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VOL. X. OMAHA , NEBRASKA , MONDAY. JULY 12 , 1880. NO. 18.
Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
The Eising Oenerals , Who
are Taught to Shoot
and Sabre at
West Point ,
Satisfactory Examination of the
Academy by the Board
Various Recommendations
Made for the Peace and
Comfort ofthe Cadets.
Alterations Suggested in the
Standard of Admission.
Complements to the Officers ,
The \Veet Point Academy.
pedal Uinriatch to The Bee.
WASnir.oTOX , July 12 1 a. m.
The board of visitors , appointed by
the president and by the senate and
house , to allc-nd the nnnual examina
tion at the military acidemy at West
Point , have submitted their report , of
which the following is a brief synopsis :
The bosrd examined the new hospital
and find that n further appropriation
by congress of $21,618 will he required
to complete the buildingr It has been
erected iu the most substantial man
ner. The board earnestly recommend
an appropriation for its fpeedy com
pletion. The cadet qmtrters are in
adequate ( o th ir proper accommoda
tion , many of Hit ; rooms a' present be-
irg occupied by thn.e cady's , which
overcrowds them and is likely toil tor-
fere with health and a proper atten
tion to thi ii studies. The board rec
ommend tt'ii * c uigrrs ? bo asked for an
appropriation to extend the west wing
of the birracks so as to add thirty-
two rooms The board further rec
ommend that a bath house bo erected
for the URC of the cadets.
The bianl find that the regulations
for the mililaiy academy have been
fully and faithfully executed , and it
has not seen or heard of anything in
the administtation of the discipline
wh-ch wf u'd ' suggest the propriety of
ch nse in .the ayst-jin. Thy system is
porely military , and is the result of
'miny yiars < { close observation and
experience of those who from time to
time have hid charge of the institu
tion , and who t.ppear to have been
.actuitul by the desire to make it effi
cient in educating and training the
ca-h-ts for al ! duiirs of soldiers and
officer' . Tinotliccra are highly com-
p.iuieul-Hl fi r the condition of the
liiiHding in nil risptcts. Iu thejudg-
imnt of thn board the drill merits the
highest commendation.
The boird are of the opinion that
the standard of acquirements as a
condition pie-redout to admission to
West Point imposes upon the corps of
instructors duties which might as well
be performed by the t" chets in the
common schools throughout the land ,
but as a consequence cf the low
standard for sdinimion much valuable
time is consumed in purely elementary
instructiot.s xt an enormous expense
to the government , and a needlesely
largo prop.iriii > n of the cadets fail to
sustain tliomeelves in competition
with these who , though short in their
academic course , possess sufficient
knowledge of those prerequisites , and
with a consequent heavy pecuniary
lo s to the nation , a loss amounting to
about $17 fiO per annum for ouch and
every cadut. Of th 220 discharged
during the PAR * , four years , more than
half the number wore recommended
for dismiss ! by the academic board ,
being found duucient in their duty ,
while many other * were from cause
forced to resign. The cadets leaving ,
whether by dismission or resignation ,
owing to lack of mental capacity or
disinclination to keep abreast of their
class mates , should not bo permitted
to return , at iu moat instances they
are a necond time deficient.
The board by no means advisesstich
radical chingo in the standard nf nd-
mission , as would exclude from the
institution nil save those who are
thoroughly instructed in every branch
of preparatory study , but they are
itrongly the opinion that the best
interests of the service and the truest
economy to the country demand that
the pro ent ttandprd for admission
should bo materially raised , or that
much severer examinations rhould
compel the cindidat'-s for admitslon
< o be ubii'lutc'ly proficient In the re
quirements of the present low stand
ard , greatly below that required in
similtr Europe * ! ! establishments , so
that the highest efficiency of the ser
vice moy bo scoured , not only through
the character , but oy the exact schol
arship Mid through tcientific trainings
of its officers. The board recommend
that the amount aimuilly appropriated
for the library bo increased to $2000.
The board are of the opinion that
the duties of the treasurer and dis
bursing officer * ore accurately and ef
ficiently discharged by Major 0. N.
Barry , also the quartermasterand
commissary departments are managed
with credit to all concerned. The
board recommend the vigorous en
forcement of regulations against the
ue of tobacco In any shape by the ca
In conclusion the board expresses
iU pleasure at the promptness with
which the superintendent and the
professors and officers c nnected with
the military academy responded to Its
requests for information to facilitate
the labors of its committee.
The report is signed by Robert Pat
terson , of Pennsylvania , president ;
James Grant Wilson , of New York ,
The following games of base ball
w re played yesterday :
BUWALO Cin-aunatis 2 , Buffa
lo * L.
CIEVKLAMD.OIevel nds 2 , Chica-
gos 0.
TKOY Tvoys 7 , Providence 5.
BOSTON Worcesters 3 , Bostons 0.
The Life Savins Service.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHLVGTO.V , July 11 10 p. m.
The reports of the district officers of
the life saving service , received up to
date , show that 299 disasters to ves
sels have occured within the scope of
thi service during the year ending
June SOth , 1880. There were 1947
persons .on board of these veste ! * , of
1938 were saved and 9 lost.
They.were succored at the stations 515
shipwrecked perrms , to whom 1057
days of relief in the xggreca'e were
furnished. The estimated value of the
vessels involved in these disasters was
82,544,003 , and that of their cargoes
$1,168,010 , making the total value of
the property Imperilled $3,712,613.
Of this about $2,611,533 was eavod ,
and $1,101,080 lost. The number of
disasters involving the total lois of the
Teasels was 64
The Fasting Man Slowly Near-
the-Grave The Brain
. Pinaplving.
< ' " . Xf"X .
* - - - -"X
* 1
S ] > ecUl Oiipatch to the BIE.
NEW YOKK , July 11 10 p. m.
Dr. Tanner was reported in good con
dition Saturday afternoon , although
on the thirteenth day of the fast. liis
general appearance was bettor than it
was two d ys ajo ; , and he himself ex
presses the fullest confidence in hi *
ability of accomplishing his end. His
face is somewhat 1hin and pinched ,
but has the appearance of a man in
h lth , nnd 'his voice is clear and
strong. Ho retired at a quarter past
ten ldt night after first insisting that
the gas be turned off. An old ruaidish
looking .woman stepped up to him Iwt
evening and offered to pray with him.
She was n-morrd. Tanner has lost
21 | pounds Hiice the commencement
< f the fa t. Dr. VanDewyde , professor
ser of chetnictryjafter an examination ,
states that the fasting man for the
past , few day ? , has been pasting off a
large quantity of phosphate * . This
would Ehow that the brain tissue is
rapidly being worn out.
