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VOL. X. OMAHA , NEBRASKA , TUESDAY. JULY 13 , 1880. EX ) . 19.
Established 1871 , MORNING' EDITION. Price Five Cents
, *
- ; : Who Smells the Blood ol
an English-man and
Strides Across
the Lawn
To Embrace the Man Whof
Jon a Late Day in Autumn ,
Is to Die With Him.
Preparations For the Wake
Over the Hancock-
Eaglish Corpse.
Englleh Meets HIB Fellow Mask.
Special disjulch to Tie ! Bee. -
NEW YOKE , July 13 1 a. m. Win.
H. Englinh , the democratic candidate
for -pieaideut , = iirivedliere Sunday
night , and was inut at- the depot by
his POII and several friend ? . Yesterday
tis # day luurnii'gr accompanied by Auitin
Brown , of the national democratic
comiuittw , and O.-oar B. Hurd , he
proceeded to Governor's Island to
meet fii-neral Hancuck. At the bat'
tery , buforo taking the boat , Mr. En
glish wasareuted by Cdpttin Wharton ,
of General Hancock's staff , who had
been delegated by the general to escort
cert him to the Mind. On the boat
were also A bra in S. Hewitt and Col.
Francis Dovr , an eld friend of Han
cock's. When the boat reached the
inland landing , Mr. English and Oapt.
Wharton Blepj.ed on the wharf and the
latter led the way to the lawn fronting
the general's residence , where a meet
ing between the candidates took place.
' Thegeueriil , who was suatid in the
K' hallway of his residence , at once advanced -
vancod to meet them. He grasped
Mr. Euglish's hand , eliuok it warmly
and'then escnitid his visitor , followed
by the otht r members of the party ,
within , where they engaged in an ear
nest conversation.
The lilll'j four-month's old sun of
Ilusiell Hancock , the general's son ,
died yesli-rJay mwniiig , and the eveut
dis urbed t ! < " quiet , homelike resi
dence mote t'i ' > n 'he ' movements of po
litical pirties.
The I'Jo'cl'irk boat brought quile a
di-li'gition of n"tblvs. . among whom
were Geiiem ) 'lh"inifi E-vinp , General
Blair , of ICmmas , Gob. Scott and Da-
vjg , U. S. A , Blml-in Dui'cm , John
JMillyr , Geu ir. l McMalmn , John
Birch , toc-itary of the United States
senate , J.ihn u'OomiHr , of Tennessee ,
and niini-jroiiB .th. < rc.
At thro'.nu of the democratic
coiniuittcont the Nrw Y > rk liot-1 the
proirrainniM f ir tins rflicial nuti6caiun (
today was prep 11 id The mumbim
will sail t < > the isltnd by the 1:20
o'clock boat and will be mot at the
cummauditig ollicer'a hnuso by General
H ncock and Mr. English. The let
ter informing the goutlemen of their
nomination will bis read , after which
the nominee i will probibly make brief
replies. Members of the committie
will then ho severally introduced.
This will conclude the official part of
the ceremony.
There will bo a large number of dis
tinguished [ > aron * at the nff. ir for , in
addition to the committee and jno t
prominent men of town , Gen. Han
cock has invite 1 a number of his mili
tary frieiidi to be present. The cere
mony will take place between 12 and
2 o'clock.
During a conversation with a re
porter Mr. En lich said about
Indiana , "rup _ > rts wh'ch you see in
the now. < ppofs about the dissatis
faction. of the democrats in our state ,
are untrue. .We are ? 11 united and do
not hear a word of dissa'isftction
from any jwrt of the state. While we
realize that wo shall have a hard fight
in October , and that the republic-ins
of the entire country will do all thsy
can to carry our atato , we are confi
dent of tuccess. "
The democratic congressional com
mittee met nt noon yesterday at the
Hoffman hous . The committee is
romposed of active workers appointed
by the caucus of democratic congress
men. / Hitherto iU dutjes have been
confined to the distribution of docu
ments 'from Washington , but in this
campaign it is passible that it may
work in c nnection with the national
committee and have their headquarters
in this city. The following is the list
of the committee :
Win. A Wallace , Clearfield , Pa. ;
Win H Barnum , Lime Rock , Conn. ;
G. W. Gill , Boston ; A. Schell , Now
York ; H. B. Banning , Cincinnati ; W.
Pinckney , Whyte , Baltimore ; J. C. S.
Bhckburn , Kunxville , Ky. ; J. E.
McDonild. Indianapolis ; W. R. Mor
risen , Waterloo , 111. ; J. F. Farley ,
San Francisco , Cnl.f. ; B. Clark , Jr. ,
La Kayetto.'Ind. ; B. F. Jonas. New
Orleans ; S. Pases , MonticelloFlorida ;
M. C. Bu-ler , South Carolina ; Epja
Huntcn , Warrhijjton , Va ; J. 0.
Grubb , WilliiiKton.DeL ; S. Hutchine ,
Waihington , D. C. ; H. M. Davis ,
Piedmont , W. Va. ; 1-rank Jones ,
Portsmouth , N. H.
The absentees to-day were Messrs.
Gill , Blackburn , Morrison , Clark ,
Butler and Jones. The secretary of
the committee is Duncan S. Walker ,
and there are two vacincies which
may bo filled at any time. The ses
sion yesterday was short and informal.
Senator Wallace presided , and the ex
ecutive committee , consisting of
Augustus Schell , Blackburn , Hunton ,
Davis and Jonas , held a short consult
ation. The committee finally ad
journed till 4 p. m. to-day.
Littld interest attaches to the do
ings of the congressional committee ,
but most of the politicians at the Hoff
man house devote themselves to spec
ulations relative to the chairmanship
of the national c.mimittoB. This body
is to meet at noon to day , for tne pur
pose of electing a chairman , secretary
and executive committee. Tnus far ,
the names of Wm. H. Barnum , of
Connecticut , Senator Wallsce , of
Pennsylvania , and Abram S Hewitt ,
of New York , are the only OIJCB
named in connection with the office. Y
Barnum is a personal and political to i
friend of Tildeu , and his election is tb
said to be greatly desired by him. tbto
Wallace is the leader of the Pennsyl tort
vania democracy , and is atd to be a rtM
favoritddf Gen. Hancock. Hewitt , st
at utual , is nobody's man , but for all stm
that may turn up as a formidable dark Bll
- failing health , howerw , I !
is a great obatacle to his accepting the
position , which is one of much re
sponsibility and great labor.
