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E. ROSEWATER , Editor snd Proprietor.
OFFICE 138 Faraham Street ,
bci > T. i year. In advadce. ( postpaid ) . . $8.00
" months , in adtance . * : [ W
f r" 3 months , in advance . * . >
* > " _ _ j _
OMA11A DllU&LOltk' .
. 210Douglas Street.
* f ' " , f .
Win. Url&u & Bro. . 181 Douglas Street.
rJ. J.Prnhanf. Farnham Street.-between
-.lOfcadlltlK f . noy30-6m
MeClurei Smith. 185 Ilarney Street , bet
llth and 12th. dee IS-tf
. West & Fritsoher. Farnham Street
9 * < < „ nov38-fm
8. JergersonVCor 10th and Jackson Sts.
nov30-6m *
.II. L. Latey. Douglas Street , Cor. 12th.
t f * * Ft * * P COAL COMPANY.
Pratt & Towle. 518 Thirteenth Street.
Jacob Pfnnd & Co. . No. 222 Donrfaj St.
novJKMJm *
J. 8. Gibson. Creighton Block.
nov30-Gm6 *
* -
A.TPoIlaek A Co. , Farriham Street.
S0-6m3 *
, , DRY GOOD * .
W. M. Bushman.
Douclas Street. nnr30-Cm
OrnmJTenth St. DOT 30-6m *
John U. F. lohmann.
New York Dry Hoods Stare. 228 Farnham
ItreeL HOT 30-6m * ;
A. B.-ySnowden. 0 * 13th and Farnham
j'Jtreeta.4 ' 'i * J t" i nov30-6in *
Little 4 Williams. 275 Donglas Street.
nov 30-lv6 *
Atlantic Hotel. Chas. Hasorodt , Corner of
and Howard Sts. 'nor S0-6m3 *
Jacob Meyer , polish farrier and manufac
turer of Hats and caps. VIsscher' * Block.
No. 214 Douglas street. .All kinds of re
pairing done. moS-lylm *
i'-o r. Page. OityJIotel.lOth St. . between
Farnham and Blarney. nor 30-ly5
* ,
John Baumer. corner of llth and Farnham
Streets.I * norSO-9m
Omaha Bee. 133 Farnham Street.
W F. Catlin. No. 223 Dongla treet.
Stebbendorf Jc Co. , Cor. llth and Douglas
itreet- -'nor30-m6 *
CijB * jjtU/ no 30-ly3
& r , '
Hennr Hornbercer , sa uongias htreet.
G. A. Lindqnost , the jlercnant .ollor.hag
received a full as ortmont of Cloths , Casai-
merez and Vesting , for spring and summer
which can bo made up in toe latest ityle and
at reasonable rates. Satisfaction guaran-
- . . seot5
J. M5Terca.l79TarnhainSt/ *
ar _ t- _ _ .
16h"Htreef Meat Market. P.'O. Toule.
SheelyBros. ( City Meat Market ) . Donplas
f Street.J , nov3Q-Jy3 *
TJ.l1. Meat Market. Wm. Anst 4 Knuth , ,
16th Street. norSO-lj6 *
Jacob Huba. Omaha Meat Market , 10th St.
between Farnham Jt llarncr. nov 30-6m3 *
_ [ _ _ * [ _ _ _ -
Brooklyn Meat Market , A. Anst. 4& 416
kirteenth Street. dec 2-ly
, OILS , 4C.
rO , SJeell. 239 Douglas Street.novSOly6
' -novSO-ly6 *
Premium Soap Works. Powell & Co. , still 1
manufacture their Premium Soap , five
first premiumsawarded by the Douglas coun
ty and State fairs , and Pottawatamie county
Iowa. Orders solicited from the-trado.
Geo. C. Bobbie. 222 Farnham Stredt.
nov30-6m *
Skin Dresser.
French Steam Scoprinir. Kid Gloves and
Fnr Cleanedr 111 Farnham Street , oppo-
. Ho.232 FARNHAM ST.
-Oldest E.reOcW Dc Jsfe In tlie city
, Teeth extracted without pain by BM of KI-
troas Oxide. Office open at all hours. ,
Veir h&nd gcoJsl atlow-crteei
* > nd.M0oa4 &
I 'i aj ffatche * . Qnns , Pistols. Tronki ,
jAllses and Clothing. noTSOQLy
Iu' tice of the Peace
a Specialty ,
A motion to mljmirn over till after
the Cincinnati eon vent/on , on ac
count of the absence of ui-iuy sena
tors , was , after a long dhcti iion ,
rejected yeas , 10 ; nays , iJ. !
After dlscuasiou of minor bills , no
quorum was found present , and as
soon as oue was found the senate
adjourned till Thursday next.
The joint resolution to modify the
treaty with China so as to restrict
immigration passed.
The appropriation committee re
ported th 9 army appropriation bill
some $10,000,000 less than estimates ,
and with sections reducing the
force of the army and the pay of
Mr. liord introduced n Joint reso
lution recommending a constitu
tional amendment providing that
United States officials , such as as
sessors , postmasters , marshals and
collectors of custom duties , shall be
elected for a term of four years.