Sport on the Turf.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
MONMOUTH PABK , N. J. , July 11
10 p m. The July mooting of Monmouth -
mouth Park association ended to-day
with one of the best dny's sport evtr
given by the association. The tiist
race , milo and a half , handicap
sweepstakes for all a e * , at § 300 each ,
with $700 added , $200 to the second
out of the stakes , was won by Furlda ,
with Surge second. Tiny > 2:42. :
Second race , handicap sweewatakes
for three ye r i-lds , at 525 each , with
$600 added , $150 to the second out of
the stakes , mile and furlong , was won
by Klttio J , with Emily F second.
Time 2:00. :
Third race , five furlongi , puree of
$500 , for two year olds , was won by
Top.'ey , with Blazn second.
Fourth race , mile and a furlong ,
special sweepstakes , $ l,000 excb , half
for the first , with 81,000 addtd ; three
entries Luke Blickburn , Grenada
and the Duke of Monlrose. The race
wa1 ? won by Luke B'ackburn ' , with the
Diikn of Montrose second. Time
Fi'th ' race , five miles and a quarter ,
Monmouth cup , for a'l ' ngee , § 50
each , play or piy , with 91,000 added ,
was won by Report , with Monitor
second. Time 4:07. :
The sixth race , ono mile , purse of
S500 , for all ges > , horses entered to
bo sold for $1 500 , was won by Char
lie Gorham , with Gossip second. Time
Seventh nnd last race , steeple chase ,
purse of $800 , for all ages , of which
8200 went to the second , over the
regular course , was won by Katie P ,
wilh Darby s cond. Time 5.06.
Detroit Races.
SpecUl Dirratcti to The bee.
DETROIT , July 11 10 p. m. The
1 $ miles dash yesterday wis won by
B'g Medicine in l.58iFrank Short
eecond , Bees third. There were seven
starters in the milo dash , J. H. Ha-
vcrly winning in 1:44J : , with Boswell
second , and Florence third.
The second race was mile heaa
with five starters. Gold Boy won the
first three heits in 1.44 , 1:43J : and
1:46 | ; Headlight second and Systi
Shipping News.
Special Dispatch to Tim KIR.
The following were the movements
of vessels on Saturday , July 10 :
NKW YORK , July 11 10 p. m.
Arrived Elysia from London , steam
ers City of Berlin from Liverpool and
Schiedan from Rotterdam.
Sailed Brittanic and England for
Liverpool. Bolivia for Glasgow , Do-
nan for Bremen , Vaderland for Ant
werp and Bristol for Avon Mouth.
LIVERPOOL Arrived , City of Ches
ter from Now York.
Death's Doings.
epeclil Dispatch to The Dee.
WASHINGTON , July 11 10 p. m.
Reports from Havana to the national
buard of health states that for the
weak ending June 26th there were
196 deaths from all causes , from yel-
1 jw fever 46 , small pox 6 , typhoid fe
ver 1.
NEW YORK. July 11 10 p. m.
Vital statistics for the past week are :
922 deaths against 1297 for the pre
vious week ; 519 births , and 161 mar
riages. The death list fur the week
included the usual proportion of mor
tality from diarrtuetl diseases among
children. There is no doubt but that
the system of tenement house inspec
tion lessened last wcek'd mortnlity.
SpecUl dispatch toTni DIE.
WASHINGTON , July 12 1 a. m.
For the upper Lake region and the
upper Mississippi valleypartly cloudy
weather , rains , winds mostly so"th-
weeterly , stationary or h'gher tem
perature and baiometer. For lower
Missouri valley , clear or partly cloudy
weather , southwesterly wind * and sta
tionary or higher temperature and
English In New Yore. ,
Spedil DtijaOch to The Beo.
NEW YORK , Jnly 12 4 a. m.
Hon. Wm. H. EnglUh , democratic
nominee for vice-president , arrived
at the Fifth Avenue hotel this even
ing. A number of prominent demo
crats were present and accorded to
Mr. English a hearty welcome. To
morrow Mr. Engli h will confer with
the members of tha congrewlonal
national committee. la the evening-
he will visit General Hancock at hi
residence. It is expected that Mr.
English will remain in this city during
the entire week.
The weathar to-day , although not
as warm as yesterday , wa quite Mi-
try , and several oases of sunstroke
were reported. Turing the afternoon
a storm pissed over the city and the'
mercury began to fall rapidly and the
air became clear and cool. The tb'T-
mmneter at 3 a. m. yetterdey stood
t 70 * and at eon 74 * .
The Deposition of Osman
Pasha Considered a
Peaceful Sign.
The Trials and Tributalions
of the Porte Increas
ing Hourly.
The ColHen Club Dinner A
Pair of Hungarians Im
prisoned for Duelling.
President Grevy Proclaims a
General Amnesty to all
French Political
The Powera Adviao Greece to
Delay Calling Out Her
But She Torpedoes Her Harbors
Against the Turks.
Special Dispatch t > > The \ ' . < x
CONSTANIISOPLE , July 10 4 p. m.
Hussion Husni Pdsha hB been ap
pointed minhlcr of war , replacing
Osman Pas'ia. Suveral important
changes wilt be made in the staff.
8p > Jal DiR | > atch to TDK Hun.
DUBLIN , July 10 4 p. m. En
couraging crop reports como f.-om the
.rest of IreUnd.
Special Di-patch to Tin EH.
LONDON , July 10 4 p. m. Lord
Ilosebeny , liberal , is mentioned as
the Marquis of Linsdowner'a eucces-
s ir to the uuder secretaryship for
Special DUpati'h to tlir ll .
PAKIS , July 10 4 p. m. Pnul
BIOSI , an eminent surgeon and an
thropologist and author , and who in
Feb'Uiry last was elected a life sena
tor a ) a candidate of the eilromo left ,
h ded. .
SuccUl l > | suu. | Ii to The ! > e.
CONSTANTINOPLE , July 10 , 4 p. m.
A gun faclo'y ' his been given a very
lirge order for shot and shell for the
FpeciM DHtutch to The RBO.
DUBLIN , July 10 4 p. m. A large
case of rifles wai seized at Woolsown.
The rifles werj the [ roperly of peas
ants , but wnro i.ddresBod to local l.uid-
lordg , who knew nothing of them.
Special Ul pitch to The Kte.
