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Morning , May 12.
Berred to iubcriben by carrier to any part of
tha city , ertsry day , Sundays exceptcd at fifteen
oeoU per week.
Any confdtlnle cbout Irrecnlaiitico , or Im *
proper delivery ot the paper , U cddretaed to
tkfa o co trill receive prompt attention.
TEI OIUHA DAILY Bis will be mailed to sub-
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ably in advance : $3.00pcr Minum ; $1.00 six
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The musical convention openoc
Monday nigh at the Fin tM.E. church
and will continue four days.
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Rinebart Bechon was arreited
Monday by Deputy U. S. Marshal
Ball for soiling liquor without paying
. the special lax. Ho was committed
Jiy U. S , ComouMoner Smith in def -
f ult of bail.
The Chicago and Northwestern
road bare put on a line of refrigerator
cars between Chicago and local points.
Parties wishing to ship nrtcles of a
prithab1e nature cannot do better
than to patronize ths mem * of safe
The contracts for the brick and
tone workot tbo corral have bsen let
Withnell Broi. have the contract for
the brickwork for the main warehouse ,
oil hoDss and stabhs. Ittner Bros ,
are awarded the contract for the shopi ,
while Drexel & Mack secure the con
tract for the stonework for Ihe four
The lecluro of Prof. Samuel
Anghey at the First M. E. church on
Thursday evening , before the Ne
braska Academy of Sciences , will bo
n ' 'The Fo il Flora of the Crets-
coous Era. " The subject is one of
great interest , and Prof. Aughey's
original ressarcncs in this field will be
presented in his usual Iuci4 manner.
Admissirn , free.
A lively runaway occurred on Six-
t-enth street about eight o'clock Tues
day , a grocery team , in the ab
aence of the driver , dashing frantic
> -lly down the street , turning into Cap
itol avenue and Fifteenth street , and
finally bringing np against a telegraph
jiol > , demoliibing tbooulBL
Three car leads of recruit ? , num .
bering 123 men , from Jefferson bar
racks , Missouri , p uicd through the [
city Tuesdsyon their way to join their
commands. One hundred of these
were assigned to the Gth cavalry at
Tuszon , Aiizana. The remainder will
jin the 1st and 5lh al Camp Hallocir ,
A pleasant event occurred Monday
ivening at the residence of Mr.V. .
3ST. Maton on 17th and Cats streets , it
bfingtho occasion of his china wed-
Hinj * . A large number of his friends
leathered to do honor to the annivcr-
' . iary , and brought with them many
1-eiutifuland costly mementoes. The
) : oit had prepared au elegant supper
ti which all did ample justice , the
H ly not breaking up until early
Gill & Fillings' "Our Goblins , "
' which appears at tbo Academy of Mu
me on Thursday evening , is thus spo
Ven-of byTheDubuque Herald : "Our
' Gublins , " a crispy , breezy extrava
ganza from the pea of Mr. William
Gill , was produced at the opera house
last evening by Gill & Pilling'oper-
rtta company. The audience , though
moderate , was appreciative and testi-
licd their pleasure by bursts of ap-
' ] liuje , .amounting to au encore. T
ji'ot , or rather idea , of the sketch is
j leuinf , affording abundant opportun
ity for good acting. Miss Peering
cicels in goad acting , and Miss Kent
i s a vocalist. The same can bo said of
the male performers. Mr. Gill , in
l > it presentation of the pirt of Cobb
/ully sustains his character as an actor
of decided merit , and furnishes ad
ditional proof of the talent ho pos
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Death of Colonel Matheweon.
lofonnatlonrcachodtbij cityTuesday
afternoon of tbo death of Col. Charles
Mathowson , the father of Speaker
Itltthcwson , which occurred suddenly
1 wt evening.
CoL Mathcwson served with distinc at
tion in the army daring the late war ,
and since his residence in Nebraska
h a occupied numerous positions of
public trust. He was a member of
th9 atate board of agriculture , and at
was resident trustee in charge of the
b-ildiog of the state hospital for the
CoL Matheweon made and kept a
larga circle of friends , to whom he was for
endeared by his many noble traits of
character. He was a man of unswerv wUl
ing integrity and scrupulous honor.
Ho was prominent in the Sunday- ENT
r eckcol work of the s'ale , in which ho
took A deep interest. His death will
bruJK a pang of regret to all who know
hit muily worth and Christian recti-
yWfc Swtz'a Store ,
' \
The Question Which aSoIdier
Answered this Morning
in the Negative.
A'Deliberate and Determined
One of the most deliberate cases of
suicide which as occuired fur a lorg
time past in our city , took place yet-
terday , near the government corral ,
the victim being Alexander Rearon , the
chief bugler of the Nhub infantry
band , at Fort Onuba.
