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-WEDNESDAY , JULY 22 , 1874.
carrier , to any
nerved to subscriber ! br
f7beciy ? , every evening , tfnBto , -
Untedl fllteen rents per week.or $3.73 lor
ril months , and 37.00 peranuuin , when paid
\ Smpiainta Ibont irregularities , addressed
this office will receive prompt attenUon.
TttEOKAiLi.lUii.T BBS will be mailed to
jutecribersatlhelollowingratts , y Ue inra-
riably in advance :
J7.UO per annum.
3.75 " 6..onths. .
TtK OMAJIA BAU.T BEK has by I r tns
GEST circulation In the city. auJ Is ,
fora , the beat and ck-pest a <
CC > " Tabular
"j dSaud Local advertisementa before two
o'CjOfk . M. , , . 'v- . v
AifertlMifleBiA uci'vts one o civc * r. &
All adTertlnemcnU for tbe WKKTI.Y
must be handed in before Monday noon , lor tna
uae week's Israe.
Time Curd of ilie ButlluKiou KonU
unaysetce. * Monday cicepted.
ThlB Is the only J UB running Pulltian Hotel.
( jnlou Pacific.
g : : : : rai | | : | | : |
> UyFrel2ht j f'1- f"M
. M
UallFreUht 6:45 : A. S. . 8 80 A.
lloclt & Pncflf.
Cbtc co (
10:10 : P.H
MaU tlOUOA.l
Cltn St. Jo. A : Coniicl'
MomlneExirees..5:30 A. M. 10:00 A. X
veninsEri'rcBS2W P.M. C:40P.M ,
Omalia * : Nortli-vi-ontcrii and Sloni
OUr < I'ucltlc.
. 8:15 A.M. 2:15P.M
Daily except Sundays.
OmnlbnaeB end Baggage AVegonB Ipavo th
fllcc , corner Famhain and Ninth streets , fl ;
ccn mlnntoe in ad\ar.ce of the above Uailro&i
Opening and Closing of JSIails in
WIST. A.M. P.M. A. M. P. X
C.V.K.K. 2.20
S N. W. K. K. .
do do. . . .
U.1.&P. K. It- 11:00 4.SO
do * <
f. 11:00 4.30
do do. . . .
B. < 7.0C 4:30 : uc. . . .
O.&K. W.11.B. . . ! : M 7:45
Chicago and all liulcrn cities , Nebraska
City , Platliwouth , Council Blufband Uurlicg-
toii , ducatlO Oium.di c Bt4:30a. : m. and
St. Joseph , due at 10 00 a. n.
and 7 p. m. ; closes at 1:45 p. 111. and 4.30 a. m.
Office open Sundays Iroui 12 to 1 p. in.
V O. E. YOST. Postmaster.
L.HOof thoUA.lfjV VKK IN more
IlLnH donble that of
l > nurpublUbciII
Peycto'e KesUurant and Oyster
rooms. The. leading house of the
kind. 207 , Farnham street , between
.Twelfth and Thirteenth. Jeb24tf
The offices of the City Clerk
and Treasurer have bet-ii ujov'tf ' "
to the Opera llouse.
Jennie Stanley paid ft $2 fine jif-
the Police Court yesterday for
Martin's drug store is being
moved on to Fourteenth street ,
to make room for that new brick
One Charles Whitney was ar
* rested yesterday by PolIcemanBenn-
tt t < lict , on the charge of assaulting an
t old man named Nelson.
A squad of twenty recruits ar
rived ycstorday from St. Ix > uis ,
a id went "West , bound for Sacra
mento to join the 2d cavalry.
" Baggage will soon be checked
to and from Omaha by the lowu
roads , and thus one of the greatest
nuisances of the transfer rechecking
ing will be done away with.
Judge Pcabrdyy esterday issued
a marriage license to a loving col
ored couplethe first which has been
madeoutfor colored people since he
has been in oillce.
The Iowa Coal Company has
succeeded the Union Coal and Mi
ning Company in this city. Mr.
George Patterson , assisted by Mr.
Towle. will attend to the business
at the old office onThirteenth street j
A gentleman drove up in front
of Creighton block last evening , and
jumping out of his buggy , asked
President Gibbon , of the City Coun
cil , to watch his horses while he
went to ti ) post oillce. "Yes , I'll
Avatch them , " answered Mr. Gibson ;
"and when you come back , I'll tell
you which way they have gone. "
Tka. City Council met last
evening in the ucw council cham
ber in Pattee's Opera House. To
some members of tlfe Council the
recollections of the old familiar
scenes "were thus revived , as they
have-before been there as endorsers
of a" "noble charily" for a poor or-
Clark & Warden's new brick
stable will be one of the/tnest strnc-
tures in the city when completed ,
and as a livery stable it cannot be
excelled by any other in the West. fii
The cornice is being put on to-day. trgi
The floor of the basement , where gies
the horses are to be kept , will be es
Kicholson pavement , the" blocks for
which are already on the ground tfc
ready to be laid down. IKW
W ]
We are glad to learn of the success
cess of Mr. H. Jlonibcrger , in rap
idly increasing his already heavy
wholesale trade in wines , liquors -
itnd cigars. His extensive establish- an
mcnt Jn Caldwell .Block , is filled to Jo ]
Its utmost capacity , with a line and j
complete otoclr , to which Mr. Horn-
bcrger la constantly adding. He
yesterday received 50,000 cigars , and pve
SO barrels of whisky.
