. m. Tanner the faster' * pulse
was 84 , temperature 99 1-6 , respira
tion 16. He denies the statement
published in the morning papers tha (
he tried to make his wife fast and be
cause she would not consent left her.
The fact is , said he , that our tempera
and desires were diametrically
site and it was impossible for me to
live with her , so we were divorced ,
and she is now , I believe , married tc
some one else out in Dakota.
At 6 o'clock he wa weighed anc
only marked up 132J pounds. This
shows that he has lost one pounc
"ince Tuesday. He says he does' not
balieve it , and that it u thsj mistake
of the scales.
Grand Ceremonies Attending
the International Tie at-
San Antonio.
Marriage of Gen , Qeronimo
Trevino to Mies Koberta
Augusta Ord , '
Uncomfortable Accumulation
of Silver Shiners in the , .
U. S. Treasury.
Dr. Tanner Grows Short and
Beautifully Thin tfy ,
Degrees. v
A Variety of News Items.
An International Wedding.
Special lllepatcli to The Dee.
SAN ANTONIO , July 21 4 p. m.
Gen. Geronimo Trevino , commanding
the northern divi ion of the Mexican
army , aud Mias Roberta Augusta , eld
est daughter of Gen. E 0. C. Ord ,
commanding the department of Texas ,
were married here last evening in St.
Mark's Episcopal church , Bhhop Elli
ott officiating. Upvard of two thou
sand persona thronged the church ,
and vast numbers were
congregated outside intense interest
being taken. After the ceremony the
bridal party proceeded to the resi
dence of General Ord where a recep
tion was held. The yard and premises
were br.lliantly illuminated and the
scene was very gay. The presents are
very numerous , costly and elegant. A
banquet will be tendered Geneial
Trevino to-morrow when he leaves
with his bride for their future home
at San Luis Potosi Mexico.
Killed by Indians.
Sped * ) dltpatcb to The Bee.
BI&MARCK , July 21 , 4 p. m. The
17. S. mail leaving Bismarck on the
10th for Mills City was captured by
Indians and the carrier , Henry Frees ,
killed three miles west of Pennell
station on the 12th. His body was
found shot through the head half a
mile from the track. The wagon was
ne r by. The ends of the mail sacks
were found and the mail scattered
over the grouud. Judging by tracks
there were eight Indians in the party.
Fixing Freight Bates.
Special dUpatch to Tbe Bee.
NEW YOKE , July 21 4 p. m.
Trunk line freight arbitrators of the
pool this morning considered the
claim of the Grand Trunk railroad for
ncreased proportion of freight from
Silver Dollars.
Special l > ljpteh In Tn n .
CHICAGO July 21 4 p. m The
Pinica says since the "Daddy Dollar"
aw went into effect , the mints coined
$63COO,000 of the shiner ? , nil but
§ 19,000,000 of which are still in the
Treasury. The storage room is now
nearly exhausted and aa the dollars are
coined at the rate of $2,300 000 a
months and will continuo to bo put out
at that rate until congress shall order
otherwise , the authorities at the mint
and treasuries are at a loss what to do
with them. They have found that sil
ver paid > ut is returned with great
promptness , and the only expedient
seems to be the increase of storage
The Fasting Doctor.
Special Dispatch to 'Iho Bee.
NEW YORK , July 21. 4 p. m.
Tanner entered up > u the 24th day of
biia fast at and his
noon to-day phys
ical condition is still reported good
A curious fact that Dr Tanner has
lately been increasing in weight on
tils diet of air and water has been
totally eclipsed now by the discovery
that he has been diminishing very
much in height. When he began his
Fast he measured 5 feet 5 inches , and
be now measures oniy5 feet 3A inches.
In undertaking to eiplain it some
physicians say that between each of
tlio 24 vertibue which make UD
the spiral column or back
bonp , there is a layer of cartilhge va
rying from one-eighth to one quarter
of an inch in thickness. These cart-
illauenoua tissues , they say , are al
ways first to suffer when a pttreon does
not occasion nourishment , from the
fact that they are not supplied with
blood vessels and have to depend en
tirely up.'n ' absorption. For the same
reneoii a partly nourished person al
ways ha * dull eyes because the corner
of a healthy eye must be perfectly
transparent , and In order bo trans
parentit must bo devoid of blood vessels
was said shrinkagd of twenty three
era of carttHiage batween tbe ben i
of the vertibrae column W B undoubt
edly the cause of tbe curious pheno
menon of the man's height diminishing
two inches within three weeks.
