Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, April 01, 1885, Image 1

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Vol. XIII.
No. XI .
Qirard college educates one thousuiul orphans annually .
TI10 Amliersl faculty "name down" with $200 for the
base-ball club.
Of eight $200 scholarships at Cornell, lour were captur
ed by lady students.
Princeton claims over seventy post-graduate students
Of the two hundred and sixty students at Johns Hopkins
ono hundred and fifty ar college graduate?.
The new laboratories erected at Leigh are said to be
the finest in litis country and equal to any in the world.
A new course in advanced electricity lias In-en started
there to meet the needs of the coming age.
Professor, to cluss in surgery: "The right leg of the
patient, as you ace, is shorter than the left is shorter than j
the left, in consequence of which lie limps. Now, what
would you do in a case of this kind? Bright student:
"Limp too."
The class of '88 at Yale is distinguishing iUelf by per
forming feats ot daring that have not been equalled since '
a somewhat notorious class along in the '50's left the col- 1
lege. The banner of '88 has been triumphantly raised fo
tlie tops of the highest buildings in New Haven, to the
disgust of the Sophomores.
Wisconsin. Dailj chapel exercises have been discon j
tinued, and a vigorous protest from an alumnus appears
in a late number of the Press. He rightly claims Hint j
no arguments in dcfenu of the exercises is needed. A
new chemical labratory is needed, but the Legislature
does not appear to be in the mood to grant it The
seniors unanimously recommend thai a cooking school
be established in the state.
California. Anew way of collecting Athletic Asso
ciation dues has been devised. The lock of the Gym
nasium is to be changed and 'v,w keys issued to those
not in arrears. TI10 Occident board can't raise the cash
hence the growl. President Roid has sout in his resigna
tion lo take effect August 1st. Tito Cadets are in ued of
a dressing room. As the majority of the students aiedude8
of a more or less pronounced type, thoy should have it by
all means. Two small buildings for the School of Mines
are about completed.
Kansas.--The Junior ball was a success. The preps
amuso themselves mixing overshoes in the halls.
The Courier Is responsible for this: He was a Senior and
was giving a young lady a sleigh ride in vacation. H
mentioned that ho was connected with a paper at college.
She thought that seemed absurd, and when ho looked
surprised, added that ha "hadn't shown much familiarity
with the press." Ho took tho hint. The Senior class
and one of the literary societies have been enjoying a
little intestine diBcor.l. In fact, the limes there are
bloody at this time every year.
The Surging Sua.
Ureak, surging sea, About the louoly suoroi
O dimly heaving plains, thro' darkness sweep!
Thy restless waver, with morning stars roofed
Their Incommunicable secret keep,
Impenetrable deep 1
Tho eldest years ou time's oblivious verge
Mnv theo thr'o tempest-weltering night uplift
(irout mountainous continents umid thy drift.
And their tall peaks submuige;
The vast, abysmal, wandering fields moved on,
Whelming tho wasteful wreck of tho old world
And Htlll round mortal shores thy billows roll,
And shall thr'o loug, long ages, yet unburn ;
Lone splendor of the sense lllumlii'd soul,
Ktcrnnl moaning ol the xplrit lorn.
By strokes of of loss outworn;
Thy terrors Image our blind mortal state,
Dark with Impending doom and whirling woe,
And monsters In thy bosom come Hud go,
And do ih Is thy fell mute;
Ah yet. tl.lt) tun and storm, gray ocean roll,
Love claxpH thy mighty tides in his profound
Surge ou, thy melancholy Is not doom!
Surge, O wan tea, into thogoldon day I
The morn is breathing off thy purple gloom,
Thu isles lift up lliolr promlne, dim and gray, ,
Love holds his dauntless sway I
Thy ripples kiss the shore with lips of foam.
Thy waves are dawning sort the winds blow
Keep thou thu eternal watch. O dear, dear son.
Those far lauds I must roam I
Lo.'tis the sunrlso and thu sphered start) move,
Singing iinseecn, like thoughts thro1 silent
Uko. K. WoomtKiuiv,
The manner in which the combinations and factions
at Kansas University quarrel and fight and raise tho
place that Ingersol I sit) s don't exist, is ououijh lo sour
milk or stop tha best clock over manufactured. One lit
erary society is entirely controlled by one- of tho factions,
hence sweet peace rules in that organization. In tho other
society both combinations are represented, and thu un
pleasantness therefrom is perceptible even at this dist
ance. Just now the agony is over tho selection of tho
June class. The matter was decided a few weeks ago
but according to the peculiar constitution of the society
the class can be changed at any meeting; in March. Ac
cordingly tho faction beaten in the first battle look car0
to be ou hand in full force at the following
meeting, surprised their opponents by nominating now
men for the the positions, and actually succeeded in se
curing their election. What occured at the next meetlug
we are not informed, but If the air was not lalen with
music ths indications wero dccciful. v