Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, May 15, 1887, Page 7, Image 7

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The choir is just beginning to practice the commencement
Weeping Water is the place where the cadets are now sta
tioned, but we apprehend that after the boys have been there
for three days it ought o be Weeping People.
Field Day has again been postponed until commencement
week, for the reason that all are so busy now, and it will un
doubtedly prove more of a success when all students arc
through their finals and can enter into the spirit of the scheme
with energy.
On Tuesday, May 3rd, Miss Cora Doolittle was laid to rest
in Wyuka cemetery. Several years ago she was a member of
the Freshman class but, having a taste for music, she went to
Boston to study. While there her work overtasked her
strength and she returned before the year was over. From
that time on she has gradually lost her strength. She had a
bright mind and made a good record in school, and gave much
promise. But she will be missed by her friends more particu
larly on account of her kind disposition and unassuming man
ner. The musicalc, given under the auspices of the Palladians,
celebrating the arrival of their new piano, was a success. Mu
sic was furnished by some of the best talent of the city to
which a crowded house listened with rapt attention. After the
rendition of the program, Palladians and many of their
friends enjoyed a quiet social time. Members of society seem
ed loath to withdraw from the presence of their magnificent
instrument. Even the janitors seemed filled with 'peace and
good will towards Palladians' and allowed the gas to burn
long after the usual hour. The Palls will long remember
Wednesday evening.
'Tis now the pleasant time of spring,
When organs grind and robins sing;
When 'busted' students contemplate
The empty purse and ice cream plate.
The girls, dear things,don't care a cent
How much of hard-got cash is spent,
On cabs and candy, flowers and cream:
Things, truly, "are not what they seem.
The ice cream craze hath monstrous grown,
Andcauscth oft an inward groan;
For every Friday, sure as fate,
All to the "League" perambulate.
The luckless victim tries to smile,
And glances round him all the while,
As though he cared not what he paid.
For iccs,crcams and lemonade. -
But ah! dear girl, if you but knew
What torments he endures, that you
Might eat your fill of cream and cake,
You'd pity him, and less cream take.
In friendly counsel this I speak,
And at Union League next week,
I'll watch, to see if my advice
Hath caused you to consume less ice.
Clothing for every body at Ed. Ccrf & Co's.
The best maple sugar taffy at Mawcs. Try it.
J. and D. Newman, 1027 O Street. Oldest Dry Good?
House in the city.
Straw hats at Ed. Ccrf & Co's.
Manley has the cream of the candy trade. "
Call on Ed ddd. Cerf & Cooo.
10 PER CENT discount to students on washing. Leave it
at the IlESl'ERlAN office and I will send for and return it.
W. E. Johnson.
For good, clean meals try the Parlor Dining Hall, 137 N.
12th Street.
Kelly always does well by the students. Give him a
Special prices to students at T. Ewing & Co's.
The Wyoming coals have for years been regarded as the
best and cleanest fuel for domestic consumption. Sold by R.
II. Oakley, N. W. cor 1 1 th and O. Telephone 66.
Jas. H. Hooper is a fellow student and will do your laun
drying as neat as the neatest.
R. II. Oakley is sole agent for Wyoming coals. When in
want of choice andclcr.n hard or soft coal give him a call. N.
W. cor nth and O. Telephone 66.
W. R. Dennis has the largest stock of men's fine hats and
furnishing goods. Inspection solicited.
Webster & Briscoe keep the best stock of boots and
Manley keeps a full line of confectionery goods, give him a
W. R. Dennis should be your hatter and furnisher.
Students will receive best of attention at Manlcy's.
Stetson and Dunlap hats at W. R. Dennis' under Opera
Go to Ed. Ccrf & Co. for furnishing goods. ,
The latest styles in hats at Ed. Ccrf & Co's.
Ewing's make children's clothing a special feature of their
business. The new stock now includes the handsomest otyles
ever brought to Lincoln. Be sure to call and see them.
W. R. Dennis for spring goods in latest styles. .
Attend the Lincoln Business College.
Go to Kelly's for fine work in photography.
Cadet suits, gloves and caps at Ewing's.
Go to R. II. Oakley for coal.
Go to Ewing's for straw hats.
If you want to get solid with your girl take her some of
Manlcy's taffy. Yum! Yum!!
Bargains at T Ewings in spring goods. Don't fail to see
Choice fruits, confectionery and lunch all the year round at
Chevront&Co's, 1119 O St.
In New York go to Delmonico's, but in Lincoln go.to Chev
ront & Co's for ice cream in every style. Always ready to
We all like ice cream of course, and are interested in find
ingthc best parlor. Pochlcrs just suits us.
Full line of silk mufflers and nobby silk handkerchiefs at
You will always find Kelly on hand to do good work.
Go to Poehler for ice cream, cakes and confectionery.
H. W. Brown keeps a full assortment of student's books.
Go to Haydcn's for Pictures and have them fin
ished up with the new enameller, the latest thing in the pho
tographic line. 1214 O St.
You can find Jas. II. Hooper at the University. Give hiin
your number and he will call for your laundrying.
BATHS! W. E. Johnson at the Turko-Russian Bathing
Parlors will give a man a big swimming bath for a quarter.
Will drown him for thirty cents.
Goto Webster & Briscoe. 1043 O street , for the best $3.00
LEAVE all your washing at the Hkspeuian office to be
done by the best laundry in the state. 10 per centdisVount
to students. W. E. Johnson.