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. X. OMAHA , NEBRASKA , MONDAY. JUKE 21 , 1880. NO. 1.
Established I87J , MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
/The Oily Millionaire As
signed to Samuel's
: Shoes ,
For Old Defuncto's Political
I Demise is Positively Certain.
The Will Signed , Sealed and
Delivered to the New
York Delegation.
$ t
? And the Followers of Tilden
will Shower Tlvir Empty
- Honors upon Henry.
, -&feaFp'Gonor ! Sheds Briny
* " . * - Tears Over the Ber ; of His.
Old Friend ,
> * > . - -
" "Detailed Review of Satur
day's Work of Candi
dates and Friends.
Judge Tields's Friends- Pushing
" " " Bis JJoorri in'Every Poa-
* *
< . sibleWay.
Money Lavishly Distributed
* i Among His Many
' ' Thurman - Club , 500
Strong , Begin Active
While * Indiana Resolves to
Stand by Hendricks tot
tf. . 'tho Last.
Damaging Democratic Records
- Raked from the Ashes
of the Rebellion.
John Kelly's Political Brigands
Bushwhacking for Plunder.
Miscellaneous Political Notes
Special Dispatch 10 THK Bu.
CHICAGO , June 19 , 4 p. m. The
Dally NOWB has the following :
"CINCINNATI , Juue 19. I have the
very best authority for taying that
Tilden has withdrawn from the' presi
dential contest. A letter from him to
that effect will bo read at a meeting of
.the Ke [ Arork delegation in Cincin
nati to-nIght. * Tildenvill state that
he has withdrawn on account of infirm -
firm health. His purpoie has
bsen couQdcd to but a few
Intimate frfeuds , and is subject to
change. Henry B. Payne is his can
didate for president , and will be sup
ported by mott of his adherent ? , who
have been held together by the pros
pect that he would himself be a can
didate to the last. Friends of Hen-
thicks , Field and Hancock are going
to work actively.
The decision making Indiana an
October slate is regarded as favorable
to the democrats.
Special DlsDitch to The Bee.
CINCINNATI , Juno 19 , 4 p. m.
Among the arrivals at Cincinnali yesterday -
terday were John Kelly and his
sschoms , Hendricka'Indiana delega
tion and Bayard's managers from Del
aware. The hotel lobbies were
crowded last evening , and from cow
on canvassing promises to be decidedly
interesting. Among the best-informed
members of the psrty now on the
ground , it is believed that nei.her
Tilden nor Seymour will receive the
nomination. Friends of the latter
art satisfied that he is in earnest in
his refusal to sland , and while the
former will havj more votes than any
other one candidte , it ia not seen
where he will zecuro enough to nomi
nate him. Payne , of Ohio , is again
talked of , and may ba the winning
who fought Tweed and Tammany in
company with Tilden , says the con
vention will make a great mistake if
-It sbaU fail to nominate his old friend.
He looks upon Tildea.asa great re
former and the only man whom the
paitv an hope to elect. In relation
to the charges against Oarfield he says :
"The moral-sense of the republican
parly is to blunted by a long course of
depravity , that its candidates' record ,
be it twenty times as bad as it is ,
would not diminish his popularity. "
Certain papers found among the
confederate archives it Washington
are said to show that Seymour , Bay
ard and Hendricks gave aid and com
fort to the enemy during the war. In
relation to the first named gentleman ,
it is alleged that there is now a letter
ct the war department from a promi
nent New York democrat to a south
ern official , stating that the governor
would dispose of the etate troops so as
to make them unavailable for service
against "rioters , and that afttfr the
withdrawal o ! a Urge detachment of
the army of the Potomac the rebels
would find an opportunity to march
on Washington.
Nearly all the delegates elected by
North Carolina deinocrats yesterday
L k.
. , is-a-
K * - -
are in favor of Seymour , and Bayard
KB second choice : W. 8. Bay , dele
gate from Indiana , s ys Hendricks is
not a candidate for the vice presiden
cy , but that he would accept it with
Seymour on the ticket for the first
Special Dispatch to TUB Lli.
CINCINNATI , Juno 19 , 4 p ; m. The
editor of the Enquirer has a dispatch
from Seymour , at follows : "I cannot
accept the nomination if it is made
under any circumstances. I am rnot
able to do the duties of any office.I
hope my name will not be presented
at Cincinnati in any way. I have
never tatd I would accept the nomi
nation , nor hive I knowingly inti
mated I would. I rely upon you to
set me right-'with the delegates. " -
G'wciJfXATr , July 'O. The day
long the excitement and bustle about
thohotels has been'increasing , and
last night there was a perfect whirl
of political work and diicuaaion. AII
the leading-candid ites arc now hard
at work.
A remarkable feature of the pres
ent contest is its unusual freedom
from bitterness and personal warfare.
With the exception of the feeling
between the two wings of Now York
democracy there seems to bo no feel
ings of perzonal animosity in Iha'ton
test. There are no accusati-ni of
corruption.and icslnua'ions that the
friends' of one candidate will not sup
port another of the nominee ? . .A
large number of delegates are un
decided as to choice , and the only
answer they will give to inquiries
about preferences" is that they would
vote for the man nominated who-Is
Buretfc of election. This is especially
true of a largo number of delegates
who came here expecttnjj to support
Seymour , but are now convinced that
be is out of the race.
held a meeting Saturday afternoon ,
with Mr. Barnum in _ the chair , and
Mr. Prince ecieary.After ! going
through some routine woric a commu
nication was presented to tbc commit
tee by the woman suffrage association ,
asking the committee'to assign them
a room for their side during the con
vention. Mr. Prince was appointed
a committee to attend to tbo ladies'
request. The committee was in ses
sion two hours.
Tbo Albany ( N. Y. ) delegation have
arrived and taken rooms at the Grand
hotel. Austin's Tenth regiment band
accompanied the delegation and gave
a serenade in the rotunda of the
John Kelley , being asked what , ef
fect ( Seymour's withdrawal wo'uld
have , answered : "None whatever.
Mr. Seymour knojrs no-New York
man has the ghost of a show , to carry
New York , and hence wisely persists
in refusing the nomination. "
John G. Thompson is very
and expects a big boom for his chief
Dcforo the convention assembles. He
says Payne's boom is premature , and
that neither wing of the New York de
mocracy will support Pyne with great
enthusiasm. "
The delegation to the convention
were last night given
This hospitality was participated in by
citizens of all parties , but the effect is
expected to be to help the Sherman
boom , as a large number of persons
managing the entertainment are personal - -
sonal friends of Mr. Thurman. The
Thurman club , 500 strong , arrived
last night by the Little Miami rail
road from Columbus. They marched
through the city to the music of sev
eral bands and took up their head
quarters at the Gibson house.
