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W 3 eday'Morning , June 0.
Eerred to subscribers by carrier to any j rt o
the dty. every day , fcundiys ezcepted at fifteen
centi per week.
Any complaints about Irregularities , or lm |
proper delivery ol the j per , if eddrcsaed to
thil office will receive prompt attention. „ .
TEX OMUJA DAILY Bnwill be mailed to sub-
Scriben at the following ratee , payable Invar-
ably in advance : $3.00 per vinum ; $4.00 six
months. Tns OMAHA WIEKLT EKI $2.00 pel
TDK OMAHA DAILT BEX has by ar the largest
circulation both in Omaha and abroad , and it
therefore the best and cheapen ! aJiertbiug
tary and Commercial Rtporti , Railroad ana
Postoicc Time-Tablet , see third van
Th'ere will bo a Grand Ratification
Meeting to-night by the republicans of
Omaha at the Academy of Music.
Paterson soils coal.
See Polack's advertisement.
Try Saxo'a Royal Crown Cigar.
Carriage Umbrellas atWoodworth'p.
Soda at Saxo'Bjwie/ruft / syrups.
The gathering of f-reenbackera
and democrats is commencing.
Lota , Farms , 'Houses and Lands.
Look over Bemis' new column of bar
gains on find pijge.
Boot Beer and Ginger Ale at
Shelby Creamery butter , very choice
* only 20 cents per pound at J. B.
Trench & Co's. june2-lw
The fire bell sounded an a'arm
yesterday morningowing to a derangement -
ment of the wires.
For Lands , Lots , Houses and
Farms , look over Bemis' new column
on 1st page. Bargains.
Try Saxe's little Key Ycet Ci
gar , lOc ,
The annual examinations of the
Deaf and.Dumb instUuto will be com
menced to-day.
Dr. A. S. Pendery has returned
from hii trip in the countiy , and can
be found at his old office.
A sidewalk is being constructed
around the wooden building used as
Trinity cathedral. This is a timely
Michael Griffin and John Willis
were tried Monday before Justice
Piley on charge of starting a prairie
fire , and acquitted.
The Sherrill literary club hold
their last meeting for the season
Monday orening.and discusaed "Long
fellow and hbwritiuga. "
Omaha Lodge No. 829 , Knights
of Honor , will give a nocial levee to
their friends , at their'hall in Caldwcll
block , to-morrow evening
The tramps'wero raided Monday
evening at their headquarters in South
Omaha. Ilesult three captured and
lodged in the calaboose.
Wo received yesterday a pleasant
call from Mr. John H. Pierce , former
ly traveling correspondent of THE
BEE , but now representing the West
ern Magazine company.
Mr. and Mrs. Goo. A. Hill celebrated -
, brated the { Bfteenth anniversary of
their wedding at their residence Mon
day evening. Theoccaiiou was one to belong
long remembered by.Ujoso who were
in attendance.
Richard Siemon , fireman at
Melz's brewery , and Julius .Ross , sa
loon keeper , indulged in a go-ao-you-
please battle Monday night. RUBJ is
laid np minus , several tooth and
otherwise badly injured.
Na by's "Widow Bedott" com
pany , with Neil Burgess , now under
the Haverly management , will play at
the Academy of Music on Friday eve
ning. They have been drawing big
houses all over the country. Reserved
seats are selling now at Hubcrman's.
A man by the name of Fred Er-
ickson was severely injured at the U.
P. transfer yesterday , wb.ilejflun- [
loading rails , by a 600-pound rail fall
ing on the instep of his left foot , co-
veroly'contusing and bruising but not
fracturing the bcnos. Ho was taken to
Dr. Mercer for medicaltrcatment , and
will probibly be laid up for a week or
The Fourth of July will bo cele
brated on Monday July 5 , by the
Catholic citizens * of Papillion with a
picaic , in which all arc invited to join.
Thegrovoin | which it will bo held is
pleasantly located and no pains will
ba spared to make the affair an en
joyable one. For particulars see ad
vertisement in another column.
White Swan , the Indian chief ,
accompanied by his interpreter , visit
ed the BEE office yesterday and
expressed much delight and astonish-
incntjE * the mysteries of the art.
They wera also rjiown and given an
opportunity of testing our telephone
system. This was evidently rather
moro than they were prepared for and
when some fe'w words o ! intelligible
English were heard from some one at
the barracks , and they wsro told that
the speaker was four miles away , their
wonder was amusing to witness.
The special car Columbia , of the
Rock Island road , came in over the
Sioux City road to-day and went out
on the U. P. to Denver. It contained
a party consisting of Mr. David Dews
and family , of New York , and Mr.
Hugh Riddle , president the Rock
Island road. They were joined hereby
by Messrs. S. S. Stevens and Capt. C.
B. Rustln , who will oceompany them
wast. The party left Chicago last
Thursday , and have visited Milwau
kee , St. Paul and Sioux City en route.
Kurtz's , 499 ; opposition , 1.
It pays to trade at Kurtz's.
