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WBJMJ iroraenre any contribnUon what ref
of lit 7cr poetical duration andVt
will not undertake to preierre. or to re-
wrre theiwo * . * n anycaeonhaterer. Onr
SUB It rflfflelentlj laree to more than snp-
cly enr limited * P c ia that direction .
Ops Cottmr'FKiKfDS we will alirayi be
Blasted la h ir from , on all mattari con-
seciad with < TOI > . coontry politics , and
on any faVJt-ct whatever of Kfneral Inler-
; ett to ti peeple of onr Bute. Any infor-
" mttrsn connected with the election , and
relatinzto floodi. accident * , etc. , will be
cladiy received. All nch communications
Borerer , mutt b brief u pojeiblo ; and
they nest. In all ease * be written upon
tee tide of the ih et ocly.
'AintocscnttHTB of candidates for office
whether made by * * U or friende. tad
whetherae notices or comnnni'-atioaj to
the Editor , * r ( until nomination ; nro
&ade ( imply personal , aqd if ill be charged
as dT rti" mentf.
BJLXAK or ir msi is foil , must in eh
tnd every cate accompany any common-
cation of wttl nature roevwr. This is not
U'.snaed for pnblio-lioa , tut for our' oirn
ifccufactlon and u proof of rood filth.
All CoaaxonieaUoTit sLcnld be a4drejed
tsE.r.OSEWATER. Editor.
THS editor of the Herald mag-
nttnlmooily excludes himself from
the President's company by request-
tng Rutherford to look en honest
man ia fte facs.
TaK director of minis BUS every ,
thing in rsad'nezi to turn out the
ehinlngjsilver dollars as provided In
thob'Jl nowavreiting the President's
IT li considered certain that the
President wilt veto the eilver bil' ' ,
and that Conklicg will come to the
front and lead the fight in favor of
sustaining the President's action.
.Both Eidea are preparing for a great
FlrugRlei and the future of the New
York Senator will be largely influ-
ccced by tha result.
nounced hit determination to eeek
n ew discoveries in the Arctic regions.
Ho has purchased and manned a
vesnelwlth that object in view. It
is eaid that Stanley will command
the expedition , and in that event
would it not be well for the explorer
to write bis book entitled " An Ex
pedition to th Worth Pole" before
starting ?
ELSEWHERE la this teeue will to
found the entire speech of Sanator
Santidera on the Sdver bill. Hi3
thorough and comprehensive re
view of the question , and the ability
with-which ha treats the ( subject ,
caunot fail securing for him the
commendation of even his most iu-
diffcrent of fnends. The tpsech is
not a display of words , but embraces
condensed facts , logically and forci
bly presented.
"Tun reward a radical , ( meaning
Re-publican , ) patriot receives from
& Democratic court , " is the very
jnat otnlemeut made in tbo tele ,
graphic headings of the Omaha
Herald , with regarn to the Ander-
prosecution. The same piper
to mention anything about
the patriots "Who dia so much tele
graphing between QramarcyPark
and Portland , Oregon. Perhaps ,
though , tbo Herald man left that
matter to be attended to by "a bet-
t r man" than he. 'And after all ,
we always have thought , and for
that matter , still think , that if the
editor of tha Herald had attended
to that Oregon matter , instead of
eadlnjj "a lustier man , " tbo Democracy -
mocracy might have eccurert
fiat Oregon vote. And if
it Ibod , Nebraska would to-
d&7 have a repreeeatative In the
Cabinet. Wo never can give np
tots vlow ot the case , and nevtr
shall got over the rsmoreo we
at not having urged tha great and
pare physician to go In person.
Although "a better man" waa ppnt ,
Cronn w s lost , and with the dtaap-
paanaoa.of his nose , wag lost lo
Nabr&slift the patj msga which
Ohio noV enjoys.
General Andorsor , of ttio Loul&i-
BiaB turnlugBoard , has teen ccn-
teacal to two years in the peuHeu-
Urr at bard labor. No ono JB
jBurprieeJ at the result unle a it be
D surprise at tbe milduc&B of tbo
mteucc. Jsleholla may pardon him
bat it Is nardly probable. It IB
elated that he said he tfould pardon
him if convlctod , but even If he did
pay DO , there is no _ relianoo to bo
placed on his honor. Those Louis
iana bulldozers love honor juat as &
% rcs.t many men love work they
cm stay right by It , year in and
out , and not touch it. It has
prjven beyond all question
fiat the men rho bear the roputa-
Sion of ( being the wore x wpecUblo
ot the Louisiana Democrat * prom
ised that persecution for opinion's
rate should cease. It WBB also
promised by the Royenuuent that
the White League proseoutiosa
Bhonld be dropped. Tais cam *
promise waa tha result of an earn-
twtly expressed wish on the part of
Xouiolaua Htatesrneu of the Nlcholls
"brand to bury forever the political
jinichct. There la no doubt but
that every interest of the people of
.t.'iufsifuia demanded this coinprom-
J o , aalbpy have had enough pohtica
luring the last Un yeara to ruin
any State. But they have
IwoieiTtlielr own pledges , and the
result ia on their own heads. How-
* > rw , it l p-obable that Nlcholla
would like to do aa'he agreed and
himself to do. waa
hy ISi. Hmalloy , the better
and jnorerepectRbIe element of the
"Democratic party iu Louisiana ia
utterly hflple ? " It ia at the mercy
of what the writer above mentioned
calls tbe "last ditchers. " Thpsemen
have not yetaoMpted tha results of
thpwcr ; , aad ihey are determhied to
tolerate no man who proclaims hira-
pelf a ineinL-er of tlie party under ,
whose uldscce trcoeon was con
quered and the TJtiiou rcatoied.
