Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, March 22, 1884, Page 8, Image 8

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not only lo keep ft lmge aud'ence away but to torment
those ttIio did alteiel with cold Icet nml a bavy of clillla
plnylug tag up and down the vertebral column. The
graduates were mature men. The hair of one was sil
vered vrltli age, and all had reached the period of life
that is generally credited with bringing sense and good
judgement. Their names arc Elijah D. Buckncr, M. R
Holding Norman A. Saekett, and John M. Zoilic. On
tho programme was a gmeral invitation to the public to
attend a reception in the evening at tho residence of Dr.
F. B. Rlghter. The rain came down in Allopathic doses
at that time, however, and modolt Impossible (or the
general public to respond, but u most enjoyable time
was had by those who braved tho rain and mud of an
equinoctial stoim to commune with the disciples of little
pills and infinitesimal doses.
Tho Opera House bavin g been engaged for tho Weud
ling lecture, Iho commencement of this department was
held in Temple Hall, on Friday evening. The. Capital
City Orchestra furnished most excellent music, but tho
Arlon Club failed to materialize. Tho opening prayer
was given by Rev. E. H. Curtif, after which the dean in
troduccd Hon. G. M. Lnmbertson who delivered,', brief
and very Interesting address. Tho exercises were then
closed with a short speech by Regent Gcro on' presenting
the graduute, Mr. E. D. Thurston, with his shcopskiu.
P tfife.
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flnilnf ou'tsniHl nuns iu T. ICwinir As (Jo's. "
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Special bargains for students atT. Ewing & Co.
Elegant Patterns In Neckwear at T. Ewing & Co's.
Buy your boots and shoes of 0. W. Webster, 0 st Acad
cmy of Music. Q
Largo assortment of collais, cuffs and, neckwear at T
Ewing &Co's.
Doanc college is raising funds to erect an additional
college building.
, Call and see tho now fall suits at T. Ewlng & Co'o
Ciothing Emporium.
Clements has Iho finest lot of sterescopic views of the
University ever taken.
Tho best judges of artistic work go to Kcllcy & Co for
Photos. No. 1020 0 st.
Best style, best goods, at lowest prices at T. Ewing A
Co's Clothing Emporium.
All tho uowest styles and patterns of clothing and gent's
furnishing goods at T. Ewing & Co's,
Remember Students you can got lino work, and hotter
inducements, In tho "Fotograf" line, at Kcllcy & Co
1020 O.St.
Students It will pay you to examine tho pictures mado
by Kcllcy & Co. before sitting clsewaro. Have you seen
thaUlttisy University Panel they give gratis?
Tho Capital is after Manager Church, of tho Opera
House, with a sharpened faber. It wants that temple of
tho drnmtv placed in tho hands of a gentleman.
Tho Stato Teachers Association convenes in Lincoln
on Tuesday next, and will bo in session until Thursday.
Anubmerof their evening meetings will bo held In our
highly respectable old chapel.
Tho Lincoln Steam Djo House, on O street near twelth
is tho best equipped establishment of tho kind In tho
state. Students will dowell to remember that Mr. Rob
eilsoirwill give them good wcrlc at surprisingly low
Tho Hon. Geo. R. Wendling told a small but cultured
audience all he kuows about tho Devil, at tho Opora
House last night. If tho immaculate orator will but call
at the Student efllec ho will receive a few pointers free
of charge. Our opportunities for acquiring knowledge
concerning his Satanic Majesty arc unsurpased. We
can raise him without tho least ellort
jxc1mitM rh-H$rHCj
Wo take a new interest in the Dickimonian from learn
ing that ono of our Regents was onco its editor. Wo
did not enjoy tho acquaintance of tho Dickimonian
when Regent Mollallcu was at tho helm. Ever since we
have had the opportunity of looking over its pages it has
always impressed us as being a conscientiously
edited paper.
Tho Notre Dame Scholastic don't seem to admiro some
poetry that was published in tho Student s fow weeks
ago. This is a 'rightful state of affairs. t Wo hired that
poem from a trump down town especially for tho benefit
of t' o Scholastic, and after all, it is not appreciated. "Wo
weep: our heart is filled with lamentation and woo. "Wo
really think of putting ashes on our heads and changing
our n&mo tn Scliolastf Such misery has tho Indiana
ex.'mnn caused in our ii'cart.
We do, not mean to make any remarks about tho Asbw's
chongoof name. They all do it. In tho last uumbei.'.'o
noUco'an article entitled "Tho Aluminum; Ago." Tho
ideas' in ,it aro not new but are stated in a collected and
terso manner that renders it exceedingly interesting.
DePamo Monthly is a good paper and has fow defects
worthy of notice. The only thing wo could possibly
bjoct to, is that tho Fraternity Notes aro mostly of so
hoary auVgo that it Is really almost as difficult to read
them clear .through as it is to peruse the last edition of
"Mnry's Little; Lamb."
"Well now hero is souse. They aro in tho habit of con
densing "carbolic dioxide" in tho graded school from
which Voice halls. It is forblddon by law In all couu
trios except tho U. S. Wo aro not surprised. It would bo
exceslvcly dangerous for a chomlcal studont In Nobraska
to make an attempt at condonsing "carbolic dloxldo"
Will Prof. O. N. Stoddard who "condenses " every yoar
pleaso rise and explain? Did tho Voice over seo any so
lidified chaln-lightning? If Prof. Stoddard' makes it
every year, send us a yard and a quarter, pleaso. Wo
want it in our process for melting Hydrogen and liquify,
lug gum 61100!". Come on Voice, holp us out, can't you?
Prof. Stoddaid mukes 'em and you needn't bo such a hog
as to keep them all toyourself. And If you know of any
moro such experiments as "condonsing carbolic diox
ide" have them printed for general distribution. They
would bo of interest lo tho scientific world.