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Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price f-lve
Whei'e ' Big 1eeves § Thrive
and Fatten on Native
Grasses ,
The Niobrara" Cattle
Bringing Wealth to the
Coffers of Rancheros.
i S - '
The Hardyi Pioneer Secures
For Himself the Cream
of the. Land.
The Piperies 'and Canyons pf
' the North.
Corresyon-'c'ce ' cf ths BEE.
ganized Territory , west of Holt coun
ty , Neb. , July 10. Ou leaving Game
postoffice , I cro.-scd to the north sid
of the rive.- . The valley pf the Nio
brara varies in width , from one-hal
to one in k , and7 the bluffs rise , in
places , very ab'riiptly to a height o ;
100 to 150 feec above the river.
The first pine is reiehed about two
miles west of the bridge. The treei
are about twen'y fec't high , witli well
prop .rtioncd branches , but of a rather
inferior quality of wood at least , no1
euch as would answer for finishing
purposes. Five miles further up the
valley , on each bluff , is seen etna !
groves , and of a much greater height
than before , and the tuwanng trees
seem to havcjarrivcd at perfection in
size and luxuriance of foliage ; in fact ,
there could be no improvement , unless
it b * in the quality of thu wood.
One CKU Ecjrculy comprehend the
quantity < > t { jocd timber in one ol
theie canyons , without passing in at
the mouth and going to i a head , but
I do not extKgerato , when I say thai
there are veiy many of them from a
half to a mile long , and BO thickly
grown wi-h pine that a dozen men
would spend a good summer's work in
cutting the timber in one of them.
Onj sirangt : peculiarity of this pine
region , is that it grows mostly m these
canyons , wh.lo bu * a small porportion
of it flourish on tlie Jblutts.
We are nowiippr.'aching the stock
raising disir'.ct , and the farmers or
settlers here are turning their whole
attention to this busiuefs. Each set
tler has perhaps fit" can or 11 enty
acres of l.ind under cultivation , on
which they ca'culato to raise com
enough for oiu te > iu , and with a gar
den | jttch , t ! > ii eutuutu'es the full ex
tent of ih > fa'inin . Corn and all
kinisof vf get .bit a ire tl riviuu nicely ,
the furinci h .vmjj aqood"healthy color ,
and , bairnn ; all the accidents , will
yi-ld a heivy rr p. nh'le the gardens
are looking bot'er ' than further down
the valley where farming it the chief
pursuit of the settlers.
The country north of the bluffs is
high and thickly matted over with a
Inxurianr growth 01 buffalo grssj , and \
their range extends to the K ° ya Paha
river , a distance of twenty miles. The
etock is branded and turned out on the
nngeand the settlers t-ike turns in
riding out lo sje that the stock is all
right , evcty other day. In the winter
the stock in allowed to remain out on
the range all tha time , requiring no
attention whatever , and in the severe
storms , they drift aoutn to the canyons
where tiny are aa well protected trom
the violence cf-the weather , as they
would be in barns"and In the spring
they come out in good condition for
Thigrasi in thiscouu'ry ' is especially -
adapted for winter feed , and maLts
excellent hay , but the stock will leave
hay thrown to them in wiuter , and dig
away the snow to get at the grass.
The old cry that wns heard in this
part of the s'ate ten years ngo , that
northern Nebraska was fit for nothing
but stock raising , is still echoed m
thi * region , and nearly all the settlers
have heard it BO oft-n that they beRin
to talk it themselves , and eome of
them actually be ituo it , nutwith-
etandint ; what ftw crops that were
put in list year turned out well , and :
this yer'crops are looking very
promising. Stocked rats tic here has
proved a success thus far , and the
roind-up in this part of the stock dis
trict , lias shown no lotts during the
pint year , and it is only a question of
a very short ttmo , before tlte prairies
will teem with new comers and the
stock men will havn to pull further
west , to escape from too close a
proximity to that claw who prefer to
Above the"mmith of Long Pine ,
along the banks of that stream , the
character of the country is much the
g4tno as across the r ver , though for a
distince of five m les south f the Ne
braska , the soil is very sandy. Here
sgtin the land is good , a deep sandy
loam succeeding , the surface of the
country gintly undulating and ex
tending as far as the eye can reach to m
the eouth. The Long Pine i : very if
heavily timbered , o.kaud cedar with
a little cottonwoud sprinkled about
equally with pine/ It ia a beautiful
\ stream , about 20 feet wide at its
momh and veiy swift , and affords )
natural mill privileg-s at short inter }
vals along its whole length. The set '
tlement o.i this stream commences
about ten milra from its mouth and is
of an enterprising character , olmoit
entirely American , and are people who
have been used to good society , nd
accustomed to luxuries not to be found
in a nnw counfry. W
At the huad of Bone creek is located - H
cated the first of .the large stock in
ranches , belonging to Ed- Cook forni
merly of Cook , Creamer $ Isaacs , tl
who were in buiiness from ' 67 to ' 71 hi
on Thirteenth itr et , between Farn41
hnm and Douglas streets. I found ai
Ed. stretched out on a bunk , unconw
scions of everything in this world , n :
and probably dreaming of his increaa- )
ing wealth and the successful roundup -
up from which he had recently retl ;
turned , which panned out a loss dur01
ing the past yesr of not to exceed 20 ci
head out of over 1800.
Of course he"wa jolly ; Ed. always
is , and you have probably seen his GI
aidea hake , as I did when he would
relate seme amusing incident of the oi >
round-up , and he Seemed to take a
pleainrable exultation in speaking of J. .
the immense advantages of thi country - A
try for stock raising , and not 'till I
suggested that the "stir of the empire
WSB coursing westward" and another
ipring wculd brirg settlers Into his
very wrap , end the st ci men would
to t k < ; Horses Qreelcy'g udvlw
and "go west , " did his manner change
and with a long drawn sigh , he re
peated tha words of your itluatriou
Jim Creighton , that "God Almighty
wouldn t send rain every year to th
Grangers as He had this , and they
would soon find that this country wa
only adapted to stock raisinc "
The Wool Prospect.
Bt Urals Stoclcmin , July 14.
It is now evident that men who arc
able to hold their wool for advances
in prices will command good figures
Advices condentcd elsewhere from al
Dart B of the country s y that the do
tneitic clip is held back on the as
sumption of a conspiracy between
dealer * and manufacturers againu
pn-ducers , and that wherever pur
chases have been made in quantity
higher prices prevail. Foreigi
srools have not broken prices am
c.inuot break th' m Imported stock
msy have b-en meant to operate in
that way , but it has been badly han
dled , and the outcome on the whole
has been appreciation in values. Me
dium Texas , which a year ago was sel
ling as low as 14c , is now held at 22c.
