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    JiATBfl QUA rj * ; J < J . \r T i , .
I !
IV * "
f * f I , .a - OiVlAHA NEBEiSKA SATURDAY. JULY 3 1880.
! ' , , , NO. 12.
M i&iC Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
, Ytf/
The War Cloud-in Europe
Bla'&er and
tions aid Bristles Dp. * * -
/"I fit / " . * y {
I * J . " 11 i JJt t I
France and England Senc
Keep ' 'Quiet. '
The French Jesuits in , s Fair
to. Beat the .
i '
Seeing , -tbe
' " THE
SpvUCCter tchto the Use.
.B , July 3 1 A m.
eigfa secretary , has informed
assadura of the powers thai
tEe porto cannot consent ( o the ces
sion of Dulcigno ( o Montenegro The
enrollment of volunteer * ia proceed
ing rapidly.
Bpec'U Dlirutfhlo Tbe Bee.
LONDON , July 3 1 a. m. In the
home of commoos this afternoon
Bra'dlaugh made his affirmation.
It ia understood that the iccond
A confirmation 14 received of SkobelofTa
repu'se ' by Tiircoinaps. . ,
A Conitantinoplo dispatch eays the
poite is making arrangements for a
partial neb : liiatxm < f tbe army sni
intentionally sending large quantities
of wail to oto'es to Salonica. It is
balreved that Greece will play a wait-
iug game.
SMALL rox.
A dispatch from Uhristhnia sayi
small pox is t pidemic there.
Speclil dispatch to TIIB BIK. *
PAEIS , July 3 1 a. rn. The presi
dent of the tribunal nt Lllo : , before
whom the JeVuils brought an action
ngoinst tlio prefect 'of polica for vio-j
liting domiciliary rights in ejesting
them fiomttheir home' , in pursuance
of n ord jr of the government to. en
force the religious desreei , has decid
ed Jthat he has jurisdiction in the case.
They will now bo taken up and argu
ments heard. The feeling among the
people of the province is strongly
.against iha men uro of the govern
ment , and the opinion is gaining
ground that tha tribunals have the
right to judge between individuals and
the state in an issue pf this kind. It
is believed t'uat at Lille the tribunal
will .grant an order for reinatatornjujt-
* in Ihe pending case , and that simitar
action will be taken in several other
Bpoctal dispatch to Tbo .Ben
DOILVMOUNT , July 3 , 1 n. m. Tha
' competltior : for the Abercorn cup ,
opened Thursday , was contested
again yesterday , with the Americano
again pat itcirating , Jackson making
the higbesiTicore , 461 ; and Scott second
end , with 401. JFenlon headed the
Irish team , with a score of 468- but he
having previously/ won the Abercorn
cap , the prize * this year was awarded
to Young , who made 453.
. - " The committee of tlie senate have
'reported against the amnesty bill. De
bate will ba commenced to-day.
A demonstration occurred yesterday
at Beziers in the department of Her-
enl against the Franciscan monks.
The mob invaded the monastery from
which they were ajecte-i by the mili
tary , who then restored order.
SptcUl Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , July 3 1 a. m. The
attitude of Turkey in respect to the
late decision of the Berlin supple
mentary conference in the settling of
portion ofjtts territory is to pcrrerso
and warlike that both Fra ce and En
gland have agreed to dispttch squad
rons" with orders to cruise off the Gre
co-Turkish coast. The mission of these
fleets will be merely prev.ntive , and
in the first instance aupsr.'isory , but
in caie the sultan makes a naval dem
onstration aganst eny Grecian port
the English and French flaeti will
I protect the latter and succor any fugi
tives who may ba endeavoring to es
cape from Turkey until matters be
come settled. It , is also proposed , ia
sending out these rquadrons , to im
press Turkey with the fact that the
powers are iu earnest in enforcing the
conclusion of the conference , and that
she can neither openly resist or at
tempt to vitiate the decision of the
conference by de'ay without bringing
on war , in which she must coatainly
ba defeated if not wholly dismem
The couforenca has also decided
that the channel between Cannes and
Eplrus and that . .between Valsrta and
Prevcsa must hereafter remain open
to ships of all nation * .
A dispatch from Calml says that
Atrab Khan with a considerable force
has reached Forah on his march from
li Herat.
Aoorreipondont of The Daily Tele
graph at Pera eays that he hears from
good authority that the minister of
the interior a1 , the recent cabinet
council strongly argued the acceptance )
of the decision of the Berlin confer
ence , ai resistance ii useless , and if
attempted would ba more disastrous
than the loss of the province. A ma
r- jority of the minister ] , however , fa
vor resistance. The encroachment of
volunteers ii actively and openly pro
EpecUl Dispatch to Tai ll'x.
LONDON , July 3L a. m. The
Siamese embassy visited Windsor
cistla yesJerJay and wera rec-ived by
the Qaean to whom they presented the
s * order of the white elephant , the high-
tt compliment in the power of tha
I kingof Siam to bestow and given to
royal parsonage oaly. After the cere
mony , which was simple and brief tie
Queen and the principal members of
the embassy had a short conversation
when the gi meso were. etcored to
thes'ationto take a BJ eoial train for
London. * >
General , Weaver Writes His
, J-etter jof Acceptance '
entilatf |
Heyilakes 'a Bid ftnvlne Sol-
" * 4 _ y < i
BpecUlDUpatehtoThe'Be * .