The "Songs of Seven" entertain
ment , which was to have been given
at tha First Baptist Church this evening -
ing , has been postponed to Thursday
evening on account of the funeral ser-
at the church thl afternoon ,
Omaha Chapter meeU thia ( Tues
day ) evening for work.4as Mark Mm-
31 , ? f
M. Goldsmith , the Clothing
Merchant , the Sufferer
, This Time.
The Crooks Replenish Their
Wardrobe Handsomely.
The number of burglaries commit
ted in this city during the past few-
weeks lias caused the police to exer-
cs3 : mom than ordinary piecaulkn.
Notwithstanding the precaution exer
cised , however , the burglars managed
to get in their work oncomoreMonday
night on the clothing store of M.
GoldemUh on F&rnham street.
When the clerk came down to open
tbe etui a yesterday he found a pile
of empty handkerchief boxes , jewelry ,
etc. , strewn about the store and the
stock in a state of confusion. Further
inrebtigation revealed an old pair of
pants and a hat in the front part of
the store and an old coat and vest in
the rear , and it was discovered that a
light was broken out of a window in
the rear of the store. '
Upon examination , it was found
that ( ho goods missing from the store
aggregated between § 250 and $350 in
value , and consisted of , as far as Mr.
Goldsmith can estimate , four dozen
flannel drawers , six dozen under
shirts , silk scarfs , "suspenders , boots ,
shoes , jewelry , hats , cobts , pants and
silk handkerchiefs to the number of
fourteen dozen.
The burglars evidently examined
the whole store carefully and took time
evsu to change their old clothes before
they left the place , although it is pos
sible that the cast off garments were
left merely as a blind or throw suspic
ion on some inncceut parly. From
an examination of the premises it is
evident that the burglars first unhook
ed the gate which encloses the back
yard , and through the back
window and broke which was
fattened clightly , paised out ka
pane of glass ( which is the mid
dle one in the lower sash ) , and effected
an entrance in this manner. The pane
broken out was barely nine inches
wide , and just inside the window were
four iron bars , not over seven inches
apart , which Mr. Goldsmith had
placed there about six months ago ,
and which he deemed ample protec
tion , not thinking that anybody could
squeeze their way through this narrow
It appears , however , that thc3o
burglars did , for thcra is 110 other
possible way in which they could have
effected an tntry.
Yesterday a darkey whoso name
is Jim Hutchinson , but who is more
familiarly known as "Chicken Jim , "
appeared in Bernstein's fancy goods
store on Douglas street and offered for
sale two packages of underclothing
and an old coa' . Mr. Bernstein sus
pected that he had not come by the
goods in an honest manner , and cent
for Marshal Westerdahlwho promptly
arrested him , and Mr. Goldsmith
identified the goods as a part of these
stolen from his store.
Upon being questioned , Jim said
tnat the found the goods laying in the
alley back of Goldsmith's early in the
morning , and picked them up and
walked elf with thorn , evidently going
on the principle of "finders , keepars. "
This explanation is the only one he
gives , but it is needless to say that the
authorities do not take much stock
in it.
A police officer , being questioned as
to any solution that ho could offer for
the frequent recurrence of these rob
beries , gave it as his opinion that
there was an organized baud in the
city. "You see , " continued he , "our
boats are eo long that a burglar
can watch us until wo
; et out of sight , and then
liavo half an hour or more to op-
jrate in before we grt around on our
beat again. What ii needed is an in-
: rcaso of iho police force , and these
robberies would soon ceao. The ofli-
: ors dotheir work as well as they can ,
jut with the largo space of ground wo
lave to go over , it is impossible to
.vatch . any ono part of our boat as it
ihould bo watched without neglecting
mother part. "
Well , I declare , Kurtz is selling dus-
.or'a awful cheap.
irderod to be sold at an immense sac *
Former Present
Price. Price.
jinen Dusters § 1 50 ? I 00
" " 2 00 1 50
" " 2 50 2 00
" " 3 00 2 25
" " 4 00 3 00
Poplin " 2 00 1 50
" " 2 50 2 00
ilohair " 5 00 4 00
These goods are from the best man-
tfaclories in the country , and wo have
rdors to sell. In addition , wo con-
inuo to keep the best line nf
Hosiery ,
Gloves ,
And fancy goods in the city.
Call early and look at these goods ,
s they are sure to move rapidly.
KURTZ'S Store , Creighton Block.
An elegant assortment of hand-
lade Tidies , Matts , Cushions , etc. , in
lain raised and tufted work and a
ariety of beautiful styles in Infants'
rocheted Zephyr goods , now ready at
io New Store in Odd Fellows'Block.
Company G will produce "Reward"
t Council Bluffs this evening. All
ho propose taking part will report
t the "dummy" , to-day at 5 p. m.
Luindry work will be collected and
glivered by the Omaha Shirt Factory ,
eave your address. FirsJ-cJasq W0rk
* " " '
| &m going fop ft flutter to Kartell. I I
. \
Business Transacted by the
Regular Meeting Mon
day Night.
A New Brick School for the
Fifth Ward Decided
The school board held its regular
monthly meeting Monday night.
Present , Messrs. Bloom , Bamford ,
Connoyer , Gibson , Kennedy , Long ,
Morrel ) , McConnell , McKoon , Staley ,
Woodworth and President Mardh.
