Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 01, 1885, Image 1

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Vol. XIV.
No. IV.
Silence is music asleep.
"By work of the mind, one secures the repose of the
3icart. Jaucourt.
We suggest to the Hillsdale Advance that it purchase a
trimming machine.
What a man gets for nothing he is very apt to value at just
about what it cost him.
Mamie Dickens, eldest daughter of the novelist, has written
a biography of her father.
The entire literature of Abysinia, it is said docs not include
more than a hundred volumes.
"He who has neither friend nor enemy, is without talents,
powers or energy." Lavater.
Oscar Wilde has again entered the lecture field, this time
with short hair and long trousers.
Wilkie Collins is resting at Ramsgate from his hard autum
nal labors on a new novel and new play.
How would it suit Nebraska students to be subjected to
discipline for attending a rendition of Richard III? Nine sen
iors at Ohio Wcslcyan are suffering for that ofTencc.
"The feeble tremble before opinion, the foolish defy it, the
wise judge it, the skillful direct it." Mme. Roland.
Wisconsin University has a choral club ol two hundred
voices, two glee clubs and a brass band. Pity the cats.
Canon Farraris of the opinion that Hawthorne's "Scarlet
Letter" is the ablest novel ever written by an American.
The present indications are that the study of Greek will
never again receive the attention which it has in the past.
The interesting fact has just leaked out that Georgia char
tered, built and conducted-the first female college in the world
Soph, (in debate) ,Caesar says all Gaul is divided into
three parts. My speech is not all gall, but it is divided into
three parts."
Vassar College is going to introduce a semi-military drill for
the benefit of girls. The chief command will be: "Attention!
Remove your gum!
Instructor in Rhetoric: Give an example of a syllogism."
Logical freshman: "All men are more or less alike; I am a
man: therefore I am more orless alike"
Soph.: "The rrofessor's bald head makes me think of
Heaven." Fresh.: "Why, how's that?" Soph.: "It's be
cause there is no dying or parting there."
Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associations
have been recently organized in Hastings College. They
report nine conversions in two days after organization.
The Municipal Council of Paris has just passed a resolution
that all the statues in the squares and public gardens shall be
furnished with inscriptions indicating the subject represented.
Some consternation is being felt by the capitalists and all
who have invested money in the utilization of natural gas.
There seems to be good grqunds for'believingithat the supply'
is not' inexhaustible.
The protest against the demerit system is continued by the
Lantern in quite a lengthy article. It is interesting to watch
the fight of eastern students for things which are accepted
facts with 11s.
Here is something perpetrated in the Courier. Disconnect
it, or forever hold your peace. "Yes ,love is religion," said
Solon, as he tenderly wound his arm around his loved one.
"What religion," she sweetly asked. "The you-an-I tarian.
The Yale law school is all torn up over the admission of a
female student. President Porter is mad and the whole class
is in paroxysms. The young lady will stay but her name will
not appear in the catalogue, and when she graduates will re
ceive the degree or "Spinster at law."
The ladies of Cornell Freshman class by a combination,
succeeded in electing the vice-president and secretary from
their number. This will add an interesting phase to the
Freshman Class Supper, when the Sophomores have a custom
of carrying off both supper and the officers.
The internal heat of tne earth is being investigated by the
German government. A shaft sunk at Schladebach has pene
trated about 4566 feet under ground, believed to be the
greatest depth yet reached by boring. At this point the
earth's temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Senator Vorhees, of Indiana, is said to have in course of
preparation the greatest speech of his life. It will be on the
civil service question, and its announced purpose will be to
prove the policy of the president unsound. The senator is
expected to deliver it early in the coming session of congress.
The formal inauguration of Dr. C. K. Adams as President
of Cornell University took place at Ithica N. Y. two Avceks
ago last Thursday. Addresses were made in behalf of trus
tees, the students and the faculty. President Adams inaugu
ral address was a discussion on development of higher educa
tion and is spoken of as a most scholarly effort. The charter
and seal of the University were then presented to President
Adams by Henry W. Sage.
Vassar, Wellesly, Smith and Bryn Mawr arc the only col
leges giving instruction to ladies alone, but there are in the
United States over one hunred and fifty colleges for young
men which also admit them. The great English Universities,
Oxford and Cambridge, have made arrangements by which
ladies can attend a large number of lectures. Italy, too, has
opened its seventeen universites to women, and Norway,
Sweden and Denmark have also allowed them to enter. .fix
David Pryde gives the following rules for beneficial reading:
(1) Before you begin to peruse a book, know something
about the author.
(2) Read the preface carefully.
(3) Take a comprehensive survey of the table of contents.
(4) Give your whole attention to what you read,
(5.) Be sure to note the most valuable passages as you read.
(6) Write m in your own language, a summary of the facts
yon-have noted.
(7) Apply x results of your reading lo your every-day