Warren Chase , of St Louis , one
of the most celebrated lecturers in
the United States , will lecture-nest
Sunday afternoon before the Free
Beligious Society.
The horse-shoe has ever been
considered a sign of good luck , and
it was probably for that reason that
Councilman James Stephenson , has
for sometime past worn on his im
maculate shirt-bosom a gold horse
shoe set with diamonds. Jim fc
out of luck now , however , as he has
lost that horse-shoe.
We understand that the jovia'
Jeems T. Allan , has been reporting
that the postal brigade have -'boxed'
that special rooster from Washing
ton. Mr. Allan may bo a good dep
uty postmaster , a writer of excel
lent agricultural essays , and a first-
rate tree-planter , but we don't thin !
he will prove a success in "cooping'
that special agent ,
Mr. Jack Morrow and a geptle
man friend were ran away with yes
terday on Farnham street. A
Eleventh street the vehicle tippe <
over , throwing them both out" , am
running over Mr. Morrow , withou
Injuring him' in the least. Botl
gentlemen rpwmed then-places an <
drove off. Those who witnessed th
accident expected that there wouli
have been two funerals , but happil ;
such was not the case.
Wash Norton , flf Norton & Bre
mond's minstrels , who recent ) ;
played in Omaha , met with a sai
accident at Denver the other da1
He was tjirqwn from a buggy am
had his leg broken to that it wjH b
three months before he pan use II
This is a great misfortune , for jtwil
quite likely prevent his ever agaii
dancing with that wonderful ski !
and gracefulness which he exhibits
beforp fiji Omaha audience.
Ex-Qov. A. S. Paddock , of Beal
rice , "iutue . clty over Monda ,
United States Marshal Daily re
turned from the East last night.
Senator P. W. Hitchcock has re
turned home from Washington.
Hon. J. H. Millard returned yes
terday from the East.
A. IT. Earll , the Union Pacifii
Agent at Ogden , is in. the city , ei
route East.
S. S. Stevens , general westen
agent of the Chicago & Bock Islam
railway , went west yesterday on i
vjsjt accompanied by his family.
Davii } Dtullpy Fjpd ] | the celebra
ted New York lawyer , accompanied
by his wife , came in from the Wesi
Monday , and stopped at the Gram ]
Central. They left for New York
yesterday afternoon.
Governor E. M. McCook , of Col
orado , called at the BEE office this
morn jug. He is stopping at the
Grand Central Hotel , and will go to
Denver to day. General Ueorge
McCook , of Steubcuville , Ohio , his
cousin , is also at the same llouse.
M. G. McKoon , of French & Mc-
Keen , the insurance agents , return
ed from Chicago last evening. Af
ter learning of the demoralization
existing } n the Chipago fire depart
ment , he is convinced that Qniaha ,
in proportion to hpr sizp , has one of
the beet departments in the west.
The following are the arrivals at
the Wyoming1 :
N J Miller , DesMoines ; DHarrls ,
Cincinnati ! ; T Sexton , -Lincoln , ;
Miss Dorcey , O F Johnson and-wife ,
Ejosfon ; C H Cutler , Portland , Ore-
joiif Hjenrj' PJurnmer , Manchester ,
N H ; Fred Boppua , JIuntington ,
Ind ; E N Grenell , FfcCalhounj TVP
Walsh , New Orleans ; Henry Evans ,
O P R R ; M W Benschoter , Lotip'
City ; W C Whipps , Granite Canon ;
AS Paddock , Beatrice ; Thos Gib-
on , Fontenelle ; Mrs Baxter and
on , Iowa City ? ES Johnson , Coun-
ilBlufls , and Frank GarrutbPlatts *
uouth. " " -
"Papa's Own Oirl. "
This is the title of a new novel
vritten by Marie Rowland , pub-
ished in elegant style by John P.
fewett , New York , and for sale in
) maha by S. C. Abbott & Co ,
The manuscript of this grout
American novel was submitted by
lie author to one of the ablest of
ur editorial critics , who after a
arcful perusal , returned It with the
Allowing eleganllyexpressed opin-
> n and analysis of its rare 'excel-
: nce :
"As J think , pf them , thejnen ,
omen ai hildrun..of your .story
> em like actually living Iwings ,
hour I have met and lived , with ,
[ perhaps may meet to-morrow.
"The last half of your novel is
rauder than anything George El-
at ever wrote. I am not , in say-
ig this , disparaging the first half of
ie fctory , but this last part is a new
> si > el. The ( 'onntis n creation &ug-
ted by" the "best qualities of the
at men you. have known. The
> cial Palace , as you have painted
is the heaven of humanity ; and
c best of it is , that it is a heaven
pable of realization. * *
ie fcccne. of Dan's return , and of
3 meeting with Min , is indescriba-
y .pathetic ; no one could read it 1
tli dry eyes , and .the moral-ele-
jnt Involved Is mire effective
in in niiy dramatic situation in
; raturc. With the true fidelity
the artist you have given perfect
cut ion to your minor characters.
iur novel throughout meets all the
> at questions of the day , even the
uncial one , and it is tbe beat
relation of Godin that could be
en. The novel will be the great-
literary sensation of the time. "
? his powerfully written and ar-
ic novel is to the eocial questions
v convulsing the civilized world
at "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was to
slavery agitation.
resh fruit and vegetables daily ,
oC the very best , at , John 5. th
nson & Go's , 2GO Dodge street. thhi
IC-eod 3t. hi
iree concert every
ting by Professors Celarius and
Ari Omaha "Han Considers His
Worth Abont $5,000.