It appears that on Friday he was
paid oQ at the fort , and , coming to
Omaha , immediately proceeded to got
on a "spree , " during which ho spent
all his pay and became as low in spir
its as he wai in pccket. About ten
o'clcck yesterday be strolled down
the Northwestern track to the south
gate of the corral , which he was about
to enter , when he was accosted
by John Henseman , tbo watchman ,
who inked him whether ho wished to
see any one. Rearon , who Mr. Hense
man ssya looked straoge'y , replied
that he did not , but asked the way to
the river. He was directed to tuin to
the right through the U. P. yard , af tei
which he walked off. Mr. Henseman
went in to one of the employes and
told him that he was afraid from the
man's action that he wai about to
commit suicide ' and had hardly re-
turned to his pest when ho was in
foimed that a S''ldierhad shot him-elf
just outside the gate. .
The body was discovered in a sitting
p'.sturc , leauing against aboard fence ,
which stands between the Union
Pacific yards and the Northwestern
track. The deceaf ed had taken a five
chambered 28 calibio revolver and
plac'ng it immediately under his chin
had JJrid.tbo bulkt tiaveraingthrough
the month and lodg'ng in the
brain producing instant death. When
found , life was hardly extinct and the
blood w s flowing from the wound
and running from his nostrils. His
right hand still grasped tenaciously
the revolver and his eyes were open.
The body was rt moved to one of the
government store rooms and Coroner
Jacobj was immediately summoned by
telephone and arrived on the ground
in twenty minutes from the time of
the finding of the body. An inquest
was held at the corral , the following
jurors beirg impanuellud : John
Mott , Geoige Dcane , Charles E.
Squires , George Ward , Archie Gray
snd T. J. Magrane.
After hearing the evidence , which
wes in accordance with the facts as
above stated , the jury rendered a ver
dict tint " the deceased came to his
death by a pistol shot fired by his
own hands. " Tte body was enclosed
in a case and taken to Fort Omaha ,
where it M ill bo buried by his com
The deceased was a fine-looking
man , of medium height , well built ,
with dark complexion and dark bair.
3c had seen considerable service in
.he west , and was a skillful bugler.
The only cause which can be assigned
or the fateful act was menial des-
pendency , result iug from protracted
drinkiog. *
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extensive stock of clothing and gen-
tleuun's furnishing goods at the popu
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Arrival in Omaha With a Lnrge'
The steamer Fannie Tatum , from
St. Louis , with a cargo consigned to
J. R. Boyco & Co. , for various Omaha
merchants , arrived at this point at 10
o'clock yesterday , after a long and
tedious passage , caused by low water
and head winds.
She is now rapidly unloading her
cargo near the U. P. bridge , which
consists of the following consignments :
J. Broatch , 025 iron bats and
bundles ; Harris Bro. & Co. , 25
mowers ; Samuel Burns , H. W.
Cramer , J. R , Boyce , R. C. Sleelo
& Co. and C. F. Goodman , 6805 pack
ages of glassware ; Her & Co , 2484
packages of woodenware ; Collins &
Petty and C. S. Goodrich , 30 bundles
of cane pjles ; besides various pack
ages to Chas. Grueoijr , C. C. Housel ,
Irwiu & Ellis , and Pax ton & Galla
gher , the whole cargo delivered at this
point aggregating 250 tons.
Th j Fannie Talum is owned by a
St. Louis company , and usually runs
between Pittsburgh and St. Louis.
She was built in Indiana in 1873 , and
of 480 tons burden , carrying 50 cab
and 20 steerage passengers. Her
officers are as follows : John B. Conway -
way , master ; W. W. Ackley , clerk ;
Capt. W. R. Mawey , pilot ; Wm. and
Jas. Borlan , engineers ; W. Mueser ,
mate ; and John McCartv , steward.
She leaves to-day fcr St Louis tcF
stopping on her return trip at Nebraska hi
braska City , where eho takes on a full K
cargo of 10,000 bushels t f corn. Jre J
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Omaha Chapter meets in special
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8 o'clock for work in the past mas
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" " "
Spent in the Complimentary
Farewell Hop Given to Mr.
aud Mrs. F. B. Knight.
Delightful Evening.
The farewell complimentary hop
given Monday eveningby theFleacant
Hours club to Mr. acd Mrs. Frank B.
Knight on their deoarturefor Boston ,
was moat successful. It seemed as i ;
everybody was there and a few more.
The evening was a1 ! that could be de
sire , ] , cool and delightful. The toil
ettei were even more elegant than
usual , and the music ( SteinbauterV
was timply perfection. The supper
showed the experienced super vision ol
Mr. Squires , which is ample praise ,
but in this instance Mr. Squire J seem
ed to surpass himself.