Mr. Hammond Introduced a bill
providing for gradual reduction of
specie payment , and for the repeal
of BO much of the resumption act as
fixes the date for resumption.
Mr. Clymer , from the committee
on expenditures In the war depart
ment , made a report on the cose
and charges against Speaker Kerr ,
saying the committee found there
was not a shadow of guilt In the
charges. Ho denounced the testi
mony of Harney. Mr. Kerr bad
exercised bis privilege of appoint
ment , and the committee fully ex
onerated Lira from all corrupt pur
poses , and found nothing in the
evidence to detract from his well
established reputation for integrity
and purity.
This conclusion of the committee
was unanimous
Mr. Dauford , republican mem
ber , heartily eudoised the report as
simple justice. It was only tbe
fact that Kerr , an Indiana demo
crat , secured appointment for a
jNew York republican , that justified
investigation. > He was happy to
say that so far as Kerr's corruption
was concerned , Haruey's testimony
had'not a scintilla of truth in it.
.Undenounced the practice of inves
tigating good men at the instiga
tion of bad ones. The testimony of
Harney was but the iiatuial out-
growlu of these investigations. The'
committee of ti.e house had been
seen this session mousing around
and dragging public life and
private correspondence of citizens
into publicity , publishing even the
bank account of officials , without
charges and without specifications.
He had felt some times that thei e
was In some quarters a gratitication
when a public official could be
smirched. He remembers the bead
lines of a newspaper some twelve
months ago , in which it was an
nounced that "Grant Is caught at
last , " and tbe dispatch actually re
joicing in tbe prospect that the presl-
* dent of the United States had been
found'In a questionable transaction
in tbe matter of expenditure of
money in regard to the New York
election frauds. The president was
one wbom all men should honor
Bud respect for the position which
he occupied. He was a man who
bad been tbe leader ot the Ameri
can army from Dcnelson to Appomattox -
pomattox , and who was in the last
year of bis second term as president.
H e was the successor of Washing
ton , and Jefferson- and .Lincoln' ,
and it was a sad sight when any
committee of the bouse of represen
tatives , or when any citizen of tbe
Dulted States could express grati
tude at catching the president in a
questionable action.
.He also remembered another case
in which a witucss was brought to
jestlfy against tue President in re
gard to the breaking up of marital
relation of the witness. That wit
ness had come without a single cor
roborating circumstance , without a
single fact to support his testimony ,
and yet , though tbe President's
public character might be blasted ,
bis reputation blasted for ever , and
bin family relations broked up , if
that might be , tbe committee felt
called on to examine that witness ,
until it was learned that
be was a lunatic. He bad also in
bis mind a committee of the Louse ,
which , by process of an officer o :
the bouse , bad gone to the office o :
one of the telegraph companies o :
the country and had seized several
hundred pounds of telegraph mes
sages indiscriminately foom citizens
in regard to private and public af
fairs alike , to be moused through by
a committee of tbe bouse. Was it
wonderful , therefore , tliat such con
duct of such operations should beget
| jn occasional Harney' ?
Mr. Garfleld suggested that a yote
on the report should be taken by
the members rising. The sugges
tion was adopted , and all the mem
bers 210 in number rose in tbe
affirmative , none in the negative
Mr. Gartleld then asked that it be
entered on tbe records that tbe re
port was adopted unanimously.
The speaker pro tern , directed the
clerk to let it be recorded ou tbe
records-as the unanimous vote of
the house.
Mr. Leavenworth suggested as
highly proper that the house should
furniah to Mr. Kerr a' c.'ertiJed } copy
of the proceedings on this occasion ,
and be made a motion to that ef
fect The motion was agreed to , and
the clerk was instructed accord
ingly. .
The speaker laid before the house
a letter Irom Thurlow Weed , sug
gesting that congress extend a for
mal invltatlon-to OJCOT Lafayette to
attend the centennial in honor of
the visit fifty years ago , of his
grandfather , General Lafayette , to
America. Mr. Woedjsaid tbe c "
teuuial commit * ' * - -
f ujju fllroady ex
tended EUob { nvitatlqu.
The communication was referred
to the house centennial committee.
The very „ rapid improvement
made in the condition of Mr.
Bloiue throughout the day has al
most entirely relieved the anxiety
of his family and friands. There
has not been a single drawback
since bis return to consciousness , at
4 p. m. yesterday. This afternoon
he called for tea and toast , and eat
with apparent reliah.
The following telegram was sent
early this evening :
To Hon. Eugene.Hale , Cincinnati :
Mr.'Blai lie's condition has stead
ily Improved all day. Another
night is expected to restore lauch
of hia nervous powers. As to time
of his illness disappearing it is a
question of rest
\VAsniNQTON , Juno 12.
None of Mr. Elaine's friends in
Washington believe that his chan
ces at Cincinnati -will be affected
adversely by his illness. His polit
ical opponents express an opposite
opposite opinion.