The nose , as everybody knows , is
the most prominent feature of the
face. If it 4s a thing of beauty ,
then it is a joy forever ; but
however tba.t may bewhether hand
some or ugly , no person would want
to be without a nose. It is general
ly a great convenience , although at
times a big nuisance , especially if a
fellow has got a bad attack of ca
tarrh. Then his nose is like the
Nebraska winds , always on the
Omaha is a hard place for noses.
Last summer two men got into a
fight , and one bit the other's nose
clean off. The man who did the
biting barely escaped going to the
penitentiary by some means or
Another similar case happened a
few weeks ago , but as the victim
had his nose sowed on again , and
came out all right , fcp did not pros
ecute the matter farther than hav
ing the nose-biter fined-at the Po
lice Court for fighting.
Dr. Baumer was so indiscreet as
to criticise Krug's beer , and Krufi
accordingly smashed his nose all
over his face. Baumer sued foi
Damages , and recovered § 150.
That/s / one yalup of a nose.
Now comes Mr , Adolph Minsiij
and claims that he has got a' nest
that can beat Dr. Baumer's all tc
pieces , Mr. MInski thinks his nest
is" worth about $5,000 , and hp pro ;
poses to endeavor to recover thai
amount from Maurice Dee , whc
caved it in with a fifteen-dollai
umbrella , on Sunday afternoon last ,
The idea of suing for damages ,
was not Jotig in entering the head
of'Mr. Minsk's' , wljq , immediately
upon the clobe of the mill with Dee ,
askpt } , "Is fbQt rn.qn.worth any-
- ? Upon learning time ho was
full/able to'pay for a tr4-11 a030 !
he employed Hon. Joha C. Co win
to fight thecasc.and the netitiou was
filet } yestprday morning ii'lhe office
of the clerk of the District Court.
The petition goes on to sluto , in sub
stance , that Dec broke Minski's
nose , and otherwise injured
his face and head , and
that he beat and bruised
the plaintiff about twelve or fifteen
times about the body , and in mak
ing the assault he tore and destroy
ed a suit of clothes of the plaintiff
valued at thirty dollars , and de
stroyed one uinbrplla worth , fifteen
dollars. The value of Mr. Minski's
noje , therefore , according to his es-
mateJflgured out in dollars and
cents , would be the difference be
tween the combined value of the
clothes and umbrella forty-five
dollars and five thousand dollars ,
which leaves a balance in favor of
the nose of $4,956all of which
amount the many frlendsof Mr
Minski , Mr. Cowin and the BEE In
cluded , hope that he will recover.
Mr. Cowin was attorney for the
defendant in the case of Baumer vs.
Krug , and we suggest that it would
be no more than proper under the
circumsfanpps Messrs. Savage
& Mandersonj who appparpd for
the plaintiff in the same case ,
should appear for the defendant in
this , because they are just as much
entitled to a monopoly on
nosc cases as is Mr. Cowin.
( Communicated )
Eudowiky to Haserodt.
My-attention was called to a no
tice Jn { he } gst issue of your paper ,
wherein Mr. Haserodt CRS ! ] me a de
liberate liar for-having said tn"at the
man ( orTather brute ) who knocked
me down in my own door , on Fri
day night last , came out'of the At
lantic House. 'Now , Mr. Editor , I
do not wajif o get into any news
paper controversy shout tljjs jjjatter ,
especially with Mr. Haserodt , be
cause every truth-loving , honest and
disinterested person in this com
munity , who knows me and Mr.
Haserodt , will .not hesitate a mo
ment as to what side to lay the de-
liberatp lie. I have said , and say
right herp again , that the man who
attacked me oamo out of the Atlan
tic House , and'that no person was
sitting or standing on the south
tide ( fronting on.Howard street ) of
lie Atlantlp House at that time , and
i respectable lady , Mrs. Jlejndorf ,
vho had left our house only about
ive minufcs previous to tile attack ,
ays the same..But she saw two
tien sitting on the cast side of the
louse , fronting on.Tenth street , and
lirec or four men with .Mr. Hase-
edt , iiibide 'the bar-room of the
ouse , when she passed by , going
ome. Besides all this , does it
ot fceeinvery strange that
lirec men .should sit on the south
oor , ( for * those on theist - door
juld not well see around the corer -
erwhich , la not over eighty feet
om my door , ) and no one at all
line from the Atlantic Honse toas-
st my wife , when she called very
> ud for help ; but that'Mr. H. Kos-
r's sons , who were sitting in the
ick part of their lot , across the
reet , which distance is not less
tan two hundred feet , should be the
st who triedto catch the scoun-
He Didn't Tai&ltSo wai Cheatsd. P' '
An Englishman , who arrived In tvni
Is city-yesterday from the West. ni
is' victimized- * the amount -ol In
5Q and a gold watch , while travel- tu
j over the Central Pacific. The ovE.
isengers got.hold of it and asked E.
n if he hadnotbecn cheated. saW
'Oh , no ; my partner lost the same
lount , ' replied he. SI
'Who was your partner ? " he was
: ed. . . .
'Some ' Woody duffer or another , .
i know , who Joad morejtnoney _ 5
ri brains , " answered tbeEnglish-
h , who has not yet learned that
"partner" was a capper.
udian Curiosities at No. 170 us
nham street , corner Hth street , Tei
my 7-tf.
