Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, June 13, 1884, Image 10

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Irving J. Manatt, Ph. D. Chancellor.
II. E. nitchcock, M. A., Ph. D., Dean, and Professor of Mathematics.
George McMillan, Ph.D., Profcssorof Greek.
George E. Howard, M. A.. Professor of History.
Samuel It. Thompson, M. A., Professor of Didactics.
Grove E. Barber, M. A.. Prolcssor of Latin.
Hudson II. KIcholson, M. A.. Professor of Chemistry and Physic.
Lccius A, Sherman, Ph. D., Professor of English.
Fredcr ck W. Grubc, M. A., Professor of Modern Languages.
Professor of Natural Sciences.
Samuel It. Thompson , M. A., Dean, Professor of .Agriculture.
Hudson II. Nicholson. M.A., Professor of Agricultural Chemistry.
Harvey Culhcrtron, M. S., 11. Agr., Prorcssor of Horticulture.
Richard II. Tow nicy. U. S. N., Prof, or Military Science and Tactics.
Charles N. Little, ll. A., Ins.ructor in Mathematics mid Clxil Eug.
Miss Ellen Smith, M. A., Principal.
Mrs. Adelaide Dearborn, Instructor In Elocution.
Kiss Madge G. Hitchcock, Instructor in Latin.
Howard v. Caldwell, B. ., Instructor In History.
L, F. M. Easttrday. 31. A.. Instructor in Physics and Astronomy.
Bion H. Culver, B. S., Inetiuctor in modern languages.
S. B. Hohmann, Dlrcctoi ol Musical Conservator-.
Teacher of Paintiugand Drawing.
Five iouiis of ttttd are ollcicd: Classical, Seicnlific,
Literary, Engineering nnil Agiicultural. The Latin
School, for the pic.ccut, offers a lvo venr..' course pre
Iiarntory to thee courses. Students wishing to onier the
atin School must be prepared for examination in Orihog.
raphy, English Grammar, Practical Arithmelir, Geogrn
phy ami History ol' the United Slates.
A. It. Mitchell, m. d., Dean, and Professor of Anatomy.
ETA. Mcrtiam, m.d., Prolcssor of Principles nnd Practice of Med
II. It. Lowry, h.a., .., Professor of Physiology and Therapeutics.
W. M. Knanp. ii.i Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women
and Children.
If. 11. Nicholson, h.a , Professor of Chomistry. .
I.. B. Graddy, M.n Profcssorof Diseases of the Eye and Ear,
Hon.O. P. Mason, Professor of Medical Jurispiudencc,
N. J. Beachly, m.d.. Demonstrator of Ann'omy. ,
B. L. Paine, m.i., Professor of Theory and Practlcc.(Homa:opathIc)
O. L. Hart, M.n., Professor of Materia Mcdica. "
B. F Kightcr, .., Professor of Obstetrics. "
V. s. Italia, x.ii.. Professor of Theory and Practice. (Eclectic.)
J. II. Woodard, M.D., Professor of Materia Mcdica. " (
IraVan Camp, m.d., Professor of Obstetrics. "
Tliis college was opened in 1883, nud is now In vipor
otous operation. The University i!li its collections and
the capital city with ils public institutions offer specia
Facilities and inducements to medical Minimis. No fee
are charged beyond tin- matriculation lee of $5, and th
actual cosl of mulct ial for the study of Praclical Analomy
Good board in the city at $3 a week; fttrnibhed mom
$3 to $6 'month. Students of ihe Induslrial College live
on the farm, where board is furnished at cost. Nr charges
for tuition, except matriculation fee of $5. Students
residing in the state, or persons about to enter the Univer
sity, are allowed half fare in going to ami from home by
the railroads enteriiuc L'ueoln. P,ir half-fare certificates;
Catalogues or thor inforuiutiou mldie-. the Chancel 16
gulkidiim iferarg &arivtn.
"Forma Xentit .EUrna est."
Regular meetings every Friday evening,
commencing protnp'.y at 7:30. Students and
strangers welcome. Robert L. Marth, Pres
ident; Wm.E.Johnson.Sec'y- Debating Club
open to Palladians only), Saturday at7: 30 rx.
S.ate University, Lincoln, Neb. Prayer
meeting ccry Wednesday evening from 7:45
to 8:30; every noon from 12: 35 to 12:45.
Bible class every Sunday morning at 9:30
pinion jieig,
"LHUrae cumtlegantla tuumlum figant."
Meets every Friday evening in Union Hall.
Open to all. Debuing Clnb every Saturday
evening. Open to members. E. J. Kobln-
Bon, President. E. J. Churchill, Secretary
turArriTns B:tT(cwrLETE music house ijv the state
If you buy an inurnment without seeing me and my Mock ywutfjihsurely miss it
for I am positive I can save you money. I have fine line of GoouT suitable '
for Holiday Presents; besides the finest stock of Pianos and Organs
ever brought to Lincolu. I have a fine line of Music Cab
inets for holtliug Sheet Music and Bocks. Pull
Line of Piano Spreads and Stools.
W. H. PRESCOTT, 1125 O ST.