The programme was quite short ,
there being but twelve dances , but the
extra ? brought the party far into the
morning. Supper was terved at abonl
11 o'clock after which General Cowin
In a very appropriate way thankee
Mr. Knight in behalf of the "Plea-ant
Hours" for his earnest and succiasf ul
labors in aid of the club , and closec
by wishing Mr. and Mrs. Knight
many "Pleasant Hours. "
Mr. Knight ia reply made a few
brief remarks ai follows :
most hea't'ly ' fir this great compli
ment to MM. Knight and myaclf un
deserved though it be. It is with
peculiar feelings I stand here to-nighl
regret at beit-g obliged to sever my
connection with friends EO dear to me ,
and satisfaction in seeing such evi
dences of prosperity in a club whoso
interest has always been mine , more
espec".a'ly during the past year. Al
though the General baa been
rathar lavish in hii praises
of my management of the club , ]
confess to ben ga btttor ca'erer ' than
speaker , and will therefore not inflict
myself longer npcn your good nature.
I can only assuie you that the pleas
ure of this occasion will long dwell
in the memory of Mrs Knight and
myself a pleasure which is only
marred by the thought of having so
soon to bid you all farewell.
A'l presant joined in sayina that
this party was one of the pleasaneat ol
the season , and united in giving un
limited praise to the committeewhich ,
consV.ed of Major J. V. Furay , B. B.
Wood , W. H. McCord and C. E.
Squires. Among those present were
Mr. and Mr. F. B. Knight , Gen. and
Mrs. Manderson , Major and Mrs.
Furay , Mr. and Mrs. McCormick ,
Col. and Mrs. Burnham , Gen. and
Mrs. Cowin , Mr. and Mr1. Kurtz , Mr.
and Mra. Squires , Mr. and Mrs. Col-
patzer , , Mr. and Mrs. Coutant , Mr.a
and Mw. Detwiler , Mr. S. B. Jones ,
Fred Nye , Mr. and Mrs. Connell ,
Mr and Mrs. Shelton , \V. H. Burns ,
Mr. and Mrs.Eslabrook , C. J. Green ,
Mrs. Carter , Mrs. Reed , Mrs. Balch ,
Mrs. Soaton , MIESOJ Barkilow , Bou
se ! , Brownson , Greenhow , Doane ,
Wakeley , Berlin , Carrier , Crounce ,
Chambers , Ross , Morgan , Congdon ,
01B. , Knight , McConnell , Lake ,
Ramsey . , Jewett , Burgess , Burley ,
Lieutenants Bourka , Minor , Foot ,
LiB r . Wood , Sharp. BerlinJBonool ,
Bullock , McCord , Kuhn , Lowell ,
Adams , PattersonHaywoodStobbins ,
Remington , Garliah , Morris , Uarka-
low , Barr , Oglen , Wakeley , Darfow ,
Squires ' , Brady , McMillan , Loring ,
Patrick , Huntingtcn and Crary.
Resolutions Adopted at the
Meeting of the
Striking I
Smeltera and their
Pursuant to the call of the committee
toe , the striking smelter , ? , and those
in sympathy with them , met at Clark's
ha1 ! , at 8 o'clock last evening , and
were called to order by president
Rfurphy , of the Labor Union.
Ho stated that ho undentood that
Js . Stopbonaon , of the city council ,
and Marshal Westerdahl had promlr-
ed Mr. Mead , of the Smelting works ,
the city's support in the event of their
endeavoring to put new men at work ,
and . he offered the following resolu
tions , which were unanimously idopt-
ed :
Whereas , On the 10th inst. James
Stephenson , a member of the city
council , and Marshal Wosterdahl ,
went down to the Smelting works and
advised Mr. Mead not to raise the
wages of the men on strike , and not
to hire any cf the old hands , but to
employ all new men , and the city-
would see them through with force il
necessary ; therefore , bo it
Resolved , That the workingmen ol
Omaha denounce such interference by
members of the city'government as an
effort to precipitate a conflict upon in
this community ; if such a conflict dues
arise , the b'.ime must be laid at Ihe
door of those more auihciently officious
perrons. fir
Resolved , That the producers of all VJl
capital have some rights as well as
those who appropriate it , and when an
opportunity presents itself , the
workers of Omaha will remember the cii
conduct of these capitalistic cappers. cr
A resolution to the effect that the
working men of Omaha send greeting
tc Dennis Kearney in prison at San
Francisco , and that they look upon
him as a sufferer at the hands of that
same parasitic and repressive class
that has always afflicted and burdened to
humanity , was adopted , and three
rousing cheers for Dennis Kearney. cil
W. A. Fonda , being called upon ,
said that ho was in sympathy with
irorkingmen , and especially with the
men who were making this fight , si
lently , bravely and nobly battling for
their right * and liberty. He coun
selled strict conformity to the Itws of
the state , and thought that better re
sults would be reached by a careful ing
observance of good deportment.
