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Established I87J. MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
The -President Signs the
Naval' and Post
. Bills.
Revival of the Postal Tele
graph Scheme 'in
Congress ,
Mr. Orth Propo es.toEzplain
B&a-Holladay's Big Bill
The Deficiency Bill Will be
Signed To-day.
He .Will Embrace the Occa-
- - ,
- -
pioh to Denounce Eider
' * *
r - Legislation.
t "
Senators Vance Still Raking
' '
" - ) p-i
Up the Kellogg Affair in
i ; 'Southern.Style. .
i '
The House Adjourns in Despair
* . ; - Afraid to do Anything.
Bpodal Dispatch to Tn BBK.
.CHICAGO , May 4 4 p. m. The
Journal's Washington special says :
-Tho postal ( ele raph scheme was ra-
vired tolay by the introduction of
a bill in the house by Ellis , of Louisi I
ana , appropriating three hundred
ihoukand , dollars for the purchase or .
construction of two wires between
"Washington and Boston ; The bill
fiic thoratoajut about one-third those
charged by the existing companies ,
and provides that all revenues received
shall be used to extend the wires west
The secretary of the senate made a
report to Iho eonfxto. to-day , by which
it appears that the cost of the several If
investigating committees ordered by
the.senite.hoB beou as follows : In-
galh * investigation , ' § 6,408 ; Kellogg ,
$7,297. Investigation in Ehodo
leland , § 3,475 ; committee on massacre
and removal of northern Cheyenne
Indians , 55,287 ; fouthorn exodus re
committee , $16,525 ; Freedman'sbank ,
§ 0,079. -
of Denver , has teen nominated for
United States district 'attorney' for !
Colorado. - " " also
. - . alsos
In the Donnelly investigation the
committee concluded the direct exam his
ination of Donnelly.
Bpedal dispatch to The Bee. to
WASHINGTON , May 4 1 a. m.
The president yeiierdoy signed the
naval appropriation bill , post route of
bill and bll ; to place William Gainea ,
late ordnance sergeant United States
army , on the retired list. The defic
iency bill retched thepresident at two
' laid anio for consideration
o'clock , but was ,
eration at to-day's session of the cabi it ,
net , it being the desire of thepresident a
to have the army bill and the deficiency
bill considered together. The cabinet afteiSE
Is somewhat divided on the .question that
of signing the latter bill , though it is does
understood that the difference of opin as
ion is not so radical on the part of the can
opponents of the bill , but what it will itca
yield to the opidion of the president , his
who has n majority of the cabinet of
with him. It is believed that final read
action will be had on both bills at the ques
cabinet session to-day. There seems ber.
no good reason for changing the opin Pae1
ion here t of era ox press oi in these dis NOI
patches that the president would affix. Jud
his signature to both bills. Ho may nati
possibly send a message to congress coiv
expressing his , opinion of the policy kin
of affixing political riders on appro
priation bills. BOUl
Attorney General Devens yesterday of
submitted to the treasury department quo
Lis opinion on the question as to has
whether national banks can now , as its
heretosore , reduce their bonds on de vor.S
posit to $50,000 without regard to the
amount of capital by depositing a but
proportionate amount of legal tenders. calli
The opinion is in the affirmative. ein
WASHINGTON , Hay 1 4 p. m. in
Orth was given consent to make a personal - gua
sonal explanation to-morrow inTegard clai "
to his connection with c'aims against went
Venesula , and the congressional in 5:20
vestigation of the forty-fourth congrats
in regard thereto. Ho hoped Springer
would bepresent as ho might saysome- Herald
tlrng of interest to that gentleman.
Resolutions were introduced calling llck's
for information regarding the expul der
sion of Israelites , who were citizens of
the United States from Russia. In
The call by etatea for bills followed.
The republicans insisted that each
measure adopted should bo read in
full , their purpose being .to nrovent ;
the introduction of anti-third term
resolutions after the call of states. As
it became evident .that the whole day The
would be wasted , the house adjourned.
The bill for the relief of Ben. Holla- done
day was taken up. The bill appropri and
ates $516,739 to pay Holladay in Ml press old
tatufaction cf all his claims against ager-
the United States for spoliations by
hostile Indians on his property while
carrying mails , for property taken by
United States troops ior the the
benefit of the United States , souri
and tor losses of property and expense
incurred in changing his mail route in
compliancajfith. the .orders .of. U.J3-
commanding officer. The bill was Speciil
momentarily laid aside and 'the hooca
joint resolution authorizing the secre
tary of war to donate ntiona to rafier *
. . .
" * - - -cW
era by the recent cyclone at Macon
Mis3.wjB passed.
Eaton , Davis ( W. Ya. ) and Win
doin were appointed a committee o
conference on the disagreeing vote o :
the two houses on the diplomatic and
consular appropriation bill ,
Ingalla introduced a bill to estab
lish a uniform system of bankruptcy
throughout the United States. Be
The Holladay bill was again taken up ,
The bill went over. It will require
a majority to call the bill np again.
Vance , resumed bis speech in favor
of unseat ing Kellogg.
