Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 15, 1889, Page 8, Image 8

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"Oh boo tliutco-od cliowlng Bum,"
"It otops hor ldlo prating;"
'"Tlnnotfor thnt fho'esllcutnow,
Sho'A dimply ruminating."
The Seniors have challenged the Juniors to a game of
foot-ball, and in all probability the challenge will arouse the
combatativeness of the Juniors sufficiently to make an inter
esting game one ot the things of the near future.
On November I , the Palladian adjourned society on account
of the death of Miss Hiltncr, and the Unions closed on account
on the weather. A few patriotic Dclians struggled through the
rain and slush and gave a program in defiance ol the weather.
Professor Hicks and Mr. Brunei started for Washington
last Saturday to attend the meeting of the directors of experi
ment stations held in that city. Mr. Brunei is also attending
the meeting of the official cntymologists, which convenes at
the same time.
At the last meeting of the German club, Professor Fosslcr
tried the effect of the German pun and riddle on the free
born Americans. The club, or some members of it, came out
on top, showing the great capacity and adaptability of the
American mind.
Al. Williams, '89, and Miss Effic Sncll both happened to be
at the Palladian society last Fridayjiight. (Our grouping the
above names in one item is purely accidental you understand.)
Miss Sncll will again enter school and expects to graduate
with the class of '93. "
The shelving is now completed in the conservatory, and
soon it will be a bower of floral beauty. A tank will be
placed there for the cultivation of the lower forms of animal
and plant life. This will be a "sweet boon" to the structural
botany and biology classes.
The civil engineering class has undertaken the laying out
of a foot-ball grounds on the north-west corner of the camp
us. Owing to lack of space the dimensions must be only
eleven-sixteenths of the regulation dimensions, Our foot
ball club (when we get it organized) will be of the full weight,
size and quality.
The discovery of the following distinction, at this time of
year, between the male and female trees of the cottonwood is
due to A. F. Woods. The buds of the male tree are large,
spreading, and somewhat clustered near the end of the stem.
Those of the female are more slender, scattered, and ap
prcssed to the stem.
For the next term the class of '91 will be officered by
the following: II. A. Reese, president; Miss Collins, vice-president;
A. M. Troyer, recording secretary; C. C.
Fletcher, corresponding secretary; A. A. Faurot, trcasurar;
D. W. Bush, historian; W. T. Brown, sergcant-at-arms; C. P.
Walters, assistant scrgeant-at-arms.
Miller has just received a handsome copy of the life of
John L. Sullivan) "The Modern Gladiator," with full instruc
tions in heavy pugilism. Mr. Miller will go into training
immediately with sworn intent to exterminate the prowling
fiends, who with malice aforethought, insist upon jamming
divers stray bricks and planks into the pipe of the Hesperian
At this writing the foot-ball business seems to be taking def
inite shape. Temporary elevens have been organized and the
boys arc struggling wi'h the intricacy of the rules. A. J. Mc
Clatchic is "coach" and is well qualified by reason of having
acted in a similar capacity at Olivet College. A Senior eleven
will probably soon take the field and proceed to wipe the
ground with all opponents.
A meeting of the University athletic association was held
Friday, at 4 P. M. in room 3. Owing to inclement weather a
large number of the members were prevented from attending,
bnt a quorum being present the following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: President, A. F. Woods; vice-president,
F. F. Almy; secretary, C. M. Skilcs; Treasurer, A. M. Troyer;
custodian, Thcophilus Bruggcr.
Professor Bcsscy is much pleased that Dr. J. Schroctcr ol
Germany, in his late work "Kryptogamen Flora von Schles
ien," takes the same position as Professor Bcsscy in his larger
botany published ten years ago, in regard to the telentospore
stage being the most highly developed,. or sexual stage, anal
ogous to the perithecia of Asconycetes, The tclcutospores being
homologous to the asms with its inclosed spores.
The rhetoric displayed in some of the notices written by
students and posted on the bulletin board docs not always
reflect favorably on the careful teaching of Professor Hunt.
The following is a sample from prepdom:
If the person who stole my hat will leave it in the place
from where they took it. It will greatly oblige mc."
For some reason perhaps the early cold weather the
usual annual pilgrimages to the insane asylum and penitentiary
have not come off on schedule time this fall. The latest word
from the lunatics and convicts is that they feel very much hurt
at the slight put upon them by the University students. The
only proper thing to do is to try to organize a party of new
girls and escort them to these hallowed shrines of prepdom.
The Hallowe'en party given at the home of Miss Lau, cor
ner Eleventh and D streets, under the direction of the Kappa
Kappa Gamma sorority, proved a most novel and unique af
fair. A carefully prepared and highly amusing program, in
which Fate figured prominently, was closed with a most pal
atable s.upper, at which toasts were proposed and most ably re
sponded to. Those present report a most enjoyable evening
despite the attendant stormy weather.
The editor of the Sophomorian evidently did not expect
anybody but preps to read their German joke column. They
painfully and carefully looked up all ol the words and gave
annotated explanations ol the "points" to each and every joke.
Someday they will awaken to the realization of the fact -that,
although they arcjust beginning German, and know very little
about it, it is safe to assume that most ol the readers know
enough ol the language to detect a palpable blunder.
Place: Corner R and Sixteenth streets. Characters:
French an a former University girl. Time: Saturday
morning. F ench knocking at the- front door: "I'd like to
get Mr. Schcll's washing." Former University girl: "You
must have cotton the wroni? number." F: "No. this U ii,.
o -- - - - 1 -
number given mc, 15 , and it's marked paid." F. U. G: - .s
"Well, we don't take in washing." (Closes the door em
phatically.) Exit French with a blank look on his face.
The "nawsty" weather was a most effectual damper on
many schemes for Hallowe'en. The Baron was expecting to
lead a small army out to the Christiau University, carry it
away piecemeal, and set it up on our campus. He spent the
night in tears when he found the walking was too bad to allow
the carrying off of big buildings. Most of the other little
schemes, such as scaring thcWeslcyan students, shaking their
bell-post, tipping over over the chimney of the boiler house,
and so on, were like wise given up. Really you never saw a
nicer behaved set of little boys than were our students that
night all on the account of the elements.