Colorado , which was selling then al
16@17c , is now held at27@2j5c , and in
California prices have advanced two
cents more this week , as telegrams in
dicate. Advices from San Francisco ,
Cal. , Ju'y ' 8 , 1880 , say : "Our mar
ket continues active and all
descriptions are taken readily at
an advance of 2(34 ( cents from
the lowest figures. " Californians are
sending their clip around Cape Horn ,
saving a trifle ou freight , and possibly
iu storage , and keeping their supplies
off the market until prices have ad
vanced considerably ; but there are
elements of risk in their action.
Michigan farmers have parted with
their clip in a large degree , and but
little can be bought in thit state under
40c. Tno scoured pound of wool is
worth 80c , and no good can be gained
from pretences that the staple can be
bought for loss money.
Revolting Ravishing.
EMjcial | DiSjjatcbostoThe Bee ,
WASHINGTON , July 16 1 a. m.
John Morris and Frank Buck , two
youn ? white men , were charged in the
police court yesterday with commit
ting rape on Mary Mansfield , a young
girl 16 years oldarout 3 weeks i-ince.
The prosecuting attorney asked for
a postponement till next week and
eaid that circumstances were of a most
fiendish character and asked that the
highest bends be fixed on each. So
far as can be learned this young girl
arrived on a late train , an entire
Btranger,8iid these fellows beingabout
the depot , offered to show her to a
boarding house , instead of which they
took her through an open lot and
knocked her down and committed the
outrage. The young girl says she is
from a village outiide of Boston and
she- left home without the consent of
her parents. A telegram has been
eet't ' to the chief of pol-ce of Bc-ston
at'd it is expected that a request will
bo sent to forward her to her home.
She is being kindly cared for here.
Pesky Keds Raid ,
bped&l ilispatch to T e Bee.
PORTLAND , Ore. , July 16. Reports
have reached here that the Indians
\bout Deep Crook and MedicaUleke , in
Washington Territory , have murdered
several families in that vicinity and
ire on the war path. The rumors lack
confirmation and are generally disbe
Running Races.
Spadai Dispatch 10 Tim Rn .
NEW YORK , July 16. 1 a. m.
Yestsrdny was the second day of the
second meeting at Brighton Beach.
The first race , all ages , three-quarter
mile , wai won by Lillian , with Kate
Clark 2d ; time , T20J. Second race ,
ill ages , mile heats , Speculation , won
i-'d-aud 3d heats und Democrat fitst ; '
time , 1:49& : . Third race , all ages ,
selling allowances , mile and a quarter ,
was won by Startle with Bairdman 2d ;
time 2:17 : | . Fourth race , handicap ,
tuileand a half over six hurdles , was
won by Bay Kum , with Ventilator 2d ;
time , 3:05. :
Fatal Bolt.
lpeci l DUpatch to Tbe Bee.
MUNCIE , July 16,1 a. m. Wednes-
lay evening , during a heavy thunder
itorm in the northern part of this
ounty , S. BarcUy , a fsrmer , was
itrujk by lightning and instantly
tilled ; several men standing near him
ivere prostrated , but they will survive.
After Many Days.
IpeeUl Dlipitch to The Be *
DETROIT , July 16 , 1 n. m. ' A News
eporter now "doing" the White
Mountains , telegraphs of his finding
he skeleton , clothes , etc. , of one
ElarryV. . Hunter , a printer , on
Mount Washington. Six years ago a
nan of that name was lost there mid a
oward of $400 was offered for his
jody. A card found with the bones
md clothing and a printer's rule
dentify him fully.
Oregon Floods Subsiding.
peolil Dlspatcb to The bee.
PORTLAND. Oregon , July 161 - a.
. Water is receding from the streets
this city and the rivers are falling.
Killed by Indians ,
peclal The Bee.
SAN FRANCISCO , July 16 1 a. m.
an Detrick , of the firm of Morgan &
o. , a large merchantile house in
'hoenix , Arizona , was killed by Pina
ndians on Gila rivur , near Pbcenix.
Outlaws In New Mexico.
peeUl dkpateh to The Bee.
SANTA FE , N. M. , July 16 , 1 a. m.
At Lincoln , in Lincoln county , N.
ii. , on July 3 , a young man named
larriton came into town , and becom-
ng intoxicated was locked up. At
light a mob effected an entrance to
he jail and killed Harrison , riddling
nm with bullets. On the night of the
Ith the mob again surrounded the jaii
md killed the deputy sheriff , who
as implicated in the killing of the
light before , and had made himself
bnoxious to the outlaws. On the
light of the 5th tbe mob again visited
he jail , taking out and hanging a pris.-
ner. It is not known what his
irimes were.
Shipping News.
ipecUl DiapUch to tb Bee.
The following were the movement *
f ocean steamers on yesterday : * '
NEW YORK , July 15 10 p. m.
failed Gallert , Hamburg ; State of
Uabama , Glaigow ; Adriatic , Liver-
Arrived Belgenland , Antwerp ;
ictftria , London. . . .
LIVERPOOL 8ajled Bulgarian
Brazilian. Boston ;
GladstoneDeliberately Sur
rendered to Parnell in
The Government , Amid Scorafu
Protests , Accepting What He
"Obstructed" For-
A Young Flood at Northamp
ton , Eng. , Driving People
to High Ground.
OperativesDeeert the Factories
and Scramble to Save
-Household Goods.
Peace and Plenty on Sunny ,
Vine-Clad Hills Cause
Joy in France.
Another Mine Horror by Which
120 Lose Their Lives.
Special Dispatch to Iho Bee.
CARDIFF , Wales , July 15 4 p. m.
The London and South Wales col
liery had an explojign this morning.
One hundred a-id twenty minors wore
in the pit , and it is believed all have
LONDON , July 15. 4 p. m. The
Risca c ' 1'iery ' explosion caused , great
excitement there. Three miners'
bndiei are in sight. There is no hope
of saving any of the men. The force
of the explosion was teriflic. Scenes
are heirtrending. Herr.u ean efl'oita
are being made to uncover the mine
and get at the bodies in the hope of
saving some.
Special dispatch tu The Hoc.