CHICAGO , July S , . 1 a. sB.--G iii
J. B. Weafer' letttrJo'
cepting the Boaiaitioa for
on the greeb ek labor , t
girea t > thepre heri i l
After thanking the party for the ii
Weaver congratulates the convention
upon its success in uniting the variou' *
greenback and libor interests which'
prepares them to atrike n * decisive
blow for industrial emancipation. He
taya it is the duty of every citizen to
chooie between the three great-politi
cal parties which now have their plat ;
forms and candidates up : for inspec
tion. The greenback platform nvets
his cordial approval. Civil govern
ment should foster Industry ; capi'al
should be the servant of labor.
All money , g ld , silver or paper-
should ba issued by the supreme authority
thority of the nation' , and made full
legal tender in payment of aU "debts.
National banks are severely censured.
Gen. Weaver says pay tno bonds as
rapidly as possible and according to
There are three great industrial
classes in America : First , the pro-
ducars ; second , those who. manufac
ture raw materials and prepare them
for uie ; third , the distributers cf
these products. Esch should be pro
tected in the legitimate fruits and
profits of tbeir labor , but should not
be. permitted to extort and enslave the
The great problem of our civiliza
tion is how to bring the producer and
consumer together. This can only be
done by providing an adequate circu
lating medium , and by the rigid regu
lation of interstate commerce and
traniportation. Both money , and
transportation are under the control
of monopolies , the banks and the
railroads. The people are thus be
tween the upper andcnether mill
stones , which grinds them to poverty
and ruin. He is thankful that the
platform is open , broad and unmis-
akabie on thase questions. The re-
jublican and democratic platforms are
tither eilent in regard to them or
pronounce in favor of the monopolies.
Gen. Weaver theu speaks of
Wrinht' bill , to enable poor people to
settlejon public lands , which was de-
eated in congress. He says the pub
ic domain must be sacredly reserved
, o actual eettlerj , and where corpora-
ions have npt applied strictly each to
be terms of their cronU. thA
hould bo at once reclaimed . Foreign
mmlgration shouM bo encouraged ,
tut the transportation of Chinese la-
) orera should be prohibited by strin
gent laws. He makes a bid for the
loldler vote by saying that they are
denied the pittance honestly due them
under their contract with the govern
ment. The soldier was taxed to p"iy
nterest on the bonded debt , while
; ho bondholder went free. He makes
a thrust at congress and the despotic
rules which govern it , saying that the
speaker is j s much the dictator of the
country as though he were an emper
or. The old mission of the greenback
parly is to banish the deplorable
ipirit of sectional hatred fostorcd
9y the leaders of one of the parties
which WJB greatly deceived and em
bittered both north and south. Gan.
Weaver closes by declaring his-inten-
ion to stump the country in his own
The B. & M. Bridge Rapidly '
Approaching Completion.
Harvest Notes , Politics , and
Correspondence of the Bu. f
PLATTSMOUTH , Neb. , July 1. Since
my last to you from these parts , I find
that this place has made its usual pro
gress. The B. & M. ii all completed
except ono span , and that will done in
.hirly or forty days , if not in lew
time. Its completion has been defer
red by high water and want of mater-
al on band. This will be one of the
inest bridges across the Missouri.
C wo of the spans are 400 feet long
each. These are among the longest
ever erected.
Tbo crops throughout the county
are far better thin was expected one
month ago.
Harvest has already commenced.
Corn is fine throughout. The vast
number of cattle fed in this county
aat winter and this spring have all
gone , and we are told by those who fed
md owned them thattbey lost maney
3y holding them so long.
The census takers have finished
their work. Flattsmouth gives 4100
people asHbr share to our 5V,000,000.
. The democrats in these parts are
making big effort * to bag the game in
.his town and county at the coming
state election , and the republicans
realize the necessity of thorough and
united eflort to hold the fort.
The programmes are out for the
Fourth , and bespeak a big time for
ibis state. Our people are making ef
forts to give your citizens a hearty
The school question is settled here ,
and no bulldozing as in your city.
Prof. Love is re elected superintend
ent and principal , and nearly all the
old teachers are retained. A normal .
institute will be held here this sum
mer , commencing this month.
We note two large brick blocks rap
idly going up on Main street , and new
houses in all parts of the city. More
anon. Quis.
Competition in Cremation
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
NASHVILLE , July 3 , 1 . . . m. A
crematory h-s i - ected a.t a point
200 yards fron. : . t-mection of the
White' * Greek * nd Dickinson turn
pikes , two miles north of the city.
The building ! about 14 by } § ffta
and hu a door and a ohimqgy for ven-
tilition , ftigaji abe , gjn ? feet
long , air feet wide and high , stands
' about forty yards from the houto
The furnace h w not yet been completed -
pleted , but when it ia wilt compete for
subjects with the LoMoyue crematory
at Pittsburg.
MIn-rs1 Trouble.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
. COLUMBUS , O. , Only 8 1 a. m.
State Mine inspector Ry has returned
from Jacksoncounty. . He rep rt *
one.furn cf closed for repair' , auc
notkercjiftcd because the teen re
fOflVd Vo'wait for half of their pay a
month longer. Be think ? the furnace
stoppages in. Hockicg valley ? re be-
cicse of resumption of work in
Tuicircra vaUey , thui depriving the
former of a monopoly of the market.
If the miners strike [ because of the re
duction lo 60.cents from eighty , whch
they have received during the Massell
strike , jt will he because August ia the
OBUil month for advancing tneir price
Whic1fVUl not be restored. The 80
; cati scale was Ihe full aca'e hence no
advance was expected"but a reduction
not wanted.
Stuck the Wrong Calf.