The Woman Suffrage association ,
WHO attended the Chicago convention ,
are coming here to seek admission to
Music Hall and to try to have their
resolutions read before the conven
tion. Miss Susan B. Anthony and
escort , as the advance guard , are al
ready here end registered at the Bur
nett house.
Indiana evidently means business
in her support of Hendricks.
Two cr or three dark horses are
being groom. The Times , a republi
can paper , undertook this afternoon
to start a boom for Hon. Abram S.
Hewitt , who it claims ii Mr. Tilden's
real choice and the moat available
candidate. Mr. Hewi't was a mem
ber of the Forty-fourth Congress and
chairman of democratic national com
mittee during the exciting contest of
1876. He is a man of larga wealth
and experience , but his health is
very poor and it is hardly possible he
would consent to be a candidate even
.f the convention desired to nominate
lim. He is here now as a delegate
rrom New York.
Among yesterday's notable arrivals
was Senator Wallace ; of Pennsylva
nia. He is strongly anti-Tilden and
A now name has appeared in the
dark horse field , that of Judge Pc tt ,
of Brooklyn , a member of the su
preme court of New York. He ia
itarted by Boss McLaughlin , and is
jelieved to be simply for the purpose
of holding the Kings-county delega-
ion together until it is found ad
visable to to join some other forcce.
tfcLaughlin repudiated Tilden some
days ago and served a notice on-him
o that effect by publishing it in the
Brooklyn Eagle , averting that he
could not carry Neir York.
ikely to occur In the convention 'Is
likely to be over tde claim of Tam
many for seats , but it is reported that
enough Is known already concern-
ng the committee on credem
ials to warrant the anertion-that
its report will be against Tammany. *
The most reliable authority is re
sponsible for the statsment that Mr.
Tilden will not under any circum
stances be a candidate , and that the
arobatilities are that his support and
ihatof Mr. Kelly will fall to-Mr.
Several delegations have held meet-
ngs , but only in the cue of the
jreorgian men was anything definite
ariived at. This delegation agreed to
cast half their votes for Field and half
or Bayard on the first ballot , al-
hough the , greater portion of them
aver Field. The Tenneuee delega
tion met , but adjourned to await the
arrival of abient members. Several
pnthern Delegations h T8 stated.If ,
New York , New Jersey and Indiana
delegations can agree upon a candidate
every vote'of the southern delegations
will be cait in hi * favor. A meettnp
to consider this proposition was called
by those three states , but only a small
representation VAJ present.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
KANSAS CITY , Juno 20 , 1 a. m.
The democratic congressional conven
tion of the Eighth district , which has
been in scaiion three ( Uys , shows no
signs of completing i's labors. Four
teen ballots have bon taken without
ony changes in the votes cast.
Special Dl patch to TUB Bzi.
WASHINGTON , Juno 20 , 1 a. m.
-The friendo of Gen. Garfield , ES well
the general himself , arc said to bo ex
cecdingly anxious that Senator Cam
eron should cccopt the chairmanship
of the national wT'ublican ' committee ,
for thei reasJnj- freely stated , thit
without the cordial co-operation of
Mr. Cameron aud his friends in Penn
sylvania that slate must bo placed in
the USE of doubtful stales. Senator
'Cameron has to far resisted all efforts
to induce his acceptance of the posi
tieD , not bcciuao lie docs not intend
to give Garfield his hearty support ,
but for the reason that ho dee * not
feel equal to the onerous duties of
managing the cirapaisn.
Eped&l Dispatch to The Bee.
CINCINNATI , June 21 , 1 a. m.
Sunday was a hiisy day with delegates ,
visitors , managers and lookers-on A
few of the leading men attended
church , many took in the suburbs and
hill-tops , and others aU through the
heat.of the diy remained ot tha-hotels
watching I he arrivals and discussing
the situation. The day's work has
wrought but few ctaogep , mattera
standing very uinch as tloy did Satur
day night and the night befuro. The
factthat , Tilden w out of the race is
noVsettled. The mosb definite in
formation comes from llenry Wattor-
son , editor of the Louisville Courier-
Journal , who yealcrday mornin ? told
Bickham , of Dayton , that ho had seen
and read the It-tier of. declination from
Tilden. The letter as dcicribed by
him is the samo'as montioncd by a
western member of the national com
mittee and referred to fufly in these
dispatches Friday night last.
New York members were busy di-
ousting the effects of Payne's success
in New York politics , and the posi
tion of mtst of them will be puided by
wHat they believe in from Hits stand
point. The fact that it will make his
son-in-law , Wm. C. Whitney , master
of policies and dicpanser of placas in
New York , should P yno bo nomina-
td and elected , is whit confuses the
New York politicians in considering
whether or not to fall in with the
Pay no boomers.
Chairman Manuing called , another
meeting of the anti-Tammany delega
tion last night , and Payne , Whitney ,
Now lork politici and the presiden
tial booms were under warm discus
sion. The Payne men urge that if
New York can bo induced to support
Payne with at y degree of unanimity
the Connecticut delegation will fall in
solidly for him. A large part of Ohio
will wheel in , and several western and
southern states wi'l bring him such
additional strength as will secure his
Many of the southern leaders , when
asked who they want nominated , an
swer that they prefer the man who
can carry the doubtful northern
states. Payne's friends believe that
If New York and Connecticut the
two states most frequently mentioned
as those which must bo carried show
tholr choice to bo Payne , the large
proportion just referred to will decide
that ho is the man they are looSiog
for , and will rally to his standard.
The class of delegates who have no
chorce , except ; the man who can carry
the doubtful states , is largely increased
by the withdrawal of Seymourand the
Payne nun hopa to inherit much of
Seymour's strength , as well aa of Til-
den's. There was considerable revival
of talk of Seymour's candidacy , and
the cry is that Seymour will not insist
on a declination after ho learns ihat
Ttldcn has withdrawn. Some assert
was that on account of former political
and personal relations ho would not
antagonize Tilden , but that this ob-
tion being withdrawn by Tilden's being -
ing out of the race , his friends who are
anxious to have him run , will bo able
lo persuade him to take the race.
As oue of the stories current , it maybe
bo mentioned that a southern mem
ber cf the national committee stated
to the agent of the National associated
press that it was true that Jildoii had
written a letter declining to cuter in
the raca for the nomination , and that
he proposed that Payne of Ohio should
have the strength that otherwise
would be given to him ; tbat Speaker
Randall objected to this disposition of
Tilden's strength , and aakcd that the
presentation of the letter bo delayed ,
and that in consequence of his iuilenco
thelettcr has thus far been kept from
the public.