LONDON , Ju'y. 16 1 a. in. It ap
pears that two previous explopion have
occurred in the Block Ve'n coal mine
at Newport , Monmouthshire , an ac
count of yesterday's disaster at which
place has been given in these dis
patches. The Blo k Vin is situated
ou the side of Wyny Mielyue moun-
taiu. The last of these earlier explo
sions took place in December , I860 ,
when 145 persona nerishfd. The
theory is rdvjnced that the terrible
calamity of ynsteiday morning may
have been caused by electricity sftth-g
on fire the mine through s < * mo figure
in the mountain side , as the atmos
phere wai observed to b ? unusually
heavy a short tinio before the disaster
occurred. This idea , however , is not
recoivtd by more experienced miners
wi.o hold that th cause was the con
tact butwreti iho fire damp and the
lampj of some workmen in the pit.
Liter dispatches from Newport con
firm the report that 120 minors were
killed by an explosion of firedamp in
the Block vein pit.
A terriflio thunderstorm deluged the
town of Northampton , capital of the
county of tne same name , and the
seat of Bradlauqh , member of parlia
ment. It is situated on the River
Nene , a navigable stream , and h also
on the line of the London & North
western rai'way , about sixty miles
northwest of London. The storm was
of unprpcedented violence , and a
wonderful amount of water fell in a
short time. The Nene at once beyan
o rise visibly , and soon the water
owed into the lower windows of fac
oiiea , anil some of the latter standing
n unusually exposed positions -ire
nearly i-uhmerged. The swelling
tream presently reached the town ,
and the people , unable to rescue their
muaehoid goods , arc endeavoring to
dam up the doors with clay , but with
very little efivct. Others who had
somewhat longer warning succeeded
n escaping to higher ground with ji
nrt of their portable chattels. The
staple manufactures at Northampton
are boots and shoes , although the cur-
ng of leather is carried on extensive-
v. There are aho many varieties of
mills. Great danngo h salready been
lone , and-as this dispatch is being
sent the river Is "reported still rising.
All the factories are abandoned , and
he hands are gazing helplessly on
rora all KXtrvinslilo eminences in the
vicinity. Much damage is also done
o the Grand Junction canal. The
railway's structure , in the upper part
of the tpwn , located on the elope back
of the river , is eafe , and the inhabit
ants are mostly gathered there , ex-
itedly witnessing the scene.
A Dublin correspondent of the
) aily News Pays inquiries on the spot
how thut the character of the fever
n some parts of County Moyo is much
xaggerated. It is ordinary typhus ,
and deaths are very few.
A Berl'n dij atcli says almost all
he paper * have leading articles on the
Trench national fete , expressing their
incere sympathies with the republic.
In the house of commons last even-
ug debate on the compensation for-
isturbauces-in-Ireland bill was re
umed. After considerable discussion ,
he government , amid the scornful
> retests of the tbries , abandoned the
130 limit and agreed to accept the 50
imit. Tories and whigs consider this
deliberate and unblushing conces
ion to the ParnellitPS. The whijja I.
obsequently held an informal meet-
nz , at which the government's vacil-
ation was strongly denounced. Later
n the debate the Irish members made
n unsuccessful endeavor to force an c
mondment extending tbe operations S
f the bill to the whole of Ireland. 1 !
Special Dispatch to The Bee. tJ tr
ROME , July 15 4 p. m. The cler- r
cils have gained a great victory in J
and Vicenege elections over * .
liberal ) . ?
Spwfal Difpatcb to Tin Bn. jj
PARIS , July 15. 4 p. m. Tester T
day's fete was one of the most tnaqnifi- (
bent-eyer" celebrated here. The ex- r
penae of public and-privste illumination -
tion and displays was immense.
BpeoUl Diipatch to Tni. Bis. a
16 , 1 a. ra. The sales
the fmt mrr ) br of
which was issued on Wednesday ,
amounted to over 25,000 copies. The
largo sale is due to the curiosity of
Parisians havinp been oxeited to
know what Rochefort would have to
say on his return from the east. Its
eales have never been exceeded by
any paper in Paris , Bive Le Petit
Tbe press yesterday morning spoke
in the most laudable terms of Wednes
day'a celebration and ceremonies .
Special men'ion is made of the fact
that , despite the number of people ill
the city , there weru no disturbances
calling for interference of the police.
Several iournals instance this as an
evidence of the pnolio's satisfaction
with ihe government and proof that
the French people , when freed from
degrading authority , are peaceful.
High praise is awarded the military
for the non-partisan spirit manifested
during the ceremonioa.
Gambetta has ordered a photograph
of every change in the movements of
the troops during the review , and
these will be placed iu the national
library for preservation.
M. Leon Say opened the final sit
ting of the senate yesterday with H
brief eulogy on the amnesty. In the
chamber of deputies Gambetta was
was silont.
President Grovy , M. Gimbatta and
a Iriliiaut company attended lh
grand representation in honor of the ,
amnesty at the Grand opera house
this evening ! when the opera of
"William Tell" was performed.
The legitimists celebrated St. Hen
ri's day by simply attending mass. At
the desire of Count Ch.unbord the i
church was dressed in mourning for
the sufferings of the Jesmts. j
IRELAND'S wots. j
Fpecial Dispatch to Tha-Bcc. i ,
LONDON , July 10 , 1 a. m. In the | I
louse of commons la t owning Mr. ; |
Foster , chief secretary for Ireland , '
said that although in some districts In I
Ireland there was much suffering , etc. , j |
t was not famine fever , i
The Marquis of Hartin'/ton , secre- I
ary of state for India , announced that ;
he government intended to propote
hatthe solidand substantial portion of j
ihe Afghan war expenses should be
) erne by England. Lord Hartingtoii !
said ho could not define the proposal
exactly yet.
Debate ou the Irish compensation j
> ill in the house of commons , was ad-
ourned lait ninht till to-day when
Mr.Gladstone hopes to finidh it.
A great meeting was held at St.
lames last evening to protest against
he erection of a monument to the
ate F.ench prince imperial in Westj j i
minstur Abbey. i
The Times , in a lea'Jinsj article this
morning , says that to d y iht > collec
tive note relative to the Berlin con
ference , .will be presented to the
Private adviies in St. Petersburg
report that Chung Ham , le.xler of the
Chinese w r p < rty , has been liberated
and degraded from a first to n fourth
rank mandarin. Nevertheless the war
party is in the ascendant.