Last evening a man ontcrcc
Yerga'a butcher sliop on F rnham
street , and volunteered to Kill a calf
that was being slaughtered in the
establishment. Mr. Yerger handec
him a knife , and juita ? he Y.M about to
stick the calf he accidentally ran the
knife into his leg , on the inside , be
tween the hip and knee , inflict
ing a very deep wound , from
which , the blood spurted out ia lar
stream ? , an artery having ben
severed. He. must have lost two gal
Ions pf bJood.before Dr. ' . Grossman
and Peck arrived , in obtdietice to a
summons , and stopped the bleodirg
The man was EO exhausted and weak
from loss of blood that ho could not
be removed to his home , but was con
veyed .to 4- room in the building ,
where he is being cired for. Ho is
very-dangerously wouudud.
. . . - RIVER NEWd.
The steamer Meade arrived at Yank-
tin-Thuwday morning on her way to
Rosebud Linding , and departed load
ed down to the guards with Indian
freight. She took on the Indian chiefs
here and thirty colored recruits for
the Tffonty-fiith infantry.
The. river was falling at Yankton
Thursday , and fell slightly at Sioux
City Friday.
Real Estate Transfers.
Wm. W. Lowe and wife to Hugh
McCaffrey , w. d. , lot 4 , Mock 106 ,
city of Omaha , except north 70 feet ,
of west 22 feet $6000.
Samuel E. Rogers and wife to John
Maher. w. drouth OQ.feuL of lot 2 ,
DiucKTiy , S. E. Kogur's addition , cily
of Omaha § 22.
John I. Redick and wife to William
Mergall , w. d. , part lot 9 , Capital ad
dition , city of Omaha § 650.
Geerge H. Guy , sheriff , to Caroline
J. Chambers , s. d. , lot 5 , block 336
city of Omaha § 2100.
Joseph F. Lovely to A. R. Dnfrene ,
w. d. , ni , lot 4 , block 195 , city ot"
Omaha 1325.
Chas. W. Hamiltonand wife to John
McCreary , spl. , w. d. , s * , sej , se ,
BOC. 4,1.15 , r. 13 e § 200.
The , last will and testament cf
Christopher Gwyer , decresed was filed
for record June 30th.
„ Monov Order Business.
'The following transcript of official
statement No. 54 will show the
amcunt tf business transacted by the
money order department , Omaha post-
office , for the week ending June 30 ,
1880 :
ETATEXE > T J.O. 24.
To baL from statement 23 S',269 00
'To 265 domestic orders issued. . . 3,891 01
To fees on same 3335
To 1 Canadian order issued 5 00
To fees on same. 20
To 2 British orders issued 7 25
.To fees on same * 40
To 5 German orders issued 37 00
To fees on same 90
To 199 certificates of dep. iss'd. . 25,401 00
838,098 77
By 606 domestic orders rec'd.10,354 74
By 3 domestic orders rec'd 28 50
By-1 Canadian order rec'd 8 18
By 2 British orders rec'd 39 93
By 3 German orders rec'd 80 58
By 8 Swiss orders rec'd 265 86
By 5certificates of deposit isu'd. . 07 4
By balance 7,126 98
S38.G93 77
Too Much Budge.
Republican Special.
, Sr. JOSEPH , Mo. , July 2. About
half past seven this evening a young
man named James Bell committed
suicide , in this city , by ghooting him
self through the head with a pistol ,
on the corner of Seventh and Fran
cis streets. Two persons were passing
at the time , who ran to him and found
him in a dying condition. Ho died in
about- five minutes. A letter found
on. his person stated that he was from
Davenport , Iowa , where his family
reside. Ho gave as the cause of
his sulcido an uncontrollable thirst
for liquor , which he had tried in vain
to overcome , and ho wished his fate to
be a warning to all young men. Coroner
ner Trevor took charge of the remains.
He attempted to prison himself about
three weeks ago but was frustrated in
the attempt.
The fact must fasten itself npon the
minds of our citizens , that a better
Shirt can bo had at lass price , , at the
Omaha Shirt Factory than at any oth
er hou o in the West. Our now and
commodious store is ample proof of
the progress of our business , and the
fact that our goods are better for less
money , must be the cause of our pro
gress. In connection with our factory
we have a firat-clais Liundry , ' Ii
.we are prepared to do L ° u d " v m
in grand style for liUh . < j ej. 'I
also enables us to tile- < t Launn-
Shirt for § 1 50 , made of Wamsu t
Muslin , 2200 Linen , and reinfuic d
fronts. This is our great bargain. Call
and convince yourselves of the above
mentioned facts.
1207 Farnwwn St. , near 12th ,
near.Caldwell.Hamilton & Co.'B Back.
For once a woman's word lias been
accepted u law. The Utah census
enumerators were ordr-e1 tn record
relies of a'3Ijrs < n "men as
, trio h T i y if ro svr. d
Organization of theifationalBe-
pnblican Committee fortho
Campaign ,
Commissioner Eatun Feara Hot
the Fall of the Political
And Deliberately Dares the
Author of Order Num
ber One.
Reform-Is Necessary.
Special DUpatch to TE3 Bx * .
CnjcAoo , July 2 , 4 p. ra. The
Journal's Washington special s ys
Commissioner Itium is not disturbed b ;
the rjport tbatho ( is tobe made a eacri
no to executive order No. 1 , and have
his official bond cut off for havini
gone to the Chicago convention am
worked for the nomination of Grant
Ho said to-day that he had net receive <
any intimation from either the presi
dent or Sherman that they desired his
resignation or contemplated makinj
any change r ow or any other time
Kaum says , in goinjj to the Chicago
convention , he simply exercised the
right of & free American citizen am
does not regret performing his duty a
a devoted member of the republican
Republican National Committee
Special Dbpatch lo the 1 It.