A St. Paul ( Minn. ) special says Dr.
Tanner has a divorced wife in Minne
sota. This lady or somebody in her
confidence says the theology that pee
pie nt > too much grew upon Tanner
till it became a inani and made it exceedingly
ceedingly disagreeable to his family
He tried to impress his theory upon
his wife and aho resented the experi
ment and left him. She was fond of
good living and would have three
square meals daily.
Sorrel Dan.
CHICAGO , July 21 4 p. m
"Sorrel Dan" won the pacing 2:20
race in 2:18 : | , unfinished yesterday.
Moving of the Pool.
8p cUl Dlipatch to The Bee.
SARATOGA , July 22 1 a. m. The
rail way board of arbitration concluded
its labors yesterday. Decision in the
case of the Grand Trunk railway for
increased proportion in the pool was
reserved. The case of the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad , carrying lake
freights from Sandusky at the same
rates as charged by other roads from
Buffalo , was argued and decision was
also reserved.
President Roberts of the Pcmnsyl
vania railroad , President Garrett o
the Baltimore and Ohio , Preaiden
Vanderbilt and "Vice President Rutte
of the New York Central , and Vice
President Blanchard of the Erie helc
a meeting toarrange _ a pool for the
east and west bound passenger rater
but adjourned till September , when
the arrangement will probably be
Burned at the
Sped * ! Ptapatca to The JM .
OTTAWA , July 22. 1 a ,
ras a large gathering of people at
Vellington to witness the races. Dur-
ng the afternoon Thomas Pollard ,
oatswan ; of the British ship "Maggie
Izced , " who was intoiicat d and un
ruly , was chained by th'e wrist to ft
> est in o birn near tn the grounds. In
about an hour the , barn was dis
covered to be on fire" Several men
orced their way inside and vainly
mdeavored to liberate the poor fel-
ow. Pollard begged them to cut off
iij arm but the men were forced to
flee leaving him to his awful fate.
Saratoga Races.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
SARATOGA , July 21 10 p. m.
The first event of the racing pro
gramme was the three-quarter mile
lash for all ages , for a purse of $300.
't waa won by Sioux with Lady Mid-
llet-n second. Minaa third , time
. :16J. : The second race was for a
) urse of $400 for all ages , distance a
nile and a half. It was won by
Turenna with Fortune second and
Day Star third. Time 2:46f.
Arthur's Successor co Go Out.
NEW YORK , July 22 , 1 a. m. It is
generally assorted in the custom house
hat Collector E. A. Merritt will re-
ire from office on the Grtt of August.
Whether General Sharpe or florae one
else will be his succusior ia not yet an-
lounced. Among the oiuB'S given
for the retirement of Oollect'-r Mer
ritt is that he has removed nnre thn
100 old and experienced officers since
10 has been collector to make places
for favorites , relatives and friends of
> olitical colleagues from St Lawrence ,
Jhatauqun , Franklin and E sex coun-
les , who lacked the necessary qualifi
cations for the important duties re
quired of them. Most of the ap
lointrnenta made in the past two
rears have been residents of the
counties named and of Ohio. Another
complaint against the collector is that
here are a large number of inspector ; ,
clerks , detectives and others holding
inecure positions under him , drawing
good salaries and performing little or
work. It is charged that the civil
srvice rules of the president have
teen openly disregarded or their in-
ent thwartad in many instances.
Another grievance felt by the mer
chants is that he has devoted most of
lia time to politics and politicians ,
eaving h's duies to be performed by ]
iis deputy , Mr. Balch.
The thermometer at Rome circu-
atesbotween 95 and 100 degrees.
The French ministry expect to pay
off the war taxes in three years.
The Wallace committee have ad-
ourned indefinitely.