PARIS , July 10 4 p , TO. The result
of the voting on thu amnesty bill is
that Iho tcnate , instead of excluding
all communists condemned irr aisns
s'nation and incotidiirisin. makes ex
ceptions in favor of these condemned
by default , and those not sentenced to
death or hard liburand of these who ,
though so * sentenced , hive had
their senteuc s commuted. This no
tion includes Recliefort and Blanqui
aud the riujile-iders who escaped.
The e excluded will receive pardon
and bu allowed to ru-uuler France , j
though they will not bo restored to
civil rights
Sj'ixliU niipati h lo riw H ' *
PARIB , July 10 , 4 p. in. The na
tional fete day , July 14 , will be cele
brated on an extensive scale.
Special < lli < pitch to The Bee.
LONDON , July 11 10 a. m. A dis
patch from Constantinople to the
Manchester Guard : an , Thursday , says :
The Montonegr'.i envoy will leave
here to-morrow. It is believed here
that the settlement of the Montene
grin a flair will bo more difficult than
that of the Greek. Mr. Groschen ,
British ambassador , has withdrawn
his confidence from Sir Alfred Sandi-
lon , oriental secretary of legation , and
it is reported that he tnkoti the
embassy's confidential cipher out of
his hands. The quarrel c.mses much
comment. It is believed that Sir
Alfred will anon quit his post.
Special dispatch to TUB Bu.
MADRID , July 12 1 a. m. The
weather throughout Spain it intense
ly hot and many cises of sunstroke
mrereported. .
Special dispatch to The lice.
PARIS , July 12 1 a. m. The
official journal of to-day publishes
President Grevy's decree granting an
entire remission of pjnishment to all
persons convicted fur having taken
part in the insurrectionary events of
1870 and 1871 , and in subsequent in
surrectionary movements.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , July 11 10 p. m.
Among thosu present at 'ho Cobden
club dinner Saturday night , were M
M. Clialli-mol , DeLesjepn , Earl Spen
cer , Baxter Herbert , Gladstone , J.
W. Gsrrett , of Baltimore , and Simon
Stein , of New York. The proceed
ings were pleasant and successful. M.
DeLesseps , referring to the proposed
Panama canal , said the greatest finan
cial help was ccru'ng from America ,
though European capital wou'd ' follow
the Americin investment. Mr. Gir-
rett'spoke of the condition of Am
A dispatch from Paris says the
chamber of deputies voted the amnes
ty bill in the form in which it pawei
the senate on Fridiy.
A dispatch from B > ma says that it
is reported that Signer Dezut replaces
Slgnor Zonel as minister of war.
A die patch from Pesih fays Baron
M gtheamye , a member of the upper
house , has boon sentenced to six
weeks' Imprisonment , and Deputy l
Verhovey to two weeks' confinement |
In prison , for dueling in January last.
An Athens dispatch sayi Greece is
placing torpedoes in all the harbors , i
The C "unless of Granvlllo haa boon
accouched of a aon.
Special Diipatch to Tbt Be * .
LONDON , July 12 1 a. m. A dis
patch from Cabul via Calcutta says
Ab'lul Rthlin has again exp'esaed a
strong desire for a friendly settle
There is great distress in Cabul ow
ing to the great scarcity and consequent
quent dearneas of provisions of ail
kinds. The harvest , however , ia ex
pected to supply the wants of the people
ple at an early date.
Special dlgpatch to Th * B e.
BUCHAREST , July 12 1 a. m.
The prince of R'ltiminla has decora
ted Lieut. Grojno , of th United
States engineer corp , with the order
of the star of Roumania.
SpecUl Dispatch to Tns B .
. BERLIN , July 12 1 a m. The
power ) have advssod Greece to post
pone the cillini ; out of bar reserves
until the porta receives ani replies to
the note ot romons1 ranee.
Special Dispatch to The Be *
VIENNA , July 12 1 a. rn. Montenegro -
negro refuse * the proffered pecuniary
indemnity offered by Turkey in place
of terrHoiy. The Montenegro charge
do affairs has withdrawn from Con
Tne fire Fiend.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , July 12 4 a. m.
Thoi e was a large fire in one of the
m < > st squalid tenements on the west
eido at 2-30 this morning aid great
terror prevuled among the inhabi-
t.inti. The flames originated in Stan-
brook's school and office furniture fac
tory on Djsplainea street , which was
destroyed , together with several adja
cent buildings , all of the most com
bustible material. Staiibrook'a lees is
§ 22,000 ; insurance $12000. Olhor
losses will make the total 126,800.
District Court.
had on Friday , the
Hon. J.-meB W. Snvjiga presiding :
Ceynrilds vs. Johnson ; docrte for
Builiinin w. Kennedy et al ; decree
of f "reol < Euro.
K e-.ut v. . Harris et. al. ; diimissed
wit'ioot ' prejudice at plaintiff's c.-at.
Vickery vs. Vickery ; dismissed at
pliiirifFs cost.
Hickntein vs. Leis et 1. ; death of
Jliry Frisoni , dffci'di-nr , eugt-ented.
L lnninvs Kunth ; dismissed.
Parlin & OrrdrlorfT v * . Gibson ; de
murrer overruled ; dofcndtnt hai thir
ty days to answer. '
P.-irlin & Orendorff vs. Gibs < jn ;
HickahatT vs. Rickabaff ; . decree of
div rc" .
Reynolda v TBfoffbpornj e rvlce sot
osido ; coiilinri S'for 'BerVfce , with
leave to file additional count to peti
Switz'er ' vs. K l et 1 ; diarniiBed.
Quealy TS Omaha Stock Yards
company et al ; dismissed at plaintiffs
c > st.
And court adjourned until 9 o'clock
Saturday morning.
Heal Kbtato Transfers.
Wm. I. and Chas. P. BowJich ,
tru-teos , to John Timperly , t. d. , sek
s-jc 7 , 1.16 , R. 12 , e-812 80.
H > ron and Lewis S. Rued and wires
to Thos. O. Brunner , w. d , lot 1 ,
block 191 $ , ci'y of Omaha.
Maria W. and Electa A. Purcha-e
to Carrie Stephens , w. d. , lot4 , block
22 , town of WAterloo 81.
Ez < a Milliud and wife to Maurice
Terkehen , w. d. , nj lot 17 , except e
10 ft. , Millard and OaldifeU'B addi-
lion , Omaha $400.
Over eighty millions of dollars of
Insurance capital of the oldest aud
best homo and foreign companies rep
resented In the agency of Taylor &
( lowell dlfiif
Murphy & Lovettlns..Agency ; old
eat established agency in this state.
Most popular New York hotel , the
Astor House.