Omaha Again Ahead.
How Some Enterprising Oma-
hosses Have Gobbled a Coal
Bed , and Located a
Town Site Hear Ne
braska City.
Our city is rather dull and quiet ,
and nothing of much interest tc
note through the country except the
fine appearance of the crops , and
what may possibly interest you
more viz : a further showing of tht
energy ami go-aiead ) proclivities ol
Omaha. A number of our promi
nent men , with their usual degree
of inactivity , are now bemoaning
their luck , as they choose to term it
| n having permitted a partj
of Omaha gentlemen to come
under their very nose , and gobbh
up some three miles of river front
age o.i land containing a vast de
posit of P ° 3l > 3s s } } ° wl ! from tu <
outcrop. These parties have alrpadj
a tunnel some 300 feet on a vein o
superior coal , averaging some thlr
ty inches in depth , and are nov
boriug for the second strata , will
good prospects for a large vein a
not over 70 feet from surface. Tlite
property bids fair to furnish a gooc
fortune for Jail concerned , as it
close proximity by rail to St. Jo <
and Omaha renders It very vajufl'
ble.They have also gobbled a towi
site"ai the junction pftheMjssour
River and Junction Eailroadwhiol
Is iu course of construction. Th (
names of these lucky parties I havi
as yet been unable to learn ; bu
whoever theyaie , they are deserv
hig of a deal of crecjit for thej
shrewdness.'ours ,
Omaha Jurisprudence From a Now Yorl
Standpoint of View.
The New York Tribune's funnj
man has been studying the Police
pqurt records of Qniflhfi , as pub
lished in the BEE , and thus com
ments on thP "queer kind of juris
prudenue" thftt we bavp h.ero :
'They have a quepr fcjnd of jurjs ,
prudence In Omaha an invention
which , perhaps , is the child of social
necessity , though at the first Inspec
tion it seems to he a little rough ,
In the Police Court , we read , on
the 5th of July , as in many
other Police Courts on that day ,
i 'ft Jjvply business" was tran
sacted. It wasn't ' , howevpr , top
lively for one William Taylor ' 'a '
suspicious stranger , " who was fined
$3 and costs "on a venture , " and or
dered to leave. It does not appear
that William Taylor was suspected
of felony or misdemeanor , or of In
tending either he was simply "a
suspicious stranger , ' ' andassuch or
dered to leave , but not before he
had , perhaps , made it im
possible for him to leave
by paying $3 and costs at
least to Ipavo in any other way than
on foot. ' But the man had or might
have had company ; for at the same
session of this august tribunal
"Mary Ann Tate was discharged on
promise of a hasty exodus from our
midst. " So Maiy Ann and Wil
liam might have gone out into the
wilderness together she sustained
by bin strength , and he rejuvepated
bylier womanly sympathy. Like
a new Adam and Eve they might
have passed out of the Eden of
Omaha. The world was all before
them where to choose , and "the
hastv exit frorn our mjdst" was pre
destinate , Whether they Went
single , or whether they went as a
pair , let us hope that they found , In
valley or upon the hills , borne pleas
ant refuge not subject to thejurlsdlo-
tion of Police Courts like that of
Omaha "
well established drug Business , with
i large and continually Increasing
patronage , with buildings , real es
tate , stock and fixtures , In the thriv
ing city of Seward , 26 miles west of
Lincoln , which has brighter pros-
pegts for rapid development than
my city Jn tljo west.lso a cora-
) lote millinery stock and established
) usines . The above will be sold in
> art , if the whole can be disposed
if to different persons.
Satisfactory reasons given forseli-
ng on application. Cash payments
ir its equivalent will be required.
? lljs is a raje ph.ance tq m.aHe mon-
y , and those desiring to engage in
bis business should apply or address
nmecliatcly H. A. Lewis , or Re-
ortcr office , Seward , Seward coun-
o ! For Minnenaha and Sf. Anthpny'g
Faljs ,
Gram ! summer excursion to St ,
au ] , Minnesota , Dulutb , Lake Su-
; rior , Bear Lake , and other cool
sorts , in Minnesota , on Wednes-
jy , July 22 , at 7 p. m.
Tickets for the round trip to St.
iul or Minneapolis , $15.50 , or to
uluth $23.00 , being less than one-
ilf the regular fare. Tickets good
r 30- days , a limited number of
hich can only be sold by the Com-
, ny's agent. GEO W GRATTON , -
1G3 Farnham street ,
? ent Sioux City & Saint Paul K R
J C Boyden , Gen'l Ticket Agent ,
\ City & Saint Paul B II.
F CHill , Gen'l Ticket Agt.
Sioux City & Pacific E R.
Notice is hereby given that the
rtnershlp heretofore existing be- fr
? cn the undersigned , under the &
n name of "Windhoim & Arnold , d <
! been this day dissolved by mu-
1 consent. All debts due and
Ing to said late firm to bo paid to
Windheim , and all debts due by
l late flrm , to be paid by said E.
ndheim. july20-3t *
will sell at a great bargain a
and store building In Ft Cal- su
n , Neb. The building is 33 by
eet , and is equipped with coun-
and shelving in complete 1C
; r. No place hi theState affords
iter inducements fpf additional for
ness in general merchandizing. J
ns easy. EiaJi CLARK.
ne25-4w Cit
Old and ITew Grad'es on Dodge
Street Compared.
