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VOL. IX. OMAHA , NEBRASKA , SATURDAY , MAY 29 , 1880. ' NO. 294
Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
" "
Jt ?
Bold Robbery of a Messen
ger Boy in the Treasury
Gash Room.
* *
Both Houses of Congress
Conclude to Adjourn and
The Wood Pulp Patent Pros-
'pectof an Open Tobacco
Bold Bobbery. -
Bpedal dltpatch to Tha Bee.
CHICAGO , May 28 4 p. m. The
Journal's Washington special , says
A bold robbery occurred iu thi cash
room of the treasury to-day , resulting
in a loss o f $2,700. A messenger
from the congressional library present
ed a draft to the piying teller's win
dow for tha above namec
amount. The money was paid
over to him and be turned
for a moment to get a package of pi
pers on the counter , when his money
mysteriously disappeared. There
were several persons in the cash room
at the time , but the money wai taken
BO adroitly as to excite no suspicion
The case has been given to the secret
service fcrcs , who express the opinion
that it was a put up job ,
Bpedal Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , May 28 4 p. m.
Neither branch of congress wi'l ' ba in
session to-morrow en account o
Decoration day.
A bill authorizing the settlemem
of accounts of Ofl. Tho3. Wortbington
of Ohio , passed.
Thehouie went into a committee
of the whole on the sundry civil ap-
propiation bill.
DUQVO'.I move to increase the op
propriation for survey of public landi
from ? 300,000 to $400,000. Adopted
79 to 76.
The committee agreed to report ad'
Tersely upon the Springer bill to an
nul the Vaelter wood pulp patent.
The senate ordered printed and placed
on the calendar a joint resolution that
the president opeanogotiations with
foreign governments -with a view ol
removing thn restrictions on the im <
portation of tobacco and securing an
open market.
Excess of April Imports.
Special Dispatch to Th * Bee.
WASHINGTON , May 29 1 a. m ,
The value of the imports of merchan
dise during the month of April , 1880 ,
wa * larger than for an'y previous
month in the history of tbe country
and Jor the first time since July , 1877 ,
the imports exceeded exports in value.
The excels of the value of exports over
that of impcris during the first ten
month of the current fiscal year was
$155,241,872 as against $241,477,822
for the eamo period of the preceding
Spedal Dispatch to The Bea
WASHINGTON , May .29 1 a. m.
For the upper Mississippi and lower
Missouri valleys : Falling baromater ,
l'f outherly winds , clear or partly cloudy
weather. _
pedal dispatch U The Bee.
WASHINGTON , Mayj 29 1 a. m.
Senator Johnston called up the bill
to authorize the bonds of manufactnr-
„ era of tobacco , snuff and cigars , and
v ifho are exporting the same , to be can
celled at the port of clearance.
Senator Kirkwood said that no
doubt the exporters of tobacco suffered
great hardships in the precautions ta
ken to prevent their tobacco from be
ing returned to this country , but the
exporters of distilled spirits suffered
more , for in their case the bond can
not be cancelled until the vessel has
reached a foreign port and the news
of the unload-ng of the goods has been
received. He therefore moved to
mend by providing that the forego
ing provisions shall apply to tbo bonds
required of exporters of distilled spir
Senator Bayanl said that he favored
removing all restrictions upon the ex
porting trade as fsr as the rereouo ad
mitted. The amendment was reject
ed. The bill was then pasted.
Senator Ransum reported with an
amendment to the river and harbor
appropriation bilL He gave notice
that on Monday next ho would ask
the senate to take up the bill f
Bayard then moved to take up the
tariff commission bill , which wai
> agreed to.
' Senator Bayard addressed the sen
ate in favor of "the Eaton bill.
Senator Thurman said that all of
the thousands of petitions to the sen
ate , favoring this commission , had
come from ona source , viz : manufac
turers , who are already largely pro-
i tectedl This session is nearly ended
. / and the quettion arises : When will
* these appointments be made ! The
president will only have about twenty-
four hours probibly to fill these nine
offices. He cannot make them during
vacation. It the senate fails to con
firm them they cin't be appointed un
til next session. "Is it well then , he
asked ' 'to run this risk so late in the
session. "
Beck was opposed to the appointing
of the commission.
Pend'nsj further discussion the sen
ate at 4:40 went into exective session
and when the doors were opened ad
journed until Monday.
The sen\ta in exscutive session to
day confirmed the following nomina
tions to be postmasters : William T.
Case , at LoRan , O.jjand Jss. W. Pat-
tersoa , at Hilhburo , O.
The .consideration of sundry civil
service bills was resumed.
Mr. Brag ; moved to strike out the
pproprition of $10,000 to enable the
postmaster general to purchase a xfc-
ord of the confederate postofike de
pot. Agreed to.
Mr. Blount offer ( he following
ytn .
amendment for the payment of mar
shals aud deputies , "except for servi
ces of the latter rendered at elections.
$650'000. "
Mr.Hiscock moved to strike out the
exception. He said this clanto would
exclne irom payment any of those of
ficers who on election day carriedout
the process of the court and arrested
violators of the kw.
Mr. Blount rep'ied that the object
of { the committee was to pay for the
services in connection with courts , but ,
they omitted ib provide any money
for services n connection with elec
Mr. Hiicock'a amendment was ra-
jpcted a&d the clause proposed by
Blount was adopted.
Keifer , by the direction of the committee
mittoe on elections , offered a substi
tute , the object of * which wai to give
some of the parties more money than
the committee on appropriations al
lowed in the bill. Trie committee , bad
allowed Curtin acd Yocuta ? 6hjO (
each. * 'It was stated that one had
spnt ? 15,000 and the other $13,000.