It is that ex-assistant
reported - cor-
> oration counsel Kaebel , of Brook-
yn , who has gone to New Mexico ,
tas misappropriated funds amounting
o one hundred thousand dollars.
Reports from the Minnesota wheat
ields continue most favorable. In the
s uthwestern par : of the State wheat
will average 10 to 15 bushels to the
acre , while in the north and north
west the crop is simply mngrjificent ,
nnd Will average fully 20 bushels
? irst cutting will begin next week.
The war office at Washington ia iu
receipt of intelligence from General
t'orry stating that the reports of the
defeat of Capt. Haley's command in
the neighborhood of the Black Hills
are groundless. The whole northern
cruutry has been scouted within 160
niles of Deadwood , and not an Indian
> as been seen.
The executive committee of the
national democratic convention mot
n Now York yesterday but trarsacted
ittlo business of importance adjourn
ing till Friday. The committse se
lected the house No. 138 Fifth av
enue as its headquarters. The quea
ion of democratic electoral tickets in
Virginia was discussed but no action
was taken.
The republican central campaign
club of New York city opened its
headquarters last night , Chairman
Jewell of the national committee
making a fdw remarks. A letter was
read from Gen. Garfield thanking the
club for a resolution expressing co * fi
deuce ia him , and congratulating the
club on its energetic efforts to carry
New York for the repub'icans.
A ranjority of the German news-
pawers sympathize with Belgian inde
Secre'ary os the navy Thompson
, t-ft Denver yeste day for San Fran
c'sco to consult with Engineer Evans
ncerning the U. S. navy yards at
Mare Island and San Francisco har-
r ; both of which are threatened
ay destruction by inflowing sand ,
Forming bars.
Greece has decided to mobilize her
The king of the Belgians unveiled
a statue of King Leopold , at Docken ,
The New York democratic state
committee met yesterday and per
fected the org-.nizMion of the com
mittee A nituralization committee
of six was appointed to watch Super
visor Davenport , who was charged
with disfranchising voters No de
cision was reached as to whether or
not a state convention should be
called to nominate d candidate fr-r
successor to the late Sanford E.
Church , chief justice of the court of
David Whalen , engsged in phunting
cars in Toronto , had his head nearly
severed from his body by getting a
rope entangled about his neck , the lo
comotive starting ap and causing
death instantaneously.
Three negroes are on trial in Louis
ville charged with digging up bodies ,
cutting off the hinds and carrying
them in their pockets. They claimed
the bones make them lucky at cards.
The president has appointed John
M. Hawley internal revenue store
keeper for the Tenth district of Ohio.
Cbas. Beck , while adjusting a belt
ou the machinery at Kirders stone
yard , in Chic-go , this morning , had
his left arm caught and Instantly torn
off near the elbow. His recovery is
Secretary Sherman has arrived In
Washington , where ho will remain a
few days , leaving for Ohio to open tha
republican campaign ,
The government receipis to-day ag
gregate $104,000. ,
The loss by the fire on First avenue ,
New York , on Monday night , was
A Yountr Cues ,
j EpMUl dlipatcb to Tn Biz.
' DENVER , July 22. 1 a. m. Bins ,
the 18 year old murderer , 'rill lung
at Fairplay to-day ,
Big Hotel Builders Try
to Feed Workmen on
I 0. Fs ,
Whereupon 1,000 , Men Kick ,
and Coney Island Has
a Strike.
Special Dlnatch to Tha DM.
NEW YORK , July 22 1 a. m. At
the new hojel at Coney bland ,
one thousand men , including COMODI ,
carpenters , painters , etc. , ' struck yes
terday for non payment of wages.
The men for tome time put hod no !
received their wages , and it-is said the
hottl company is in debt to each man
from $40 o $500. Tuesday afu rnoon
tb3 ; paymaster ofuthe company offered
the man 20 cents on aollir. h Ilia
proposition created tbe greatest alarm ,
and s.ima of the men threaUned tbtf
hotel if they were not paid in full.
Due bills were offered in Addition to
the 20 oer cent , but the offer was re
jected because the due bills could not
bo negotiated. The improvement
company's cipital stock was $700,000.