Why dose /ourselves with nanaeat-
Ina medicines , when a purely fruit
cat hartio will euro yon at once Ham-
Figs. Try them. *
Edholm & Erickion , the jewelers
opposite the postoffice , have just re
ceived a large stock of clocks.
Temple of Honor Festival Thursday
evening. It '
See reductions at ORCICKSHANK'S.
HI j
Ice cream in any quantity at Tiz-
Do you study economy ? Go to
Is your friendship real ? Patronze ;
See bargains at
Half the battle ; Bunco's hate wear
_ _
MISSING. A case of oonitlpatlon by
using Hamburg Figs.
100 acres of good timber for sale
near the city. Will be sold cheap for
cash. For full particulars , apply to
at Siwpion'a Carriage Repository ,
Dodge street. * * july9-2t -
For Omaha and Council Bluffs is now-
ready for press , and those who have
recently located in this city should be
sure that their mmts and residence or
boarding-place be properly located ,
and to insure this should leave inch
information at The Republican office ,
or at my office , ever-Kepaard & For-
sythe's drugstore , and it will receive
prompt attention. " - '
jyS-14t v jr , j
Preparations Making for an Offi-
oial Confab With Hancock
and English-
The Pall-Bearers of Demo
cracy Gathering in New
York On a Mourn
ful Mission.
Speculations Kegarding the
Probable Chairman of the
National Committee.
Barnuru , Wallace and Watter-
son in the Field.
The Democracy.
pedal Dl p tch to Tax BHH.
NEW YORK , July 11 10 p. m.
Hon. Win. H. English , of Indiana ,
who is expected here tn day cornea , it
is a lid. to cr > mult with Gen. Hancock
and lending democratic statesmen re
cording wliat ho shall siy in his letter
of acceptance. An important con
ference of leading democrats will be
held in New York during the weekr
Several promiuent members of the
democratic national cummittee , in
cluding Ex-Senat-ir B rnum , of Oon-
neticut , Senator'Banrom , of North
Carolina , Col Daniels , of Virginia ,
a Hon. Henry Wat erson , .of
Kentucky , are in New York. The
majority of members are expected
here next week. Senator Wallace , < f
Pennsylvania , who is with Mr.Vat -
torsoivpaktn of as the probable chair
man lo be elected within a few days ,
U expested to reach here to day.
Hon. Wm. H English , of Indian * ,
the nominee oa the democratic ticket
for vie * president , will arrive at 0 p ,
rn this evening. Rooms have been
engtged for the distinguished gentle
man at the Fifth Avenue hotel. A
reporter of the National Associated
Press endeavored to obtain an expres
sion of views from prominent demo
crat ! regarding thrir choice for
of the national committee respective
ly. Perfect hrrraony , to all appear
ances , exhts in the ranks of the
leaders. Senator Wallace , of Penn
sylvania , has an excellent show of being -
ing chosen So has Hon Henry
Watterson. One of the leading dem
ocrats of the national committee said
if Senator Birnum does not want the
place , the question of expediency may
m-tku i' . neef sary to se'ect from Penn
sylvania eiihtr Senat'T Wi llace or
Hon. Wm. S. Scott. The improseion
prevails that if Mr Watterson is not
chairm-in he will be secretary of the
national c mimittee. The present
secretary is not a candidate.
The commit'ee appointed by the
democratic national convention , one
from eash etite , to uiako thu otfici/1
notification to caud.dite * of their
nomination , meet here Tu slny at the
Fifth AroiHis hotel. General Hmicoek
has arranged to bo present , and Mr.
English h i t&le raphrd that he wi 1
bo in the city. Th democr 'tic con
gressional campnign committee meet
at the > Hofnnan liouiu Monday for
organiza'ion. This committee will
act aa an aiuillnry committee lo the
national deniOc-Mtic committee , and
will organize at the Fifih Avenue ho
tel on Tuesday.
Special dispatch to Tim Uns.
CINCINNATI , July 12 11 p. m.
A Hincock and English ratitication
mooting wai h ld la-t evening at
which nbout 3,000 people wore pres
ent. Addreasos were made by W. S.
Groosbeck , lutbn ) ? Ward , Isaac M
Jordan , Geo. H. I'endloton , Samuel
A. LOHT , John F. F-llelt and P. T.
W. W. Corcoran , 111.
Special iliipatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , July 12 1 a. m.
W. W. Corcoran was taken suddenly
ill at Green Brier White Sulphur
Spring * t--day. Dr. Taylor , his phy
sician here , was telegraphed for , and
left in company with Cotcor-ui's pri
vate secretrry , Mr. Hyde , on a spe
cial train to-night.
Special DispntthcstoThe Be ? ,
Reports from the wheat region of
Minnesota and Dakota arc , almost
without exception , favorab'e. Seme
damage hai been done l > y the recent
rains and by theruat , but the
outlook ii good for a more than average -
ago harvest.
The large six-story brick dietilleiy
nnd wholesale liquor house belonging
to the Dialer estate , and occupied by
Mnhr & Co. , Cincinnati , wai almost
entirely destroyed by fire Saturday
afternoon. The fire burned fiercely
for neatly two hours , aid the fnlling
walls crushed a three story brick
standing beside the distillery. The
loss to the Dister estate is about $25-
000 ; loss to Mohr & Co about 850,000.
'Both building and contents were
fully insured.
At Richfinld Springs , N. Y. , Satur
day Wrn. Dolcher , in a drunken fit
seized an axe and attempted to murder
his family , but in breaking open a
door the main artery in his right arm
was served and he died in few
Heat has been intolerable at Colum
bus , Ohio , the past few d < < ys. Patrol
man Geo. Shannon was overcome
while on duty Saturdaybut is recover
ing. A terrible storm began at 7
o'clock Saturday. The streets were
flooded with * ater , trees blown down
and Nelson's mill in Elm street , three
miles from the centre of the city , was
track by lightning and destroyed.
The rain fall was enormous.
The examination of Lawrence Je
rome , jr. , Edward II P.Uchett and
Mr. McGibben , broker of 30 Broad
treat , N. Y. , for appropriating rail
road securities of the value of $87-
000 , the property of Brayton , Ires &
Co. , hat been set down for Thursdiy
Ool. R W. Thompson , secretary
of the navy , being at his home near
Terre Haute for a few days' stay on
his way to the Pacific , and being in
vited by republican * to open the cam
paign , delivered a very able and elo
quent speech at Armory hall Saturday
evening to a crowded and enthusiastic
Secretary of War Ramsey visited
Rock Isjand arjen * ! Saturday and in
the afternoon was eh own the principal
point * of interest in Rock I l nd and
' lu the evening ha ! vp the
recipient of an informal reception at
the Harper house.