The committee on elections wanted to
give them -eich § 8,000. The house
got into the utmost disorder over
these amendments. After much dis
cussion , Harris , who was in the chair ,
was anxious to hurry business
througn , and he hurried over the
points of order with the greatest
haste , thus dissatisfying a largo num
ber of members. They disputed his
decisions and it was half an hour ba-
fore order wan restored. The amend
ment was finally adopted' striking out
the sums appropriated for Gurtin and
Yocum , the object being at some fu
ture time to make the amount larger.
Cox offered , in another form , his
previous amendment in relation to the
corrrction of the lists of the census
enumeration by reducing the appro
priation , He relieved it of a point
of order that was previously made
against it.
Hawley opposed the amendment.
He feared that if it were adopted
there would be no fair correction of
the lists.
Cox said that the amendment was
drawn up by General Walker and had
f he sanction of the secretary of the
interior. The amendment was de
clared rejected amid great confusion.
The committee rose and the bill , as
amended , was reportsd to the house.
The previous question was seconded ,
and at 6:05 : p. m. the house adjourned
till Monday , when the amendments
and bill will be voted on.
An Eldorado , Kansas , Farmer
Meets With His Death On
His Descent Into
His Well.
A Lad Who is Let Down to
Recover the Body Also Be
comes a Victim , to the
Deadly Gasses.
Spedal dispatch to TUB Bu.
ELDORADO , 3I y 29,1 n m. George
W. PreVors , an old citizen of- this *
vniyj hai been blasting a well on
hia larm in Benton township , and
yesterday his wife and a young sou
let him down by a rope and bucket to
the bottom. In a moment he called
to them to draw him up , which they
proceeded to do. He ha'd been drawn
up but a few feet , however , when he
fell back dead. A neighbor's son ,
Frank "Waite , was Immediately sent
for and was lot down with a rope in
order that he might recover the life
less booy of Mr. Pickens. Mr. Waite
was down but a moment when he
called to be drawn up. At twenty
feet from the botton ho fell from the
bucket , fracturing his skull on the
rocks , and in nlteen minutes after
falling was dead.
Special Dispatch to Tux En.
LONDON , May 28 10 p. m. Fred
erick Sharpe , stock broker , has failed.
Jenny Howland won the oaks at
-Tho gold cap was won by Fashion ,
3y about one length ; Parole second ,
blaster Kildaro third.
Messrs. Martin Shiels & Co. of this
city , general merchants and rice
cleaner ? , have failed , with liabilities
amounting to 10,000 pounds sterling.
The house was an old and highly
respected firm , but it now appears
'or eomo time they have been doing
justness at a heavy loss. This failure
olio wing on the heels of a few others
that have recently happened , causes
some anxiety apd apprehension , and
the bankers are inclined to scrutinize
nore carefully the paper offered them
'or ' discount.
George Honey , the actor , is dead.
In the honso of commons lait even-
ng Mr. Parnell made an unsuccessful (
endeavor to reduce the secret service
money to tire divisions. ] <
A dispatch from Calcutta says'that iI iI
Abdul Rahman has imposed a forced I
oan on Turkestan and has stopped \
all commerce till it is paid. 1
Mr. Goschen , the British minister ,
las arrived at Constantinople. i
The Albanians have appealed to <
tfr. Gladstone for sympathy and sup J
port. I
Spedal Dispatch to the Bte.
ST. PETEBSBUBO , May 29 1 a. m.
All of the recent nihilists' sentence )
have been considerably modified.
Special Dispatch to Tnx Btz.
BERLIN , May 29 1 a. m.
P.ussia still heiitates to take part in
the Greek conference to be held in
this city.
Count Zichy Ferroris , who was
wounded in a duel with Count Stephen
Karolyi , at Pesth , on Monday , died
The May laws bill was debated in
the Prussian diet yesterday. Herr
Yan Putt Ivarnraer npported the bjjl
while Hans Falk and Widhorst op-
p sed it. The debate then adjourned.
Herr Windhorst , although at pres
ent opposing the May laws bill said ,
in a debate yesterday , that the ultra-
montaine party had suspended final
Spedal dispatch to The Bee
PARIS , Msy 29,1 a. m. The weakness -
ness of the communist element iu the
present assembly wai demonstrated
yesterday in a somewhat ludicrous
manner. M. ' Clemenceatt brought
forward a question respecting the
measures which were taken by the po
lice on last Sunday to interfere with
and disperse .he communist demon
stration which was attempted on that
day. The question was addressed to
the ministry and requested them to
stale why these measures were adopt
ed , and M. Clemenceatt added to his
'proposed question a. mot ion , setting
foith , that the assembly r.egretted that
the government had no confidence in
the good conduct of the people , but
pursued a policy of repression and of
interference with the expression of
public opinion. After the very brief
debate , which" was marked by virulence
on the part of the communistic mem
bers , and by good natured irony from
the members of the left and left cen
tre , M. Clemenceatt's motion was de
feated by a vote of 30 to 31. The an
nouncement of the result was received
in the assembly and galleriei by cheera
and derisive laughter.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
PARIS , May 29 , 1 a. m. Portions
of the St. Gothard tunnel , where there
are formations of a porous whitestone
have several times collapiod , the last
time crushing through six feet ol
granite wall. It is feuei that the
tunnel must now take a wide coursa
in order to avoid the whitestone for
mation , and a very long delay is threat
Special dispatch to THE BEE.
LONDON , .May 29 1 a. m. M.
DeLessepa will address a great meet
ing at the Liverpool town hall on
Monday on the subject of the Panama
Ppeclal Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , May 29 , 1 a. m Another
of the steamer "America's" boats has
been picked up , leaving culyone mis
Special Dispatch to The Eee.
.MARSEILLES . , May 29,1 a. m. The
mail ccnch running between Solon
and St. Martin do Giau was stopped
to-day by highwaymen , the driver
murdered and two thousand letters
For the Murder of a Prison
Watchman , Henry Hamlin
Swings at Hartford.