rfho end of the o "Wbito League
persccationB is not yet.
TnE followhig passage taken from
the close of the Introduction to the
reports of the United States ento
mological commission , now going
through the press , will be read with
interest. The term "temporary re
gion" refers to the fertile couutry
beyond the Mississippi and eouth of
the 40th parallel , which is more
particularly subject to gra nopper
ravages ; and the confident and en-
com aging statements of the com
mission will relieve any anxiety as
to the future of that rich agricultu
ral region :
"We cannot well close this Intro
duction wtihcut some statement of
our views as to the locust prospects
for the immediate future , since our
opinions are constantly blng asked
That the insect will , Jn the fu
ture , again pour down at times from
Its breeding grounds Into the tempo
rary reg'oa , unless by the co opera
tion of the two governments inter
ested , It is prevented from so doing
by the course we recommend , or by
some still more feasible course yet
to bo discovered , there can be no
reasonable doubt , yet in proportion
as the country becomes settled will
the locust Injury be more and more
caaDy controlled.
But we do not give It
as our deliberate opinion that tbero
will be no eerlous injury In snch
temporary region the coning fium-
mcr , and probably not for several
years to come.
We rsat this conclusion , firstly :
on our personal examinations tbe
past autumn over much of the coun
try named ; secondly , on the reporta
of correspondents In said country ;
and , thirdly : On reports from the
extreme northwest on permanent
region. These show that none of
the insects of any confluence that
hatched ia tbo temporary region ro-
xnnined to lay eggi ; that scarcely
any egga were laid by the scattering
autumn swarms , aud that with few
exception : , the permanent region
east of tbo mountains Is likewise re
markably free of eggs. "
Mr. Roecwatcr :
DEAB SIB : What will It cost for
water works in thia city , eay fifteen
miles of pipe , ninety hydrants or
lire plugs ( blxty double and thirty
feingle ) and where will you get the
water , and how furui&b. it to the
city ? G.
The above reaches ua throu2h to
day's mail , and ns it relates to a
very Important aud live subject we
shall take occasion to dwell on euch
general facts concerning it as are
admirable In euch brief considera
tion. Tbo questions propounded are
rather out of the order of their Im
portance. It is tiret neccesary to
kuow the source and nature of sup
ply oefore dwelling upon the char
acter of the works. At the risk
of repeating what has already
been said on thia subject we
will state that the question of course ,
dependiug as it does upon a deiinllu
aud permanent supply , is doubt-
Imsy ! answrad by the selection
of one of three known perma
nent water courses the Missouri
river , the Papillion creek , or ILe
] Elkh > rn. The quality of the Mis
souri river water , when filtered , IB
unexcelled ; Its proximity and un-
llmiLiblc supply give it the leading
prominence ; tbe only objectionable
feature to the Missouri has been its
changeable channel. This difficul
ty is now liable to ba settled by con
fining the channel by rip rapping ,
cr some other method , and in that
event the BIhsauri river will doubt *
less ba ths souros for our water
The Papillion , though affording a
permanent aource of supply , con
tains poorer water , and though it
affords facilities for a cheap pumpIng -
Ing reservoir , It has no advanta
ges over tha Missouri river ou
account of height , aa it
I ? but from twenty to thirty fost
above love water of tha Miasr.uri
aud its distance from the city irocld
entail an expense of ei ht miles or
more of main pipes. Tao Elkhorn
river has a permanent limitless sup
ply of gowi clear water , its slavatfou
above the KIssouri river bolng 160
feat , the expense of pumping for the
general supply cf the baik or tba
city would be saved after tha pipe
was once laid. It would , however ,
require tunneling through the di
viding ridge this side , which is from
800 to 403 feet above the Missouri
nv r ; &ud which would entail con-
ederablo ! additional expense for
conduita across the streams this Pide
between the JEikbora aud Omaha.
This source of supply would : so ruiioh more than the
Missouri river plan that the interest
on tha oxccsa would in ten yeara ex
cc d the original cost of the latter
and its working operation ; hence ,
there can DO uo doubt that the Mte-
eouri river is both the cheapest and
beet source on which to base the
supply for water works of Omsha.
The cost of works on this buis will
vary more or less with die system
adopted. To the consideration of
this question we will devote our at
tention in another ieaue.