A Constantinople dispatch says the
Montenegrin agent has received a telegram -
gram from his govtrnment saying that
all the Montenegrin advance ; ! ports on
the Zem were attacked by Turks. One
of them was surprised and the men
cut to pieces , ten out of ! iztHn were
beheaded and the othori escaped ,
though wounded.
Special Dispatch to Tun Bss
WIMBLEDON , July 16 1 a. in. In
the contest for the Graphic riflu prizes ,
Jackson made 28 and Rockwell 29 In
the St. Leger competition R ithbotio '
made 45 and Brown the highest pos- ;
Bible score , ten bulls eyes. In the Hal-
ford prize competition Rockwell made
47. In the Genoabyn competition
Scott made 31 and Rockwell 80. j
CONSTANTINOPLE , July 16. 1 a. m. i
Count HalzJield h s formally pre- !
aentcd the collective note to the
BERLIN , July 16. 1 a. m. Re
ports of the Prussian harvest are more
Prince Bismarck will prolong his
stay at Friedricksruhe , 1m personal
police has been increased.
DUBLIN , July 16 1 a. m. Parnoll
has accepted tbe presidency uf the now
Irish and Amnesty association.
Buckeye Editors Inspired.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
COLUMBUS , O. , July 16. 1 a. m
The democratic sditora of the Ohio
weekly press jnet with Hon. Dick
Harper in the chair. Senator Thur-
man addresied them , counciling a
united effort to carry the state in
October A constitution for perma
nent organization was adopted and
committees on finance and campaign
documents were appointed. The
officers elected are : president , Dick
Harpei ; fecretury , Tbos. Wetz ll of
the Lancaster Eigle ; treasurer , M. L.
Bryant of London. Twenty-five were
Our Doctor.
The following from thiTNew York
Herald is supposed to refer to Dr. H.
. Fisher , formerly of the First M. E.
church of this city. He is evidently
as pugnacious as ever :
A few years a o the Methodist
church at Salt Like City , und-r the
guidance of Chaplin McCabe , had
made considerable headway against
the powerful opposition that it en
countered from the Mormons ; but
more recently it fell off in
prosperity , and the work finally
in a large decree was aban
doned. The church has lately come
into the hands of another energetic
pastor , who promises to restore to it
somethingif not all , of the prosperity
which it enjoyed under Chaplain Sic-
Cabe. He already contemi lates the
re-PBtablifhrnent of the Sunday and
day schools , which are looked uoon aa
the agencies essential to making in
roads upon the system of polygamy ,
and considerate hopefulness of good
resets from hjs work is felt in the
A Close Canvass of Indiana
| Show a Kepublican
I Majority of 2300.
! Jewell's Calculations in the North
j and South The Campaign
jn New York.
Senator Logan Wakes thej
j Political Echoes at His
Old Home.
.Republican Candidates Force1
to Retire to-Pijvate Life in
j Camp Fires Burning Brightly
A Canvass of Indiana.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , July 15 4 p. m. Th
republicans have made a close canvas
f ' of Indiana and find that they hav
about 2,300 majority.
Don't Be Too Confident.
Special Dispatch to Tui BBB.
' HARRISBUHO , July 15 4 p. m.
j A talk with Marshall Jewell indicatei
that he has an abiding faith in thi
certainty of the republicans carrying
every northern state and some southern
orn ones. Conkling , ho says , will do
powerful work.
The Campaign In New Yorfc.
Special Dispatch to the Fan.
CHICAGO , July 16 4 p. m. The re
publican managers have decided to
open the campaign in New York early
in Auguat.
"Good Democrats. "
Special Dispatch to Tbo Bee.
CHICAGO , July 15 4 p. m. A
deficiency of $4600 haa been discovered
in the official accounts of the late
county treasurer and county clerk of
' HI both " demo
county , , "good
crats. "
Locran Talks at Home.
Special .Ifepatcb to The Beo.
OHIOAGO , July 15 4 p. m. Geu.
John A. Logan addressed a great re
publican mass meeting in Murphya-
boro' , Jackson county , 111. , hia old
bon e , Tuesday evening Both the
general and the paople gave ample evi
dences that they are as completely
alive as ever.
Politics Down South.
fc'peiul dispatch to Too Jive.
CHICAGO , July 15 p. m. The
work of intimidating the candidates on
the republican ticket iu paits of Ala-
bitua haa begun , and has already re
su'ted in the withdrawal of two
persons Major W. S. Bowie ,
whom the republicans proposed
to nominate for a county office , and
B. H. Craig , the republican candidate
for county judge iu Dallas county.
Tne independent democratic candidate
for sheriff of Tailed ega county , haa al
BO been compelled to withdraw.
Advices from the Norfolk district
of "Virginia ars'o the effect that the
democrats despair of carrying" that
district consequent upon the with
drawal from the congressional race of
their nominee , representative John
Geode , Jr.
The Leaders at Work.
Special dispatch to TDK DIE.
NEW YORK , July 15 4 p. m.
Thomas C. Platt was re-elected chair
man : of the executive committee of the
republican j btate committee yesterday ,
and ' Henry A. Glidden was chosen sec
retary. ' For ; he present the committee
will occftpy rooms in Fifth avenue
hotel. ] Campaign work will be begun
at i once. Members are unanimous in
declaring i that the prospects of repub
lican success were never better so
early in the campaign. Hopeful let-
tera from all'parts of the country are
received at the headquarters of the
national republican committee.
A. Tails With the President.
Special DiBpdtch to Tbo Bee.
WASHINGTON , July 15 4 p. m.
Marshall Jewell had a long interview
with the president this morning.
Lawrence Accepta
Special Dif patch to TUB Bu.
WASHINGTON , July 15 4 p. m.
Judge Lawrence accepts the first
comptrollorahip of the treasury.
Democratic Plans.
Special Dispatch to the Bee.
NEW YOKE. July 16 1 a. m.