Special Dispatch to The Bee. -
BAKTFORD , Conn. , May 29 1 a.
m. H snry Hamlin was hung in the
county jail of this city yesterday , for
the murder oE Watchman Shipraan ,
in the state prison at Wethorsfield , in
Soptemfiar , 1877.
Hamlin and VVm. Allen , were pris
oners and were engaged in attempting
to escape when Shipman discovered
them and was shot. Both men had
loaded pistols and each denied firing
the shot. Both of the men had sev
eral trials. Allen was at one time
under sentence of death , but was
subsequently found guilty of murder
in the Eooond degree and sentenced
for life , but Hamlin wai in prison for
burglary. He entered under an as
sumed name , Hamlin , and his real
name he refused to give. Last night
he slept soundly from 1:15 a. m. to
5 a. m. At eight in the morning ,
man was celebrated for the dying man
by Fathers Jdus-h and Lynch in the
jail chapel. Ten minutes before 11:30 :
Sheriff Seymour , the condemned man ,
two priests and two deputies , entered
the yard in which 150 spsctatora were-
assembled , and proceeded to the gal
lows. It was the one upon which
Edwin Hayt was hung in Bridgeport
two weeks ago. On the scaffold
Hamlin said , clearly and without apparent - '
parent emotion : "We never had any
intention of killing Shipman or doing
hpdily injury. I hope God wiil for
give as freely as I do now , Mr.
Sheriff. " The ropa was then adjusted
and at 11:40 : the drop fell. Death
was instantaneous. Hamlins' body
was buried in the Hartford [ Roman
Catholic Cemetery.
Moonshiners Arrested.
Special Dispatch to Till Kit.
IKDIAXATOLIS , May 29,1 a. m.
Eight alleged moonshiners from the
mountain fastnesses of Crawford coun
ty have been arrested , and those una
ble to furnish $1,000 bonds are now
lying in jail at Leavenworth. The
gang is charged with various villainies
in addition to their moonshine crook-
ednss. About two months ago their
suspicions rested upon a man named
Wm. Saltsgaven , whom they believed
had given evidence to the grand jury
of Crawford county. On the night of
the 7th of April , no Icai than forty des
peradoes visited hia house and broke
open the doors. After brutally mal
treating his wife and daughter they
eized "Saltsgaven and tied a rope
around his feet and dragged htm from
the house , and across a brook to a
tree some distance away , to which
they tied him and then whipped him
with hickory switches. After whip
ping himthe brutal wretches dragged
the man , lacerated , bruited and bleed
ing as ho was , over jagged rocks back
to his house. Not having yet satis
fied their vengeance they took a quan
tity of axle greasa and smeared it over
hia head and face and followed up
their indignity by holding his head
for leveral minutes in a feather bed
which they had ripped open.
.Base Ball.
Epedal.Dispatcli to The Bee.
The [ foliowing games of basa ball
were played May 28th :
AuujfY , May 29-1 a. m. Albany ,
3Buffalo , 4. .
WASHINGTON- , May 29. 1 a. m.
Nationals , 5 ; Baltimores , 2. Game
called on account of rain.
Cremated Soles.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
KocHESTZB , NY.May 28 , 10 p.
m. Wallace's tannery and shoe fac
tory burned to-day. Loss , § 50,000 ;
partially insured. lour hundred
flandg are thrown out gf employment ,
A Feverish FeelingObserv-
able Among the Fol
lowers of Grant ,
The Power and Plunder
Policy Fails to Unite a
Sufficiency of .Dele
And an Ambassador'.is Hur
ried to Galena on an Im
A Final'Altempt to-be Made
to Catch the Outgoing
Tides.v .
But Are Refused the Hall By
the City Authorities.
Washburne or Edmunds Con
sidered the Favored Ones.
Maine Sends Word That They
Are Coming , Two Hun
dred Strong1.
Special dispatch toJTHl BIB.
CHICAGO , May 28 4 p. m. One
of the reports in circulation last even
ing was to tbo effect that several o :
the leading Grant managers had belt
a meeting at the ppstoffice , ia th
course of which the ex-president's
chances had been canvsssed.and pro
ncmnced poor , ani relinquished the
hope of nominating the general ,
Measures had then been taken to res
cue the defeat of Blaine. Little credit
was given the rumor.
The one thing observable from th (
general run * of conversation was the
knowledge that , with the crowd a
least , Grant stock had slightly fallen
A disposition was noted yesterday to
ward a combination upon Wasbbume
or Edmunds , the inclination of the
Blaine men being decidedly in tha'
direction. Blaine is no longer regar ?
ded byttherank and file as the proba
ble success. .On the office floor of the
Palmer House Grant is doubted , ant
both sides are talking of a secern
choice with an openness that bodes no
good to the chief contestants. There
is much speculation and gossip
concerning John Russell Young's
trip to Gilena , 111It is
asserted by some who , though opposed
to Grant , are not given to wild flights
of imagination , that Young is entrust
ed with an important and delicate
mission , to announce to Grant that his
chances for receiving the nomination
next Wednesday are improbable , if
not impossible , and that the best
course for him to pursue would be to
write a loiter withdrawing his name
to be read to the convention when bis
name is presented.
It is announced that a great mass
meeting of the Grant men will be
held at the exposition building next
Monday evening to offset the Central
Music Hall meeting of last Wednes
day evening , and to ratify the action
of the Illinois state convention. Don
Cameron was taken ill yesterday with
scitaica , and was confined to his room
all the afternoon. This morning he
felt much better , and began work in
the executive committee room at an
early hour , together with Senator
Keogh and a few other members of
the committee.
A Delicate Mission.
John Russell Young has gone over
to Galena , to spend a day or two with
General Grant.