Mr. Blaiue's condition to-night is
pronounced by his physicians as
very comfortable. He bad a good
dinner , and at Ithls hour , 11 p. m ,
he is resting easily.
The following telegram will close
the Blaine bulletin for tornijrht ; it
has been sent to Cincinnati :
Washington , June 12 , HSO : p. in.
Hon. Eugene Hale , Cincinnati :
Mr. Blame has ari&en from his bed
and sat ia his chair several minutes ,
and conversed with his physicians.
He ia gaining strength.
( Signed ) O. W. POPE , M. D.
New York Produce.
NEW YORK , June 12.
FIouLow. . grades firm , others
slightly In buyers' favor.
Wheat In moderatedemaml ; No
1 spring , 1 29al 32No. ; 2Mllwaukee
I 20al 22 ; No. 3 do. 112 ; No. 2 Chicago
cage spring , 119al 20 ; No. 3 do 1 07.
Rye Quiet.
Barley Dull and nominal.
Corn Unchanged.
Oats Dull and lower ; western
mixed and state , 3443.
Eggs Firmer ; western , Ilal4c.
Pork Closed dull and lower at
Lard Prime steam , 11 62 jail. 65 ;
closing at 1152 } .
Butter bteady ; western new , 13
> O
Whisky ulrmer at 110.J
New York Live Stock. *
Cmv YOKE , June 12.
Cattle Receipts , 4,000 ; market
lull ; very choice steers , 10 25alO 50 ;
fair to good , 9 OOalO 00 ; common to
medium , 7 75a8 75 ; Cherokee , 7 50.
feheep Receipts , 6,000 ; dull and
A-eaker at 4 00a5 76. Lambs , a
shade firmer , at 6 25a8 60.
Hogs Receipts , 4,000 ; a lot of
corn-fed , averaging 207 Ito. , sold
alive at 6 75.
Chicago Produce Market.
CHICAGO , Juno 12.
Wheat Fairly active , unsettled ,
and-opened higher , but soon weak-
ed > No. 2 , 1 06al 07 $ , closed at
OGJaltWjcash ; 1 CGal 08 , closed
at 1 06J June ; 1 08al OSJal 08 } ,
closed at- the Inside July ; 1 05ia
1 00 } , % closed at 1 05 \ for August ;
No. 3,54c ; rejected , 83c.
, Corn Active , weak and lower ;
high mixed , 44a44c ; No. 2,44a45c ;
closed at 44 jc cash ; 44J bid June ;
44Ja45c , closed at 44JoJ > Id July ;
451a45Jc , closed at 45c bid for Au
gust ; rejected , 38c. ,
Oals Weak and lower ; No. 2.
29 a29Jc , closed at 29jc cash ; 29Jc ,
closed at29jc June ; 29a29jjc , closed
at 29Ic for July ; rejected , 246. '
Rye Firm ; No. 2 , 72c.
Barley No 2 , 60.
Pork Dull and lower at 18 65a
18 70 for cash or June ; 18 67jalB 70
for July ; 18 90al8 92j lor August
Lard Lower ; 11 05 for cash or
June ; 11 05all 07 } for July ; 11 17i
all 20 for August
Bulk Meats Shoulders , 1\ ; short
ribs , 9 } ; short clear , lOalOJ.
Whtbky Steady at 1 OS.
Butter Choice creamery , 20 23 ;
good to choice diary , 17al9.
Hots Striclly fresh. 11. i
Call Board Wheat , unchanged
and firmer ; 101 } for June ; 1 ( Mga
1 04 } for July. Oati , unchanged.
Pork , lower ; 18 50al8 57A for July ;
18 77al8 80 for August. Lard ,
lower ; 10 95alO 97 § for July ; 11 07 }
alj 10 for August
Chicago Live Stock.
CHICAGO , June 12.
Cattle Receipts , 2,000 ; market
quiet at the .following quotations :
choice shippers , 4 60a512l ; medium
to good , 4 00a4 60 ; butchers'a , 3 OOa
4 30 ; stockers , 3 25a4 30 ; Texans ,
Hogs-Receipts , 10,000 ; market
steady and prices unchanged , with
sales chiefly at 6 OOaifl 00 ; closing
Sheep Receipts , 800 ; market ac
tive with prices weak and lower ;
poor to choice , 3 OOaJj 00.
St. Louis Produce tyarket.
ST. Louis , June 12.
Flour Unchanged.
Wheat Irregular ; No. 2 red win
ter , 140 } for cash ; 141 } for June ;
1 34 for July ; No. 3 do. , 1 35 bid.
Com Active and lower ; No. 2
mixed , 421a42Jc for cash ; 43Jc for
Oats Firm ; 32a32Jc bid for cash
sales ; rejected , 27c.
Rye Quiet and unchanged.
Barley Quiet and unchanged.
Pork Quiet and steady ; jtfbbirg
20 00.
Lard Firm ; winter , 10 ll
summer. 10 11 jaskpd. ' "
Bulk Apats Easier ; shoulder ?
7c ; clear rib , 9jc ; clear , lOJc.
Whisky Quiet and unchao ed
St. Louis Live Stock.