The Tammany Hall train arrived at
5 p. m. yesterday , with 500 delegates
and friends , cars decorated and ban
ners flying. A crowd of severel thou
sand was at the depot , and therHamil-
ton county democratic club , with a
band of thirty pieces , received them
and escorted them. All formed in
line ffour deep. Graffnla's Seventh
regiment band accompanied the dele
gates on the trip and headed the pro
cession , which marched from the po-
pot up to and through Fourth street
to the Burnett house , amidat chering
crowds along the route. Boss Kelly ,
August SchoU and other sachems and
democratic leaders occupied a number
of carriages in advance of the proces
sion. At the Burnett house the dele
gates drew up in line and saluted the
escorting club and then marched up
the Third street eide of the Burnett
house and into the hotel , the huge
crowd cheering.
An informal consultation cf New
York , Connecticut aud New Jersey
delegates was held yesterday after
noon , and it was agreed , in view of
the retirement of Tilden , that those
states should unite and present the
name of Henry B. Payne , of Ohio ,
ai the choice of those states , which ,
it is conceded the democratic candi
date muat carry to insure success.
Connecticut wavered in favor of W.
H. English , her own favorite son , but
finally concluded that Payne would
meet the cate. All of the New York
delegation djd no n0"1 " the ar
rangement , and some who were noi
infivorof jt
Indiana , as one of the doubtfu
states , was invited to participate , but
declined , answering that she had al
ready decided thai Heudricks was the
man with whom to achieve success ,
and returned tha compliment by in
viting New York , New Jersey and
Connecticut to fall in with the Hen
dricks boom : The remainder of the
New York and the Massachusetts del
egation arrived yesterday , also the re
mainder of those from Georgia , Ala
bama , Arkansas , Louisiana , Maryland ,
District of Columbia , Delaware , anc
portions of Illinois , Wisconsin , Missis
sippi and Indiana arrived last night
Tammany to Bury the Hatchet.
Special Dispatch to Tlin BIB.
CINCINNATI , June 21,1 a. m. The
formal withdrawal of Tilden as a can
didate from the democratic nomina
tion caused a very decided sensation
herd yeetarday aud has effected a
nnrkcd changein the situation.
Tilden's lattar announcing his with
drawal was read at a meeting of the
New York delegation last evening. H
was attended to with marked
attenticn and receired with evident
agna : t > f satisfaction on the part of a
majority of the delegates. One of the
irninedia'o effects of the letter is a
cessation of the bitter contest which
has been waging here between the
teinmany and the anti-tarn-
nuny delc atec. A meeting of
the rival Now York dalegation has
been arrayed for to-day at which an
cffoit will bo made to agree upon
eome ban's of a compromise in regard
to the cjut'.st of the two delegations
for tea's in the convention , and also
to unite upon a New York candidate
for the presidential nomination.
The Ijadeis of both factions ,
said hat night tbat there will be no
difficulty whatever on reuniting the
two wings of the party now that Til
den has withdrawn and a union of the
factions to-day , so far as a contest for
seats in this convention is concerned ,
and also us far as the presidential
nomination is concerned is .regarded
hero to-night as a certainty. Some of
Tilden's most earnest friends are
chagrined and vexed at the course' he
bas taken. Henry Watterson , of the
Louisville Courier-Journal , does not
attempt to control his disappointment ,
and said to-night that he was going to
bis room to write Tilden'a obituary.
Special Dispatch to TUB DBS
CHICAGO , June 19 4 p. m. The
Journal's Washington special says :
A meeting of republican leaders at
White Sulphur Springs during the
coming month is reported to be in
in congress are bitterly denouncing
Randall because he declined to recog
nize one of their number for the passage -
ago of a bill relative to steerage pas
The National Republicanthis morn
ing , urges republicans , who are still
discussing controversies which origi
iialed at Chicago , to call halt , aa it
ears a continuance of this agitation
will injure the party.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
HARRISBURG , June 19 4 p. m.
jen. Garfield arrived here this morn
ing. A large crowd was in waiting.
Don Cameron met Garfield at the
station and accompanied him west.
Chicago Produce.
CHICAGO , June 19.
Wheat No. 2 red winter 103 ; No.
2 spring , 92c for cash ; 92j@92c for
June ; 91c for July ; 85c for August ;
No. 3 , 84@85c ; rejected , 6C@70c.
Corn 35@40c for cash ; 34@34gc
for July ; S6@3Gic for August.
Oats 27j@27Jc for cash ; ,26c for
July ; 22 c for August.
Bye No. 2 , 75c.
Pork $19 14 for cash ; § 11 22J@
11 25 for July , $11 324@1135for Aug-
Lard $6 72 $ for cash ; $ G 72J@6 75
for July ; S6 77@G 80 for August.
Bulk Meats Shoulders , f4 50 ;
short ribs , $6 821 ; short clear , $7 10.
Whisky Strorg atl 09.
St. Lioula Live Stock.
ST. Louis , June 19.
Hogs Yorkers and Baltimores ,
84 10@4 15 ; packing. $4 00@4 15 ;
lieavy shipping , 4 15@5 25. Receipts
Cattle Good supply in pens and
scarcely anything done , the few
that changed hands brought unchang
ed and weak prices. Receipts , 3000.
Sheep Fair to fancy , $3 004 00.
Receipts , none.
Bt. tioula Produce.
ST. Louis , June 11) ) .
Wheat Lower ; No. 2 red , $1 07J
for cash ; § 1 02@1 OlJ for June ; 89 |
© 89c for July ; 87g@87c for August.
Corn Dull ; 3olffi35gc for cash ; 35
© 34Jc for June ; . 34 c for July.
Ohts Firmer ; 2929c for cash ;
29c for June ; 21c for August.
Rye Quiet at 80 c bid ,
Butter Firm ; dairy , 16@18c ;
creamery , 18@22c.
Eggs Quiet at | @ 8c.
Whisky Higher at $109.
Pork Higher ; $11 50 for cash and
July.Dry Salt Meats Higher ; $4 25 ,
§ 6 65@6 80 , $6 85@6 90.
Lard Better at $6 65v
Cnlcago Live Stocs Mancat
CHICAGO , June 19.
Hogs Receipts , 14,000 head ; active
and lOc higher ; light packing , § 4 200
4 25 ; heavy packing , $4 15@4 35 ; fair
to extra smooth , $4 254 50 ; market
closed steady.
Cattle Receipts 5000 head : market
dullgood ; shippers , $425@4 GO ; cows ,
$2 25 ; number unsold. '
Sheep Receipts , 400 head ; market
dull ; sales at S3 40.
The following were the movements
of vessels on Saturday , June 19 :
NEW YORK. Sailed , Germsnia and
Eelvls for Liverpool , Alsatia for Lon
don , OdecloTBremer.
LIVERPOOL. Arrived , Adriatic Ne
vada and Berla , from NOT York.
Baee Ball.
Special Dispatch to Tba Bee.