Fearful Bloody Work of a
Tramp in Colorado ,
Chicago Tickled With Cool Lake
Breezes A Rood at
The Sand Lot King Dethroned
and Hooted Out of 'Frisco.
Waterloo's Wate'loo.
BpcUI dlspntcb toTh B < - .
CHICAGO , July 12 4 p. m. A portion
tion of Waterloo , Iowa , was flooded
yrsterday afternoon by a rainstorm.
Barn * and Mnnll farm buildings wpro
mrtved from iheir foundations and
many more substantial buildings
paflly submerged. Two boys and
one girl were drown d. The damage
isostimted at $25,000.
TUB UnextlnguiBhed Small Boy.
Special Dispatch to Hie Bee.
CHICAGO , July 12 4 p. m Small
bijB phyit'g with fire-crackers set fire
to a lumber yard of Haskell & Baker
Car company at Michigan City , Indi
ana , and before the flames were ex
tinguished property to the value of
$25,000 were destroyed.
Bonanza Blaze.
8p Ul Dlip&tch toTlic Due
SAN Fiixjfcisco , July 12 2 p. m.
The buildings of the Gould & Curry
mine burned last night , supposed to
bo the work of an incendiary.
Chicago as a Summer Resoi t.
Bpedftl Dlnpatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , July 12 4 p. rn. Four
days of heat only caused half a dozen
sunstroke ? ; one proved fatal , another
likely to prove B-I. Thermometer to
day 92' , the highest yet. A cool
breeze occasionally makes the weather
more bearable.
A Forger Sent Up.
8p cUl Dispatch loTlie Ew.
CINCINNATI , OHIO , July 12 4 p.
m. Judge Bur.iet eontencn.l Sam
Bowles , Ex County Eug-neer , ten
years penitentiary for forging County
A Tramp's Deeds.
Sp cl l Dispatch t Tbo Gee.
BTCRS , Col. , July 12 , 4 p , m.
Frank McCracken , a telegraph opera
tor , was fatally shot last night by an
unknown tramp , supposed to be in-
EBIIP , who also cut Siinuel Green over
the rye and stibbed John McGlyn so
th-tt his bowels protruded. A' consta
ble then shot the tramp dead.
Kearney's Fall. >
Efi-jcltl dispatch to ThoJJoo. "
SAX FaANCisco , July 124 p. m.
Kearney's discretion ( or cowardice , to
speak more plainly ) in staying away
from the sand loti yesterday , he him
self excused by saying it was indelicate
to appear BO soon after the death of hjs
younger brother. He leaves for the
springs Tuesday to recuperate his
weakened constitution. The
only words -hoard abont him
are cowardice , corruption and disgust.
Three-fourths of ( ho workingmen are
fully sat < sfi < d that he has become rich
by soiling their votes and influence to
the highest bidder. Had he been
present to-day ho would probably have
bei-n killed , for their hate is intense.
Ho has no following now but
the socialistic and communistic
elements Cnpt Douglas had 75
armed policemen on the Band lotsand
to their presence and determination to
act on the first sign of trouble , is due
the i/reservation of peace. The first
evidonca of trouble would have
brought down their clubs with telling 1
effect. A history of the riot , however ,
has been spared.
Oplum-SmoKingr In Idaho.
ld hn Citj World.
There is a Chinese den in this city
where men and women congregate to
smoke opium. From fifteen to twenty
have been known to indulge in the .
liabit during twenty-four hours. The
rice was introduced by newcomers
ind is thus far confined to that clasn ,
} ut there is danger at all times of our
routh being enticed into the vile prac-
ice and ruined. In all the townn of
he ooaat where these dens are opened
he authorities immediately break
hem up. The one here is of recent
irigin , and known to hut few outside
if those who do the smoking.
Base Ball ,
pedal Dltpatch to The Bee.
The following games of base ball
fere played yesterday :
ALBANY Alhanys 3 ; Providence 8 ;
ROCHESTER liuifalos 3 ; Rochester
Resisting- Reduction.
pedal Dlap tch to Tni Barn.
READING , Pa. , July 13 1 a. m.
ibout 250 employes of the sheet
lills of the Reading Iron Co. in this
ity went on a strike yesterday and qti
lie works were closed. A proposed tiei
m per cent reduction on wages is be- eila
'g resisted and the men are deter- latl
uned not to accept it. The beaten tlPi
sceive 65 cents a ton and can turu Pi
ut about 100 tons per week. All Piti
lopa of the Reading company will tiE
ereafter work but five days week E
. per " - " - , <
otices being put up yesterday. , .
Found Guilty. frfc
pedal dispatch to The Boe. fcP1
INDIANAPOLIS , July 13 , 1 a. m. P1P'
ha jury found Mrs. Brown guilty of P'e '
ie murder of. her husband. Sen- P'bi
meed to death. biti
A Frightful Death. ai
? cial dlipaleh to TH Bit.
CHATTANOOGA , Tenn. , July 13 , 1 . atri
L Susan Hutsell. a highly respected ri
aung lady , wrs thrown from a buggy riar
t Dayton yasterday , and kicked to arOS
eath by a mule. OS
Life Sworn Away.
wd l DUpateb to Th bee , j
FRIMONT , 0. , July 13 1 a. m. ta
estorday John Welsh was sentenced
be hanged the 3d of December for th
10 murder of Cottsacher , committed t *
iree yeara ago. Welsh said he CO
he had not had \ fair trial , as COdi
'ary Cuerbierzhad denied everything BO
te had testified to. Efforts are being th
id a to hare the case carried to the thbe
ipreme court. Welsh r ceirad' bit
ia 4 very cool w jr.
Pen Ectures of the Country
on the Northern
Border ,
And the Slice ol Dakota Proposed
to Be Attached to
A Rich Agricultural Region ,
Well WatereSF and
The Home of Middleton and
tbe Pony Brigands.
Correspondent < f tlio Bee.