The president submitted the bond
of Mr. Wocdworth as secretary of the
board , which was referred.
The treasurer's report was adopted ,
showing a balance of § 14,616.33.
Several applications for teacherships
were received and referred.
Application from N. B. Martin , ask
ing use of the rooms in the North
school for the purpose of conducting
a summer school. Referred.
Communication from W. R. John-
eon , offering 81000 for lot 7 , block
347. Referred.
The report of the committee on
claims , as far as relating to pay rolls ,
Including salaries for the month of
May , was adopted.
Mr. Connoyer moved that the reso
lution authorizing the appointment
of the special building committee be
reconsidered , claiming that the com
mittee appointed under the same was
not equally divided as to their views
regarding the capacity of the new
school building now under prospect-
ire erection. Lost.
The special building committee.hav-
ing under consideration the matter of
the erection of the new Fifth ward
Echool house submitted their report
accompanied by plans and specifica
tions for the erection of anoightroom
building , recommending the erection
of the same. After cousiderabe de
bate as to the necessity of so largo a
building some being in favor of a
four room building the report was
Upon motion of Mr. Gibson , the
secretary was authorized to advertize
for bids for the erection of the new
Fifth ward school house.
Upon motion of Mr. Connoyer the
resolution adopted at a previous meet
ing requiring tbo superintendent to
make out examination papers for the
ensuing year and submit them to the
committee on teachers and text books
for examination and revision was re
Upon motion of Mr. Kennedy the
resolution requiring that the admission
of applicants to the high school should
depend upon certificates received at
the annual examination was recon
sidered and further action indefinitely
That a committee of five bo appoint
ed to consider the propriety and feasi
bility of ncgotiat'iig a new loan , to
take the phca of the old one , at a low
er rate of interest , nd report at the
next meeting. Adopted.
That the 28th , 29th and 30th of the
present mouth be fixed fur the holding
of teachers' nominations. Adopted.
That Gco. L Gilbert , Simeon
Bloom and Dr Gay lord bo constituted
an examining committee fur the en
suing year. Adopted.
That a committee of thrco bo ap
pointed by the president to investigate
the cause ot the recent tire in the
high Echoul. Adopted.
On rcsloution of Mr. Connoyer the
committee on the matter of thu Has-
call school building was instructed to
Upon motion of Mr. Long th'o re
port of the committo on claims , with
the exception of the matter of teach
ers' pay rolls , etc. , as above passed
upon , was accepted and warrants au
thorized for the amounts.
Upon motion of Mr. McConnell ,
of the steam heating committee , the
president and' secretary were author
ized to draw a warrant for § 1000 in fa
vor of the Haxton steam heating com
pany.Upon motion the president and sec
retary were authorized to draw a war
rant in the sum of S537.41 to cover
special tax for the grading of Daven
port street m tha vicinity of the high
Upon motion Iho board adjourned.
Yes , Ibought my dustorat Kurtz's.
The very latest novelties in Lace
Mitts , Tics , Bows , Fishus , Jabbots ,
Bead and Jet Hair Ornament ? ,
Dap Girdles , Collarettes , Ruchings
Veilings , Hosiery , Fans , Dress 'But
tons , FreshGoods for the Toilet Table ,
Bandoline , Perfumeries , Soaps , Pow-
lers , Paints , Washes , etc. etc. , at the
Now Storein Odd Fellows' Block. It
Ott foi- the Tournamen .
Yesterday morning the Chicago and
Northwestern took out quite a party
jf Omaha firemen , consisting of Chief
jalligan , S. N. Mcalio , Mr. Grcen-
ivald , and about ten others , accompa-
lied by the Union Pacific band. They
; o to Marshalltown to the firemen's
; ournament at that place , and are ex
pecting the best kind of a good time.
Telephone Enterprise.
Considerable enterprise on the part
) f the managers of the telephone ex-
ihango , has been manifested during
he session of the national convention.
V. connection was had continually with
me of our leading telegraph offices ,
md in this manner the company's sub-
bribers were kept continually advised
a to the latest moves of the conven-
Eeal Estate Transfers.
Isaac Hascall and wife to John Jay
vennedy , w. d. E. hf. bl'fc. 1 , in
Bowery Hill § 600.
Emily R. Satterthworth to Cather-
ne Bryant , q. c. d. N. E. qr. N. W.
[ r. , Sec , 23 , Tp. 1C , N. Range 10
' 1.400.
Robert Long and wife to Hattie F.
smith , q. c. d. , N. 40 feet , lot 5 bl'k
121 § 200. To confirm previous
Elfz * K. Mitchell to Dexter L.
Thomas w. d. , lot 206 , city of Flor-
nce. SG3.
Hendquattcra tor Joe Schlitz'a
lilwaukcc beer at MERCHANTS' EX
HALE , N. E. Cor. IGth and Dodge.
MISSING. A case o conctlpatton by
aing Hamburg Figs.
Orange Blossoms.
FLEMIXO-CLAUK At Waterloo , at
Lo'clockyesterdaymorningjMr. A.M.
leminjr , train dispatcher of the O.