The following games of bate ball
were played June 19th :
WASHINGTON Nationals , 3 ; Balti
mores , 2.
BOSTON Cinclnnatis , G ; Bostons 7.
PROVTDESCZ Buffalos , 3 ; Provi
dence , 8.
WORCESTER Worcester 7 , Chlca-
go 8.
Ta/T Clevelanda 1,8 , , Trcyi 6r . "
The Dehwre in the North.
Special Dispatch IW The Bee.
- CHICAGO , June 19 , 4 p. m. Pas
sengers from Minnesota and that re
gion , reaching this city this morning ,
report that the whole country ,
from Winnipeg , on the Ret
River of the North , south as far as
Fargo , and all the country from St.
Paul , Minn. , to LaCrosse , Wis , is
literally submerged , and has been
for over a week. Ilaim were
almost continuous during Wednesday ,
Thursday and Friday of last week aud
wore renewed on Monday of this w cck ,
when the water canio down in a per
fect flood all day long. The amount
of damage done is beyond coiuputa
tation. 'The railroads have
been seriously interfered -with
by submerged tracks , washouts
and loss of bridges. Yesterday-
flood was at a stand still , and thcro
were signs of its subsidance. At La
Crosae railroad trains could not get
within half a mile of the depot.
Much of the country Is literally
covered with the waters of overflowed
Ircams. Persons reaching Winnipeg
several days ago report that for hun
dreds of miles the British northwest
territory is flooded. One Iradec com
ing in from 1,000 miles northwest of
Winnipeg , was forty-eight days com
ing by private conveyances , wading
through floods most of the distance.
Gotham Gatherings.
Special Dispatch to Ton Hsu.
CHICAGO , Juno 19 , 4 p. m. The
Journal's New York special says : The
sunken Stoningtou line steamer "Nar-
raganaett * ' was sold at public auction
for § 10,000.
Five hundred Tammany men left
to-day for Cincinnati. They take
along a baud of music.
Many railroad lines and steamboats
running to Coney Island are crowded
with people going to the opening of
the races of the Coney Island Jockey
Club. This course is pronounced the
handsomest in the country , if not in
the world.
It is announced that the first divi
dend on the new stock of the Chica
go , Rock Island and Pacific Co. will
ie declared next week at the rate of 7
jcr cent. Earnings show an increase
of $11,000 for the first two weeks in
June. Comparison is made with part
of the year in which the total earn-
ngs were over 21 per cent , on their
capital stock , or over ten and a half
3er cent , on the present stock.
Death of a Bin ? Splitter.
SFRINGEIELD , ILL. , June 19,4 p. m.
D. L. Phillips died this morning.
Mr. Phillips visited California several
years ngo-whero he was instrumental
n exposing the ring to defraud the
government of revenue taxes.
A Dead Scribe.
Special DUpatch to The Vet.
FAIHBURY , Ills. , June 19 , 4 p. m.
J. Bradbury , editorial writer on the
tfewYork Tribune , and later one of
the editors of the Now York World ,
died Thursday.
Sale of Cotton.
Special Dispatch to Tns EBB.
NEW YORK , Juno 19 , 4 p. m. The
sale of over 10,000 bales of cotton for
the Manchester mills , England , is
published here to-day. It is said to
30 the largest single transaction ever
made on the cotton exchange here.
Capitol Notes.
Special dispatch toTHK SEE.
WASiiiNGTON June 19 4. p. m.
President Hayes starts , July first , for
"The Gulnare , " Captain Howgates
Arctic vessel , leaves Monday for the
Arctic region ; .
A Pioneer Dead.
Special dispatch to Tns Bxr.
WASHINGTON , June 19 , 4 p. m.
Sutler , the California pioneer who re
cently received a small appropriation
: rom congress to support him in his
declining years , died here lest night.
Gen. Sutler has been ill about a week ,
with inflammation of the kidneys. His
remains will be taken to Lancaster
county , Pa. , where his wife resides.
Official Absentees.
Spedal dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , June 20 , 1 a. m.
Secretary Sherman , accompanied by
ex-Gov. Dennison , of Ohio , left here
Saturday morning for Baltimore ,
where they will embark on board a
revenue cutler for a pleasure trip
down the bay. Attorney General
.Sevens left on the 2 o'clock train Sat
urday afternoon for Boston.
Deserted Halls.
Special Dlspitch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , Juno 21. The political
exodus to Cincinnati has resulted in
the deiertion of City hall. Mayor
Cooper last Friday night , and all oth
er statesmen have transferred their la
bors to a more important eccne.
Loose Logo.
Special dtopatch to The Bee.
BOSTON , June 20,1 a. m. The 72-
hour walk closed last night. Albert
won the $600 and a gold watch.
Score 380 miles ; Locans , second , prize
$300 , score 358 ; Barber third , S200 ,
score 352 ; Donovan fourth , § 100 , *
score 330 ; Megnault fifth , score 321 ;
Hackett , sixth , ecore 371.
Yellow Jacfc at Home.
Special DUpatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , June 21 , 1 a. m.
Reports to the national board of
lealth from Horaua up to May 29
state that there were ten deaths from
fellow fever during the weak ending
ilay 28th ; sx ; of these were in the
city and 4 among the military. The
cool and windy weather continues.
Another Steamboat Collision. ! !
NEW YOBK , June 20. A collision
ook place at 8 o'clock last night be-
; ween the excursion steamer "Grand
Republic" and "Adelaide. " The
alter boat was sunk , but fortunately
no lives were lost The "Grand Re-
inblic" had been on an excursion to
3old Spring , Long Island , and had
on board a large number of passen-
The "Adelaide" had returned
from a regular trip to Long Islanc
and had just landed her passengers al
the foot of Twenty-second street ,
North river , and started for her berth
to tie up for the night. The "Grand
Republic was proceeding up the river ,
and mot the "Adelaide" a short dis
tance below her landing. The high ,
sharp prow of the "Urand Republic' "
struck the "Adelaide" in the port
side , just forward of the wheel , cut
ting through the huU and into the en
ginc room. As she backed off the
wa'cr poured in. She sunk in a few
minutes. Tha "Grand Republic" was
The "Adelaide , " which was eank
on Saturday , was lying off the foot
of Wcsl Eleventh street to-day. Iler
decks are completely covered with
water and she will prove a total wreck.
Arrangements will be made to ilea !
her to-day. The captains of both
vessels claim that they were not to
blame for the accident. A local
board of eteamboat inspectors will
commence iavest'gation into the acci
dent to-day.
Coney Island Races.