The scheme to settle on government
lands in the Indian territory is gain
ing strength dnily , nnd quite a boom
in its favor is being started at St.
Louis. It looks as though the inva
sion of the territory would be formid
able , and that if the military are in
structed to eject the intruders there
will be a conflict.
A Swede ia Eobbsd on an Emi
grant Car While Asleep
and Thrown From
the Train. ' < - \ f
* .
A Bnuk of Grass Saves His
Bptclal Dispatch lo the FEE.
NEW YOUK , July 12 1 a.-m.
Henry Dahle , a Swede who arrived in
the steamship City of Alabama several
days ago , was picked up inaonsil la on
the track of the Hudson River railway
at 140th street early this morning.
He was laken to the hospital and when
sufficiently recovered stated that he
desired to Co'low hh vocation of a far
mer , and purchased a t'ckut ' for Chicago
cage via the New York Central aud
Hudson River railway.
At an early hour yesterday morning
ho started on an emigrant train on
thin lino. He was drowsy and tired ,
and soon fell asleep. On entering the
car he had noticed three men who
were sitting together eye him very
closely. He was awakened by a feel
ing of Bfrangul-Uian and found that
the three men had lio'd of him nnd
were rifling hi * pocke's. ' He cou'd
not scream , ana hand was placed over
his mouth. The men , after robbing
him , lifted him and threw him from the
This wai all that ho recollected till
he found himself in the police stati 11
He Raid they had r.-bHed him of a sil
ver w. tch and a guld chain , § 862 in
money and a ticket to Chicago. He
did not know wlut became of hs : bag
gage. Trains on the Hudain road
make very ; lime , and the one
from which Dahlo was thrown was
running at the time somewhere be
tween 35 and 40 miles nn hour. His
life was saved by his killing on a bank
of gr.isn a few feet from the track.
By the time ho had finbhecl his story
ha wus sufficiently recovered to walk
and was none the worao for his fall.
Cnlcngo Produno.
CUIUAOO , July 10.
Wheat The market WHS vtry un
settle ! and fe.verish with fluctuatioiis
ofjricej very severe and unusually
rapid within the IOAOJrmge. . The
market ai innch condition thit the
least in tin en co rauod rapid changes
Nn. 2 , sunn nqut-st and car lots S'-ld
at 92s')3c ( ) , closed at about 92c round
l ts quoted th tome as Ecllor , July ;
No. 3 , quiet at 8283reiiiril ( ; rejected
eold at Ctic. No. 2 rprtnp , for future
delivery , unfpttloil ati l lower ; OlCdllic
closed at 02o fur July , 'J0 ( 9jic : ; ,
cloatd at OOJn for Aiifiiist ; 87ji'90ic (
cUsod at 87 ] f' r Svnteuiher ; winter
wheat Ic Imvi-r ; No. 2 , flc.
Corn The market was fairly active
nn shipp ng Hiul rp--c- laiivo account ,
and prices were lower , influenced by
the weakness m wlmat and utifiivor-
ab'.e foreign rep 'iti ; No. 2 and high
mixed , 3r | c bid ; rojVcted now mixed ,
3lc ; new high mixed nominal ; N . 2
corn for future delivery lower at yfrjc" )
3.riS * , cloMMl : it inuidu price for July ;
Hojo bid for August ; oajc for Septem
OAS ! No. 2 , I at
24c f > r caeh ; 2225 c for July ; 22gc
fur Augunt.
Rye 68@/70c / ; new offered at 63c.
Barlo ) Nominally at 80. ; .
Pork 813 50&13 75 for cash ;
? 1380@1385 for Ju'y ; § ii : 90 for
Lird § G75@6 77i for cfsh ; gC 75
© 6 80 for Aimuit.
IJu'k ' ftlc.-.ts-Shouldorp , ? 4 80 ; short
ribi , § 7 15 ; fhort cl ar , § 735.
Whisky $1 09.
. " \1iuv \ .M'KBK. July 10
Whrat No. 1 Milwaukee. SI 02 ;
No 2 Milwaukee , 93-j94c ; July , 95c ;
August , 92c ; September , 88Jc ; No.
3 Milwaukee , 82c.
Odti Quiet at 24 c.
B irley Lower at 72ic.
Mes Pork Firm ; ? 10 05 for cash
and August ; 813 95 for Suj'tombir.
Lnrd ? 6 80 for cas.h and Aug t ;
§ 6 806 85 for September.
New Yorlc Produce-
NKW YOUK , July 10.
Wheat No. 3 spring , 81 03 ; No. 3
spring , 81 113112i ; unsradcd rrd ,
81 151 22 ; No. 3 do , § 1 15'Sl 1CJ ;
No 2 do , 81 24@1 20 ; mixnd winter ,
Corn Ungraded , fiOpolc ; No. 3 ,
4614Gic ; steamer , 17(5) ( 8s ; No 2 ,
4849cNo ( ; 2 July , 48 @ 19c ; Au
gust , 49c.
Oats Western mixed , 33S35ic ;
white western , 3743c
Eu'ps Stronger t 1214- } : .
Pork Lower ; nevr inetsat 813 00 ©
13 50.
Lard DuUand lowerprimosteai ; ) ,
87 15.
Butter Firm at 12@22r.
Cheese Dulla- s.-ttled at 6S8c. (
St. Louis Live Stock
ST. Louis , July 10
Cattle Supply littl. ) l-e"er ihan
usu.d for S.iturday , but demand very
lipht ; only a reta-1 trade done at un
changed prices. Receipts , 600 head ;
shipments , 1,500.
Sheep No supply and nothing do
ing ; demand good. Receipt" , none.
Hogs Active and lower ; Yorkers
and Baltimnres , 84 354 ( 40 ; picking ,
$4 30@4 45 ; butchers' to select , 84 50
@ 4 60. Receipts , 2,800 head ; ship
ments , 1,200.
at. Lou IB Produce.
ST. Louis , July 10.
Wheat No. 2 red , 99c cash ; 91c
for July ; 88Jc f < r August and Sep
tember ; No. 3 do , 89&c & ; No. 4 do.
Corn 34c f-T caih ; 34c for Aug
ust and September.
0 ts Quiet ; (24c ( | for cash ; 24J ©
21c for August.
Rye Firm r.t 65c bid.
Barley Nothing d ing.
Butter Firm ; daiiy , 17@20c. j !
Egga Dull and lower at 6 @ 7ic. I ]
Pork-Quiet at 81212. " tj
Dry Salt Jleata g-t 65 , § 7 1037 48
for the summer.