TUB Republican had more or lees
to Pay iu its luat issue about one cx-
KenatorHitcbcocic. Kow , it ecems
to us we have board of such a man.
Let UM ooo ; well , realty , we cannot
remember bo must have lived a
long time ago. rhat'a it. The
clufiaio editor of the Kepublicau has
bsea reading In eorae history of the
Roman republic , and has there met
with the name Phlneus Welllngto-
niua Hitchcock. We know that we
bad seen or heard of the man ,
but it being a long time ago , vrehad
forgotten tbo circumstance.
Referring to Senator Conkllng's
uoHCCimntable silence on the silver
bill , the New York Times renmrlw
tiar''NothIng ! short of loavea and
flahe * will move his fiery eonl. Lut
f-omobody try to snatch a bdo waiter
from Ills grasp , and ( ho lion will
roar. " Bnt lie has promised toroar
when tbo veto comes.
Tlie Senate restored the franking
privilege , last week , In , of course ,
the interest of an oppressed public.
The Atlanta Constitution la as-
euied that Bebator Hill will not vote
10 sustain a veto ot the silver bill as
it stands , and expresses its thankfulness -
ness for small favors.
The profession of door-keeping ,
however noble in itself , seems to bd
unfitted for Uje descendants of ex-
Presidents , or else the Washington
papers are making a great ado about
Ihe selection of Bayard Taylor as
Minister to Germany is distasteful
to the Pennsylvania politician
whose beau ideal of an ambassador
IB a weazened old man with a par
tiality for widows.
Every time Gen. ' Grant opens his
lips on the old Sumner tiiBputo some
statesman gets a rap. This time it
Is John Jay , who , " the ex-president
says , wanted to be minister to Eng
land himself.
: A large share of the Domocrsfic
preea seems to beilovo that the
White House has been built with
returnins boards [ Chicago Trib
une There are some Republicans
who seem to be foold enough to be
lieve it , also.
Mr. A. H. ( Stephens is credited
with saying ; the other day : " 1
want to die ia the harness " He
added that If biaheilth continnca RS
good c3 it Is now , he would bo a
candidate for election to the nest
Jomi Youns : Brown. Boyd Win-
cheater , Luke P. Blackbaru , Judge
G. 8. BHokburu , Thomas L. Jone ? ,
Milton J. Durham and J. JProotor
Huolt , are among the Democrats of
Kentucky who aspire toflll the gov
ernor's chair for the next term.
The Illinois Democratic State
Committee has fixed upon April 11
as the date of the Democratic State
Convention for the nomination of
candidates for State Treasurer and
Ft tto Superintendent of Public In
A bill Is to be reported In the Sen
ate appointing a committee of five ,
not all ot whom shall be advocates
of total abdtinence , to investigate
the subject of alcoholin liquor traf
fic. The provision admitting Dem
ocrats upon the commute1) Id n prop
er one , all tnings considered.
Is it compatible with the dignity
of a Vice President of the United
States to go about the country pre
siding at political meetings and
tpnlis dividing conventions ? Tom
Heiidrlcksdoes this , and does it , too ,
as Vice-President. But Thomas
isn't enough of a v. p. to hurt.
J. Madison Wells offered fo sell
the Presidential chair to Mr. Kev-
Itt for $50,000. The offer was
spurned by the chairman of the
national committee , and the result
wan. what wo This is tbo
simple truth of history in a nut
shell. [ Omaha Herald. Is that so ?
This , we suppose , settles it. The
virtuous chairman , probably , want
ed .Louisiana for the eatne price as
Oregon. The trouble no doubt
arose from the fact that the THden
barrel had its bead knocked In too
long before the event mentioned.
[ Inter-Ocean.
TEio Hilling Passion ,
sctaa Capital CerresponJerce.
A French l"'Jy , distinguished in
society a3 having had more adorers
that any other woman , died the
other day , leaving her husband a
freedom Mo had lone sighed for aud
no aucient nail. The beautiful lady
c/irAuni Franch forbad coldJCrom
going to a boll. But thsu she must
also go to another ball two nights
afterwards , instead of staying in her
bad. in vain the doctor told her it
vould ba her death. Toe lady
coughed badly , but replied :
' But , aay friend , do you not un
derstand that a womau of faehioa
can afford to die , but ciuuot afford
to miss Count Hoperini's ; ball ,
where all the most rand world will
be ? Will 1 die ? Eh bun you shall
see ; I give directions for a more
grand funeral than Paris has yet
seen. I send for Worth lout de xutic ;
I make mydelf fitted for A itnceul
( French sheet ) , in which I
flatter myself my adorers shall still
ilnd ino charming. VoUa "
At the ball the was rather more
beautiful and bewitching than usua' ,
and rarely if over had a Fnlou wit-
uessed a triumph of euoh eclat ; but
the next day the beauty couldn't
move and h.d to send for a priest ,
while her husband was made sad by
glancing over the losg Itemized
prosp30tU3 for the funeral. Placing
her fair hand in that o' her husband ,
tha lady bsid , in faint accents :
"Afon ami , if you love me , swear
that you will do something whiou i
shall asi. "
"I ftwear. "
"Then eco that all shall be ns I
have llrectcd , especially the black
plumes on the horses' heads. " A d
her rniud being easy on thst point ,
she faintly asked tde priest to read
something from the Bible , and
when he requested to .kuow what
particular chapter she liked best ,
she replied :
"Alas ! I know ths Good Book so
little ; but attendez. my father , it
there not iu the Baorod Volume that
sweet little etory o. ' the youug Jo-
ooph tmd Mrne. Potlpbar ? Kead to
me that , I pray you. "
Aud with that reminiscence of the
Good Bock the famous belle was
rocked into eternal sleep.