OAKNES , Unorganized Territory ,
Neb. , July 7. Holt county has been
a subject for doalof correspon
dence during the past your , and nut
until so recent aUtwliB ita resource
beau advtrtiaed , and the hidden
wealth cent titled wlt'ui-i its bouiid.iric ,
been given to the world. A score o
lines will ait ( xceed the number o
my visits , but only within the pas
ew days have I become aware of its
Mtt area of chuicu lands , rolling away
miles upon milea to the north and
and weit of O'Ncil City , and which
before the suu has twice crossed the
equat-tr , will teem with humanity ,
and the virgin neil offer ite treasures
of golden grains to the sturdy pioneer.
My course lay almout north from
To one who is not acquainted with
the character cf tlw country through
out northern Nebraska , it would p
pear Bttange that a valley or stream
could be approached to within a few
hundred yards , and not be aware of
its near proximity.
Tins Vhllry is narrow , and affords a
better protection tu ttock from the
storms ( winter , thaiimy particular
advantage forfauin , but several f.uui-
lies are located h. re , and ate culti
vating sirmll fields.
1 was soon across the ttrenin , which
1s clear and pure , recording another
among thu thousands 'n this patt of
thu at'itu tlittt is eiipplu'd With water
from springs. .Beyond , a level table
stretches awjy to the north as far r-
the eye can re.icli , and the only d'sap-
pointmoiit felt w- the total absjKe
of habitations and not ovoa a pieof
breaking or4-luxuiuu3 ? duout relieved -
liovod the monotony , and distance
of Jive miles further had to be trav
eled before the Keya Paha butt s
drone in thu distance , which looked ? 3
[ f they were bauds which bound this
country to the skies.
Three miles further the head o
Brush creek is reached. This stream
BOWH north t. ) the Nibra , and tin
hills which follow it : course on eithu
tide gradually settle down uiitil they
we lost in thu valley of thu Niobrara
i is a strip of snl , extensi n o ;
the sand belt found fti'ther d wii th
which 13 from three to five
miles idennd , this entirely disappear )
before the river is n ached , aud tiivei
place to the rich , black li am that ha
made this valley so f-uious as an agri
: country.
A mile further on is the plor.ian
little settlement of Lavinia Hen
Dn the banks of the Ninbrara inl'.cat
3d a smtill store , and just back iu i
: learin is a log echoul huust > , the t
leer of which is wide , open , and it
'rontarn a as ire of little urchins , when
n the buoyancy cf youth and this bo
ng the first day of school they an
safer for the voice of the teacher to
miiimon tbt-m to their first lesions. ;
My course for the next eight miles
ay up the river. Along tha banks
ire scattered well-cultivated farms ,
md log houses and dug-outs. Their
> wners are new-comer ? , struggling
'or a foot hold , which , once gJined ,
lecures a home for the luiuatndcr of
heir days. The timber al > nc the
itream is of the character fouud fur
rier down towards Niobraw , the cot-
.011 wood prevailing , with a cedar
cattered along no aud then. The
text conspicuous object in my path
raa a log Irmeo , combining the post-
ifiice , a grocery etore , drug store and
; juice dispenupry , all unJer one
oof ; and a few rods to the wfst is a
ilacksroith shop , wliich ' itli two or
hree other buildings , cnmpriso all
here is of the town of Keya Pahs ,
nit from its well located position on
high table , opposite the natural
rosslng of the Ni < > brara to the couti-
ry above , gives it advantages which
rill develop it with the growth of
be country into a thriving town.
The country embraced in Senaior
.Hinders' aniioxation bill , beyond ,
[ eya Poha , is a Inng frtrct h of high
rairie , extending to the north , which Si
i n w included in the territory of SiT
lakota , and if the hopes of our jun- T
> r senator are realized about 1CO.OOO E
cres of beautiful land will bo thrown
ithin the boundaries of our state. '
The only stream of any conse-
uence , is Ponca creek , prising
trough the contro of the district from
) st to west , well timbered , and the
ind bordering upon its banks is good ,
lough broken , affording exceUont
isturage for cattle or sheep.
This is becoming qui a a point for
avel to Fort Niobrarp , and a Dr.
eves has built a bridge across the
iobrara of this place , about 200 feet
mg , and is deriving quite a revenue
om the toll. Pr.iaing west about
irty miles to the point where the pro-
Dsed annexation line will join the
resent state boundai/ , the laud is
iod all the distance , and the rich
affaloand _ bunch grassesfully justify w
10 impression that the soil i osaerses
1 the requisites for successful farm-
g , as well as has been demonstrated ut
i a ftock raising region. uthi
Along the south side of the Niobrara hica
ver the small streams are numerous ca
id well timbered with cottonseed ,
ik and. cedar , the water clear and
ild , and are all supplied from springs
.at navrr become dry. Further up
10 river the valluy grows wider , in nt
aces stretching to the south a ds- ?
nce of two miles , and is quite heavi-
timbered with cottonwood. On
e opposite side of the river the tim-
ir 'is scarce , but the surface of the
iuntry is covered with a rich ver-
ire , the hilh graduiliysloping to the
nth and back from the aslivlty ,
ere is a high table , wholly unsettled ,
it offering especial advantages for Ai
rming. Aim
Pacing ajvp the river to a point Pi
fifteen miles west of Keya Paha , I
crossed the western boundary of Holt
county into the unorganized territory.
The character of the cosntry contin
ues the tame as that lately traversed ,
but the settlement * become scarcer ,
until the settlement of Game * is
reached. Tnis embryo town is named
in honor of our lieutenant governor.
It is the location of thn only saw mill
along the river this side of Fort Nio
Here are the first log houses built
of pine , so plentiful here. The Nio
brara river at this point is not over
150 feet wide , with good btnki on
either aide , offering excellent oppor
tunities for a bridge , and were it not
for the deep and rapid current of the
river from thi place to the town of
Niobrara the rafting of pine and ce
dar could be made a profitable busl-
BMI.To the west , on the north aide of
the river , are aeen heavy growths of
cone-abaped trees , which , upon a
nearer approach proved to bo pine. A
short distance from here it a band-
scum s'.ro. ' , of valey ; , with small wil
low bushes scattered over it. Th > s
WHS the battle-ground of the outlaw
Middloton and Llewe'lyn ' , a few
months ago. Just at thu base of a
hill stream , ear and pure , and is
wry appropHUtfly named Laughing
Water. This is the strenn that fur
nirhodtho water in which the wounds |
of H2on were bathed by the wife of
Mr. Skinner , after ho WAS shot by
Middl'ton , and to the care of this
bravo woman , who nursed him for
hirly six hours in the face of threats
f the pony boys that if ahe harbored
H.tzcn , they would fire into
iho tent and kill them all ,
mar bo attributed more than to any
of'er cnuso n zvn's final recovery.