Gen. O'Brien followed and after
expressing sympathy with the move
ment suggested a commission of
arbitration as the beat means of
settling the difficulties.
Mesirs. Coburn , Mulhall , Mc-
Donagh , Cook , Mullcry and others
made speeches , all evincmz a spirit of
ympatby with the ttrikers and a
determinationtoronderall aid possible
their support. 2
The tax question , relating to per 3ass
sonal proper'y ' and also the garni-hse
, was touched upon , but not t )
definite degree of action.
Many employes of the Union Pa of
shop departments have agreed to LO
contribute one dollar of each week' * ,
wages towards the strikers , and
report of the finance com- the ,
mittee show ! tbtt within the put few
5 "flayr " 8U1 has been subecribed' and
collected in cash with prospects of
much greater success.
The strikers shdwed that they had
not lost hope , and found in the other
workingmen good friends ; reidy to
assist as they may be able. The
meeting adjourned to call of the com
Picked up Here and There.
Tuesday morning Julius Meyer ap-
paared in court in the role of a special
policeman having arrested Lawrence
Kennedy on charge of stealing a
number of Japanese curiosities from
his store. A search warrant was
placed in tbo hands of an officer to
tearch for farther pilfering , and
Lawrence was committed to await
Israel Larson , an old offender , was
arraigned on complaint of his family ,
charged with Rotting periodically
drunk and beating his wife. He was
fined $10 and committed in default of
Eliza Richmond , in whoeo house the
fire of Monday night started , was run
in at an early hour yesterday
charged with being intoxicate ! . Hav
ing told her story , she was provision
ally discharged.
Edward Savill and David Sbannou
appeared before the judic'al bar ac
cused of knowing something about
Monday n'ght's stabbing. They claimed
that they simply helped the wounded
man to the drug store , and were com
mitted to await further examination.
Susan Kirkl nd and Edward Ham
mers , two plain drunks , were fined § 3
and coat ? , and committed in default
t > f payment.
Yesterday Lorenzo Dibbles made
complaint that while attempting to go
to work at the smelting works , ha wrs
assaulted by a crowd of ten cr fifteen ,
and that a pistol which ho drew in
Eelf-defecso wai tiken from him.
Later John Donovan and Thomas
Hogin were arrested , who in .turn
swore out a warrant against Dibble ? ,
charging him with cirrying concealed
weapons. Two other emplojes of the
vorks were slso arrested.
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Professor Paige , of Council Bluffs ,
was a passenger on No. 3 yo > terday ,
bound for San Francisco.
Col. James Potts , president of the
Erie & Western Transportion com
pany passed the city yesterday en route
to the cdist , ,
Dr. R. S. Moore has been confined
to his room for a few days rat with
an attack of sickncss > His many
friends will be glad to hear that he is
Mr. R. R. Ring wait , agent of the , {
Empire line , left yesterday for a trip
west , which will probibly terminate in
San Franciaco.
Mr. Croickshank's many frieudji
will be pleased to learn that i < fter a fD
ten day's illness he is able to bo at his
place of business.
Liout. Robinson , of the Tenth cav- lo
alrypissed through this cilyy sterday
charge of 123 resruitv , doMined for
western posts. i
Mr. John Steele , formerly of the
firm of Kirner & Steele , has been
visiting for a few days past in our city
and returns today to Leadvil'e lo
resume his duties as manag < r of the
circulation of The Lcadvillo Demo
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cornices , window caps or other work
figure on , or to bo done , call on
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ap27-3w ! t
FOUND. A sure cure tor constipa
tion : Hamburg Figs , 25c per box , for
sale by all drugtrfota. °
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medicines , when a purely fruit mi
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burg Figs. Try them.
WTJBTHBICH M. E. , daughter of
John and Margaret Wuethrich , on
Monday at 9 o'clock p. m. , igod 2 ou
yeara and 6 months.
Funeral takes plice Wedncidiy at
p. ni. from the family residence , on cut
between Thirteenth and Four
teenth. Friends are invited.
DAHLSTBOJI Oicar F. , infant son had
A. G. and Mary C. Dbktroo > , at
o'clock a. m. , yesterday.
Funeral to-day at _ 2 p. m , , from ba
residence on California street be-i
WMB gerenteentl } imdEJghtaentb , .