The vice-president has signed the
.naval appropriation and special de
ficiency bills and now they go to the
Mr. Paddock presented a petition
from the citizens of Omaha for the
establishment of a branch mint
thitrpJaee. - * . ,
A petition from the iron manufact
urers favoring the appointment of the
Eaton tariff commission , were present
ed by several Hemtors. "
'Senator Wallace presented-a TGJO-
lution providing that the senate hold
night sessions on Wednesday and
Thursday of each week , from 8 t
10:30 : p. m. for the purpose of cocsfd-
ering bills on the calendar.
Senator Yance reviewed the tcsti
mony taken by the Kellogg-Spofford
sub-committee in Now Orleans , and
cited the testimony of E. A. Burke in
regard to frauds in the Third and
Sjarentb wards of the , city of New Or
leans , which , he said , not only gave
the state to the republican ; , but with
the aid of the returning board , the
presidency. There is no ether evidence
dence needed that fraud was intended
to be perpetrated there than the ra <
frml-of the returning board to admit
representatives of both parties as re
quired by law : Senator Vance then
.quoted from witnesses to show the
corruption of the Kellogg legislature ,
and said that ail the perjured scoundrels
drel were rewarded with office , and
the question is : Did the sitting member
her have anything to do with the re
wards conferred upon these perjured
scoundrels ? The sub-committee in
New Orleans , after a good deal of
trouble , got hold ot telegrams passing
between the sitting member and .his
friendi in the custom house , Mr. Badger
gr and others. The telegrams were
never translated for the committee. .
the silting member had been inno
cent in this matter , he would have ,
translated them for us. |
Senator < Kellogg I wrote on the
6th of February to the chairman ,
stating that I would translate any of
those telegrams when deiired.
Senator Sanhbury The sitting
member is.correct about the letter. I
received the letter , but it was after
evidence had been taken , and there
was no further meeting of the com
mittee. *
mittSc K :
Senator Kellofrg It was fonr days
before the taking of evidence Nras
cloied that I wrote that letter and
called 'on the chairman.
s ? * > n&tir JVunno pnrftir ittno - - ; l"
some of the cipher telegrams passing
between Kellogg m Washington and
custom house friends in New Orleans
lean , which he has described as being
full-of solid chunks of wisdom. We
told < this is a dangerous precedent
call into question and re-open the
title to a eoit in the senate , but as
long asthe senat jr sitshoro'in violation
the ! constitution he would favor
contesting the seat.
centS for
Senator Carpenter would like to
know exactly what you mean. When
the senate takes up a case , bears it as
long as it. wants to and then decides
does the senator contend that such
case can bo re-opened the next week '
after and soon forever ?
Senator Vance I don't , but I hold ' Spec
this decline of "Resadjuchta"
not apply to this case. As long The
justice is not done then the case
and should be re opened "When he
can bo shown that the senator holds
seat i at the hands of a mob instead
a regular legislature then he wai
ready to have his seat brought in'o
question or that of any other mem
. Who now maintains that the
Packard government was a legal one ? the
one. The legislature that elected
Judge Spoflbrd was recognized by the
national and state authorities , and re in
ceived the universal consent of man- . ,
kind. A minority report put me on f ae"
trial ' and other senators from the are
south. Action in this case is , accord
to the report , to be a sort of teat of
our loyalty. Well , let the consequences
quences : be what they may , the time of
come for right to be done , and in
should be done without fear or fa-1
. 'reM '
Senator Vest was then recognized , tier
yielded to Senator Saundera , who tot
called up the bill to extend the north-
boundary of Nebraska , and the non
was taken up , and after discussion
recommitted to the committee. I
Senator Hamlin called up the bill' ' and
facilitate action of this government
negotiating a treaty with Nicara the
in regard to the settlement ing
claims. :
"Pending its consideration the senate
into executive session , and at the
C adjourned. out
Building1 Folia In .Lincoln. our
LINCOLN , May 3. While some cau
workmen under Gul- Bins
were excavating -
' bakery In this city to-day , in or will
to lower it to the grade , it became willt
loosened from its foundation , and fell at
with a crash. The workmen and
clerk in the bakery managed to sap
escape by running. The loss is esti "
mated at $2,000 , one-half of which bee
consisted of the stock in the bakery.
Express Changes.
. oh
Special dispatch to The Bee. ing
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , May 4 , 1 a. m.
final step , which' * merges the I f
Union Express in the Louisville and fdo
Nashville railroad , has been taken , doGri
hereafter the business will be
under the name of the Louisville Trj
Nashville railroad company's ex 8pe
bureau. B. P. Guthric , of the
express company , will bo the man
- for
Indications. the
dispatch to The Bee. yei
WASHINGTON , May 4 , 1 a. m , For fro
upper Mississippi and lower Mis Ola
valleys stationary or higher ent
pressure ; westerly winds ; slightlj man
cooler and clear weather. tee
Methodists In CounclL .
Dispatch to The Bee. "
CINCINNATI--May 4 1 a. m. The
Methodist general conference spen *
nearly the entire day in arranging th
general committees. '
New York City Anti-Grant
Men Select Delegates
to Chicago.