A meeting of the conference committee
of the national democratic committee
and also the congressional committee
was held yesterday at the Hoffman
House. Wm. A. Scott.of Philad Iphia ,
A. S. Hawitt and Wm. H. Barnum
repres3nted the national committee ,
the members of the committee
being Senator Wallace , of Pennsyl
vania , Senator McDonald of In
diana , Gen. Walker and Augustus
Schell. Discussion took place con
cerning the most advisable plan of
carrying on the campaign , but it wao
finally decided not to suggest any
method of action to the nat onal or
congressional committee till head
quarters for the executive committee
could be secured , which will probable
ba to-day. The congressional com-
mttiee will have its headquarters in
Washington. Mr. Scott , of Pniladel-
pliu , proposed to the members of the
executive cjmmittee to rent for use as
headquarters a cartain building on
Fourth Avenue below Twenty-Third
sireet. The headquarters will be
selected immediately as the executive
committee have determined upon
selecting headquarters next Wednes
Mr. English , candidate for vice-
president , man interview , says : "I
am astonished at some of the pelty
stories that have been circulated by
the opposition , particularly in regard
to myself. Why such lie * hould be
spread broadcast , I am at a less to tell.
They are almost too contemptible , an
well sa fcVaurd , to temaad netic * tr < S
. lelr&ctiou from myeflf or friends , but
' since one in particular emanate * fro n
that man Halstrad , it may no' bo out
of place to make a promut explaua-
. , tion , which will show the f lity of the
charge. It has been said that my
' i residence in Indianapolis , while I oc-
: 1 cupied thn posit'in ' of president o
' the First National B.uik , was a mini
! ature fortress ; that the front dee ;
' leading to the street was of iron , arc
j ! , that so fearful wasl of personal -iange
1 ard a visit of Uirghis that my slfep
. . ing apartment was protected on al
j sides by iron plaitsb rs and shutters
j Now the fimp'e tru h about the mat'
ter is thi ? , years ago b fore time locki
j were in IKC , duapuratc burglars hat
j forced , on more than ono occisi-.n
bank ollicer from their hnnies at
night and c impelled them to nprn tin
sale or give them the . .ombinutton
An attempt was made on tbe doors o
a bank officers in Indianapolis for this
same purpose , which excited m IK hat
tention. I , being president of thi
most important bank in the city , real
izing the immense danger of the larg <
funds entrusted to my care , took precaution
caution to protect the bank and m
person. Below my apartment , facinc
the street , I bad attached a flexible
iron grutinjr , which would open ant
shut at will and to the inside of tin
door u thin iron plato was fastened
This I deemed ample precaution , tinc <
the augur of a burghr , after penetrat
ing the wood , would be forced back b ]
the iron. Tne front door of my hou
is not composed of iron but on the
contrary is f wood. It has been saic
also that my nomination had createc
great disatisfaction in Indiana , that
Gov. Heudricks and other loaders
were opposed to ire and would , ii
consequence only engage in the i an
vass in a half-hearted way. This is a
lie and without the least foundation
in fact. "
English will leave for Indianapoli
Saturday , and will conduct the state
campaign in pursuit.
New Yortt Monev and Stock.
NEW YORK , Juli 15.
MO.N KV Mirket at 2 < S4 per cent.
0.8.6s , 1881 _ 103 ]
n. 8. e , Now _ lOBj
U. S. 4's new _ 1CSI
Eock hla'.d If 61
llllnoe Central 106J
C. B.&Q 121
C. & A
" preferred
Keir Tort Central-
lakeShore 10J
sne. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 ;
Irio prfferrtsl 7i
S'orthwcsteni 01
Northwestern pretmred 109 ]
A.8t P ul , . Oaj
St. Paul preferred 104J
Wabaih.St. Louis ami Pacific 3tj )
preferred OS
Hun. iSL Jo 33
Han. A St. Jo , pfM. . , 6t > ;
Kansas &Te\aa .
Uatoa Pacific Bt <
Northern Pacific 26 ;
< lo preferred 4'
' ' " ' ' " ' " " '
Central 1'acillc T . . .I. . . . ! .
Pacific Vail 40 |
U. P. land era ts
Cdlcayo Produce.
CHICAQO , July 15.
Flour Quiet but firm.
Wheat Unsottledan'5 IovrerNo. ; 2 ,
04(595jc fir ( cali ; 94(595Jc ( , clos-d nt
95c fnr July ; 89@01c. cl Bed at 90ic
b' ' ' for Auaus1 ; 87j < " 83c. c'csed ' at
SSgsforPep'Ptnber ; No. 3,82No. ; .
2 red , 96s97c * ( , closed at 96Ao bid ;
rejectrd , 62c.
Corn Firmer and c higher for
ca hnd July ; No. 2 and high mixed
36@3Gji , c | ed at 3CJc ' for cash and
Julyo5f@35 ; | " , cloeed'at 35o bid for
August ; 35gg35o ( | , flowed ao 35o fur
Oats Steady , firm and a ahodo
ewer for cash and July ; 24g'J5c ( )
closed at 25c lor cash and Julj ; 22 § ®
22go for August ; 2222gc for Stp-
: eiuber.
Kve " Firm and a shade higher at
Barley Steady and unchanged.
Pork In moderate demand and
5c lower ; $13 50c)13 ) C5 for caab ;
S13 65@13 72J for Auijust ; § 13 70
or September.
Lard Fairly active and firm ; 6 70
or rash ; § G 70@G 72 $ for August ;
87 75(57 ( 77i for September.
Bulk Meats Moderately active , but
o@20c lower ; shoulders , § 4 75 ; short
iba , gO 85 ; short clear , $7 15.
Whisky SI 09.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
The Drovers Journal this afternoon
eporta as follows :
Hfga Receipts , 22,000 head ; ship
ments , 6,800 ; market active , but 5 ©
Oc lower ; mixed packing , 8425@450 ;
hoice heavy ; $4C04 85 ; light , ? 430
@ 450all ; sold.
Cattle Receipts , 7200 head ; ship
ments , 1GOO head ; market steady , and
generally unchanged ; shipping , com
mon to fair , S410@440 ; good to
hoice , § 4 60 < g4 90 ; closing quiet and
veak for heavy , bi-st Idahoa , $39G ;
grass Texans , $2 G0@3 20 : Kansis
wintered , $310@335 , native butcher ? ,
trong at § 2 3003 00.
Sheep Receipts , 500 head ; ship
ments 170 head ; market firm at § 350
34 40.
St. LiOuls.Proauce-
ST. Louis , July 15.
Wheat Cash higher ; futures un-
setted and lower ; No. 2 red , § 1 OU ®
102g fnr cash ; 91@93tc " for Jufy ;
88gS89J ( for September.
Corn Firmer ; 35S35c for cash ;
35c for July ; 34lc for August and
Oats Slow ; 24Jc for ciah ; 23Jc for
July ; 21c for Augiisf.
Rye Nominal ar 70c.
