Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, March 01, 1890, Page 9, Image 9

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The music department of the university is gaining n rep
utation abroad for good, thorough work, as several pupils
make weekly trips from neighboring towns to pursue the
Professor Bcssey has rcclcvcd a picture of Dr. Gray's old
home, the botanical Mecca of America. The house where titc
learned botanist lived and died is now in the possession of
There arc about fifty more students in the college proper
this year than there were last, but the preparatory department
is somewhat smaller yet there is an aggregate increase of about
forty students.
Students wishing microscopes should call at TltK Hkspkr
ian office and examine the stock kept by Saycr & Miller be
fore purchasing elsewhere. They arc prepared to give you
wholesale prices.
Stranger, to street car driver: "How arc they progressing
with the new Y. M. C. A. building." Driver, "I don't
know. There arc so many of these lodges that I can't keep
track of them all."
Professor Osburn, instructor ofcntymology in the Iowa ag
ricultural college, lately visited Professor Ucsscy, his former
teacher. While here he was much interested with Mr. Bru
ncr's collection of insects.
Professor Fulmcr and his chemistry class made a trip
through the gas works February 22. The works however
were not in operation, consequently the visitors did not derive
as much benefit as they might have.
Thursday, February 13, the non-partisan prohibition
league had a meeting and passed a resolution requesting each
of the three literary societies to give two temperance pro
grams before the end of the school year.
A delegate to the prohibition convention from Tccumseh,
the city from which Jim McCrosky hails, reported that "they
had an electric light plant down there nearly ready to run,
but they hadn't got their 'dynamites' yet.
Quite a number of our boys attended the Wcslcyan local
oratorical contest, and they seem to be unanimous in the
opinion that our man Fogarty has hothing to fear from Wcs
lcyan's representative to the state contest.
II. P. Shcrwin, the popular druggist and boot and shoe
dealer, on and after March 1, will be found at his new
quarters, in the Hutchins block, 1124 O street, where he
has removed his entire stock of drugs and boots and shoes
The hour was late. Portcrfield saw a man. The man
was heavily encumbered. Portcrfield was riding a horse.
The man a robber. Portcrfield was not(?). The man dropped
a sack. The knight dismounted. The marauder hit the
breeze. Finis.
On the evening of Februry 19, Dr. Frank S. Billings, who
was formerly connected with the Nebraska experiment station,
delivered a lecture on the "Best Manner of Conducting the
Study of Animal Diseases," before the Nebraska draught
horse association.
Mr. Hartman, an active Palladian in days gone by, is
agent for the Edison phonograph. Last week a piece played
by the University orchestra was taken by his machine as was
the Uni. yell. Unfortunately the cylinder containing the cxcl
lent selection fronr. Rawlinson was broken, but the one hav
ing the college yell which U of much more consequence
remains uninjured and sincerely we hope the cylinder will be
preserved to delight those living in future ages.
Any one wishing a subscription to LippincotP s Magazine
can get one at greatly reduced rates by applying to O. G.
Miller, business manager.
The battallion will go into camp this year on the 29th of
May. This being before the close of recitations, the cadets
will return a day or two before the examinations begin; so
they cannot give as an excuse for not going, that they had to
stay at home and cram for the final exams.
A few days ago Chancellor Bcssey rcclcvcd a letter from
the agricultural college of Fort Collins Colo, .ask his opinion
about having the long vacation in the winter instead of in
the summer. The object of this change is to give those stud
who so desire an opportunity to teach a winter term of school.
On the evening of February 13, Mr. Covcl was awakened
by the footsteps of some stranger in his room. He immedia
tely sprang out of bed with the intention of seizing the in
truder, but the thief was too qutck for him and made his es
cape unharmed. The rascal found only one dollar to pay him
for his trouble.
On Friday afternoon, Feb. 21, the cadet band played at
the celebration of George Washington's birthday by the stud
cuts of the C street public school, After playing several
pieces in the different rooms they were royally entertained
with refreshments by the teachers, and came away unani
mously voting them the best lot of schoolma'ms in the city.
Not many moons ago Chas. B. Jackson took advantage of
the improvements in science by conversing with a dear friend
sixty miles away, but not satisfied with the present develop
ment and not wishing to wait for Jules Verne's ideal telephone
to be perfected, Saturday last he bade Lincoln adieu and
passed two days of dclighful bliss in Fremont. He says the
the people arc all well.
On the evening of February 24 a most excellent musical
program was rendered at the home of Miss Dcna Loomis.
Among the numbers enjoyed by an appreciative audience was
a trio by the Misses Loomis, Marsland, and Latta. This was
foiled by one of Mrs. Webber's choice scledtions. At the
close of the program the many present participated in social
greetings and delicacies suitable for the occasion.
Not long ago Lieutenant Griffith sent in a request to the
war department at Washington to be supplied with the follow
ing books: One morning report book for each of the four
companies; one consolidated post morning report book and
one sick report book for each of the four companies. These
will be used with the theoretical instruction given to cadets,
and will be of practical value in our annual encampments.
Saturday evening, February 15, the charter day exercises
began with an overture by the university cadet band; after
this Professor Bcssey made a few introductory remarks, giv
ing a short sketch of the history of the university from the
time it was opened in 1869 until the present. The violin solo
by Professor Menzcndorf was well rendered and met with a
hearty applauce. The chancellor then introduced to the aud
ience President Chambcrlin of Wisconsin university, who de
livered an interesting address on "The Coming of Age of
Sjatc Universities," which was thoroughly appreciated by the
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