Who , Representing Represen
tative Men and Old Wheel
Horses , Cannot be
They Will Oppose Grant from
the Word "Go" Strong
Expression of the
Eogsn'Eetiihis Homem Haste ,
to took After His Political
Presidential Favorites of Both
Parties in Wisconsin ,
Efforts Made to Unite the Vir
ginia Democracy by
Soft Words.
Lcgan'a Political Mines.
Special Diipatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , May 3 noon. Senator
Logan has arrived at homo to look af
ter his coal mines , and he announces
that ho will devote his undivided at
tention from this time till the meeting
of the republican state convention to
the aforesaid coal mines. The very first
thing ho is going to do is to make all
candidates for nominations on the state
ticket express their presidential pref
erences. Fort has declared for Grant ,
and ell other candidates are to be
obliged to show their hands. Of the
102 counties in the state , thirty-nine
have already chosen delegates to the
state convention. According to the .
claims of the Blaine men , corrected '
.by the claims of the Grant men , these
counties bavo elected 127 Bhino and
J" Grant and Washburne delegates.
Political Situation .in Wisconsin. '
Special Dispatch to The Bee. '
MILWAUKEE , May 3 noon The re
publican ! convention of senatorial and
assembly districts , which met in Jeffer
son , \Vis. , have elected Grant delegates - ' 17.
gate to the state convention. The
republican convention of Monitowoc a
county hu declired for Washburne.
The republican convention at Darling
ton electeda i Blaine delegation. Of the
* * * _ ritl
- - - : * *
AM *
f >
were for Balne ! , twenty-three for
Grant and two for Washburne. The
republican convention at Green Uai
Bay elected delegates who are under
stood to favor Waahburne.
From Madison comes the statement
that in Wisconsin Elaine is rapidly U.
losing aud Washburno is gaining
strength/with office hodera ? generally
or Grant , and Germans for Wash
burne. The democratic delegation to
Cincinnati , it is claimed , will support
either Hancock or Bayard , and will
oppose ' Tilden. SI ©
Elaine in Montana.
Special : Dipatch ID The Bee.
HELENA , ML , May 2 , 4 p. m.
'he republican territorial convention
Saturday elected Blaine delegates to
Chicago convention.
New York Anti-Third Term.
Special Dispatch to The Bee. I
NEW YOKE , May 4 , 1 a. m. Prim29
ariei wera held last evening by the
various district campaign clubs and
different assembly districts
throughout the city , and three delegates -
gates and thraealternates were elected
each district to the republican na 9
tional . convention at Chicago. The §
delegates and alternates of tbe body
opposed to the third term nomina
There is scarcely a name on the list
delegates and alternates that is not $3
that of a hard worker in the interests ? 6
the republican party for years , and
addition to this they are strong rep
resentative men andean , beyond ques
, carry a large number of voters
the polls to cast their votes against
election of Graut , should he be
Sheridan Shook , who is the head Ju
front of the organzlation , last eve-
ning , In answer to a question as to Jot
probabilities of the delegation be
admitted to seats in tha national ©
convention , said somewhat sharply :
"Do you suppose .those who started @
club would have gone so far with
knowing what they were doing ? GDI
will tell yod that where wo have got
men they dare not refuse to ad
us , for the simple reason that they
cannot afford to loss our help , as
small as it is. There can be no fool
in this campaign , for every vote $
"Suppose that they nominate Grant
the i Chicago convention , will you
support him ! " asked the reporter.
"We will not , sir , " was the reply. No.
Our republican campaign club has
bceaformed for the purpose of defeat
Grant at any cost , and we will do
in our power to accomplish that
object ? There is a good deal of feel
against this , and , of course , the
machine power will do all they can to
frustrate our plans , but they cannot
it No , sir ! We are opposed to
Grant from the word go. "
Trying to Unite. Virginia Democrats. ping
BpecUl dispatch to THB Bn.
WINCHESTER , Ya. , May 4,1 a. m. 312
A democratic mass meeting , having
its object the harmonizing of the
readjuster and debt paying wing of om
party in this state , was held here @
yesterday , largo crowd being present
from the Mayor
Clark presided , and among those pres
were.Hon. John T. Lovell , chair
of the 'state democratic commit 3
; John Farenner , chairman of the
county executive 'committee. Sen
ators Yoorheea and Gordon spoke ,
counselling harmony to keep from di .
viding on local points , which have no
place in national politics ! Senator
Gordon - syokeespecially - against an ®
indepande tl UjR4)u.t.inJhe. ) field by ©
| the democrats. In the evening Sen
1 ator Pendleton spoke on the sam
. tbeme.
Kentucky Not Solid for Grant.
' Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , May 4 , 1 a. m.
' The anti-third term movement Is
showing itself here to some exten
among the republicans , who were dis
fatiafied with the action of the con
vcntion in instructing delegates for
Grant. A meeting will be held here
to-night and many will ge from here
to the St. Louis meeting.
Pennsylvania Shakes Grant
Asroclated Prou Dispatch.
quirer will publish to-oiorrow , on au
thority , statements made by the lead
ing delegates , that , the Philadelphia
delegation to the Chicago convention
insist upon breaking a'way from the
unit rule and will vote nearly lojid
against Grant ; also that Senator Cam
eron la io be notified this weelfoT the
determination of the Philadelphia del
egation to , oppose Grant's nomination ,
Tilden Squeezes a Victory in Cincin
Epedil dlipatch to The Bee.