; R , V. railroad , was married to Miss
Idith B. Clark , daughtT of Elam
lark , Esq.
Over eighty millions of dollars of
isuranco capital of the oldest and'
wt home and foreign companies rep-
uented in the agency of Taylor &
The Water Works Ordinance
Amended and Referred
Back to thn Com
It Will be fat Upon its Pas
sage On Friday Evening.
On motion of Mr. Dodge , Mr. Sto-
pheuson was elected chairman for the
evening , in the absence of President
Present : Daily , Dodgp , Hornber-
ger , Jones , Kaufmaun , Kennard , Rod-
dis , Stephenson and Thiemap.
Mr. Kaufman moved to dispense
with the reading of the minutes , which
was carried.
A communication from the mayor ,
slating that he had notified the mar
shal to inquire of Mr. Pritchett who
the owner was of the alleged water
pipes lying in the streets , and that the
marshal had replied that Mr. Pritch
ett stated that the Omaha water works
company had not placed the pipes on
the streets , but the Holly water worl a
company had done so , and they had
no representatives in tha city. The
mayor further authorized the marshal
to procure teams and haul the pipes off
the streets at the expense of the Holly
company , and recommended that no
bid by the Holly company for water
works be entertained until they re
move the said ppei. :
A motion to place the communication
on file and to instruct the marshal to
remove the pipe to a vacant lot , there
to bo held for the expenses of removal
by the city , was discussed , and the le
gal opinion of City Attorney Mander-
son upon the subject given , which
was to the effect that the city would
have no lion uponthepipe for its cost ,
' "ho motion was then withdrawn ,
and the matter referred to the com
mittee on water work ? , with iustruc
tions to report at the next meeting.
A communication from the mayor ,
stating that Mr. R. M. Taylor had not
adjusted ex-City Clerk's Taylor's books
as nromised , and recommending the
re-employment of the two accountants
engaged to finish the work. On mo
tion Mr. Taylor was given ono more
week to finish this work.
A communication from the mayor ,
recommending weigh masters as f cl
ous :
Second Ward Geo. W. Homan.
Fourth Ward , Thomas Bruner. Ap
- A communication from the mayor ,
transmitting the deed to Patrick
O'Hawoa of a lot. Continued.
A communication from iho mayor
nominating James Donahue to the va
cancy on the police force caused by
the resignation of officer Spears. Re
ferred to the committee on police to.
report at next meeting.
A communication from Chief Galli-
gan of the fire department petitioning
for a three months' leave of absence
for engineer Edmund Welch of steam
er No. 2 , on account of sickness.
Lnave of absence granted , and pay
suspended during absence.
A communication frcm the city en.
gineer in relation to the accuracy of
certain deeds , stating them to be cor
rect. The engineer wai initructed to
stake out the land.
A communication from Martin
Quick amending his proposals for grading -
ing in the Firat ward , stipulating the
special streets to bo graded , and ask
ing only the dirt removed at payment.
Referred to the committee on streets
and alleys.
A petition from J. A Wakefiold re
questing that the council reconsider
their order to have a sidewalk laid in
front of his pluco of business. Re
ferred to the committee on sidewalks
and bridges.
The report of the city engineer in
regard to sidewalks not constructed
was referred to the committee on side
walks and bridges.
A communication from Mr. Andrew
Rosewater denying the charges of
Councilman Jonci that he had ob.
structed certain proparty in the shape
of plats and survey notes while hold
ing the office of city engineer , and de
manding an immediate and thorough
investigation. Referred to the judi-
: iary committee. Mr. Jones denied
that he had made any such charges.
A resolution instructing Ilia city
mrahal to abite certain houses of
prostitution wai adopted.
A resolution instructing the city at-
; orney to prosecute all parties ramov
ng dirt from the streets without per-
niscion was adopted.
A resolution ordering certain eide-
valks laid was adopted.
The rules , on motion of Mr. Kauf
nin , were suspended , and ordinances
nrde the next order of business.
General Manderson reported , as
ihairman of the water works commit-
ce , the water works ordinance pre-
> ared.
The committee suggested that the
> lans of J. D. Cook be filed with the
late of May 25th , and the appendix
iled with the date May 31st.
The committee reported the follow-
ng resolution , which was adopted :
* WHEREAS , J. D. Cook , engineer ,
imployedby the city council toprepare
, report on a system of waterworks for
he city of Omaha , did file with the
Ity clerk on the 2oth day of May ,
880 , a certain report , with accompa-
iving map , on a system of water-
rorts for the city of Omaha , and on
he 31st day of May , 1880 , an appen-
ix thereto ; therefore , be it
fiesolted , Tht said report , map and
ppendix be adopted as the report of
. D. Cook , engineer , and that the
ite of the resjrvoirs mentioned in
lid report be near Hanscom Park , as
i contemplated in "Estimate No. 1"
f eaid report.
After tha adoption of this resolution
10 ordinance was read by City Attor-
ey Manderson. No marked changes
ere made from its form as referred
i the committee lait week.