Among this mornings arrivals are
Marshal Jewell , Pinchbeck and "Blg-
ger-man-than-old-Grant , " Fitz Hugh.
Special Dkpatcbcs to The Be * .
CHICAGO , 111. , Msy 28 , 4 p. m.
The Journal's Washington special
eaya : Senator Saulsbury , chairman
of the committee on privileges and
elections , consented to an arrange
ment by which the Kellogg case will
not be called up again until after the
Chicago convention , BO that no advan
tage will be taken of Kellogg and
other republican senators , who will be
away from the city next week.
Kellogg , Conklin ? , Blair , Bruce and
Hoar leave to-night for Chicago.
Carpenter left this morning. About
one-fourth of the republican members
of the house will go to Chicago. An
intimate friend of Schnrz says he will
resign immediately if Grant is nomi
nated and advocate the nomination of
Bayard by the democrats.
Nevada for Tilden.
Spedal Dispatch to The Be * .
SAN FBANCISCO , May 28,1 p. m.
The democratic state conventionof
Nevada met yesterday and by a vote
of 58 to 30 declared Tilden the choice
of the party. The personal prefer
ences are as follows : Tilden 3 , Thur-
man 4 and field 1.
Spedal Dispatch to The Bee ,
CHICAGO , May 29,1 a. m. Stran
gers are arriving on every train to attend -
tend the convention ; delegates , alter-1
nates , friends of candidates and news
paper correspondents. The hotels
are beginning to be crowded and the
rotundas are filled all day asd far into
the night with gentlemen discnatiBg
the . situation and speculating is to the
* . ! .
„ „
JTipalooldne -t airaogen , vith
important mien , often accompanied
by ladies , are to be seen in all parta of
toe city , but chiefly about the busi
ness centre and principal hotels. In
the street cm , railroad trains , and
everywhere one bears the convention
discussed. The talk is generally good
natured , with.apparent indifference as
to which of the leading candidates
wins. Occasionally ! however , an out-
and-ont Blaine , Grant or Sherman
man will give vent to his views in no
uncertain language. Among the prom
inent arrivals was Senator Pinchback ,
of Louisiana , a member of the national
committee , and a strong Grant man.
He. argues that the Grant bolters in
Louisiana were justified because the
central committee wai not allowed to
pass upon credentials and make oul
the roll before the convention met.
The regular convention gave seven
Gnrafdelegatesjliut Mr. Piuchback
saya'tJJey'are'gourgintj the conven
tion .wiili sixteen ' "ornone. . Gram
could' carry Louisiana , Sonth Carolina ,
Florida and Yinjinia. Mr. Pinchback
ia accompanied by a pleasant opoken
Creole , named T. T. Allyn , who in
dorsed his sentiments , except that he
only claimed Louisiana and Florida.
Ex-Governor Warmouth , who is al
the Gardner House , takes a different
view. He says Pinchbeck and Butler
wanted to make people believe they
controlled the state and could send _ a
solid Grant delegation , when , when in
fact they conld not. They did no
live up to the agreement ; we wantec
harmony aud hence planned the com |
promise. We knew we could not give
a single electoral vote , but hope to
have some Influence in the nomination.
Mr. Heusted , a politician from
Brooklyn , expresses himself very
positively , that the people of New
York are opposed to Grant.
A dispatch from Syracuse says that
ihe Maine and New Hampshire dele
gations , numbering about 200 persons
left that city by a special train of six
Wagner sleepara at 8 o'clock yesterday
morning , and will reach Chicago to
day. They are principally for Blaine
and one of the couches bears a streamer
with Elaine's name on it.
Ex-Governor Panghburn , of New
Jersey , and several others from that
state , have arrived. Also Gen. Pres
cott , of New Hampshire , Congress
man Platte , of New York , and ex-
Governor Anthony , of Kansas.
A Grant ratification meeting is to
take place at the exposition building
Monday night. Among the speakers
will be Senators Roscoe Conkling , J.
Donald Cameron , Gen. Stewart L.
Woodford , of New York ; Chauncey
I. Filley , of Missouri ; John 0. New ,
of Indianapolis ; Senator Logan ,
Robert T. Lincoln , Stephen A. Doug
lass , Emory A. Storrs and Leonard
James Root Jsays a quorum of the
national republican committee will be
here1 Monday. That they will take
the management of affairs out of the
sub-committee and prevent the ratifi
cation meeting at the exposition
building for Grant. It is reported
that Secretary Reynolds , oi
the exposition directors , has
said that 'no political gatherings ,
Grant or "anti-Grant , " will be allowed
iu th'e Exposition budding until after
the convention. The executive com :
raittec had formed thh determination
last week when the application by
anti-Grant men was made and refused.
The contract with the national com
mittee provided for the use of the
building only for a convention. The
committee was responsible for $4,000-
000 worth of property , and did not
propose to let in any crowd that
would , perhaps , bo disorderlyand un
manageable. Nothing could compel the
committees to recede from their posi
tion , and they would use all the force
necessary to enforce their decision.
Blaine men have appointed colored
Blaine followers in the city to act ai a
commitiee of reception for the south
ern colored delegates. They expect
that some of the Grant delegates may
be induced to desert from the ranks.
It is said that they intand to open a
regular colored delegate headquarters.
Washburne's friends opened their
lead quart ess at the Grand Pacific to
Spedal Dirpatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , May 29 , 1 a. m. Sen
ator Blaine started for Washington
yesterday. It was his intention of re
naming in Washington all next week ,
rat previous to leaving this city he
eceiveda number of telegrams from
lis immediate fciendsnow at Chicago ,
urging the necessity of his being pre
sent in that city ; claiming that unlets
10 did so , his chances for receiving
; he nomination would be greatly les-
shned. They say if he will only go
on the floor ot the convention he will
> e able to brrak down any sharp prac-
ice reseated to in favor of Grant by
? onkling , Logan and Cameron. Mr.