NEW YORK , July 2. The report ol
the committee on organization of the
republican national committee recom
mends Jewell , of Connecticut , for
chairman ar.d Dorar.y , of Arkansasfor
secretary. The following executive
was chrsen : Horace Davi , of Cali
fornia ; James B. Debeaux , Geor
gia ; John A. Logan , Illinois ;
John C. New , Indiana ; John 8. Run
nel ! ? , Iowa ; John A. Martin , Kansas ;
H nryC. Warmoutb , Louisiana ; John
W. Fo.bes , Massachusetts ; Chauncey
I. Filley , Missouri ; Wm. E. Chand
ler , New Hampshire ; Geo. A. Halsey ,
New Jersey ; Thomas 0. Platt , New
York ; W. P. Canaday , North Carolina
lina ; Wm. E. Cooper , Ohio ; J. D.
Cameron , Pennsylvania ; George W.
Hooker , Vermont ; John W. Mason ,
Wrst Virginia ; Elthu Enos , Wiscon
sin ; II. C. McCormick , Arizona ;
Stephens B. Elkins , New Mexico.
The national committe will meet on
; he 15th of October.
The recomendatons of the"commit
tee in roard Jjo jngan zaUoja. . w.a |
adopfea. " "Tine western division of the
executive committee , with headquar
ters at Chicago , consists of 'Logan ,
New , Horace , Davis , and others.
Special Dispatch to TDK CM.
NEW YORK July 3 1 a. m. Dur
ing the session of the executive com
mittee of the national republican com *
mittee it was moved that a cub-com
mittee of seven members having its
headquarters in Ghic > go should
looted ; the new members living in
that locality. John A. Logan , of
Chicago , is to have charge of this
committee , and be its chairman. The
other members are John C. New , of
Indianapolis ; Chauncey J. Willey , of
St. Louis ; ElihuEnos , of Wankoaha , .
Wis. ; John A. Martin , of Atchison ,
Ks. ; J. S. Runnel ) , of Das Homes ;
W. C. Coopar , of Mt. Vernon , Ohio.
S. M. Doraey , of 'Ark. , stated that
he had just been informed that the
New York state committee were con
sidering a proposition to rent some
buildings for campaign purposes , and
that the national committee should
unite with them in the programme.
The matter , however , was referred to
the chairman and secretary of the ex
ecutive committee. The committee
was then addressed by Cassady , of
North Carolina ; Hicks , of Florida ;
Lee , of South Cirolina ; Dorsey , of
Arkansas. Logan , of Illinois , having
taken the chair , Jewell , of Connecti
cut , moved thet the time for the next
meeting of the executive committee be
fixed as follows : At noon of August
5 , neon of September 0 , and noon of
October 14. This was adopted.
Logan , having vacated the chair ,
moved that the chairman and secre-
rary of the executfve committee bs In
structed to at once prepare and
issue circulars embodying the laws
governing the eligibility of electors ,
which was adopted. Ordered , that a
sub-committee of three , to which the
chairman and secretary of the com
mittee should be added , be appointed ,
after consultation with the commit
tee in reference to matters pertaining
to the campaign , to report at the next
meeting of the committee. This
sub-committee consists of Chairman
Jewell , Secretary Dorsny , R. C. Mc
Cormick , of Arizona , G. W. Hooker ,
of Ohio , and D. H. Deveraux , of
Georgia. It was stated that there
was a personal desire on all hands
that Blaiao should visit the Pacific
Coast , and Governor Foster moved
that a formal invitation bo extended
by the committee to-Senator Bhine to
do so , and this was carried.
The western branch of the commit
tee then met and appointed John 0.
New secretary and then adjourned io
meet in Chicago on the 22d of July.
The election of Marshall Jewell as
chairman of the national committee
was generally received with satisfac
tion. Mr. Fiye , of Maine , taid the
election of Mr. Jewell wai an excel
lent choice for the committee ; he
* an excellent organizer and WM a
, . , . . ,
( , „ - „ --1 other members
vf i * . i 1tufied 1 !
-it ii .
Mr.S abac , flaba - , >
pr < s s.-il , apprt/v-1 Mr. Jewvll ,
in enthusiastic ter-m He said Mr.
Dorsey represented the Grant element
and Mr. Jewell's influence ! would
tend to unite and organize the va
rions forces of the committee. Mr.
Jewell , by virtue ot his office as chair
man of the national committee , la
chairman of the exgutivacmitteeand
Mr. Doraey , secretary of the national
committee , is also an ex-officio mem
ber. CcL George W. Booker , of
Vermo&tj * wa _ ipaO ? auilbat HCTB-
r < -
V e.5 *
Now Tor * Money ana 8 toes.
ssw YORK , July 2.
Elewif <
lOiBOs Cetdnl
a B.ftQ -
0.4 A. . ?
" preferred
KMr Yaik Osetnt.
SUM - 4C ,
ttosrehmd 6f
Horthwsstcu SI
t. PM ! pntatw ) 104
W kMB , St. Lcrak tnd P clfle so
H n.St. Jo Kl
Bu.A8t.Jo , prd 72'
Dafcerhdfte , | 8
Korttan Ftclfle : 261
do pnrdrred isi
Wmtttn Unron Tel.npb. % I03J
Centnl rtelfle , . . .0
Mdfle M 1K..T. 39
tr.P. UndKratU
A.4P 41
CUICAOO , July 2.
Wheat In active demand , stronger
and higher ; No. 2 , 8789o , closed
at89ibid for each ; 88A@OOi ; , closed
at 88 Jc for July ; 7G ® 78 , closed at
77J@77J for August ; 85i@86c , closed
at 85o for September ; No. 3 , 76J ®
77c ; No. 2 red winter , in store , 92c.