St. ' Mary's Avenue Records.
OMAHA , July 21.
The subject of street grades seems
at piesent to engross public atten
tion , and as usual in the discussion
of such subjects , misrepresentations
by interested parties are being
spread , broadcast toeffect desired
modifications. The decision of Chief
Justice Lake that the grade of any
street cannot , when changed from
plans previously adoptedbe putjntp
pflept without flrst assessing and
tendering payment of'resultintr
damages , is being „ quoted as a
barrier to the successful execution
this season of wort upon Dodgeand
gther sheets. | js alleged that the
erode upon Dodge street adopted in
1873 so modifies that of 1868 that
the city will be embarrased to pay
resulting damages to Meredith and
others , and that in consequence the
plans Adopted must" be changed.
A's' I ma e p" surveys and.d.e.sjgued.
the plans recently adopted- ! deem
it ray duty to make a proper ex
planation , and then let the public
judge whether these representations
are based upon facts. .It is well
known that a'system known as the
Creighton grades was adopted in
I860 , under its provisions Dodge
street and most all others north
ward to Webster street , were to be
cut to the extent of from twenty-
five to thirty fet. In 1868 Mr.
Meredith : ; 'with * special view to
secure a change upon IJougljs , '
Dodge and Capitol avenue grades
Was'elepted. ft'tjjp pouppij. Th.e
tihange after iwnsjderftbje eftbrt was
finally effected In 1809t Jfowlfth *
cut provi < ] ii for in , the change
thus brought about Is rin excess
of what it ought to be , Mr. Meri-
dith , and others , whg were instru
mental In Jts "adoption , ijr&the last
ones to complain"a'nd'certafniy can
clain no damages. N.OW It Is stated
fhat the grade recommended by
myself contemplates an Increase of
cutting. Let us see. The elevation
above low water-mark of the grade
as established by Meredith in 1869
on Dodge street , and that adopted
in 1873 are as follows :
Old grade centre 19th on west side
Dodge 158 fept ; new grade , ditto ,
lag/iiiaking / qufr ou'n.eXy"qne
foot less than old.
Centre block west , old grade , 170 ,
d.jtto. new grndo , 169 j , making out
on new grade only MX inches more.
Old grade west side 20th , 178 , new
grade 180 ; old grade cuning two feet
Thus it will be seen that the
records do not substantiate
the allegations in reference to Dodge
street. Now a few words in refer
ence to Sjt. Mary la ayeuuv. first of ) there never was such a
street in 1800 , when the grade Is
claimed to have been established.
There is no authenticated plat to
show it no record showing that
property was over purchased or ever
deeded for that purpose. Only a
year ago , Mr. B. E. B. Kennedy
came before the City Council with a
protest in behalf of his neighbors
against the formal opening of the
street. An injunction was after-
wqrds sought by him , of the courts ,
to'rostraiir the city"from tdkinn it ,
which Judge Lake refused , upon
grounds that the city had a right to
condemn property for public high
ways. If a street had a legal exist
ence before , then why these proceed
ings ? Again , Mrs. Crary , by Mr.
Kennedy , her attorney , has a
' '
paso now hi qourt far fjama'ges' ,
resulting from opening the avenue
through those grounds lasfc year.
Those parties are now fighting t\vo
battles , one claiming damages for
changing a grade upon a street es
tablished seven years ago , and the fop grounds taken by thP Pty }
upon the same street , which they
claim hnd no existence. Can a grade
bo regarded ns established on a
street having no existence ? But
what- record is there of any grade ?
( assuming such a street to jave le
gally existed. )
Certainly it cannot be claimed
that a piece of paper with no cirtifl-
cate. no record , an $ jn fp.tqnly
partly marked in pencil , like many
temporary plats , Is the proof of Its
being the one claimed to have been
recommended and adopted. Is it
not reasonable to suppose
that Barnard , who established
grades in I860 , from Jackson to
Webster sfrppt , sh.quW bavp lyrltteu
ful } despriptiftnH of all- these grades ,
[ jf which the City Clerk's records
xmtain an exact copy , and
then make an exception of this
ivenue. The very title by which
: his plat is recognizable at all , was
placed there by myself. I was con-
lecti-d with that office as early as
I868and strange to say pvpr sawan
ifflpja } plat of any gracfe upop th'at
treet. Th.P statement made that
he present City Engineer JVrnlshed
i certificate of a copy , I nm author-
zed by him to pronounce as false.
le Informs me that he never certi-
ied to anything in the premises ,
DYEING , c.eamng and repairing
one in the neatest manner , at the
) th St.bct. Famhaniand Douglas
pr28t f.
DR. POWELL , ofiice 215 , Fdrn-
am street. Iune23-tf
In order to make room for my
rge fall and winter stock , I now
ler my spring and summer stock
greatly reduced rates , below the
iginal cost. J. H. "STEIN.
McKelligon's card ton
cond page. june2-tf
The choicest , freshest table butter *
the city , always to be found at i
hnson & Co. s. , No. 260 Dodge i
eet. - jyoodSt
, - P
BEIJ.EVUE UBOVE , twelve miles T
m Omaha , on the line of the B.
M. IL B. , and 100 yards from the
xit , has been improved for pit nics
1 private parties _
Ul engagements for the grove
1 be made through
f 7tf. 242 Douglas Street.
