Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, October 20, 1887, Page 5, Image 7

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board of the sidewalk, is thrust into one's hand at every
With so many hundreds of miles of newspaper columns to
be filled every day, what wonder that every child of six years
has "seen his name in the paper." American citizens are
reared with the expectation of seeing themselves in print,
every so often, and they wax wroth if they do not. Every
granger who "goes off on a trip" must write a description
back to his country paper. Every little boy, nearly, owns a
printing press. Why, then, need anyone be at loss to char
acterize the American? He is the fellow who uses a printing
Miss Daley, '87, is the city librarian.
A. E. Anderson spent last Sunday at his home in Geneva.
Harry Hefilman loomed up as a Custer county proxy at the
Pizey's nose went back on him lately and told what kind
of studying he does.
C. S. Allen, of '87, was seen in town last week. He is lo
cated at Valparaiso.
Miss Fannie Baker is teaching this term but returned to
spend last Sunday at home.
All the boys have envied W. J. Taylor for a week past.
He should not make his happiness so conspicuous.
Gerwig has taken a sudden fancy to spend Friday after
noon in the country. Is he after botanical specimens? Oh,
Miss Ethel Marsland holds sweet dominion over a lot of
youngsters at Roca. She attends society every Friday, how
Something seems to ail the gong in the laboratory for it fails
to warn students that the dread homof tactics or drill has
Miss Minnie D. Cochran has been ill since the opening o
the term and unable to attend her pupils. Mrs. Raymond
has been filling her engagements.
The scientific club has gotten under operation, added a
treasurer to their list of officers and are now prepared to down
anything naw in the way of science.
One Mr. Wheeler came very near taking another Mr.
Wheeler's lady to society, not long since, through the blun
der of the friend who delivered the verbal answer.
Strayed. From the north wall of the Palladian Hall one
photo of a brainy looking lot of girls. Rather an off stare
in the eyes of some of them. Finder will be hugged within
an inch of his life by all the originals on returning to President
of P. G. D. C.
Our talkative friend, Chas. French, is a conundrum. Last
Friday eve after society he came rushing home intoxicated
with delight. You know C. is a crusher; and he had the
gall to boldly assert that he had made three solid mashes that
evening. What a large hearted fellow he must be!
A committee of the K. P.'s asked the Chancellor and
the Steward for the loan of the Cadet Band uniforms to wear
to Omaha last week and were referred by both these gentle
men to Lieut. Dudley. They went to him and represented
that the Chancellor and Steward had both given their consent
so he let the uniforms go without further consideration. This
will not occur again.
Alvin White came home sick and is now in the grasp of ty
phoid (ever.
One of the campus walks has been covered with crushed
imestone. Finish the job.
Geo. Tinker is our new Bus. Man. He is aching for your
Ask Miss Linn about her drug store. "I'd like to get out
myself." Lucia Arammta Braun.
Miss Anna Harrison of York was here last Tuesday looking
up matters preparatory to entering next term.
J. O. Breech and A. H. Bigelow are in partnership in real
estate, insurance, loan and coal business at Greely, Nebr.
It is thought from the graceful manner that Russell fainted
after inhaling a lot of chlorine, that he is practicing for the
Monday, the 10th of October, was a cold day. It was es
pecially cold in chapel. It was especially cold for Prof. Hunt
in chapel.
The attendance at Y. M. and Y. W. C.'A. meetings has been
good but might be better. You will not miss from 7:15 to 8
Wednesday evening and it will do you good. Try it and sec.
Our friend Harvey Shotwcll has left school and hied him
self to California on account of his health. We trust the trip
will do all that is expected of it and that Mr. Shotwcll may
again be among us.
Hugh Clemant, a graduate of the law department of the
"Iowa State," was in town for several days, a guest of Mr.
Pennock and ol the Phi Delta Theta boys. He expects to
practice law in Hastings.
Our cadet band will be as follows: Llew Bryan, tuba; J. B.
McDonald, baritone; Ernest Eagleson, cornet; F. W. Kramer,
clarionet; Dave Reavis, tenor; Alfred Pizey, 2nd tenor; Cam-
pin, 2nd tenor; George Hearn, cornet; James Hearn, B flat
cornet; T. L. Hall, solo alto; F. A. Noble. 1st alto; Wheeler,
2nd alto; Joe Mallalieu, 2nd B flat; H. T. Westerman, 3rd
B flat; Otto G. Miller, tenor; G. H. Ellsworth, piccolo; Al
Beecher, snare drum; Lewis, bass drum.
About a dozen of the braver freshmen wore canes to chapel
the other morning, and seemed in a state of much trepida
tion lest some ruthless sqphomoie might be sitting within five
seats of them. When chapel was dismissed the sophomores
seemed in a great hurry to get out, but no more so than the
freshmen who hastened through the doorway with their canes
at a "secure." A blockade scuffling canes caught and
cracking constantly pulling, twisting, jerking, grappling
and all the canes were broken but one, and nobody seemed to
know where it had sneaked away to. Some four or five of
the contestants were still tugging away over the remains of a
badly distorted cane for a trophy when the chancellor laid
his hands on their shoulders and remarked that they were
wanted in their class rooms. The statement had to be re
peated a few timesb eiore those in question fully realized i(s
force, but with some reluctance they all left the field of glory
and went to read about the triumph of Achilles, or study the
most improved method of modern warfare "a la Upton."
The next morning the surviving cane entered chapel very
cautiously and went out still more so, for not only were the
sophomores on hand and fully determined that it shquld not
escape them, but the executives of the faculty were also in a
commanding position and just as determined that it should
not get out of chapel; but the poor threatened cane escaped
from all its enemies and now lives a retired life of peace and
- !