Bacon Steady at ? 5 25@8 12i@
8 37 * .
t , $676 iriced.1
A Close Corner on Hogs by
a Chicago Firm.
Forcing Prices to an Un
healthy Attitude , and
Squeezing Bears.
Indiscriminate D/owni 'g ' of Buf
faloes , Crows and Ponies in
Yellowstone Eiver.
Carl Schurz Rescues His
Bleeding Clerks From
the Campaign Com
A Savage Hunt.
Bpocial Dispatch to The tee.
CHICAGO , July 10 , 4 p. m. An ar
my flicer stationed at Fort Kcogh ,
now iu this city , gives an account of
an interesting buffilo hunt which recently
contly took place on and in the Yel-
lo The Crow Indians , getting
a little short of meat , went in pursuit
of biion , and finding a herd of about
four thousand , attacked it savagely.
The nn'mals became infuriated after
a while and started in a panic
for the river , followed by the
no less excited redskins. Soon there
was an indistinguishable masa of Ind
ians , bufftloea and ponies in the
stream , and , Iho current being strong ,
.n.uiy of each were drowned. It is
estimated that thitty savages went
down to death , end ponies nd buna
loci , ; il in oat innumerable , met a simi
lar face.
Carl and Hto Clersa.
Special DL-i.-uoh to Tils 1'tr.
WASHINGTON , July 10 4 p. m
Carl Schurz refuses to permit pirly
managers to molest or make afraid his
subordinates. He has givei the re
publican campaign committee notice
that his clerks ru.iy contribute if they
pleasi' , but that not one of them who
refuses shall hi disturbed.
Northern Pacific B. R.
WASHINGTON , July 10 4 p. m
The prei-idant appointed C. W. Sla h- ,
of Iowa , Z B. StuigiS , of Indiaiia ,
and Auren Nkhols , cf Pennsylvania ,
commipsioi.ero to nxiimiuo and report
upon the 100 miles of railnad con
structed by the Northern Pacific railroad -
road west of Bismarck , Dacota.
Boiler Explosion.
FirrsuuROH , PA , July 10 4 p. m.
Boiler iu Painters iron mill ex
ploded to-day killing two men.
Hogs Cornered.
Special iIIrfpKtch t The ler. !
CHICAGO , July 10 4 p. in. The
upward sweep in the price of pork hns
occ-iaionid a lively awaken-iig on
change in Chicigo. It has been dis
covered by capitalists who have stiM
largely of the product for future de
liveries that Armour & Co. have hold
of both ends of the string. Thie firm ,
it ia understood , tot only controls
"cish pork , " but all the Chicago pro
duct for months to come aa well. It
is having things pie'ty much its
own way. Of the 200,000'
barrels of pork in stock here at this
time , Armour & Co. have 165,000
b.irrela or thereabouts , according to j
popular belief , and about 250,000 barrels - r
rels contracted fur August , September -
ber and October delivery. A pr fit *
of from three t-i fi.ur dollars per bars
rel ia supposed to have already accumulated - 3
cumulated on these nieits and the '
"deal" has several months yet j
to run. Whether the Armours intend
to put on the screws and gobble ev
erything in sight or let speculators B
down easy after taking their loose
change , is a problem for the bears to c
worry over until tha clay of selttle-
mentis reached. Armour it Co. are J
also supposed to contn-1 the Now Yrrk . a
market. It is estimated ( hit not lees ,
than ? " , 000,000 is employed in the
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Hogs Rrcoipis , 16,500 head ; °
shipments , 3,700 ; good h avy moveI [
'nt and ' wrakness l
m > yesterday's was (
fully regained ; tnvio active and n'l ' c
s.'ld ; mixed packinir , 5-t 40@4 f > 5 ;
choice heavy , § 4 60@t 75 ; 1'ght ' , ? 4 40
fi4 50 ; total receipts this week , 40,000
leas than lest week.
Cattle Kecupls , 1,800 heid , ship
ments , 4,800 hoid ; ina'krt v.ity qui t
and wuak" ; common to good , 4 20 ®
4 40 ; cho-ce , § 4 G04 80 ; native bnUh- ]
ers'stulT slow and Jatwly at § 220@'e ' '
3 30 ; grais Texans , § 2 60@3 25 ,
mainly at $2 803 00 ; atockers and (
feeders nominal. I
Sheep Reccift * 100 hrarl
, ; shrp- \
ments , none ; trade ursetttled , wi h
OHO load of rcaUw-igs at $3 80 ; good
to cheice , $4 004 40.
Keeping It Up.
Stecial Dlnpatch to The Be > . t
NBW YOKK , July 12 4 p m. Dr.
Tanner began the fourteenth day of
his fa t at noon. Hi * pul < io rt 12:30 :
was 100 and his tomppra'ure 98. At
6:30 : p. m. ha took a short wa'k and
returned to the hall in 25 minutes.
He is strong and chows no symptoms
of starvation.
The fact must fasten itself upon the
minds of our citizens , that a bettor
Shirt can bo had at less j'rice , at the
Omaha Shirt Factory than at any oth
er hou'e in the West Our new i > nd
commodious store is ample prorfof
the progress of our business , and the
fact thit our goods are better f. r lees
money , must bo the came of our pro
gress. In connection withourfvtory
wo have a first-class Inundry , wh-ro
wo are prepared to do' Lau dry W > rk
in grand style for ii'tle money. This
also enables us to offer a Lvindried
Shirt for 81 50 made of W .mnulta
Muilin , 2200 Linen , and rxinf.noed
fronts This is our preat bargain. C 11
and convince yourselves of the above
mentioned facts.
1207 Farnhara t. , riw J5th ,
near CaldwelljEamiUop & Co.J
15th and Douglas Street.
Over 3,000 rr Mrure lots foriaJ * hr thfr Ren
cj tfficefr npcsrnn$25 : to fSl& > t cb , am !
locitrdlne-cryr" ' ' ' I ) cit , * > d in tveiir
direction from the I'ostotficr , nnitli eM. touth
or wct. and vnrjlncn iitt.incc ! fn-m ore
block lo ono or tw o mik-3 f rum wine. Call aril
examine our ! > ! > t >
Pt-reial cliolc * lot ? In ( iriltln & Isaac * ' atlll
tion. Hfttof convent. l > ctvtcr Si. Mark's a\ui
uo anil Hamey utrcet J 00 t. > $ > 00.
80 cres lout east of I % m K" t n 5-a"inlcn M .
ihis Is choice 'aril and uill lc s-ull \erjr clioap
for cash tn 5. 10 r io acre Ioujx - 1 * ) our time
hiB > curea t rv i.
