Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 10, 1886, Page 7, Image 7

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The board of regents will meet Dec. 14th. We hope ihcy
will get us squared up, and in presentable shape, for the legis
lature which follows close upon them. Look out for a fight
over that old bone of contention the college farm. We've
heard it hinted that certain parties are preparing trouble for
The house on the southwest corner of 13th and S has al
ready been the subject of frequent mention in these columns.
Recently another event added to its fame. It seems that two
of its occupants were unable to appear at their accustomed
hour of the morning. For further particulars inquire of Gcr
wig and McCancc.
Miss Laws'concludcd to go even as far as McCook last week
to enjoy her two days out. Report says that next week will
sec her father, the Hon. G. S. Laws, installed in Lincoln pre
paratory to assuming the duties of Secretary of State. Miss
Laws is surely fortunate in thus being able to share, at onc,
home and college pleasures.
One of the plcasantcst social events of the term was the
reception given to the Junior class, the evening before
Thanksgiving, by Miss Rachel Manley at her elegant home
on nth street. Some of the Juniors were unavoidably ab
sent, having gone home to spend thanksgiving, but those
who were there enjoyed the evening thoroughly and came
away with more enthusiasm than ever for the class of '88.
The Palladians celebrated Thanksgiving night by holding
a sociable in their hall. Music was dispersed, both instru
mental and vocal, among the latter being a song to the class
of '90, which appeared to be specially pleasing to the knights
of the brazen star. Refreshments were served in the hall
and after adjournment a company numbering fifty-two re
paired to Poehlcr's to complete the evening's entertainment
It is sad, we admit, to lose one's ticket back to Lincoln
when arrangemenis have been made for a lady's company to
an entertainment that very evening, and especially when un
der such financial circumstances that toothpicks and p r
chips arc the only effects left which could be pawned. For
you know it takes cheek to ask to get trusted for telegraphing
and then, the disappointment of the lady herself and all that..
So, who can blame Ansley for wearing that 'Ihavcn'tsccnany
sugarforamonthlook?" Sad.
The Unions devoted Friday evening of Thanksgiving week
to a special Thanksgiving program which was to have con
sisted of a talk by Professor Howard, recitations by Miss
Rhcta Childe, and music. For some reason not yet known,
Prof. Howard failed to appear. However, with but a short
recess, through the kindness of Misses Childe, Perry and
Scott and Mr. Mallory, a very pleasing program was present
ed. The remainder of the evening was devoted to a social,
after which oysters were raided, etc.
The Sophomore class met in the library Saturday at 3 p.m.
for election of officers for the ensuing term. The
following were chosen to positions of honor and trust: Pres.
Miss Jennie Bonncll; Vice Pres., A. Pizey; Secretary, Peter
Newcomer; Treas., E. Eagleson; Historian, Roscoe Pound
Two students having fresh., soph., and jun. studies were
elected to membership. After transaction of more unim
portant business the class adjourned. The 'baffled rage' of
some of the disappointed people was indeed piteous to the
eye of the disinterested observer.
B. F. McCall advertises in the Hesperian and will give stu.
dents as good terms on a rig or cutter as any man in the city .
Q street between 10 & 11.
Clothing for every body at Ed. Gerl & Co's,
The best maple sugar taffy at Mawcs. Try it.
Straw hats at Ed. Ccrf & Co's.
Best shoes for only $3.00 at O. Webster and Bro's.
J. and D. Newman, 1027 O Street. Oldest Dry Goods
House in the city.
For good, clean meals try the Parlor Dining Hall, 137 N.
12th Street.
Bargains at T Ewings in winter goods. Don't fail to sec
Randall Bros, are on hand with a large and new stock at
131 South nth St.
Go to O W. Webster & Bro. 1043 O street, for the best $3.00
At Randall Bros'., 131 S. nth St, students will find a com
plete stock of clothing and gent's furnishing goods.
Choice fruits, confectionery and lunch all the year round at
Bcdson's, 1119 O St.
Kelly always does well by the students. Give him a
In New York go to Delmonico's, but in Lincoln go to Bcd
son's for oysters in every style. . Always ready to wait on
Special prices to students at T. Ewing & Co's.
We all like oysters, of course, and arc interested in finding
the best oyster parlor. Poehlers just suits us.
For fresh bread, cakes and anything in the baker's line call
at Winkler's Bakery, 143 1 O St. Give us a share of your pat
ronage and you'll not regret it.
For any thing in the shoe line call on Masscy.
122 North nth St, Richards Block.
W. R. Dennis has the largest stock of men's fine hats and
furnishing goods. Inspection solicited.
Go to R. H. Oakley for coal.
For gloves, seal and Scotch caps sec W. R. Dennis.
O. W. Webster & Bro. keep the best stock of boots and
Manley keeps a full line of confectionery goods, give htm a
W. R. Dennis should be your hatter and furnisher.
Students will receive best of attention at Manley's.
Go to J. A. Bailey, 146 S. 12th, for Wall Paper, Decorating,
Calciming, Graining and House Painting in all its branches.
Stetson and Dunlap hats at W. R. Dennis' under Opera
When you want any Wall Paper, Decorating, Calciming.
Graining, or House Painting, go to J. A. Bailey, 146, S. 12th
St. Terms cash.
Go to Ed. Cerf & Co. for furnishing goods.
The WYOMING Coals have for years been regarded as the
best and cleanest fuel for domestic consumption. R. H. Oak
ey has the sole agency for these coals. When in want of
choice a id clean hard or soft coal give him a call. N. W.
cor. 1 1 and O. Telephone 66.
The latest styles in hats at Ed. Ccrf & Co's.
If you want to get solid with your girl take her some of
Mawe's taffy. Yum! Yumll
Manley has the cream of the candy trade.
Call on Edddd. Cerf & Cooo.
Go to the Howard House for day board. Best dollar a day
house in the city. You will receive prompt attention and also
warm meals here.