CINCINNATI , May 4 1 a. m. At
the democratic primaries last night a
small majority of the delegates were
instructed for Tilden , the remainder
were for Thurman and not instructed.
Colorado Nomination.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , May 4 1 a. m. The
president sent to the senate yesterday
the nomination of Edward L. John
ston , of Denver , to bo United States
district attorney for the district of
Cheap Bates to Convention.
Special Dispatch to The Be . j
CHICAGO , Ills , May 4 1 a. m.
Ex-Gov. Boveridge , chairman of the
local committee on transportation in
connection with the republican nation
al convention , has been officially noti
fied that the following railroad compa
nies will carry passengers to and from
Chicago during the first week iu June 1
for two cents per mile each way :
Chicago & Alton , Chicago , Burling
ton & Quincy , Chicago , Milwaukee &
St. Paul , Onicago & Northwestern ,
Chicago , Kock Island & Pacific , Illi
nois Central , and the Wabash , St.
Louis & Pacific.
New York Money and. Stpetc
( JOVERNMEJiTS-Dull and weak.
U.S. 6s , 1881 1061
. S. (8 , Now - 102J
Nev43 _ I08 | er
. S. New i per cent _ 107 }
Bock bland 189
Illno B Central . . . . . ' . . . . . .104
B.&O- . ' . " . : . . - " 121
New York Central- 128 }
Like Shore 104
exit „ . . . . 41 }
trie preferred , 53j
Northweitorn.- . . . . . . . . . . ! !
xw I' Z flZJ a'V . . . . . . . . * . * " * Louis and Pacific S6 |
preferred SCf
Han. & St. Jo 82
) . AKUJo , ] .I'd 69 }
HanEaa &Texaa , . - 33 }
Union Padflc. . . . . . 86
Central Pacific 72 :
Northern Pacific 27J
do preferred 518
Wcsi em Union Telegraph 104 }
Pacific Ma'l _ 38 } he
P. Lind Urania Ill
Chicago Produce.
CHICAGO , May 3.
Wheat Fairlyactive , unsettled and
irregular ; No. 2j 81121 13J ; closed
sellers at § 112i for cash ; $112@113f. ,
closed sellers at SI 12 } for May ; $109 |
1 10 $ , closed at § 1 10 for June ;
04g@l'07 § , closed at $104f for
July ; No. 3 , 98c. era
Corn Fairly active and somewhat Dnb
unsettled ; No. 2 36Jc for ca h ; 36J@ parl
3Cc , closed at 36ic for May35g@30c ; ,
cloied at 35Jc sellers for June ; 36i@
3CJc , closed sellers at 36c for July ;
rejected , 35c. ers
Oats No. 2 , 2929c for cash ; at
29J@29c , closed at 29go bid for May ;
2829c , closed at 29 c for June ;
2728ic , closed at 28o for July. men
llye No. 2 , 74jc for cash or May.
Barley No. 3,80c for cash.
Pork 89 809 85 for cash ; $9 80 ®
82J for May ; $3 84@9 87 $ for Jane ; Sped
10 00@10 02Uor July.
Lard Easier ; § 6 77J < 36 82J for msl
cash ; § 6 77 for May ; § 6 807 82J for EDJ
June ; § 6 85@6 87i for July. ing
Bulk Meats Boxed shoulders ,
15 ; short ribs , $ C 20 ; short clear , feat
Whisky $107. I ed
The markets were steady and quiet. 1 ago
Wheat No. 2 spring , $112 | for half
May ; 51 09110J June ; $1 04 | @
105 for July ; No. red winter , $1 08J.
Corn * Special houses , . 36&o & for eral
May ; 35c for June ; 3636cfor ing
July.Oats }
Oats 29jjc for May ; 2929jc for
Jane ; 28Ac for first ' half of July.
Pork § 9 80@9'85 for June ; $9 82J
9I 85 for July.
Lard 86 77i@6 80 for June ; $6 82 $
6I 85 for July. ing
Bulk Meats Short ribs , 85 97 * @ love
00 for June ; 86 05 for July. ties
Milwaukee froauce Market
Wheat Firm ; opened c lower and
closed steady ; No. 1 Milwaukee , hard ,
$116 ; No. 1 Milwaukee , 81 11 $ ; No. j
do , 8110 ; June , 81 09J ; No. 3 Mil I
waukee , 97Jc ; No. 4 do , 91c ; rejected , have
Corn Steady and in fair demand ;
. 2 , 363c.
Oats Quiet bm flteady ; No. 2 29 | .
Hye Firmer ; No. 1 , 75c.
Barley Higher and scarce ; ' No. 2
spring , CSc. by
Cnicafro Live Stock Marset to
CHICAGO , May 3.
Hogs Peceipta , 23,500 head ;
mixed packing , $4 00@4 30 ; choice
heavy , $4 40@4 50 ; light , f4104 40. cers
Cattle Receipts , 3,000 head ; ship
, 84485 ; butchers' , ? 3370for tre
cows ; $2@3 00 for bullf , and $2 50 ®
$ for general mixed ; stockers and
feeders , 834 00.
