Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, March 14, 1885, Page 7, Image 7

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'73. Ex.Kpcakcr Allnu Field will nlso take iu the
3reat Exposition.
'84. Flora Frost came into Lincoln, Friday night to sec
(lie Hesperian circus. She saw it.
81. Bcrllia Ilebatd is pursuing her art studies with
Miss Sarah K. Moore of the University.
'73 Hon. Wra.H. Sncll, member of the late deceased
"State Senate, has left for New Orleans.
'83. Amos W. Frost, was seen in the library. Second
great appearance in his clean collar act.
'80. James Worlcy, late missionary to the celestial re
gions, will preach to the benighted inhabitants of Tobias.
'87. Will Wiggins raided McCook recently. He was
the toughest citizen in the toughest town of Nebraska
for a while.
'84. Ellis O. Lewis, the able and cfllcient Asst. Secretary
of the Senate, fled to Falls City as soon as the august Sen
ate adjourned.
'89. John Dowdcn announces his intention of hieing
way to Colorado Springs, Hot Springs or somo other
Springs. Cause, rheumatism.
Qrover Cleveland has promised Will Hardy not to flro
Miss Grace Douglas, a one time girl of '87, from her
"Treasury clerkship. We congratulate William.
'87. Dell StraUon announced her intention of returning
xo Lincoln. The whole Philo. society were at the train
o welcome her, consequently she didn't appear.
'81. Jol n Silvcrnail was another grabber after legisla
ture appropriations, no carried tho mail Back for the
Senate and walked off with his three big do lars a day.
80. Dave Mercer drew his salary earned while filling
tho arduous office of Committee Clerk in the Senate and
skipped for Brownville, where he will flno inebriated
-wretches the ciibtomary"onc dollar and costs.
Tho Philodicean June class selected is as follows: Or
ators, Fred Shepherd and Geo. B. Frankforter. Essay
ist Miss Mary Jones. Recitation, Miss Minnie Latta.
Debaters C.G. McMillan and Paul F. Clark.
1st. girl : Isn't Hint moustache of Fulmer'a just lovely?
2nd. girl : Yes, "but what makes it look bo queer? It.
looks just as If a horn was growing out of each corner of
liis mouth.
1st. girl: Oh! that's natural, you know.
All three societies are wide awake and doing good
work. Tho friendly rivalry existing between them acts
only as a stimulus to greater exertion. But they should
Ije careful lest, in their zeal for new members, they
reccivo students who will be neither a benefit to tho so
ciety nor themselves. Thero is danger of gelling more
material than they can float.
Pursuant to call by the executive coinmittco tho ora
torical association of the U. of N. met on last Wednesday
and, after ordering some work done in ilio way of drafting
-a constitution, adjourned till the next day. Then this re
markable organization that had sent delegates to a con
vention and arranged for a contest before it was theoreti
cally born, got itself into cxisto ice, and the treasurer be
gan to collect the duet. Warner resigned tho presidency
and Will O.Jones was unanimously chosen iu his cloud.
Another resignation of Bus., Man. folio wod by another
election. The lato conduct of the board of editors was
too much for Mr. Foree and he at once resigned. O. B
Polk was ininicdia'ely elected to fill tho the vacancy.
But before his election he was questioned as to whether
ills character could Maud the strain ami whether his rep
utation would not suffer from associating with the editors.
These questions being properly ans.vered ho was allowed
to go forth and prey upon any poor hapless student who is
unfortunate enough to have fifty cents.
Verily, the way of tho transgressor is hard. So at
least the present board of editors have found it. Not sat -isficd
with having hunted them out of town, tho associa
tion met and parsed resolutions of censure. Mr. llowo
made fruitless effoi Is to get back his fifteen cents, and
' Sig". Polk insii-ted between gaps, that "we have a right
to the money if we want it"; but all to no purpose, the
board still has the possession of the money, and has not
yet decided whether it will make a trip around tho world
or go to Hie exposition at Now Orleans.
The Union girls have organized a giriV auxiliary so
ciety which will probably be known by the soubriquet of
G. A. S. The mime is significant, but the energy with
which the girls have taken hold of the matter would in
dicate that something more than gas will bo evolved.
Sketches critical, mid analytical, of tho works of some
prominent author together with a biographical sketch of
his life, will be produced at cacli meeting. In order to
vary the performances, each programme will be inter
spersed with music. It is tho intention of tho girls to
make tho occasion of these meetings a social as well as
an intellectual treat.
Delegations of students from Doanc, York, Ilaslincs,
and the University met, pursuant to call, in the Union nail
the 21st ult. for the purpose of organizing the state orator
ical association. A temporary organiz ition was effected
willi C. G. McMillan In the chair. The convention went,
into a committee of the whole for the purpose of prepar
ing a constitution. Tho committee having arisen and the
constitution adopted, the organization was made perma
nent by electing Mr. Braught of York, President; G. W
Horton of Dano College, Vice President; and W. E.
Johnson, secretary and treasurer. The first contest will
be held at Hastings on the third Wednesday of April
Each delegation was fully awake to the necessity of en
ergetic work for the first contest, and the prospects are
that tho coining contest will be one of tho most interest
ing events of college life that has yet taken place in
Now the unnd boys arc mad. They went to tho Capi
tol to serenade the legislature, tho last night of the session,
and while playing one of their in i3t hoirl-rondiii; strains,
a note, purporting to bo from Church Ilcwe, was handed
to them.Biuiing thai if llicy would play somo of their
very nicest pieces he would go down with llieiu to Crit
tenden's and tcl up the oysters. After playing all their
pieces two or three times, U.iurchlll remarked that his
arms were tired, and Frankfurter declared that ho had
lost his lip, and the others said they were played out. It
was sugges'id that they should remind the senator of his
promise; but judge of their bitrprlse when the messenger
returned with the report tnat Senator Howe was -Ignorant
of any such promise. The truth gradually dawned upon
the boys that they were the objects of a practical joke nnd
they quietly gathered themselves up and stole away into
tho darkness, vowing vengeance upon the perpetrator.