Cli.ilie lot at eml of ii'.rccl car rii * on Sxun-
dvrs street for75.
Choice 1. 1. Fxrnhim eml 21 h str.ttf $ Q\\32
leet fnr 81.N 0 will div dc It.
Cheap loin in Cre-llt F.-n iu addition south f
U. P. dejot$100 to ftW )
Forty lots on Park
on road to i ark , and mar dead ( f bL M rj's
avenue , at fr m $125 to $300 eac'i Seven Tea's
timext eight per cent intrnst to tliose who will
put up Lml Mibt-tanthl huildii.j : . K r further
partioul-.r8 appU to.
O. P HKMIS. Aw t ,
Fifteenth and I'mnilj ! ) Stiee'j.
A nice lot on Harnry nl T tnt -first strttt' .
for ? R5
Two i hoce lots on 10th. ner S' . lljrj's rucn-
ue , OxlC5 feet each , fnr 5351 > cud $9UX
T o th 'lce lots near 1K-J anil Cl rk street" , in
E V. Smith' * ailil.t'H-ii-SinOaiid SZIO.
Fifty Iota HiSh noVfln > < cci-d * nd third aJ
illtion * forl
Lot near 15th and Pi-r < - 1151
21'iUini ILirniV > > St . 1000 oa U. 1
lot on 24th mar Ho rrd HtrIToO.
40 loU In C ! > ai- < View addition. Hfutb of U P
bridge and iIeK | > i. If m16 to S 00 each-
One acre , I I7x 7 > : rt , on IMh street , p-iuth
of Poppieton's m w . i-dencc. lor $2,000 , or will
divld into city sized lots a ; from < J5U lo | 5 < .0
Large number of twaulliul re ! J nceIo' , 1 >
caUd in this new addition on Capltul Mill , be
tween " 1th sticet nn the tast , 2tith on thn we't
DoJie ; street on the ni rth and Farnb m street
ontbeiouth ( ormeily ovred by C 11 Di u8
ai-d more recently known / > the Heikin 15 acien
OnlyV2Iolt > have far betn platted 1 1 on
Farnhamand Bon Douglas ulrtet. Ti r/'O Ii > tc
are 60 I o 50 fee' In wldt and 150'iidcptl. SI.OW
for lliethnlie. r > ye'rs lime , at S per ctni in
tertitto thobe w ho ill builu peed puHaml.vl
houa * B thcrr-D. Call and exan inc plit end get
full intornMti > n nt
16th i.nd DousliwMro It.
O er 200 honseu and ! otnao i-flcrtd 'rr s-i'e '
by Una offlcTh'y arenril'ecil 'l ' nrrr the
Hy. Any locitinn j , u de no I'ikei var > i -i ;
from 3300 to 15,000 cn : h
2 to < d lol ami 2 iheaphoujts nmr Jatk on
aud 12th Htrnta at a treat -ac'itlce. Hrre i < a b-rvaln for f > mo n * . Th nn-perSy mu"t
bCRiMlini illMely. Covers ju a ipinrler of a
Mock. Crll nmlex < mine ll > 's l hout any < : cl y
l.llh a rd I ) 11. 1 IK .SIR
A desirable lot rear Cumin tir > \ Sunmieii"
Struts , | 1 , < CO
Th Lht pv * t Pcrc l ln ) M t " il J of f'milit ,
arc thctn > fiftcrril f. rVe ty ' 1 1 < a-i-i ry li : laik
PI ii * nnd lo- ' * M.'tifid il i l it. n Uiini nv
lli.rt tl C'alif'irnli Mrect . .toucan > e " >
nil takr in pikint : upllKV laiC'int uliiU- ton
have the cbatcu Tin Be loL-i . renin-ctliin tquil
In size tn I full t > l7eil city Intt or A halt MIX k
an 1 it will be but a very short t m bef-i'i * < > iit < -
Illlh p rtofiii'eit th-.poai-ru l ts .111 trrll f. r as
much aa wentTt-r .1 fll I acre to day. Thy are
liic-itwl .1 VIT > thott ili-'cnce it i'f Cr Igi ton
t'-llfi : Prici-s nipfiinc f rum j 1 50 lo IOO | * r
acrclot. Call immciliately , and don't lose ynur
> ha cc , an > l Kit plat nnd full particulars of
KO. P BKillS. Acent.
15th and linuxla * Streets.
Nice lot on Sh nnau Avenue north t f Nicholas
trect , jl,400.
Hill lot on Cj iihetween 13th and 14th streets
I1.MU. ,
2 nic I.its in llartman's addition. jlOQ tn } eCO.
Laree n-jinber of ncrc lots in GUo's addition in
North , Oinina , SlzS to $300 each. I
Clio'c- corner lot near 22i.d and CjMinla !
streets. Jl.fOO.
Several peed luta In Nelson's addition , JIM ) to
I860 each.
flu-Ire lot in Thornell's addition , $750.
Several larpe luta in Btrtletl's addl'lnn. 1
roils an-l 2 } acres eich. Prices 8700 to $2,000
each. '
> < cvcral ch iiclu'a in Reed'a Qrit addition ,
i75 to $360 each.
Acre lot on Sherman avenue , (16th ( street ) ,
south of Poppleton'g new residence , for 11,100.
2 large I"ts near 18th and Clark streets , 60x
331 fret Corner , 11,100 ; in ide , $1,000
3 brpe lots on Sha m n avenue , ( ICth street ) ,
ntar Clark Street , WM ) eich.
22 nice and cheap lots , very near to the has-
lncK part of the cl y. Incited a tcry few steps
south uf the Convent aid St Slir } ' aicnjp.and
ju t touth i f and adjuinlii ) : t-e ! ground of J mra
M \Viol .vorth a-d WJ. . Council 'hcso are
cheap an I very desirable , being an handy to bus *
iiif s p rt of citjto new R.ivcrnmc--t dep > t , rail
worVF , while lc d noiks , U. P. depot , stock
aids , packing houscx , ttc Cull fnd irit pl.t
and full par icu'ars. IMco 8175 to $360 and eary
terms to tboe who l > niid
OEO. P. HEM IS , Aecnt ,
15th and L'oiKl.w Sin.
3 choice T sMcn e lots tn 21th street , liet * crii
Do.ulas and Dodie lrvelB > I,100 to Jl.2.0 cich
and Ion ; ; time to fiote who n-ill build.