Sheep Receipts 1500 head ; com- tre
to good wooled , § 5 376 50 ; $4 25
4 67 $ for clipped ; western , $5 97 $ .
St. Ixrais-I4ve Stocfe.
ST. Louis. May 3. races
Cattle Cows and heifers , f250@ St.
25 ; good stockers , f3@3 60 ; good fell
feeders , 83 75@410. Receipts , 2OCO were
head. ROW
Sheep § 4.506 00 ; clipped , $3 50
4.50. Receipts , 900 head.
Hogs Yorkew , $4 154 25
t4cpnlS4SQ@4 70 ; pckiDgK5iOQ
Oo ; Butchers' to select , $4 20
435. Beceipti , 1,190 head. ' „ .
The French Gable Parts off1
Newfoundland in Con-
sequence of the Ice ,
Colored Band of the "Constel
lation" Wouldn't Pipe
for a Dance ,
And the Whole Crowd Have
a Bloody Time ,
r "
Conflict Between Frenchmen !
and Englishmen in Quebec
Over I&bcr Troubles.
rylonster Lockout of British
Cotton Operatives Im
Pall of Grand Stand at French
Eace A Hundred People
ple Injured.
Special Dispatch to The Bee. ' i
CAICUTTA , May 4. The Marquis
of Rippn's oppointment as viceroy of
India is favorably received , though
much regret is felt that Earl Dufferin
cou'd ' not accept. .
Special tlbpatcb to The Bee.
LOMDON , May 4 1 a. m. It is
reported that the nev French cable
has been broken between Brest and
St. Pierre.
LATER The report that the new
French cable has been broken is con8Urv
firmed. The break is supposed to
have occurred near St. Pierre , and
was probably caused by the ice , which
is reported ia great quantities in that
W. P. Cattwrighf , the race horsa
proprietor , is dead. Ho was well '
known in turf circles.
In the house of commons yesterday
the question of Charles Bradlaugh'a
right ( o his seat came up for di-.cus-
sion. In a well considered and tem
perate speech Mr. Bradhugh claimed
that he should be admitted upon making
icg an affirmation instead of taking ;
the oath. Ho quoted in support of
this claim the fact that by virtue of
the provisions of the evidence
amendment act of 18G9 bo and all oth to
atheists were permitted to give evi is
dence in courts of justice , although
they did not call on God to witness Fe
their truthfulness nor say that they
beliuved God iad forbidden them to
take an oath. The speaker , Mr. n
Bradlaughj.saidjiejhad grave doubts
and did not'iWn'C ; * " ot&&CaTtfno
hoi oath required . . of the members of
parliament. He therefore wished the
bout to decide the question.
Lord Cavendish referred to the
precedent in the ca e of Baron Eoths- has
childs , who was elected before the
passage of the law permitting the an the
house to dispense at its pleasure with
hewea provision requiring all members to
swear by the true faith of a Christian ,
moved for the appointment of a co
select committee to consider the case. to
selecSi the
Sir Stafford Northcoto seconded the
motion , and the house roaulved to ap
point the committee. this
Spocj Dispatch to Tns Bra.
LONDON < , May 4 1 a. m. Ar bash
rangements are in progress for a gen
! meeting of the home rulers in
Dublin before the reassembling of
parliament on the 20th inst , to decide
upon the respective merits of fixity or
tenure and peasant proprietary , in &
view of a scheme of the land reform
to be submitted to the government
an early day. 0
Lord Charles Burnell Bruce , moderate will
erat liberal , was re-elected to parlia
ment from Marlboro ugh , and has New
been appointed vice-chamberlain. hat
Special Dlipatch to the Bee.
QUEBEC , May 4 1 a. m. During a in :
melee yesterday afternoon between they
English-speaking and French-speak kot
ship laborers , several pistol shots Nev
were fired , and one man was shot it is
feared fatally , and his body thrown the
the river. The trouble originat tent
J in the Union Canadian Ship Labor der
' association declaring some time diap
that they would not work on the oft
half-and-half principle that is , that road
the labor should bo done by Eng
lishmen and half by Frenchmen. Sev ner
arrests have been made , includ < trut
Wiseman , secretary of the union , edl
Much excitement prevails. any
Special Diipatch to Tns BIK.
BERLIN , M y 4 1 a. m. The
North German Gazette , in denying
Prince-Bismarck's intention of resign
, says that his interest in , and his the
of working at his ministerial du
daily grow apace.
The reichstsg has approved of a
provisional commercial treaty with
The Indemnities payable to Russian SpedL
merchants nnder the treaty of Berlin
been fixed at 15,000,000 franc * . Par
1 Of
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , May 4 1 p. m. The enti
Lancashire cotton masters have de enti
clined to give the advance asked for
the operatives , and there are appre
hensions of a general lockout , similar
that of 1878.
Special dispatch to Tin Bn.
DUBLIN , May 4 1 a. m. The offi
of the United States ship "Con that
stellation" attended the Gaiety thea
in this city last night. They were ed
warmly received by the people. A
grand triumphal arch was thrown
acaou the street in front of the thea
building. 8pe
1 Jac
Spedal Dispatch to Tbe Bee.
