Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, April 01, 1889, Image 10

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From Prof. H. B. McCollum, Supt. City Scioos. Central City, Neb.
In making a icccnt purchase of a cyclopedia for use in our public schools, 1 did a good deal of work in the way of
examining and comparing cyclopedias. In coinjraring Johnson's Univkksai. Cvci.oi'KIMa with the last edition of
Apptetoix's, which I have in my own library, i find it (Johnson's) later than Appleton's by at least ten years, and, especially
on live scientific subjects, sometimes more than that. I also compared it with the International to some extent, and the
result was I purchased Johnson's. The more 1 see of it, the better 1 like it. For school use especially, I consider it
preferable to any I have seen, including ?', Chambers, Library of Unixxrsal Knowledge, International, and
Mussxs. A. J. Johnson & Company, lulilihcrs; Huffai.o, N. Y. December 21, iSSS.
Gentlemen: The next few cars will wtness n treat chamie in educational ideas. The nnsdhiliiics of self-culture
arc to be emphasized, and the means of aid and direction increased. After a careful examination of "Johnson's Universal
men, it is
accurate articles
isillralinn of iurnnnlilv ncrwmlrri
with great names. I hcaitly commend this cyclopedia to all, and especially to those who arc pursuing self-set courses in
the great univcrisity of life. 3rMshop) John II. Vi.ncknt, Chancellor Chautauqua University.
arc 10 ic empnasizcu, ami me means 01 aui anil direction increased. Alter a carclul examination of "Johnson's
Cyclopedia," 1 am convinced that while it is excellently adapted to the needs of professional and business
eminently useful to the earnest, thorough self educator. This work, with its corps of contributors, offers accura
on the widest range of subjects. To the value of trustworthy information is added the inspiration of personality
Acid Phosphate,
I'repatcdaccodingtolhe dm nut of 1'iof. K. N. Houoki.,
Dyspepsia, Nervousness, Exhaustion, Headache, Tired Brain.
And all Diseases arising from Indigestion and Nerve Exhaustion.
This is not compound "patent medicine," but a preparation of the phosphates and phosphoric acid in
the form required by the system.
It aids digestion without injury; and is a beneficial food and tonic for the brain and nerves
It makes a delicious drink ivith water and sugar only, and agrees with such stimulants as are necessary
to take. Descriptive pamphlet free. CAUTION: Be sure the word "forsjord's" is printed on the able
All other others are spurious. Never sold in bulk.
Rumford Chemical Works,
Providence, R. I.