Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, May 01, 1886, Page 6, Image 6

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I. B. Masscy, the new boot and shoe man in the Richards
block, has on exhibition one of the big footed girl's shoes, al
so the last which measures twenty-seven inches. They arc
Our office was visited Monday by Mr. H. M. Waring, sten
ographer of the R. R. Commission, and Mr. W. R. Kimball.
The latter gentleman was looking after a class in Indian clubs.
Who wants to swing the clubs?
Jas. R. Forec, '86, has secured a position in a lawyer's of
fice in Tekemah and will not be in school this term. His
place as debater on the Philodiccan Juneclass has been filled
by the election of Miss Cora Fisher.
The Senior class claims to have caught fifty-three fish on
Arbor Day. Will Owen Jones is known to have borrowed
$1.50 about the same time. The fish were worth about three
cents apiece. Draw your own conclusions.
The time for the Wednesday night meeting of the Y. M. C.
A. has been fixed at 7 P. M. By this change only a short time
is required in the fore part of the evening, and it is to be hop
ed that all will take advantage of the excellent opportunity to
Crabbe's mill seems to be the favorite goal of picnic crowds
this season. Three different parties visited it on Arbor Day.
A feature especially fitting for excursionists seems to lie in
the fact that the aforesaid mill is on the road to the Insane
Prof. G. IS. Barber now teaches a class in the Christian S.
S. Instruction is given from the original Greek testament and
is very interesting. The class is designed especially foi Uni
versity students and all such would no doubt be profited by
We arc sorry to learn of the death of the brother of Miss
Lottie Pollard. Many of the students will remember that it
was on account of his sickness that Miss Pollard left the Uni
versity one year ago. Tub Hksi'KHIAN in behalf of a mul
titude of friends extends heartfelt sympathy in this hour of af
fliction. On the east side of the campus, just north of the new 'Lab
oratory, stands an historic lumber pile. Already a sufficient
number of important events have occurred around and upon
that pile to make it memorable. We lift up our voice against
the iconoclasm which would permit the destruction of ho in
teresting a monument.
On Saturday, April 24th, the cadet? met near Salt Creek
for target practice. The distance was 200 yards, each man
being allowed fourteen shots. This time the Preps appear to
hove taken the lead in marksmanship. John Current again
came out first best, making 50 out of a possible 70. Kngle.
hart made second and Hall third.
The number of holidays during the college year is becom
ing quite noticeable. In looking back the number counts up
something like this: one day for the fairtwo days at Thanks,
giving, Charter Day and Arbor Day, besides a furlough at the
beginning of each term caused by work on the building, snow
storms, Teachers' Association etc.
A paper is being actively circulated among the students pe
titioning the faculty to make the study of Military Science
elective instead of, as now, compulsory. It is claimed by
those who have the matter in charge that this branch requires
much valuable time, that the students arc overworked with
out it ,and that its general tendency is to keep new students
away from the University.
As our last issue went ?o press the genjal face of W. O.
Tones appeared in our office door, As evidence that hp had
really been to California he showed a California paper which
noted in its local column the proximity of a gentleman of his
name. He moreover brought back some dozens of pictures
of himself which he hired Klcinc Polk to' distribute among
the coeds as they came out of chapel. He himself was too
On Monday, April 26th, the cadet band went to Omaha,
having been previously engaged to take part in the Odd Fcl
ows' celebration there. The sixteen members of the band,
with their new uniforms presented quite a fine appearance.
They were the second band in the long procession and the
only one which was invited to play in the afternoon exercises.
The rest of the day was spent in banqueting and seeing the
sights. The boys arrived at home at five o'clock Tuesday
morning, tired , but unanimous in speaking of their courteous
treatment while in Omaha.
What promised to be the best joke of the season proved
through some inconceivable blunder, a dismal failure. For
their last meeting, the Frcshies ordered a down town restaur
antcur to send them several gallons of ice cream. Being of a
sort of benevolent disposition he complied, Our young
friends arrived early but the ice cream didn't, and it finally
turned out that the latter had been delivered at the right place
but to the wrong parties and consequently had disappeared.
To say that our knights of the ten cent piece were wild would
be putting it mildly; they were frantic. They secured the
mayor, chief of police, drayman and rcstauranteur to come
up and identify the parties who had stolen the most substan
tial part of their banquet. Finally some one with more gen
erosity than well, putting it mildly-judgment, told them
where their treasure was to be found. This foolish man will
be given by his non-Frcshmanic brethren the choice between
two equally horrible punishments: (l) That he be compelled
to attend Doanc College for a year or (2) That he be compell
ed to jump head first from the University building.
Call on Edddd. Ccrf &C000.
I. J", Masscy is making special low prices on Men's Low
Cut Shors. 122 N. 11 th St. Richards block.
Dennis, the hatter, keeps a full line of gents furnishing
goods also of neckwear ike.
Manley has the cream of the candy trade.
Special prices to students at T. Ewing &Co's.
W. R. Dennis should be your hatter and furnisher.
II, W. Brown keeps n full assortment of students books.
You will always find a large stock of hats at W. R. Dennis'
Go to F, Hurlbut to get soiled suits cleaned and colored.
Fine clothing at T. Ewing &Co's.
Sam Westerficld is at his old stand and will make special
rates to students.
Go to the Howard House for day board. Best dollar a day
house in the city. You will receive prompt attention and
also warm meals here.
At Cochran Bros., 207 S. I ith Street you will find fresh
Clothing for every body at Ed. Cerf &Cos.
Call on I, B. Massey for men's shoes. Good goods and t
moderate prices. 122 N. nth St.
The best maple sugar taffy at Mawcs. Try it."
Straw hats at Ed. Cerf&Co's.