Barley Nominal.
Butler Steady at 14@19c.
Eggs Lower ; 5@7c. i
Whisky Steady at SI 08.
Provisions Dull and nominally un
Ullwausee froduce Market
MILWAUKEE , July 15.
Flour Finn
Wheat Dufsettled ; declined c
and closed firm ; No. 1 Milwaukee , '
81 01 ; No. 2 iM Iwaukee , 974c " ; July ,
7ic ; August , 89c ; No 3 I "Alilwau-
ee , 82ic ; No. 4 do , 75c ; rejected ,
ominal. [
Corn Higher a 364c. " /
Oata Du ! ! at 24c.
Rye Firmer at 70c.
Birley Nomiusily unchanged ; No.
spring , 74c.
St-iiouls Live Stock.
ST. Louis , July 16.
Cattle Better feeling and price *
Sheep Unchanged ; receipts , b'OC * 11
iipmeuts. none. 3i
Hog Active and lower ; Yorkers
nd Baltimorts. g4 35S4 40 ; nicVing ,
84 * 0@4 50 ; butchers' to select , % * 50
54 CO , Swsipt * , 8000
: Cotton and Cora Crowned ,
Both Beaching an
Average of 100.
Wheat Falls Short in the West
But the East Makes up the
Several Oil Tanks Struck by
Lightning and Destroyed
in Pennsylvania.
Dr. Tanner Gradually Growing
Fat on Wind and .Water
Crop Keports.
Biwcial Dispatch to The Pee.
WASHINGTON , July 15 4 p. m
The department of agriculture reports
the condition of cotton 100 , the high
est for years. Corn has increased in
area over 1879 ono per cent ; average
condition 100 , the highest for years
being seven percent , higher than last
year. Drought in the eist and too
much r < tin in the west are complainec
of. The Pacific states report very
high conditions.
Wheat , winter , 95 against 91 a year
ago. The South falls off nearly ono
fourth , but the average in the North
is 98. West of the Mississippi the
crop averages 05 azainst 89 last year.
Sprirg vsheat 91 , same as list year , a
decline from June average of six per
cent. Nebraska falls to 62 , Iowa
utaiith 91 , Paciiic Coast 90-
Blazing Oil Tank
Sped ii Dispatch to The bee.
BRADFORD , Pa. , July 15 , 4 p. m
A tank containing 623 barrels of oil ,
of the Acme oil company , was struck
by lightning this morning , overflowed
about 1 o'clock this afternoon , and
now threatens a tank of 621 barrels.
Both arc located np the Kansas
branch , in McKenny county. Two
25,000 barrel tanks , near Ouster City ,
we-o also struck by lightning and are
now burning. Both belong to the
United Pipe Line.
The Heat.
Special Di'patch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , July 15 4 p. m. The
heated tetm continues to bo exceed
ingly oopressive at Cincinnati ,
Lnuis and elsewhere in the intT'or ' ,
west and south. Many cases of pros
tra ion and death by sunstroke are re
ported. The temperature in this city
to-day is comparatively moderate at'd
apli'asxnt breeze is blowing. Toother
mometer marked at 1 p. m. 86 do
heter Cooper Prostrated.
Special ill p-.tcli to The Bee.
NEW Y BK , Ju'y 15 4 p m.
Peter Copper was nearly prostrated by
heat to-day , but his physicians say
there's no cause for uneasiness.
A Story.
Hptcl l Dispatch tu The Bee.
PORTLAND , Oregon , July 15 , 4p. m.
It is reported that Indians revolted
about Deep Creek , murdered several
Families and have taken to the war
path. The story is discredited.
A Blaze.
Special Dispatch tu The toe.
AKKPKIOK , Oat. , July 15 , 4 p. m.
Twenty stores were burned. L"ss
§ 50,000.
Tanner's Fast.
Special Dispatch tu THE DIK.
BOSTOX , July 15 4 p. m. A news
paper , speaking of Dr. Tanner's fast ,
recalls the alleged fact that ten yeara
ago Dr. M. G. Smith , of Nowburry-
aort , went without food for forty days ,
and during all that time visited his
patients daily. Dr. S'mith is still alive
and sincerely believes that healthy
people can live on air.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , July 15 4 p. m. Dr.
Tanner shows a marked improvement.
3.a has swallowed from 30 to 40
ounces of water In fifteen hours , and
ia ? gulned four pounds since Wednei-
l y. He drove to Central Park this
morning and forced the dynamometer
up to 151 against 80 yesterday. Pulse ,
80 , temp.-rature 98i , respiration 16.
NEW YOIIK , July 16 1 a. m.
During the 24 hours ending at 9
o'clock last night Tanner , the fasting
luctor , drank about two and one-fifth
qnarte , or seventy ounces , of water
and showed no evidence whatever of
nontr.l or other disorders.
Special dtetatch to The Ike.
WASHINGTON , July 16 1 a. m.
the following telegram was received
it the war office Wednesday night
rom Gen. Pope at Leavenworth.
"In further reply I report herewith
telegram from Capf. Morse , com-
oianiling the company on the Kansas
ine andhlso send by mail the full report
ff Capt. Ribinsou , whose compauy is
west of Morse's. Both corroborate
my dispatch of yesterday and think it
very doubtful whether even Payne is
in the Indin Territory.
The following is M < > rae'a dispatch :
From information obtained I do not
think there ia any concerted move
ment on the Indian Territory , Payne
desires to be arrested , bufc not on the '
'idian reservation. The action of the
/'ivernment in releiaing him , when '
fast arreated , has had a bad jnfluence
an the mmrfs of the people wh b obeyed >
tbe proclamation , but who find the
principal m ver in the attempt to
make a > et lament s t at 1'berty thus
snahhng him to repeat this attempt.
The Mississippi Valley Transporta
tion con piny has bonded , under the
lec-nt act of congress , from the port
New Orleani to St. L'JUM , Cincm
uati , Pittsburg and LousriiK
Dor- Q&in&iK Brrvs4 } br * J
yei'erdny mornirg.and was for several
houis in conjrrenco with Gov. Jew ll ,
chairman of the na'ioual republican
committee , up it important natters
connected wi lithe pro. denial cam
paign. Yies wtre exchanged as to
the general ronuttct of the cam > ai.n ; ,
especially in Pennsylvania and Now
York. Sena or Cameron said his in
formation from his own stitc led him
to believe th t the republicans were
united and would carry the s'ate. He
was equally confident t-s to New York
and the other northern statis In
this opinion Jewell fully concurred.