A writer in Nature says that by
comblniug the telephone with the
liinesegrsph he can produce a talk
ing picture which will move and
gesticulate as a man docs when he
l-i earnestly engaged in spjaklng
Tins he proposes to do by taking
instantaneous photographs ot the
speaker at Intervals of a quarter or
hslf a second , anil these , after fix
ing , are to be placed one
below another on a etrip cr
ribbon of raper wound from one
cylinder to another. As each picture
papses before the eye it tb to be
lighted up t > y an electric spark , and
the man will thus bo presented to
us at successive momeute , while the
recording phonograph speaks the
words which the man uttered. It
nicy be years before producing the
form , motion , and natural voice of
the original. Who dare say now
that tbo time will not come when
whole dramas will bo produced nd
libitum from actual p&r.'orniancee ,
with such fidelity that they cannot
bo distinguished from the original ?
Rev. Dr. Field says , in the Evan
gelist , that "personally the late
Pope was a man to be respected and
to ba loved. It is thirty years this
comics May since we first saw Pina
IX , in St. Peters , and ridins about
the street ? of Home. As wo look
ed into that kindly face , It Tsras eesy
to seethe character of the man ;
thr.t he had a tender heart and the
best intentions , but that he was not
a man born to rule. Has he been a
simple parish priest , or a bishop In
eome quiet corner of Christendom ,
where wars and revolutions did not
come , be would have been revered
and loved as the father of his people
ple , as a truu paster , the sympathi
zing friend of all who needed his
care , a good ehopnerd who cared for
bis sheep , and watched tenderly
over hia flock. "
Speech I" the Un I ltd States Senate
On Hie feiivcr BUI.
MR. PKESIDEST : The financial
question is without doubt the most
important subject that will interest
Congress the present session. I do
not know that I shall bo able to add
materially to what baa already been
said on this subject of remonotizing
silver and restoring it to Its former
position as a legal tender. Never
theless I shall beg the indulgence of
the Senate while 1 present a few-
reasons why I shall oppose the
amendments pioposed by the differ
ent fcJenatora aud vote for the bill so
far as its provisions In regard to ro-
monetization are concerned juat as
it onme from the House.
If 1 for one moment could bo
made to ballevo that by supporting
tbo bill I was in any way aiding in
doing an act of irjaetlce to those to
whom our government i3 Indebted I
would at oncn abandon the idea of
giving even the pemblanca of eup-
port to the measure. But , sir , wheu
I legsslate simply to atid'to the cur
rency of the couutry an additional
amouut of the same kind of consti
tutional coin that the lr w provided
for when these debt3 were created , I
conceive that no wrong Is being
dans , but that on the con
trary , I would in thus leg-
l-tlaiiug ba increasing Cue means
wherewith to meet these obligations ,
thus making thulr payment the
more certain.
Tne amendment of the Senator
from Wisconsin [ air. Caiasron ] pro
pose to rnal-e the silver dollar con
sist of 429 sraina of &dver , nine-
tenths flnc ; and amendments of
other senators pro' jt > o changes of a
like character , but all fixing It at
higher flyurc-d. If I blieved , elr ,
that the rcsiouetuatton of silver of
the same weight and fineness poa-
sessc'l by it before . .be act of Uebru-1
are , 1873 , waa p ooud , wou'.d not
have the effect to reatoio the silver
dollar to Its old position side by side
with gold , I might ba Jisposoa to
vote for his , cr souioj'imiir.r amend
ment. But , sir , I do believe that
thu reatoraticn of the old dollar will
have tha : etlcct ; cue ! I further be
lieve that the man ; reason for the
great decllno In silver in the Euro
pean markets has grown out of the
fact that tbo United States have de
monetized silver , and out of t'je
other fact that th , United States
had baen produciug more silver
than in former years ; and that , on
tnis latter account , an alarm was
created upon the supposition that
the world would soon be flooded
with silver. And even now , sir ,
there is an idea prevalent in many
parla of Europe , that our silver pro
duction is largely In excess of the
real facts.