At a point about twenty rodn ( o the
west of this stream , MiddK'tnn dis
covered Lvkina secreted behind some
willows , nndcmspejtlng foul play , im
rr-di.-itely drew his revolver , and the
L .ie intt-nt Hazen shot Midaleton
r .o returned the fire which proved so
noirly fatal to tlazen.
About t n rods west of the spot
v > here the fight occurred , at the foot
of the low hills which skirt the
vulley , stood n cluster of scruby oaks ,
mid the side of one facing the spot
where Lykins Iny concealed , is blazed
to chow where the bullet took nfTuct
by th shot of Lykins which w s in
tended for M'ddloton. ' This ground
is looked upon as n sort of consecrated
spr.t by Die admirers of Mtddloton ,
whom 1 found to bo not afow through
out this section , and s'.range as it may
appear , thn respectable element of the
community , were lively repreiented.
Tha flubjoct of Mid-Uoton's battle
with the officers and his subsequent
ujiluro is one that is every day dis-
: i"-e I nii-1 a story that never grows
jlJ , ar.d whatever may have been
M ddloti n's evil doings broaain , this
immediate locality hu preserved the
rt.ic'tst good conduct , , and eithiT
hrough far that ha would m > > lest
; honi , or that they ttiougSt him inno-
: ent of the cha'-gos-ltid at his door ,
, heir terms with him in either event
Terefiicndly. The countiy around h
'rco from horse thieves , which wi-re.
! > numerous when Middlctoit wai at
arge , and Ihe present state ofsccuriiy
yh ch the Eottlers ftcl a brought
ibout by thi capture of Middlet > n
ind the effectual breaking up of this
JAIIZ b } ' Llonellyu.
The Niobra' a river at this point is
larrower than at any place below Ft.
.iiobrar > , and is spanned by a aub-
lian.ial pine bndjjo , 160 feet long ,
xiiU entirely of pine , and not a nail
r iron bolt is uocd in its ronslruc-
on. The architect waa Cnpt. Fr nk
it rbel , formerly of Troy , N. Y. , and
no of the pioneers of this country.
On-s-half mile to the nort > of the :
> ridgr , is the home of the outlaw's
viSe , a comely womnn of twen.y , who
s patiently waiting for his tsrm of
inpr sonment to oipiro , that she
nay link her fortunes e ain with his ,
ind pa > s along the rrad < f life to-
ether in pence. In reply to the
[ uupu'on if rho know that her bus-
land's sentence to prison relieved her
f her marital relation * , she replied
hat she did , but waa not going to
ake advantage of it. RKN M.
'hat Which Makes Grant in Favor - p
vor of Democratic ' °
"oo Many Congressional Re-
I y
cords in Garfleld's Path
of Life.
'he National Committee Con
sulting With tbe Eepub-
lican Leader.
rant Talks About the Candidates.
wiinl Dixpatch to The Etxj.
CHICAGO , July 12 , 4 p. in. The
imt's s.iys : When t'en. Grant was in
Imporia , Kas. , a few days ago , he
ad a long conversation with an old
iend named L. Q. Eutwright , who
ow relates the substance of it. The
c president declared , in speikinc of
Is candidacy at Chicago , that he had
eon misled as to his strength before
le conventionnd that had he known ,
i his leading supporters must
ivo known , that he wai as a hopeleis
Jnority he would not have permitted . ,
.e use of bis name. He said that in
Dmlnating Hancock the democrats
ad for once hit the nail on the head
id that their chances of success were
tuellent. The General had no unkind.
ords for Garfield , but ezj ressed the
linion he had rather too many vol-
ncs of congressional debates behind
m to make a smooth and successful
Consulting Qnrfleld.
* d l Dlipatch to Iho Bee.
NEW YORK , July 12 4 p. m.
Marshall Jewell , chairman , accompv
ed by ex-Senator Doraey , secretary ,
the republican national committee ,
arted from tbii city last night to vis-
Gen. Garfield in Mtntor , Ohio. The
iject is said to be to consult Garfield
girding the political campaign.
Telegraphic Consolidation.
BALTIMOBZ , July 13 , 1 a. m. The vt
morican district telegraph companies vtto
et here to consolidate with tf ] ) tele *
ion oompaniff if poaaible ,
The Conspicuous and Overtap-
ping Characteristic of the
Republican Candidatp ,
Whose Brilliant Mind Shine
Forth in Every Paragraph
General Garfleld's Letter of Ac
ceptance of the Republican
Special Dlipatch to Tbe Bee.
MENTOB , 0. , July 13 1 a. m
General Garfield baa forwarded the letter of acceptance of the
nominition tendfred hinn by the re-
puMican notion * ! ? convention to Sen
ator Hoar , of Massachusetts :
ME.NTOK , 0. , July 10 , 1880.
DeirSir : On the evening of the
8th cf June l st , I had the honor to
receive from you in the piodencoof the
ommiitee , of which you wore charm -
m < iu , the official announcement thnt
the republican national convention at
Chicago bad that day nominated me as
their candidate for president of the
United Stales. I accept tlie nomina
tion with gratitude for thu confidence
it implies and with a deep senau of the
responsibilities it Imposes. I cordially
endorse the principles set forth in
the platform adopted by the convon
tlon. Of maMy all of the subject1 *
on which it tr ats my opinions are on
record among tlie published proceed
tng of congress. I * M venture , how
ever , to make special mention of souiu
of the principal topics which are likely
to become subjects of dicupHion.
Without 10 urrinn to the controversy
which has been settled during the
last 20 years , and with no purpose or
wish to revive the passions of the lute
war it should be said that while the
republicans fully recognize and will
streiiuoii'ly defend all the rights ro
twined by the people nd all thu rights
reserved to the sUtts , they reject the
pernicious doctrine of state suprem
acy which to long crippled the func
tions of the national government and
at one time brought the union very
near to destruction. They insist fiat
ihe United StaUft i nation , with
Bmj'lo poweis of self preservation ; its constitution and the lawn ,
nude in pursuance thereof , are the
supreme Liw of the land ; that the ; of thu nation to determine the
method by which its own legishture
shall bo created cannot be surrendered
without abdicating one uf che funda
mental poweis of government ; that .
the national laws relating to thn elec
tion of representatives in congress
ihall neither be violated or or ded ;
Lliat every elector should bis permitted .
