Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 15, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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Company C is Drown on both ends.
"Professor, I am present." Roy Wheeler.
Our janitor is something of a poet himself.
Paul Burleigh, '93, visited friends in Omaha Inst week.
Ask French how he got even ntxt day after the social.
" Schell's ma and pa came up last Saturday to sec after their
little hoy.
Mnghce, Sr., is running an opposition to Gillespie's
.The department of Latin recieved a valuable collection of
hooks week.
The girls like Zoology 'cause the proressor tells them such
nice stories.
J. N. Plumb, formerly ol '91, is attending the medical col
lege at Iowa City.
Miss Mary 1). Holmes visited her many friends at the Uni
versity last week.
George Hippec Rogers, '88 is again in the city and attended
the societies last Friday night.
The Lieutenant sometimes excuses Barkley from drill and
invites him to supper with him.
F. E. Bishop, '92, was confined to his room the past week
by an attack of malarial fever.
J. A. Darras, '91, now located at. Council Binds, la., was
in the city a few days last week.
Ask TcfTt about the woman he sprinkled, or rather poarcd
upon, from the second story window.
Sergeant-Major. "Squad, count fours." Awkward
Squad. "One! two! three! four! five! six!"
Miss Moore took her art history class to the senate
chamber and explained the exhibit to them.
Miss Minnie DePue, '92 was detained at her home on ac
count of illness, a few days' week before last.
The military companies look like companies when they
get their full quota from the awkward squad.
Baron has announced his change in politics, he no longer
believes in woman suffrage, and can tell you why.
Llew Bryan returned from a visit to his home in Iowa on
last Friday. He will probably remain in the city.
George L. Palmer, '93, left school last week for Omaha,
where he will assist his father in business this year.
George Fosslcr, who went cast to study medicine, was com
pelled by sickness to return to his home in this city.
One of the electric lamps in the armory refused to burn till
that mysterious man Bigelow had an interview with it.
Miss Anna and Belle Rogers have returned from their
European tour, and are again hard at work in the University.
Concrete floors are being laid in the basement of Grant
Memorial Hall and it may be that the rooms are to be put to
some use.
Judge R. D. Church, '89, disturbed the tranquility of the
reading-room, shaking hands with his numerous friends, last
Efforts are being made to establish a club among the students
whereby gold watches may be obtained at the rate of $35
each and the money to be paid in weekly instalments
of one dollar. For rurthcr particulars call on Till'. Hksi'KKIAN
Business Manager.
Boun. To Mr. and Mrs B. F. Johnson on November 5, a
fine boy. The grandchildren of our alma mater are becoming
quite numerous.
The Hksperian office has been lately decorated with sam
ple picture of the late cane rush and also with view of the Un
iversity buildings.
Junior translating German: "I love a girl in the castle."
Professor "Well, maybe you do, but that isn't a proper trans
lation of the passage. ''
One of the objections to the suspension of chapel exercises
is that the boys miss the opportunity of seeing the girls to ar
range for Friday night.
Sheldon, quite enthusiastic over society matters. "I sat
inthc reading room and just ached for an introduction to
some of those new girls."
Ralph Johnson is a runner and no mistake. He says there
were 401 First Preps out the night of the second prep social,
but they didnt catch him.
Ilaydcn, the photographer, is now prepared to make those
little stamp photos, so neat to use on visiting cards, letter heads
etc. Call around and investigate.
Miss Nellie Scott, a former student of the University, is
visiting among us. Judging from her countenance we sur
misc that she likes fun as well as of yore.
If you are a walking German dictionary and encyclopedia,
you may hope for success in the German class; if not you had
better drop out before you are dropped out.
' "Klein" Polk, '88, accompanied by a disagreeable snow
storm, visited the University, on November 1, where once he
was wont to commit many a mischievous prank.
Students must remember that in hunting rooms in the main
building the the even numbers are cast of the middle hallway,
and the odd numbers west of that hallway. Selah!
Professor Kingsley, feeling himself responsible for the ac
tions of the skeleton used in the physiology class, begged
Hicks' pardon when one of the bony feet kicked htm.
Our political editor, John B. Fogarty, went home to vote.
He did not want to waste his influence in a place where the
democrats were pretty sure to be snowed under anyway.
We did not think that Wagner went to Omaha to attend
the Y. M. C. A. convention, but changed our mind when
wc saw him down on his knees before a young lady of Omaha.
The Freshman class have organized two foot-ball teams,
and will purchase a ball of their own. They expect to he
able to pick out a team that will make a record in inter-class
The Freshman class, to an indefinite number and quantity
of noise, expects to invade the rural seclusion of the Wesleyan
tonight, (if this paper is out on time) otherwise, "last Friday
Our friend, the Janitor, is pretty good natured, but it is
our opinion that the literary societies, or debating clubs cither,
should not impose on this unusual element in a janitor of the
U. ofN.
D. W. Bush will start, in a day or two, for a western trip
He will visit Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, 'Frisco, Berkley,
San Jose, and Salt Lake, as well as intermediate points of in
terest, before he returns.
Jack Chowins, Professor Brace's mechanic during Inst year,
has just returned from England where he has been for some
mouths past taking photographs. He resumes his fonrier po
sition in the physics department.