NEW YofcK , Juno 20. The now
track of the Coney Island Jockey
Club , at Shoep'a Head bay was opened
Saturday , and on.account of the mag
nificent weather as well as on account
of the remarkable record of moat of
the horses entered , the attendance
was ai good as it has been at Jerome
Park in past days. The track was
one of the country aud the grounds
are beautifully laid out. There were
five events on the card. The first
was a very important one , with nu
merous remarkable lioracs entered ,
but the maiqjntercat centered on the
second cvent in which the famous
three-year-olds , Blackburn , Grenada
and Kimball were pitted. Grenada
was the favorite. The first race ,
"handicap sweepstakes , for all ngee ,
5750 , of which § 100 went to second
dorsa , five furlongs , was won by Brnm-
letta , with Harold second. Tiiiie ,
Second race , Tidal stake ? , for thrco
year olds , oue mile , wa ? w.m by
Blackburn , Kimball eecond. Time
1:45. :
The third race , two-year old ? , 525
each , play or pay , with $1000 added
by Mr. P. Lorilhrd , § 100 to second ,
out of the eUkcs , five furlongs , was
won by Spinaway , Banter second.
Time , 1:04. :
Trie fourth race , one milo , for purse
of § 300 , for all agea , horses to be Bolder
! or § 2500 , to carry weights for age ,
was won by Milan , Garfield second.
Time,2:13i. :
The fifth" race , steeplechase , purse
of § 75 , a handicap for all ages , regu-
ar course , WJB won by Katie P. , with
Disturbance second. Time , 6:31 : .
We oDbr a tirst-class whlto laun-
drlod shirt , with an improved roin-
orced front , made of Wamsutta mus-
in , 3-ply bosom and cuffs , of 2200
inen , at the reduced price of § 1.50.
The workmanship , fit and style of our
shirts aio placed in competition with
ar d shirt sold in fRcaha. Wo guaran-
iee entire satisfaction , or will refund
; he money. We make to order every
; rado of shirts and underwear , give
Better goods for leaa money than con
ie got elsewhere. Our fancy imported
shirtings are of the choicest patterns ,
n underwear wo cannot bo under
Omaha Shirt Factory , 252 Farnham ,
oppoHlto Grand Central Hotel.
The owner of the celebrated Kaolin
Banks , near LOUISVILLE , NEB. , has
now ready at the depot at Louisville , on
he B. & M. railroad ,
o fill any order at reasonable prices. 1'ar-
ies desiring a white front or ornamental
irick will do well to give us a call or sender
or sample.
J. T. A. HOOVEK , Prop. ,
T/orfcvillfl. Neb
93 Tenth Street , - OJIAIIA , NEBRASKA ,
Offering h's services in all dcrartmcnts of
nedidne and surgery , both in Reneral and
pechl practice , acute nd chronic diseases Can
> e consulted night sn < l flay , and wilUis'.tall
larts of the city and county on receipt of letters
or teJcgrams. Je9-tf
Machine Works ,
T , F. Hammond , Prop.dc Manager
The moit thorough appointed and corrplcto
Machine Shops and Foundry In the elate.
Castings ot every description manufactured.
Engines , Pumps and every clogs o michliicrj
made to orucr.
Special attention ilvcn to
Well Aii8fnrsPnlleys , Hangers ,
Slmftiiie , Bridge Irons , Gccr
Cutting , etc.
Plan * fur new Machincry.Meachanlcal Draught-
ng , Models , etc. , neatly executed.
Harnov St. . Bat. 14t and 16tn
Appetite , refreshing sleep , the acquhition of flesh
and color , re blessmzs attendant upon the re-
carative processes which this priceless invigorart
speedily initiates and oarrei to a successful con-
clus'on. Digestion i restored aud sustenance at-
orded to eicn H'e-susUining organ by the Bitters ,
which is incffens've even to the feminine palate ,
vegetable in composition , and thoroughly safe.
For sale by all Druggists ana Dealers generally.
$500 Reward.
We will pay the above reward for any case of
Liver Complaint , Dyrpepsia , Sick Headiche , In
digestion , Constipation or Costivencss wcannot I
cure with West's Vegetable Liver Pills , when the
lirections are strictly complied with 1 hey are
purely vegetable , and never fail to give satifac-
ion. Sugar coated. Large boxe * , containing
SO Pills , 25 cent * . For sale by all druggist ) . Be
ware of counterfeit1 ! and imitations. The genu-
n manufactured only by JOHN C. WEST& CO.
The Pill Makers , " J81A1S3W. Madison St. ,
Chicago. Free trial package tent by mail pre
paid on receipt o > a 3 cent stamp.
Sold at wholesale by C. F. Goodmin , J. K. Ish *
and Eennard & Fonrthe , Opnhx
Successors to
Cash Price List.
10 as Standard A Sugar . . fl 00
101 tt.3 cxtraCtSugar 100
ll'lts C Suar 1 00
0 ni "gn > milated Sugar 1 CO
8J Its Cut Loaf Sugar 1 00
Sifts Powdered Sugar 1 CC
6 Bi3goodUio Coffee 1 CC
5 & > s extra choice Kio Coffee 1 00
4 } tts Costa Rica Coffee 1 00
3 Its very bestOO Java 1 00
31baMoch 1 CO
6 cans IVackca 1 OC
10 Ibs Valencia Kaisius 1 CO
10 ll choice Prunes 100
4 Il > s Pitted Cherries 1 CO
10 Iba Michigan IJried Apples 1 CO
13 Iba dried Currants 1 CO
20 bare White Kusaian Soap _ , , 1 00
10 Ibs Procter i ; GamblesSoap ICO
10 Ibs Doblns Electric Soap 1 K
17 Ibs choice Soda Crackers. . . . _ „ 1 OC
17 Ibs choice 0 } ster Crackers l 00
11 Ibs Ginger Suaps. > 1 00
11 Ibs Oat Meal Crackers 1 OC
11 Ibs Boston Crackers \ oo
7 Ibs Jumb'es l CO
21 Ibs Beans l CO
35 Ibs Hominy l (0 (
25 Ibs Oat Meal l CO
ISlbsS lit Peas l 00
11 Ibs Carolina Rice , l 00
3IbaTapioci . . 1 CO
91bsSao l 00
Ulbs Barley 1 00
1-2 Us 3li.\en Bird Seed 1 00
7 3-B > cans Standard Toma'oes 100
92-tbcans Standard Tomatyes 1 00
5 3 ft cans Peaches 1 03
8 2-lb cam Corn 1 00
71 ! . It , COUB Cherries 1 CO
6 2-n > cans Yarmouth Cora 1 00
7 1-Ib cans Bum ham & Mornll 100
6j Ibs Biking Powder 1 0 >
Pure Maple Sirup per gallon 1 15
Amber White 70
Best New Orleans Syrup 70
Oocd New Orkans Mola'ses 45
Ear Diseases
Dr. C. E. Shoemaker ,
The n-ell known Aural Surjreon , of ffeadinp , Pa. ,
who has bten in the med-'cal profession over 20
> ears , gives ALL his time EXCLUSIVELY , to
the treatment of deafness and diseases of the
ear and catarrh He sends a valuable little book
of 01 rages on the treatment of these dlsesea ,
FREE TO ALL. This book gives references and
testimonials that will tatisfy the most skepticaL
He i * also author of a work of 375 pages , octavo ,
on these duitascs and their proper treatment.
