Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, February 20, 1885, Page 8, Image 8

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gjxctutnge jric-H-beac.
De Prtuw University offers a prize of $100 for deport
ment. Babyish.
The Badger is attempting to kick'a little enthusiasm
into the literary societies of Wisconsin State University.
Cornell Freshmen, backed by the Juniors, have con
demned cane rushes and resolved to do all in their pow
er to abolish them.
College llecord is hereby informed that the base-ball
moustache joke has passed its days of usefulness. It
"don't take" with the present generation.
Of all the pnperslin our exchange case the Hillsdale
Herald has the least excuse for being. It represents neith
er thc8tud-nlp, the college, nor the town in which it is
printed. Let it be reformed or fenced in.
A vagrant rumor informs us that Union College will
boon send eul a traveling minstrel company. To add
gloom to the situation the Cornell Era calls the organ i
zatiou a "troop." Verily, the times do degenerate.
There is a brass band in Harvard containing 110
pieces. University Press. For Heaven's sake stop that
item before it gets any farther in its march across tnc con.
tinenl. It started from Yale and its mission is plain.
The Oratorical Association of Kansas University net
ted a miniature, fortune at the horn: contest. After de
ducting enough to pay expenses of orator and delegate
to the stale contest a dividend of three hundred per cent
wiib declared on the block of the organization.
The JTolead, which limps forth from Westminister col
lege, Deleware, at eccentric intervals, is still quivering
with delight over the addition of our late Professor
Thompson to its venerable faculty. We arc also inclined
to cast over our count! nance the halo of a pleased grin at
the event.
The Volantc evidently wauls to go into mourning, but
abstains in order to keep up appearances. The cause is
a judicial decision against the University of Chicago
for over a quarter of a million. Tnat is as unpleasant as
being dependent upon a legiHlaturo for appropriations
for running expenses, we imagine.
"A guaranteed circulation of 10,000 copies" is the only
striking line displaed by the Academy News, a. padded
sheet hailing from some unknown institution in Miclii
gau. Come west, young man, and secure a position on
the Omaha Bee. Yon have talent; alio sense enough to
abstain from concealing it under a "truthful bushel.'
By all means come.
Students of the U. of N. are allowed to vote in the city
of Lincoln without molestation. Such a placid condition
of things does not hold sway every-where. In many
states the college vote is regaulurly challenged and much
trouble is caused by the obstinxte relusalu of corrupt
election clt rks to receive the classic college ballot. In
Maine the Supreme Court has decided that the non-resident
student must abstain from the luxury of voting un
less he declares his intention of becoming a permanent
citizen of the college town.
"Cinch" is the exclusive property of the University of
Calilornia. It menus a flat failure in examination. Forty
two fieshmen -were "cinched'' in mathematics out there,'
and wc offer OllaPodrida of the Bcrkelcyan the follow
ing gem ss a sonvenierof the event:
Fifty eaccr frcriiles
Walt to learn their fate;
Forly-two receive a "cinch"
And now there arc but night.
It is a lame attempt wc admit, but cannot be worse than
the specimens witli which Olla regularly adonis his columns.
Manlcy has the cream of the candy trade.
Manley gives special rates on fruit for entertainments.
All styles and qualities of men's hats at W. R. Dennis.
Cadet suits and caps at T. Ewiug & Co's clothing
Be sure and go to Winger & Miller's for your under
wear. Large stock of gents' collars and cuffs at W. R. Dennis
Sec them.
Elegant line of men's hosiery at W. R. Dennis', under
Opera House.
The largest stock and lowest prices in the city at T.
Ewing & Co's.
T. Ewiug & Co. arc at the front for all the latest and
fine fitting clothing.
Reduction in prices to students at T. Ewing & Co's
clothing emporium.
Students can be accommodated at any hour of the day
in Lincoln Business College. 1110 & 1118 O St.
Call and see our new spring styles. T. Ewing & Co.
Merino and all-wool underwear 50 per cent below for
mer p-ices at Winger & Miller's.
Don't fail to buy our spring suits at T. Ewing .&Co
mammoth clothing house.
University students can get best lead pencils for 25 ct
per dozen at Winger & Miller's.
T. Ewing & Co. arc opening an immense stock of
spirg goods.
University students get reduced tuition at Lincoln Bus
iness College. An hour per day in Book-Kecping Pen
manshis or Short-Hand is profitably spent.
University students are invited to visit Lincoln Busi
ness College.
The best judges of artistic work go to Kelley & Co fo
Photos. No. 1020 O st.
G. B. Skinner deals in fancy horses also turns out fine
single and double rigs at low prices.
PosMbly some of these chilly mornings and evenings
will induce you to look at W. R. Dennis' line of under
wear. Remember Students you can get fine work, and better
inducements, in the "Fotograf" line, at Kelley & Co
1020 O. St.
Students, when you want a first class shave or a bos
haircut go to Sam Wester fields corner of O andTwelvelh
Don't forget it.
Special attention is given to Card Writing, Engrossing,
Resolution, anu any work in the line of plain aud orna
mental pen work at Lincoln Business College.
I have just received a new outfit of dental tools and ma.
lerials. Am prepared to do all kinds ofwork which comes
in my Uub. Satisfaction guaranteed. A liberal reduction
to Blitdents. Come and see me. W. A. Hull, 1105 O St
I Over Hurley's Drugstore. . - '