Following Their Usual Custom ,
They Get Away With the
Municipal Business. *
A regular mealing of the city coun
cil was held last evening , the fo'low-
ing membera being present : Bhck-
more , Dailey , Dodge , Jones , Kauf-
maun , Kennard , Roddis , gtepheoson ,
Thieman and Mr. President.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
A petition iva received from J. B.
JarJino on behalf of the Omaha city
m'saion respecting the removal of
street lampj from bafore the minion.
Referred to committee on g& .
Also , a protest rrspooling said re-
moral , which was referred to the
same committee.
Mr. Kennard wanted to know how
much gia the city was paying for in
the middle of blocks for the use of
churches , hotels , livery stables , etc.
A communication from the mayor ,
stating that Messrs. Monell & Prance
find themselves unable to proceed
with thiir work until Mr. Taylor fin-
ishej his work. They find the license
record more than two years behind ,
and the journal and ledger over one
year behind.
Mr. Stephenson moved that the
council allow the ex-cleifc-one more
week in which to brinjj the books np
to date. '
Mr. Dodge offered as an amendment
that a eommi1 tee of three be appointed ,
in connection with the mayor lo look
into the matter. Carried.
The president appointed Messrs. ,
DdilyStephenson and
The mayor preiontid the official
bonds of Policemen Dahlstront , Bel-
limy , Ganacher , Spears , MeClure ,
Ford , Black , Jtlen , Gorman , Jacobson -
son , and Donahue , which were ap
A communicition from John N.
Arnold requesting the replying , of a
s'dewalk , on Cap.tol avenue , wai re
ferred to committee on sUewalki and
bridge j * .
A communication from tixpiyers
on Pierce street request'ng that it be
put in a pistable cjndi'ion , was re-
ler.oi to committee on it reels , and
giades , to icpoit after the 1st of July.
A petition asking th t the grade of
Cap'tol avenua from the Hi < ? h tchool
to 25th street be eitablhhed in ac-
conlince with an'ordinance of lat
year , was referred to the committee
J | streets and grades.
A communication to Jai. E. Boyd ,
pres'dtnt of the city council , from the
G. A. 11. , inviting the counc'l to at
tend the services of Decoration day on
May ] 29th wns received , acd on mo
tion , the invitation wss accepted.
A'pet'.tion asking for the extens'On
of | Convent street from its presenc
northern terminus td Farnham street.
Referred to c mmittse on streets and
A communication from Martin
Quick , offering to grade Barney and
Howdrd streets , between Seventh and
Eigth streets , and Eighth street , be
tween Harney aud Howard street * ,
free of all expense to the city in con-
sderatirn of the dirt , was referred to
the committee on streets and grades ,
with power to act.
A petition from 0. 0. Campbell ,
Selur Wright and other * , asking that
Decatur street bo put in good condi
tion , in order that A good road might
tiTl made to Prospect Cemetery , was
refeired it the committee on streets
and grades
A patition , signed by 132 Sixth
ward property owners , was received
asking ; tbilt a pile bridge be erected
over ' North Oiuaim creek , at Nine
teenth st'o t Referred to the com
mittee Oa sidewalks and biidgej.
A communication was received from
G. C. Monel ) , asking that the council
tender him the amount assested as
damages : for curbing and guttering
property on Douglas stre'pr , when he
pitt wilting to pay thd difference be
tween the damages and his taxej. Re
ferred to judiciary committee , with
instructions to report at next meet
A communication from Judge
Bonoke , stating that he had paid over
all fines and u.oueya collected'by Him
when acting as police judgO , was're
ferred to committed on police ,
fcT The official bond and contract of
Thomas C. Hallcy as contractor
for Hanecom Park during the ensuing
year , was presented.
Jim Scephcnson insisted that he had
been ignored in the reporting of this
contract. Ho thought that "the work
could be done for § 60 a month
cheaper. Jim became very excited
and was speedily called to order by the
Mr. Dodge explained the c'rcum *
sianccs of the case.
' Qn motion the bond and contract
was approved.
By Mr. Blackmoro That one of ,
'the ] , hmpj on Ninth street and Capitol
a\ouU9 bo removed to Ninth and
Dodge. Referred. .
By Mr. Blackmore That the city
marshal be instructed to suppress
prostitution in a certain house on
Dodge street
Mr. Stephonson'offered an amend
ment that all other houses in the city
be supprecsod. The amendment was
lost , tnd the original motion carried.
By Mr. Thioman That the com
mittee on side waits and budges have
the necessary repairs made to the cul
vert on Sixteenth etreef , noir Ginn
ing. Adopted.
By Mr. Dodge That the purchas
ing committee purchase two rakes and
have the jncming machine gates re
paired opening into oJauscom Park.
Adopted. - ' -
By Mr. Jvcnnard That the time of
the men employed by c'ty engineer
be extended. Adopted.