Corn Active and higher ; No. 2
and high mixed , 35Jc for cesh ; 33g ®
34 | ; , closed at 34go bid July ; 35@35 c
closed at 35 bid for August ; 35g ®
3&Jc , closed at 35Jc bid for Septem
ber rejected , 33@3S c.
Oata Shade firmer ; No. 2 , 44 J ®
24c , closed at 25\o \ for eaih ; 24 c for
July ; 2323 c , closed 24Jc for
Rye No. 2 , in store , 72o.
Barley No. 2 , 76c.
Pork In active demand and high
er ; $12 6C@12 62 $ for cash ; § 12 55
for July ; $12 G2 @ 12 65 for August
and September.
Lard In good demand and higher ;
$6 72 $ < g6 75 for cash ; $ G 72 $ for July ;
f 6 774(26 ( 80 for August ; $6 80@6 82 $
for September.
Bulk Meats Shoulders , $4 75 ; short
ribs , $7 00 ; short clear , $7 20.
Whiskey 1 09.
Wheat Quiet but steady ; No. 2
spring , July , 8989ic ; August , 87 |
@ 88c ; September , 85ftc ; year , 84 { ©
34c ; No. 2 red winter , July , 93c bid ;
93fc asked by seller ; do August sold
at 91c.
Corn 34o for July ; 35J < s35gc for
August ; 3oc for September.
Oats 23cf or August ; 22go for Sep
Mess Pork 812 55@12 60 for July ;
$12 G2J@12 65 for August ; $12 65 ©
12 67 $ for September ; $11 97 for
October ; $9 97 $ for the year ; 810 50
'or January.
Lird ? 6 67 $ bid July ; $6 72 $ < g6 75
August ; $6 77 $ < § 6 80 for September.
Cnlcogo Live stocc Marsec
CHICAGO , July 2.
Hogs Receipts , 21,000 head ; ahip-
- -t
stroDg , owing to a higher provision
market ; mixed picking , ? 4 004 25- '
ight , § 4 1504 25 ; choice heavy , § 4 30
© 450.
Cattle Receipts , 3,900 head ; shlp-
montc , 2,200 ; more active and firmer
at 15@20c decline from Wednesday ;
ahippin , $4 204 85 ; distillery , $4 10 ;
grass Texans steady , 620 lends sold at
f2 4003 10 ; bulk at $2600280 ;
butchers' steady at $2 0002 00.
Sheep Receipts , 700 head ; ship
ments none ; markent strong and
higher i cbmmon'lo [ , $3.55@3 90 ;
good , $4 0004 30"
at. Ixmla.Produce.
- . -ST.- Louis , July 2.
Wheat The very -heavy rains ad
vanced prices ; i No. 2 red , 9597
@ 86ic for cash ; 909290c for July ;
; 789J88c for August ; -65J069 ®
67c for September ; 67c ' for the
year ; No. 3 do , 9191Sc ; No. 4 do ,
83cbid ; . -
Corn Better but slow ; 34J@34Jc
or cash ; 34c July.
Oats Higher ; 242oc for cash ;
23c for July ; 22c for August.
Kye Nominal at 70c.
Barley Nothing doing.
Butter Dairy , 1720c ; creamery ,
Egs Quiet at 78jc.
Whisky Steady at $1 08.
Pork Higher ; $12 7512 87 $
Dry Silted Meats Strong and
higher ; 4 504 60 , $ G 8006.90 ,
$7 0507 15.
Bacon Higher ; $5 107 14 , $7 80
@ 800.
Lard Higher at $6 6006 65.
St. .Louis Live Stock.
- ST. Louis , July 2.
Hogs Steidy ; Yorkers and Baltl-
mores , § 4 1004 16 ; peeking , § 4.00
© 4 15 ; butchers' and select , $4 15 ©
25. Receipts , 74,000 head.
Cattle The heavy raiu caused light
msiness , betides the supply was small.
Milwaukee jfroduce Mar net
Wheat Firm ; opened higher and
losed firm ; hard , $1 06 ; No. 1
Milwaukee , 99c ; No. 2 Milwukee ,
lo ; July , 91c , Angus * , 881c ; Sep-
ember , 86c ; No. 3 Milwaukee , 76c ;
No. 4 , 68c.
Corn Firm and in fair demand at
Oats Firm at 24c.
Rye Higher-at 72c ,
Barley Higher at 680.
New York Produce.
NEW YORK , Jnly 2.
Wheat No. 3 spring , $1 00@1 03 ;
No. 2 spring , $1 0801 09 ; ungraded
ed , $1 10@1 15 $ ; No. 2 red , $1 18J ©
18 $ ; ungraded- white , $1 1001 13 ;
No. 2 do , f 1 11 $ .
Corn Ungraded , 47@51o ; No. 3 ,
47c ; learner , 4848 $ ; No. 2 , 50J@
50c ; low mixed , 50051 $ .
Data-Mixed wejtem,3437e ; white
western , 35@40o.
Pork Strong and highernew ; mess
$12 25013 00.
Lud Prime steam , $7 227 25.
Butter Firmer at ll@12c.
Whisky Nominal at $1 12@1 13.
Cast up by the Sea. .
( ccUl n' patch to Iba Bee.
NEW YOBK , July 3 , 1 a. m.
'ho bodies of .threa more victims of
he treawanaka dira * + er ware picked
up yeiterd y in Lo > g Island Bound
ndthe East river. Th y wera dii-
overeda longdistance removed from
the scene of the wreck.