! i aly and without intimidation to ca t
its lawful vote at such an election
ind have it hones ly counted , BO that
; he potency of his vote shall not be
iestroyed by the fraudulent vote of
* jy other person. The best thoughts
md energicd of our people should be
Jirected""to th'.su grol questions of
intional well beinj ; i'l vhich nil have i „ ;
i common interest , b c i eff'-r-s w.ll
ioi > nesi restore to porf ct peace t toao t
* ho were lately in arms against each t
) ther , for justice and good will are our i
ast possession. But it is CJit.iin that K
.ho wounds of the war cannot be CJHI- I
jlotely healed and the spirit of broth- t
trhoad cannot fully pervade tha whole
8 ;
souniry until every citizen , rich or 8S 8t
) oor , white or black , ia secure in thu 8d
ree and equal enjoyment of every d
ivil and political right guaranteed a
> y the constitution and the lws. b
rVherever the enjoyment of theee 1 <
ighta is not assured discontent wM 1ti
irevail , immigration will cease and 1
he soil and industrial forces wili C'-n- 1v
inue to bo disturbed by thomigrat1 j 1o
if laborers and the -nsequent dim d
ution of prosperity. The nation I Ci
ovornment aliould exercise all its con0 | :
titutiopal authority to put out these d'al
vib for all the
, the people and all al
tnt a are members of one body , and alP
10 man can suffer without injury to b
11. The most serious ovi's which now w
fhVct the south arise from the fact
li-U there is not such freedom and |
uleration of political opinion r.nd ac nU
ion , so tlmt the minority pai y cm
xerc'se effective and whole < me re-1
B (
traint on the parly in power. With- le
ut euch restruint patty rule lem
ecomes tyrannical and corrupt , r <
'ho prosperity which is m : le 01
ossible in the south by its great r. ' - in
antpgea cf e"il and ilunr.le w ! inC (
ever bo realized iMiil every vo'ar tl
freely and tafoly support any tlOl
arty ha pleases. Next in imp-jrt nidi Olta
} freedom and justice is Ho popular tace
lection , without which nei'hoi ' ju.tice ceP.1
or freedom ran . bo . permanently . i ci P.1
union ill iiitorcsis nr. : in)1
j ( )1 )
ruston to the spates and the volun | ( j ,
iry action of the people. Whatever fa
elp the nation on justly afford 01
lionld bo generously given to aid the 01bi
tates in supporting the common li ]
: heel ; but It would be unjust to our
oople and dangi-ruus to our Jnatilu- yr
uns to apply uny portion rf the ro- r <
> urces of the nation or the states for oi
ipport of sectional echnols. The oim
jparation of the church and the s'ate '
i everything relating to taxatit n th P
lould bo absolute. On the subject thtl
f the national fituncoa my views have tl
BBII so fnquuntly and fully oxprescel to
lat little is needed in the way of adi- ? totr
onal statement. Tha public debt it trsi
ow so well secured , and the rate of
iniul interest has been so reductd siF
1 refunding , that rigid economy in oi :
aud the faithful oiol
tponditures appltca- ol
on of our surplus revenues to the th
lyment of the principal of the debt
ill gradually and certainly free the I
C (
sople from its burden and close With '
onor the financial chapter of the nar. iI" i
t the same time the government can I"ol
rovide for all ordinary expenditures ol
id discharge its tacred obligations tote la
te soldiers of the Union and to the th
idows and orphans of those who thcc
II" in its defense. The re- ccw
imption of specie payment , ai
hich the republican party so aifa ,
larageously and successfully acc m-
ished , has remove 1 from the field of
imtroTersy.rmny question } that long trof
id seriously disturbed the credit of of
IB government and business of 'the
iuntry. Our psper currency is now
national as the fl-tg and resumption Sp
IB not only made it everywhere
[ u l to coin , but has brought into use
ir store of gold and silver. The cir-
ilation medium is more abundant n
i n ever before we neei only to main-
in the equality of our dollars to in- 0te
rra to labor and capital a measure of te
Joe from the uae of which none en teJA
iffer ! ! . The great prosperity
Uelit&e aoontry u ao r enjoying JACT
" " act b adqger d bytooie CT
violent changes of doubtful financial
experiment * .
In reference to our customs
laws , a policy should be pursu. d
which will bring revenue t ) the trer.-
sury and nil ! enable labor and capi'al
employed in our great industries c 'in-
pete fairly in our own marke s with
the 1-tbor and foreign producer--1. We
libor for the pe * pie of the United
States n it for the whole wt.rld and it
is our glory that tha American
laborer is nvre intelligent and bolter
paid than his foreign ci mpetitor. But
the country mu-t he independent un
less its juoplo with their abundant
natural res > t rrea , pi educe fherequ ste
skill in war timu to cloth , arm and
equip themselves for war , and in timis
of peace produce all iho necessary
iinilomeiita of luhor It was the
manifeit intention of the founders of
our government to provide for the
common defense , not by standing ur
inion ulono , but liy raising among tlu >
pe. plo a greater army of nrttNana ,
whoi > e intelligence and skill
should i owerfuliy contribute
to the flifetyaiid glory of the nation.
