Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, May 01, 1885, Image 1

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Vol. XIII.
LINCOLN, NEB., MAY i, 1885.
No. XII.
The Owl publishes "Magizino notices." Come off
Nearly one hnlf of the personals in the Kansas Courier
pre concerning "mashes" past, present, and future, among
the students of that University. "Willi the spring the
joung man's fancy," etc..
A recipe for a lemon pie vaguely adds: "Then sit on the
clove and stir constantly." Just as if any one could sit
on the stove without stirring constantly; but we can't
understand how it would benefit the pic.
Hastings College again sends out a paper, this lime a
natty little sheet called the Collegian. The company in
charge of the new venture claims to possess money and
brains in profusion, hence a life of at least, two or three
months may be looked for.
The Inter-state oratorical contest takes place in a few
weeks. By that time wo will be worked up to enthusi"
asm we hope. Kansas Univcrsitj' Courier.
Shake, brethren! We now appreciate your position.
Combinations against the "infidel school" downed us
both. Shako again I
Now the sober engineering chaps
While tho innocent Professor
Improve in base.ball playing,
While tho innocent Professoi
Credits them with Held surveying
AVussar girl writes: I hav'nt seen a man in a month
of Sundays. We were out taking a 'constitutional' Satur
day and came across a scarecrow in a cornfield. All the
.girls ran for it at once, and I only managed to secure a
part ofoneofthe skirts of its coat. Still it was something.
Ever twanging, twanging, twanging,
With an everlasting banging
Of the never-resting heel against tho floor, floor, floir;
Sits tho banjo flcud playing
To tho swaying, swaying, swaying,
Of tho arras and of the body of a bore.
In tho evening, in the morning,
Whan tho breaking day Is dawuiug,
And Apollo's crystal streamers shimmer o'er tho shining hills
Then his wretched toy adorning,
You will see the demon fawning '
O'er tho instrument acciirscd that cither cures or kills
A cross-eyed reprobate from Buffalo, New York, lias
been doing Nebraska for a newspaper of that village, and
in tho course of his remarks ho says that that our prolific
soil grows th6 ugliest women on the face of the earth.
The man must nave confined his observations to the city
of Omaha and ths co-eds ofDoane College.
The semi-annual examinational West Point made con.
sidcrable havoc among the cadets. Tho fou:th class lost
twenty-five per cent of its members, and five of tho third
class were turned back to the fourth. Nineteon-twentl-eths
of our colleges would render more aid to the cause of
higher education if their requisites for advancemen t
were correspondingly positive.
"Adieu," she said sweetly, as lie kissed her good night.
"He's adieu'd, ain't he?" sung out her little brother as lie
vanished up the stairs.
Our exchanges arc quite unanimous in borrowing tho
"Four Epitaphs" recently perpetrated by this paper, but
few nave shown tho good sonse to properly credit the
same. Wcwill cheerfully loan the italics to any of our
contemporaries who arc without them.
It is a significant fact that the eastern colleges which
favor sclculiflc education instead of classical, have receiv
ed the greatest gain in the number of students. The Insti.
tuto of Technology, and Cornell University, arc particular
illustrations of this tendency, the former reporting one
hunched mure students than last year, and the enteriug
class of the latter being larger than that at Yale, and, ac
cording to reports, equal to that at Harvard.
The University Presi (Madison, Wis ) publishes nearly
thirty pages of closely printed matter that on investigation
proves to be the entire debate between representatives of
the lileraiy societies. Not having read the debate, and
consequently entirely qualified to judge, wa pronounce
it u very able and exhaustive treatment of tho question of
bimctnlicism. It will hereafter be found in the library,
where students who have work in that line can steal ad
The amount of energy displayed by the literary socle
ties of the University of California is astounding. Sevcra
years ago Ihev jointly purchased a piano, agreeing to pay
for it on the installment plan. The confiding dealer who
effected the sale is still looking for his mosey. Ever and
nqn ho makes a move toward taving hiimclf by attach
ingtlie instrument. At such epochs the college papers
arouse themselves and fairly howl for somebody to pay
that bill. This thing has just occurred for the for
tieth time, and to say that we are tired is drawing it
Cornell Era devotes four columns to the regulations of
other colleges respecting absences from chapel ami class
They show tt:at ncarly'all institutions of note with the
exception of effete Harvard of course, require regular
attendance at recitations and promptly summon offend
ers who do not present satisfactory excuses. In Princeton
it seems that nothing except sickness and death justifies a
man for cutting, as by the rules the following excuses
will not be accepted: Arranging room at the beginning
of the term; presence of friends and relatives from abroad ;
want of preparation for the exercises; preparing for other
college exercises or examination for tho removal of condi
tions; duties connected with college periodicals or organ
izations; "sleeping over" whether duo to being up lato
the previous evening or other causes. Other colleges
have rules as stringent, showing that the old parental sys
tem has not been entirely abandoned cost of the Allcghenies