It has all been paid in and expended.
To bring into being the extensive
plans of the company $300,000 will be
needed in addition to the present lia-
bilitias. The hotel is yet far from
completion. The company is respon
sible to the boarding house proprie
tors for the board of mechanics and
laborers. These people refused to
accept 20 per cent , of their claims
and due bills for the balance
and at a conference yesterday
morning it was agreed to rtfase to
board the men any longer than 24
hours if the claims were not paid.
These claims amount to about f 18,000.
The boarding house keepers owe a
grocery man and bakei over $9,000
and he said that if he was not paid
yesterday he would shot down their
credit to day.
The contractors for carpets for the
hotel refused to trust them till their
pay had been guaranteed. Six
teen car loads of furniture
rom Chicago have been detained on
he switch at Far Roctaway for nearly
month. The officers of the corn-
any have assured the men that if
hey will accept 20 per cent the due
lilla will be met in twenty days. Ne-
[ otiations for a loan of half a million
dollars progress with a reasonable
Tospect of succen. Nine out of
very ten men refused to accept any-
hing less than the full amount , and
oclare that they will not leiume
work under any circumstance ! . About
00 men were willing to go to work
esterday morning , but were deterred
iy about 300 men carrying clubs , who
eclared that if the willing onei did
ot hold out they would crack their
The watchman at the railroad
restle , fearing that an attempt wai
ob'e made to fire it , shot a man
amed Conners.
The strike was extended to railroad
iborera. What the result ot the
rouble will be no one can foretell.
The men are desperate and those
who have money are spending It for
* iquor for themselves and those who
are none. Serious trouble is aniici-
rted from this intemperance.
Chicago Trotting- .
pedal Dkpatcb to The lie *
CHICAGO , July 22. 1 a. m. The
econd day's summer trotting at the
bckey Club course was attended by
ve thousand people. Weather and
rack was good. The unfinished race
was won by Daisy Dale , she taking
he seventh and ninth heats , Rienai
winning the eighth. - Time 2:24 :
:27 : | , 2:28. : The unfinished pacing
a 9 was won by Sorrel Dan , taking
he third heat in 2:18 $ . The first
egular event for the day the free for
all pacing race purse for 91,200 ,
rought out the greatest pacers in the
world , Sleepy Tom , Mattie Hunter ,
Rowdy Boy and Lucy. The race was
won by"M < ttie Hunter who took the
bird , fourth and fifth heats. Rowdy
y ciptumd the first and second ;
.ime 2:20 : , 2.18J , 2:20J : , 2:21 : , 2:19 : $ .
The $240 strtbe was won by Wilbur F
n straight he Us , J. W. Thomas sec-
nd money , M ry Miller third money.
Time 2:20i : , 2:29f , 2:31. : Tne third
ace , 8230 stallion stake , entries Am
ber , Kei.tuc'-y Walker , Black Cloud ,
Gray Cloud , Piedmont and Hamble-
ouiau Bashaw. Won in straight heats
> y Piedmont , Hambletonian Btshaw
econd money , Amber third money.
Time 2:22 : , 2:2l : , 2 23J.
Base Ball.
SPRINGFIELD Rochesters 1 , N -
ionals 2
PROVIDENCE Providence 3 , Bnffa-
os 3 ; 14 innings.
TROY Troy * 1 , Clevelands 3.
BOSTON Bostons 4 , Cincinnati 3.
WORCESTER Chlcagos 4 , Wor-
cesters 1.
BHRNHAM July 21st , Lewis Mer
riam , on of Nathan J. and Mary 0
burnham , aged 4hnonths and 28 days
Funeral from the house at 4 p. m
to-morrow , July 22nd. Friends'of the
family are invited to attend.
Joseph Ruaan , Percy , Ontario ,
writes : "I was induced to try Thomas'
Eclectric Oil for a lameness which
troubled me for four yean , and I
Found it the best article I ever tried.
It has been a great blessing to me. "
The Chicago and Northwestern.
There are rumors that the Chicago
& North western is building Its Toledo
branch to the Missouri rirer for the
purpose of making it the main line.
