Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, June 01, 1886, Page 5, Image 8

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C. A. Beach was in town over Sunday visiting among his
V. G. Knight has lately been to Crete exchanging speci
mens for the cabinet.
Chancellor 'Manatt has returned from Colorado looking
much improved in health.
They say Scharman is thinking of joining the colored lodge
of "Daughters of Rebecca."
J. E, Larkin left the U. of N. last week and proceeded to
recuperate his delicate health or & farm near Lincoln.
J. 11. Holmes, 'Si, takes his place in September as Profes
sor of Chemistry and Physics in a Washington, D. C, private
Arthur Wicks had the misfortune to fall lately and break
his arm. He is getting along nicely, however, and will soon
D. D. Forsyth lore himself away from his studies and the
co-eds and spent a couple of days in Beatrice attending the
stock sale.
Oscar Stout, the successful amateur detective, went to Bea
'rice the iSth of last month to assist at his father's sale of
Tutor White has had a tower built upon the east wing of
the University for his Signal Service Observatory which is now
in full operation.
The prize medals for the competitive drill in June are oa ex
hibition at Trickey'sjewelry store. They are beauties and are
well worth striving for.
Owing to the engagement of the opera house on the even
ing of June ioth the Philodiceans will give their exhibition on
the evening of the 9th.
J. IT. Halligan, a former student, now of Ugallala, was in
town just atter our last number went to press. He looks as if
Keith County agreed with him.
There seems to be some joke on John Green. Something
about a hammock, a present to the afore-mentioned, etc
Come John, explain these things.
A- G. Warner will be here Commencement week. He has
promised the Palladians a talk for "Palladian night" and al,
are anxiously awaiting his arrival.
In response to the professor's request to give a good exam
ple of Carnivora a particularly brilliant Freshysaid he guess
ed man was the highest example.'
Over 1,000,000 trees were planted on Arbor Day. This es
timate counts our Freshman tree as sixteen, by reason of its
extreme size and great importance.
We are of the opinion that the only thing necessary to mike
Bowman a success at stealing milk from the original fountain
is for him to learn better than to attempt milking on the left
side of the cow.
Kleine Polk has been wonderfully quiet (for him) since the
lecture he received from John Green. John seems to succeed
at everything he undertakes, even when he attempts to tame
our wildest kids.
Captain Anderson and his mess, either from lack of culina
ry skill or superabundance of wealth, had a colored cook dur
jug the encampment who served up the luxuries of the season
in the latest style.
Florists have been at. work lately setting out geraniums and
other bedding plants in our flower beds. We ire glad to note
the attempts to beautily the campus. The plants are from the
Lincoln Floral Conservatory.
Our friend Codding is no doubt doing a great work down in
Kansas. But if he could have seen the tears shed by one oi
our fair ladies, because he was not here, he would leave the
land of sod houses and come back to his suffering friends.
A large number of the students are industriously engaged
in trying to solve the "pepper cake" mystery. We arc firm
ly convinced that it is a huge joke but the many conflicting
statements prevent us from ascertaining just who was the vic
tim. Captains Anderson and Smith were the most successful of the
cadets in bringing a roseate flush out on their olfactory
organs. Some of the more unwise accuse thcra of using
artificial means but we are inclined o think that it is the genu
ine, old-fashioned article.
At the invitation of Miss Smith the Junior class met at her
residence last Saturday evening. The evening was fine, and
the class well represented. All report an unusually good time
though just such an one as they expected, having before en
joyed Miss Smith's hospitality.
Lieut. Dudley has bad luck with his tents on encampments.
Last year his tent leaked so badly that it was very unpleasant
to remain in it, and this year the ridge pole broke during the
storm of Saturday night, allowing the tent to collapse, thus
necessitating a removal to another.
A man o'er full of that which cheers and inebriates came
up, not long since, to give the cadets instructions in artillery
tactics. The aid so freely offered and so kindly meant was of
course highly appreciated by the boys who realize now more
fully their defects in the art of war.
H. T. Conley, a well remembered student of former years,.
Saadayed in Lincoln the 16th. After several vain attempts
by the city papers to locate him, he has taken the matter into
his own hands and settled at Wayne, Wayne Co., where he is
bow building up a good law practice. ,
Great anxiety has been manifested by some of the girls over
prolonged absence of George Spurlock. We are happy, to re-.,
lieve the suspense by announcing that he has quit school and
will clerk in his uncle's store at Salem. We are sorry to lose
him and hope that next Fall will find him again in the U. of N.
The base ball game of last Friday between the University
team and the Capitol nine resulted in a draw game. The score
stood twelve to twelve. Another inning would have bcen
playcd except that it was tast growing dark and the boys were
growing hungry. There will be another game to detcrmine
the matter.
These sultry days a palm leaf fan is indeed a blessing."
Some of the boys have been so frantic for the use of them"
that they have willingly sat by some co-ed for an hour merely
to obtain a share of the breeze. When it gets $0 bad as thls'
some charitable person should donate a few c&st-ofi wind-pro-'
ducers to the unfortunate fellows. .
Tire University cabinet lately received a tine specimen in
the shape of a large beaver. The cabinet slowly increases in -its
size and value, but a stronger feeling of interest througout
the state which would induce the possessors of rare or curious
specimens, to forward them to the University would do much"
to further the interests of science in the institution.
Once again the Freshmen are victorious, this time in base
ball. Last Thursday afternoon the Juniors undertook to wipe ,
a nine of Freshmen out of existence. Similar attempts, in .
the past have resulted In utter failure and this one was no ex.