The ordinance was referred back tote
to committee to insert the amount of
> nds required to be given by the
kcrs of the contract , The commit-
0 reported , firing the bond of bM
den at $25,000 , at leait three of the
sureties to be residents of Omaha.
Several minor amendments were
offered and adopted , and a resolution
to place free drinking fountains in
Creighlon college and Brownell hall
The ordinance was read the first and
second time , and referred back to the
committee , to be engrossed and re
ported to the council at its nezt ses
Mr. Stephenson and Mr. Jones
were granted leave of absence for ten
days and two week * , respectively.
A resolution extending the time for
the completion of the finance roll
until the roll can ba made complete
was adopted.
A resolution ordering the construc
tion of certain sidewalks was adopted.
A resolution instructing the city
clerk to advertise for bids for the con
struction of certain sidewalks was
An ordinance to amend the fire de
partment statutes of the city so as to
employ machinists for engineers for
each fire engine , and defining the du
ties of said engineers , was passed. *
Adjourned to Friday evening at 7
< f
J. W. Jenkins , of Red Oak , is in
the city.
Judge Thurston hai returned from
Hon. P. W. Hitchcock has return
ed from St. Louis. *
Fred. Mlllard and sister have' gone
to New York for a visit.
Mr. G. W. Brewster left Monday
for the east to .attend the national
greenback convention which meets in
Chicago yesterday.
A young Englishman , on his way
to San Francisco , was questioned yes
terday at the depot. He expressed
himself as greatly pleased with the
hotel , with the climate and with ev
ery thing around there. He said he
was not going to stay long at 'Frisco ,
that he was going to take an early
train down to Galveston. Such is the
knowledge of American geography by
John Bull.
Among the arrivals at the Metro
politan hotel are the following :
F. K. Walter , Fort Cameron ; Mrs.
Booth , San Francisco ; M. Detzens ,
Rock Island ; Jamoa E. Finney , St.
Louis ; W. J. Trophagen , Chicago ; T.
K. Mitchell , Racine ; O. 0. Weels ,
M.D.BeatriceG. ; J. NeesBrunswick ;
John B. Cox , Salem , Mass.T. ; M.
Marquette , Lincoln ; E. D. Whipple ,
Rutland ; H. R. Eburtand wife , Iowa ;
T. W. Valentine , wife and childIowa ;
W. Adair , Dakota ; W. R. Haden ,
Chicago ; Hugh Duncan and wile , Mon
tana ; | M. J. Gilkeraon , Tokamah ; A.
L. Root and daughter , Eight 'Mile
Grove ; W.4G. Taylor , Lima , 0.
Why dose yourse ves with nauseat
ing medicines , when a purely fruit
cathartic will cure you at once Ham
burg Figs. Try them.
Police Court Items.
Five tramps were committed to five
days labor in ] the streets yeiterday
The man Carter , who was arrested
for abusing a child , on a charge mad
Monday by Daniel Curry , was on
hand this morning with his sisters , his
cousins and his aunts , ready for trial
after waiting some time for the prose
cuting witnesses who failed to mak
their appearance , the case was dis
A lad arrested on the charge o
hiving been one of the base ball play
ers who created a disturbance near
the terminus of the green line o
street cars was dismissed , the parties
prosecuting failing to put in an appear
anca.McNally , the man arrested for
beating his wife while in a drunken
spree a few daya ago , was before his
honor again yesterday on a charge
being drunk and disturbing the neigh
borhood in which he lives. He was
sent to the county jail for thirty days.
His honor expatiated somewhat up
on his crime of wife beating and
facetiously remarked that a man
might [ beat kis wife occaiionaly and
be excused but as for making a habit
of it , it could not be tolerated )
A German going by the nsme of
Dollman , and who hat been from
the fatherland but a short time , was
brought into court yesterday in
truly deplorable condition , shaking
like an aspen leaf from the effects of a
prolonged spree , which he said had
baen kept up since the early" part of
May. He was sent to the county jail
for thirty days.
Young Harrover , the boy who
while staggering through the streets
Sunday morning went through the
show window of Goodman's drag
house , wai sentenced to throe months
in the county jail.
James CuslnsarrestedMonday night
on the charge of being a tramp , pro
duced in court this morning a check
for one hundred dollars. He said
that he had been driving a stage in
tha mountains and was on his way
3isv. He had stopped off here and
aid gotten into bad company.
Frank Swiggard , one of the parties
angaged iu the rumpus on Ninth street
Sunday , pleaded guilty before his
loner Mcnday , and was fined $5 and
: osts. It was immediately forthcom-
Thomas Tuck , the other principal
n the affray , has succeeded in evading
he police , and no doubt has jumped
he city.
HENUY At tbe residence of his sis-
er , Mrs. James Boyd , at 1 o'clock a ,
n. , June 8 , 1880 , Dr. Charles A.
lenry , of San Francisco , Cal.