It is well known that from Cedai
Rapids west it operate * leased road.
It will own the Toledo exteniicn , and
would naturally prefer to operate lit
road rather than pay rental. It ii
more probable this extension is in <
tended for an eastern connection for
it Dakota and northwestern lines , ai
a competing link with the Chicago < 5
Milwaukee short cub via Chicago ,
Clinton and Dnbuque.
Grand excursion to th beaatifn
Valley of the Missouri. 20 3t
Elegant accemmadatioai , IOWM
price , Astor Hoaw , N. Y. " ' -
' " fie "ho r
a *
Immense Reduction in all Depart- ; , '
merits. Solid Bargains in. . *
Good Goods , . - < %
The Celebrated , $1.00 Kid
rloyes , 90o.
Lisle Gloves , 15 to 90o.
Mitts Very Cheap.
We have too many. Linen
Ulsters at $1.00.
Better Ulsters at $2.00.
Best Ulsters at $3.50.
Ton should See them ,
1 Lot , 25c.
1 Lot , Sue.
Splendid Silk , S1.76.
Fine Coeds Reduced From $8
to $5.
Our stock ia till ahead of all
QrosB Grain , 5 and lOc.
We claim to sell Hosiery
cheaper than elsewhere.
Job Lots , 5c up.
Fine Hose Very Low.
Reduced from $7.50 to $5.
Good Linen Suit , $1.75.
Calico Wrapper , 85c.
Children's Suits way down.
Dressing Sacques Cheap.
A Real Good One , 4O.
See Our Corset at $1.OO.
See Our Corset at $1.6O.
Examine Fine Goods.
Our large assortment we pro
pose to close at very low price * .
In TIES , HUMES and all Kinds of Fancy
Goods we Make Clearing Prices. These Goods
Must be Sold to Make Koom for a Large Stock
of Gents' Furnishing Goods , Now Being Select
ed for the Fall Trade.
You arc Invited to Call , Whether Yon Purchase
or Not.
KURTZ' Store , Oreightbn Block.
Wholesale and Betail
Goods sent to any part of the United States on
solicitation. Largest assortment of
And everything found generally in a flrat-
claaa Jewelry Store.
Jewelry manufactured on short notice. Orders from
the Country solicited. Whenin Omaha call nnd see us. Ko
trouble to show Goods.
Tbe Jewelers , Opposite thePostofllce , 15th & Dodge ,
Benson s Capcine
Porous Plaster.
The only Improvement evermade on the common Porous Planter.
Over 2000 Druggists have signed a paper stating that
are superior to all other plasters.
ap6-eodaw Pharmaceutical Chemiats.
Tbe owner < A tha celebrated Kaolin
Banka , near LOUISVILLE , NEB. , haa
now ready at the depot at Lonirrflle , on
the B.&M. railroad.
to fill any order at lewonablo price * . Par-
tine dMirisg a white front or ornamental
brick wfll do well to gin tur a call or lasd
for cample.
J. T. 1. HOOVEK. Prop. ,
N. R. BI5DOK ,
General Insurance Agent ,
doa , Caah Asart * . . , . $ S,107,127
WES7CHESTEK , K.T.C.pttal. . . . . . I.OOO.COl
THE M EBCHAinS , ot N nr rir. H. J. , 1,000,00'
OlBAai'FIBEPbll < JelptiaC plUl. . 1,000,000
IU1 900,000
FIREMEN'S FCKP , California 800.0CO
jfEHAxKTnoTrss. co. , * § . . . . WD.QOO
AMERICAF CESTEAt , A ets 800,000
Bootbeat Ccr. cf fiftnath k DonzUs St. ,
o dlY OMAHA. S-
No. 117 r rnh m St. , OH Ht n4 rf Jiecb Q !
T. P. Block. I6th St ,
Fresh an ! Salt Uet o tU klads conUuI
05 hind , prices r 05 ble. Vegrtablo IB *
on. yayldsHTSttdtoiaymrtof tbodtv
A. P. RAFERT & CO. ,
Contractors and Builders.
senta for the Encaustic T&njr