By Mr. Dailey lhat the city mar-
ahall bo required to indicate through
the pspars where Kfuso may be
dumped , and that le take immediate
meaauies to stop the dumping of re
fute on Buitstreot. Adapted.
By Mr. Dailey That owner of
block six on the east tide of Thirteenth
between California and Webster be
requested to remove the sidewalk
tbcrefrom. Adopted.
Jiy Mr. Stephenson That the
committee on street ! and grades pro-
care three teams ind four meu to
clean ' gattew , and ircfafr the crcsi-
walkt , under the juporvisfi-n of the
committee , faid work to t ° n not
more than § 100 wfekfor foui weeks.
Referred to committee * stree ts and
The committee on judiciary ropo. .
en the communication of Police
Judge Hawes respecting the crs's of
coses , recommending that it be placed
61j. Adop'cd
Mr. Dailey , fto-ntho committee on
claims , ropirtad on the claim of Mr.
Erfling frr feeding a sick horse , be
down § 5 and allowed.
The committee ou streets and grades
pres-nUd a report that the approaches
Nineteenth atid Douglas strpeta
been cut down. Adopted.
Also , recommending that a pla of A
Nelnn'a addition , showing relations
ttreeti and alleys in laid addition , *
prepared by-the city engineer. '
Adopted. ' '
- - _
Also , recommending that the reso
lution rrquirirjg.the moving back of
the fences 6n/tbe south aide of Capitol
tel avenue do not pass. Adopted.
Mr. Stej-henson , in this connection ,
proiehte'i a resolution that
a permanent -
ent grade be established for Jackson
street , between Thirteenth street and
St. Mark's avenue. Adopted.
The committee on streets and grades
reported back the letter of Mr. Jas.
IL Porter relatidg'to the approaches
to his fcrry , and stated that the rip
raps immediately adjacent had been
tampered with ' endangering the U. P.
tracks and 'the city front. The com
mittee recommended that
the city en
gineer be instructed to investigate the
matter. They slitod that no more
unfortunate place could have been
chosen for a ferry , but that they had
notified the U. P. company to grade
the approactcj across its tracks and
render it pawablp. They further recommend -
commend that Mr. Porter ba instruct
ed to place guards on the road down
tbo river bank , and that the city engi
neer survey the road from Farnham
street to the river bank , in order to
k ep off incumbrances. Adopted.
A claim of D. B. Houck for § 10 for
services as janit'-r of city clerk's office ,
was placed on file.
A statement from Mr. Kauffmanr ,
as ex-president of the committee on
pualic property and Improvements ,
relative to some store furniture at
Hanscom park , and stated that they
belonged to Mr. Erfling , was referred.
President Boyd stated that the con
sulting engineer on water works was
busy preparing plans and rpecifica-
tions , and ezpecled him to report very
A special ordinance appropriating
$1079 to pay for the grading of Doug
las street , from Fifteenth to Twentieth
streets , was placed-on its first reading ,
that rules suspended , read a second
and third times , put on iti passage
and parsed.
An ordinance to establish the grade
of Eat avenuefrom Pnppleton avenue
in Shull'd second add'tion ' to the city
of Omaha , was read , read a second
time , and referred to the committee on
and grades.
On motion the conncil adjourned
for two weeks.
NOTICE Advertisements To Let For Sale ,
Lost , Found , Wants , Boxrding &c. , will be In
serted ID these columns once for TEN CENTS
per line ; each subuoquent Insertion , FIVE CENTS
per line. The first Insertion never lesa than
rOHET TO LOAN-CiU at Law Offlca
L D. L. THOHAa. KooinB.Urelithton Block
ONF.Y TO LOAN 1109 Farnham street.
Dr. Edwards Loan Agency. nor-22-tf
- girt to do general housework -
WASTED-Good ; wages. Inquire 1715 Douglas
A gcoa girl for peneral houje
tween Once and Clark Street. 5J9-a-m-t '
ANTED Ago d cook at TIZARD'S Palace
W Htstaurant. J548-H
VV southeast lornerlWU and Davenport.
nllONT PARLOR In now house to rent , fur-
IP nished with board , iorthe < > st comer 17th
atldCli'cago. 5f813
TTIOR RENT An ( levant front room. Enquire
Jj at 1510 Dodjro St-cet. 570-tf
rtOR BENT liy June 1st. A nica cottagr
JJ nd slibJe on upp r Douglas Street , 2 r
blocks Ironi Foatoffic ? . Ininire 1210 Farnham *
Bfrect. . 56-14
J * look over BEJIIj ? new column on 1st p sc.
10K BENT Double room , Jacob's Block.
627-tf _
> OR RENT Furnished roonucheap ; by eek
or month. , Apfly at AMERICAN IIOUSE.
