Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, February 20, 1885, Image 1

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Vol. XIII.
No. IX.
From the Soudan : Gordon is dead alive
ded don'iknowauythingaboutilauyway.
-dead woun.
, Valuable beds of lithographic stone have been discov
ered in California. Herclofoic the printers have im
ported this commodity.
Two students of Alleghany college were neatly caught
in the act of leading the janitor's fiery steed into chapel.
They should be punished to the full extent ot the law.
The Kansas Senate has censured the statu commission
er at New Orleans for joining in inviting Jefferson Davis
to participate in the reception of Liberty Bell. "Bleed
ing Kansas" evidently still bleeds.
By all means go to Now Orleans before thu Great Show
is over. The city offers ample accommodations. One
thrifty housewife down I litre sleeps 011 a mat tics-s on the
dining room table, having rented all other available
space to lodgers.
The Lincoln Democrat proposes to publish a list of the
employes of the present legislature. Three or fair col
umns of names will be given eaeh day until the entire pay
roll has appeared. In the matter of unearthing collossul
steals, the great Bourbon sheet if a veritable terror.
A fine fire equipment luis been provided for the Uni
versity of Wisconsin and a volunteer department oruan
ized among the students. The quarlor.ofa million dollar
lire act of last November will never bo repealed in the
neighborhood of that institution.
Electricity has been engaged for another gigantic en
tcrprise. It is nothing less than the lighting of a broad
path clear across the Atlantic. Ten ships are to be an
chored at interoads of 200 miles between Newfoundland
and Ireland. The cable connecting them will be used
for the lighting current. Messages are also to be trans
mitted. The skating rink seems to be crippling that archene
my of Methodism, the theater, yut from the uneasy
movements of the church on viewing the new complied
tion it is generally surmised that a heavy drop on the
whole rink busiuess is uuder consideration. The Student
would modestly suggest that thu church fill its figurative
coat tail pockets with figurative bricks and sail in.
Two years ago the writer was in a position to hear the
remarks made by visitors in passing through one of thu
puplic buildings of Nebraska. People from every state
in the Union cutne, saw, vyonderedal the poverty-stricken
appearauco of surroundings, and very naturally concluded
that the state could afford nothing heller. That one in
stitution discouraged more prospective immigrants than
our Solons over at the Capitol would believe possible. Ao
a matter of sound financial policy Ihb state should bo lib
eral in providing for its own needs.
A hymn as written
Welcome, sweet day of rest ,,
That saw tho Lord arlso:
Wclcomo to tltla reviving breast
And these rejoicing eyes .
As sung by the choir
Waw-kaw ewa daw aw raw
Thaw saw thaw law aw-raw
Waw-Kaw taw thaw raw-vaw-vaw braw ;
Aw thaw raw-Jaw-saw aw.-I(V.
Let us weep. The faculty of Wheaton college, Illinois,
is reported by the collets organ to have unanimously
adopted the following version of the 15th Amendment;
"Whereof, According to Iho declining declivities, it has
become ncessajy to discourage and discontinue the
practice of ambulating on rollers; therefore,
Iiesolced,Tui henceforth uo o:ie, old, young, male
or female shall darken adoor leading to one of these vile,
outrageous immoral places, again; if this law shall
be broken by a student, the Faculty at the next session
will unceremoneoualy consider the case.
It Is greatly to be regretted that the spirit of practical
joking should pervade even the mi.st sacred affairs Hith
erto tiie Y. M. C. A. has been supposed to be free from such
tendencies; bat this has been disproved. Last Monday
night they procured the use of South Hall, ostensibly for
the purpose of holdlnga social. In reality this was only
a subterfuge, nud the next morning it was found that
while the more sedate were engaged in social devotion,
tho ring leaders, having by this means obtained access to
the top of tho building, were busy suspending the lap
robe of our sedate professor of French, midway between
North and South Hulls. Badger, University of Wisconsin.
The blind jealousy of certain districts of Nebraska
make it next to impossible to secure liberal appropria
tions for state institutions located at Lincoln. Tho aver
age legislator lakes it for granted that all public moneys
expended within a radius of fifty miles of the Capitol
building are in some manner connected with the vision
ary 'steals" and "jobs" that he came here to hunt down.
While this paper is published in Lincoln, it is in uo
wise an advocate of tho iuteresta of the city when they
slaud opposd lo the interests of the stale. As citizens of
every quarter ot this commonwealth we feel heartily
ashamed of a legislature too anxious to make a record
for economy to provide for the actual necessities of the
institutions under its wardeuBbip.