PARIS , May 4,1 a. m. During the
at Merao in the department of pany
Garrone yesterday the grand stand inbrc
and over one hundred persons
Spedal dispatch to The Bee. his
QuEEfsiowN , May 4 , 1 a , m. A asl
serious fracas occurred on board the dit
United'State * .ship .Constellation on two
Sunday evening while the- ship was upon
crowded with excuriloniiti. It ap-
pears that the white seamen proposed
to have a dance , but the colored musihai
clans refuted to supply the muaic ,
when a row resulted and blows wera
freely exchanged , iron belaying pins
forming the favorite weapons. Matun
ter at ono time looked very serious ,
but ; the officers ultimately stopped the
quarrel and placed several of the ring
leaders under arrest. Considerable
blood was shed by the combatants ,
and ono colored seaman during the
conflict fired a pistol , but no one was
injured by the shot so far as is known. I
Visitors are now prohibited from |
boarding the vessel.
Eumored Lease of the
Great Western Rail
road by Gould ,
Who Now Has a Through
Trunk Line From Ocean
to Ocean.
Several Eailroad Items of Great
Importance to the West.
City Council of Providence , E.
I. ] , Looks -with Disfavor on
Decoration Day , Refus
ing Appropriations.
A Kentucky Bank Robbed of
$17,000 in Bonds.
Important Railroad News.
Special Disjatch to Tni UKX.
MILWAUKEE , May * 3 12 m. A
survey is beingjnado for an extension
of the Chicago and Pacific road from
Port Byron to Freeport. The Mil
waukee road expects to build its Black
Hill line as soon as it secures the
right of way from Sioux City. The
Northwestern and Milwaukee lines
will probably have separate crossings
over the Missouri and a union line
thonca to the Black Hills. It is ex- j .
peeled that the Northwestern roadtjon |
will put on a Sunday train between' 8al
this city and Omaha on the 16th inst.
Special : Dispatch to Tni BM.
BOSTON , May 3,12 m The organizaforce
tion of a through rail line from Boston Ijn
Guaymas , Mexico , is rumored. It
tc be accomplished by tbe combinaTho
ion of the Atchison , Topeka & Santa
, Pennsylvania Central and New an
York and New England roads. The tee
first is said to have assisted the last the
i purchaseoJLJfttminal .
; Western
, In
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YOBK , May 4 , 1 a. m. The
Graphic's Washington special says that
Congressman Newberry of Michigan ,
received a private telegram from
interested friend , announcing that L
Wabash has leased the Great
Western of Canada , thus making
another trunk line from San Francis
to New York. James F. Joy went
Europe for this purpose to secure
lease from the foreign stockholders
the Great Western , and this dis
patch indicates that ho accomplished L
purpose. This lease will.necessi-
the construction of the proposed
Butler extension , connecting the Wa We
road with the Great Western at
Detroit and cutting off Toledo. New-
berry has further information that the
Greit Western will build a line from
Welland to Lewiaton , Canada , and
then connect it with the Ontario Dl
Western road which was
formerly known as the New York Dlrc
Midland ! , and runs from Lewiaton to
wcgo and New York cl'y. This
give Jay Gould an unbroken wit
trunk line from San Francisco to
York. It ia understood here PA
James K. Keene , and other Now
York speculators , were "Unloading whi
Lab Shore and Northwestern stock
] New York Saturday as fast as
could without breaking the mar
, which seems to indicate that Mr.
Newberry's news is true. Jt Is be
lieved hbre that the introduction of
Ilurd bill was , among motives , In
tended to prevent thit lease. In or
to verify the truth of the above
dispatch a reporter called at the office
the ] president of the Wabaih rail 42
, Mr. Solon Humphreys , and was
there informed in an emphatic man
that there waa not aword of
truth in the story eo far as the report
lease was concerned , nor were there
just grounds upon which the re L.
could in any way be based.
Parsimonious Crowd. "
SpocUl Diipatch to THI BIB. can
PBOVIDEKCE , R I. , May 3 1 a. m.
The common council last night , for
first time since the cloio of the war ,
refused to vote an appropriation for
decoration day , on the grounds that
occasion had merged from a me
morial day into a day of pleasure. for
Bant Bobbery.
Special Dispatch to THI Bn. of
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , May 4 1 B. m. will
The Citizsns" national bank at
Paris , Kentucky , was robbed between
Saturday night and Monday morning
bonds 1 to the amount of about sev
enteen thousand dollars. The thieves
entered through the cellar.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
SPRTSGFIELD , HI. , May 4 1 a. m.
General Grant will arrive'here'.at 5
o'clock this evening. As a proof that
there is nothing political In the dem-1 Thi
onstration , it is proper to mention
Major Bluford Wilson.the well-
known anti-third-termer , has subscrib
$50 for the expanse of the citizens'
Embezzlers Sent Bade to Jail. I _ _
Spedal < Dispatch to The Bee.
BEADING , Pa. , May 4.1 a. m.