ST. Louis , Juno 12.
HcgH Receipt * , 3,000 ; active
firm and higher ; demand exceeds
supply ; Yorkers , 5 65a5 97 ; bacon
5 75a6 10 ; butchers , 5 90aG 10.
Cattle Steady , and in good dc
maud ; good to choice steers , 4 Goa
4 90 ; medium to fair , 4 00a4' BO
cows and stockers , Sgoa OO. ' "
V. II. oflmaii , 31. { > . ,
Physician & Syrgeon
For Profealonal Serrioes Three Dollar *
Tlilt. IBP lo-dlr
O. 8. WOOD , M. IK ,
Homcepathist ,
_ _ . - . i.0elfffa < on Block , K. W.
C r. IBtk rai -
Reeidenee 905 Sixteenth Street. Corner of
irace , Omaha , Nebraska.
Compound Oxycen treatment for Chronic
OffleoHonrt-StoOA.M..l to i P. M. .
and 6 to 8 P. M. MD2MU
Physician & Surgeon ,
MILK ! ! MILK ! ! !
Ptiro and. TJnsIclminoil ,
Delivered in 107 part of the city at 5c. per
quart from the
pecUHj Reported ( or the Omaha Dally Bee. by the
Atlantic and Pacific Tele raph Company.
A Woman Killed by Lightning.
( Special to the BEE. )
LONE TRKE , June 12.
During the thunder storm in this
vicinity yesterday afternoon , the
lightning struck the residence of A.
Connor , living about eight miles
south of this place , instantly killing
Jrs. Connor. Mr. Connor was
shocked , but recovered and crawled
on his hands and knees half a mile
o a neighboring house for assist
ance. Mrs. C. was standing near
he window. Their youngest child ,
8 months old , was with Us mother ,
but was uninjured. There are live
children in the family. The house
did not burn. JU.
SGirth. America.
nteresting items From Gaut-
emala , Honduras , Costa
Rica , Chili , Peru ,
and Bolivia.
ifoRK , June 12.
American press association corre
spondence :
Gautemala Political matters in
this republic are quiet
Houduras General Jerez has de
clared himself provisional president
of Nicaragua.
Costa EIca The government is
making active preparations to carry
out the war programme against
.Nicaragua. General Williams , the
U. 8. minister , Is , however , active
ly engaged in seeking a peaceful
solution of the question.
Chili A violent earthquake at
Valparaiso on May llth , but no
damage was done.
Peru President Psado has Issued
a proclamation calling an extraor
dinary session of Congress to meet
at Jjima on the 15th of J une , to
take into consideration the necessi
ty of increasing the port duty on
nitrate. During the past fortnight
a contract has been signed between
this government and [ lie four banks
authorized to issue notes , by which
tbe latter enter into a position of
the deposits and the control of the
The section of the Orcoro railroad
between Callao and Lima will
shortly be thrown open to the pub
On the 7th ult. the electoral col
leges" met throughout the republic
for the purpose of definitely electing
the president and vice president.
The election of General Prado is an
assured fact ; that of the vice-presi
dent is still uncertain.
Bolivia General Da/a has been
proclaimed prtfaide'iit by the army
Great excitement exists at Lapaz ;
the streets are tilled and trouble is
apprehended. 'Great excesses are
said to have'been committed by the
The "Herald" Says Conkling is
the Only Man Who Can
Carry New York ,
JNE\v "VoRic , June 12.
The Herald disposing of the Ciu-
cinnati convention , considers it the
strongest Republican ticket that
can be made up. The candidates
who will be prominent In the earlier
ballotinga la Conkling and Hayes.
Conkling Is the only man that could
carry New York Htate , unless
Washburne should come into the
The Robeson Investigation. ;
On Saturday Chief Engineer \Vm.
F. Wood , chief of the bureau of
steam engineering in the navy de
partment , was examined by the
house committee on naval affairs
Secretary' Robesoii' being present ,
iflis direct examination was with
especial reference to the sale nud ex
change of old material ) the ma'km'g
of contracts with ! the'gp.vernrnout
manufacturers of the country , th.e
adoption qf certain improvements
In machinery during his manage
ment of the bureau , etc. He be
lieved that belter and cheaper work
could be produced by the large es
tablish meiitsof the couulry than by
the contracted facilities of the va
rious yards. The subject ot ad van
tage of compound over simple en
glues was taken up. In response ia
a general question , propounded by
Robeson whether he , ' eta sec'relary
had eVer Interfered with the' pur
chase o'f 'in Ilia
supplies bureau , or
ever dictated , ' or or/dem } , or hjuied. ,
orally or Iq wilting , apy fayohtelsm
to auylwdy , or name of anybody , or
firm , or price tobe paid for any ar *
tide , replied he never hftdt
The question ofChinese Imrnigra
tlon , which has been brought to the
notice of the administration through
representations of delegates fror
tbe Pacific coast , n"t ' '
" " . n"r mted for that
. . - . .jae , was referred some days
since to the Attorney-General reran
Judge Tail Is preparing the opin
ion on thesubject , which will short
ly be submitted to tbe cabinet. He
does not see how the general gov
ernment can interfere to prevent
the landing on our shores of the
better class of Chinert-'Anyfaaore'
than they can preveitithe liaiBi.
gratlon of persons from any other
nation. Such a course would be in
opposition to the well established
policy of this country of extending
a welcome to all Immigrants. He
has no doubt , however , of the right
of the government to interfere to
prevent the immigration of Chinese
criminals to this country , or of the
importation of Chinese prostitutes ,
or Chinese women for immoral pur-
Tie Cincinnati -Convento ,
Blaine is Said to Have Been Dis
tressed by Hoar Going
Back on Him.
