Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 15, 1887, Image 25

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    Tit '. Ifli'SPKRlAtV.
IRVING J. MANATT Pn. D..LL. D., Chancellor.
Tenns lcln Sept. lO, t886, January 4, and March 31, 18S7.
The Univeisity is the head of the public educational sys
tem t)f the State. It aims to continue mill complete the woik
begun in the public schools, nnil secure to nil nn oppoitunily
of llbernl culluie in litcrntuic anil science, and In such tech
nical ami piofossional courses as shall fiom time to tune be
added. These advantages aie offered to nllwi) charge for
tuition, without regard to sex or nice, or place of residence,
on the sole condition of possessing the intellectual nnd moral
qualifications requisite for admission to such nn institution.
In this school preparation is nITorded foi the Undergraduate
Onuses in thcCoi.i.r.or or I.itkratijri:, SciKNCi'. NI nut
Arts, and also for those in the iMH'STRIAl. Coi.LKiili.
The pieparatory studies run through two years. Applicants
foi admission to the First Year will be examined on the fol
low ing subjects: English Gnwuiiar, Arithmetic, Geography
and History of the United States, Graduates of
high schools accredited for the Minor Course
)now including Fairmont, Friend, Gibbon, Har
vard, Hebron, McCook, Sutton, Red Cloud nnd Wilbei) arc
admitted to the Second Year class on piescntation of diplomas.
. f -
In this College arc offered three CoUKSl'.s of Study, designat
ed as the Classical, the Sciknthic, nnd the Litiirary,
leading to the degrees of H. A., H. Sc, nnd H. L. respectively.
Graduates of tlic Latin School, or of the high schools ac
credited for the Major Course (including now Hcalricc, Grand
Island, Kearney, Lincoln, Nebraska City, Plattsmouth and
Teknmah) arc admitted to the Freshman class on presentation
of diplomas.
The Course in Agriculture offers a liberal education in the
sciences which bear upon the Arts of Horticulture, Agricul
ture, Stock Growing and other rural occupations.
The Couisc in Civil Engineering offcis such training as will
fit a young man for the practice of civil engineering.
The courses have recently been carefully revised, and are
now made equal to the other courses of the University. Stu
dents in this college attend classes with other university stir
dents, and have every advantage afforded by contact with
those studying in other departments, and the instruction of
trained and experienced University Professors.
For those who can spend but a yuar or two in study an
liltmtntnry Course in Agriculture lias been arrranged. Dur
ing the first year the studies pursued aie Arithmetic, Algebra,
Elementary llotnny, Zoology, Chemistry nnd Physics (Natur
al Philosophy), Civil Government, and lectures upon Agricul
lure. This year of study affords, also, nn excellent short
course for teachers in the public schools.
At the College Farm, just outside of the city limits, stu
dents may obtain board AT COST. Opportunity is also giv -en
for labor in the fields, gardens and stables. In this way
some students defray a considerable portion of their expenses.
This College offers a three years' course in both Regular
and Honueopatbic Medicine. Candidates for admission must
be eighteen years of ago, and present to the Chancellor satis
factory evidence of a good moral character. They must fur-
her sustain a satisfactory examination on the subjects re
qiiirog for a county superintendent's certificate of the second
diade, with the addition of elementary chemistry, nnd,
must show ability to write the English language cor
icctly. Graduates or matriculates of any other college of
'his University, or of any other reputable college or univcrsi-
y, or graduates of any high school or academy with a course
of study equal to that of the Latin School of this University
may be admitted without further examination.
Instruction given in drawing and painting from the flnt,casts,
still lilc, nature, nnd models in the progressive order. Pupils
nre required to provide easels nnd material; nn ample selec
tion of casts and studies nre furnished in the studio. The
charge for daily lessons during 12 weeks is $25.00, payable
in advance. Free instruction is given to classes in Art Histo
ry, Plastic Anatomy and Perspective.
The Course in Music includes instruction on the Piano
Forte, Organ and Violin, Voice training and Musical Theory
Fees for individual or class instruction arc moderate.
For catalogues or fuller information apply to the Chancellor
Lincoln, Nku.
Books, Bibles, Albums and Stationery
-f 1 100 O Street, under Lincoln National Bank, in the Richards Block. : ,(
3L3A.3yLA.O?BE;lsrO,T,E BOOKS.
And other Specialties for sale.