Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 01, 1884, Page 8, Image 8

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Thcdrt'eZdovotcsim essny of threo hundred words lo tho
olinrilnblo tusk of milking the Student feci its inexprcps
nblo misery. Tlianks, Ariel, send us two hundred and
eight thousand copies of yourself. We will use them us
advertising dodgers. Such criticisms from such n source
are worth something to us, you know. You would write
almost nny brilliant article just to fill space, wouldn't you
Ariel? v
From (he College of the City of Now York we lcccivo
tlio College Journal. This periodical is a lit exponent of
such an institution as tho one which sends it forth. Wo
Iiiiyo nothing but words of praise for a college paper that
is so interesting in stylo and metropolitan in tone as tho
Journal. Willi tho facilities for publication that must at
tend upon its location and tho hijjli standing of 0, C. N. Y.
a second-class paper could scarcely bo looked for. In one
thing, however, tho Journal is a bit of a crank. It uses
just-enough "fonctio" spelling to give tho impression that
the editors are "full" and irresponsible for their vagaries.
Head off the Wooster Oollegianl It professes to uphold
the system of legalized robbery known us a "protective"
tariff. Wo supposed that ns education increased this ne
farious doclrine would perish. The natural course of
things will be interfered with very seriously unless col
lego papers, of all other.", stick to tho principlo thnt com
mon sense and intelligence teach us. For n collogo paper
to uphold "protection" Is an inevitable cause of much of
the disrepute into which a liberal education sltows ten.
deludes f falling. Stand by tho flag of commercial free
dom no mrdler what demagogues may declare against
such teachings.
The Inst number of the Era is replete with good things.
Tho exchange editor takes his seat upon a hypei critical
contemporary with the usual graceful elegnnce. Tho
topic of the discussion is llio best method in which to con
duct tho local column of a college journal. The Era can
justly give advice to others upon this subject. Tho
"glass house" proverb will not apply since no one can
rightfully deny that there is a business-like, professional
tone about tho local department of the Era. To say tho
least, there is a very much mistaken notion about what a
good local consists in rattling nround in tho average edi
tor's brain. Tho Era applies tho epithet "Sophomoric.l."
That is just about right.
In the Student Life wo nolo an article entitled "Tho
Coining Isauc." Tho writer insists that "Prohibition is
the issue that will win." Well wo hope so. But let us
not believe in constitutional prohibition at tills early date.
Of course the so-called "Prohibitionists" a parly which
has for its leudcis a molly crew of demagogues and old
women md for its platform referring to the one of
1884 a positive literary curiosity, declare, with violent
imprecations Hint tho man who would not vote for St.
John never did believe In anything but free whiskey.
Have a little sense friends. Ninety-uino hundredths of
thinking men are in favor of prohibiting liquor from
being sold, as an ultimate good, Tho same largo majority
are convinced that at the present lime constitutional pro
hibition would be the caiiBC of great advancement to
liquor interests. Respect our opinion and, as suggested
above, have a little sense in this matter.
Wonder wliero tho medical "mashor" is this year I
Tho medical literary sooiety will givo tlioii first carni
val in the chnpol Saturday ovening, December 6. The
opening address will be delivered by H. C. Cummins.
Grcoks and Barbarians nro cordially invited to attend.
Wo notice that modesty, of which wo spoke of a few
weeks ago In our column as being a very pleasing char
acteristic in a young man, Is still wanting in ouo of our
medical students, much to the displcasuro of tho class.
And all; Though brimming full of wrath, Iomoco,
Alio, Hydro path, concurred in this; "Unit t'other path
to death's door wiih tho straight one."
Now that Dr. Dio Lowis has been among us it is hoped
that llio students of the various branches have proflttcd
by his advlco and that we will see improvements in tho
physical make up of many who badly need bracing up.
We hopo ero the next issue is out to sco llio Mods como
out in their new Oxfords. 'Twill be bo becoming you
know while they nsually wear tho black gown when in
seclusion yet we think, with n llttlo persuasion, they
would appear in full dress in public.
The students that smoko their cigars in tho class room
should remember that ladies, us well as somo gentlemen,
are not passionately fond of tho odor arising there from;
and, also, it does not show tho highest typo of good breed,
ing. Wo hope it will not be necessary to call attention to
this fact again.
Wo glvo below tho names of the medical students wha
examined tho unulomical structure of tho turkey undo
the pnrental roof Thanksgiving day. Messrs. Farmer
Cummins, Bell, Buck, Entz, Walker, Maxson, Mondell
StevciiBon, Eaton, Moore, Gay and Ingalls, Mrs. Howard
Misses Davics and Arbucklo.
We most heartily wish that somo of the boys would givo
us a rest; they do not attack us personally but prefer a
more cowardly way, terming us side issues, humbugs
elc. If such as Ihcso would go home aud bo under tho
influence of their mas aud tho stern protection of their
pas awhile longer they would be belter fitted for tho pro.
fession than they now are.
What's tho mutter with tho cadets at their Friday drill?
nave thoy grown tired or wero they born in that condition.
It hardly Bcems as though it is worth their while to at
tempt a drill which tnrminutcs in sucli an abortion -with
such a short, inactive procedduro tho blood is hardly
started from its lethargy. In the study room if you don't,
enthuse wo will send for Dlo Lowis?
Tho followers of Esculapius met Saturday evening,
November 22., for the purpose of organizing a literary so.
clety; beluga stormy night but few were present, but
these few, prompted by tho spirit for literary improve
ment, succeeded in effecting a permanent organization of
what is to bo called the Medical Literary Society, with
tho following officers; president, H. B. Cummins; vice
president, O.E.Mulvano ; secretary, Mooro; treasurer,
M. A Kelso; critic, M. H. Farmer; seargent-at arms
Ingulls. Meetings will bo held evoiy Saturday ovening''
In the general lecture room at 7:80.. All are' cordially