Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 15, 1884, Page 5, Image 10

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to tlio plastic art. "In Greek tragcdy.Jaa In sculpture,"
says DeQuincy, "wo read the abstraction of a lllc that re
poses, the sublimity of a llfo that aspires, the solemnity of
a lifo that is removed to an infinite distance." In the
English tragedy, on the other hand wo hare a life replete
with action and palpitating with hope a lifo whoso
spirit is tint of painting.
DcQulncey's comparison is so admissible that I can
not refrain from quoting him at length "Into an En
glish tragedy even festivals of Joy, many enter mar
riages aud baptism as commemorations of national tro
phies, which or anything like which in incompatible
with the rcry being ot the Greek. In that tragedy what
unlforminity of glooml Tho Greek, how mournful; the
English how tumultious. Even the catastrctphics, how
different. In tho Greek wo see a breathless waiting for
a doom that cannot bo evaded a waiting, as it were, for
tin last shock of an earthquake or the inexorlblo rising
of a deluge, in the English It is like a midnight of ship
wreck, from which up to tho last and till the final ruin
comes, there still survives that sort of hope Uiat clings
to human energies."
G. W. B.
$M0MX $xn,irii$.
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See the advcrtlaomcnt of St. Claire. Hull, on lst.Jpago.
New students come out to sosletics and get acquainted.
Tho school has hud its firdt case ol measles. Nose
rlous effects.
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A Freshman shaved his moustache and thorby caught a
severe a cold that ho Is In danger of a post mortem.
A co-ed tays one 'of the fellow's moustache is so sweot
that she has "chawed" off both ends. Who wears a state,
prison moustacho?
Our mathematical prodogy Is laboring on tho prob
lom as to which Is tho most fillings Thanksgiving tnr
kty, Christmas oysters or Now Years calls.
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Students It will pay you to examine tho pictures mado
by Kollcy & Co. before sitting claewarc. Havo you seen
hat daisy University Panel they give gratis?
Tho U P mob on tholrway homo for vacation were do
tained a whole day at Valley Station the worst swoat
pit on the continent, so they remark.
The students are getting up a partition to closo tho
oyster saloons at 0:80 P. M. sharp during the winter
soason. The cold weather has a remarkable effect on an
average co-eds appetite.
The Fall Anglo-Saxon class havo petitioned Prof.
Sherman to please let them pass la that study. Wo are
so sorry for them that we will only state tho fact and
wago no comments.
You will observe that the literary socitios are Jadver
tlslng in the Student. Had not tho Sigs and mods
better follow suit- Tho S. orG. II. will havo tholrs ad
Inserted gratuitously providing,
The ladies of the city Y. M. C. A. kept "open house"
at their rooms on tenth street. From two till eight.
Tho mom and tables woro filled with worthy statesmen,
lawyers, mechanics, students and laborers. Taking it
alltogothcr it was a decided success. Wo hopo they
will try it next yeai.
We learn that the 8. of G. H. inltatcd somo now mom
bora at their last concave. Wo know something umually
was about to take placo when wo saw the Most re ring
Jaaitor carting coffins filled with blood and skeletons, a
huma skin stuffed with butcher-knives and a rocking
horse to Gayety Hall lato in the afternoon.
Through the energy of our Bus. Man tho Studfnt circu
latcs in every state in tho Union, England, Canada
Franco, China, and JNew Zealand. Somo dcludod per
sons seem to realize that it has only a small circulatiou
among the students aud alnmni Certainly such a paper
as this should be better supported by the studonts.
Why aro all tho lovo scones tltloated by the names of
"Georgo and Arabella-'Is it because they aro snch a
"Georgo"ous set or that they ,,Arabcrlla"cose lot any how
and always have something to fight about? Let's
havo smuthliig '. (Mm an I Almlry or Je
hosophat and Samanthy would bo more ouphonlous.
"Tho new edition of 'Students' Songs,' comprising the
tteenty Jlrit thousand, has Just been published by Moses
King of Cambridge. This collection comprises over
sixty ot the jolly songs as now sung at all lewling college!
in America. It has tho full music for all tho songes and
airs Compiled by Wm. 11. Hills (Harvard, 1880). Tho
price is only fifty cents."
lyV, '
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