Price $ ? , by mall. No family should be without
a copy ot this valuable book. It will save snf-
Ferinir , Ion of hearing and doctor's fees. DR
SHOEMAKER'S remedy for the cure of RUN
NING EARS , it uniierciilly acknowledged by
physicians and the public in general , as the only
truly reli ible rerntdy for the cure of this loathe-
iomo dkcaee It Is harmless , pleatant and re
liable , and will cure almost any case , even of
Forty or fifty years standing. All bad small and
unpleagautrjcss of the disease instantly removed ,
and the bearing In n osl cases greatly improved
pennuientiy. Price | 2. Ill JM. K. Ish , whole
sale and retail dealer In drugs , medicines and
surgical instrument * , 1321 Farnham ttreet ,
Omahx may2'Vod-lmo
The Benefit of
Until SATURDAY , JUNE 10 ,
* * * * * *
Will bo pnxTuccd with all its splendor. A grand
concert scene introducing rongs and dimes , Ac. ,
s.s originally | > erfortned In London.
Adm'ssion 25c , 60e , 75c. lieaerred Beats at
Hubcrniann's .
Our National Holidiy will be celebrated on
Monday , July 5th. 16SO , by a pic-nlc , to be held
at Sailing's Grove , ia SarpyCounty , under the
auspices of the Catho'ic ' citizens of Papilllon. Ar
rangements l.i\e been made with the U. P. B.
{ . Company to run an excursion train from Oma-
ate the drove. Seventy-five cent * will be
charged for the n.und trip ; children half fare.
The train will leave Omaha at nine o'clock a.
m. , and return at se\en p. m. , and Papllnon at
en a. m , returning at six p. m.
Foot race ? , sack races , and other amusements
md gimes will tsko p'ace , while the best of or
der will be prcscn ed throughout the day. Par-
tes ! desiring to rent stands will confer with tbe
committee , J D'Arcy and M. Tex , at Papilllon.
The committees will leave nothing undone to
naVe i' p'easant for those attending. Programme
of exercises w ill be published hereafter. .
M. Deny ,
Executive Committee.
Tbc Healthful Seltzer Watr for a Hundred
\cars or more ,
lias bocn held of all Earth'a fountains , the most
potent to restore ;
But why across the ocean this boon of Nature
When the sick man in hl chamber ran extem
porize the Spring ?
The Bottled Seltzer Water-so our hiding chem-
Partl with ialf its heallrg virtues , and turn !
\apidonthoway ;
While TAHRii'T 8 BARK ArERiKiT from a Powder
changed to foam , .
Is an instantaneous Seltzer Bpring In every ml-
Ask the rccov-4gffoTT
ored dvspeptlcs.bil-
ious suBcrerg , vic
tims ot fever anJ
ague , the mercurial
diseased patient.
low they recovered
health , cheerful
spirits and good
tppctitc ; they will
.ell you by Uk-
n ; SIUH05S' LiTXR
The Cheapest. Forest and Best family Utdi-
the In the World.
Billions Attacks , SICK HEADACHE. Colic , De
prcaaion of Spirit * , SOUB STOJCACH , Hear
Burn , Etc. . Etc.
This unrivalled Southern Remedy is warranted
not to contain a single particle of HSKCDRT , or
any Injurious mineral substance , but Is
Purely Veeetable.
containing those Southern Roots and Herbs ,
which an all-wue Providence bas placed la
countries where Liver Disease most prevail. It
will cum all Diseases canned by Derangement of
the LIrerand liowels.
Tus SfMPTOMS of Liver Complaint art a
> Itter or had taste in the mouth ; Pain In tha
: JacIrSIdes or Joints.often mistaken forRhenma
tism ; Sour Stomach ; Lo's of Appetite ; Bowtls
a'tc'nately costive and lax ; Headache ; Loss of
Memory , with a painful sensation ot hating fail
ed to do something which ought to have been
done Debility , Lo * Spirits , a thick yellow ap
pearance of the skin and Eyes , a dry Cough of *
.en mistaken f cr Consumption.
Sometimes many of tbeoa symptom ] attend
.he disease , at others very fsw rat the Llvsr , the
arrest organ in the body , i * generally tha feat
of the dis sue , and If not regulated in tima.great
suffering , wretchedness and death will ensue.
I can recommend as an efflcadous remedy for
dbeaso of tbe Liver , Heartburn and Dytpiprta ,
Simmons' Liv-r Regulator. Lewis O. wander.
1625 Master Street , Assistant Post Vaster ,
"We have tested its virtues , rersonally , and
enow that for Dyspepsia , Billion-ness , and
Throbbing Headache , it is the best medicine tha
world ever saw. We have tried forty other
remedies before Simmons' Liver Begilator. but
none of them ( tare us znorathan temporary re-
lef ; hut the Regulator not only relieved , ba :
cured us. " Editor Tehgrxph and Messenger ,
Macon , Gx
Miauricnruo OSLT n
J. H. KETT.TN it CO. ,
Pmt.AT11iT.PTTTA ; PA.
Price , n.CO" Sold by all Druggists.
nflGoIdand Silver Chromo Canlf. Hottoei or
. \J \ Roses , with name , 10 Cto. Kama , Card
Co. , Nsntw , S. V.
15th and Douglas Street ,
Over 3,000 residence lotel fcrrale by this agcn
cy at pticctr anging f rcm $2i to | iCOO each , and
locatid In etery part of thocito , and In e\ery
direction from the Postotfice , north , eut , south
or west , and varying in duUnce from one
block to one or two nulci from gjrae. Call ant ]
examine our Vila
SeTetal choice lot * in Griffin & Isaacs' addi
tion , treat of convent , between St. Mary's aycn
no and ITarney trcct-CCO to $600.
80 acres just cut of bat racks on Sanndcrs St. ,
this Is choice land and will be soil very cheap
for cash in 5,10 ft 20 acre lo's ; new is j our time
to secure a bargain.
Choice lot at end of street car tracks on Soun
ders street for $67 5.
Choice lot , Farnhtm and 21th streets , 00x132
feet for $1,5CO will dirMe It.
Cheap Iota in Credit Fen isr addition , south cf
U. P. depot J100 to ISOO.
Forty Iota on Park Arenue and Gcoriria-itreet ,
on road to park , and near bead of SU M ry'a
avenue , at frcm $125 to $300 each. Seven years
time at eight per cent interest to those who will
pat up gcod Buhetantial bulldlug * . F r further
particulars apply to.