Fortunately for the interests of com
merce , there ia no longer any formid
able opposition to appropriations fi.r
improvement ! ! of our harbors und
gro.i * n ivigHb'e rivers , provided that
tl.o ex [ > onditurett for that purpose are
strictly limited to works of nationa
importance. Tie ) JMissie.Mppi river ,
with its great tributaries , is of such
vital importaneo to EO many millions
of people that the safety of its mviga-
tion requires oxcep'ioniil considera
tion , in on'er ' to secure to the nation
the control cf HI its waters. Presi
dent Jefferson negotiated the pnr-
clii'ke of a vast territory extend ng
fromtho Gulf of Mexico to the Pacitic
oco-iii. The wisdom of coiir } .s-H ill mid
be invoked to divso s me plmi l > y
which that great , river "lull cense to ho
it terror to those who dwpli upon its
banls , and by wliich rts * hip ; iog may
sifely carry the i ; du-t-i 1 products of
tweuty-Ove miil'ons 6i people. The
lnti-r.-s 3 of agriculture , whith ii the
bai's of all our mateiiul prospi'iily ,
and in wt ich sov .i-t\i elfths of our
popul : ii engaged , i-s well us t.o
Interests of manu ? cturois and c > m-
msrce dum md thnt the facilities for
cheap tnnsportttion shMl be increased
by the use of nil wuter The material intcrcats of
our country , the traditions cf iti set-
tlmint and the sontiinents of our ,
pe > po ! led the g v < rnmont to ofior thu
widest horpitality to euiigranta
who seek our shores for
new and happier homoi.
willing to share thw t.n denn HI well
is the buiiutits of our society and in
tending tliat thi-ir posterity sh ll be-
jomo an iindiitin.uishabli ; : part of our | (
3opulat o : > . The secent movement of
; ho Chinese t > < ur Pacific coast par- | , .
.iikcs but lit'le of the ( jualit cs < f such
in imigiatton either 1:1 i s purpose or
ta ros.titj. : It iu ti o inu' * liku an im-
) ortation lo be wt loomed without re-
.triciionj ; too much hko an iuV siuii
/i bo looked upon without solicitude.
iVo cannot content to allow any form
if servile lah r to be introduced
.moyg us under the guiqe of immigra-
IOM. llVcoyiiizing ih-j ur. > vity of this
ubject , the present admiiiis-ration , I I
upported by comjrrfs , h.ia . nt to | r.
illiina a o mnii-son cf distin-
uisied ! cit'Zfiis for the purjit.-
if securing such moderjtion of tlj
reaty as will prevent ihe v.irt Lk /
o arise from the pres.nt situ.ition. . . -
s confidently bili'-ved : lliht th. so ne-
[ ot'a'ionn vjil lesucceoftil without
he loss of commercial interoonrao be-
ween the tivo powers uhicK promis-'s '
r. at incrraso of rtcirocal | ; trad and
ho onlargrment i-f our markets , .
ihotild theai ; efTorls fail it wil be tit ? > f ' ' i
uty of ciuigrets to miliKtto the evih
'riicdy felt and prevent thoiriiicrcaso
y auch ie-trictiona as without vio-
'iice will plaoo on proud foundation
lie freedom and dignity of labor ,
'he appointment of citizens to the
arioua ex < cutivo and jud'dal t-flicea
f tbe governrmnti * perhurs the most m .
ifficnlt of nil the dntioi nhich the th
onstitution hma imp'.ced UIK n thu si ;
iccutivu. Thrt cjnslit'it 0-1 \7i-itly th
emands that shall -
congress co-oper-
towilh the executive di-p.-vriinenta in
laoin : ; the civil seivie in a better
E\p--riencj h i p'ovtd that fr ,
itli our frequent changes of 'uiminis- in
atiou no ayslem of luform can lo th
tado ( IF.-ciivo andpfrinaiiui -.viihout .
d. <
leaidof Ifghlatinii. . Appointments d.dc
; the mill t try and naval service iiru
dc :
> regulated by Iiur and custom u to
ave little ground for compliint It
Liy not bo worse to m.iho aimilar
ignlati His in civil service , but with-
it invading the uthorily or the COnc
ucossary discretion of the executive ncwe
ingress should devisu u method
tat would duvlae the tenure ;
: oltice and greatly- reduce thn uncer- hnGl
jiity wliich made that eervic-j so un-
irtain and umatnfactory without de re
riving an/ officer of his rights r.a .1
tiz-jii. The government should -e
lire him to discharge aU hrs oftic. il pr
atios with intelligence , efficiency and in thin ;
iithfulnets To eelict wisely fiom
ar vast ] opjla'ioii ' thoco wuo are
jst fitted for the m-iny oflices t-i bo
[ led requires an ucquaintniKu ft r b : -
md the range of i > nj oiu : ron Thu
cecutivo should then fur. ; seek and
: coivotho infurm.iti nand aseist.ince M
: those whoso knoivlcdgu of the oi'in- HI :
unitius in whch : the duttei are to bj bo
jrformod best quil'fies tlu-m to aid
lein in taking tha wisest chuito F : ,
The doctrines announ. 3d l.y the us
ic Chicago convention are not the th
unporaiy devices of a p.r.y t > a- CO
act volet and carry anl' c Ion.
hey are deliberated coiiviclioi s rt-
ilting from a careful study of the
lirit of our iraiitttion ? , thy c urs foiU
our history and t e best impn' ea
: our people , jii my judgment
ieo principles should c'n r ! thu ce :
gtsla'ion and ndininistr.'ition of iho
) vernment. In rny event they w'll :
lide my conduct until cxp irinte rii
dnts a wetter way. If elided , it
ill be my purpose to enforce strict CO th
jedience to thu constitution and the thdii
WB and to as best I
, promote , may , fr. .
te interest and honor of the whole fr.on
mntry , relying for support upon the on
isdom of congress , the InteJligmce
id patriotism of the people aud the
vor of God. bi
With great respcc I arc , veiy thwi
nly yours. J. A. GARFIELD. wi
To Hon. Geo. F. Hoar , chairman wiar
committee. | er
Boyne Braves.
cUl Dispatch to the Bzz.
NEW YORK , July 12 10 p. m. in
he Orangemen are picnicking to-day inhe
i a merry mood. fe
MONTREAL , July 12 10 p. m. The j 0 {
rangemen are celebrating very unrs- j ev
intatiourly. i
Headquarters tor Joe Schlitz's
beer at SIEECHANTS' Exgp
K. B. Cor. 16th and Dodge. !
. . . . . . °
Disaffection in the British
Cabinet Continues
Gladstone Goes to Visit the
Queen.With His Resigna
tion Prepared , .
To Tell Her If Bhe Don't Like
the Way He Buns Things
Sne Can tfelease Him.
M. P.'s to Stop Shooting Off
Their Mouths to Shoot
Grouse in August.
Bill Eeported For Taking Great
Britain's Census iri a Single
Nijj.'it by Police.
Sp < Hi iatth to TUB Oi * .
LONDON , July 12 4 p. m. It is
not I eli.'ved that the British compsn-
gation bill will brcome a law.