Mr. Henry has baen ill for a long
ime , and his death resulted from a
omplication of disaases. He came to
) maha from San Francisco about a
lonth ago , bound for Pittsburg , but
is health was so poor thahe was
bliged to stop off at Omaha , where he
ipidly grew worse until yesterday when
e died. Ha was formerly a reaiden
f Omaha , and one of its old settlers.
te went to Ban Frsnciico about the
oae of the w r , wherf lie hju redder ' ]
iltil Jjioath ago ,
Owing to other business that needs
my attention I will sell my undivided
half interest in the European Hotel
and Bakery and give possession im
mediately. Call on * or addrers me
at the European Hotel.
June 7th tf E. T. WEIANT.
Murphy & Lovettlns. Agency ; old
est established agency in this state.
NOTICE AdYertlaemonta To Let For Sale ,
Lost , Found , Wants , Botrding Ac. , will be In-
erted In theaa 'columns once for TEN CENTS
per Iln ; each tubse < inentInsertonFrVE ! CENTS
per lino. Tha first insertion never lesi than
dfifi AHA10 LOAN In turns of 8300
3HUU.UUU to 50COorS10,000at8tolO
per cent interest on first cl u improred real
Mtate In the city of Omaha. GKO. P. BEMIS *
Real Estate and Loan Agency , 15lh and Donglan
ta 654eodtf
\yTONST TO LOAN-Coll at Law Offle *
XL D. L. THOMAS. Room 8. Crelghton Block
ONKT TO LOAN 1109 Farnhun ttreet.
M1 Dr. KdwardA Loan Agency. noT-22-ti
A good firl for general house
work , wages 94.50 per week. Apply a
ili N. 20th St. , near CMS. 23-
WANTED A goodcooV , a woman preferred
filrl for general homework , n
L. THOMAS , room 8 , Creighton Block
WANTED One or two good barbcri , at 118
Uth St. , bet. Farnham and DuJglaa
Good wagca , UEO. DELFEL. 29-t
WANTED By July S , cottage house of aix
(8) ( ) rooms , weat of 18th street. Address
"JI. " Bee Office. 27-8
torn-rs. JNO. L.McCAQUE , Ajfent. J7-6
_ 31
J\f \
I NT4LL10ENCE OFFICE , corner 16th and
I Davenport. 410-tfj
FOR oxer BEMIS' new column on 1st page
Bargain a.
OOMS ( TO RENT With or .without b-ard
R at No. 1710 Davenpoit St. 25-1 !
\J ED FOR BENT At eouth east corner o
14th and Chicago streets , convenient to the bus !
nea part ot the city. 659-t
EOR RENT Furnished ; by week
or month. Apply at AMERICAN HOUSE
F I OR RENT A splendid Photograph Gal cry
71-tf L. B. WILLIAMS & RON.
over BEMIS1 new column of bargaina on la
T AM prepared to deliver soil water toanv par
JL of the city for low prices. N < tlly by posta
or leave ordera at my house , THOS. SWIFT.635ti
SALE A house with 6 rooms and lot In
FOR ' addition. Inquire of Fred. Henl
rockaon'a meat market , cor. of 16th and Cahfor
nia Stj. 624-t
T7IOR SALE Small toda fountain in good con
JD dition. D. W. SAX' , corner 13th and
Farnham. 577-tf
MILK Twenty to twenty-four quarts or one
dollar by John T. Paulson.
Bargaina In Houses , Lots , Farms and
Lands , In his new column on 1st page.
" [ 71 OR SALE Large beer casks , good for cistern -
tern purposes , at KRUG'S Brewery.
JL Coarse bank Band , gravel for gardens ami
moulding sand will be delivend at abort notice.
Leave ontra t H. Slerka 1414 Farnham , and
Cbatlea Brandca , 9121 } Farnham Sts. HANS
BOCK , Successor to Cbatlea Daniel 652-tf
T71OR SALE Cotttmwood lumber of all
JD REDMOND'S , Sixteenth-si 616-tt
FOR SALE A rnall dwelling house , next to
O. H. Collins reaideno- , comer 19th and
Capitol Avenue. J or Information call at G. H.
I J. 8. COLLINS , 181 Famham Street , 505-tf
Tl OR SALE A Grist Mill. Tlppi jat
JL 47J-tf " L.B W1LUAHS & SON.
BALE A New American Sewing Ma-
FOR ' good condition , with all attach
ment * . Must I e toldbefor * the 15th of May.
For information apply at ATKINSON'SMilllnery
Store , corn r Douglas and 13 th Ptreeta. 474-tf
SALE Two of the celebrated J. 11.
Brunswick & Ealka Co.'a Nonpareil Bll
liard Tables. Nearly new. for gale cheap.
230-tt C. W. HAMILTON ,
CJTRA ED Two weeka igo , a ( pan ot- bay
O mllles , one lame with scan round hoo's.
Also a dark brown hone ( mare ) IS 5 ears old with
rtar in forehead. Information leading1 to their
recovery will > e libetally rewanled , at the
Ftrtitibntf Worki , south of Oniiha , or by Tlio-t.