Maine consulted with many of his
dends in this city and without saying
> ositively whether he will go to Chica-
; o or nor , he left' with tlie impression
10 would leave Washington for Chica-
: of to-day , so as to be on hand early
Monday morning.
New York Greenbadcers.
Spedal dispatch to The Bee.
WATERTOWS , May 29 1 a. m.
) elegates were appointed and in
truded to 'vote for E. P. Allin for
( resident , at the Chicago National
Greenback convention. Inflation rese-
utions were adopted.
SpecUl Dispatches to The Bee.
The authorities of Washington have
lebarred a number of New York
swindlers from the use of the mails
or money orders and registered let-
Mrs. Laura N. Getchell , of Davcn-
) ort , Is. , asks for divorce. Husband
iquandering property originally worth
fi.00,000 on wine and fast women.
Horace Kruckile , banker , of Day-
ion , O. , suicided yesterday. Relig-
ous enthusiasm is assigned as the
The West Point 'inquiry ended last
night The court will give its opinion
o Gen. Schofield , who will transmit it
o the war department.
Seventy-six curs of sunstroke re-
xirted in New York since Monday.
Thirty-two have resulted fatally.
Twelve deaths occurred yesterdav.
" * " * "
( pedil.dispatches to Hie Boe.
The following were the movements
of vessels on yesterday , May 27 :
New YORK , May 29 1 a. m.
Arrived Zealand , Antwerp ; Sara
Gosse , City of Brussels ; Liverpool
and State of Alabama , Glasgow.
LIVERPOOL Arrived , Wisconsin ,
York. Eiajled'Lord Geugh ,
' - - " "
The Very Latest Tele
grams , up to 4 p. m.
Fatal Collision Accident on
the Wilmington &
Northern E , E.
Pitiable ConditiorTofihe Hos
tile Sioux in the North.
Suffer-in ? Sioux.
Spedal Dispatch to The Btt.
FT , BUEOBD , M. T. , May 28 , 4p.
m. Capt. Button , of the United
State * trmy , has returned to Ft. Bu-
ford from Poplar Creek agency , whith
er he was seiit by General
Hazen to present the terms on
which the government would receive
the surrender of the hostile Sioux now
stationed at that place. As the cap
tain had no food oz.tobacco to give the
savages , he could not induce them to
talk. They are hungry , poorly clad ,
and tired of war , and will in due time
accept the demand of Gen. Hazen for
unconditional surrender.
Fatal Collision.
Spedal Dispatch to The Bee.
READING , Pa. , May 28 4 p. m.
About C o'clock this morning a terri
ble accident occurred on the Wilming
ton and Northern railroad , near
Naomi railroad station , abaut four
miles from this city. The southward
bound passenger train collided with
the northward bound freight train ,
wrecking both locomotives and
injuring some twelve persons
four of whom were ladies * . Several
persons injured were seriously hurt ,
and one of them , a young man , who
was badly crushed about the waist and
head , is not expected to live.
Kentucky Regulators Surrenaer.
Spedal.Dispatch leThe Bee.
LOUISVILLE , M y 29 1 . m. A
special to The Louisville Commercial
from Catleburg , sajs that four bun
dred regulators came into Louisa
yesterday and gave themselves up.
They also gave the names of eight
hundred others of Liwrenco csunty.
These regulators have been acting
at their pleasure with mea arrested in
this section for months past , opening
jails and defying courts. No further
trouble is apprehended now that they
bow to the law.
Special Dispatch to Tha Bee.
BUFFALO , May 29,1 a. m. Last
night , John Dona'dson , of Chicago ,
and Blutt Boyd , of Buffilo , fought
with hard gloves at Shelby' * . Don
aldson vanquished , . Boyd in the first
round in 2j minutes. Both men
pounded hard and the first blows
Drought blood. After a hard fight ,
Donaldson knocked Boyd down , and
the Utter failed to come to time.
Kearney Released.
Spedal Dispatch to Tni Bu.
SAN FRANCISCO , May 29 10 p.
m. Dennis Kearney was released to
day and was escorted into the city by
Sheriff Desmond and other friends.
A meeting will be held on the Sand
Spedal DUpatch to The Bee.
SAN FBANCISCO , May 29 1 a. m.
Dennis Kearney's followers attached
a rope to the barouche and forming a
procession drew him through the
principal streets , hooting and groan
ing at the papers that opposed the
Sand Lot party. The procession
numbered about SCO , with about the
same number accompanying on the
Forgery Facts Coming : to Julght.
Special Dispatch to Tas Bu.
NEW YORK , May 29 1 a. m. Inspector
specter Byrnes was very busy at the
police headquarters yesterday investi
gating clnea in the great forgery cases ,
in which Hall and Walsh , who were
arrested by Pinkerton's Thursday , in
[ leading .Pa' , are said to be concern
ed. Two or three times during the
day the inspector > was closeted in close
conference with superintendent Wal
ling and Inspector Murray. They re
fused to speak about the matter under
discussion , but admitted that before
night the particulars of a remarkable
story might be told. A large quanti
ty of copper-plates and forgers' tools
were removed during the afternoon
from the inner office to the cell oppo
site. Some very interesting develop
ments are expected.
Tha Murderers' Bullet.
KANKAKEE , 111. , May 28,1 a. m.
Dr. Mellville , of Peotone , shot and
instantly killed M. Fink , a young
merchant of this phce , last night , in ]
the heat of a political discussion. The
murderer was arrested and taken to
To the Memory of Tom Moore.