So fir as can bo learned Premier
Gladstone Iiai not y t settlo'l upon
thi ) successor to the Marquisof Lands-
down as undcr-i > ecrelary for India.
I'lie rumor that Lord Rosebmry hi > d
l > . 'i"i tendered the plice is not gtne-
orally credited.
M not c"ini' g to England as has been
r"p' ri < d. She ha * gone lo Fonlenoy
whuro alu * will remain till autumn.
contemplate assur
ing GIa'l t < > ne that they will support
iiim in continuing the session inden-
ian-ly , if npcvtst ly to carry out the
'iiveriiimmt programme.
ii cLil l ) iutcb to the lien.
PAKIH , July 12 4 p. m. Up to
lu > piO'ont limu 130 nmKHtrateN and
jlhei l"gjl functionaries have resigned
heir oflioes rather than aid in the en-
orct-ment of the decrees cf baDish-
nent iigixiust ui'1'cei-sed religious or-
1 rumors are current that
h > ) czar it c intain ) lating early abdic-
ton , rotirh.-g to Florence and purchae-
no the pnl.ico of S in Donato. There
3 piobal-ly nothing in them.
iKxUI Dispatch to Tin tits.
CABLI , July 12 4 p. m. Ah-
urnthmiui Khau wiitestothe British
ominissioiibr s'rongly desiring peace.
DibpaUh to.Tho Bee. .
July 13 1 a. m.
Ur.itir.n , of R-'innimia ' , whoe
MIOI a illr.esi recently hai orcisioned
m'.derabluaiixii tyhns ! < moconva- -
- . cent : i.d g > u to Moldavia in the
o , eof c iinplutiiig the restoration of
is health.
> I'l-iutch to Tlie Ike.
> * , Ju'y 13 1 . ,111 In tbo
i.nso of commons yistfrday W" ,
'i rs'er ' , homo tocrulary for Irrlind ,
ittiouncid thct great exntions hud
en madt ) und v.ould continue to be
uide to pievint the of the
inline fever in the district of Swin-
ird , I Jniid. The I.itert inforrna-
"i ! in . c g' rnuient'd posjcssion ,
B taid , was to tha etleet. that the
ver wrs iiicrusiiigt and < ha govern-
ent .iad but litilo diubt that the
.o.'stT'S it h d ? li-ea-iy tkon , and
LOSO whiu'.i ' it would c-mtinuc to pur-
10 , would Bptedily put nil end to
it terrible alllictiou.
Id. .
Mr. CilaJslouo , who had returned
.mi Windsor , moved that huronftt r
ilil tbf end of the pretont session i ja
government should have prooo j a ,
nculor i'a biiriiieusoiiTnufdiiBHiid I ot
to ilie exclusion of nuy
' ate U | > ai mensiires introduced by
iv.ilo inemhern , for advancement of
y private bills , lie said the gov-
rimunt nould prepare a bill for tin ' m
niinoanco of the ballot r > ct , wliich ia
iw near its expiration , and that it
mid abandon the bill for assimilat-
g the loroiigh frnnchisrs inEng-
nd to ri'iinty fr. > iicriiifs. Mr.
went on to tay thnt wi'h ' ce
to other important b'lls now P
n'liiigtho ' xovornmjnl would not
opt in orbitrary courno in either 1wl
eusing thi m fo. ward < < r withdraw-1 „ .
; ; them , luu would take the srniie of I *
e hoiirc upon ench , and act nccurd-
g to its plraime. This deoltrAtlon
5 :
us recmvid witli rhi'orn fr-'in the
inistorial side of the house.
Sir StalFi rd Noithcotu concurred in
r. Gladstone's prop-nal The re- 37
It ia that government bill * will
pushed f'rird with considerable
idity , and it is th itiijht that the
linn wi'l oud en the 12th of Au-
t , when grouse-shooting begins , and
c nifnihera are anxious to go to the
Sir Charle ? Dilko , nndor s-'cre'ary faca ni ,
r foreign aifaira , replying to Sir ca
oniy Wolf , said that by re : son of cav
u latest information that it had re U !
ived , that the government dd n t that
ink an attempt would be made to at
sturb py 'tinjj arrangements in Bul- 9
na. There had b n continued nr S <
rals and departures of Russian ofli-
rs in and from Bulgaria ever sine- ; bi
e war , and her majesty's government biS
d not believe the warlike rumors S ;
3m that quarter were well grounded 2ifc
facts. fc
Viscount Edfield has in'roducd ' a
11 providine ; for tiking the censas of
e United Kingdom next year , the
ark to be accomplnhed by the p.'d'co
id ci-nstabulary force , nidei by oth-
s when necessa./ . The count is to
i accompl'shed in a sii'gle ' ni ht.
No fuither developments concorn-
g the state of affiira in the cibmet B !
ive been made public , but the dimf-
ction manifested by the resignation
the earl of Liiudown , nd other
ente which occurred last watk , has , ,
> t at all abated , but is , on the cong
ary increaeiog. g
lil Pixpatefa to Tin Bn. .
Loifpox , July 13,1' .
Wholesale and Retail
Goods sent to any part of the United States on
solicitation. largest assortment of
And ever } thing fouid generally iu a first-
cl 2s Jewf-Iiy Sto-e. . ,
Jewelry nimitifachircil on > hort notice. Orders Treat
the rouiilry solicited. Ytliciiiu < ) : nalia call niul see us. Se
trouble to .show < ; oods.
Tlie JeiifhTP. Opiio.sncHK-t : < > soiriivf ( i'5li ( & Dode,1
Over 2000 Drujigitts hav signed a iinper stating th'it Phyel-
ci n- * say they are m every way Su er or to the ordinary slowj j
acliiig Pore-US Plasters used fi-r this pii'pose. i
SEABURY & JOHNSON. Ph-rmai euticnl. New York. PRICE 25 CENTS. |
parli.-nientarj jmrty in the house ol
commoua Is am * nj i" hibllitirs.
KIG i vrrLE
The ajri ; ult' 1 show at Carlie : ,
tbe c.piici i f Cuiiibsrl-nd cu > ity ,
opened aucre .fully yestfrd y. 1 : is
ustimalod tlist t Itast M,000 ! ( icop'c
wen * present and the diaplny ot caci.'o '
dairy productt and ogricu.tutal im
plements WJB very vite : > aitc ind
Sne. The Kta'her wai projjitii us and
thetwn were a gala diy appcar.mce.