2chm e corner li .s near 21th and Farnham
5treH , C3\ni ft < t , 3,1M ! and $1,200. and vtry
ovy trrm. to purchascrj ho i 1 improve
Alt. ) i lots on 21th , between Friilam aid
Dougbt srectff950 to Jl.eOO each ar.d I.HIK
KTTI'M of the bet bn < iiC ! 1 ti in the city of
Omaha ( i r i'e f-H-alnl "Henri titi e ii street ,
: s'o c pri'irll" | in al-
moit cxerj bu imsi Mutk 45,040 to 310,000
each |
40choice rea ilcrco loin m alxiie .iil'litinn , im-
roe luttly ninth of and adjoining Pu p'ctiin's
beautiful resi'ltiic ami grousi's , ami locaUilon
18th 19th and ! 0th street300to $550 each and
Tciy e y ternm to those nhnvill build. Call and '
examine flit anil get full partiTiltr-i.
OKO. P. nfcMIS. A cnt.
D aa iful buiMin ? site en Slicrnun avenue ,
(16th sireetbet ; ien P.ippktii.i and the Dudleyj j
jams froc Ij ; JKI ffet eibt frnnUje o-i the !
avenoe , bv 3:9 fftt in depth Wl'l ' di ide it.mikI I
\n ? 132 feet hy 339. Cal ! nl netful ! pirticuUro. t
An acre n ISth etteet. lOifeet east frontage i i
by 378 fe t deep. This ia Jurt south .f t.'e KlzoJ ! J J
beth ( PoppMon place. Th.'s Is ( tilt-olcc , call and
get | nee and terms of BEMIS , Agent.
18 coo < l lot" , j'ist north of and a IJoininj E V.
Sniitb'rf addition , tnd located bc'wecn 20th > nd
Saumlf r' atreetp , at reajonab'o prices > rd long
time to bu > er who improve. BKMIS , A cnt.
53 lots la Horhach's first n-l second additions
on 1Mb , 18th , IDth and 20th strteti , hetaejn
Nicholas , Piul.She n an and Clark at tet , rery
hat.dy to U. P Shops , smelting wnrks. etc. ,
rancinjr. In pnces from from 3100 to 21:100 each ,
requiring tmail payment down and long
timat 7 p r o-nt inter s' t < > those who nil ] im-
pro > e. OEO. P. BEMIS.
15'hand UvuglaaSlre.t.
3 % nice lot * in Parker's addition , between
8underJ and Pierce. King and Campbell'it St * . ,
on rtlofl-.o Hreft19 lots with south fri > nU and
IB Kith north frontage , only 6 blocks north of
the turn-table ( Vnd street-car truckon Sounders
stress. Very lew prices ; J175 ia h , or JIDO t n
Ions time .nd 8 pir cent Interest to thosa who
will hulid.
X3T150 Rood furms fur ale In Douglas , Sarpy ,
Washington. Burt , Dodge , tfaundaraandKajtern
tierof counties.
JHT3-0.000 acres best selected lands in the
state foi sale by this aecncy. Call and get m [ ,
rirc liar * and full | nrtical > n
KTffm * new map of Omaha , 60c and 31.60.
2TPnm new paiphlet ( and map of the
Stati ) r.itulwl "tho oafoolc of Nebraska" for ,
free di : n button. |
Geo. P. Bemis1 , ' '
15tb it Douglas St. ,
As Zml'cated Ifelow.
Sample Teas.
2 c , ROW ! \aue , and otlirr Teas iSc , JJ > c , Sc ,
5s ; , anil upnavU p. rpvuitl , amla | > r tnt given
wit > . earl > pound to ! < ) , * nd all warranted to lult ,
orthy u.i > no will te te'undtd. T.v them.
Ground 'oOce. c. Ifc aLdiCcFrf mS mpIo
C nee. I5iU li.oKvttfr.iCei Bmwn tiilt-
KiliceC > e-5c. r ) our I'tlSFtCflOA IL > D
Ccftce put up in CUm Jars.
ll.vt.ii : ; I'uiti n 1 toz. tivol' , it
Fe thrr Ihlitei , fc
Jt > ' > i t > t lluwli at icductd t rices Cnr Tc , Be ,
S.-Jii' Hi tcrtmet.ts ! haic btcn rri'lcoUheU
and ui'argeJ.
Come and See.
f 1 ICKi- The niif t ct-niplole urortmcnt ! D
Oni.ilia ant ! at | > ricr Iclow all crier tlton
liv i.
i.UAKIN ( ; nnriiKR lEcahil upward.
n-AVOMSU fc.XTKACTJ At J per frottl *
ah l Uftwjrd.
LfcbK.NCli- 5c bottle.
l4rK < ? Ni * . at lc CLUTllh - K. from 8 to ISc
tai-li. flOTIitSl'I S. S.loztu fiirtc. SIIOK
liKCJSlIK . - . Uc ndcmtidii. | Scrub Brush-
t * . Or. Hi ttf lUUfhip. SCc C fJt Tackl. 3c.
ToLVt SuajQ at Cfc a ilurcii and upmrd * . Bine
115 , Cc. 1'efJC" Snut f aud frrncU Mtutaid ,
iVcrack. krp llrnKm , YJC. Azte Orrwv , 3
f-rlic. roinfta b.B : rcr ponixJ. LaunCJi
awrch , cAtr Tt jiy , i 6c j > e potmd CiUi , * .
lraii o jJ Ltui n Ttel. at Me ftr j nnd.
\ > i".I > > w an.I ( vCii Vfiro cxv. Waalt
lUsin'n. 1 > . I ntiJi. SlorSc. 13r I F'wU l
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General Agents ,
In Case of Long Life.
In Case of Death.
BOSTON , Mi > rch 22 , 1880.
"lha Tuii'ino ' dividend policy en
the life of my son has jus reichcd
the dividend period , and I an aston
ished at the remit * . Th y a-o cer
tainly much t'rcatiT than I a'lticip--
ted. BrideJ the itianranco which has
been carried o-j t it lifo during the
pait ten years for the f.w value cf the
policy , he-has now a rfllurn cf 120 per
cent of premiums paid in casof sur-
rfnde--of the policy , or a i aid-up pol
icy < f 130 per cent of the original
amount is ro I "
Frutiitlte Holder ofV iVy 58,543.
You can be sure your family h jro-
'ecti'd in ciStf of yvur death even if
advene complicvnns arise iu j ur
bus'neaii. Should you lie you wfll
be satisfied with your r v.ruent. .
Tdia s-jbjett is w irtv.y "f < r rcfnl at
tention end in o der th-t you may
think r-ghr to the point , get a tr tw-
ment in full en yonr own life from U }
Agent of the E < juiUbe ] Life ,