Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, June 12, 1889, Page 11, Image 11

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Two of tho youngest pupils of Professor Monzondorf
on tho violin, Misses Grnco Ourr und Sadio Munatt,
pleased tho uudienco greatly with their two duots,
"Themofrom JudusMnccabuouB Handel," and "Molo
dicDancla." Hearty applauso greeted their effort.
Miss Graco Pershing followed with two contralto solos,
"Serenade Lachner," and " My Angel Esser." These
wore very good. Her articulation was exceptionally fine
and her voico clear and strong. Most approving np
l)lauso was given her by tho audience.
A piano duo was next executed by Miss Louise Pound
and M!bs Katio Cowdory. Tho selection wts entitled,
"Danso Macabre Saint Snens." Tho players did splen
didly in both timo und expression.
Tho chorus with two selections, " Nature's Lullaby
Leslio," and " Tho Hop-pickers Elizabeth Philps," com
pleted Part I.
Tho opening of Part II was a double number, "Tho
Swine W. F. Sudds" and "Wcnrcr's Parting Sone V.
Ncssler," tho first rendered by lino string instruments,
concert flute, and piano. Tho secoud was a comet solo
by Elton Fulmar, with orchestral accompaniment. It
brought forth loud applause.
A difficult but well executed piano solo, "Cucheuca
Caprice Haft," was no xt given by Miss Alma Benedict.
It merited tho hearty applauso it received.
A tenor solo "Tho Maid of tho Mill Adams," was ho
well rendered by Dr. E. L. Holyoko that an encoro was
insisted on. Tho selection givon was " Across tho Fur
Bluo Hill, Mario Mnnt on."
Mr. D. N. Lehmor, a pupil of Mr. Monzondorf, gavo a
violin solo, " Fan tamo lo pro aux Clorcs Sineglee," which
reflected great credit upon himself and his instructor.
Ho deserved tho appreciative applauso that followed his
Miss Flora Haker was the next performer. Sho gavo a
soprano solo, "Tho Bird of tho Mountain Hubbard,"
in a clear and sweot voico. Mr. Monzondorf gavo tho
violin obligate
A piano solo, "Second Scherzo DoKontski," was next
rendorod by Miss Georgia Taylor in a very creditable
Tho next was a violin duet from tho opera "Stradella,"
arranged by O. Coon. Tins wns played by Miss Ida Bior
wirth and Mr. Monzondorf. This was executed in a spir
ited und impressive manner.
"Tho Miller's Wooing . Fanning" closed tho pro
gram. Tho University chorus and orchestra again did
well their part.
Tho concert was a success, and Miss Cochran and Mr.
Monzondorf aro to bo congratulated upon the successful
issue of their faithful efforts with their pupils.
Harry Clark of Sutton, camo in yesterday.
W. G. Hoover visited with tho boys some days.
Canaday camo in for a day or two with his old associ
ates. Tho Seniors voted ono of their group pictures to tho
A. A Reed, formerly '00, wus in tho midst of tho fun,
soveral days.
Miss Julia Loughridgo, a formor '8Qor, attended ono or
two programs. ....
D. D. Forsyth's mother camo downyesterday to attend
Miss Cordio Shoror, of Rod Cloud, visited with friends
through tho most of tho exercises.
Tho band will keep up their organization through tho
summer and try to rako in tho shekels.
Elton Fulmor enjoyed a visit from u brother, sister-in-law,
and sister during commencement week.
Tho University nino plays ball at Cushman Park this
afternoon against Mayer Bros.' nine. Don't lot them
play unsupported.
W. W. Robertson, of tho Sidney Telegraph, witnessed
competitive drill, but was forced to roturn to his duties
before commencement.
Miss. Martha Dryden and John N. I)ryden,both formor
students, came down from Kearney to see their little neph
ew, Forsyth, graduate.
Tho annual encampment of tho University cudots took
placo at Nebraska City, May 81 to Juno 4. Nearly
seventy cadets participated, and an enjoyublo timo was
Thero has been a larger number than usual of stran
gers seen at tho various University exercises. It is to bo
hoped this means a growing interest in tho institution.
It is a hopeful sign.
Tho Hesi'Kkian association mot on tho afternoon of
Juno 0. E. It. Holmes was selected for editor-in-chief for
next year. 1). W. Bush was elected as associate in Mr.
110111108' place. J. II. Marble resigned his editorship on
account of a chango in his society politics. L. E. Troyer
was selected to fill his place.
'88. W. II. Wngnor enjoyed tho week's festivities.
'81. Jno. Silvornail camo down from Kearnoy on Tues
day. '78. Miss Delia Stratton looked on at several exor
cises. '88 and '87. Begont B. B. Davis and wife aro in atten
dance toduy.
'88. Cornelius Jansen, Jr., camo up from Janscn to
seo tho sights.
'87. E. C. "Wiggonhorn studies law and base-ball
at Washington.
'84. Miss Anna Aldrich is stenographer for an iron
firm in Chicago.
'80. Miss Kathleen Hearn camo homo in timo to see
much of tho closing exorcises.
'87. Joe Schofleld escorted femininity around tho cam
pus during tho drills and field duy.
'80. Davo II. Mercer visited tho scenes of his typo
stealing operations some years back.
'87. Ev. Eddy besides studying modicino in Chicago is
making quite a reputation as u choir-singer.
'85. C. G. McMillan of tho Minnesota State University
closed his work soon enough to take in "tho week."
'84. J. II. Holmes surprised his friends by droppingin
for commencement. He will bo in Kearnoy this summer.
'8-t. Ilorbort Olmstead was recently married to a
Pennsylvania young lady. Ho is in the Pension Bureau
at Washington.
'88 Miss Glen Talbot is to bo married within a day or
two to G. Babson, Jr., a wealthy implement dealer of
Soward. Wo said in our last issue, " '88 is not so far
behind after all." Wo wish nowto say that '88 is sovoral
yards ahead.
'88. Maiiiuei). At Solomon, Iowa, A. E. Anderson of
Genoa, Nebraska, and Miss Uattio Robbins. Tho cere
mony was performed at tho residoncs of tho brido's father
and wus attended by 200 guests from Iowa and Nebras
ka. "Andy" surprised hiB friends by this suddon depar
ture but all unite- in wishing tho qouple every happiness,