'OB reason of remarkable low
: es/1 am selling my spring and isth
imer goods'very rapidly.
ilylO-tf. Jl H. STEIX.
: . LATEY'S is the place to go
this very necessary commodity.
iningroom girls wanted at the
Hotel. jy7tf proa
NOTICE. Advertisements of To Let , Foi
Sale , Loct , Wants , Found , .Boarding , AC. , wil
be Inserted in these columns once for TE
CENTS per line ; each subsequent Insertion
FrVECEFJS per line. The nrst insertioi
never less than TWENTY-FIVE CENTS
T70R RENT A two-story brick buUding 01
JC llarney rear 10th street , suitable lor i
boarding house ; nice yard cistern , well , cells
and other conveniences. Apply at Office o
and 132 Farnham street. ,
riAO ISbNT A two story house with sevei
X rooms , good wtll , cellar and cistern , wcs
side of IStii , bclw een Davenport and Chicago.
jy21tf C. AXIXWD
LAND-COO Acres of choice lands li
CHEAP County , for sale at SI 75 per acre
one-half cash , balance one year at 10 percent
Apply at Otlhce ol Great Western Land Agency
ISO 4 13. ! Kamhaiii street. jy20t
WANTED A good girl 'p family of three
58517th fct. j)20t
ANTED A girl to do general housework
at No. 404 Hurt bt. Jy2ud3t
TURNIS1IEO KOOM.S to rent with or with
J } out board. No. 117 Dodge street , nea
ninth. jy 10121
ANTED A girl to cook at America ]
w House , bet. llta and 12Ui , Douglas st.
GIIJL WANTED Inquire at Mone'
A Order Window , I'o t Olnce. jylSlf
WANTED A man to work about place
Inquire at Hall's Foundry. jylitf.
I7IOU SALE A neat cottage , corner 17th am
J } i avcnport. Inquire ai
jyiqtf H. lip iNBEKGER , Douglas t
j7 > Ml'LQYMENf o'priCE-Hoom No. 1. noutl
Jloajt corner ISth and Douglas su. Want
ed Immediately , servaut girls , farmhands , car
pentcrsand laborers , also real estate bought am
sold , and taxes paid lor non-residents.
jyStf Omaha , Neb
YV house-work. Apply 331 liavenpor
street , between 17th and 18th. jy3tf
TOUE TO KENT 193 DougUu street. In
I quire Of WEIJBEU i BE1IM.
IJI OR REST Wonsc on 15th , near Daveopor
J- tree' . Jc3Qtf S. A. TAYLOR A CO.
E JacVson sta
. 1A1LOR4CO.
ANTED Day boarders , at the touthwcs
W cor. of 10th and Hartley sts. je29tf
A cneap inrui in excnange 10 :
WANTED . . Address , ' Fariucr , B i
- - -
I and one Hearse , cheap for cash or trade , a :
Fneed the room for now ones.
JelSdti. . a. W. HOMAN.
- land , being the NI
M otfeclS , in township 13 , N of K 4 E. it
tne SE part ol ButY. r cxunty , V > miles Nnrth-
west of Lincoln. A well -cntdfarm , adjoin *
it on the west , and country all around it i <
thickly tettlfl : Will sell for $500 , one hall
down , balance in one year , or S3 00 per acre it
cash , or will trade for city property. Apply tc
mO TtlE PUBLIC The undersigned has
I purchased and put upon the streets as
pvblic conveyances , some of the finest carriages
ernianufactnred in this country. They will 1 *
run to andlroro the depots , hotels and prlyatt
residences. AU orde s lett at the Metropolitan
Hold , or at the stable , near t e cor of Eleventh
st and CapiUl Avenue , will lie promptly at
tended to. A ahare of the public patronage IE
respectfully solicited. JOHN E. HULL ,
my loll
An Ordinance to amend section 2 of clnptet
XXXI of the reYisefl prdjmtncc , '
Be Jt ardalneuT by the city council of tbe ilty ol
Omaha ;
SKCTJOX I. That section 2 of chapter XXXI
of the Revised Ordinance of the lily of Omaha
be so amended as to read as follows , to-wit :
"Any owiier , proprietor or ag nt of any line
or place herein mentioned , may receive licence
to employ one or more posies or runners upon
application and upon eiaemng into a bond to
the city ol Omaha in the bum of five-hundred
dollars for each 1'csnse conditional for the pay
ment of all damage which slull occur by reason
of the careless or improper handling of any
goods or articles entrusted to the care ot such
posies or runners , and further , upon the pay
ment of the following sums for a license lor one
year , to-wit :
As runners or posies for ( my p llc bouse ,
hotel. iteauiboat , stage or umntbus Hue , twen t -
live dollArSi as runners for ' ! y wercbantile
liouse or firm fifty dollars wlthrproporHonate
rates for a less period ; " - ,
PROVIDED that no llcennc shairiasnc for a
less period than t > lx months.
Paastd July 8 , 1874. * \
Attest :
O. C. LUDLOW , J. S. GlltsON .
City Clerk. Tres.City Council.
Approved July 9,187-t. .
Jy21d3t 'S. 0 , ( XUASE , Mayor-
Vn'crdinance levying taxes for'ihe yearlS74.
te It oidjined by the city council of the city of
) maha , * |
SECTION ! . That the following taxes be and
he same are hereby levied on the a/sessed val-
ie of the property within taid City lor the year
I. D. , 1874. ' - '
} "or tle general fund of said city to be used
or general purposes , a tax : of ten rnilU on each
ollar ,
For the sinking fund of said city a tax of five
illls on each dollar.
