Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 15, 1888, Page 7, Image 7

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There is a growing impression among the members of the
bar association of the state tbnt the University, the educa
tional centre of the state, should have a law department.
We are glad also to note that much interest is being mani
fested by the friends of our school everywhere respecting
the establishment of such a department. Our University
stands almost alone among the other universities of this land
in not having a law department. The importance of a more
systematic study and thorough instruction in the science of
law is becoming more and more necessary every day. As
civilization continues in its onward march and society inter
ests become more and more complex, the necessity for a
more accurate knowledge of the law, a greater familiarity
with its principles and a higher standard of practice on the
part of those setting themselves up as lawyers is absolutely
necessary. Moreover, to understand the fundamental princi
ples ot constitutional liberty and to have a general under
standing of the governments adopted by the nations of this
earth is the duty of every American citizen claiming a
liberal education. Wc want a department here that will
supply in some measure at least this present demand for a
more thorough knowledge of the law, a more correct view of
its dignity as a science and a broader comprehension of con
stitutional liberty. We believe the establishment of a law
department here would result in incalculable good. There
would be a place for the bar association to meet and
exchange ideas. There would be a tendency to raise the
profession to a higher and nobler plate among the other pro
fessions than is today conceded to it. If such a department
could be established it would tend to bring the University
in closer connection with the state. If would keep the
hundred or more students that leave this state every year for
eastern law schools at home, and our University would
receive part of the praise, at least that which is now show
cred upon eastern schools. The legislature could make no
appropriation that would lrcnefit the whole state so much as
would an appropriation for the establishment of a law
department here, and every student should do what he can
toward accomplishing this end. The bar association of this
city have given us assurance of doing their part, and with so
many interested, and concerted action there ought not to be
any difficulty in providing for a law department here that
would be the pride of the University and a credit to the state.
A year's work done in ten day. From the Chaplin of
Exeter College, aud Houghton Syriac Prizeman, Oxford.
Coll. Exon., September, 1888.
Dear Sir: In April, 1885, while thinking of taking orders
in September, I suddenly received notice that my ordination
examination would take place in a fortnight. I had only ten
(to) days in which to prepare for the exam. I should recom
mend a year's preparation in the case of one so utterly
unprepared as I was; but your system had so strengthened
my natural memory, that I was able to remember and give
the gist of any book after reading it. once. I therefore read
Lighlfoot, Proctor, Harold lirowne, Moshcim, &c, &c,
and was successful in every one of the nine papers. The
present Bishop of Edinburgh knows the facts. Faithfully
yours, Rev. James. Middleton Macdonald, M. A.
To Prof. A. Loisette, 237 Fifth Ave., N. Y.
Perfectly taught by correspondence. Send for prosprctus.
Senatus physicsque penniflippus.
T. F. A. Williams has returned to school.
Dress parade on a certain Friday was rather cold.
We hope that the political feelings of the University will
now cease "quacking."
The Union society "nearly blew away one Friday night.
The cause was Freshman wind.
W. J. Taylor has been quite ill for some time past. He
is now, however, around again.
Mr. Frankforler has been quite ill with an attack of
typhoid lever. He is now mending.
The artillery detachment fi-.ed a salute of twenty-one
guns in honor of our next president.
Russell and a co-ed are hard at work preparing a treatise
on the possibility of man having a soul.
Miss Pennock, '8S, made us a few days visit not long
since. We hope she enjoyed visiting her alma mater.
Professor "Mr. Tingley, how much have you read in
Lycll." Mr. T "About 250 pages. Professor "What does
he say."
W. W. Robertson has quit school because of ill health.
His depattment on The Hesperian will soon be filled by a
new editor.
Say, Bigelow, come down and explain why )ou so often
paint yourself red and then rush up into the chemical lab.
after ammonia.
The long expected Union piano has, at last, put in an ap
pearance and will hereafter flood the west end of the third
floor with music.
The University band is rolling in wealth. During the
campaign they played for the prohibitionists 01: November 6,
and in the republican jnbilee.
Crosby had a tifT with Professor Hodgeman, resulting in .
Crosby's suspension from school. At the present writing,
however, all is peace in Warsaw.
Professor Edgren again took cliarge o( his classes liit
Monday. His six weeks sickness leaves him rather weak.
We hope soon to see him restored to his former vigor.
Palmer did not get enough rally Friday nignt and went to
Platlsmouth, Saturday night, to yell some more. So far as
we have heard he is still living, though of course the case is
The students took a straw vote Nov., with the following
result Harrison, 120; Fisk, 71; Cleveland, 34. The girls
seemed about equally divided between Harrison and Fisk.
Poor (J rover.
The parts of Alvin Harry and Violet Knickerbocker, in
"Little Tycoon," which a number of students saw on the 7th
inst. reminded us of a certain couple here in school. Names
need not be mentioned.
The meteorological instruments have been transferred
from the top of the cast attic to the top of the cupola, where
the conditions of the atmosphere are more uniform and are
not influenced by the furnace.
The public library is now free for all. All that is neces
sary is to obtain the guarantee of some business man or
property holder. The library contains many standard pooks
not found in the University library, and students should
avail themselves of it.