Special dlapatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , May 28 , 1 . m.-Thou-
sands of people witnessed the unveil
ing of the memorial bust of Thomas
Moore , in Central Park , yesterday
afternoon. The bust is of bronze ,
three feet high , and the features are
a fac simile of correct porUits of the
poet. It is mounted on a granite pe
destal , nine feet high. After the in
troduction of the scnlptor , Dennis B.
Sheang to the people , the Hon. George
Shea presented the bust to the city in
a brief address. Mayor Cooper re
sponded in appropriate terms.
Big Fire.
Bpedal Diipatch to Tux Bu.
CiNCTjnrATi , May 29 , 1 a , m.
Debuss" large three-story brick cooper
shop , owned by the Cincinnati Cooper
age association and situated ontho
river read , about four miles "below ,
was entirely destroyed by fire yesterday
afternoon. Loss , $95,000 ; insured
for $75,000. The fire started in the
dry house in some unknown way.
Werner's saloon next door , received
about $1000 damage.
Good Templars in Session.
Spedal Dlipatdi t < The Bee.
NEW YORK , May 29 1 a. m.
At nine o'clock yesterday morning ,
the Right Worthy Lodge of Good
Templars , _ continued deliberations.
The morning session was occupied in
the consideration of the report of the
committees on the state of the eider
of Juvenile Templais. Judge Black ,
of Pennsylvania , who is Past Bieht
" - " Good TeznpUr jn tha '
entered { the hall and sealed himself
beside the Pennsylvania delegation.
He was greeted with long continued
applause by the members.
The BmlgranVBoom.
Spedal dlcpatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , May 29 1 m. m. The
steamer "Zealand" came in yesterday
from Antwerp , bringing 602 emigrant
passengers , all of whom were Ger
mans except about twenty , who are
French. Nearly the whole party
were supplied with tickets for the far
west , and left last night.
A Printer In JTrouble.
Epedal Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , May 29 1 a. m.
Inspector Byrnes , of the central ,
yesterday arrested Wm.vWehmyer , a
printer doing businecs at 551 Pearl
street , on a charge of being the prin'er '
of forged [ notes on the Phi
ladelphia and Reading railroad com
pany on searching Wehmyors office
the officers found nine lithographic
stones , from one of which the tive-
dollar counterfeit notes had been
printed , others represented other
forged notes. The work was well ex
ecuted , and must have cost considera
ble money. The prisoner , who has
heretofore borne an excellent reputa
tion , was taken to court in the after
noon , and remanded for further ex
Chicago Produce.
CHICAGO , May 28.
Wheat $104 bid for June ; $1
for July.
Corn SClc bid for June ; 36g@3GJc
for July ; 3Gj@36jJc for August.
Wheat $113 | bid for May ; $1
for June ; 99i for July.
Corn 37c bid for May ; 35Jc for
Juno ; 35c for July ; 36c for August.
Oats 35c bid for May ; 30c for
June ; 2828c for July.
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
Sr. Louis. May 28.
Cattle Quiet and unchanged ;
choice to fancy shipping steers , $4 50
© 4 60 ; fair to good , $4 104 40 ;
butchers' steers , 93 804 00 ; grass
Texans , $2 503 50 ; wintered do. ,
$3 00@3 60 ; cows and heifers , $2 75 ®
3 25. Receipts , 1,000 head.
Sheep Steady and uncharged ;
clipped , S3 25@4 00 ; wooled , $3 50 ®
Milwaukee woduce MarKet
Wheat Strong ; opened o higher ,
closed steady ; No. 1 hard , $1 08 ; No.
1 Milwaukee , $104 $ ; No. 2 Milwan-
keel 01 j ; Mayl OlJune ; , $1 02J ;
July , § 1 02jNo. ; 3 Milwaukee , 89jc ;
No. 4 , 82c ; rejected , 65c.
Cora Fairly active and a shade
higher ; No. 2 , 36jc.
Oats Firm and higher ; No. 2 , 31c.
Rye Lower ; No. 1 , 79c.
Barley Unsettled ; No. 2 fall , 70 ®
- " ST. Louis , May 28.
Wheat Unsettled and lower ; No. 2
red , 81 061 07 for cash ; 1 06g ®
1 09 for May ; $1 Oljl 03J for June ;
92J@92c for July ; 06Jc for August ;
89j@89Ac for the year ; No. 3 do ,
Corn Lower ; 3536jc for cash ;
35 Jc for May ; 3434c for June ;
34c for August.
Oats Dull ; 31cfor _ cash ; SOJc for
Rye Dull at 80c bid.
Barley No market.
Whisky-l 08.
Pork Fairly active at $10 25 bid
for cash ; $10 3GI for June.
Lard Dull at $6 37ic.
Stocr Marset
Hogs Receipts about 20,000 head ;
opened quiet with steady rates , but
weakened late , and sales were 5c off ;
mixed packing , $3 85@4 10 ; choice
heavy ; $415@435 ; light , $4 CO ®
Cattle Receipts about , 7100 bead ;
market very dull and prices 10@15o
lower ; large proportion of choice na
tive and corn-fed western cattle ; com
mon to choice natives , $3 904 60 ;
western , $3 65@4 20 ; butchers' steers ,
$3 604 00 ; cows , $2 003 50 ; grass
Texans thin at $2 40 ; all grades of
heavy cattle very dull and many left
over.Sheep Receipt ! , about 1000 ; no
shipping demand ; common to fair ,
2 50@3 50 ; gcod to choice shorn ,
$4 004 75 ; lambs , per head , $2 50
New York Produce.
NEW YORK , May 28.
Wheat No. 2 red , cash aud May ,
l@2c better ; other kinds in buyers'
favor ; unjjraied spring , $1 13J ; No.
3 spring , $1 11@1 12 J ; No. 2 spring ,
$1 2C1 21 ; ungraded red , $1 21 ®
1 27 ; No. 2 red $1 41@1 42 ; mixed
winter , $125 | ; No. 1 white. $1 28i@
1 29 | .
