Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, February 01, 1889, Image 1

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Issued semi-monthly by the Hesperian Publishing Associ
ation, of the University of Nebraska.
ORIEN W. FIFER, Editor-in-Chief,
E. P. BROWN, oi.
J. H. MARBLE, '92, -
t. b. Mcdonald, '92,
FRANK F. ALMY, '90, f
E. R. HOLMES, '90, -
- Miscellany.
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interesting to former students. Please send us your sub
scriptions. Address all communications to The HESPERIAN.University
of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb.
On account of the circumstances in which The
Hesperian is placed, the newly elected editors are
unable to do all they desire. Scarcity of materials
hinders tl e prompt publication of The Hesperian
to a great extent. However it is to be hoped that
this scargity will soon cease to exist. Steps are
being taken toward the improvement of the paper
in several ways The editors do not desire to as
sume upon themselves credit for the performance of
a task which has been impossible to others; but if
the measures proposed by the preceding editors, can
be carried through, the students may expect im
provements. Our task is to carry on to completion
what has been commenced by others. For this, in
spite of all disadvantages the new board will labor
The organization of the Delian Society marks
the beginning ofa new period in the career of the
literary societies. Dining the. past two years the tend
ency has been to increase membership without re
gard to the facilities for taking care of the new mem
bers. It is unquestioned that eighty or ninety stud
ents in one society will fail to do literary work with
the same degree of efficiency as a lesser number. The
organization of the Delean society will avoid this
' As the numher of students was constantly on the
increase, it was only a question of time when a new
society would be organized. The only difficulty in
the way was the danger of injuring one or the other of
the old societies, by the withdrawal of members who
could not be spared. This difficulty has been avoided.
The old societies are in a condition to spare some of
their ablest members. Under the leadership of these,
the Delian society should prosper. Especially as it
has the good will of all at the start. The formation of
the Delian is an indication that the true principleof
development in literary societies has been recognized
and i oil owed.
If the University is in the oratorical business to
stay, it is time something were done toward perfect
ing the organization of the local association and
ascertaining what other colleges are doing. It is
true that some are preparing to enter the local con
test but great uncertainty exists as to the whole
affair. The secretary of the association seems to
find great difficulty in getting necessary information
from the present state association. No steps have
been taken toward fixing the date of the state or the
local contest. It is not certain that the University
will be admitted to the state association. Vigorous
measures should be taken at once. Very little time
exists at the most for the University to make a
creditable appearance in the contest. If it is desired
that the University be successful in the state contest,
the students must not only give the local association
hearty support but insist that the details be arranged
at once. It is highly desirable that the local and
the state contests be held as late as possible. . In
this case the University must not be blind to its own
interests. It was a question, at the start, whether.or
not the University should enter the state association.
Now that it has been decided to do so, dilatory
actions should not be taken. A wavering policy
deserves nothing save defeat. Let every thin; be
pushed to completion as soon as possible. Constant
endeavor and the utmost vigilance will insure a
contest in which the University will be on equal
te.rms with the other colleges.