If any cue has f.ny doubts about
the demonetization not of 1873 hav
ing had- much to do with the de.
preclation of silver in the markets
of Europe , let him turn to the table
and figures showing the prices of
silver bullion in .London in pi lor
years und there see when the de
cline took place. It ia my opinion
that he will s t once concede the fact
that that set was the primary cause
of tiio decline. From the year 1850
up to and Including the ynar 1872
silver bullion wad isevcr lesj than
sir pence per ouuc in the .London
market , and the average price for
those twenty-two ye rs was a large
fraction over slxty-ono pence , which
made our silver dollar during the
whole of those twenty-two years a
large premium over gold the avar-
t c premium for the whole of that
time being over twt > per cent. But ,
sir , beginning with the year 1873 ,
the year In which the act .stopping
the further coinage of tbo legalteud-
er dollar was passed , diver declined
m the London market to ihe aver
age price that year of a little over
fifty-nine pence , and continued
gradually to decline , until in 1876 it
sold as low as 11 fly-three pence , aud
13 worth now , I believe , about fifty-
five pence. Aud now 1 ask if the
United States government can af
ford any longer to as3i = c In beariug
the market of her own productions ?
Sir , I thinK not.
Tno amendments nroposed by
several of the Senators to the effect
that the silver dollar chr.ll be made
a Ie al touder for small amounts
only I will most certainly oppose
with all the powers with which I
am possessed. I want no more de
preciated currency. In my opinion ,
sir , the greuteut mistake tlmt was
made In all the /iiiauci&l notq of
Congress was iu nut mnkiug the
paper ruoney ressivaole inr all debts
and putting it ou an equally with
gold. That very cc ? , wnlie J prob
ably sav cl ltd tens of millions to the
rovernment that it would have had
to pay to procure gold with hloh to
pay the luteredt on our national
debt , ccul me people hundreds of
millions by tha additional price that
was put upon all imwmert goods.
Lst iw lock at the operation ol
this system for a monieut. When
Imported goods were received In
2Ne\7 York tub duliosnad co be paid
in gold , tlio merchant kuowlnz'iliat
his eu tonicr3 from the country
would pay for the seeds Jn greeu-
daoke , which , ns in well known ,
were at a largo discount , amounting
on an avprago for the lost ten years
to more tnun 17 per cenl and in tha
last thirteen years on on avoraga to
over 25 per cent.
No-v all this additional oc3t was
put upon the > ; oods iefore telling to
tbp.iyauntry t ado ; ind v jen you
add to thia the percentage required
by the retailer , it can easily bs e.eii
that & very large irzrt of the cost of
all imported goods v > js paid by the
coneuiaer to meet the discount on
the paper currency. Then I beg of
the Kanate to give to ihe country no
more depreciated currency , as It
ccrtaihly will do if it limits the
amount for which the silver dollar
shr.ll be a legal tender , liat us not
commit luother mistake by creatlug
t ; third distinction of inequality in
the currency of the government ,
but mate the filvcr dollar In all re-
speeu a legal equivalent of gold.
Either make silver equal to gold , so
far aa the law can do It. or blot it
out of the Hat of coin a of the couu
try. What id right and proper for
the retail dealer thould be the same
for the wholesale doKlcr. Thtre
should be no ditfereuce made hi the
value of the money circulated by the
Government ; it Btiould bo so resu
lted as to affect all interests alike.
1 believe , sir , in a return to ppeclw
payaicntd nt as early n day as is
pmotlcabK Hn l I been in Con
gress when the bill was parsed , In
Feoruary , 1870 , Cxin : ? a day for a
return to opocie pa > rxiaufrtl would
not have voted for it , but now that
moct of the damage that auch a
law was calculated to do hsi already
been felt , and severely felt it was , I
am Inclined to the opinion that it
would be well to try and carry out
tne law , and to this end I want sil
ver rcraonetlzed and made a legal
tender for all sums and for all kinds
of debts ; and with tbid added to cur
stock of gold I shall feel e.nfa in the
undertaking. But if we have to
provide for all o'ir indebtedness in
geld I shall have such fears of fail
ure that 1 would , rather thr-u risk it ,
favor a repeal of that act. With kold
and silver , both beicg legal tenders ,
I shall have no fears ot tha govern
ment being ready --eAiDie by the
fixed day , January 1 , J879
The laws of the United States of
1S34 and 1837 , recognizing gold as
sixteen times the value of silver ,
put the relative value of gold above
that adopted by any other commer-
cial nation , none other HO far as I
am Informed making it higher than
15 } to 1 ; eo that I cannot see the ne
cessity of the amendments of Sena
tors to this bill giving a still greater
relative value of gold by increaa *
ing the iiember of grains
in the silver dollar. Again , this
increased difference would widen
the distance between the ratio of the
values of the two metals and that
recognized by the Latin union , and
thus make it more difficult for us
eyer to agree with the union upon
t n international standard.
It is my opiuiou , elr , if Congress
were now to reinstate silver to its
former legal tender position , that
no incouvenleuce whatever to trade
would bo experienced in consequence
quence of the quantity that would
bs put into circulation- Neither
gold nor silver would bo used to any
great extent as a circulation med
ium , and especially in the cities.
