Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, April 01, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

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fifr GAIN the soup rolls merrily around the U. ofN's
Jw candidate fororatorical greatness in the late state
contest. But we are not discouraged. We shall try
again next year. Perhaps by that time the Wcsleyan
will have graduated some of her ministers of rather
mature years and will be no more dangerous than
was Doane after she graduated the man who defeated
us on two different occasions. We presume that any
thing is fair, however, and so we we will not make any
objections even though some of the minor instutions
see fit to send some of their faculty to represent them
at the state contest. In these contests some one
must be defeated and it is the proper thing for us to
take our defeat with good grace and see that the man
who represents Nebraska in the inter-state contest has
the strongest support possible. Sail, in Brother Fer
guson, we hope that you may be as successful in the
coming contest us you were in the one that is past.
njijE arc glad to see that several of the colleges of
p the state have entered into a state athletic asso
ciation and have taken steps toward arranging for a
series of base ball games to be played during the
spring term. Athletic sports have always been neg
lected by the colleges of the state and we hope that
the inter-collegiate association may be able to arouse
a great amount of interest in manly sports. There
is no use for a man to go through college and come
out with a body so weakened by over study and neg
lect of proper exercise that he is utterly unable to
undertake the work of life. It would be far better for
some of our students to leave off striving only for
high marks and to pay more attention to proper
exercise fur their physical development. When that
plan is adopted whereby physical culture shall receive
as careful training as the mental, then our educational
institutions will be pursuing a course more nearly in
harmony with natural laws, than is the present
40NSIDERABLE dissatisfaction has been express
ed by the visitors to the state contest on account
of the treatment which they recieved. Now this re
mindsus that in a few weeks there will meet in this
city as the guests of the university the largest and
most representative body of college students that has
ever assembled in Nebraska. These people are com
ing here expecting that they will receive courteous
treatment and it behoves us as loyal students of the
university to do our part and that well. There is a
most excellent opportunity for us either to make the
name of the University of Nebraska a synonym tor
hospitality and friendship or another term for indif
ference and selfishness, to be praised for kindness or
abused for unkindness. Now it must be remembered
that nine progressive western states will be represented.
The University of Nebraska will surely receive con
siderable advertisment and it is in our power to have
the public think well or ill of us. Seeing that this is
the state of affairs we should wake up and be doing
something. The facuhy should not remain indifferent.
The matter concerns them as well as the students
it concerns the whole institution regents faculty
and all. There is only o month until the contest.
There arc many preparations to be made. Let us
stir ourselves a little and be fully prepared to receive
our visitors in a manner that will be both gratifying
to them and pleasing to us.
d LTHOUGH the faculty have decided that The
4v Hesperian editors must do as much work in the
English department as those who are not connected
with the paper and seem to be determined to treat all
alike, and to regard nothing but work done in the
class room, yet we venture to make one mo're sugges
tion and hope that it may receive some consideration.
It is only fair that each student entering an oratorical
rontest be excused from one essay or oration, and the
person who represents the university in the state con
test be excused from three or all the work of a whole
year in the English department. Now this is nothing
more than what is fair. The person who enters one
of the contests here certainly does a great deal more
work than it requires to write an essay or oration,
while the one who goes to the state contest will, at
the least, put as much time upon his oration as he
would upon a three hour study. It is unjust to de
mand anything in the line of essays, themes, etc.
from the person who does the necessary amount of
work to represent us in the contest; it is an injustice
to the student and an injustice to the institution. In
justice lo the student, he should not be hampered in
any manner whatever. In justice to the institution its
represetative to the state contest should be assisted in
every possible manner, instead of being treated pretty
much as if he had done something wrong in entering
the contest. All this has been said without wishing
to blame anybody for past conduct, and at the same
time having in view the fact that there will be a state
contest next year and in that contest the university
will be represented.
Special prices to students at T. Ewing & Co's.
II. P. Shcrwin, the popular druggist and boot and shoe
dealer, on and after March i, will be found at his new
quarters, in the Hutchins block, 1124 O street, where he
has removed his entire stock of drugs and boots and shoes
$75.00 to $250.00 a month can be made working for us.
Persons preferred who can furnish a horse and give their
whole time to the business. Spare moments may be profit
ably employed also. A few vacancies in towns and cities.
Ii. F. JOHNSON & CO., 1009 Main St., Richmond, Va.