Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, June 13, 1884, Page 8, Image 8

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"Who comes there?" "Friend with countersign."
"Advance friend and give countersign." "Chickens. I'll
divy." "Correct. Pass on."
The University nine ouglil to bo admitted to the Icayuo
During the past six weeks they havo hrokon Just twelve
bats nml ripped the covers oil' from an even dozen of
balls while practicing. Cm any amateur club beat tint
There have been many Instincts of harmony among
organizations, but the board of editors of the Annual
furnish the most remarkable example. That their ami
able qunlitics have been highly cti'tivalod appears from
their picture in the said Annual.
We were recently informed of the nuptials of Miss
Vida Webster and Mr. E. F. White. Miss Webster is an
old student of the University. We are sorry to lose any of
our students, but since the deed is done and can't be rc-
traclid, the StitdiiXT extends its hist wis-hes to the
The Seniors instead of "orating" on the Pythagorean
doctrine of the Metempsychosis of the Soul, nrd the ab
solute Unkuowablcness of Eternity, arc wrestling with
very piactical subjects. Undoubtedly they haveconclmU
d that it is not so much "the whalness of the what, but
the isness of the is" unit concerns us in this world.
The following are some of the old student1 who came
to Lincoln to spend Commencement week: W Q. Keim,
8. W. Sullivan, Emma Howell, A. E. Adsil, J. JST. Dryden
ami Mrs. Drjdon, D. II. Wheeler, Minnie . urker, George
McLean, Narcissa Snell, Cora Stone, Cleve Lamb, Frank
Wood, Clias. E. Verity, C. J. Grable and Edon P. Rich.
George McLean who once upon a lime was the very
bossest janitor thai ever swung a broom in any college
lias come from Minnesota to shake with his many friends
and attend the exhibitions, commencement, exercises etc.
ofihoweek. George ninde more friends to the square
inch lh-iii any oilier man thai wr happen to remember to
iiuve met ; mid if we don't lame 'lis right arm for the rot
of his natural lifo it will be a ciulion.
On the occasion of our last chapel meeting Chancellor
Manalt spoke a few earnest words to ihe students. Ho
said vacation was for rest, but as no mind could bo en
tirely idle, he desired that each student should maintain
a lively interest in all public affairs; and thatjwhilo speak
ing as often as possible for the University they should do
nothing to convey the idea that any part of the institu
tion was designed to supercede another part of our
public school system.
The High Sciiool played our societies a little gouge
ame in the matter of sealing the Representative hall for
the llnee exhibitions. ThcH. S. hud engaged to pro
vide a certain number of chairs for our exhibitions, if we
would do the same for them ; but they got their number
from the M. E. Church, and it was nccersary to take tliem
back after the Pallndian performance. The best part of
it was that some forty of Ihe chairs were left in the gals
lory, mid as a consequence three of the most pious of the
Palladians might have been seen wildly-charging about
through the stillness of Sunday morning, and a promis
cuous mass of boys, chairs and mud was brought to the
.'oor of the church by a madly driving drayman, just as
the congregation was assembling. We hope no one was
The Sombrero,"
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