Paper money , so much more con
venient to handle , would bo the
klud of cutreucy uaedin making all
exchanges , and no nioro of either
silver or gold would ba used than
for the purposes ot convenience in
making email change. Most of the
coin would go into lha vaults of the
treasury and of tauk& for the re-
domptiou of the paper money when
demanded , and thus exchanges
would go on without Inconvenience
or less to anybody.
I have no confidence in the re.
marks 1 EO often hear made , that 10
per cent. cr8 _ par cent , ur any oilier
large psr ceutago would be lost by
depositors m savings banks , or by
anybody else , If silver be rsmoue-
tized. Why faould it ba so , Mr
Preaideat ? To-day the greenback
paper dollar is woith nicety-eight
cents in gold , while a silver dollar
in said to oe worth about uiuoty two
cents. Why tliia difference ? In
not diver , that has an intrinsic and
marketable value of ninety-two
ceuis without being coined , worth
as much ua ihe reg aud lamp blacken
on which the gieenbackfostamped ?
It is thh , Mr. President : Tue gov
ernment has endorsed the paper
dollar and has said it flmll be taken
for all kinds of debts , "except duties
on imports and intercut on the pub
lic debt , " while this same govern
ment has said by the act of Febru
ary , 1873 , that bilver shall not be ta
ken as a legal tender for more tnan
$5 In suy one payment ! Thla , sir ,
is the reason why pllver to-day ia
lower in the markets han green
My friend from Michigan [ Chris-
tianoyj admitted in his speech the
other day that silver would rise in
the market up to , us he thought , 95
cents. Why limit it to 95 cents ,
when , if remouetized , it would
answer all the purposes of gold ?
Does he suppose that the business
men of the country who are import
ing goods or who have deots of auy
other character to pay would pay
gold when they could purchase sil
ver , even at 99 cents to the dollar ,
which would count to them one
hundred ceuis ? To-suppose Ptioh
an action is , I think , to very much
undervalue the business taotaud sa
gacity of the people who have oc
casion to use large sunib in the
transactions of their business. Sup
pose , Mr. President , that iu 1873 , in
stead of demonetizing silver , Con-
gresti bad demonetized gold , and
that to day the silyer dollar , as it
was given us by the fathers , waa the
only money that would pay import
duties and interest ou the public
debt , will any one pretend to say
that silver would not bo worth more
than gold ? The fact Is , the depre
ciation of silver is mainly due to the
act of Congress in driving it out of
existence as a legal tender. Then
what is wanting to restore it to its
former position ? It la simply noth
ing more nor less than to put it
where it was found on the lat day of
January , 1873. . .Let tne government
remoiieuze sliver to day , indorse it
ana make it receivable for all debts
the same as sold , and to-morrow
tne silver dollar will bo worth more
thau greenbacks , and will be worth
Trithin a small motion of a cent ot
gold , and sll tnis fright that has
bean created with the depositors In
savings-bauka and with others will
have pasjed away as a dream ; and
in doing tbid there can ba no viola
tion of tt legal obligation or the
abandonment of a moral principle.
Even In London , the recognized
centre for regulating the values of
bullion , the best business men arc
taking n more hopeful and a more
reasonable view , as I would think.
ot the etfeot of the change tbau
many of our own people As an
instance of this , I present tne fol
lowing view of the situation , given
by one of the leading bankers In
London , and taken from a late num
ber of the London Times. He
Bays :
Attentivn consideration ot the
probable effect of silver remonetisa-
tlon in America would probably do
much io e&lm down any alarm that
may have been raised by hasty talk
about repudiation aud the liko. In
the first place , it is necessary to sep
arate altogether the "silver" men
from the "poft-moaey" partisans of
the agricultural States of the interi
or. Thla bill for the remunetiaatlon
of silver has nothing or little to do
with projects for the issue of uulitu-
ited paper , except so far M tha pars
ing of the zneumn-e might do much
to render euch i = tue useless , Re
pudiation is a word that can in no
oenee apply strictly to the United
States. Snpposin ? it should decree
silver as the sole lawful money to
morrow , and WQ doubt whether
Dondfaolucr would lese much by the
change. At the present price of sil-
( Contimtcdon JhirdPagc. }
dec29 lyr
M. R. RI5DG ? * ,
Royf.l Cr.nadr.n , ( Cari al ) . . . . . .J6 GCO 000
Westchester. N fdo 1KO M
The Merchnntt' . rei > ai-k. If J. . . . . . 1 O"0 0 0
Ulrard F re. Ph ladeohla ! . 1 f < > . CW
Mortbwoitern National.- . . . . . . . - . 000 0 0
Oleni Falls , N Y Wo 10
Britiih America Astnrsnce Co. . . . . . 1 200 ( CO
Uoithern Ins. Co. of Jfew York 4(0 0 0
fet > 213m ]
S. Motz ,
Wholesale and Retell dealers in all kinds cf
Ko , ? il Donzias Street ,
Between 12i and IStb , OMAUA ,
at. Coatiffitmmti of Butter & East HoKeitcd.
ftMiii tt DOC * * f til otters. TUy exa
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krtlelet. " 7 tia GmV * t * rl ftw SS
- r c : aer
. " "
Ok Q.