Jacob and J. Albert Huffizinger , of
late Miners' Trust and Bank com
, of Pottaville , who served a term
the Burks county jail , were again L.
brought before Judge Hsldeman yes
terday morning to hear his final opin
as to their diechargo under the in
solvency laws. The elder banker had
head bandaged , and their counsel
asked that owing to his physical con
dition both .cases be postponed for
< weeks. . This request was made
. the knowledge that tha court irders
would send tbe Hnntdngem .back to |
' "
- -
jail again for three months , ai they
have not yet paid their fines and made
restitution of the money embezzled
from : depositors , because they claim to
be insolvent. They are now placed
under < $125,000 bonds. If they live
aniare in condition to RO to jail they
will be again imprisoned if restitution
of a part of thp4original sentence bo
not complied with.
New Yorfe Produce.
NEW YOBS , May 3.
Wheat No. 3 spring , § 110@112i ;
No , 2 spring , $1 19 ; ungraded red ,
? 1 20@125 ; . No. [ 2 do , 9126 $ © ! 28 ;
ungraded amber , 91 26 $ ; ungraded
white , $1 16 ; No. 2 do , 1 23J@124J ;
Mo. 2 red , 81 261 2 ? | .
Corn 5052c ; No. 3,50@51cNo. ;
2 , May , 471@5Hc.
Oats Mixed western , lo better , 40
© 42icwhite ; western , 4243c.
Eggs Western , 10j@12c.
Pork Old me B , $10 88.
HBeef Steady ; extra meig$10 50 ®
11 00.
Lard Lower ; $7 12 © 725.
Butter Pull and unchanged.
Cheese Dull ; western fine , 14 ®
Whisky Nominal at f 110.
St. Louie Produce. I
Sr. Louis , May 3.
Wheat Opened lower and unset
tled ; No. 2red$110110Horcaih ;
81 09110J for May ; $103Jrl 04 *
June ; 93j94c for July ; 89 @ 89jjc
for the year ; No. 3 do , 97j@98c.
Corn Lower ; 33jc@33c for cash
and May.
Eye Dull at 73Jc.
Barley Dull and unchanged.
Whisky Quiet at ? 106.
Pork Quiet ; $10 20@10 25 ; job
Iota , $10 1010 12& for May ; $10 10
for June.
Dry Salt Meats Nominal ; $3 90 ®
Bacon Quiet ; 84 50@7 10.
Lard Nominal.
OMAHA , May 3.1880.
Wheat , No. 1
do No. 2
do No. 3 76
do Rejected CO
Corn , 21
Oats 30
Barley * , No. 2 05
do No. 3 extra 40
do No. 3 30
Rye 53
FOUND. A sure cure tor constipa
tion : ; Hamburg Figs , 25o per box , for
sale by all druggists.
\ye oiler a brat-class white laun-
dried shirt , with an improved rein
forced front , made of Wamsutta mus
, 3-ply ' bosem and cuffs , of 2200
linen , at the reduced price of f 1.50.
The workmanship , fit and style of our
shirts are placed in competition with
and shirt sold in Omaha. We guaran
entire satisfaction , or will refund
money. Wo make to order every
crsde.sf shirta jindnodei" * " " * "
. got elsewhere. Oar fancy papbited
shirtings are of the choicest patterns.
underwear ire cannot oe under
Omaha Shirt Factory , 262Farnaa ,
opposite Grand Oeatral Hotel.
&SON ,
shall from Week to Week
Advertise Specialties in our
Numerous . ' ;
We start off this week the
with ! an Importation of
which we can show bills and
receipts at the tiff '
Extraordinary D. p i. >
Which ie the cheapest they have
ever been sold and
being ] the ONLY HOUSE which
AFFORD to sell them at
that price.
The above is a RARE BARGAIN -
GAIN and it would be well
all whoarein need of these
Goods to take ADVANTAGE
this offer immediately as it
continue for a FEW DAYS
all the New Shades ,
25C J
Dress Novelties ,
Silk & Satin Brocades ,
Pekin Stripe Velvets f
everything in
Dodge St. Cor. Fifteenth.
J"re crl ptloa IVee. For tha roeed ? Cn o >
Seminal We iknera , Lou of Manhood , and all dl * .
broagbt on brio discretion or uctnt.
Drorrijt bas the isrn4iataAddrM *
Wholesale and Eetail
Goods sent to any part of the United States on
solicitation. largest assortment of
And everything found generally ia a first-
class Jewelry Store , v
Jewelry manufactured on short notice. Orders flreat
the Country solicited. ITlicnin Oiualin call HPd pec HS.
trouble ( to show
Opposite the PostoHlce , 15th & Boige.
= > IANO
( ompetent New York Tuner.
orjrans repaired anil resrubtrd. Orders left at
'YMAN'S BOOK STOBE , 530 Fifteenth SL.near
ostofflco , promptly attended to. m3-tf
Jenjiu. A. Atcheson , Clauda Clark aid Chirks
VH Clark , non-retldent defendants ,
Will take notice that ] the Omaha National
Ban did on the 2nd day of March , A. D. . 18SO , .
filel ! its pstitlon in the District Court , within and
Jort County of Douglas , State of Xebruka.
ralnat the said Jennie A. Atcbeson , CUuda
lark and CharlesJL. Clark , defendant * , the ob-
ect and prayer of which U to exclude said de-
ndanta from any Interest in and to an undirid-
d one-eight ( } ) interest in tbe following describ-
d property , to-wit :
Beginnlni atapointthatbearsnorthEGidegrcej
eait 18 chains and 60 links from the J lection
omer on the line between sections 20 and 21 In
ownahip 15 north.range 13 eist.beinif the south-
west comer Of land o-wn'd by Charlotte K.