For upp r MiisiMippl and lower
IfipKraxi valler * w rm r , clear cr put *
9 fiiqady waather ;
The Friends of Whittaker Labor
ing Among High Officials ,
With Prospects of
Great Damage Reported to
Crops in Illinois by Fre
quent Rains ,
Progress of the Internationa
Rifle Match at Dolly.
Whittaker , tteMaityr.
Special Dispatch to Tni BE * .
CHICAGO , July 2 4 p. m. Th
Journal's Washington special says
Professor Greener , Cadet Wbittafcer'
friend , in confident that a court-mar
tlal will be granted by the secretary
of war , when Whittaker's innocence
of the charge of aelf-mutilation wil
be'cstnblishcd. Ho says some of th
ablest lawyers in the country will de
fend him , and the inconsistencies
of the court ofjnquiry be shown up. I
Whittaker is droppsd from West Pom
Greener siya ho expects to secure hin
an appointment as second licutenan
in the army. He has strong backing
and he feel scortaiu that the president
will appoint him.
A Murderous Mo her.
SptcUI Dispatch to the BEE.
NEW YOKE , July2 4 p. m. Mary
O'Connor , of Jersey City , killed her
three children last night. Mr * .
O'Connor has been sick for a long
time , unable to lake care of her
children , and thought by killing them
they would heaven.
The International Shoot.
Special Dispatch to Tbo Bw.
DOBLKT , July 2 , 4 p. m. The Ab-
ercorn competition continued to-day
at the 800 yards range : Jackson ,
Scott and Young , 73 each ; Wm. Rig
bjj 72 ; Farrow , Milner and Johnson ,
71 ; Brown , Fenton , Fiaher , Rockwell ,
Hyde and Murphy , 70 ; Joynt and
John Rigby , 69 each.
900 yards John Rigby 71 , Fenton
70 , Jackson and Young 69 , Scott 68 ,
Brown 67 , Rockwell end Johnson 66 ,
Milocr and Warren 65 , Farrow ,
Fisher , Murphy and Thynne 63.
Hyde retired after the second shot.
Bough on Farmers.
Special Dispatch , to the Hec.
CHICAGO , July 2 4 p. m. Fre
quent and heavy rain storms are be
coming a serious matter to farms in
Tuia icjfiun. JLI , lioa raiiiuli more or
less every day for the past week in
this vicinity , interfering with hay
miking , cultivating , etc.
( Jroat damage to the wheat crop is
reported to have been done by a hea
vy rain storm in portions of central
Illinois last night , and fields are eo
wet that the work of harvesting
will be delayed , entailing additional
losses. Much .delay and damage to
the hay crop b .also reported in this
region of the state by frequent
Grant ot Kansas City.
Special Dispatch to 1711 lit *
KANSAS CITY , July 2 4 p. m.
Gen. Grant and party arrived here
this afternoon. The station was
crowded and the welcome , moat cor
dial. Many houses were decorated.
A Kansas : Cyclone.
Special dispatch to Tju Bu.
ST. MARY'S , Kansas , July 2. A
heavy rain storm , attended by a cy-
olone , etruck us at 6 this morning.
Kidney's store and Mead's and Glas
gow's dwellings were completely de
stroyed. Mrs. O'Brien and some oth-
era were slightly injured by flying
timbers , the lumber offices and the
yards somewhat damaged and several
barns blown down.
Jpodal Dispatch to The BCD.
CABBONDALE , Ks. July 2 4 p. ra.
A heavy rain and wind storm prevailed -
vailed between five and six this morn- \
lag. A house bo'onging to a miner
named Ricker was destroyed. The
'amily escaped without injury. The ;
platform constructed for the fourth
if July celebration was torn to pieces ,
and a thousand dollars will not cover
Machine Works ,
J. F. Hammond , Prop. & Manager
The moft thorough appointed and corrplcto
Machine Shops and Foundry In the state.
Castings ol every description manufactured.
Engines , Pumps and every class o michlnorj [
made to order. [
Special attention ? Wen to
Well AiiRursPnlleys , Hangers ,
Shaf tine , Bridge Irons , Geer
Cutting , etc.
Plans for now Machinery.Mejchanloii Draaght-
og. Models , etc. , neatly executed.
260 Barnev St. . Bet. 14t and 16th
Weekly Line of Steamships
Lcavlpz New York Every Thursday at 2 p. m.
England , France and Germany. '
For Passage app'y to
General P-isaeogei Agent * ,
| un > 21-ly 61 Broadway. New gprlc
D. It. BEE.UER ,
Wholesale Dealer ln _ Foreign and Domeit
Fruit , Butter , Egy * . Poultry ,0ame.nami , Ba
con. Lard , Fr * n Fish , and jentfer BOOTH'S
OT8TKR8. niTrtm
V. P. Block. 16th St.
Fresh ani Salt Meat * o all kinds constant
on hand , price * reasonable. Vegetable * in seas
on. Food dJlTredto ny part ol thedty.
SJ-U n H-vth 18th Bt
Contractors and Builders ,
. m.0 ?
loth and Douglas Street.
Over 3,000 residence lots ] for rale by this agen
cy at prlcetr angu > from S2b to (2,600 tacb , and
located In every part ol thetito , and In every
direction from the Postoffice , north , ezst , south
or west , and rnrylncr m distance from one
block to one or two miles from same. Call and
examine our listg
ircveial choice lots In Griffin & Isaacs' addi
tion , west of convent , between St. Mary's aren
uc and Harney street KCO to $800.
SO acres just cast of barracks on Saunders St ,
this is choice land and will be sold very cheap
for cash in 5,10 or 20 acre lots ; now is your time
to secure a bargain.
Choice lot at end of street car tracks on Eaun-
dcrs street for $ o75.