OB BENT A cplendid I'liotogrsph Oal cry.
71-tf L. B. WILLIAMS & SON.
lOH RENT Goodnou e of seven rooms with
stable and one acta of ground , on south
Tenth Street.
Honey to Loan on approved seairi'v.
W. R. BAR1LETT , Real Estate Agent ,
22 tf Office 217 South Thirteenth Street
T710R RENT New douse , 8 rooms , fifth and
" Ji Pine. Envulre , J. PHIPP3 ROK ,
7 Twelfth Street.
RENT * of room S69 Fifteenth street
FOR ' Block. Anns reasonable. 309-t
I OR RENT Garden Frm.
F B-tf , T. MURRAY.
triOR SALE Snnng wagon , horse and bar.-
J ncfg. Apply tb FAaMfiR'S'HOUSE , I4tn
and Hamoy St. ' Wi- *
LOTS BEMIS' new column of bargains on 1st
! * >
sALil Iftrge beer casks , good for cis
tern purposes , at KRUO S Brewer * .
J _ Coarse biuk sand , Rrd > cl. r gardens and
J t snort notice.
moulwlnc sand wMlx ) deive ) of
Learo or. ! < > rsat H. Sierlw
Charles Brando. 9-J1J I'arnhanj Sts.
BOCK , Succeswr to Cmrles Daniel 652
FOB a\LE The Om h Bakery ,
wllh furniture and fixtures complet' . Za-
it H > * * i n v * j--- -
UbtlahedlSM Alro two horacs and wu on.
Beaten for tolling , I wish tore'nrn to my ruttvo
cqunMJ. FEED1U PETtBSON , 610 Tenth
street , Omaha Neb. 123-W
- horte and 3prinz wauon.
POKSiLE-One e Office. B24tf
1OK SALE Cottonwocd lumber ol all glzegat
BtDMOND'S , Sixteenth st. 618-tl
Safe/Certain , Sure and Speedy.
the only artlcleknowiUhatWilt '
jGer/ncf/je/tf/yfromtt\eysfe/37. \ ster
General Aecnis ,
rinFBEEQirrST uidit | 8,000toaU-wbo
OUU b o J.UUSUjf ,
- , * * " Cfoondl Blnfls , Iowa.
'CiKuJjrf witVaT Titces ot MuI < 3
ox *
$2 TO $5 PER ACRE.
20,000 Acres
6 to 12 Miles from Omaha ,
$6 to $10 per Acre , on
Long time and
Low Interest.
Large tracts suitable for
Colonies in all the heat
Counties in the State.
80,000 acres scattered
through Iowa.
A large number of Improved
Firms in Nebraska , many of
them near Omaha , $12 to $40
per acre.
An Immense List of
Consisting of Elegant Resi
dences from $3,000 to $20-
000. Many thousand vacant
lots in the additions to Omaha.
Hundreds of lots scattered
through the City. Houses and
Lots , Business Houses and
Lots , and all kinds of Ci'y
Eeal Estate.
_ _ , ,
We also have
on Improved Farms in Doug
las County , on 5 years time , at
10 percent , interest to all who
can show good titles.
Maps of Douglas and Sarpy
Counties for sale ,
Boggs & Hill ,
1408 Farn. St. , Omaha , Neb.
For Rent.
Splendid cottage , C rooms , all in the best con
dition , frmt and sliado trees , stable , hard and
toft water , anil 4 Acres of Ground , 3120 a year.
West Omaha , will sell foi $1CSO.
_ BOO03 and HILL.
For Sale ,
House and fall lot on Webster Street , best loca
tion In tbo city , 31,500 ; easy term
Twenty Thousand Dollars in small well secur
ed mortgages ranging from 8200 to 11,000 , draw
ing 10 per cent interest , bare bc n lately placed
in our ' bands for sale , at small discount. Persons
sons having a htile money to spare can make a
tale and profitable loan in this itay , without any
expense or commissions.
_ B 0003 and HILL.
. For Sale ,
Church Property and Personage la South Omaha ,
near Depot , at a very reasonable price.
Uottnjfe anu
New 1-story frame house , 4 rooms , 2 cIoscUMO
foot ceilings , double doors , etc. , 85 barrel cis
tern , full lot , all in No. 1 condition , 6 blocks
from High School ; SSSO , on monthly payments ,
email cash paymeBt require
Heal Estate Brokers.
New Bouses.
We are nor prepared to build houses worth
to&OO on ourlots in our hcw dclition ,
h Bn < J Farnham.Dougl and Dodge ,
and"BeTro > small monthly payments.
_ B0008 and HILL.
$600 to $1,000
WiVbny you a new house , with one of the finest
loll in Omaha , on small monthly payment * .