O.P. BEMIS , Agent ,
Fifteenth and Douglas Streets.
A nice lot on Qarney and Twenty-first streets ,
for 1625.
Two choice Iota on 10th. neir SU Mary's aven
ue , 0x186 feet each , for JS69 and $000.
Two choice lots near 23d and Clark streets , in
. V' . Smith's addition-8300 and f 350.
Fifty lots In Shino'i first , tecond rnd third ad
ditions forJUO to $600 each.
Lot near ICth and Fierce , 2153.
2 Iota on Barney near Wth St. JOOO each. 1
at on Hth nrar Howard itreet , I7o0. "
40 lota in Grand View addition , south of U. P.
iridge and depot , from f 15 to $ 00 each *
One acre , 117x370 feet , on ISlb street , south
of Poppleton's new residence , for 32,000 , or will
Ivida into city sized Iota ai from 1350 to } 5CO
Large number of beautiful residence lots , lo
cated in this new addition on Capitol Hill , be
ween 24th street on the east , 26th on the wct
lodge street on the north and Farnham street
on the south , formerly owned by C. II Downs
and more recently known is the Perkins 15 acres.
) nly 22 lota have thus far been platted 14 on
Farnham and 8 on Douglas street. Thrse lots
are 50 to E6 feet in widto and 160 IndcpO. . 91,000
or the choice. 6 years time , at 8 per cent in-
erestto those who will build good substantial
louses thercan. Call and examine plat a d get
ull information at
ISth uid Douglas Streets.
Over 2CO houses and Iota ae offend for sale
> y this office They aroicatteicd all over the
city. Any location you de.irc. Prices varying
ram 8300 to 115,000 each.
2 good lots and 2 cheap homes near Jackson
and 12th streets at a great taciiflco. Here U a ,
treat btrzaln for some one. The property must
be sold Immediately. Covers just a quarter of a
block. Call and examine this w lihout any dehy.
1Mb ami DongUa Stg.
A < laelr bla lot near Cumin ; ; and Saunders
Streets , tl.COO.
The cheapest acre lota in the city of Omaha ,
are those offered for sale by this agency In Paik
? lace and Lowe's Kcond addition , on Coming ,
] urtand California street ) ; joucan make no
mistake la picking up these bargains while you
lave the chance. These lots are more than equal
n size to 4 full-sized city Iota or a half block-
ad it will bo but a very short time before one-
Ifth part of one cf these acre Iota will sell for as
much as we offer a full acre to day. They are
ocated a very short distance west of CrJjhton
'ollege. Pnces ranging from $150 to $300 per
acre lot. Call Immediately , and don't lose your
nance , and get plat and full particulars of
GEO. P. BEM1S , Agent ,
15th and Douglas Streets.
Nice lot on Sherman Avenue north of Nicholas
treet , 91,400.
llalf lot on Cs , tetween 13th and 14lh streets
2 nice lots In TJartman's addition , $400 to $600.
Large number of acre lota in else's addition In
forth Omaha , $1:5 to $300 each.
Choice corner lot near 22nd and California
streets , ? 1 , 00.
Several good Iota in Kelson's addition , (150 to
1850 each.
Choice lot in Thomcll'a addition , $750.
Several large lota In Bartlett'a addition , 1 }
rods and 2 } acres each. Prices $700 to f2OCO
Several cholca lots in Seed's flrjt addition ,
| 275 to $350 each.
Acre lot on Sherman avenue , (16th ( street ) ,
outh of Poppleton'a new residence , for $1,100.
2 large Ints near 18th and Clark streets , 60x
330 feet Corner , 11,200 ; inside , $1,000.
3 large lots on Shetmn avenue , ( ICth street ) ,
near Clark Street , $900 each.
22 nice and cheap lots , very near to the bos-
nesa part of the city , located a very few steps
oath of the Convent and St. Mary's aven jeand
ust south cf and adjoining the ground of James
C. Woolworth and WJ. . Council these are
heap and very desirable , being so handy to boa-
ness part of city , to new government depot , nail
works , white lead works , U. P. depot , stock
yards , packing houses , etc- Call and get plat
, nd full particulars. Price $275 to 3350 and easy
crms to those who build.
QEO. P. BEMIS , Agent.
15th and Douzlas Sta.
3choice residence Iota en 2llh street , between
Doujlis and Dodge street 9 ; $1.100 to (1,2(0 each
and long time to tbofe who will build.
2 choice corner lots near 21th and Fainham
Strut * , 65x124 feet , $1,150 and $1,200. and very
e sy terms to purchaser ! who will improve.
Also 4 lota on 24tb , between Farnham and
tonglag a'reebt950 to $1,600 each .and long
X2T250 of thi best business lots In the city of
Omaha for sale , located on every business street ,
$500 to $0,000 each.
42TA1SO very valuable store properties in al
most every business block JS.OOO to $15,000
40 choice residence Iota In above addition , im
mediately north of and adjoining Puppleton's
beautiful residence and grounds , and locaUd on
18th 10th and 20t h streets , $300 to $550 each and
very easy terms to those wbowill build. Call and
examine | > Ut and get full parllcnlm.
OEO. P. BEM1S , Agent.
Beautiful building cite on Sherman avenue ,
16th streetbctwecn Poppleton and the Dndlfty-
jama property ; 263 feet ejst frontage on the
avenue , by 339 fret In depth. Will divide it.mik-
ng 132 feet by 339. Call and get full particulars.
An acre n 18th street , 101 feet east frontage
> y 373 feet deep. This la Just south tl tjo Klizi-
> eth ( Poppleton place. Th's ' Is gilt-edre , call and
get price and tcr r of BEM1S , Agent.
18 good lota , jojt north of and adjoining E. V.
Smith's addition , and located between 20th and
iannden streets , at reasonable prices ind Ion ?
time lo buyer who improve. BKMIS , Agent.
53 lota in Horbach'a Brst and second additions
on leth , 18th , 19th and 20th streets , between
licholis , PaulSherman and Clark streets , very
landy to U. P. Shops , smelting' works , etc. ,
ranging in price * from from $200 to $1:100 each ,
requiring only imall payment down and long
time at 7 per cent interest to those who will im
prove. GEO. P. BEUIS.
15th and Dongiai Street.
33 nice Iota la Parker's addition , between
launders and Pierce. King : and Campb U'a Eta. ,
on Blonco street ; 19 lots with south fronts and
A with north frontage , only 6 blocks north of
the torn-table ( end street-car track ) on Saunders
street. Very lew prices ; $175 cash , or $200 on
lour time < md 8 per cent interest to those who
will build.
9150 good farms for ( ale In Douglas , Barpy ,
Washington. Bart , Dodge , Saunders and Eastern
tier of counties.