The interview was aatisf.ictory to both
parties , Mr. Jewell stating afterwards
that Senator Cameron was fully as en-
thusias'ic as he could wish on the sub
ject of the campaign.
Senator CVmeron says the stories
about Mr. IMa n and himself b ini ; at
locgurhc ds arc nil bosh , thtro is not
a word of truth ir. any of them. Cam
eron li-ft Lure in the afternoon for
llarrisburg , where he will meet a con-
foronca with prominent rfput'licafj
to-day and make preliminary arrange
ments for conduct-Hi ; the campaign in
Pennsylvania. Mr. Cameron sajs hi <
health is not nearly so bad us liai
been represented hy the newspiperr ,
that there is nothing the niattrr with
him thsl ciunot be remedied by rest ,
that he was hard worked during the
session of congress ami utChicsnoand
felt the need of r > ' t before oiitorini ;
actively into the cunuoiqn.
Hia trii > to White Sulphur Springs
had prove-1 of great t > en lit ni d ho now
feels fully equal to rcfttjuiibibility
of tlu > camijiicn in hii s'a'e. He pro
poses to vs't { Uariisbiirg for this pur
pose. Ho * < y * that the ncmiiiation
of Gen. GaroVld ia one that grows iu
popularity day by dsy , and m hisjudt"-
ment Garliold will ceitiiuly bo
Ex-Senator Simon Cameron , who
went to the Su'phur ' Springs a f--w
days since to confer with hi * son ox matters , will rouitin there
several dnya longer , after which he
will rsturn ro Pennsylvania an I "as
sist in conducting the c'iinp.ngn in
thats ate.
The repub 10.111 c < > g.vsiioiial cam
paign comini'ttr uiticijiate that the
republicans wi 1 ga n a number of
congressional district' . The calcula
tion is that there will b a g < iin of at
least one in Vi ginia , two iiiLurri-
ana , four in Olii" , three e.xch in Penn
sylvania and Now York , one in Wis
COIIMII and probably tw , one etch in
Minnesota , Indiana , Iowa and .Maine ,
anJ two c'-ch in Mi uuri and I linoia.
This makes an aggregate of 22 , which ,
if correct , will giv * the republic-ma
the control of the next housu of rep
William Whiting , the Indian agent
at Punci , In lia'i t-j'riiory , wr.te * to
the interior department , ustiler d.ito
of July 7 , cicloan : g Iii3 report for the
mouth of Juno , lie s yt that the
Poncas are ilnu. < j well at firming.
grazing , etc. , r.nd are p aucably dn
posed. Oa the 15h tiliiun > many -f
the IndiauB went ou a viait to thu
Cheyenne agency , and while there a
person nniiod Titb'os entered thi-ir
quarters during the night and tnctl to
persuti lo t .cm to leave a > d r > tutu t >
the'r old huniir , gr ur. b. II s : ul
ha xvould -hrm catili hi rseset
givehrm , > , > \
Tnij msdn ihetji disc' meii'e'1 ,
Poison LJuntor and liis wife left thu
agency. Tno others , howover. liavt
returned to the Ponca ngt n y , and are
now eatt.'fi > ; d to remain , and have re
sumtd woik.
The Nez Percva , at the same agency ,
pive no trouble and are pn.'Bper.nj ? in
their farming operations. In conclu
sion he eajs the Indiana * r < > anxious to
know when the industriil school ,
which the department had promised
them , will be built.
Massacre of Cubans.
Special l > ifli < atfli tu TUE ten.
Niw YORK , July 16 1 a. m.
A letter from Santiago Du Cubj re
ceived in this city yeatctday confirms
the news of the macsaTo of Cuban
prisoners by Spaniards It ap-
[ ; oara that the unforumate patriots
were on a plantation of
Dr. Tores n * ar Santiago. Do Cuba.
3omo of them will suffer from severe
illneaa and nurses and were waited up
on by their companions. A spy
jave information of their presence
to the Spanish commandant where the
"Virgimus" massicre took place and
a detachment i-f soldiers niirrounduil
the house at ui ht , ontcrod it and the
party was captured and the butchery ,
commenced immediately.
Safe , Certain , Sure and Speedy
The only article known that Will
eradoafs\\\\s \ \ disease
perm an Mf/yfromAhe system * ,
Genera I Agents/
15th and Domrlns Street.
Over 3,000 ri * Irncc lota fona-'c bjr tbl *
ty at j.riix r .in iBir fixni $2i to l ? , ! < X cb , anil
locatwlln o'err ' rart if 'lircito. intl in eren
direction fiom'ltic I'oetutticnorth. . j f , routlt
or c.-t. aril .arjrlrjr in illttaiuc frum cor
litocL to one ir tw i > nnlej from tame. Ctllaml
cvamine our 1 MH
> CTcial rlii'ict : lots in Criffin & lines' MI
tu n. west of eutuent , bclwtrn St. JI rj" yen
ucn.t Ilanutlttel ' itW ti $ > > .
tO acn-3 jiu't cast of bar rviflu on S - niters St .
iliw "iiln'iif > .limlwil ! ! DuM trri cbrap-
fur j 'i i > i . " , 10 r ii > acre 1 > ; no in.Kir time
tosjre a turban-
rii i r ' .it at i- I .if tired rar tr cV < on Satin-
Jt.T : rB ! Ji"-
Clt-iiue It. . K ru..nn an > l 2 'h strr t , 90x132
t. t f. > r51(5 > 0-nillilu'.il ! .
Cl.ra | > lot ! > in CreJil Fon. Ur jJilitioit. goalh of
I" . P. ilfpii
Kortj lots on 1'ark Avenue inU ( t rcia tmt.
o- rout t i jark. anil near head of St M rV
aM'iinc , at ir m elCa to $3W < acv Seven Trai <
time at cik-Iit | > rr crnt mtcrrst t tbixe ho will
put up I'tM MibftanlUI * . K r further
t'trluuilari * ai > pito. .
O. P. 11EMIS , Asent.
Flttccntli and DnuscUs tr t < .
A nice lot on ilini'V ! ! I TwcntBrst strrei- .
fur Jt > ' ' 5.
T o . hotco lots nil .Oth. r.eir S'Sarjr' ! i nt
uc. Wxlra f : t eicb. f jr eSW and S.1" .
fni ihiu-o 1-jts near 23d and Clark 'rrt ! . In
K V Smith's addition $300 ami OSO.
