Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 15, 1884, Page 6, Image 11

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Snow six Inches deep!
Llvory bills two foot thick!
Thirty frosted noses last week.
Twenty new students this term.
Take all of tho slay.rlding, Us cheap.
Look out for tho janitor he's "got tho liioaslcs.
Skating is buried somo inches under tho snow.
Ten students arc studying Military tactics this
Hood thought that such an article could be so becom
ing! Wo now have a triumvirate: Strickland, Mathison, an-1,
and Howe.
Owing to the cold weather, work in tho laboratory has
been delayed.
The chanol sinjrine is not so immense us it was last
term. Whoop up the bass.
Mashes are becoming au epidemic in tho town, i.e.
every where except in theso classic halls.
All the Profs, aro taking their proper places on tho
rostrom, since tho now chancoloric regime.
Roller skating brusos aro more common than usual
this winter. The students must bo enjoying it.
Freshman introducing Mr. C. to First Prep : "Mr. C. this
is Mr. C." First Prep : "Is that so ?"
Tho present weather is so cold that tho average stu
dents can't tell weatner they are a foot or on horseback.
If there is any mistakesj in. this, issue, do not lay it
to the force, for it has been below 0 for several days in
the comosing room.
The U. E. club is flourishing. Their motlo: A full
hand of hearts. They meet around the circle. Stake
half bushel peanuts.
The meds have commenced mutilating human bodies.
Watch out boys, surely if you dio in this section the
meds keen knife will cut asunder your flesh.
Several York cadets passed throngh Lincoln on their
way to their Alma Mater. Their suits were of cadet
gray which showed thera off at a very good advantage.
There has been a vigilance committee appointed by
our townsmen to take charge of Wyuca cemitary, as
there has been somo trouble rogarding the future rest
ing place of some of its occupants.
One of tho talented young gentlemen connected with
this sheet is in possession of a fine guitar. Being in a
state of impecuniosily, he is willing to part with the
instrument for almost nothing. Inquire at tho den for
The band boys have been offered a position in the
roller skating rink. If they accept they will play three
evenings a week. This speaks wojl for our band aud it
is willu pleasure that we see thorn coming to tho front
so that they may be heard.
Say pard, old fellow, lend me fifty cents, my wushing
is in "soak" at John Chinamaus, and he says "No mony
no shirtce, mclicaiiman bigc mouth, talkce heep, alio
samce, he takco shirleo, no com back som mo, ho givmc
mony, he takee shirtee, com back, mor washee gibme
fifty cent, taucc washee student to muchee check.
The Pnl Indians aro making prcporalions for tho ora
torical contest which is to take phico this month.
On account of tho reception given to Chancolor Manctt
Friday night tho usual joint social of the societies wa8
postponed one week.
Regent Gere gave a reception to Chancolor Manatt at
his homo cor. 17 and J Friday evening. Invitations were
sent to tho faculty and about two hundred prominent per
sons of the city.
The following orators have entered the Palladia con
test to take place tho latter part of January. R. L.
Marsh, W. A. Baldwin, Elton Fulmcr, J. H. Mockot Jr.
Will 0. Jones. A. G. Warner and W. II. Lichty.
To you bo kind
Who thoso seeks did send,
We bow our heads and condescend
To say to you,
The eocka we needed much,
For our feet were bare,
Butplcaso do not send
Another five cent pair.
One of ur Profs, rcceivsd tho following nolo just
after Thanksgiving:
Please excuse my absence
for the remainder of this week, as I have gone to
A new spectacular drama will soon appear on the
boards. The following synopsis of tho first scene will
give an idea of the play.
ACT 1. Scene i. A recitation room, two chasrs; two
ferns; two otherwise. All studying "Hebrew," 0 o'clock,
getting dark. No chandelier, electric light, grand
tcbeleau. .
There aro two classes students who return after the
holidays, The foolish one who has squandcrrd his
wealth on his best girl and tho folks during Christmas
time. The other is the wise student who has carefully
hoarded his duckets and will presently proceed to cut
out the foolish man under this his nose. Oysters cost
There always comes an especial feeling of gloom over
the University whenever anyone connected with it is
taken away by death. Such is tho case now. Miss
Mary Thomas a brilliant young lady was taken from
our midst Saturday Dec. 22nd at the Arlington hotel.
Miss Thomas camo from Marysville, Kans. and although
she had been but a short time with us, she loaves a
large circle of friends to mourn her loss.
If the new Regents intend building any new edifices,
for the acemmodation of tho school, we would respect
fully suggest, that in addition to the much needed chem
ical labratcry and gymnasium aud chapel, a fire proof
two inch iron building 20 by 30 erected in tho farthest
corner of the college farm for the benfit of the band aud
drum major.
The Y. M. C. A. of tho University have a prayer
meeting every Wednesday evening to which all students,
especially those just entering are cordially invited. Also
Prof. Hitchcock holds a bible-reading Sunday morning
at 8:80 which is very interesting. Students should be
able to spare time to attcne these religious services and
we are sure you cannot spcud an hour more profitable.