FreeidenU Cuhier
CorFarnham & Thirteenth Sts.
Capital , $1QOOQO.
Transacts a general banklce business anc
fells drafts on all th principal o.tiea of the
United States and Europe.
Bar gold dust. jTenmont. city , county ,
and state iecurni : ! . aug if
[ 90S !
CE.B fhnt of en incor
porated Sanic.
kept in cur-
or grold ctzljjeot to
ht ohcoEc witiiont en
CJeriiflcatca cl dcuoslt *
is&iiad. paynftla in throe ,
sis and t-wolvo
"basu&aK izitsreat at
per CGE.I. per nsx uo , o ?
on dodand witliont inter
Aivanoaa rnscia to ona-
omera on approved so-
curitiea at anarket rates
of inter ast.
Buy and eeil tro3d , Iilla
of ostoiiaiLge , government
State , County and Oity
ight draata on
? eland , Scot
land , and all parts of JEfo-
Soli Snx-opesn
n. s.
Ccror Firnhsm and Thlrtaeiih > 8 ! .
F&lablishcd in 1856.
Organized ai a National Bank Augutt 20 , 1303
Capital ana Ptsfls ? OTeL$3SfllflflO. $
Specially antho-izol by the Secretary o
Treasury to Hocclve Enpjcriptioss to ths
llcrman Knuntt , Pret * .
Avffif * > uKovnti , Viet Preit.
U W. Yat't. faiMcr.
A.J Poppk > ! au , Attorney.
Jno. i f'righton
F. H. Jq i > , 2't Cai\r
This bankrecsives deposits -without retard
toamoanU ,
lasnestiiae esrtificates bearing interest.
Draws orafta on San Francisco and princi
pal ritica of the United dtates. aiio London
i > oblin. Kdl bcr" and the principal cities o
he continent of Europe.
_ b iu piecAco tiokaU f r emigrants in ths
SIOTHERS who dose tbeir darlinrs with
drastic rnreitivej incnr a fearful re poail
bll'ty Too.jntlc. modorata ( yet effectirs
laxitivei altsiacle ana anti Inllons ot r-
tion of T.rraat' * 8ItiT Apwloat peouiiar
ly adapta it to tha disorders of children ,
NP. 4981011 Bel. Fershiw si Ksriey.
Will by the aid of rnardiaa spirlU , obtain
fcranyonoa vie-r of liepaat , prcasntant
future. No feei charsed in cass of riok-
c 9 nrli'-tf
eend For
Pamphlet Dsscribinz the
The only Tlosl.b Lift 7erinadowbcn3u eii
To eara < Sueao or purcha-e mono ; refund-
" * '
J. 1 * . JVIAItSB : Ss CO. .
° oleProrr etoiond Mhnufco nren.
224 ind 223 East Wtihin3on ! 3L , CHICAGO ,
A. J.
Carrlnsre Mannfaotiirer.
253 A 2W Podce St. Oaialia. Neb.
ona Bugovt on Sand , 8cp29
All rcntlrmen wishine their fhirta done
up in first clots style will do well to call ai
All work called for and delivered on short
BhirU . . . . . . . . 15 cents.
_ . . . . . . . . .
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U'derebirU. . . . . . - 10 do
Socks--- . _ . . . . . . . . . . . 08 do
White vest _ 25 do
Gent's and Ladiei' roodr $160 per doz.
* * > CHAS. ii. BjlLEH ftop.
Minnfactnrer of Fire and Burglar Proof
Vault Door * , Jail Work , ic ,
Cor. lith atld acckson S ,
.K PK ring of all kiads proaptiy done.
f b6Jiyr
C.W , BOBBINS , M.D. ,
OQce and. Residence :
305 Capitol Ave.
Dr. Emily B. Koblius ,
IiSteof PhiiadeVoia , haa located at
No. 305 Gapito ! Ave. ,
Office hears , 1 to 3 p. in. Call * attended at
all hours.
Cor. 13th" and Douglas Si.
No. 2 , rwscAer'a Blockt
lia , Nebraska
I , Van Camp3 M. D.
Diipenies his OTTO medooioei ,
MjolAr prastico , mnkes ipsoialitiii of De-
rantsment * nnd ! * * * 8 peculiar to women.
fistula. File * and other dueaie * of the
0ICK Corner of Tarclm and llth
Street , first door to therisht , np-italn. Ree-
decce , ISth Street , first door south of the
Becond Methodist Caiiroh. Omaha. Nebrai-
ta. Address Look Box oOi. ItnSldiwtf
DR A. S.
Consulting Priysician ,
493 Tenth Street. - OVABA. RVBMIKI.
OScrinphia lerricea la all departments of
medicine nid enrory. both in cenoral and
jj.SK.iai prcotiee. acnte and chronio disease * .