SECTION I. That the following taxes be , and
he uarne are hereby levied on the wscssed vale -
e of all the property within the school district
f the city ot Omaha , in the county of Douglas ,
i the state of NebraatafortheyeacA. D , 1874.
For the school fund of Bald district , a tax of
ve mills on each dollar. ' - ;
SECTION III This ordinance shall take effect
nd be in force from and altar Hj passage , * '
PaS.c4.July7J87V - r ' T
Attest ; /
O , 0. LUDLOW , J. S. GIBSON ,
City Clerk. Pros. Cily Council.
AprrovedJulyg , 1374.
Jy21d3t C. S. CHASE , Mayor.
n Ordinance In relation to the extension of
Ith Street
e it ordajnpd by the City Coi-ncil of the City
: onhai ' .
N If. That it li and Is hereby dcclar-
l to be necessary for the Clty'of Omaha to
ipropriate a certain tract or parcel of land for
ie public use and benefit of said City for the
Ltension of ISth street in gala City and to be
ied and occupied as part of said 18th street ,
Said real-estate Is situated within said City
id is described as follows , to wit : "
A strip of land 66 feet wide and about 20 rods
cy IBB neirs pi Samuel Mabon. to the south
ie o { Lake's aditlon ( } to sad | City. A1J of said
rip of Und being la tbe South East quarter ot
B South West quarter ol section Ten in Dou-
IB County , J/ebruka and containing one half
re of land more or less.
3ECTIOS II. That tbe mare be and hois
reby Instructed to appoint three coiumUuion-
i to aspraise sal4 Jands aboye dlscribfd accord-
* tol"
, w. , * . . . This/ ordinance shall t ke effect'l
d be in force from , and gjtir its pasiaee
? asjpd July 8th 1874.
" "b. 0 , LUDLOW , J. S. GIBSON. I I
.City Clerk. Pies. City Council.
Approved July 9th 1874. I i
Id3t C. S. CHASE. Mayor.
) OHaBSComPlaceLots ! .
"OUSES ANU LOTS jn the city of Omaha * ,
for salecbeanand " I
. on eoodtenui. *
IIOUGS Oi , JI1I.L , .
eal estate brokers.omce over lackey's atore ,
Dodee st. opposite new postomceap30m2
be voters of our nation , . .
A * ne'er wa * known belorc , . i , ,
re rising from Pacific's strand 7 I ,
To Atlantic's rociy shore. I "
by is this mighty clunw ? " '
What can tbe meaning Ie ? | r
ie rising of the masses *
From northern lake to southern sea.
ie spirit of old seventy-six V >
From out our heroes' Rra es , , ,
irbids a nation drenched In patriots' blood ,
Should sink to that of slaves ; "
IP motto which our coins once bore ,
Chough obsolete Ipng sincef
main as ever true i not one cent lor tribute ,
Jut minions for defence , it
rty ties and party laws /
Lre but as ropes of sandl /
e > Ijhts of mm tobeaman * v
ihould Boyern Freedom's land ?
en shall our Flag more proudly float
I'er land as well as'sca , n
trade we'll trr to deal , vt
, s man should deal with man ,
4 while we seek to live ourselves ,
re'll sell as cheap as anybody can ,
1 if a hat you need , < $ ,
r friend yon chance to meet ,
aember Bance , the Hatter-v
n Upper Douglas Streetr V- . -
1BEBK. c. S' K ABB At II.
it. between Famhamlajid arney 11. *
D3IAHA , - Ifl NEB.
ing and Farm agons ,
Dealers In and manufacturers of I
lepalrinjc olwag pi and blackamlthlng
Ur dOBttyftionable prices
c o S3
r fr S
< Oi 3 =
ourtoe W
CQ fr
P s ( ft ;
1" 3 M S m W
G ! S3 S
> x if
0 x1 PH
jr i ? H 3 M
'I-1 58
* *
C §
rEK DAY. Agents waut-
tf ed. All classes of work
ing people of either sex , young or old , raake
more money at work for us in their spare mo
ments or all the tinio than at anything else.
Addie s STINSON 4 Co. , Portland , Maine-
By virtue of a vendl issued out of the Dis
trict Court for Gumming County , Nebraska ,
and to me directed , I will on the 24th day of
July , A. D. , 1874 , at 10 o'clock , A. M. ot said
day , at the store room of Albert Tucker , No.
234 Douglas street , in the city of Omaha , and
County of Douglas , in said State , sell at auction
the following described property , levied upon
to satisfy a judgment ot said Court , re
covered by II. L. Henry , against Albert
Tucker , to-wit : Eighty-five cases of msnUtnd
boys' boots , 23 cases of s.hoes ; &Ua all tht retiil
stock of boots acd shoes cbatarinedMn'Eald store ;
alioaimaUline'brhqi andcapg : also , the fol
lowing" described storp and oftice furniture ;
Two lounges , 1 deal : , 1 OYe MH\ pipe , a * . . .
y to satisfy said judg-
ulm.auu costs , and accruing costs thereon.
JylSdlOt Sheriff.
