Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, March 14, 1885, Image 1

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Vol. XIII.
LINCOLN, NEB., MARCH 14, 1585.
No. X.
Lombard University pleads fur special drill hi Elocu
tion. Military drill is bcc uniug very popular at Knox Co.
Alleghany College has iccently added a course in
In Russia, women are prohibited by law from uuni
versity education.
Obliging Senior: "Allow me to assist you with your
rubbers." Young lady: " Thank you, but I n-n afraid it
Trill nothon pleasant task asmv feet are somewhat dirty."
Senior: "Ob, I won't mind that if your shoes are clean.
The Hesperian is willing to hazard considerable
wealth on its bfliel that the "Waifs and Strays', man of
Harpers Weekly is a fresh college graduate. His fresh
ness causes him to make that column resemble the ex
change department of the colleue press.
Williams. There is lack of life ami interest in the lit
erary societies. Two of tbe memhi-rn of '84aro making a
tour of Germany on their bicycles.
Princeton. $00,000 has been given for the endowment
of 11 new chair in the Art Department. The Faculty have
decided that eleven shall only take part in inter-collegiate
football games played up in their own college grounds.
Harvard. Intcr-colltgiatc football has been positively
prohibited by the faculty. A course of lectures on Pro
tective Tariff arc to be given this term. The total value
of the property of Harvard, which yields an income, is
estimated at Ave millions of dollars.
Dartmouth. A thousand dollar scholaiahip has just
been given to Dartmouth on the condition that no one
who uses liquor or tobacco shall receive the benefit of it.
Dartmouth has a new chapel, with a seating capacity
of COO. It will be dedicated next Commencement.
Ann Arbor. There is a movement now on foot to trans
fer the Department of Mechanical Engineering from
Ann Arbor, to the Agricultural School at Lansing. The
University naturally prefers Urn', funds and facilities bo
added not subtracted. Etlorts are being made to intro
duce military drill.
Madibon. Plans have been admitted for the rebuilding
of Science Hall. Au appropriation for this purpose is ex
peeled from the state legislature just convened. A Stud
ents' Fire-Brigade isthe latest innovation. At the close of
last term the Junior class placed a flue Memorial window
in the new hall of PUy sical Science.
Cornell. A school of oratory is most carucstly desired;
much dissatisfaction iu expressed at the present slate of
this department of work in the College. Some steps are,
however, being taken to satisfy this need, by securing a
professor of Elocution and Vocal Cullure.--Tho 1 eraian
language is u new addition to the curriculum.
A Iliuvaid mar. assures n that in order to "bo some
body" in that community it is uceessary to spend much
lime in athletics. The real student is a goad enough fe'
lovv, to be sure, but "digs" of the class-room stand IHllo
show when honors are bestowed by popular vote.
A record ol tlie chapel nt'cudaucu of the Pr fesors of
Kansas University was kept by an enterprising s udoni
and published in full. The per cent ranges fromO to 100.
Only two had a perfect murk, while five wero regis'cred
as regular absentees.
The Japanese student is, as a rule, ambitious. Gov
ernment patronage is almost certain afUr graduation, if
ue applies himself in mustering the course This bard
work is not balanced by nourishing food and physical
exercise. The result is a race of students who havo
traded .soiindhodics for gilt edgcil-hrains and a small
The following letter bunded to Prof. Wentworth, of
Philips Academy, Exeter, N. II., explainsilsclf:
St. Paul, Dee.. 11th, '84
G. A. Wentworth;
Wo use your Alsebra in Ihe
high school. It make me sick. You are a
New York has heretofore been the only American
city claiming :o possess advantages to eventually mako
her the metropolis of the world. Chicago with charac
teristic cheek now walks up and unblushing!' demands
the honor. Facts and figures covering all municipal
history since Romulus and Remus quarreled over Iho
tille-dccds of corner lots in Rcme, proving beyond ques
tion that cities are made great by the extent and fertility
of laud tributary to them, have been triumphantly pro
duced ami quoted in the interests of the City of Lake.
Now York's rejoinder is now looked for with anxiety.
The pancake joke has at last accomplished something.
AVasbar professor says that the falling off in attendance
during the past decade has been alarming, and explains
it as follows:
"The cause is'rol in any deterioration of the college
itself, foi it !s the same noble school as ever. Tiio trouble
is that Vassar has become a thing to poke fun at. Half
the new jokes about girls arc put upon Vassei students.
Their doings are ridiculed, exaggerated, falsified, and the
very name of Vassar is a synonym for feminine foolish
ness. The consequence is that girls are beginning to dis
like to go there. I wouldn't be surprised to see the doors
of the college shut in five years more. The newspaper
parugrapkers will havo done it"