Can ba consulted night nd dar. and will
visit all parts of the city and country on re-
: aiot of Icttou or teleitimi.
1K8.J.E.VAMI > EBCOOK , a. I > .
Residence andoBotfco. 203lJodfe street.
North eids. bet. 12th and 13th. narl-tt
V. S. C02TMA2ST. M. D. .
X4I rinhsa SIr
ror Profeaalonal Binrltaj Tim DolUn a
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The Iwjest and best hoUl behrwn Chica
go and Ban Jranoljco.
OpcBoJ naw Beptainbor SO , 1873.
i Froorietor.
Corair Rudeloh'St. d Fifth-Ay. ,
JS OO and 32.50 Pes ?
Located in the Business Centre ,
Convenient to all placet of
Elcsantly furaished. eontalolnz ill modem
mproTOmoTiU. paeeeuser eloTstor , io.
J. H. CUMMINQH. Proprietor.
0. F. En : . . Chief Clerk ( lata of Gaoit
Hoato _ nelSti
J. A. FEDEWA , Proprietor.
Cor. 7th and P streotj. LINCOLN , NEB.
For the accommodation of the Travelling
TERMS. Two Moa 8 anil Lodzing. 755t .
ingle Meals. 25 cents ; Lodging without
neals , 25 cenU ; Two hcrso : abled and
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SELIf. _ aaeSd tf
Salt Iiake City. 17 : T *
3. KftTOXftWltf. Prop'r.
ilnf < i ! Wiatef , motel ,
Opposite Boston and Al'uanr It. K ,
_ BARNES. GILL & CO. . Props.
H3 . OUABA. XE5.
Dr.JRicord's JZ'mtt of Lift renorsi iztn-
hood and the vigor of yonth to ths QiOit
chattered eonntitnti-n in four week ? , froa.
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Sole Agent. Dr. .10.1. JACQUES. 7 Univer
sity Place , Now York. Drugu ! * Supplied.
iuly ? dtf
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. HI.
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c Is warranted. 8 nd for circular and
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D. WLitiicy , _ H. G. Clark. . B nterciu 3
Western Agents of ths Pioneer Tobacco Company ,
No. 24.7 X > oufflaa Strost.
Orders from the country promptly fllled. Conitantly on hand. choice lot of r * J
ttaiU , ucn as apples , pears. 4c. . also poultry. Jive or dressed.
* p35-tf Ko. ID ! Farnham Streot. BnUreen llth and IZth.
( Saeef twn to Cr Isbtoa
209 Fftroham St. .
Pratt & Towle
OITIO2 508 TliirteentSa-8t. .
* "
: Bookseller and Stationer ! !
Sfo. 222 3FAMWHL&3S.
OMAHA. - -
Doubls and Single Acting , Power aud Hand
Belting Hose. Brass & Iron Fiitiiigo *
Pipe , Steam. Packing : at Wholesale at. Ketcil-
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Church , and School Bells.
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0. 7
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SSS Douglai and 180 FAENHAK ST. , 02IAHA , FSB.
_ . i i * "ce3 ly
( Sueceison to Martin ft Kennird. )
pzorEirroaa OP
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\Vonder-prtlio "World. ZZoruilces. Caell
j pzf&oilf and * j-JnVsotl-voil * * y
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and &eh * Wsrruotrd unKjuilied , and snonld be within mmt'diate ro ch of everr maa
wuman ncd child. 2t50o. For further partiealarj rc crd.n < th s tralr eztraoralsary
articles. cbain free from your dealer onr twantT-rasapaninh'e'.or .tdd.eai
VTP febSCm BRAZILIAN DR.LU HI CO .44 . .IKB Street , Chicago
In Moaameata. Head Stonet. Orate * , Fornitarj. Work. Plnmb j ' 6Iab .
eta. fccotch Oran'ta MonnmenU lmrort a. Marble , Elate and lion Mantles always 'a
hand. Superior aaterials and Mccimiieal SaUb snarnntteu. De.i nB andpnM lur-
nUh dfre ofehane. Orders Dy mail > iii weive prompt att .nton.
Slreet , M Bcor M e
OMAHA. - BaptH
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AlA3UFAGlj E i OF /
Lead Pipe , Slieet & ; Bar Lead ,
Blcols Tiw , , PipOr and SSoldsr ,
70 North Cliaton St . ?
aug 23 wed Iri Q < n iw lyr
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In their own localities canrwine for tha
Firtnd * Vuitor. ( enarited ) ) Weekly and
Monthly. Lars est paper in the world , with
mammoth Chromes Free. Biz commission
to a ents , > Terms and outfit fr , L 1 1 >
P. 0. V1CKBRY. Anjnsta. Maine.
wtrfta mrp
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W. B. HTTG55BS ,
DtA'.SI I *
Groceries and Provisions ,
CnlleryToyMi > I I7oloi > .
or > tL Ei.voj
No. 539 TSNTS ST. ,
Bef rt B DcaB'u ' ead D de * ,