Gibson , Herald Office Omaha , JunflS , 18SO. 30-3
mAKEN UP At my place , otl the Bellevue
.L ftdd , 7 ttiilea South Of Omaha , One white
and black ( potted cow. Owner c"an cave rer bj
paying chareca. EDMUND F. JONES. jS-w3t
T > ICHARD HAKF Cull engineer and sur
Jtt veyor with H Vosa , 23d and Leavcnworth
atreetf , Omaha , Neb. 24-8
mAKEN UP At m Jlarm , oh ficllevue roJUl
JL 2 } miks gouih of the c ty , on 4th inst. 7
head of milch cows. Owner can have by pajiiiff
coat * and damage * . MICHAEL DINNEhN. 22 8
QTBAYED-May S7th , from Omaha , 3 buy
JO ponies , 1 pacer , 2 ordinary trotter ? . Will
pay for information leading to their recovery.
Ri TIZARD , 130 ! Famham St. 21-tf
lrc erii(1on | Free. Tor the speedy Car.
Seminal Weakness. Los * of Manhood , and all . . . .
irdeMbronitht onbjrindi crctionnreicsess. Any
nraffM ha Hie Iturvilicnts. Address
liAViiJSO.V .fc CO. . 78 AHUIItlflUflr.Tf-
Our National Holiday will be celebrated on
Monday , July 5th. 1880 , by a pic-nic , to be held
at Sailing's Grove , la Sarpy County , under the
auspices of the Catholic citizens of Paplllioti. Ar
rangement * rave been made with the U. P. R.
Ri VompRD } * to rtln an excursion tram from Onia *
tafo the Grote. Sefenty five cchti will b.
charged for tbe round trip : children half fare.
The train will Ica e Omaha at nine o'clock a.
m. , and return at asven p. m. , and Papillion at
ten a. m , returning at aix p. m.
Foot race ; , tack race * , and other amuacmcnU
and games will take pace , whi'e the ben of or
der will be preserved throughout the day. Par
ties dcnrlng to rent atandi will confer with the
committee , J. D'Arcy and M. Tex , at rapilllcn.
The committees will IcaVa nothing undone to
make i' pleasant ( or those attending. I'rogrmmmo
of exercises will bo published hereafter.
* Lxwia I/KISLBR ,
Executive Committee.
To Its Natural Vitality
and Color ,
Advancing years
aickncsa , care , dis
appointment , and
hereditary predis
position all tttm
tha hair jtfay , afld
either of them In
cline it to abed pre
ATBR'alUn Ti
oH , by long and
extensive Use , has
Jproven that It stops
Itbe faille ? of hair
I immediately ; often
- - „ - - renem the growth :
ind always surely restores its color , when faded
) rfray. _ It stimulates the nutritive organa to
ximcs glossy , pliable and strengthened ; lost
lair regrows with lively expression , falling hair
t checked and stabliahed ; thin hair thickens
ind faded or gray hair resume their original col I
ir. Its operation b sure and harmless. Is cure I
lanOrnff , heals all humors , and keeps the scalp
* x > I , clean and soft under which conditions i
liseasts of the scalp are Impossible. E
As a dressing for ladies' hair , the VIOOB b I
> ralsed for its grateful and agreeahlt perfume , \
ad Talned for the soft liutre and richness of ton ; I
t imparts. II I
Dr. J. C , AVER & CO. , I
aod Analytical Pft
* i - " 3 i5
t < w < - * vfWr " . fs tf St < s
* 'i'f . * *
$2 TO $5 PER ACRE.
20,000 Acres
6 to 12 Miles from Omaha ,
$6 to $10 per Acre , on
Long Time and
Low Interest ,
Large tracts suitable for
Colonies in all the best
Counties in the State ,
80,000 acres scattered
through Iowa.
A large number of Improved
Farms in Nebraska , many of
them near Omaha , $12 to $40
per acre ,
An Immense List of
Consisting of Elegant ; Resi
dences from $3,000 to $20-
000. Many thousand vacant
lots in the additions to Omaha.
Hundreds of lots scattered
through the City. Houses and
Lots , Business Houses and
Lots , and all kinds of Ci y
Real Estate.
We also have
on Improved Farms in Doug
las County , on 5 years -time , at
10 percent , interest to all who
can show good titles.
Maps of Douglas and Sarpy
Counties for sale ,
Boggs & Hill ,
1408 Fara. St. , Omaha , Neb.
For Rent.
Splendid cottage , 6 rcoma , all in the beat con
dition , fruit and shade trees , stable , bard and
Bet water , ami 4 Acres of Ground , $120 a year.
West Omaha , nill sell fet $1,030.
BOO03 and HILL.
For Sale ,
House and full lot on Webster Street , best loca
tion in thn cltf , ilKK ) ; easy terms.
$ O,000
Twenty Thousand Dollars in Email well eecnr
ed mortgages ranting from $200 to 11,000 , draw
ing 10 per cent Interest , hare been lately placed
in out bands for sale , at anull discount. Per
sons having a litile money to [ pare can make i
eile and profitable loan in this way , without an ;
expcD's or commissions.
BOG03 and HILL.
For Sale/
Church Property and Personage In South Omaha ,
near Depot , at a very reasonable price.
Cottage and Lot *
New 1-story frame bouse , 4 rooms , 2 closeta'40
foot ceilings , double doors , etc. , 85 barrel cis
tern , full lot , all in No. 1 condition , & blocks
from High School ; ? S50 , on monthly payment * ,
small cash pa } raciit required.