Jpecial dirpatth to 'Itio L'CT.
LONDON , July 13 1 a. m. Mr.
Slodtt'-ne went lo Windsor yibterd.iy
tud Lad bii audience will ; tlie Qim.n.
Lli visit is believed to have h < d iu
'erence to the reigiiutic > ii uf L > rd
Lindson from iho Tc
juubtion of the appointmmt uf S'-IIIP
Mia acctptablo to her nmji.-i.ty to BSIC-
: eed him , and an - * * to the
3uecn ot present rattier critical hi 11- %
; iou of the ; ovenmeut ia thoug t to
lave been im IU-BIOH. :
The city is full of uiirou coKcer.t-
og Ihocoi'di ' ioiidfiitrarsaiid csait i't
il'e ' c'ube JOBO ; far r-.a t" hint tliat Mr
Sladstone had In h'3 p cket up > n lia
< uinoy to Windsor hit rceignation
vhiiJi lie W B r.a'Jy ' tojro ont to her
iwjt'siy if she displiyyd any auiicty
onifriiiiiy his court e hu Ind
akcn t-ffico. Jiut this is
- report c > n-
idered to be an extravagant c uwnl.
An application bw been luado by
.rthur Or'on's cuuiincl , J .dgo Jtubh
Ifcajanun , Q C , f r the attornty-
uneial'a fiat fornn.-ipt'al ; to the In IHO
f lords ny.iinst thu rccuiit ticoisioii of
10 cuurt of uppea'a ' m the Ticliboruu j
fe , ti.e court hating decided ajpirut i
le at'iit--nce. |
Mr. BeLJ-tmine' crgunient was that j
18 two sentences of impnsoiiiui nt j
issrd upnn the chuinniit were u t {
> nt-ii..ou3 but co socutt\o. It is
jub fal whether tha li.t will Iu
ranted. If it be the appeal will I o
? ad before a judici-tl committee of
le house , and the merits of thoc.'iu
ill Lo thorocj'My argued by M . Ben-
inin and nsioci.itts on thu oi.c sidu
id the ofiici'ra of the crown on the
The commurcial trt-nty rowi.tiy no-
itiatcd brtirujii England iind liou-
ania lias been ratitk-d and promul-
Now Yorlc I'rcclu o
KEW Yon K.July 12.
Wheat In uodir.itu doiirnui ; re-
ipla , 2.VdOJ , l.inl.els ; No. 2
iriDjf , tl 12 1 12 ; ungraded ro.i ,
i. 15Cvl 21 ; mix il winter , 51 J7t/ ;
18 ; ungraded white , § 1 17 ; N . 1 , SI 17 < yl 18 ; No. 2 n-.I , Juiv ,
Uorn Aituo and lti\v r ; > ' > . J ,
t . 'lS c ; mixed , 5' c ; No 2 v.lutf ,
tjo ; nii'ii ] yc ! i w file ; i 'u 2 Julv " ,
! 4@4Sit ; i , 184.'jtc } ; S-j.tfi.-
r , 4'Jc.
( ) at llonvy ai.d lee 5 ruitipii ,
i.OlD runnels ; tiisturn muel , IH ®
rc ; whitu wt-Btc-.i , 3'JS4ii ! : .
1'tirk Stronger ; ne * mt -it
Ly 25 jl3 75 , i lie lat'--r for cho ce.
Protlu e.
CHICAGO , Juy ! 12.
Flour Non iiul.
Wheit Ui'Sw-ltled , irregular , v , ' k
id lower at opeiiini , ' , but later un-
v < rable crop reports ii the west
im ed a sh rp reaction ; 'id pricr' ! ad-
mc d 3c for July and 2 * ; for Au -
ii above the lowest point re'chud in
ic m < rniiig ; Ni > . 2. 91i'95c , cl Rd
; 9Jc for cash ; 'Jlit94jc , cl scd at
Ic July ; 99 o bid"Ai.-gnt ; 83c bsd
splember ; No. .i , 82 ? 3ic.
Corn Steady , shade h'gher ; 322C
ill July ; Sfljc bid for August.
Oils Firmchigherlh3iic'os ; $ | ' ° l
aturdwy ; No. 2 , 'JoJ.i " for caib ; 24 ©
jjc , c'oacd at 2. > 3cl"r July22&22c ; ]
ir August tnd September ; reje tsd ,
Bye Steady at C3Jc.
Barley Steady and unchanged.
Pork Active and firmer ; opened
3S50o hi-her , and clojpd teady wiih
decline of 20330c ; § 13 75O14 00 for
IB'-I ; 814 12 015 00 for August.
Lird Firmer ; ! C3l2jc higher ;
5 S2J@6 85 for cash ; 86 85g6 87 for
.u nst ; $6 9C@6 92i for September.
Bu k Meata Shoulders , S-l 80 ;
iorr.h , § 7 15 ; short clear , § 7 40
Whisky Steady at $1 09.
Wheat Moderately active and eaa-
sr ; No. 2 spring , 94994ib fT JaH ;
0 s90 | f6r August ; 88334i f.-r
iep eraser ; 88c for the yt ar ; Ko. 2
ad iator , July , 94jc bid ; 9ic for
Cururuiet } ; 35 55 0 for
Kfi J$2oJc ( ! f-T J try ; 35i < 5 53c for S p- {
OA'S-V : . bid f..r July ; 22o for J
August ; Sr L-iiibrr 2 Jc.
bt I.outH 1'roc.uce
ijr. I ( ifi.s , Jul > 12.
Wbeit Oi'imd l-.wur , ndvaurid
and ilieii dccl-tu > ' ; No. ! > nd , 97JO 9fc"8 '
forw . ; > 3 91 > 6'-)0g ) f-r .In 3 * . 8C *
@ 88cft88ctf fur"AiiKimi. . P5"
< 387 for ? ri > > in'tr : .V 8'
for the year : N' * ' . II il , M > ( ? ! 'lic ;
Com oUf r ca-- ; "Ic for Aug
ust anl : ? . | i' i' 1 r.
Oata-fJuiV ; L'Uc f. r cvh ; LMJ@
lMcforAu : jU
ilyiI'n m 11 . l - i
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