Delegates Arriving on Every
The German Delegation of New
York for Washburn and
A Careful Canvass of the Dele
Blaine Holds His Own End Up.
CINCINNATI" , June 12.
A Wosbinirton special to tile Com
mercial says : Just before Air.
Blaine left bis bouse lor cburcb be
received a dispatch to tbe effect
that bis friend , Judge Hoar , of
Massachusetts , bad changed front
and was going to do all be could to
defeat him at Cincinnati. This ,
the special says , seemed to distress
bun greatly , more than anything
during the canvass. The disposi
tion of Elaine's friends to stand by
liim is as strong as ever , though the
fact tbot be msy not be in condition
to be consulted in case its thought
best to turn his support to some oth
er candidate , itlis said , will greatly
complicate matters. Large num
bers of delegates are arriving by
every tram.
The German delegation from IN ew
\orkarrived this morning. They
say the choice of tbe Germans of
New. York is \Vashburueaud
Hays ; that the Germans will not
support Conkling.
The Commercial claims to have
made a careful canvass of the dele
gations already here , with the fol
lowing result : New Mexico for
Blaine , first and last ; Rhode Is
land , solid for Bristow ; New Jer
sey , solid for Blame , no second
choice ; Iowa , twenty-two votes for
Blaine , would not think of a second
choice ; California , twelve votes for
Blaine when tney started , but that
their sentiments were changing and
inclining towards Confcling ; Con
necticut , main strength for Bristow ,
after Jewell is disposed of ; Ohio ,
solid for Hayes ; Michigan , six for
Bristow , and two for Hayes ; Massa
chusetts , six for Bristow and thirty
for Elaine ; In cose Blaiue is dropped ,
Massachusetts will go to Coukliug ;
Maryland is solid for Blaine ; they
have flung a Blame banner across
the street opposite their headquar
ters. Wisconsin is solid for Blaine.
.New York gives a majority for
Conkling , tbe minority being di
vided on Bridtow , Morgan , Blaine
and Wafhburne Kansas1 is solid
for Blafne , with second choice
probably for Hayes. Kentucky is
for Bristow. Indiana is for Morton ,
with Bristow for second choice ; it
is thought they will stick to Morton.
Colorado is unanimous for Blaine.
Alabama is mixed ; portions of
both deletions have arrived ; J.
Haralson the colored congressman ,
is at the bead of the anti-Spencer
delegation , and it is said he will
make a vigorous contest for bis seat.
Senator Logan , of Illinois , claims
that after a careful canvass he fig
ures up three hundred and nine
votes on the lirst ballot
It is stated that tbe object of the
German delegation to be held to
night is to influence the national
republican convention tp the adop
tion of a platform tnat shall contain
a plank in favor of a more liberal
naturalization law and , the interests
'of imrajgratiopi
Blaine Improving.
& ? " * *
The Probable Make-up of the
Organization of the Con
Norton's Stqck Rjsinp.
The announcement of a decided
improvement in Blaiue's condition
this morning , was received with
great satisfaction , and was especial
ly encouraging to his trieuds.
For organization the state aoems
to favor Pouieroy , of Jew York ,
for teinporary'chairnmu , and Gen.
Harlan , of Kentucky , for perma
nent chairman. Delegates and
prominent leaders are pouring in on
every train. Smith's Alabama del
egation is just in ,
Ihe 8th feglme'ntbaml this morn-
' "
Inp.'in"behalf Qf the JXew "Vork Re
publican Club , tendered a serenade
to Dr.Henry , Highland , Garnet ,
and otjier delegates at the Grand
Hotel. R. H. Dana , Jr. and Prof.
Lowell , and the remainder of the
Illinois delegation have just arrived
and were received at Blaine head
quarters , Senators Logan and Ham-
lin , anticipating their arrival , had
made arrauge'ments for their recep
Elaine's friends now assert tnat
his strength In the convention will
develop fully up tp figures claimed
for him Morton men are also loud
MI S rnorningn \ exultation over
gams. Another large delegation
from Indiana havp Arrived and say
thousands more are still to come.
Bristow men are earnest but not BO
confident. They Bay they have
masscj but not workers.
A dispatch from W"-u * _
Mr. Hob * - ' ' uuingfon ito
- uated " 10 a. m. , says Mr.e
UlaSno continues to improve and { %
now out of danger. . * < * ?
