Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 15, 1887, Page 7, Image 13

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"Dr., I move you that the Philodicean Society stand ad
journed for next Friday evening."
J. V Hartman, attorney at law, Kearney, an old time stu
dent, and wife, arc in town. Mr Hartman is here watching
the doings of the legislators. John made us a pleasant call
last week.
The Scientific Club meets in the Chemical Lecture room for
its first meeting of the term, at 3:30 p. m. Saturday, Jan. ,8th
All Science students should be present and all others who arc
at all interested in Scientific work.
W. O. Jones, of University fame, now an editor on the
State Journal force, who has been suffering with ulcerated
sore throat, is again able to hold down his chair at the office
"Willow", is a veritable "true blue" from the U. of N.
Sing Sing Disfiatch: The prison doors opened yesterday
to admit a wild and wooly cow-boy from Nebraska by name
of Chas. French. His appearance is suggestive of a desper
ate character and he will be kept in chains for some time
to come.
Kenrney Dispatch: The ladies belonging to the "clitc"of
Kearney have been at home all this week to Messrs D. D.
Forsyth, G. A. Bccchcr and L. A. Tillson. The hearty
welcome and untold joy with which the fair sex received
the before mentioned gentlemen was certainly something
to be proud of.
Sutton Plaindealer : Master Bertie Clnrk arrived yestcr
day from Lincoln where he has been attending the state
University, and was met and welcomed by Sutton's juven
ile population. The little folks held a jubilee over the
event at the home of Willie Wood, and report a pleasant
evening, made so by nuts, candy and games.
Tho Seniors have elected the following officers for this term
Prcs., Luke Cheney; Vice, Miss Daley; Secy, Dean Smith'
Trcas., S. D. Killen; Grand Liar, E. C. Wiggcnhorn; Chap-'
lain, C. S. Cathan; Class Moralist, W. S. Tcrrin; Janitor, P
F. Clark; Chorister, E. II. Eddy; Class Poet, Elton Fulmer;
Constitutional Expounder, H. P. Barrett; Organist, E. D.
Howe; Cook, Miss Laura Roberts; Dish Washer, Dell Strat
ton; Class Dude, C. S. Polk; Class Pugilist, A. H. Bigelow.
Clothing for every body at Ed. Cert & Co's.
The best maple sugar taffy at Mawes. Try it.
Caps& hats at Ed. Ccrf & Co's. m
Best shoes for only $3.00 at Webster .and Briscoe's.
J. and D. Newman, 1027 O Street. Oldest Dry Goodr
House in the city.
For good, clean meals try the Parlor Dining Hall, 137 N.
12th Street.
Bargains at T Ewings in winter goods. Don't fail to sec
Goto 'Webster & Briscoe. 1043 0 street , for the best $3.00
Celluloid Collars 20 ecu's at
Mayer Bros., 122 N. 10th St.
Choice fruits, confectionery and lunch all the year round at
Bedson's, 1119 O St.
Kelly always docs well by the students. Give him a
In New York go to Delmonico's, but in Lincoln go to Bed
son's for oysters in every style. Always ready to wait on
Special prices to students at T. Ewing & Co's.
Celluloid Cuffs, 40 cents
' Mayer Bros., 122 N, 10th St.
Linen Cuffs, 25 cents at
Mayer Bros., 122 N. 10th St.
We all like oysters, of course, and are interested in finding
the best oyster parlor. Pochlers just suits us.
For fresh bread, cakes and anything in the baker's line call
at Winkler's Bakery, 143 1 O St. Give us a share of your pat
ronage and you'll not regret it.
For any thing in the shoe line call on Masscy.
122 North nth St, Richards Block.
W. R. Dennis has the largest stock of men's fine hats and
furnishing goods. Inspection solicited.
Go to R. II. Oakley for coal.
For gloves, seal and Scotch caps sec W. R. Dennis.
Webster & Briscoe keep the best stock of boots and
shoes. , v ..
Manlcy- keeps a full line of confectionery goods, give him a
call. "
Linen Collars, 2 for 25 cents at
Mayer Bros., 122 N. 10th St.
W. R. Dennis should be your hatter and furnisher.
Students will receive best of attention at Manley's.
Go to J. A. Bailey, 146 S. 12th, for Wall Paper, Decorating,
Calclmlng, uratmng ami House minting in all its branches.
Stetson and Dunlap hats at W. R. Dennis' under Opera
When you want any Wall Paper, Decorating, Calcimine.
Graining, or House Painting, go to J. A. Bailey, 146, S. 12th
St. Terms cash.
Go to Ed. Ccrf & Co. for furnishing goods.
The WYOMING Coals have for years been regarded as the
best and cleanest fuel for domestic consumption. R. IT. Oak
ey has the sole agency for these coals. When in want of
choice a id clean hard or soft coal give him a call. N. W.
cor. 1 1 and O. Telephone 66.
The latest styles in hats at Ed. Ccrf & Co's.
If you want to get solid with your girl, take her some of
Mawe's taffy. Yum! Yuml!
Manlcy has the cream of the candy trade.
Call on Edddd. Ccrf & Cooo.
Go to the Howard House for day board. Best dollar a day
house in the city. You will receive prompt attention' and also
warm meals here.
Linen Shirts, 50 cents, at
Mayer Bros,, 122 N. 10th St.
I. B. Massey is showing the finest line of men's shoes in
the city and at prices to suit every body.
122 North nth St, Richards Block.
Sam Westerficld is at his old stand and will make special
rates to students.
Go to Ewing's for sealskin caps.
Attend the Lincoln Business College.
Go to Kelly's for fine work in photography.
All wool scarlet underwear, 45 cents at
Mayer Bros., 122 N. 10th St.
Cadet suits, gloves and caps at Ewing's.
Full line of silk mufflers .and nobby silk handkerchiefs at
You will always find Kelly on hand to do good work.
Ewing's make children's clothing a special feature of their
business. The new stock now includes the handsomest wtyles
ever brought to Lincoln. Be sure to call and see them .
Students needing Cadet Caps will do well to call at Mayer
Bros., the Tenth St. Clothiers, as they have a large lot to
close out cheap.
H. W. Brown keeps a full assortment of student's books.
Go to Hayden's for Holiday Pictures and have them fin
ished up with the new enameller, the latest thing in the pho
tographic line, 1214 O St.
Cadet suits, $10. Worth $15, at
Mayer Bros., 122 N. 10th St.
Mrs, A. Stuart, 1221,0 street, fruits, confectionery, cigars,
tobacco, - '