Corn Firm ; ungraded , 53 @ 55&c ;
No. 3 , 52 ® 53c ; steamer , 54c ; No.2. *
6455Jc ; No. 2 white , 58c ; "yellow
western , 52@58c.
Oats Heavy ; mixed western , 42 ®
45c ; white western , 44@48c.
Provisions Demand fair and mar *
Eges Steady at 10J@llJc.
Pork Qaiet ; new mess , $11.
Beef Quiet and unchanged.
Cut Meals Dull and weak ; long
clear middle ? , $6 621 ; short clear ,
$687 $ .
Lard Lower and less active ; prime
steam , $6 906 92 $ .
Butter Dull ; 7@16c.
Cheese Steady at 10@12c.
Whisky Nominal at $1 13@1 15.
The River. .
The river has fallen eight inches
during the past twenty-four hours ,
and is now at an unusually low stage
for this seaion of the year. The June
rise is over due. [ Yankton Press.
The river fell something over four
Inches at this city yesterday. The
rise was evidently only from the laina
on the lower rivers. The river Is now
forty-four inches above extreme low
water mrk according to the gauge
kept by Sanborn & FoUett. [ Sioux
City Journal.
To the Public.
Special Notice
It has come to my knowledge
that certain would-be rival show
men , having no reputation of
their own , are making disrepu
table efforts to avail themselves
of the reputation which I have
honestly earned during the past
forty years , by kesping faith
with the public , performing all
my promises , and ADVERTIS
Some of these dishonest fellows
claim to be related to me , anc
set reports afloat , in an under
hand way , that I have an inter
est in their petty shows , in order
to give them a character which
they do not merit , thus deceiving
the public , and mating me re
sponsible for exhibitions which
are in no way worthy of public
Ifaw , I wish lo state , emphat
ically , that I have no connsction
with any show or exhibition in
the world except my own and
which will exhibit in
One Day Only ,
and -which merits and has re
ceived the unqualified appro
bation of the Press and Pub ic
wherever it has been exhibit = d.
I fear no rivalry.
I recognize no opposition.
I pledge my personal word
and toy professional reputation
that my
for this season is the beat ex
hibition , in all its departments.
I ever put before the public ,
and is , I repeat , the ONLY" ex
hibition with which I am con
nected , or in which I have any
interest whatever.
After leaving Chicago , my
Greatest Show on Earth will
visit the principal Cities and
towns in Illinois , Wisconsin ,
Minnesotajowa , NEBRASKA ,
Colorado and Missouri , giving
the same performances , with
the same Novel Features and
the same Programme as given
in Chicago , New York , Brook
lyn , Boston and other cities ,
where thousands were unable
to gain admission , notwith
standing the immense capacity
of my vast Pavilions of latent
French Water-Proof Canvas.
The Public's Obt. Servant ,
jompetent New York Tuner.
Organs repaired and resnlatrJ. Orderi lift at
WTMAITS BOOK STOKE , 6.10 Fifteenth St.nor
fostoffice , promptly attended to. m6t !
can Bud a good assortment of
At a LOWSR FIQVRE than at
any other iboa house In the cltr.
da perfect fit goanntecd. rrlcc * irrmson
bla ileclMr
Jones , Bit. Oth. and 10th SU , OMAHA.
Pint quality distilled Wine Vinegar ot any
strength below eastern prices , at wholesale < nd
retail. EKN3T KREBS ,
Ieb93m Maca er.
( Formerly o Glob it Jacobs ]
No. HIT Farnham St. , Old Stand of Jacob GIs
Wholesale Dealer in Foreign and Domesti
Fruit , Butter , Kgpi , Poultry , Game. Hair.s , Ba
eon. Lard , Frean Fish , and Agent IT BOOTH'S
16th and Chiming Sts ,
We propose supplying the
people of North Omaha -with
erate prices. Give us a call.
paid for Country Pro
duce. Goods delivered free to any
part of the city. apl7-lm
Are Not Half as Interest
ing to the General Eead-
er as the Following Price
List :
10 Ibs of Asnsar for. W 08
10 } Ibs extraCsagarfor 1 00
11 Ibs Canary c. Sujnt for - 1 00
Mhs Granulated Sugar for - 1 00
Sj Ibs Cut Loaf Socarfor 1 W
C Ibs good Klo Coffee for 1 00
SllwbestRio Coffee for 1 08
4 Ibs choice Jara Coffee for 1 00
3J lb beet ilocha Coffee for. . . 1 00
loune Hyson Tea per Ib , 30 to. . . . _ . . . .