11 SO a. m. The .New York JRe-
publicau Club , two hundred strong ,
with the NlntbTregimenfal balid at
their'Tiead ? are now parading the
streets and create 'considerable en
thusiasm.- number of jneefragir
of tbe friends of the'differenifdeJe-
The Urzeas and bout hotal id West Poln
Day board , J400 ; tmri il lodilog , J1.5
a. 1 lodging , perjlay Jl.50. n ri4
vhtrc. Builnm Jiononbljr and fim
m. Putlralm mt free. Addmi
r. WORTH < c CO4 Si. Ixmii.ilo
A Misunderstanding on the East
ern Question - A Parisian
Prima Donna Scandal.
Immediate Danger of War Has
NEW YORK , June 12.
A Paris special says there is a
misunderstanding between the Brit
ish and French cabinets on the east
ern question.
Paris is gay at present with tbe
great prima donna scandal , the
jeading character being one hitherto
considered unimpeachable.
LONDON , June 12.
A cable special says : Pnyate ad
vices from Belgrade assert that tbe
diplomacy will exercise no influ
ence whatever on tbe progress of
affairs in Beryia. Tbe slaves are
fully convinced that the present Is
their only chance of obtaining their
independence , and they cannot be
Tbe English medical journals dis
believe the story of tbe sultan's sui
Gibraltar is being provisioned suf
ficiently tosupport 2,000men for six
weeks. The channel squadron is
also being fully provisioned.
The press appear to think that im
mediate danger of war among the
great powers has diminished.
CONDON , June 12.
It in reported that Gen. Agnatieff ,
the Russian ambassador at Constan
tinople , has been recalled. Prince
Coleorf will succeed him.
"Kisber , " Winner of the English
Derby , Wins Another
Funerai of "George Sand. "
PARIS , June 12.
The race for the grand prize de
Paris took place to-day. Kisber ,
the favorite , and the late winner of
Derby , came in first , and Enguer-
rande second.
-PARIS , June 12.
La France publishes a rumor to
the effect that tbe eldest son of the
late Sultan Abdul Aziz , has been
PARIS , Juno 12.
The funeral of George Baud
( Madame DuDevant ) took place
yesterday at Nohaut. Thousands
of persons , embracing many dis
tinguished in politics and letters ,
attended the funeral. Among the
mourners were Prince Napoleon ,
and Victor Hugo made an oration ,
DUBLIN , June 12.
Ihe .Nation celebrated the escape
of the Fenian prisoners from Aus
tralia by a large torch light proces
sion , speeches , &o ,
VIENNA , June 12.
The insurgent leaders have final
ly accepted the armistice proffered
by Turkey.
New York Money Market
Gold 1 125.
Stocks closed as follows :
W U. GSjj ; M P , ; Erle , 14 ; X
8 , &U ; Pac , 25J ; N W , 41 ; B J , IftJ ?
St. Paul , 40 ; OC & 1 1' , 4J ; St. Joe ,
N Y C , 1 08J ; O&X lGJWab. ; , 23 ;
; coup
Is the JU ? , but bail blaoi ] ia the abomina
tion. Fi > m it apd derangement of the kid-
ieyi and urinary organs , come most of the
imins and aches and all diseases of tbe akin.
Dr. Green's King Cure is a remedy that ia
intended to strike at the root of this trouble.
It acts as a diuretic evacnant in cases of
Dropsy , Gout , Orayol , and al ( diseases of
the Kidneys , while it acts on the stomach
as a tpnic. It moderately accelerates the
circulation , gorily encourages the action of
the ba cls und powerfully augments the
Hrinixry secretion puriUcs and cleanses the
lilood , thus removing the cause of boils ,
carbuncles , scrofula and all eruptive and
cutaneous dlieasos ; reduces inflammatory ,
rheumitlo and neuralgic pains and aches ,
allays inflmmatlon of thcPwidneys.elandsand
fibrous tlsues and joints , softens and carries
off gravel and other calculus deposits of the
urinary organs ; cures Diabetes. Bripht'a
Kidney Disease , Lucorrhca , ( Female Weak
ness ) . Scrofula and all diseases arising fyp
disorder of the uriny organs and iraimra
state of the blood , and'eip cially adapted to
female complaint ; ) . It is a safe and pleas
ant alterative , and cares without depleting
thp strength of tbe organs or the tone of the
general system. In other countries its rep
utation was so high that it gained the title
of "Kind's Cure. " A daily use of it will in ,
most cases prevent , and in all cases nmisato
the attack of the disease ? fpr which it v re
commended. U u Uii&efiejaJ far washing
er.u.nljivotJvsfcburgei on. { 10 } slqn ; bu > for ran ?
qe sores , of se\er9 yams in fte jujnu uao
- '
l tnnwenl , for man
"or ealg Ly3. . K. and by C. F. Goodman.