Choice lot , Farnhim and 21th streets , 00x132
iect for S1.5CO will divide it.
Cheap lots in Credit Foncisr addition , sooth of
U. P. dopot100 to $ SOO.
Forty lots on Park Avenue and Georgia itrcet ,
on road to park , and near head of St. Miry'9
acnue , at f rcm $125 to $300 each. Seven years
time at e ! ht per cent interest to those who will
put up good substantial Fir further
particulars apply to.
O. P. BEMIS , Agent ,
Fifteenth and Donglis Streets.
A nice lot on ilarney and Twenty-first street * .
Tno choice lots on 0th. near St. Mary's aven
ue , 0x165 feet each , for $850 and $900.
Two choice lots near 23d and Clark streets , ia
E V. Smith's addition-8300 and $350.
Fifty lots In Shlnn's first , second and third ad
ditions for $1(0 ( to $600 each.
tot near 15th and Pierce , $150.
2 lots on Ilarncv near 21th St. , $600 each. 1
lot on 24th nar Howard ttreet , $7oO.
40 lots In Grand View addition , south of U. P.
bridge and depot , from $15 to 9 00 each *
One acre , 117x370 feet , on 18th street , south
of Poppleton's new residence , for $2,000 , or will
divide into city sized lota at from $350 to $500
Large number of beantlfnl residence lots , lo
cated in this new addition on Capitol Hill , ba
.ween 24th street on Ihe cast , 26th on the wert
Dodge street on the north and Farnbam street
on the south , formerly owned by C. H. Downs
and more recently known as the Perkins 15 acres.
} nly 21ots have thus far been platted 11 on
Farnham and 8 on Douglas street. Ttanse lots
are 50 to 56 feet in width and 150 In depth. $1,000
'or the choice. 5 years time , at 8 per cent In-
.ercstto those who will build good substantial
louses tbercftn. Call and examine plat and Bet
full information at
15th and Douglas Streets.
Cher 200 houses and lots are offered for sale
by this offic * They are scattered all over the
city. Any location you desire. Prices varying
from $300 to $15,000 each.
2 good lots and 2 cheap houses near Jackson
and 12th streets at a great sacrifice. Here is a
Treat bargain for some one. The property must
le sold immediately. Coven Just a quarter of a
Hock. CM and examine this without any dehy.
GEO. P. BEMIS , Agent ,
15th andJcrugtiaSU. .
The cheapest acre lots in the city of Omiha ,
are those offend for sale by this agency In Paik
Plice and Lowe's second addition , on Cuming ,
Burt and California street ) ; you can make no
mistake in picking up tbcRo bargains while you
have the chance. These Iota are more than equal
In fcize to 4 full-sized city lotstr a half block-
anil it will be but a very short time before one-
fifth part of one of these acre lots will sell for as
much s we offer a full acre to day. They are
located a very short distance west of Ovlghton
College. Prices ranging from $150 to 300 per
acre lot. Call immediately , and don't lose your
chance , and get plat and full particulars of
GEO. P. BEHIS , Agent ,
15th nd Douglas Streets.
Nice lot on Sherman Avenue north of Nicholas
street , $1,400.
Half lot on OtBgcetwecn 13th and lith streets
2 nice lots in ITartman's addition , $400 to (600.
Large number of acre lots In else's addition In
North Omaha , $15 to $300 rach. '
Choice corner lot near 22ud and Cal'tomta
streets , S1.5CO. -
Several good lots in Nelson's addition , 1160 to
(350 each.
Choice lot in Thornell's addition , $750.
Several large lots In Bartlett's Addition , 1 ]
rods and 21 acres each. Prices 1700 to (2,000
Several choice lots in Reed's first addition ,
t275 to SS50 each.
Acre lot on Sherman avenne , (16th ( street ) ,
couth of Popple'-on's new residence , for f 1,100.
2 large 1ms nejr 13th and Clark streets , 60x
330 feet Comer , $1,200 ; inside. 81,000.
31.iro lotson Shotra.n avenue , (16lh street ) ,
near Clark Street , (900 each.
22 nice and cheap lots , very near to the bus
iness part of tbe cily , looted a very few steps
jouth cf the Convent and St. Mary's aven je.and
just routh cf and adjoining tbe ground of James
U. Vvoulworth and WJ. . Council these are
cheap and tery dairable , being so handy to bus
iness pare of city , to new government depot , nail
works , white lead works , D. P. depot , stock
raid * , packinghouses , etc Call and get plat
ind full particulars. P/Ice $276 to $350 and easy
terms to those who build.
GEO. P. BEMIS , Agent ,
15th and Douglas Sig.
3choice resilience lots en 24th street , between
Douglas and Dodie ; street8l,100 ; to $1,2(0 each
mil long time to thoie who will build.
2 choice corner lots near Sithand Fainham
itreots , 65x121 feet , $1,160 and $1,200. and very
isy term * to purchasers who will improve.
Also 1 lots on 24th , between Farnham and
Douglas s' reels , $950 to $1,600 each and long
J5T250 of the best business lots in the city of
Omaha for sale , located on every business street ,
; ErAlso very \aluab1e store properties in al
most every business block $5,000 to $15,000
40 choice residence lots In above addition , Im-
meJiatcly north of and adjoining Poppleton's
beautiful residence and grounds , and located on
ISth 19th and 0th streets$300 to $550 each and
very easy terms to thorn who will build. Call and
examine flat and get full particulars.
OEO. P. BEMIS , Agent.
Beautiful building site on Sherman avenue ,
IGth str : tbct een Poppleton and the Dudley-
Jims property ; 263 feet eatt frontage on the
avenue , by 3S9 feet in depth. Will divide ltm kin -
in ? 132 feet by 330. Call and get full particulars.