17810,000 acres best selected land * in the
state f < u sale by this ajrency. Call and get maps ,
circulars and full particulars.
TBcmla * new map of Omaha , 60c and $1.50.
2rBemla new pamphlet ( and map of the
State ) entitled "the outlook of Nebraska" for
rea distribution.
Geo. P. Bern is1 ,
15th & Douglas St. ,
OMAHA , , , , . . NEB
Bring on Your One , Two and
Three Cent Pieces. You Can
Use Thorn at the
Cor. of Dodge & Fifteenth Sts
Oppcsite Postofflce.
Look at this List :
* . . . * og
10 Lfto.t Ifn.ltM
" ' " * "
10 Fiuit cf Uoru . . . . .M. . . . . ! . * w
16 Fine 1-1 Unblra. bed. . . . 03
16 Towlin ?
20 Cotton
frmttn ; * .
All Wool IJuitingii
_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' '
< Vim.ienTo tl3 . . . . . . . 13
One Lot Urei s O wd j woi th f rrra 10 to M > c.
to ! c.fscd vt. . . . . „ . , . . . . . 10
f ItAibls ilip . w
Ma-Jam Fey . i M
His Si Mi . ' 13
C-jrse-s fr m ! 5c t . , SCO
A FCTV Notions
ilaslicCcrd , best . j
Eest Knittiuz Cottou . ' . . 3
" Englkhl'ins . a
" Ncoliu . . 7
Roncbinrxryd . . . . . . . . 5
Turkty Knl lianilkerchitff , small . 5
" " " large . 9
Spool Twiat . . . 3
Spool tilt . 10
11 irPius . s
BesS JJrtsa Biaid . 8
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Cttt Linen C- liars . u
" " Coffs . 32
Black Strip , ; lira . li !
Wbl'.eTies. pertloz . 19
Fine I'ritlsh Huso . 31
Extra HneBiitiehllote . 39
* * * * > * Or
Ext-a Fine Fancy IIoso . 13
And Kinrr Co'dj to . 2 CO
Gent.'liiloGlor.s . 10
And up to . . . . 7S
Go < ! Su | < endrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
And up to . . . . . . . . . . . . . J & 0
Unlaiudii'd Sblrta . 72
A Fiue Uulancdrled Sliirt . 59
An Extra tanndrl-.d bhiit . 1 19
Ge'tsKidv.lovis . 1 00
Andupto . . . 1 BS
fine 1)1 iriii Gloves . J 00
Qeuta * G luxe MIrtK . 50
Upto . 2 [ 0
And lot of other goods which
we haven't space to mention.
Send for price list. "Way belo-w
Leaders in Dry Goods ,
1422 & 1424 Dodse St.Cors 15th ,
Omaha Neb.
, - - - - .
Proposals for Furnishing
the City of Onmlia , Ne
braska , with Water , for
Fire Protection and
Public Use.
Scaled proposals in duplicate will re rrciTe > l
by the undersigned at rl offlc ln thcd'rof
Omaha , Nebraaks , until 12 o'clock , noon , on tha
12th day of July. A. ! > . , IdSO , for larnWiliir the
city uf Omalui , Nebraska , with water worl * for
fire protection A&d public nrr , f r the Uim of
twenty fire yeatn from tbo time ot compl-tlun of
tad ! workf , through two hundred and flfty flro
bjd ants , of the character and ot the locations
mtnticncd in ordinance No. 4Z3 , PMSCI ! by thu
city council ot tbe city ot Omaha. Nebraska , arvl
approved by the mayor , on the llth day of June.
A. U. , ISbO , and the report of J. D. Cook , n-
tineer , approved by the city couidl Juna 8U ) ,
1880 , crplc. of whch will te furnished bidders
on | plication.
Such proposals or bidj shall ba accompanied
by a bond with at lean three residence tunties
In the sum of twenty-H.c thoutand del an con
ditioned. In the event rt the acceptince of inch
prop saU or bids and awarding : ot the contract
for tuch public supply and fire protection to rach
bidder or bidders ; for the Mtful performance
of tbe tcrnu and conditions of ordinance No.
123 , nd that the water to be furnished through
said bjdranti , s > ull at all times when icqulred
da > ini ; tald term ( a reasonable time beinjt allow *
cil for repairs In case * of unavoidable accidents )
porfunn tha tests mentioned In ordlnanea No.
423 , and git a the fire protection therein men
SVd p-opxols cr bids shall vpeeify the price
per hvnrant per year for the said two hundred
and fifty hydrants during jiti term ; aim tbe
prleo | r hydrant per year for intermtd.ate
hjdriuWplactd upon the mains specified In the
report cf J. P. Cook ( on tin In tha offlca ft tha
city clerk of Onuha , Nebraska , eopitsof which
will be furnished bidden on application ) . In ex
cess of slid t o hundred and fifty , and aim tha
price per hydrant per ye r in ease the dty at
any time during said term elects to have mor
hpdranU npou new malt s.
&A4 proposals or bids shall be accompanied by
a conditional creptance cf ordinance tto.tZt , In
the event the contract for tbe public supply arxl
Ore protection shall be awtrded.
The contract for such pnolie supply and fire
protection wU be awarded to tbe lowest re i jo-
siblc bidder or bidden , and tte dty council of
the dty of Omana reserves the right torej-ctaay
and all bids.
Em elopes containing proposals should be rnirk-
cd "Proposals for furnish n ; the c ty of Omaha
with w ter for fire protection mil public use , "
and address tu the undersigned ,
City Clerk of tbe City cf Onuha.
Omaha , Nebraska , Juno 12th , 1 0.
Tbo Fashionable Event of tha Season 1
D'Oyly Carte's Opera Company ,
In the new Open , which ha * achieved a succcet
beyond ill precedent at tb FUtaAvem Theatre.
New York ,
W. S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan ,
Author ad Composer ot "Pinafor. "
The company , consisting of 0 aitlits. have
been carefully rehears d ucdsr tha personal
direction ot tha authors. Hears. Gilbert and
Suli Tan.
The scenery is new. ard painted by the Mine
artists who painted the scenes for tha fint pro
duction In New York.
on aba Coast of OrmraH.
on O - er-1 Stanley's Zatii .
First. Lost and Only prodnet'on of thl * Opera ,
which is tbe peer of "Paaf ore. " here tb > season.
Admission. H CO ; no extra chatxe tor rtse-ved
seats ; gallery. 50 cents. Sale of reserved s ts
will begin at Huberm.nn's jewet/y store rridJy.
June lath , at 9 o'clock a. m.
M Just recsiTed t tot of s j good. . T n
eaD.sad . . *
re liTited to tX.prfcssVwt.v--
nariat * ' tl > Icweit in the dttf
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