At a Connty Court held at the Count f Proem * - *
room , in and for said eon".wort" "
D..3876. Preset " " yrTffftfseT A.
f-firUHTmaUer of the cetato of J. B. Allen-
dorf. deceased. ,
. On reading and fihne the Tenfied petition
Of Jacob .Oish praying for his appointment
"VadmiQistrator of the estate of J. I > Al *
er. . D.lSTGat9
' . . for heanng'saia
O'clock A. II. , is assigned
petition , when all persons interested in
said matter may appear at a connty court to
be held , in and for said county , and. show
cause why the prayer of petitioner
should not be granted ; and that notice of
the .pendency of said petition and th
oz mis oruer in me umaaa n u Kiy X > KK.
newspaper printed in said county , for three
successive weeks , prior to said day of hear-
° fji Into copy. ) C. II. SEDGWICK ,
ma31w3w County Judge.
fTlAKEN UP A bay horse aboui lOjear
_ L old ; weighs between 900 andMOO
pounds ; near the railroad stable. The 6w-
er can have same by calling at the railroad
shops to A. Robert and paying cbargrc.
ma3-3tdiw *
$1O to 25 per DaF
fencrgctfo 9&o& tin to fH an tct
u 1'armsrn aad cO
ortiiXHlj. Part tenUrs Free : Addrm ,
TiiE CZK-fXNVIAL CO. . St. Loub. Mo
NEW YORK , June 12.
The Herald published au inter
view with Hon. Peter Cooper , cau-
didate of the ladepeudent party for
the presidency. He predicts a split
at Bt. Louis , and tlnuks tliat ( lie
election of president will be thrown
to the house of representatives , in
which case he ( Cooper ) would in
all probability be called to the pres
idential chair. This he contem
plates Jwith some alarm , a J he
is anxious to retire and have u'ov.
Allen of Ohio substituted in liin
place. .The split at 8t Louis will
be on the currency ( jiiestion. Til-
den will be nominated by the hard-
money men ; he will not be accept
ed by the soft money men , and
then there will be three tickets In
the Held. If Governor Allen is not
accepted by the convention , he
( Cooper ) is ready as a duty he
owes to the country to meet the
The Herald publishes a long arti
cle on the subject of the vice-presi
dent , the importance of the posi
tion as under certain contingencies
affecting the destiny of the country ,
and the importance of having the
right man nominated to fill the po
sition. It says : Contingencies of
death , resignation , or removal , ren
der the office of great importance ,
and hopes that no man may be
nominated by either party for the
second office whom it would be un
willing to trust with the duties of
the first.
A. Hospe , Jr. & Co.
Looking-GIasses ,
Pictures ,
284 DODGE ST. ,
PiltsliiiriliFt.Wape&CliicaEO ;
Pennsylvania ? , R. Line.
Condensed Time
NOVEMBER , 1875.
Corner Canal and Madison Streets. ( West 2d !
On arrival ot rraina from Korih and Soullmwt
3 inuns with ftu. b. No. I
Through Cam Day EJC Hue. Ex 'Ut Kx
E-ff 2tei 900 * 5 15 p n 1040pm
i M | m II.tO " 445 m
' Um * 415 " 155am 70S '
' KoruRt . . . . . . . 537 SOI " 8 SO '
Crestline 700 * 40 " 10 ZO "
Mansfield 755 520 " 1111
Orrrllle 962 719 " 1 I'M. u.
Massl lion 1023 742 " 1 50 "
Canton 800 " 210
Alliance . . . „ . _ . 1120 840
Rochester. . . . . . 1 25 * ra 1112 533
Pittsburgh 655
Lv. Pittsburgh 320 110 800
Ar. Cresson. . " *
Altoona. . 7SO" 5S5 50an.
Harrtsbnrg. 11 SO 1105 345 "
Baltimore. 615pm . . . . in 7S5 '
Washington. 807 " . . 4 < 902 "
42Q .1 To 735 "
735 650 " 1025 "
llaven 1162 1040 3 3-1 p ro
127 am 649 "
CpriDtifield. . . , 100 " 780
425 " 843 " 740 "
615am 450pm 905 pm
That runs tbe celebrated F ilMAN PALAC
ClKa frnra Chir a toBaltlmore , Waahlng-
tou CUy , WillTd phla and New York ,
WAnk lor Ucketa yla Fort
Pennsylvania Una.
Through ticket * lorialeat all prlndpal ticket
offices , t the l" > t current ratee.
Oounty of Douglas. J aaA -
Aa county court held at the county court
room , in and far said county. May 19th.
ISTii ; present. C. II. Scdgwick. cAunty
judge. In the matter of the estate of
John Britton , deceased.
On reading and filing the verified petition
of L. L. Stephens , administrator of tbe
estate of said deceased , praying for an extension -
tension of six months' time in which to
settle said estate.
Ordered. That Juno 10th , 1S76 , at 2 o'clock
p m. , is assigned for hearing said petition ,
when nil persons interested in said matter
may appear at a county court to bo held , in
and for said connty , and show cause why
the prayer of petitioner should not bo
granted ; and that notice of the pendency of
said petition and hearing thereof , be given
to all persona interested in said matter , by
publishinca copy of this order in THE Ouitu
WEEKLY BKE , a newspaper printed in saul
connty. for three successive vjeekj , prior to
said day of hearing.