An aero n 18th street , 101 feet cast frontage
by 373 feet deep. This is just south f the Kliza-
beth ( Foppleton place. This Is gilt-edge , call and
get price and terms of BEMIS , Agent.
18 good Iota , just uorth of and adjoining K. V.
Smith's addition , and located between 20th and
Saundera streets , at reagonab'e prices and long
Lime to buyer who improve. BEMIS , Agent.
53 lots in Ilorbach's first and second additions
on 16th , 18th , 19th and 2Jth street * , between
Nicholas , Pul , She-man and Clark sticeU , very
handy to U. P. Shops , smelting works , etc. ,
ranging in prices from from $200 to $1:100 each ,
requiring only ( mall payment down and long
timi at 7 F r cent interest to those who will im
prove. GEO. P. BEMIS ,
15th and Douglas Stre-t.
33 nice loM In Parker's addition , between
Sau&dcrj and Pierce. King and Campbell' * SU. ,
on Blonco street ; 19 lot * with south fronts and
19 with north frontage , only 6 blocks north of
the turn-table ( end str ei-car track ) on Saunden
street. Very lew prices ; $175 cash , or $200 r n
long time * nd 8 per cent interest to those who
will build.
0150 good farma for sale In Douglas , Sarpy ,
Washington , Bart , Dodge , Blunders and Eastern
tier of counties.
X2r8&0,000 acres best selected land * { n th *
rtatofoj tale by this agency. Call and get mips ,
circulars and full particulars.
XSTBemls' new map of Omaha , 600 and $1.50.
3rBemis new pamphlet ( and map of the
State ) entitled "the outlook ot Kebruia" fcj
tree distribution.
Geo. P. Bemis1 ,
Immense Reduction in all Depart
ments. 'Solid Bargains in
Good Goods.
The Celebrated , $1.00 Kid
Gloves , 90c.
Lisle Gloves , 15 to 90c.
Mitts Very Cheap.
We have too many. Linen
Ulsters at $1.00.
Better Ulsters at $2.00.
Best Ulsters at $3.60.
Yon should them.
1 Lot , 25c.
1 Lot , 5Oc.
Spltndid Silk , $1.75.
Fi Goods Reduced from$8
to $5.
Ouratook is - > tiU ahead of all
Gross Grain , 5 and lOc.
Wo claim to sell Hosiery
cheaper than elsewhere.
Job Lots , 5c up.I *
Fine Hose Very'Low.
Reduced from $7.60 to $6.
Good Linen Suit , $1.76.
Calico Wrapper , 85c.
Children's Suits way down.
lrcsin Sacqucs Cheap.
A Real Gocd 1 no. 40.
See Our Corset at 4 l.OO.
See Our Corset at $1.50.
Examine Fine Goods.
Our large assortment we pro
pose to c'ose at very low prices.
In TIES , FRINGES and all Kinds of Fancy
Goods we Make Clearing Prices. These Goods
Must be Sold to Make Eoom for a Large Stock
of Gent Furnishing Goods , Now Being " Selected -
' ed for the Fall ftade. ' . " " "
You are Invited to Call , Whether Yon Purchase
or Not.
TURTZ' Store , Oreighton Block.
Wholesale and Eetail
Goods sent to any part of the United States on
solicitation. Largest assortment of
And everything found generally in a flrst-
claas Jewelry Store.
Jewelry manufactured on short notice. Orders fraa
he Country solicited. IThcniii Omaha call and sec HS. Ne
rouble to show Goods.
Flic Jewelers , Opposite tlicPostoflicc , 15th & Dodge.
Back Ache
Over 2000 Druggists have signed a paper stating thatPhysi-
3iana say they are in every way Superior to the ordinary slow-
icting Porous Plasters used for this purpose.
3EABUBY & JOHNSON , Pharmaceutical , New York. * PRICE 26 CENTS.
Our National MolIcUy will be celebrated on
Mondar , July Slh. IfSO , by a pic-nir , to be held
at Sailing's Crote. l.i Sarpy County , under the
auspices cf tbe Catholic citizens of Faplllion. Ar-
nngtramls lave been made with the U. P. R.
R. Comriny to run an excursion train from Oma
ha to the Grore. Peventy-fire centi will be
charged for the round trip ; children half fare.
The train will leave Omaha at nine o'clock a.
m. , and rtturn at Mren p. m. , and Fapillion at
ten a. m. , returning at sue p. m.
Foot race * , sack race * , and other amnsemenU
and gimei will take p'ace , while tha beat of or
der wUI be preserved throughout the day. Far-
tie * detain ? to rent stand * will confer with the
committee , J. D'Arcy and M. Tex , atPapilllon.
The committees will leave nothing undone to
make It pleaiantfor thoa * attending. Proframma
of exercises will btpublijhed hereafter.
M. Duw ,
LIWIS Lusi'ix ,
txecutlre Committee.
CAB < tmj ft food ttKfftauwt ot
toy other thee home tn tbe city.
± Tx. * * tvmmmw * -
B.A. i'cnruu.
DMiims for buildings of any description on
exlbibUionatouro&ce. We have had orer 91
years ezperience in dnlgnln ? and nrperfnteBd-
In f pnblic building and residences. Flics and
estimates furnished on short notice-
Jones , Bit. 3rA ami Utk Sto. , OXJLBA.
First qnallty dlitfflod WIc ed Cider VJH r
ef any strength below eastern pries * , Jidyf *
nated Just as good at whptejiU. t
Bend forprfc * Ibt.
! ibB3m
UNO. a
. i
V . -