Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, May 05, 1884, Page 7, Image 7

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"Here's a bono!"
-Whcro nro wo to hold conimenccmcnt?
The Seniors will loaf after the thirteenth, for th it date
finishes their college work.
Tlio Pal Indian 8 have received a new gavel from D. EL
Mercer, '80. It is a neat mullet turned from three dif
ferent species of wood, Indiana miple, N'jbnska ip,)h ,
aud a block of Texas osage orange over three hundred
years old. David has been requested to consider him
self thanked.
Base ball bnomcth. There arc enough members of the
association to form three nines, aud the first uino with
Fred Shop herd as captain is practicing regularly.
Regent Mallalieu attended the stale convention and
Iidb remained to look up University matters. Heaven
graut that he may sco what needs doing, aud get it done.
The Student has been known to come out behind
hand, but the annual catalogue- of this institution can
beat it all out. This year is no exception, out the faculty
claim to have an excuse.
Lieutenant Edgar.Dudley who had charge of the mili
tary department when it was established has been de
tailed by the Secretary of War to return for auother term
of three years. He is to arrive on the first of July.
AH students are requested to advertise the joint meet
ing of the societies as extensively as possible. 7 he ad
mission will be nominal, the programme interesting
and the institution receiving the proceeds is a deserving
An allumnus, W. A. McAUUter of Collumbus was
down to attend the Republican Stale convention, aud
topped over for a day or two. He attended the Union
Society on Friday evening and responded in a most
graceful manner to u call for a speech.
Miss Morris, now prosecuting her art studies at Vi
enna has at last been prevailed upon to lake charge of
our studio. This is an acquisition of wlihh we all til be
truly proud, aud there can be no doubt hut that she will
succeed in making the department what it should be.
Eddy Benedict who formerly attended the University
died on hc 29Ui of April at his father's residence in this
city. The usual conventionalities cannot express the
deep regret that we feel for the loss of our fifteen year ld
friend, nor the sympathy wc desire to express for the be
reaved relatives.
An accurate directory of the Alumni of this institution
has long been needed, aud the Student is happy to
announce that the "long fell want" is to be Hupplicd. A
committee of tiie Alumni Association is now at work
gatheiing statistics concerning the unfortunates who
have received sheepskins from the University of Nebrass
ka. The result of their labors will Us puulishod in
We notice in two of our exchanges thrilling ,a 1 1 1 t
of pianos that are about to be snatched from literary so
cieties by the merciless hand ol the dealers in those in
instrumenls. We also used to get pianos and things
upon which the original owner could foreclose, but now
wp pay down for such articles and only get trusted for
wall paper, gold leaf lettering, etc. This is the wis
est course. Try it friends.
Miss Mary Potvin, an old student of tlio University ii
winning many honors in the Boston Couservitory o f
Music whcro she has. been persuing her stu lies for
some time.
The Oadcts have received an invitation to go into camp'
at Milfor.l for a wcok, expenses to bo paid by the resi
dents of that enterprising village. As the city of Lin
coln will also "whack up" liberally to got rid of the b ys,
it is probable that they will go, and the trip will b3 ta'ce-i
in gorgeous style.
Prof. H. H. Nicholson sails for Europe on the 27 lit of
this month. Preparatory to leaving ho has Idled all of
his classes by hard work, so that no nelectel duties
may weigh upon his mind during his absence. May
he have a prosperous voyage and "got there in big
slinpe"while pursueing his work at Heidelberg.
Two of the Sophomores are planning a scientific ex
pedition of about ten days, the time to be smouged Irom
elass work during the last of this term. They will make
a complete geological, botanical and entomological sur
vey of two or three states and pay their expenses by
peddling needles and collecting herbariums for the ele
mentary class in botany.
Arbor day was not as enthusiastically celebrated as i
should have been. One of the fraternities planted a treo
at one o.clock of that morning but were frightened near
ly out of their senses by a couple of fellows who
passed along the walk a.id so did not go through with
all their ceremonies. Some brainless scamp pulled it up
the following evening and .so arbor day passed without
visible consequence.
The orchestra mentioned in our last issue has mule its
first public bow and received the bnquet. Last Friday
evening both societies were favored with overtures by
tthis organization, which by the way, consists of piauo
rombonc, cornet, clarionet, and violins, with the usual ,
masculine attachments, and were in each case compelled
to respond to nn encore. The credit of bringing har
mony out of a chaos of catgut and brass belongs to
PL, rofesaor Frank Easterday, the instructor of the Cadet
One week from next Friday the two societies will hold
a joint meeting in the chapel to which an admission fee
of ten cents will be charged, the proceeds to go to the
Aunual. The literary exercises will bo as follows:' Essay
MaryL. Joies;Oraliou,Frcd Shepherd; Recitation, Allie
Lintz; Oration Geo. B. niukforter; '.Djbite, W. S.
Perrii and R, S. Mockett. Exielleut music will bo pro
vided in great abundance, and the whole thing will bo
interesting. It's the first meeting ef the kind and shall
be a success.
Three different crowds of students have been entertains
ed and "foddered" by Miss Smith within a very short lime,
ivid her reputation for hospitality, always great, is begin
ing to be coloss d. First there was a comp my of students
who collected on the evening of Arbor Day who felt tlio
Cain within them coming to ihe surface ami asked Miss
Smith's permission to fiy from temptation to her parlors.
Secoud, the Junior aud Senior classes held a joint social
there at her invitation and passed one of the "flyest"
evenings known to their experience. Lastly the Soph
omores have bcn rejoiced by the same honor, and pros
foundest gratitude reigns in the hearts of all .
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