IA true copy.l 0 , H. SEDOWICK ,
my24 w3r County Judge.
To whom it mas cojaaern I
Noticoiiiltercuy ei\on that the
nnd accrued interest of the boniU hrrcmbcloir
ucsignattxl heine the bonds of Uouelas coun
ty in the StQto f Nebraska , issued by said
( ( Minly "n the 25th day of January , A. PM
1870. and delivered to the Omaha and Banjo ?
western Bailrnad Company to ai4 } heton-
struction of its road. wiUl l < Tinld at the
County Trca'urersVcJBo of Douglas connty
at the CoqrtJIpUsc ln-tho city of Omaha , in
and 'S tate aforesaid on and after
e firit jay of July , 1S76. and that interest-
en ald bonds will cease on that day. "
The bonds numbered twentv-n- _ .
thirty (30) ( ) . thirty-ono ' " * . . . - . , "tf' S'
thirty-three ' * \ ' . thirty-two (3J ( ) .
thjrf Vonr ( SJ ) . thirty-five
, ; thtrty-si (36) ( . thirty-dght (33) ( ) and
thirtv-nine (3U ( ) of ono thousand dollars
1 So ordered by the board of county com
missioners of Douglas county. Nebraska , at
a regular session of said board at Omaha ,
this 8th day of April
Connty of Douglas. j
* At a connty court hold at the county court and forsaid connty.May ISth.A.D.
1ST6T present. C. H. Sedgwick , county
judge. In the matter of the estate of Anna
Mills , deceased.
Oa reading and Clin * tha verified petition
of SeoreoM. Mills , prayinc : that tno last
will anof testament of Anna Mills , deceased.
allowed and established.
ma be probated ,
nd for his appointment as executor.
Ordered , That Juno 18th. , A. D. 1S76. at 9
o'clock a. m. . is assigned for hearing said
petition , when all persons interested in said
matter may appear ot connty court to DO
hsldT iiT and Tor said county , and fhow
c ase why tbe prayer of petitioner should
not be granted ; and thatnotice of.thepend-
eBcyof said petition and the heanirrthere.
< rf.'be Biren to all persons inecresUd a laid
matter , by publishing a copy of this order
in Tmt OMAHX WlirtT Bwr. newspaper
printed IB Eaid eonntr. for three EnceessWe
weeks , pnor to said darof J } F&TrK
f A trne copy. ] C. II. SKOU WICK.
wSt Connty Judge.
Practical House , Sisn. Ornamental , Fresco and Banner
Grainine. Gildiuff. Marblinr. 01-iiin ? . Kalsomininsand Paper Iltn inr. Sign writine i
a specialty. All work done with neatness and despatch. Offlee 1S3 Tenth street. betw < N.a
Farnham and Ilarney. Omaha , Neb. may My
Mrs , J. E. Wigman ,
254 Douglas i Street ,
"Work done in the latest styles. Goods sent to all parts of the Countrr
- - /
22112 St. . Corner IStli Street.
Practical Watchmakers
Manufacturers of Jewelry !
Dealers Can Save Time &rreigiitbyOrdering : ofai. .
mchl-6in OMAHA. NE
( SurcoHNorH to i'ri-i lilou A. Jlor nii. )
InlHIliiHR I0 w-sH ISi r"sK 4
fwnuLC jriLCi ouuv/uno
205 Farnliam St. , - Oinalia , Neb.
Whitney , Clark & Co. ,
Successors to Whitney i Bausermin and Clark i French ,
. a-ir
Oiualui , :
] jiJ3iiia.ii.ce
Fire , Marine & Inland Risks "Written
As low as the hwarja and the principles of sound UNDERWRITING will Justify. All
LOdSSS promptly adjusted and paid at this Agency. ;
Follo-sving Cozupanica Represented :
JCtmay of Hartford , - - A set 792,649
Hartford Fire , of Hartford , " 2,500OOO O
North Britiuli and Morcantltn , cf Iiocdnn and
EdlaTiarsh , " 26.OOO.OOO OO
Amazoa.of OijMnntl , - - - " 075,284 OO
Co = 2.&otioutPlro , of Hartford , - " 8T7 > 94 58
Soottlsli Commercial , of GloiROvr , - " lO.OOO.OOO OO
St. Patd Tire nnd Marino , of St. l nul , - - ' 9OO,9S3 29
Mittdmippl Valley , of Moiuphls , " 404,719 97
Aiuorioan Central , of St. I uis , - - " l OO.OOO O
Qneoiu of Idverpool and Ziondon , - - 11,145,729
- 8O1O92 a
Great Western Market !
4BI * IIOmanN OIil Stnad.
Feei , Sale'uJ Eictap' Slable. HJBB , Mdles , Wapaj , Hmeu , tc , , far Sale CSeip , or Eithie
w3nocLil attention given to BoirJins Stock. Black Hillera caa purchwo Completa
0-ntGt * at this Staole. A. J. 3OTO-'J3K , 3rop.
512 Twelftli Street , Omalia , Kebraakm.