Kiity I"tinbh nu'i > rr < .x nd n < l tliird * l
Ix-t ne ir I5 v. and ri ro$150. .
2 lots on HariK-v near 24th St. . fWcvh. I
1 jt on1th n > ir ! loaril trwl , KuO.
10 lots in < " "I View addition , south > ! I" I *
britUe and dt . < > t. From ; ! . ' to j 00 each
Onoaire , tl"70 fett , n l th etrret. omtH
'f I'upplcton D' csidaico. for'C. or nil' Into < MI ) ri < sl lot : , a from f3 0 to $ .VO
Lar ; e number of Iwautllul res Jrncn I U. 1 >
taUtl in this new Juiiton < * n l'ii < lti > l lilll. If
tuvfli tilth street "il 'h tait. 'Jnth on tb ? e.t
L > o < l . otr tlt > n tbe n Tth aid Farchum * in r
on tlie foiitli furuerlr rrd by C 11 ! >
and more ntcntlj known i the 1'crkiy 15 vrit
Unl > i2 ! o9 ! hactl.usf-r l * n platwl 11 on
Karnt.aci ami 8 on Poiigla * : rtrt Ti > ! < !
ar. 50 to5t > fietmv idt aid 1M cde-t ll.CiKi
f"r the choice. 5 yejrn tiuv st sprr ctnt n
tenet t' tho.e wb uiI ! t > uutil eubetxii'U !
hotu a therc 'i. Lall icd inc plat and get
full inloiniiti m ut
15th tnd LTou io SIre t *
O\er 200 hoU'rtt nu lots ae tiCertd * * > r 110
by th'j otfic-i n y are finite e l H t T r th
nrv Am li otion ) > .u He Ire lri < *
/ . - KII LO to * 16.0 > oath
1 KO d l"ts an. I ' * tlicap liouyrK ucar Jiik
Kii.l 12-h uttntri t a irrci.raerilKv. . Here i
uicat I > rcain for oonit. < > n < * . 1l.e nn. [ < rty ma <
b a ild i tu ilutcly. Cottt ju-t a itiarter > f *
Mock. Cull jtideTiiidiK : Hiloal huat n > Jel y
GEU. Y 11LMIS. A : tnt.
lilli am ! I > ayU 5t .
A dealrable lot 'car tUDiins- l & < un < ! n
Streets , $1 , HO
Tlie clvupf ot ncro I.'B tilth cl'.j of Um < ha.
ar thoMf . 'Her. J f r-si'e by .his agency In Talk
ft co anil I iKr'aft-K'ul ad .1 i > D. un'Cuni r > .
Uuit r. d Califrn'n "treet . you van u.Le <
mistake in pr Lhv up th * ae b > n.iii > hUc mil
hive the cha ic These l t * remoTthin . ( tn !
in s-ue to 4 fuit siiwl < ily loU'r abtlfM-
and it will be bu < a fr ) fiort tin hef.'re oue-
flfth j-irt of.M c .1 th'insa-ro l..t lll etll fr 9
rnuclKd toctTcr a in I cte today. lb y * n
Ic < ! attd a rerx ( hoit di stun wi t t f Cr i btun
r liege. l'rfc 3 mr.pii.i ; from J5SO to $30O rwr
actvlrit. Cal ! injinrdlatelv , atid doa't lose W-IIT
JiAiifc. nd irtt plxt mid full particular * of
OKO. P BEM19. AyMt ,
15th and IHiDzIa * Streets.
Nice tut on Sherman Avrnue north of Nichob *
trect. 31.1OJ.
Half lot on Cv-l.tctveru i3th aixl llth .re-t
? l,00inice
- nice lots in IlartuM.iV aiMitlnr. HuO t > < f6u'
Laru numlicr of ncrr loin ill Ufer'e addition tn
North Ouutia , jlz5 to SSiM lacb.
Choice corner bit near 22d IIH ! CaKf'inii
i-treets , 3I.JOO.
tjvirral cooil lutn in J.ex. ! n'x nl lit in , $1M > l < >
KM rocb.
< A. ii-u lot in Tbnriieirg addition. J7MJ.
Scvtnl bore lots In Ilirtlrtt's addition. 1)
roi's and 2 } acres eicli 1'rien $700 to $2.fV >
Hereraili - ! - Ii > > ii. Tr d'9 flrjt
Aeic lot on Shennan a > enuc , (16th ( rrr ) .
eolith of P < i | > i > I ton'4 r.rvr residente. for Jl.l-1
2 lanc li.ts neir Isth and Clark ' .r t , 0x
3.10 feet Corner , jl.200 ; iiiMde. il.Ow ) .
3 Inr e lotd on she m n arenue. ( IB'.h > tre < t ) .
near Clark &tre t. X * each.
22 nice and cheap lota , very near tu tl. . baj-
ine < niirt of the ci'y , lonteda very fcv t | )
south of tbe Convent and rL Mary's a naraiid
juH f otitti i f and a < l jo.nins t' rnund of . 'accrs
M Wiolworth and WJ. . Oumell 'Iirt * are
cheap and tery deoirabte , bciii n handv ti > bta > -
ilirsn part c.fity , tnueor soicnimettiieior. > ail
works , ulute Itad work * . I' . I * , depot , itock
jaidn , pickiti : li'iuce * . ttc Call an > l c t pi t
and lull var icirara. P'icc $575 to iJtO and M.-S
terms to tbore b < > huild
CKl > . P. DEillS. A < tnt.
15th and IVutU * Sti" .
3choice residence I Un 21th street , brt o n
D..U-U8 and Uo.lkv9trcel9fI.10it ; < > jl.AOrv
and lon time to t-i > fe who will btiilil.
Lh i. c corner In < t near 2ithan < l KoiBuam
etit-jt * , G3xl2 fett , JI.1SO and 31Sf . trl rtry
ovy tiviiL" ti > pnirliawn , who nil ini | > r < ite.
AIi 413 \ mi 'Jltli. lietHern Fmham axl
I'oiU'U" s rcrtf , j''i'l to JI.COO caih an'l l o {
XfZW of 'he bo-t btuiim I"ti in the cltr of
Omaha for pale , located on ct rr buaiie'j street ,
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i2TB ni ' new map of Omaha. 50c asd St 5e
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free diainbution.
Geo. P. Bern is' ,
15th & Douglas St. ,