Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 01, 1885, Page 6, Image 6

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    7 H R 11 ESP EI AN.
The cars arc now running on the R street line of the Lin
coln Street Railway. The new vehicles arc very pretty.
They bear the inscription "University and EastR Street."
'Tis said that dissecting is no longer done in the medical
room. The boilers underneath are a little too warm for the
preservation of 'material for the study of practical anatomy."
One of the Seniors received a note inviting him to be at a
certain entertainment to take" with the girls. Upon com
plying with the request he concluded that it was charged with
The Sophomore and Junior classes in Physics seem to have
an equal share of torment caused by the coefficient of friction.
Some of the members of the former class assert that they have
worked examples that floored the Juniors; but we think it is
a mistake.
Those who were obliged to remain in town during the re,
cent short vacation were considerably inclined to grumble be.
cause the weather had been so pleasant that no ice had formed
on Salt Creek. But they did the next bebt thing and attend
ed the skating rink.
Luke Cheney is an enthusiastic member aud officer of the
State mclish." At the thanksgiving rifle practice of Co. D.
U. N. G. he defeated the entire company and took home in
triumph the first prize. So much for education. (This is
not a paid local.)
"Kleine" Polk says the statement in the last Hesperian
concerning him was eminently correct. He further says that
he never expects to have paralysis of the jaw unless some one
larger thai he can whip, gives it to him. He claims to
have the best and most enduring vocal organs in the state.
The beautifully cut stone bearing the inscription Chemi
cal Laboratory" was badly chipped while being hoisted to its
place on the iiont of the new building. It was repaired with
substance much resembling co-ed chewing gum, and promises
to do duty as a very legible sign for lo! these many generations.
At the Palladian Freshman Programme the following dog
gerel was thrown squarely in the faces of the assembled Soph
omores. If buckets of Freshman blood are not spilled at once
it may be taken as evidence that the insulted class is out of
fray, pray, pray
For an Invoke ol brain, O Soph:
But I'm raid you'll never receive It
Till earthly clothing you don.
O well for the Sophy so gay
That the pony Is l-rulcen to ride ;
O well for his sister so gray
That 'ueath apron she can a book hide.
And the dreadful marks go down
On the Heglctrar'shook so grim,
Bat O for a nehemo that will lot otic trhuugh
Of a grado not so fearfully slim.
Pray, pray, pray,
O Soph, for a spoonful of senio,
For if yon don't secure It
You never will graduate hence.
The Y. M. C. A. meeting held in the chapel on the even
ing of Nov. 23, was not very well attended by the students but
was enjoyed by all who were present. Short addresses
were made by Mr. Adams of Omaha, J. A. Dummett, Rev.
C.C. Pierce, and Chancellor Manatt of Lincoln. The dele
gates who attended the Convention gave evidence that it was
a success as far as they were concerned. It is to be hoped
that more students will attend another meeting of a similar
nature whenever it may be held.
Twentv-fivc Freshmen arc already crowine bad. Result o
pressure" in Ancient History.
The Sophomore Class in Biology ought not to suppose they
have the same privileges that the Professor enjoys.
Wiggcn Allen and Miss Stratton are authorities on spelling.
Their proficiency in this line may be said to be unique.
The radiators have been painted. The color is a cross be
tween brick red and the shade of Beecher's new moustache.
The Senior class has had another meeting. If this brief
mention is not significant enough we will explain more fully.
The engineering students have been doing some practical
work in surveying and as a result have had their pocket-books
The chapel service is to be made a little more elaborate
hereafter. Occasional anthems by the choir and congrega
tional rendition of Old Hundred daily have already been de
cided upon.
Last Sunday was a day of remarkable activity in railroad
building in the city. A number of tracks were laid by belig
crant companies who were evidently trying to steal marches
on each other.
A couple of students attending the sociable at Prof. Hitch
cocks the other evening, claim the ground flew up and hit
them. To a by-stander it appeared as though they were vy
ing with each other as to who should bump the ground the
Another sad and extremely distressing accident has occur
red within our college circle, and which will bring gloom and
sorrow into many happy homes. As Mr. Polk was pursuing the
even tenor of his ways he suddenly missed his footing and fcl
in love. But little hope is expressed for his recovery as he is
completely mashed."
Some writer says that every person contains within himself
the material to write a novel. If this is true the lives of the
multitude must be very dull and insipid, judging from the
novels that are put forth. If the internal history of man is
such as is represented in these, then pessimism is ft settled
Perhaps the inventor of this hypothesis may retract after
seeing the evil fruits of such a doctrine. It is to be hoped he
will before the condition of affairs becomes too serious. Soon
college students would attempt to verify this conjecture and
we should have some three or four hundred novels in this
A fine new foot-ball has been purchased by The University
Foot ball Association. (Incorporated, Capital Stock $8.00,
paid up capital $5. 50; shares 25 cents.) It is a Rugby and a
genuine daisy. An organized eleven and a challenge to the
Yankee Hill school or Doanc College would be the proper
caper just at present.
The assistance that has been given our esteemed Janitor
during the season of repairs is soon to be withdrawn and John
will again run the building alone. He also has entire charge
of the heating apparatus, which is a guarantee that it will be
attended to faithfully and intelligently. In the language of
King Solomon, John is a brick.
As we go to press we learn that Doctors Dayton and Mitch
ell have been acquitted of the charge of obtaining bodies for
dissection in an unlawful and criininal manner. The case
came up before the District Court, and after a full trial the
gentlemenvere discharged. Now let some one else truiap up
a charge- against the University. Anything with meanness In
it will do.