timer , thence north 20 chains and 12 links to
he south boundary of land owned by Enos
Low , thence routh 83 } degrees west alonsr
said south boundary 12 chains and 65
inks , thence south 19 chains and 76 links ,
hence east 22 chains and M links to the place of
ginningcontaining twenty-fire ( i5) )
acre more or lets , and that a commissioner bc-
ppoinUd to convey said real estate to ta'd plam
, and f r geneial relief , and you , the siid
'ennlo A. Atchcson , Clanda Clark and Charles
Clark are required to appear and answer said
etition on or bf fore the 14th day of June. A.
By T. W. T , BICIIIRDS , Its Attorney.
Dated Mar 3d , 1830. mlcrymon-Jw
J ft-
Successorartq.B. .PEAR ON ,
Opposite ( be Postofflce.
"A nimble niokle is better
than a connterfeitoopper. " ( Ja&o
Spear ) . Until further notice
you can buy for cash ,
lOlbsof Asujrar tor II 00
lOJIba extra C sugar for 1 00
11 Ibs Demarara Sugar for. . . . 1 00
0 Ibs Granulated Sugar for 1 93
8J Ibs Cut Loaf Suirarfor 1 CO
6 Ibs rood Rio Coffca for 1 00
5 Ibs best Rio Coffee for 1 09
4 Ibs choice Jara , Cotfee for I 00
3i Ibs best Mocha Coffee for 1 00
Young iljrson Tea per Ib , 30 to. . . . _ . . . . 40
Oolong Tea per Ib , 30 to 40
J panTeaperIb,30to M
Finest Gunpowder Tea per Ib 75
Best O K Flour per „ . _ _ . S 25
finow Flike winter wheat flour 3 85
Havenstbestflour 4 CO
20 bare White Russian Soap for 1 00
10 bare Climax Soap for 1 00
21 bars Laundry Soap for 1 00
IS bars Linen Soap for 1 00
Pure Uaplo Syrup per gallon 1 U
Golden Syrup perg llon. . . . _ . 80
New Orleans Syrup per gallon 70
New Orleans Uolasse * per gallon , . 45
Sugar Howe Molasses per gallon 40
1' Ibs St. Louis Sod * Crackers for 1 00
IT Ibs St. Louis Oyster Crackers for 09
11 lb Boston Butter Crackers for . . . . . . 09
Hibs Ginger Snaps for 00
13 Ibs New Currants for 00
8 Ibs New Blickberries for 00
4 Ibfl Fitted Cherries for 00
10 Ibs Dried Peaches ( halves ) for 00
10 Ibs Choice Dried Apples for 00
10 Ibs belt new Prunes for. . . . . 100
10 Iba. best Valencia Ralsini 1 00
7 Ibs. new layer Raisins 1 00
Peaches , 2 Ib cans 17
Peaches , 3 Ib cans ( standard ) JU
PiePeabes , 8 Ib cans 16
Peaches ( Cal)3 ) Ibcans 30
Blackberries , 2 Ib can 15
Apples , ( York State ) gel can IS
Blueberries 3 Ib can 15
Cherries 21b can Ity
DamtonPInms2Ib can * 15
Gooseberries 2 Ib can J5
Raspberries 2 Ib can 15
Striwbcrries,2 Ibcan . M
String Beans,2 Ib cans 11
Baked Beans , 3 Ib can W
Lima Beans , 2 Ib cans
Sugar com , 21b can
Yarmouth corn , per can
Tomatoes , 3Ibcan <
SuccotMh , 2 Ibcan 1"
Pumpkins , 3Ibcan 29
21 Ibs beans 1 00
9 IbvlrleJ Lima beans 1 Og
35 Ibs hominy 1 08
11 Ibs Carolina rice 1 00
251bsoatmeal 1 00
Fat family mackerel , per kit 00
Fat family wUtensh , per kit. 80
Codfish , whole , per Ib 8
Codfish , boneless , per Ib 10
Hallibutperlb 12 $
Holland herring ( new ) per keg 1 M
Tobacco ( BUckweH's Durham ) per Ib 50
Tobacco ( SilterSeal pin ? ) per Ib 60
Tobacco ( Old Style ) per Ib 35
Tobacco ( Meerschaum ) perlb M
Hams. Bazar-cured , per Ib 11
Ergs ; , 11 dor for. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 00
Butter , fresh roll , perlb. 88
Complete price Ibts furnished on sppUialoa.
Country order J will rectlre prompt and cartful
attention. Pojitirely no goods sold on credit.
J. B. FRENCH & CO. ,
The Original Reliable Grocers ,
No. 1119 Farnhain Strett ,
Daily , Sundays Eicepted.
Leaves 10th and Faraham Street * .
7JO o'clock * . x. 930 o'clock u. X.
1:30 o'clock r. * . 40 o'clock. r. x.
730 o'clock r. Jt 0& o'clock r. * .
Fare 85 Cents.
VT. O.