For Sale ,
House and Let on street car-track , Shinn-s addi
tion , | l,9oO. BOGQ8 and HILL.
A New House
And full lot , one-half block from street care ,
Shinn's Addition , 51,375.
Btl CCS and HILL.
The Cheapest
Residence Property in Omaha mast bo sold in.
stanter , W J Lot 4 , Block47 , with a No. 1 house
7 rooms and all well improved ; southeast
corner 21st and Casa. Want best offer.
B0003 and HILL.
For Sale ,
Flno young horse , well broke and suitable for a
Jady to dilve. BOGUS and B ILL.
' , Wanted.
We want a contract to hav 200 acres of land
broke at once. BOQG3 and HILL.
Cheap Lots. _
Look at theTSWln'our new addition beat
lots for the money in Omaha , 29lh and Farnham.
Residence Lots for Sale.
200 Lots in Kountze and
with youngr trees- and are the
choicest , cheapest and nearest
business of any lota in the mar
ket. By all means look at lots
Kountze and Ruth's addition
before purchasing elsewhere.
Will sell on monthly payments.
PriCes"$40O to $650.
100O Residence Lots
Fronting 8 , 0,10 and llth streets , 6 to 10 blocks
onth of depot , many of these lota are very de-
slrablo and for men of small means are { now the
Sl"T.U ? ° ecJSl1 PSSpayrSnT"
BOGGa and IHoL.
15 Choice Lots
Park Wild Avenus. only 3 to 4 MOCKS irora
Depot , $500 to SCOO. " '
GG of the Finest Lets
Gmaha , 10 to 12 blocks west of Postofflce and
Court House , on Farnham , Douglas and Dodge
streets ; finest view sin the city from these lots.
Prices 8200 to 8300 , on payments of S3 to 10
S Houses
And two-thirds of a lot , Chicago street , between
12th and 13th ; rents for $300 a jear. Frire
11BOO. BOOaaand HILL.
Houses and Lots.
New 2-story rasidence corner lot , choice loca
tion , 4 blocks from Postofflce ; 83,500.
2 Homes and south } lot 1 , block 12 , on west
of 18th street , betwtea Calttomia and Web
Streets ; 12,200 . ,
„ „ „ „ - ard TTTT
2-Story Brick Ilonse _
With full lot , 2 blocks from new Court Hens
$2,150. BOOaS and HILL.
Lots land 2 , block 230
Lots , block 15
Lot 2 , block 81 ow
Lots 5 Jnd 6 , block 25 * ' .
South i Lots land 2 , Uock 261 1.000
East J Lot 2 , block 121 „ * . ° ° 0
West ! Lot 2 , block 121 Z. * >
6 , block 227 . * >
feet Lot 4 , block 205 v"iVwA000
_ _ i -
1" * " " " " " "
" *
Immense Stock for
Fine Custom-Hade
Men's Suits ,
Boys' Suits
Children's Suits.
For Men ,
Boys , and
Under-Wear , Hats and Caps ,
Trunks and Valises , at
Prices to Suit All.
Farnham Street , Near Fourteenth
We are now prepared to take orders for the justly celebrated clothing o
this boose , which for Durability , Style and Cheapness are unsurpassed. We
have now on hand the best selected stock of Clothing , Shirts , FurniaWnz
Goods , etc. in the city.
Boston Clothing House ,
Propose for "the next ninety (90) ( ) days to sell their
entire stock of
Diamonds , 'Watches ,
- - Jewelry , Clocks ,
SilverWare ,
Pianos & Organ ,
At Manufacturing Prices , Which is from 15 to 20 per
cent , below any Eastern Wholesale House ,
jnropararbory to moirrngj iirfn TRAIT
New Store , Cor. llth & Farnham
We Mean Business , Come Convinced.
Bay no Other Before Haviag Seen the
Is presented to the Puhlic aa the latest produetion of
scicntiGc , mechanical and skilled workmanship in the
manufacture of Sewing Machines.
In its construction we have had special reference to
the views of practical operators , and the result is a Ala-
chinesurpassing all others for x
Simplicity , t
Durability , and
Capacity. ' ,
It embodies new principles ( recently patented by us , )
l and we have added all real improvements known to the
Sewing Machine art. '
An experience of twenty-five years in the manufac-
of Sewing Machines has enabled us to perfect a Machine
that combines more points of excellence than can be
found in any other Machine. *
decl-tu-tf N. W. Cor. 16th & "Webster.
and Organs Sold on Easy
Monthly Installments.
A. HOSPE , Jr ,
1S1G Podge Streett _ _
922 Douglas'St. . Near 10th. Omaha , Neb.
-AND -
rders Solicited. Samples Sent on Application.