All kinds of light and heavy
S&'All Wo'lc Guarantee ? . * ® *
225 r.jn'iazi Street , < Onata , Heb
And Gcncial Provision Dealers ,
8. WCor. . Jackson and 13th Sts- ,
Keep a supfiior stock of Groceries , Provisions ,
Wines , Liquors and Cigars , and sell cheaper
than any oilier house in Omaha. j } 3 3m
Justice of the Peace
Office overt no State Bank , corner rf Faru-
hatu and 13thstreets. Ie \
Lnmbn qtiius and V.r'udoir Shades ,
270 Farnbam street , coiner Fifteenth
E , T. PAGE , Proprietor.
lOtt St. , Let. Farnham and Harney ,
OM\HA , N D.
Free lluss to and from all Trains.
Passengers for olhcr Hole's r.r private Resi
dence v n 1 ° ' 25 cents.
IW All orders left at P. II. Allen's , 2d door
from P. O , C. Wilton A Son , cor. 13th and
IlTney , and the City Hotel Oflice , will receive
pioiupt attention. Iy7 1m
B. W. Cor. of 14th and Harney Sts.
JUSTUS KESSiEB , Proprietor ,
Omaha , Neb.
fAf-n > i n-m SzTOOt
Between 9th and. 10th.
S , Prop.
Central House
'If 0.630 Sixteenth Street , '
Jpp. Jefferson Square , OMAHA , NFB ,
JOSEPH DOTE , Prcp'r ,
Day and week T3oad at veasopable rales.
First-cliEj far altacpttl to the bouse.
Tlio Sioux Cltj and Pacific Railroad ,
la Connection wtlh the
i 02 miles thr shortcut route from Oma
id Council Bluffr to St. Paul , 3HnrapoI
: lllirater , Anula , Duluth , BIsmarcL , and a
lints In Jllnnrsota.
Train leaves Omaha daily , ( eirept Saturday
G o.clock p. m. , and Council Bluffs at 8.05 j
, from Cbicngo A North-Western Depot.
ire as LOW and 1 ime as QUICK n
by any oilier Line.
te sure vour ticket reads VIA Sioux. City
19 avoiding circuitous routes and rniduigm
'ickets can be nrcbasel at the offices of the
icago < fc Xortliwislern Railway in Omaha
1 Council lilulls.
I'l Pan. A Tkket Agf it I' . A d. ' . JJ. It.
I Paul , Minn.
F. C. HILL , -
I'l Pass , and Ticket Agt. , S. C A I' . , Sioui
ily , Iowa.
OEO. W. GBATTON , Agenf.
1C3 Fainbam Street , Omaba.Neb.
ily 20 , tf.
Mrs. D. A. MOITETT ,
shionable ' Dressmaking ,
. 564 Fourteenth St. ,
)3m ) OMAHA , NEB.
3 Douglas St. , Omaha , Neb.
WAGO1T cred Tt
oed Stock ,
aUai Wheels , Piaijhed Qerring , & &
L ? , Springs and TliImLle SkeinsThe
-The (
riages , Hacks a "Buggies
StHdebmeker AVagca Depot.
,5U ,
Tbe Kingof IheSEWJXG MACHINE IVOriD as ric-tmintntly M Cold Ttltns in the
Realms ci Finance.
SALES EOK 1873 :
In Round Numbers 232,444 Machines !
ni.ri''V" ' ' . lr lcanl"ln * Ml evidence that the superiority of the Singer Is tu Iv
W. N. NASON , Agent ,
J. J. BROWN & BRO. ,
Agents for the Oriental Powder Co.
538 anU 540 Foteent3i Street ,
- - "
Ko. tVa Farnham Street
ITo. 247 Douglas Street ,
. . , - - IsTISIB
Canned Goods , Dried Fruits , Green Fruits in Season.
A , S. S I & . IP S O
C. I. . A.
288 Dodge Street , 2d Door East of 16th Street.
I keep cons jntly on hand tbe finest lo ltof ItreaJ Cloth , Cissloirrcs and V
UP tlC m ° St laslllonabl' ! > l > lv * and 'ult h wort fa.
Teas , Spices , Tot eco and Cigars.
212 Farnham Street , Onmlia Nej )
MOHR& go
231 Farn&am Street ,
- - IsTIEIB.
J. J. BROWN & BRO. ,
rs-ir Notions. id Boots nnd Shoes.
Shelf i Heavy Hardware
EUS. 1'L.OVffl , crffcTIVATOnS I IIAV
S Omaha-
Jmportfl-l.'iioods a SpecI-Ulj.
DME& and
liarhiiijton nd Missouri P > er'RalIroad Co. . offer ) T > est Ian Isat'low prlcn
at G DC. cen. . Interest , * A "I hahimu prentiumof 20 per cent , on tbe amount of tbe
ase , if half tbe land is cultivated , witblu two yean from dale of piirchiw.
lh of' latte , loup Fork and Elkhorn Valleys
, A M.R.'h. Co. wlllseCaboiil J.000.000 acres of spl n Hltrazin ; and.agricnHaralJland In
fwitcred'rvunlry , f Irom Sir * to 87.00 per acre on longervdit.
South of he Platte
raja sa lar otolf of tha bMtlaal In Xebrni4lnUrwte.lby nuraerom rirrrs
the State , also in ta
} vxu railroa/IanliatMUr estini batdarelopelpircof pu
a.Vzlley. FordrcitUrsanKull Information apply to
R. SCHALLtR , Agent B. & M. land Office ,
Corner of Jilnth and Farnham Sts. , Omalia
Or General Land Deportment ) Lincoln , No ,