Co'onTea per Ib. 30 to * *
Jtpan Tea per Ib. 30 to M
Finest Gunpowder Tea perlb T
BestO K Flour per ck _ S
Snow FUXe winter wheat flour S
Havensjbcstflour _ 1 M
20 bars White Russian Soap for 1 00
0 bars Climax Soap for 1 00
Jt baia Laundry Soap for. 1 09
IS ban Unea Soap for 1 00
Pure Maple Syrup per gallon X 1 *
Golden t-yrup per gallon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89
New Orleans Sirup per gallon 13
New Orleans Moiames per gallon * i
So/ar Hou3 Uolajses i < er gallon * 0
1 * Ibs St. Louicroda Crackers for 1 00
17 Iba St. Louis Oyster C.ackers for 1 09
11 Ibs Boston BuitrrCncLen for 1 00
11 IbiCincer Snaps for 1 03
13 Ibs New Currants for 1 00
Slhs New Hickberries for 1 00
4 Ibs Pitted Cherries for 100
10 Ibs Drud Peaches ( halves ) for 1 09
10 llw Choice Dried Apple * for 1 00
10 Ibs best new Prune * for 100
10 Ibs. belt Valencia Baltlus 100
Tibs new layer llabins I 00
Peaches 21b car.n 15
Peaches , 3 Ib cans ( standard ) 8i
PicPca-hes. S Ibcans . . . . . "
Peach sCal)3 Ibcans Sfl
DlicVb < mcID can IS
Apples , ( York State ) , ol can 3 *
Blntbcrriej 3 Ibian 15
ChcrrhaSlb can 1JJ
Dim < on Plums 2 Ib cans . . . 1&
Uojpberrles i Ib can 1 (
5 r4 berricJ,3 Ibcan. . . . . . . . . . . 10
S.nn-IKaiii.Jlb cans 1S
lUked Beans. 3 Ib can
Lima Deans , : Ib eans
Sucarccm , 21b can
V rm. uth cor' . | xr can
Tomatoe" , Slbcai 1 *
Succutagb , 2 Ib can 11
Pumpkini , Slbcan 1"
21 Ibs beans 1 * >
o Ih-drted Lima beans 1
35 Ibs hominy 1 M
11 Ibs Caruliua nco 1 W
25 Ibs cat meal 1 00
Fat family mackerel , per kit 90
FatfamUy whitefiih.per kit. BO
Codfish , whole , per Ib 3
Codfish , boneless , i rlb 1C
Uallibut , pe Ib. . . . It )
Holland herrlnf ( new ) per ke ; 1 H
Tobacco ( BUckwell's Durham ) per Ib M
Tobacco ( s UerS al plujrperlb W
Tobacco ? 01dStjIe ) perlb -
Tobacco ( Meerschaum ) per Ib . . - * °
Hama. sitar-cured , psrlb 11
E s. ltdoifor J 00
Butttr , fresh roll , per In. 5 °
Complete price U ti tarnished oaappUuttl
Country ordm will recelre prompt ana car *
attei.tiou. I'ositirely no goods told on credit.
J. B. FRENCH & GO , ,
The Original Reliable Grocers ,
No. 1119 Farnham Street ,
. & GO'S
Remember that you can now
buy Goods of us at Unheard of
Lo\v Prices as indicated belovr.
Houfchold ami Job fx > t Goo is cM at 3c. Be. So
ana lOc ( or each article.
Oar Great Specialty , an 1 soM nnder a roll m > ar-
aiitoo tu salt or ihe money refunded. In T
we quo'e : 25c , 30c. 35c. 49c. Me. COc and np-
* aiOn , all full value , ard a present glren with
ci .h one pound sold.
Blown at 15c , 20c.22eand 25c , ami CUt-Edga
Jataat Sic PIT pound ; Ground Coffee atlCc.
Xc , and our fauperiour Crushed Coffee at2Sc per
] ound.
SPICES Tha most compleU aawrtxoent hi
3maha and at prices beloir all competitor ! .
Try us.
UAKIKG POWDER ISc and upward.
and upward.
ESSENCES At 6c a bottle.
Urge box at Sc. CLOTHES-LIME , from 8 to lie
each. CLOTIIESl'INS.SdozenJorJc. SUOB
BRUSHES , Be , ICe and upward * . Scrub Brush
es , fie. Horse Brushes , lie. Carpet Tack * . 3o.
Toilet Soap * at 30c a dozen and upward * Blae-
Q ? , EC. Pepper Sauce , and Trmch Mustard ,
Oceacb. Hop Ifandlsa , ISc. Axla Gnaw , I
brlSc. Com Starch , 8i per pound. Lnmdrr
Starch , cztra quality , at 8c per pound. Citron ,
Jran-je aid Lenv.n Peel , at 30e per pound.
Miow ; ami Wooden Wan cheap. Waah
Board * , ISc. Brooms. 2 for SSc. Bird Food In
ono pound packages with Cuttle Fbh Bono at
Tobacco and Cigars.
Blackwelt k Day's Durham at 50c per pound
; oed article of Fine Cut at 60c par pound ; Beat
irind of Tlu ? Tobacco at COc pr pound.
We sell a lOcCitarfor EC , don't { all to try
hen * .
We allow no one to undersell as.
Superior quality of Sjrupg at TOeper gallon ,
12.50 per kej. LAUNDRY 8OAF3 told at bot-
: om prices. DRIED FnUITS , e r quality it
low price * . CKACKEHS , beet in market and aa
cheap aa tbo cheapest.
We have aboadJed tha following goalf to our
stock , which wa propose to sell cheap.
Jamphor Gum , Wblto Wax.
iu'pnu' . ESI. Jam. Ginger ,
Borax , Fara orlc
Salt Peter , Laudumaa ,
Alum , LIqnorIca Drop * .
Aqaa Arrmonb , Krenzthenlnj Flatter ,
Cubeba , Paris White.
ip'imadlle , Whltlnr ,
Quinine Pill * , Cattle nab BOB * ,
Pastor Oil , Marjoram.
ilachlno Oil , Caraway Seed ,
Mustard Seed , Calrdoraon Seed ,
Sulphur Camphor and Tar Soar * .
And an Immense Variety o !
Other Goods too Humer-
oasto mention ,
which ire pledge ourselves to lell
cheaper than other Dealers. Don't
Forget It , and give us a call. Exaa-
Ino gcoda and compare prices. Spec *
lal rates to parties baying to sail
a aln. Orders from the country
6"cd. Prices guaranteed and seat
0. 0. D.
113 North Fifteenth , adjoining L.
. Williams & Son , Dry Goods Store ,
Omaha , Neb.
V. P. Block. 18th St.
Frwh and Salt Mate o H Unda constant
on hand , prices reasonable. Vegetablea la eat
en. Food JcUrered to any part of tha cKy.
23. " mi It-nli 1 U > &t
- fmrnhara. norlir
1T- &