Heal Estate Broker * .
New nouses ,
We are now prepared to build houses 1 worth
from $100 to SiOO on our lots in our new : addition ,
2Sth and 29th and FarnhamDouglas and Dodge ,
> nd sell On small monthly payments.
$ GOO to $1,000
Will buy jou a new house , with one of the finest
lots in Omaha , on small monthly payment * .
BOGoa and HILL ,
For Sale ,
HOUBO and Lot on street car-tracr , Shlnnu addi
tion , ? l,9oO. BOGOSand HILL.
A New House
And full lot , one-half block from street can ,
Shinn'a Addition , $1,376.
B-'COS and HILL.
The Cheapest
Residence Property In Omaha must be sold In
! tant r , W i Lot 4 , Block 47 , with a No. 1 house
at 7 rooms and all well improved ; southeast
corner 21st and Cage. Want best offer.
For Sale ,
Fine joung horse , well broke and suitable for a
ady to dme. BOOU3 and E ILL.
We ttant n contract to hava200 acres of land
irokc at once. BOOQSand HILL.
Cheap Lots *
Look at the lot * In our new addition best
ota fur the money in Omaha , 23th and Famham.
BUO08 and HILL.
Residence lots forSnlo.
200 Lots in Kountze and
Ruth's Additiqn.near business ,
jqod eurroundings , lots covered
ivith young trees , and are the
choicest , cheapest and nearest
Business of any lota in the mar-
set. By all means look at lots
n Kountze and Ruth's addition
Defore purchasing elsewhere.
Will sell on monthly payments.
Prices $400 to $650.
1000 Residence Lots
'ronllng 8. 0,10 and llth itrceU , 0 to 10 blocks
outh of depot , many of these lots are very de *
irablo and for men of small means are ( now the
nearest and most easily purchased lots in Otna-
ix Prices $250 to $300. Monthly payments.
BOOOa and Hi L.
15 Clioicc Lots
) n Park Wild Avenue , only 3 to 4 blocks from
) epot , | 500 to $000. Monthly payments.
BUO03 ind HILL.
66 of the Finest Lots
n Omaha , 10 to 12 blocks west of Postofftce and
tourt House , on Farnham , Douglas and. Dodge
treets ; finest \icns In the city from these lota ,
'rices $200 to $300 , on payments of $5 to $10
* r month.
ind two-thinla of a lot , Chlcaro street , between
2th and 13th ; rents for $300 a year. Price
l.WO. I30QG3 and HILL.
Houses and Lots.
New 2-story residence comer lot , choice Iocs-
Ion , 4 blocks from Poatofflce ; $5,500.
2 Houses and south J lot 1 , block 12 , on west
de of 18th street , between Calliornls and Web-
leratrecti ; $2.200
JJ-Story Brick House
rilb full lot , 2 blocks from new Court House'
2,150. BOGQS and HILL.
ota 1 and 2 , block 230 $2,759
ot5 , block 15 - 1H
Lot 2 , block 81 600
ota 5 and 6 , block 252 1,500
rath } Lota 1 and 2 , block 261 1,000
ut J Lot 2 , block 121 2.SW
restiLot2blockl21 2,500
ot 5 , block 227
S feet Lot 4 , block 205 2.000
T. block 102 . , . , „ J ,
rest J Los 8 , block 102. . . sstjf } > * 102 „ . . . . . „ 1 ,
Immense Stoi
Fine Custom-Mad \
Men's Suits ,
Boys' Suits
Children's Suits.
For Men ,
Boys , and
Under-Wcar , Hats and Caps ,
Trunks and Valises , at
Prices to Suit AH.
Farnham Street ,
We are now prepared to take orders for the justly celebrated clothing o
this house , which for Durability , Style and Cheapness are unsurpassed. We
have now on hand the best selected stock of Clothing , Shirts , Furnishing
Goods , etc. in the city.
Boston Clothing House ,
Bny no Other Before Having Seen the
la presented to the Public as the latest production of
scientific , mechanical and skilled workmanship in the
manufacture of Sewing Machines.
In its construction we have had special reference to
the views of practical operators , and the result is a Ma
chine surpassing all others for
Simplicity ,
Durability , and
It embodies now principles ( recently patented by ns , )
and wo have added all real improvements known to the i
Sewing Machine art.
An experience of twenty-five years in the manufac-
of Sewing Machines lias enabled us to perfect a Machine
that combines more points of excellence than can be
found in any other Machine.
decl-tu-tf N. W. Cor. 16th & "Webster.
O3 = L
. .
J. O. RICHARDSON , Prop. ,
Pianos and Organs Sold on Easy
Monthly Installments.
A. HOSPE , Jr ,
151ft Podge Streett
1421 and 1423 Farnham , and 221 to 229 15th Sta.
TMe Attention of Csish and Prompt Time Buyers Solicited.
and the Omaha Iron and Nail Go.
. 1317 & 1319 DOTOLAS STREET ,
! OJ&A3
Poitiyety no ClooOp Soja