Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 15, 1883, Page 8, Image 8

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They say that the MormonB aro erecting a fine college
building at Salt Lake City.
Wo bco that our old Osceoh, Nebraska friend, Frank
Barrows 1b cditor-in.chlef of the MuOrmieronicle, of
Tabor, Iowa.
In tho Wisconsin StatoJJniveraity tho Sergeants of tho
batallion are from tho Sophomore class; tho corporals
from the Frcsliman.
One of ourX's remarks that "the corset is going, of
corset is." But wo would gently insinuato that tho
corset most stay.
The Blackbwnian is a month or two behind in print
ing Lord Coleridge's speech on tho classics. But we are
supposed to think: "Better Into than never."
.Ono of our college exchanges heads an article "Tho
Poet Burns." If it is about tho one who writes tho
"pomes" for our contempory, wo are glad of it.
No man can wear for any considerable period one face
to himself and another to tho multitude, without Anally
getting bewildered as to which may bo true.
Tho College Rambler remarks that the Student is no
only alive but a "much better paper than last year. It
showB that the editors are putting forth earnest efforts in
its behalf. The editorials are written in an interest
ing manner, and that, upon subjects which arc of inters
est." Correct: go to the head.
Wood lu stove,
Oil in can;
Kitchen girl
Tries 8 plan.
Lights tho Arc.
Fours tho oil
Qces to heaven
We don't admire the prnclice in any paper, and espec
ially in'coUcge journnls, of dunning delinquent subscrib
ers. There is extant au impression that printers live
chiefly on wind, and wo are sorry to seo tho Iioekford
Seminary Magazime disabusing the impression by hold
ing the editorial club threateningly over tho heads ot its
Speaking of Anna Dickinson tho Atbury Monthly deals
out a great iuperabundance of taffy in regard to her
acting Hamlet. Hear it: "Her conception is good,
masterful and original," going on to say that she can
not hope to compete with Booth or Barritt. For our
part, when Miss Dickenson, or Miln either, for that
mattor, tries to "fitar" it, sho should bo mercifully criti.
cized, if deserving, wo think.
Tho Alabama University Monthly for December con
tains an article on Alexaurder H. Stephens, which shows
loyalty on the part of tho writer to the Union, such as
pone of our northern stales can surpass. Wo are glad to
see this sentiment from the young men of the South, and
believe that tho voters of tho coming generation can
lay aside the differences of tho lato war, and be each a
loyal part of our nation, greater than over before. We
are much plcQBed with the general makeup of tho Month
ly and give you a cordial greeting. May you continue
to call is our request.
To see a pleasing example of household familiarity
visit tho Eclectics.
Another week passed without our professor of Surgery!
How long will this continuo?
The Eclectics have prlvnto clinics Saturdays which
seem to bo well appreciated.
Wo observe with no small degreo of pleasure that
quite a number of the meds aro christian workers.
Mods arc crammed six days in tho week. Somo, poi
haps, make it a steady round sovon days in tho week.
Statistics are said to show that .only 20 percent of tho
graduates of medical colleges, over persuc tho practice
of medicine.
Persons having any trouble with tho oyo or ear should
consult Prof. Qraddy as many have already done with
most satisfactory result. no is at tho University
every Thursday.
You will readily understand that somo clinics of great
interest to tho student are necessarily not reported
Find further mention of clinics below.
In this city, Dec. 10th, a young man trying to catch a
rido on one of tho U. P. trains was dragged under. One
arm was reduced to shreds. Ho wab taken to tho Mots
ropolilan hotel where Dr. Hart assisted by Captain J. K.
Post amputated the arm four inches below tho shoulder.
Necrosis : The arm of a boy ten years of ago received
a bite from a horse, breaking the humerus and den.
uding a portion of the bono of its periosteum causing
necrosis of the denuded portion and great emaciation of
entire limb. Four months later, this dead portion of
bone three inches in length, midway between elbow and
shoulder, was removed by the surgeon. New bone has
tuken the place of that removed, wound has healed and
the hand and arm aro npproachiug a normal condition.
Cataract removed: Six weeks after tho operation of
iridectomy, at tho home of the puticnt in this city, tho fi
nal operation for removal of cataract mentioned in last
issue was successfully performed. Operation:--A per
pendicular incision equal to one third of tho greatest
diameter of the cornea was made just anterior to the
outer edge of cornea extending directly inward through
tho previously enlarged pupil to tho crystalline lens.
Then the lens capsulo was ruptured and by a series of
peculiar manipulations, the crystalino ions was coaxed
out through the opeuiug. Wo meds viewed the operation
with wonderment, tho operator with admiration and
pored over tho extracted lens in students delight.
Tenotomy: Alitllo girl seven years of ago crippled
with a form of congenital talipos, known as equine varut
received tenotomy in process of troatmen. Boforo the
operation tho Bole of the foot, in standing, Instead of bo.
iug in a horizontal position, was almost exactly vertical
the foot resting on Bide of foot just back of Binall toe
with heel refusing to come within au inch of tho floor.
After section or the tendo achillis tho heel was brought
down and tho foot by manipulation and pressure
brought into proper positon and thero secured. Light
and simple treatment immediately after birth
would early have given tho child a good foot, but,
atler this lato day careful and long continued treatment
ii the only road to cure.